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The nationwide protest against racism and injustice shows early signs of progress, Trump’s presidency reaches a dangerous new low, and Joe Biden and Barack Obama remind us what a real president sounds like. Then LaTosha Brown, the co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, talks to Dan about organizing and mobilizing black voters ahead of November.

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I welcome the POD save America. I'm John Favour. I'm dyin Pfeiffer, today's pod, and to Latasha Brown and organizer and co founder of the black voters matter fund before we'll talk about the latest developments in the national uprising against racism and injustice. What may have been the darkest moments of the Trump presidency and Joe Biden, big speech about race in Philadelphia? But first you should always listen deposit The people, but especially this week, Dray Brittany Clinton SAM recorded a very power episode. That's worth every minute of your time. Later in the pot of laws to be talking about. The eight can't wait campaign, which is by De Re, Brittany and SAM. It's about pushing Sid.
To adopt eight policies that can decrease police violence. You can check that out at eight can't wait dot org the number eight can't wait, dot org you also support organisations working to combat violence and systemic racism. By going to crooked dot com, such bail funds and crooked dot com, slash change, funds then I also see something on here about a state that you have adopted. You're lack of enthusiasm for winning the critical Battleground Saint North Carolina which suffer do it in the White House. Like a Senate and preserving democracy is noted. I would thank you and so here on teamwork, Yolanda, which includes myself, Eliza Sneak were yell, and a lot of really it's a real. You gotta lotta, you gotta lotta cricket staff on your team death. They should probably take note of that recycling
and so we have to be particularly creative and North Carolina. We have, we did not have some big part, Just like the wilderness pushing us for years, we didn't have. We don't have a Monday paths concisely, pushing us like Team Arizona which has to has to a week to push for itself So what we're gonna do here is: we are a little creative, hopefully creative, contests, we're doing where, if you sign up, think eminence without which is Godaddy crooked dot com, slash, adopt and see. If you sign up to adapt I want to add that state you'll be energy when one of ten, I'm copies in my book that our sitting taking us in the house. I cannot leave because The reason I have that North Carolina other than just by book, which I think is a sufficient reason, but if it puts you over the top, who might argue
is North Carolina is the state that will determine not just the White House, but whether we take the Senate back. We have to allow car Cunningham, we can put the house there and, as I said before, North Carolina Republicans or some of the worst in the country, and they deserve to be defeated, so gotta. Go that crooked dot com such adopt and see sign up and are to win and TAT was saved microscope. What are you, tomorrow's honour our. I will now have to think of some fuckin bribed to get people to sign up for hours owner. So I'm going to sleep on, I would go for it. Do me a favor work. I a quid pro quo. You save democracies must better acquitted quoth you destroy it. That is a that is a good rule of thumb Let's get the news The nation wide protests that erupted after the police, murder of George Floyd has now spread to all fifty states and countries around the world have been met in many instances with more police brutality,
videos all over the internet of peaceful protestors and journalists being tear gas shot out with rubber bullets in physically attacked as their arrested by police office. There's dozens of cities were still under curfew. Wednesday night, which may I say they imposed to stop the looting and destruction committed by different groups of people who had nothing to do with the protests Now there are more national guard soldiers deployed in american cities than active duty soldiers deployed in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. But despite all this, the men and women in the streets have already seen signs of progress on Wednesday. Minnesota many General Keith Ellison increase the charge against the police officer who killed Floyd to second degree murder, and he also charge the other. Officers involved with aiding and abetting murder day. I think the last time we recorded the protests hadn't begun has been your reaction watching this moment unfold over the last week.
