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“Who dat obstructing justice?” (LIVE in New Orleans)


Trump lashes out as investigators close in, Democrats introduce a Green New Deal, and former Mayor Mitch Landrieu joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and Brittany Packnett live on stage in New Orleans. 

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Pod. Save America is Roger by S. T X, films in their new movie, the best of enemies in theatres April, fifth, staring Academy award nominee to Roger Ip Hansen and Academy Award Winter SAM Rockwell. This timely, inspiring drama, Tis, true story, fearless and outspoken civil rights activist and Atwater, who face off against the local coup Klux Clam later to place the way for schools, desegregation and Durham North Carolina. Nineteen. Seventy one against all odds. These two people, with very different views from different backgrounds, formed an unexpected friendship that ultimately lead to large scale social change. Their stories gray reminder that if we want the world's change, we have to connect one another and start talking. Did they do most have on twitter, dont, Minister powerful entertaining an inspirational new movie, the best of enemies stirring to Roger P Hansen and SAM Rockwell, inferiors everywhere April,
what's up nor welcome aboard Save America, John Browborough, hey, I'm bringing back man, I'm John local authorities or the improper while a couple of all but we'll dance
we're Medina, that we bear in ways the show today, your former mayor Mitch, land, who is here. Later will be talking about the official launch of the Green new deal excited, but first we're gonna. Tell you with the latest in the multiple federal investigations into Donald Trump is administration? Is edition is inaugural Committee, has campaign and its businesses never been so excited each year on the criminal justice system in my life. Okay, so the Democrats were now in charge of the house.
They have. I am sure that they have subpoena power there conducting oversight and, as usual, the president is taking its own stride in tweets over the last few days, trumpets called the Democrats, not accuse them. Of stealing people from his wife knows referred to congressional investigations as unlimited presidential harassment and claim that Republicans net this kind of thing to Barack Obama, Tommy Dan. Is this how you guys remember that seem to remember eight separate, been gauzy investigations, so I think, vigorously movie in one guy Goddammit yeah, I know they will join. The Mai the Republicans, took control in twenty ten there investigating everything they could think of two, for there the goal of maximum political damage, rock obama- and in this case I mean
There are a million things that have not been touched. You there's been functionally no oversight by their publicans and Congress for a couple years, so yeah welcomed the new reality body like this gonna get worse. it is different right in the sense that Brok Obama's business foundation campaign, this transition inauguration and White House are being investigated. multiple law enforcement agencies, Rock Obama's campaign manager, deputy campaign manager, national security adviser campaign, foreign policy adviser, put adviser in personal attorney, indicted and plead guilty to crimes and rock of alma who did have a twitter account did not use it to witness temper to interfere with investigations to threaten. Adsense niches, like he's presented, a wholly walnuts, puts even see that's what makes Barack Obama so sneaky because
sometimes didn't wear a jacket and the oval. So, but if he put his feet up on the oval office desk, but I did spectre, I love this idea that Adam ship is stealing his employees like who owns them. I mean what happened with Adam ship? Apparently as someone who used to work on the National Security Council? But if you work on the National Security Council, usually directly hired by the White House, usually working state or the idea CIA or some lanyard detailed over so someone and detailed over from an agency presumably got here by Congress. That happens all the time like it's not like. They hired General Flynn who, as the keys to the kingdom for all Crimes is like some It can hire workers when just play guilty to multiple crimes ass might have been working on those from a place at higher. As part of a work for these programmes, I did think shifts retorted trombone. This is pretty good, though he was like
maybe, if you don't want me to hire away people who worked for your and a sea you'd have been a better by a thousand dollars. So let's say with some of the reasons why Trump is losing his shit this week. first is acting attorney. General Matthew, Whittaker testified before Congress today, after threatening not to show up occur, said under oath, that he hasn't brief trump or the White House about the Mahler Investigation and hasn't over. old, Mahler or interfered in his investigation in any way printed. We think he's telling the truth. No when he was under oath began that Luxembourg very old fashioned he was under home and somehow decided that it was his place to tell the chairman your five minutes are lira. I have a whole lot of contact for the operating within an I do. I do not think he is concerned when telling the truth.
You don't think today, you don't think that a former toilet salesman for certain kinds of many SAM had every right of any man is living selling. However, you know like women Andrew go on said the man who should be the Governor Florida said in this debate, and I am not calling you a racist, but the races think you're raises. So I'm not calling you a liar. You just happened to be friends with a whole bunch, a liar pulling and rubbed off your Brutus is well. I could see the wheels turning so. I'm not a fan of this Whittaker. Fellow. And you know I'm the last person to be talking about things like decorum. I tend to make fun of those kinds of people that worry about things like decorum, I will tell you, my wife Washington swamp inner voice when fucking,
Not when I saw that shield com play guy. Michael Cherkis Chicken, chick was caused way. Guy. When I saw the commish at that hearing, tell Jim now. That is five minutes when I was good shit surprised at how fucking furious? I was urine our God. Damn Congress, you work for them, they're your boss. They write your paycheck and we write their paycheck. It does matter, and it does matter that the other Republicans on that committee hearing care more about making sure Matthew, Whitaker's feelings are protected than the integrity of that process. It matters when somebody thinks they can disrespect Congress. That way.
Doping Congress is good. Ultimately, you know I'm still in favour of having a congress. You know I especially this new one. I like those ladies in white, I'm a huge bands of and had a hacker lacquered, I was look. I was was a Nancy Pelosi roadie, while you PETE we're still listening to like other music? You know them attack love. I love it. Taking a bold stance in favour of Congress and women in Congress. You know what People need a noble who's. Your conversation you they govern, come up in front of this group of continue
we don't know whether Whittaker actually has been telling Trump and the White House what has been happening with the more investigation, though. Obviously he knows that the penalty for lying ass he seen many of his friends, be convicted for false statements, but it does seem like he might have been telling the truth, and he said he didn't do anything to interfere with the investigate And because we have seen them all, our investigation just plough right on what it also, notably he he said he had not talk to Trump about the Mahler investigation, but not comment on whether he talked to him about the Michael Cone Investigation, which is getting done by the Sdn, why the sort of this New York, so that was That is a yes here. Your rule out aspect here is a rule of thumb, You can lie about what you said to liars. You can't lie about what you said to people that everyone knows tells the truth. you can lie about what he said to Donald Trump and enlivened. I'm set all the White House Council. He can't lie about what he said to Robert Mahler, because Robber Mahler doesn't forget a goddamn thing that square jaw
is it square job is a huge hard drive back up? I've had now under their so much. it's been charging along. On Monday, we learn that federal prosecutors issued subpoenas to the Trump Inaugural Committee to investigate central money laundering in foreign influence on Wednesday mother got witness transcripts from the House's Russia Investigation in order to determine if anyone in trumps orbit committed perjury, probably this week. We learn that mothers prosecutors told the judge that Trump campaign german Paul manner. It might have to them about his dealings with Russia in order to increase the chances of getting a pardon from Donald Trump without Europe last year will so like. If you go to jail or not. I think someone we just applauding like finding he's out some guys
so like Mahler is wrapping up his investigation here Pasture house, I mean we might be taken the fact that we have had a pretty rotten black his three months of are so I'd like this case. Finally, coming to fruition is the blackened three month we deserve like all of us. I want. I want them to take their time and do it right, but I also want it now. I want this to be handled out, because the thing about it is everyday? Americans are sitting at their kitchen tables and they are having trouble following all of this right. There, like I can't figure out which connects to which who lied to who is testifying today what they want, is that the trial has begun and that it will be successful and I'm excited for that to,
the question, is you ve got the all investigation, but now you ve got all these offshoots right layer he's given some cases to the southern district of New York, the federal prosecutors who are looking into inaugural or a whole different crew. I mean to me it seems like maybe Mahler can wrap up some portion. This investigation himself, when it comes to the conspiracy with Russia, but it seems like Trump, is gonna, be heading into reelection, with investigations into his inaugural his companies, his organization for a long long time. I think that the investigations in our committee is a big deal right me. They so raised a hundred and seven million dollars for the Trump inauguration that was done. What Brok Obama raising two thousand nine and there were fewer events, so something weird happen. And it was in. There is no people there, there's no one when no one went shows by support portions vice or delay about it,
and when it was also like this seem goons in creeps like Rick Gates in Tom Barrack, and all these people that are in the Trump orbit. We're running this thing in theirs. We learned recently that Michael Cohen has like. Hours and hours of taped phone conversations with the woman who is the inauguration so like there is smoke and fight and this was used in ITALY following a sort of explain why it matters is the United Our committee spent a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars a day at the Trump hotel. Yes, and so that is the normal rate then made not not I'd, hotels icon, it doesn't seem, but That means you, so you have all you can give business is billionaires. Anyone who give corporations have unlimited amounts of money to inaugural committee, pools so they are giving money to this narcotic who was then following it at all.
were charged rates into hotel there. Money in the pocket of the term family. Therefore, buying influence like this very like this is. This is how corruption happens, Also the plot of Ozark. This feeling law. He's in trouble doesn't sell doing a lot of women from doing it also against the constitution, like they forced all. This is a problem in the Lebanese. It's also again like this is this. This is the light. scrounge. Ie like this is not if Donald Trump was a billionaire he'd become better climate, if you're not I mean these are like these are low ran. I need money they get me through the month. Cried does pay their payday Wendy. Mrs gas jungle even though this is this. Is it exactly connected to everything else, but I feel like we should probably this break it up. We also have federal prosecutors. We learn today. Looking
whether the National inquires parent company violet, immunity agreement and the Donald Trump Campaign Finance facility case, because they tried to extort Jeff basis? I gave us pull the Hamilton and you will then I will tell I myself before you can sell me busy. Was like fuck you. I guess you know what I don't want to live in a society where our lives and well being in the head. of billionaires battling in the clouds. You know I to live in a world down here, we're in charge, but until a day, I'm glad that their billionaires like Jeff, Baisers, ready to say fuck, you too, the worst billionaires and until we get the green new deal, for I think that the best we can help in the allegation that These those made someone intercepted his text messages, which is not an easy thing to do. Unless you had access to his orders, mistresses actual devices,
now there's a suggestion in some of the reporting that maybe it was a state actor like the saudi intelligence agency, or maybe the Israelis it unclear. But if that's the case like that is a massive deal And it's a huge question as to whether, if the Saudi, until guys we're intercepting Jeff Basis, communications had Jerry Kirshner ever talk to them about this. How did this and why did they deserve? Why did the Saudis do the trumps a solid right? You know it's all set like joking aside. It like it is really serious throughout this process. Am I this? The parent company national Choir has been trying to intimidate timid, ate all sorts of journalists, journalist going after Trump journalist going after Harvey one scene, Ronan Pharaoh doctor this about him being personally, threaten you no relation people, Brown and, of course,
he's meters avenging angel. He knows when you ve been batter good, but, but why you know what this is we have elevated somebody who just feeds at the very bottom of our culture, and it is where the worst elements of the Republican Party meet the worst elements of the people. That is, that of by viciousness or or distort disgrace, fallen out of journalism, the worst people in in consulting and in finance. I mean this is the setting disgusting bottom the american culture somebody Michael at the swamp, it might be the swamp I mean, so you know Shad to Jeff Basis for taking this path. I sit on, think billionaire should exist, I mean we're we're on the billion earth, where the billinger side for this skirmish but yeah, but a battle after more rare. I have been
disheartened, though, by the twitter reaction to base us having all his private messages. Legally again, as with possessed in Hilary, no one's on the side of the person whose privacy was violated. There does mocking them and, like I hope, As a society, we can figure out a different responses that, because that would be pretty fucked up for anything if you have little message or inbox who it happens, yeah exactly so a big question. All of this is how hard Democrats should push on these investigations. House Democrats, this week's out of the process of getting trumps tax returns, but Nancy