This has been a moment, but I really struggled to put into words my feelings about it. Now it is both incredibly disturbed being and frustrating and angry to see a situation that we have in this kind, Three. Where violence police violence like this, both what happened to George Floyd and Brown, Taylor and so many others can happen. In this case, in the violence that were then seeing from the police. And peaceful protesters around the country. Yet at the same time, you turn on the tv and you see millions, millions of Americans of all ages, all races, all backgrounds marching in the streets peacefully, nobly adhering to the fore the civil disobedience in doing so putting their literal lives at risk, not just because we're living in the middle of a pandemic, but because we have a president and other
Thirty, zero advocating for state sponsored violence against these protestors, who are calling them Antigua domestic terrorist talking about them as if they were foreign terrorist trainer, destroy the homeland and You'd, like you, write that progress has been, nowhere near what we need to address systemic racism in this country to deal with police brutality, but progress is happening and so it is a set of mixed emotions. Every time I turn on tv everytime. I turn on twitter every time I see what's happening to me as round the country, So I think that I think that it like. I hope, that another famous or take the way of saying I think that look up baby. The impression a lot of people are having is it? Is this sort of Yin and Yang between Serta fear and despair? And the thing I keep thinking about is this. This moment is going to mean one of two things right: it's either Gonna end up being the beginning of the end of the sitting.
Politics and policies that went to these two. The situation involving George, the murder, George Floyd White, Superman. In the White House or it's the end of the beginning of that process and what happens in that in the selection in the next few months and in his protest, is gonna. Determine the answer to that question. Yeah I mean you know, I have had this sort of sperience, where. Over the weekend. You know I experienced what's been happening largely through what I saw on tv and, of course I am someone who just words protests in principle, and so I had that feeling. I saw the feeling of sort of living LOS Angeles and hearing helicopters, overhead and seeing destruction and the local news and and fires down the street and and all those kinds of things and then
You know I I I decided on Tuesday. Two. I learned that there is a protest at merit. Our cities house at America, cities hasn't, he lives close. So I decided to head down to the protest before before curfew, because we have curfew here now and that you have the experience of being at a protest to so much France and the experience of I've just seeing it or or supporting it- and you know it was incredibly peaceful and it was incredibly diverse both in terms of race and in terms of age. There were young people, there are people who took their kids, they were their people who looked like they had been involved in protest forever. There were people who look like it was their very first time going to protest, You know in this protest the cops
there and they were sort of position throughout the crowd, but at one point the police officer in charge sort of called on them to all fall back towards our cities, house. Everyone cheered and a number of speakers ended up speaking in it noted the time Tommy was also. There is like across the street, and here he would he could hear- because better than better than I could- and you know it was a lot of people talking about their first experience with police violence at very young, ages when they were you, no eleven twelve thirteen years old and you know it was like. I said it was peaceful and constructive. The problem is that the way that the police handled that protest, which is they allowed the protesters to speak and to protest and to be there has been the exception and not the rule in too many places and like
We have a lot of times the police aren't anywhere near the people who, are stealing and destroying shit like we This was going on in Santa Monica. Over the weekend, there was like looting and and and and destruction in Santa Monica in the police were being aggressive on the protesters who were peaceful and how many front videos. Have we all see now you know and that's the thing is the police No the cameras, IRAN, they know people cell phones, they know body cameras alone. They know that the mayors have told them not to use excessive force many instances and sometimes they know even their chiefs have told them not to, and they do it anyway. And you know what it tells you is for all of the videos we ve seen and examples of police officers taking me with the protesters, and there have been some really moving: videos of police officer, hugging protesters and listening. There is clearly clearly a systemic