the Navy policy did say, it's gonna take some time. We have to do in a very careful way. She wants to be careful about this. There is also a political headline from this week that reads: twenty twenty Dempsey danger in the Mahler probe, calling it quote a scandal that grips regular Rachel matter of yours, but seems confusing and distant from the kitchen tables of many Americans and looking up bringing you were just talking about this now. I know we basically said similar things in the past, but how much do you all think the candidates In twenty twenty should talk about these issues, and what should they say? I think it is a two step process here and what they talk about. and it is important that we don't allow the. four corners of the conversation around trunks criminality to be in It is in Robert Mahler Report because it very possible. We are going to get a report that says tromp did all of these things that walk up to the line of obstruction of justice will be up to the end
Conversely, I state Senate to decide whether those are high crimes were the impeachment. and we may never have. Some piece of evidence is as tromp himself, even though everyone around Trump card with all kinds of rushing to than white about it under penalty of prison. Time tromp himself, one that we may never know that, and what we can allow is that to be set for the absence of evidence to be evidence of absence. That Trump is innocent on this, but there is also all these other crimes. I think the message for Democrats, to be around so much archive. Org is chaos and corruption. So what like we're talking that with the Trump hotel which he's doing is hit his men. It is not. His approach is not America first. It's me first right here doing these things to put himself first but money in his pocket and the second. So the positive part of that we have to widen the answer to everything that Europe has been doing: corruption wise, including the integration that foundation the businesses
our message also has to be as we're gonna put an end to this chaos think if the opportunity cost all the things that we could be dying. If we did not have a president who is ensnared in more or federal investigations at all times. If we got the chaos out of our politics, we can focus on the real challenges than that of the people that Britain is talking it. Here's what I I also wish to make a distinction between what the twenty twenty Canada and saying what Congress UNICEF and then I think one way to think about it is so you think of Mahler is like a quarterback is trying to run out the clock and gonna go, and you gotta see that you got members of Congress out there on the field, keeping an eye on the other players, and they
make sure that can sometimes arrives our? Can we look in the right direction? I e those recipe paying attention, because I know you lock him up like here about why, because, if you're not attention they will a way they will get it with something on that field and a great injustice will not be punished. Trust barely enhance, told him not to raise this. my wife.
Now with excitement. What are we talking about area democratic? Anything really I mean By the way, what you guys out the mare is shaking his fucking had a me like. I was on their side. I was on their side. he thought he walked, to me in a back and said you to know. There are laws, Angeles, rare, Fan way whereby we were trying to get like I told he did to go to hell, and then I told him that it
it all your that we all we're gonna do. Was they now joined a poorer, hoo hoo hoo hoo get out of here come back later unbelievable. That is a good politician, well like pro roughly nuisance, over narrative way will again now I've or game called ok stop panel can say: ok, stop at any point to comment. There's this guy, Seattle loves coffee. He thought he knew. What was best for everyone who was always trying to get in people's business, even though with the leaders and disconnected from normal people's lives. I'm talking about free, but here is a clip of Howard Schulz at Purdue University. Let's watch people are living in fear of losing healthcare going bankrupt if they get sick.
The truth is that health care costs are the biggest driver of unaffordable care. Ok thought no shit. What what what what what Not the cup continue. The biggest driver of unemployment is people without jobs. I extreme left extreme right as and developed any kind. Credible plan to reduce costs by increasing competition schools, to be bold and entrepreneurial. Looking produce It's it's incredible: what's happened here in this case, scale under President Daniels. The cost of an education here will be less
Spencer in nominal dollars in twenty twenty than it was in twenty twelve. Congratulations go to clap, Oglethorpe Edith. you got a club for the listen when Europe when you're, when you're a student trying to pay for college. Nothing brings you to your feet like finding out that when I just did for potential inflation, the costs curve for the commission at that institution will only be more expensive in nominal dollars in a decade hashtag. off pastime nominal dollars, nominal dollar, this guy's, a recent spiralling motherfucker I've ever seen, debated in airs shouldn't, exhibit remarkable. I do think that he.
You are you for that. I that he's found himself a campaign slogan. Howard Schultz, you gotta, clever! That I mean the thing is as Democrats, who are worried that Howard shawls could potentially Tipp this election to trump. what worries me most is riveting speaking style and, as I have said, whether to run for office I'll do so with the conviction that my final decision must not make his re election a possibility. I can assure you no one wants Donald Trump fired more than that sets out. I can assure you that people who cannot afford jurists six dolokhov, you ve, won him out more from the folks before long they tax code. This man benefit them one him out far more than you do. Trust me like I get it it is the English yourself from us the field, but don't play this game with us when you act like it everyday, American, its
Something I have a person I generally enjoy Starbucks coffee. I often used by local Starbucks as a co working space. But I not locking stand. Howard Schulz mean this, like is we, when he says that says, be Webby. I won't make a decision will help Donald Trump Win, but interim wildly repetition. I will spend every day shipping on democratic policy using Donald Trump talking point. That is not helpful to the cause my head like. If you want the decision that will make sure the doll drums and reelected look get off the stage. We are saying that I am like those hated it, how you have dollar in funding a non partisan voter registration drive, my friend you got more than what is really a good you once in every Starbucks and American, so many people there.
I choose to run? I promise I will absolutely release my tax return. Ok, stop What did we don't give a shit? I'm sorry by like we're through the fucking looking glass. Now I'm done with TAT. I know we're supposed to sell care about them. Honestly, I don't care anymore, just get a duly you're tax returns, doesn't impress me at all. I don't give a shit. I mean I still want them but like a lot of other well you'll release your tat thanks a lot pal, well you're, getting the two percent in Michigan that gives doll job in the White House I'll, be sure to peruse how much you made a ninety. Ninety eight Would you have produced a day? Nor will we are in this room. campus, I see a generation that is up to this challenge. I love America love our country. I know you love our country as well, and I know that we, the people, have
potential to restore renew and re? Imagine the United States of America. Please really. At the end there we knew that we imagine reason I will be very angry. I very cool. Listen, listen, the speechwriters previous writing it Gary easy you get, words that sound like you do rhymes at the state of the union, in vacation legislation now you're in business, alliteration alert ass. Not when you can do for Howard shall also one quick note you can get on that some accept and there's no six dollar drink at Starbucks. can't make for three dollars. Put it together.