you with policing and the culture and the laws around what police can do with regard to force a huge problem? that we are seeing unfold on our screens every single day and black Americans, in this country, very rightly will say like yeah, it's Bout time. Everyone notice we ve been dealing with this for a very long time, but to your point about progress, I think what make might make this time differ. Is the fact that so many Americans are not. Just seeing images of fires and looting and vandalism on their screen. They are seeing police brutality against peaceful protesters all over the country, I do think that has the potential to change things much in the way that you know in the civil rights movement, like that one of the big turning points was most Americans watching. You know John Louis and the people
on the admin Pettus Bridge in summer get beaten to within an inch of their lives, and an impact was actually the strategy of of king in the civil rights move. I'm too, there is a strategy of non violence, but they knew that through non violence, they might sort of attract violence on themselves and when the country saw that there was change, and I think we at least were beginning to see. Signs of progress And you know, I think, the other signs of progress I've been seeing have to do with changes in public opinion what would have you seen on that front? That sort of made you more optimistic. I mean we ve, seen just a funding mental change. In view use of police interactions with committees of culture can ask Americans even go even as recently as after Ferguson, where now you have majorities Americans, who believe that African Americans are treated differently about ways and suffer. The answer will place in ways that they are more likely
to be the subject of police violence, and that an awareness is obviously the beginning of solving the problem right. But we have, we have a long way to go. I just want to say one more thing about this, which is it Watching this over the last you know several days here is is? It is a reminder that, even if you are you know, as a white American, that you ve no can understand. The systemic racism exists you can be balls in trying to address it through pushing for policies are due to helping about politicians who will do it? You can, you know believe your new can be, as woke issue can possibly be, but
still, this is a reminder that, even if we could, we intellectually understand the systemic races. Mrs Maes exists. We don't have to confront it every single day, right and like that is the level of exhaustion and anxiety that comes from worrying about your family, walking out the door just could end up. You can end up in a confrontation with the police, the kid and their lives or chance the wise and we don't have to do that. I think, are things I think a lot of people been struggling with this figure out. What's the constructive thing to do her right? How can you know what kin, We do that is more than we ve been doing at their have any good answer that there is a lot you know we'll talk about. It can wait a lot of other situation, but one thing that we would think a lot about our house. Is like how do you raise a child? Did his anti racist right? like there's, been a lot you now you get children's.
Look. There's only knows all there's a whole genre of box that try to redress diversity in and these of racism, and all that animal Of them sort of abide by sort of this antiquated color wine notion of race right and what why howling I've been focusing a lot on its thinking. You know about you know: what's the right way to talk to your children about this work is even now we have a two year old who still this is happening in a time of She lives in its you, we're talking about it around her and its anti. These sometimes issues around and your will, on recommend like one resource, the parents arrive in that same thing, which has a population or residual the conscious which will give you, which has a whole line of children's books, to deal with this and gives people guidance on how to torture kids about ants been in irish people who think that we are on the alliance.
I'd of these conversations been completely. I open experience about how to how to handle this with children. That's good, omby, Amby meeting, that's enough I do want it. I ain't gonna talk a little bit about discuss your point of housework. Attitudes are slowly changing on the public opinion front, I think just to give people an idea asserted the contours of the political debate and the public opinion around police reform.
I think traditionally, one of the biggest challenges with police reform has been that the police are the third most trusted institution in America. You know gallop found recently that there far more trusted and the press or Congress there basically is trusted is almost distrusted. Is the military is also true that even in twenty nineteen majorities of white and black Americans favour hiring more cops for their communities and so there is this, this challenge of like policing as sort of a popular trusted institution among people, and yet I do think it worth pointing out. Like specifically, some of the changes were seen just in the last couple weeks. Civics just did a poll showing that support for black lives matter is the highest. It's been in three years of polling with forty nine percent of people supporting the movement. Twenty four percent opposed