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but if I managed to make their product better every year for ever like the list, they give you they give you the lists of taste breakers of things. You don't necessarily listen to bid. You might like somehow the battery good job download spot if I use it for pods, but everything else to give active in it, Thursday, Senator Ed Marquis of Massachusetts and Representative Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez win New York what they did yet introduced much anticipated resolution calling for a green new deal, a massive world war, two style mobilization that would address both the climate crisis and the economic crisis of stagnant wages and growing inequality. on the climate side, the plane calls for converting a hundred per cent of the power demand in the United States to clean renewable zero emission energy sources. Within ten years.
with investments and things like energy, efficient buildings, electric cars, all kinds of good stuff. On the economic side, it calls for a federal job, guarantee universal health care and the right to organise fair trade and must bring up monopolies. So I guess my first question is: do you think it's bold enough, why do they trim their sales? I mean look It's so nice to talk about climate change, not in the context of we are so fucked right like when they you and climate report came out. That said, we have twelve years to live. Basically, it is overwhelming and to see like incredibly bold, huge plan that we can start the debate to move The conversation away from Republicans, who refuse to admit that climate change is real and caused by man
or disorder nibble around the edges, with cap and trade bills that everyone can see before their introduce won't actually solve the problem? It's great to talk about something Yet you know I am. I saw a video of a student activist a couple weeks ago, and she said I keep hearing adults tell me that I need hope that they need to give me hope. She's out, I don't need your help. I need you to, She said I need you to take that panicked, energy and turn it into action like we do not have any time two ways. We have been doing this incremental thing for long enough, because people have not been courageous enough to imagine what is possible, and so is this thing perfect know we're still trying to figure out what it is does it at least give us something to imagine and aim for we can put the bar high enough that we actually have something good to shew for absolutely and am grateful. We're! Finally, having that conversation is out of them when they were usually having
yeah, it's time to panic, it finally be bold and finally, the urgent somewhere out. Why do you say the authors of the green new deal combined climate policies with so many economic policies is the strategy substantive? Is it political or is it both I think it's both part of this is there's the old saying. Never let a good crisis go to waste which There's gonna be, there needs to be action here, try to do as much as we can, but political part of this is not political in the sense that you're trying to make it the best pulling thing, although that may being the case, but its bill h through coalition of people to push for this right is uniting environmentalists in labour to groups that have been at odds over climate policy for one has won the reasons why we didn't have a cap and trade bill fifteen years ago? It is uniting all kinds of many people who need healthcare, people who are struggling to kind of people who need more wages, all
together on one thing, because you know that if the forces the other side, which are the coke brothers. The fossil fuel industry are be so well funded so well organised that the only way to beat is united front of peace, who need help in this economy right now. Here's the thing this bill with the fact that a combined both these things actually addresses what everyday Americans are going through it when we look at what is happening, influence which, let's be clear, still does not have clean water, when we look at what what's happening in which children are being poisoned every single day and forty five percent of the residents in full, our living under the poverty line fifty April children under eighteen in planes are living under the poverty line. So we don't leave single issue lives. We can't just care about the environs or the economy every single day. People are living in a state of emergency in both. So it's time for us that, like it.
and what does it matter really important point politically, because, while the argument against action to deal with climate change is always around hurting the economy in the short term and if you're going to do things to fundamentally address the true weaknesses economy in the short term is gonna. Give you political permission to do the things you need to do in the long term to deal with carbon emissions and climate change. Yes, we have we passed in California, so many version of the green new deal and what California did in
sixteen is they set targets for reducing carbon emissions and they said. Okay. We are going to raise money from corporate polluters to hit these carbon emissions targets and then we're going to take that money and we're going to invest it in low income communities in communities that are the most hurt by climate change and that are most economically disadvantaged. And so they set as they ploughed money into whether its rural farmers were hurt by drought, whether its people and inner cities who live downstream from a chemical factory or live in the shadow of a smokestack. And they invested all this money in these communities in a created jobs and help clean up the environment and you're, starting to see the caliph that it worked for California, and I think what we finally learned is when Democrats, Just talk about climate change is an individual issue. You know it's a lot of frankly. Well, off people are saying this could be a problem in the future and I want to deal with, and I want to raise money for another kind of stuff, but it leaves
A lot of working people who are like I need help with what I'm going through right now and some of its climate related and some of its not. But I want to make sure there's gonna be a job there. I want to make sure that I have enough money to pay the bills. how to make sure that I have health care and the idea of having a massive nationwide mobilization on the scale of world war. Two to say we are going to beat this climate threat, which could Terminate humanity in our lifetime, we're gonna do so in a way that makes sure that working class people are lifted up. Like that's a simple go, I mean these issues. You know inequality climate, they have a lot in common. They are both issues. That Democrats are often saying are the defining issues of our time. They are both issues which, despite saying that for a very long time, Democrats have not offered answers commensurate with the threat and if so, their issues, both issues in which Democrats, instead of the defining challenge of our time, Democrats, have
for answers and Republicans of offer policies that make matters worse. The other thing they have in common is on both those both issues. The politics have been stagnant for a very long. time and we ve all been saying. We need to do something else. We need to do something else. We need to do something bigger and you know what, when it comes along, it's scary, it's more its new at its heart and its editor, and it's not going to be perfect, but when you asked for Think big, and it comes that's good. So Let's, let's talk about the support, it's getting more than six, as Democrats have already signed honest co sponsors as well as eleven senators, including presidential hopefuls Kamel Harris was before inquiry. Booker curse, Angela Brand Bernie Sanders and Amy closure Other Democrats have been a little more wary, including Anti Pelosi who said she has no plans to bring into the floor for a vote just yet and before it was released. She said
the green dream or whatever they call it. Nobody knows what it is, but therefore it right lonely whither well, so what what do we think? Why do we the presidential candidates and policy. Aren't on the same page here are the twenty twenty folks, not seeing the political risks or is policy being too cautious. I mean, I think that this bill was least as a messaging bill. Re Aids is like a resolution. The resolution at the big picture thing you can get behind because you support the concept and you believe the goal is important and like love, it said the threat is important, I think that twenty twenty gained its you're getting behind it, because the Democratic Party wants to get behind it. I think the risk inherent is that in that is that huge corporate interests are going to fight them in the most vicious way possible. I'm your literally, rule for this someone got leaked a memo of corporations talking about how to benefit financially from climate change is a bunch of like Raytheon and like people,
sell, arms and also to debate, deplorable human beings, so I understand that if you're see in your in Congress and you're, going to amend the thing and you're going to vote on it like you're gonna. Take your time and you're in one improve it and make it the bill before you jump on. I think that's that's a reason, opposition to take his lines. You support the cause of another there's a history here right, like damp policy, has passed a cap and trade bill back into thousand and nine when we were all in the White House and What did we all learn from trying to pass major climate change legislation when, when we What's it very challenging, because the Senate, because even If you have enough effort, we have fifty nine democratic centres that time, but many of them were from fossil fuel. Producing states like West Virginia, for instance And those senators we're gonna go nowhere near our climate neutral. So what I think policy is doing, is: she knows this cannot become wall with Trump is present.