majority of Americans have expressed support for the protesters this week. The percentage of people who think we don't take racism seriously. Enough has jump ten points just since last year, the percentage of people who think racism. Is a big problem, is now seventy six percent up from fifty one percent and twenty fifteen seventy eight. That said the anger sparked by the protest was justified, and I thought this was notable even after I am reminded that some of these protests involve property destruction. Fifty four percent of people said the actions were at least partially justified and again you would rightly look at those numbers and say those are not good enough and they're not, but I think witnessing the change from even a couple years ago to now should
Oh us, that those other numbers on policing that are challenging can be changed and that the work that happening right Now- and I do think that, like you know, the point of highlighting progress is not to make you satisfied to make you determined that the work you are doing actually matters and that it can, it can actually make a difference as exhausting as it may be, ok. So let's talk about the lowest moment of terms presidency, which is staying alive, decided that this is the lowest. I am decided that it is the lowest moment of his presidency. So far possibly even any presidency. I think It is certainly up at the top of the list. We have a separate on that I think I agree with you, I think the main It would be as like, adding mostly borders at the previous lowest moment, while Charlottesville
and would be as if after trumps ain't, a nazi verifying people dispatched the: U S military, to go put down the people protesting against the Nazis biggest. Yeah, like I mean just just I don't I mean it you can go. Through history of like you know bad moments from different presidencies, and it feels like combined so many of them into one lad moment. But there is not a right answer to this question. You know another match app and ease. Americans are already Ryan. I last thereby cancer there. Yet it is it well, in the conversation is what's up, Breathing its yet vagrants up there on Monday, a group of peaceful protesters across from the White House and Lafayette Park were cleared away with tear gas, so the Donald Trump could walk across the street to Saint John Church, pull a Bible out of Ivanka's one fifteen hundred dollar handbag,
and pose for fucking picture. The photo up came after trot, gave a speech in the rose garden where he announced the deployment of elements of the eighty second airborne division to Washington and threatened use the insurrection active eighteen o seven, a rarely this law, which lies the president to deploy the armed forces on american soil in order to keep civil order. Here's a clip from the trumpets but in recent days are now She s been gripped by professional anarchists, violent mobs, arsonists, looters criminals, riders Antigua and others These are not acts of peaceful protests. These Acts of domestic terror the destruction of innocent life spilling of innocent blood is an offence to your manatee and a crime against God.
If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and at solve the problem for them what the organizers of this terror. Beyond notice that you will face severe criminal penalties and lengthy sentences in jail. I am your president of law and order what always going through your mind as you watch this thing unfold on Monday evening in that it's almost hard to believe it's real. It's not just trumps remarks if you're, watching rise in real time on cable television it began with you federal law enforcement.
Tear, gassing and shooting projectiles at peaceful protesters immediately prior to inaction, addressed- and that is a space that you and I know well, they were Mafia park directly across the street from the White House. There's a place that is famous for hosting for many many protests over the years. It is where citizens often gather send messages to their president from protests around environmental policies. I remember very clearly during them and when the president was giving a set of remarks in the rose garden about Syria, Hearing the protesters were arguing against a military action in Syria, whilst ending the rose groundless into the president is where people gathered to celebrate Athens Supreme Court. The lies same sex, marriage, and to see that space be pushed through, that was no longer a place where peaceful, american citizens could,
express european government seem something that was so contrary to what we at least try to tell ourselves. This country is that it was incredibly disturbing and sort of hard to believe it was real, was though, some of the worst nightmares about what I try pressing a book like becoming real before our eyes, yeah. That was that was that lasting was my thought. Exactly is that we were at. I was just like what the fuck is happening right now. What is he doing? What like? What is this speech? So there's like a lot of confusion around it does. Is it started unfolding right like that clip you just hear tromp, but You watch it on tv, there's a split screen of the protesters getting gasped and cleared, and and- and you hear him speaking any concept for here the commotion in the background- and it's this very: like you seen that eggs that that I got the same.
Like this. Is this the worst nightmare of what people imagined would happen if this man became President Anne and now it's come true, sir, I think, the best the best reporting on how this all came to be came from the New York Times. They have a really long. Peace on, as the other day in a sort of revealed like as with everything, Donald Trump does. It's like one part dictator, two parts, dipshit He felt like great deliberations, mistress, be trying to inspect scientists, not like that's where everything is like that a nice. You know like the further we get from it. You look back on. It need your others reporting about how like incompetent these fuckin buffoons are, but. This all started, apparently with Trump angry about stories over the weekend that accurately portrayed him as
hiding in the White House over the weekend and noted that he was even taking to the secret presidential bunker on Friday because they are worried about the protests and use I gave Jack, that's deeply at that's deeply unfair Donald Trump told us award, winning objected, journalist, brain kill me It just happened to be the day previously scheduled. Tour of the bunker was happening. This economic protests so like, what a coincidence as that yeah as, as we all know, every president must inspect the bunker. That is part of their. That is where they take. The of part of the earth is to inspect the presidential bunker on the fourth year of presidency at a certain our right there in the constitution that what you are doing I mean like what it was a reaction to the fact that, like the guy, was pissed about media coverage, and so ass. A result, that's how he ended up to your gun.
In his own citizens and threatening to turn their military against that mean it's like we varies set. This is pretty The national end result of having a president like Trump and when You know you point out that its in some part, dipshit. That should be give comfort to no one. The history of fascism in the world, is driven by a bunch of clowns like countries ones with not by virtue of often I'm some massive strategic plan, you say stumble ass backwards into it and that's what we're looking at right now and which is clear. The Trump Administration Tear Gas Thousands of peaceful protesters, so the present it can have a brief photo up. That is what and I do think. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the absurdity of the trunk administration. The fact that he walk there and advocate
from kept the Bible and are fifteen hundred dollar handbag in we'll talk I was a little bed, but sector defence thought he was gonna visit, broken toilet and for some reason, this german joint Chiefs is wearing his military, uniform as if he was on the battle front in Iraq, in all its all seems so absurd and so poorly thought out, and it's a bunch of just absolute morons at heart here. By you have to say what actually happened, because it should shock the conscience should absolutely shocking. Well. There's someone. I think it helpful to separate this into two parts right there is the plan photo up at the church, which is like absurdity that also turned into a lot of people getting hurt because they were tear gas And then there is the policy decision to threaten the nations governors that, if do not get the situation in their cities under control that Donald Trump,
Use the insurrection act to deploy the military against american citizens, which I is you know in some way is that threat was almost overshadowed by the absurdity of and violence that went along with the follow up. You know yet, like per usual ends. I have been guilty of this velocity days. It's easy to China. The shiny, absurd part of trumpets and ignore the truth. Right and I was a real people were injured and there is a real violation of the first amendment and basic democratic principles and in what trumped id, but we We should not be distracted by him holding the Bible, a potentially upside down and all the other of series of that story but they should allow that to distract us from what is actually a player, which is the president threatening to deploy the military to put down peaceful protests in this country that he does not like
and, like you know, a couple of things to point out here we later find out that it's its release? Them Ports are that it was built bar. The attorney general who ordered the protesters, cleared away, and apparently there was a plan to expand the security perimeter on the White House that hadn't been carried out yet and bar why is this and neither the president wanted to go, make the photo up. So he ordered law enforcement officers on the ground to complete the expansion of that's what they're calling it of the security perimeter, which meant dispersing protesters but there wasn't enough time to do so before the these plans statement. They had the split screen. Built first of all, and you know a friend of ours, makes up here words in the White House with us and were delighted national security issues. Like my big question is what the hell is that, Ernie General of the United,
states doing in charge of the park police. All these cops like with that that what is he doing in charge of all of these troops? Yegg ITALY, and now into this day in Washington DC right now, there are soldiers deployed in DC with no name play. You dont know what organization therefrom they dont tell you and reporters asked where there from what branch therefrom. So it is basically like beer bars standing private army that he is concerned, right now is the attorney general of the United States, which is the stuff of fucking dictatorships. Maybe we should note that the attorney general departed from them just he has no authority over the police. No authority of the secret service he is just essentially operating as the president's henchmen ordering law enforcement about love. In which he has no authority statutory, constitutional or anything else.