it was kind of leader of the Senate. So what she's not going to make the same mistake that was made in two thousand? I would make all four members take a tough vote. A bill that cannot become law if you're in get tough though it can be. you can actually gives to people's life. That's you can send out a press release the reason other democratic presidential candidates are behind this because they all have. in policy director. She's Twitter feed Papa. I mean this look. Policies is very as to the fact that we have a house majority right now, and the only reason we have a husband already right now is because we elected a lot of Democrats in very moderate districts and a lot of Republicans elected somebody's emigrants to that's why they have, and you know, is it ok that the resolution does not say anything about how this is paid for. Obviously, if you're going to u know zero carbon emissions in ten years and give everyone universal Health,
air housing, a federal judge, care tee and all the rest. It seems like my custom, waiting one more thing. That policy is one that I promise you is that if there was a path to make this law to Morrow she beating down the doors, those members and get them to pass for sure for sure for sure. But do we do Do we really want to get away? I trow policy here I am right yet our what do we do? We think it's ok, that they said we're not gonna talk about how to pay. For this reason, I think it is look we're talking about a right now the country's talk, right now, it's leading the news. It's on conservative websites, all the time and they're trying to rip it apart, but they're talking about it. The country is talking about climate change and talking about a big new plan to fight it,
For a very long time, there are a lot of people. That said, you know when Democrats are incremental us, they see territory. The Republicans Republicans we're talking about their vision. How far right they want to enter the country where the Democrats willing to do the same, and there was this question right. But what happens if Democrats actually start doing that right, there's a phrase the overturn window, which Republicans liked? Could it be basically says, moving the acceptable level of discourse by pulling the country the right by pitching really far right things and seeing what happens we're guest? but it turns out when, when liberals in Congress start doing that it works, I mean a safe ale, see right comes in and because she thinks it's the right thing to do and she doesn't care what the older guard thing says. I think there should be a seventy percent tax rate. Next thing we know report kids are up in arms and its pulling at sixty percent among Democrats Republicans in it. If there's a lot of hard politics, there's a lot of hard politics to come, but I think we should be excited about the possibility of actually putting out a big vision and then letting the chips falworth and I used to be
teacher and, I said, sat as a teacher who, by teams that Haiti, we all hope that the embargo that but one of the very first things you learn when you are becoming a teacher, is the importance of high expecting And an you understand that, whether its young people or adults that you are teaching, who set high expectations. People will rise to the occasion You said why fact asian veil rise for the low bar the problem is: we have gotten so use to the bar being below the floor right now and we ve got false Marquis of Ale, see coming along a reminding us of who the hell we are where we can actually rainbow by that. So, let's now now is the time to be figure out how to rise to the occasion. We don't get scared of how high the bark of meetings on this republic no one ever up against other than paper tax cuts for the rich right right? We know because they just passing between our for the regime if one second, the planet is fucking melting,
like what? What are we gonna like where we could do these deficits right? Why, with we did with our shrunken deficit window. All underwater, like era, is going to be like how the gas morning, Joe? Not I M, Paul Ryan, but war on this melting iceberg floating out. Cathy, dvd radio can't load on about complaining about a debt to GDP ratio is, like you know, there's forest, and you know Louisiana an underwater its eyes and mean that that is what has changed. in this debate right now, right like there and I think, What Democrats into doing they talk about this, like is to frame the urgency of the threat right now, like every scientist in the world, every scientist in the United States has said we have ten years and after ten years there is going to be clear, devastation on a level that humanity has never seen, and this is the world an urgent, he's gonna grow up and so we have put out. We have put out a plan.
Alexander cause your portes Ed, Marcie, the presidential contenders on the democratic side. They have endorsed this plant. If you dont like that plan, that's fine! What the fuck is your plastering! You tell me what your plan like this so far Public, and when is we don't believe in global warming ran through there? your point is named by lobbyists to run the EPA in every other relevant right and I think, we're having every time they attack this plan and say it socialism, which, by the way they ve, been calling everything the democratic socialism over fifty years. So there, the party, that's cried socialism, so, like no one's gonna know when it's really here, because they been recalling everything. But it's like. So no one is here because you have real care criteria, so they're gonna call everything, socialism they're going to say it's too expensive and we say: ok, fine! What's your plan to meet this deadlines that in ten years, you're going to be factors.
When you tell me your plan, we can debate that we had to do because the climate there I mean it's kind of work for the Republicans. They didn't have their blankets latest on except the problem. We should say even deficits. Devastates our whole, I think, by big economics. I'm sick of these conservative economic, fake reports about this thing called a budget. Which no one has ever actually seeing referred this our aid club will that's the news. party is broadly by tax base. Life can be struck between work, family and everything in between its own always easy to find time for yourself. We all need when you talk to a person
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he's the former lieutenant governor of Louisiana and the former mayor of New Orleans Mitchell Andrew. Are you got you warned me hey everybody way, yet I told him I swear. I told them they'll. Do that if you He didn't believe me. He looked at me like I'm stupid, and I said I will go ahead. He wore many times I did. I not you heard it. He told them to stop and nevertheless loved for society Thank you all for your item, a low but, as I said, the other with go I'll, just take a lot of talk about what the saints won. The Superbowl gang, she's, gotta, ask about my team
a great, so I have wanted to talk to you ever since I first read the speech you gave about Europe. to take down the confederate monuments. Maybe in and I will tell you know- I've been a lot of my career writings beaten with rock Obama, running speeches about raise with brag Obama, and that's me was one of the best speeches on race that that I've ever had, and I was just wondering: can you talk about how it is that a white southern guy
cited to write a speech like that. Where did that speech come from from New Orleans mean you know our city if you only have to spend a minute. He had another that this city, that's that's deeply rooted in love and caring faction and our we bleed diversity as a strength, not a weakness, it's kind of who we are, and so a lot of people had been trying to take those monuments down for a long time, and I certainly didn't do about myself. A lot of people help, I think about, I think about a rather castle, Hayley and local see lying in, and a lot of a lot of really improve folks memorial. Both memorials worked on it. But in the south and We continue to struggle intercourse nationally now with what's Goin on the agenda,
the issue of race and would never in this country ignore alleged. Although there have been some people that have talked about the original sin of slavery and We ve never really kind of gone through. The discussion of race and racial reconciliation. The way that we need to, which is why we can exercise it from who we are ass, a country while we never ever gonna get to be that more perfect union that President Obama talked about and in his echoing of doktor king, about the arc of the more universe bends towards justice. We all down here at it, but somebody has got to do the bending and as we Everybody- in probably everybody in here God, be to death by Katrina, some our brothers and sisters, literally eighteen hundred people, sitting destroyed five hundred thousand homes. Her two hundred fifty thousand gone everybody in here lost. I mean like really in stuff. and as we started to rebuild the city, one of the things that the people the city gave me permission to do
and which we all did together with the start trying to rebuild the city, but we have to. We had to really look hard at ourselves, and this was really a miracle that you guys should should pat patchy on the back, for we didn't build it back the way it was. We realise that on August, twenty eight two thousand far when that storm hit destroyed. Everything in it wasn't perfect today it hit, and if we want to build it back, We can start to think about what would it look like if we got it right, the first time and so well, started doing that, but building back our schools and health clinics and hospitals and the new airport by the way, what going to love? gonna be open in love loved the public, Public spaces came into focus for us and what happened What happened to me personally was in two thousand. fourteen, which was a good
four and a half years ago, when I started thinking about how to commemorate the three hundredth anniversary, because we're old and in the country, by the way everybody else is welcome. We first wee wee wee wee efforts getting on together having a good time, hang out, many jazz vast long long ago, when I asked went more sellers who I grew up with help me cure rate, the three hundred that eventually I mean. How are we do it? What would it look like a long would it take any? I'll do that for users. But I want you to do something for me and said what goes on what you think. If I take it right. They lay down. Ass. I mean honestly nor swear ready, and I said no honestly honestly, I swear I said I made my first reaction was not good I was like what what what did you say he goes. think about taken down- and I said well
well. Why would I do that? I mean it was such a startling thing and they said have this is what he saw them. He said. Have you ever thought about it? From our perspective. And I said I said when I walk by those monuments. day of my life and no haven't it goes. Would you do me a favor because when you think about it from my perspective, he said, oh by the way he said you know. Louis Armstrong never came back here and left because of that those monuments and witty when he said that to me besides me an embarrassed I thought to myself. It was like getting hit in the head with a ton of bricks, because I had known are already about the great day. aspirin how many of our fellow Americans left the south and to their intellectual capital, their raw materials, their raw talent, to new work into Baltimore, Anti Saint Louis initial Cargo, in LOS Angeles and all about people alike? Helping people are how to cook and dancing.
Doctors all over the country and in all of our stuff, like we did posed Katrina where we got up and other bodies pot around the country. That happened back, in a day, and so I just thought about how much we had lost, because you know our folks not here and so ass. I started to Do it when asked me to do which was think about it. From his perspective, it became It is clear to me pretty quickly number one that Those monuments were a lie that that in essence, in essence, what they were were one revering, an individual for doing something that was contrary to what the values of the United States of America have stood for an ant, and it was done for the for the purpose of preserving slavery. So here we were in a majority african american city,
He has gone. They Robert E Lee, who never been here or if you say he was here for a minute. and we were revering him before trying to destroy the United States of America for the purpose of preserving slavery and- and I thought to Myself- you know- that's not the New Orleans and I know and that's the New Orleans it we're trying to build over three hundred anniversaries common. We try to reflect to the rest of the world. That diversity is a strength, not a weakness, and that, where an inclusive society, then that thing really couldn't. They are, but I really did say to myself. You know, I'm not sure, I'm responsible for that and then I found out. actually, the city on it and the mare was directly responsible for saws like ah how you not like you try to get out of like Reagan, the Lees, but you know you Mamma, says you're gonna. Do it. So you have doubts that you have come when I first started. I didn't I didn't want to spend. We were we building the city right, we are building the street ass, villona potholes fixing the lights. You know,
four hundred seventy thousand novel borrower drying and everybody working, and we had a we felt we feel four hundred, seventy thousand ups, our and now we got a lot more Had I had two I had to explain. I had two when we decided to take him down think I was at a. I was at a meeting of racial reconciliation, and I said something really simply us, and I think we ought to start thinking about taken. The Mai it's down in and I'm telling you all hell broke loose one hour. that and all of a sudden everybody in the world who wasn't from here that doesn't peace in New Orleans, I thought they could tell us what to do when crazy inside. You can't take him down so. We went through about it. I don't know two and a half years: thirteen judges, seven lawsuits a lot of yelling and screaming at the city council in at the legislature. finally got it. But I thought I had to explain to the country, Secondly, to the people.