The wheels or off the fucking bus here, people there. I also loved officials privately conceded, that little thought was given to what Mr Trump would do once he actually get to the church that lake feathers, what there is is that you know, as usual, with these fuckin assholes, it's like so he has this plan. You know he wants to. He wants to use the insurrection act. Basically, he has persuaded by some to not use that to just threatened to use it. Illegal. What else you gonna do and then around lunchtime, sir, combination. We don't know of vodka hope, Hex Jared tromp himself come up with this house. Brain scheme to go to Saint John and the reason they wanted a sense of Saint John Church people, if you know like every president, has been they're, usually there's some kind of a service on an arbitration day the president's attend it is like a very famous trojans.
See the basement of it was briefly on fire on Sunday night, because some of the looting and so Trump thought they would go there and say, like you know, this is a sacred church and it was burned by Anti final that bullshit and get this photo up out of it, and They thought nothing beyond that. There is no, beyond that, the thing I mean my first rate of that story, and we were texting about it. When I came out, the other night was after because like what a bunch of fucking clowns you people are, and there's is great interest from a point of consumers of journalism. It's incredible story filled with amazing, too, It's like the price of Morocco, trumps handbag. She, about a trump orthodox. You who have to be chairing a Bible and our handbag justice Trump arrived right is one example, and then all the yeah, whose in Japan Initiation insisted on being the follow up. I've never seen a photo up at the White House prosecutor before by killing makin any put us off right in it with Secretary defence and a bunch of other no names.
People, and But the thing is just like infuriating to me. As someone who has worked in a building as you have is, your governed by the Damas people possible It is the family of a demand, it is the people who would have been cut from the J B team and Republican Party in charge of the government, and they as they live in this bubble of eager insecurity that is so tight that they think they're. Smart They thought this was a brilliant idea. They actually competing for whom The credit for this idea when they Even it's like they were trying to do the alphabet and a trip to see where it was just. So frustrating with how dumb they are, and they Edit, like in this case, consequences. But it's also directly related to why why
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a handful of republican senators criticized Trump, the rest offended him or gave reporters the old. I didn't see it answer view the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milly and Secretary of Defence Mark Esper have said they didn't really know the photo up was happening. You mentioned, as for thought, he was going to inspect evangelize bathroom witches Is it an horns? Higher duties on sector too fat again is apparently out laid out in the constitution and then Esperance. The next day at a press conference that he's now opposed to using the military against american citizens. Right now is opposed to the insurrection ACT, which reportedly, of course, because he said that government some hot water with Trump military leaders like former Joint Chiefs Chairman MIKE Merlin General John Alan, have criticized Trump and then yesterday, JANET Jim Matisse, who served as Donald Trump Secretary of defence. Release to stay in saying that he was quote angry and appalled accused Trump of being the first president who pay
who tries to divide Americans and wrote quote, never did I dream the troops taking that same of would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens much less, to provide a bizarre photo up for the elected commander in chief with military leadership. Standing alongside what is your, what is your reaction to the reaction bent. I think there is like an hour really care about the republic in Senator Sue had like Susan Cards, who had brief sad com it's about this, like you know why you have cut, national powers, fucking do something about it. Subpoena someone have a hearing like you have real. Aren't you had your chance? The agents one of who voted for impeachment and one former we can from for impeachment the house that was it. You had your Even if you dont want impeach him, which is basically absorb proposition right now, you can do something about it. You condemns your powers again, you have Jackson, you have balances and you have done neither at any point over the last three years,