of New Orleans. Why we did what we did and I intended to write a speech that would course career history. Actually is a was a direct reputation to a speech that was given on the day that it was put out by a guy named Charles Fenner, and And I wrote the speech so there. people, read it years from now? They would see that a mare who was a confederate. general by the soldier by the way, a confederate officer who was the mayor back. There may be an inch spending on the data they put it up. I wanted to do We challenge the fact that they had made an historical error, that it was a lie and there we were gonna course correct history and then right the reason for it and that's why I wrote the speak so thinking about history. My wife always says that one of the most difficult things to explain in our history books is going to be that the first black president of the United States,
followed by Donald Trump and and not only that, but that there were a lot of voters, not just in the south, but in every region of this country, who voted twice for Brok, Obama and then voted for Donald Trump, and I know you spend a lot of time. Thinking about this. What do you think about those voters why they did that and sort of how we can move out of this place that we're in right now. Well. First of all, I am very unhappy about it. We're sure I'm very unhappy about it. I did not vote for Donald unhappy that he got elected, but I did think like every ensure that when you have a new president that that Hopefully the president, a whoever that person is. It occupies that office in you been there and you work. Do you know what it is, and you understand what I'm saying that every human being, that is, that got any of humanity in their body.
it would be formed by the majesty of that office and its such an ominous awesome place and it's got so much power than others. every human being that's occupied, that space has gotten better overtime, even though they made mistakes adjust it just that that way to that office has a way of doing that to you and so early on I was. I was hopeful that that was going to happen him, but it became very clear pretty soon This guy is very different than anybody. That's ever stepped in that office and that he's denigrated it. he has. He has continued to every day, almost in in a week, Conaway Die down the office of the presidency lower than anybody would ever think that it would go so I think, can't get into the heads of people that voted for Obama than then voted for tromp events to say that we oughta all be aware of the fact that that happened right in ask ourselves?
But what was the environment, wherein somebody who voted for about would vote for tromp? What kind of pain were they in they, obviously we're not cast Interracial voted that time, they would think about something else now haven't said at one of the things of president Tromp has done, and I think he does. He does it wistfully intentionally intact, tactically is, he has unleashed the scent that white supremacy in white nationalism and hatred and racism is ok and a lot People have begun to to speak. firstly about this, and we continue to struggle with us in the country in a way that we have to be very forceful in pushing against, or whether its vote to suppression whether its mass incarceration of criminal justice system that doesn't work black face, mean? All of that stuff is a it's it's kind of the same string in a long history of oppression that we have got to confront as
organs in and get past and get beyond, because we never ever gonna be the country that we want to be. If we don't really value that- opposition. That diversity is a strength we obviously in a very difficult moment, and what being led in the wrong direction by a man that does not have a good heart and doesn't a good mine relating to this particular suddenly now last person you everything I said that you are leaning against running for president and and twenty twenty? What What what made you decide that and then what specific qualities are you looking for in the democratic nominee? For president? Well, first of all, you know it's a very hard thing to do. You been there before they a lot of other great people running and dumb and my sense of it is right now that the field is really crowded and they're gonna be a lot of great candidates, every one of whom is gonna, be better than Donald Trump softly
that's. That's I ah ah struggle. I struggle, though, and you guys may not like one who am I to tell you but a struggle with with it, from a different things: my heart in my head, and yet we are having this discussion just a minute ago about policy, and what you would like to see happen which one of these candidates, you think, is going to articulate, where they might be on issues that are of great importance to you. I think that tactically The only thing we ought to think about is: who is the person that can best most assuredly be Donald Trump period at the store and that's gonna, that's gonna require. What do you think you measure that have not measure who that's that's a well, first of all, on election night I couldn't breathe. I couldn't believe what I was watching and I would have bet a million dollars at mornin that hurt
what was going to be the next presidency states? So I think we have to be very smart And as we struggle with these these aspirational and very important visions. How do you a great and clean environment. How do you beat back climate change me? Look. people. This audience know a lot about the impact of the coast, disappearing I coach line, goes away a hundred yards every forty five minutes and it's shrinking and the seas rising and we're not getting any nutrients into our marsh from the Mississippi River and in the five thousand two hundred years New Orleans. As you know, it's going to look very different unless we do something dramatically different, so it would, they know when I say this as we get into the primaries, I think that have to be very smart. I think this in aggressive primary, I think people are to have to fight like crazy. get the nomination. I think they ought to have good thoughtful ideas, but I think we ought to be all smart enough to make sure that the person standing
standing well standing tall standing strong, so they can do the thing that we absolutely need, because he is a thing. If you know when you cannot govern, You just gotta remember that as we go forward and so we're gonna have to struggle through this tension, How far and how fast we go on matters that are really really important to us into the future, the country, knowing that the country is generally split, even there was another republic in an office of if trumps, not there. The next guy stand in line is pence. I'm just saying you got you gotta, think about these things. This is chasse, it's not checkers! Writing! Do you think a Democrat can get elected president speaking is honestly and powerfully, as you did, recent America. Well, honestly, Otto, I hope so I mean I just think. Did Let me know if this is just me: I'm free I'm going to I'm not elected anymore. I'm a I'm a I'm, a
politician, that's unemployed, basically,. I mean that's kind of what I am but but I did find I did fine in my later years of elected office, the freedom to speak, my mind, and you gave me the freedom to do that and what you got for me was caught of, like my unvarnished opinion about what needs to be I've been to thirty years of fifty eight years old and by the way I became a grandpa today, that's actually graze. Landry was born. This mornin inflammatory and our Papa young Commie pop up blocker image, but but once you get to this point. You kind just have to say to people look, I've been doing for thirty years? I have a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn't work. I know difference between advocating. I was a legislator for sixteen years and that's mostly what legislators do they come up with big ideas, and then they were there, one of it. When I was in the legislature, I was one of one hundred and five and Congress you want to four hundred and thirty five,
you ve gotta, put something together and you can be content with just advocating for something that you know is not going to pass so that you can move the ball down the field, but at some What type of is going to become law And everybody is gonna, be governed by it. You're gonna have to compromise and that's hard for us to do and then Protein United States praying that its I'm is going to take over a country that is divided at least Sixty forty, maybe fifty five, Forty five, you gotta have a congress that split down the middle and if you don't want them to stay in status, you ve got find a way to move forward, but you gotta get the votes and if you, the votes you can do something and if you don't have the vote, you can't so this urgent question about Nancy Policy, who are very much like and have tremendous respect for she we should not. We should not ignore our years of experience. She is the one that put about
care over the finish line in the house when she was there? So if you go where you say as Democrats, we believe investing in brain by investing in early childhood education and primary secondary harsh, but we believe and worker training, if we believe in a really dealing with climate change, if we believe really in health care all of by the way, our national security issue, because the Department of Defense, the other day, said if you really want the country to be strong gotta, have smart people gotta, have healthy people and, by the way, climate changes going to wipe out a whole bunch of bases. So we ought to Attention to them, the convergence between domain. policy, national security and foreign policy, and it fits very nicely if with smart enough about how to actually get it done, and I think the next, whoever the nominee is sure. A person of experience there should be a person can stabilize the country immediately. There should be a purse, that can restore the nations credibility at home and abroad, as we should. and then they should work
he or she has begun to prepare aggressively for the future by reaching to a young generation of leaders and lift them all out of merriment rendered vaguely. So my you guys, like YO, ran for game here. Thank you. There's a thing I've Roma away. You know now, you're from nor lines oh hey Tom Brady, let's play a game! Disagree the confederacy. The bad boy of american history, leather jacket, in detail on the bandanas go like this, outside Serpentine Riverdale, except they fought?