I think the military criticism is powerful. I think it certainly influence Mark esper to very briefly. I'm trying to under the damage that he was. A part of luck I think general matters has been weeping over the bar of low expectations for being a in Morton figure and heroic figure in the Trump era, by his comments, powerful. They are relatively unequivocal, but I think they can have real pact, not just on other Republicans, who may have private concerns about Trump, who may be able to develop the physical go to express them publicly. Also on voters who are souring traps are think that, like the maddest moment is significant yeah,
I would say that I felt mildly better over the last couple of days watching some people come out and speak their mind about this, and I say my again: we are tripping over the barber expectations here, but Trump has clearly done enormous damage to our institutions and he is threatening to do even more damage right now and by trying to sort of polarize the military in and then send the military into Merrick and cities. By treating the aren't, you know the military in treating the police as like his own private security force. All the shit he's been doing is very scary. His attacks on the press and the institutions of the media, but I think that or last couple days using that like, while our institutions have been damaged and remain threatened, they are
still holding up and in some cases pushing back, but I don't know, I think, there's there's a real fear that I still have. I mean fucking, Hogan Gidley, the White House or North White House Press spokesman. This morning said all options are on the table with the military, which is something you'd say about fucking, Iraq or Afghanistan, or some other country We might be in conflict with and not about sending troops into american cities, so you know, There's still, I have a lot of alarm. That's like you said we can sort of stumble into something very dark and scary here we already have, but seeing any again like thanks matters for free Now you haven't like a couple years, but whatever anyone, anyone who can speak up now speak up now whatever. Whoever is in a position of power or influence and elected office are not elected office like this is the fucking time say something, and if you can,
late in the past, and you hundreds and passed like that's fine. We can talk about that later. For now. Now you get us there. Jimmy and, yes, we should in principle be gonna bet. You think madness has been looking for the fund over two for the Atlantic. For two and a half years now I was just got, I mean it is like open your DNS Jeff Dahlberg. We have people such again back into the absurdity of like Washington, culture, you know and liked sort of like the everyday is so insular and like people don't understand the way like media communication. Work like I write like owing to my colleague just go and look. We love the Atlantic Great Amerika, Jeff Goldberg and lend my statement there. You know like theirs. I platforms that can we, like you, know like fucking, Kansas Owens is on Facebook, with, like twenty seven million views and horrible things about George Floyd, because that's how like an information, I was now, but we ve got like
We landed them up in the Atlantic to speak out against our authoritarian decline. Yes, it's like put yourself on video. Let's put some money behind it Put it on tv is an advertisement. That'll get people to hear it. Certainly all the more talk about Heaven. Phone with a camera in their pocket with access to the internet. You don't need the Atlantic take a video, send it out This is not like the days of like going to Katherine Graham's house and hoping she'll write an op ed in the Sunday paper. You know like what the heck Why is it turns out? He could have written just about anything about? a thing with full of lies and conspiracy theories and in our times, when a printed at so he probably will even talk about Fuckin Tom caught in the autumn. Even I mean that, as judges will say for enough, The aim was to your points, like I think,
over the course of the last three and a half years. You know there are people on twitter people. We work with our lives, who often have a reaction that may seem hyperbolic to what trump doesn't usually falls in this narrative of some master plan. That trumpets right. Were he you know it's like stealing nobody's gonna, move the election date or he's doing all these things and when it turns out, as you point out, it's a blend of incompetence of malice, always and it turns out a master upright. We said before he say is a crime. Wasn't criminal mastermind, but I do think that it's easy to miss the threat because of Trump stupidity, and so, if you do wake and authoritarian blind taste ass to what happened. Last week's like imagine you If you are you going to do so, You read: some is something like. In a country where a core of the working population, have lost their job in the last few months in large part to government mismanagement.