deserve a brutal system. Operational oppression that HANS our country to this very day. But don't worry, we'll Hudson folks, are fighting to keep that spirit alive there, almost two thousand confederate symbols and american public spaces, eight hundred of which our food. Blown monuments are statues and these monuments can be found in more than twenty three states, which is twelve more than the number of states that actually belong to the confederacy, that's while but since we are lucky enough to have mayor land you here and he wrote fantastic work on this topic? Far more nuanced than this, We should explore this phenomenon and again we are calling the night they drove off sixty down in an old Dixie waited a hundred fifty years and quietly rose again and now we have to drive a Dixie down again in its exhausting you all. Have your cards with some they're like to play the game hi? What's your name,
ok, all right Jessica, you that was a lilt, Jessica, Hydro and one great so great let's play the game question one mostly assume that these matters were erected immediately after the civil war, when we're Majority of confederate monuments actually installed today They are actually erected before the civil war, but everyone laughed at Beauregard Jones, the races time travel or is it be through a mere of physics, one of these monuments truly just materializes out of thin air. Every time a white person steals a phrase from Lex that thing, let if not let that ain't or chief died out. What they were put up with amid nineteen eighties is very elaborate. Marketing campaign for Pepsi failed competitor to New Co. White Pepsi
or is it d decades after the civil war, most of them are immense erected between the eighty. Nine is the nineteen fifties, in other words the Jim Crow era of that period, the strategy in nineteen hundred, then nineteen twenties the most new monuments that was also in the complex plants, Allah major resurgence in get there Thirty, four new monuments were dedicated after two thousand. What do you got Jessica You got it with one per one. Question number two: some argue that confederate statues were erected a memory to memorialize those who died in the war and there are moving the statues designers the dead. What's the problem with his argument? Is it while some of the monuments erected after the civil war were intended to memorials memorialize soldiers, those were usually placed in cemeteries. Most monuments, built after reconstruction in town centres, that other public spaces were usually dedicated to confederates, leaders like Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee?
designed as a statement of confederate values, which is why many went up, uniting fifties and Sixtys explicitly in response to the civil rights movement. Or is it be? It said need to use these stone the stone from these statutes to build trumps wall. The exact or is it see? No, thank you for that. very important question and you can find no more in the book. by a very handsome Jason state them type guy, called in the shadow statutes away southern confronted, aren't you know by that, the commission or if they do so This isn't a statue, it's a centrepiece. It's made of cheese, Fox NEWS These made for the potluck. You think I'm unaware the wishes we morally question- that's romantic uneven. You are wrong sir You got it, and I want everyone to know that it's my fault. The den
read something that crazy question: three Where do the following job which are the following: haves and job. where do the following is a real story of a confederate monument. Is it a really I'm reading this for the first time, a statute, two confederate hero drew breeze, was erected in downtown and his hiding showcasing the moment. He completely screwed up the past during the innovative Egyptian accurately awarded Travis right. The game still talk about that. Whatever is mayor lead you. Why did Romney? I thought we learned our lesson, one problem, but we the law, what shape law came up here here, boy unbelievable
or is it be? A statue that you of Confederate lieutenant Ellen Ripley remains. So begin South Rock Alabama, despite the claims by liberal local historians who argue she did not to fight in the civil war is actually a statue of scorning Weaver and the planet Hollywood people are still pissed about losing that shipping entail ores, the real story of a confederate monument. The confederate memorial carving is a massive nine story, tall Stone portrait blasted into the side of stone, Mountain Georgia. Depicts Robert E Lee Jefferson Davis is Stonewall. Jackson is the world's largest bass, relieve carving. It was started in nineteen fifteen by sculptor include cloaks clan member boots in borderline. What a name which is his real name, and that
the Klan held this inaugural meeting after it reorganizes that same year, the clan help raise funds for the carving in the guy who owned the mountain was also a member of the sculpture was revealed to the public on the park's official grand opening April 14th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty I've the one hundredth anniversary of Lincoln's assassination Y, can you believe that or the d this one time my great grandfather on my stepmom side stepped a union soldier in a bar fight. They put up you have him in Albuquerque what're the real story of Jessica. when got it. The rams just a you ve won the game,
Thank you
Mitchell Andrew forbear tonight we're playing this game bag you to everybody from New Orleans we're coming out, and I thought the patriots at nice.
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