The president rose to power on national sentiment, despite receiving fewer votes in his opponent today branded the millions of peaceful protesters to be violent terrorists and dispatches secret police to put down the unrest If you read that you would cancel your plans, are travel. That country view would ask for your family who have there, you would say, leave quickly, the? U N, we working on a resolution, the United States State Department under normal sectors, that we writing a letter about maybe if the presidency would call that person that leader to try to turn them down, and so is this risk that we by train. Do not be people react, we are produced or become the frog in the water, that's being he D Jolly B. Nothing I notice was like wild we're clearing Lafayette Park, one of the police, punched a cameraman and face and it turned out to be like an australian crew. So like Australia,
during the story about other journalists were in America and were like beaten by the police like this it can you just fucking. Imagine what the rest of the world is think about us right now, like we seem like an authoritarian country right now, it's and we are scary. And we may be. On the other hand, we should talk about the political followed for tromp, so the times that the president's advisers believe at the photo up would quote, resonate with many middle Americans turned off by scenes of urban riots and looting that have accompanied non violent protests. It has not worked out like that. So far Trump disapproval rating is now higher than any president at this point, in his first term, the number of Americans, who believe Countries on the wrong track has reached record levels, job it is now leading trump. I nearly eight points nationally and by about three to four points in swing states like Wisconsin Arizona, Last night, the times or in a peace saying that in the trunk campaigns private pulling here
well behind Biden and there now starting to worry about states like Ohio, Iowa in Georgia then there are some concerns when a protest began that Trump would recycled. And law, and order strategy from nineteen sixty eight to scare off a bunch of suburban heights partition white, suburban women. Last night's Fox Pole of Wisconsin. Oh that suburban women are now going for Joe Biden, sixty four to twenty nine percent. Why do you think this isn't working for him, at least so far? Obviously it's early this snapshot in time. We could get a lot more data as time goes on, It is the nineteen sixty eight parallel with such an imperfect one on set a very obvious. Levels I mean, most importantly, Nixon was the challenge So if you, when he was saying that law and order had crumbled, He was saying that the Democrats in charge of the government had lost control. Donald Trump. Another challenger he's the incumbent here
announcing he's alone order, president, an saying that wall in order has crumbled. So here this. He has never adjusted to being the person in she doesn't know how to make a case for things that he is doing, that one such issue is the electorate is very different. Consolidating a like this. Silent majority was another way of saying the White Majority in American eighteen. Sixty eight did it the numbers different consolidate. The white vote does not deliver you the election in the way it is. It just the politics of very different in Donald Trump. Is he basically doing next ionian nabobs. He just spouting outlet he's twitting out an all kept silent majority, while in order like there There is a world in which a more debt demagogy, could use. This is political management? Donald Trump has not done enough to do that. Thus far, yet I mean you can't run as the candidate of law.
An order when you're the incumbent, who has shown no respect for the law and no ability to maintain order wash. It is just you know I do think. Impossible to overstate. The difference between Nixon is the challenger and Trump as the incumbent, which seems pretty simple, but it's just when people in the country who Racine Unrest,
he's the guy in charge. Not only has he not fixed it he's made it worse. Everyone seen that he's made it worse and to your point about the suburbs. The changing demographic too, like the suburbs, look different than they did. Nineteen sixty eight, the suburbs today are much more diverse than they were back then, and in addition, the the views on race among White College, educated Democrats who populate the suburbs have also liberalized considerably since the late sixties. So you have suburbs that are much more diverse. That are much more liberal, at least especially on their views on race and social issues than they ever were in late sixties wishes. Maybe one reason why this is up worked so well for four Donald Trump I mean the the other part of this. That's important is social media matters here in two eggs. One.
Like there's a whole conversation about how people who get their news primarily from Facebook or getting completely incorrect information. What's happening. But more broadly people. Able to see even if a period of time. I think it's less less true. Now, cable, no for covering the the looting, and you don't have that the others to behaviour disproportionate to the small percentage of activity was compared to the millions of peaceful protesters. You now have thousands of other ways to get that message out. People are able to see the peaceful protest was able to put it in a context they would not before in that, and that is very helpful you'd. You should have not no you're no longer held captive to the tell good news axiom that if a blatantly it's right, there is still an opportunity to get a fool or through a necessity to recapture if they choose to do so. What are your thoughts on just above the size of
binds led right now. You know driven largely by sort of worse approval for Trump. Do you think that is? I mean obvious it's really early to say. We have five months to go until November, which is a fucking lifetime, allows thinking about, like it's, probably as much time between now and the election as it was between impeachment and now, which terrified me. It's been so the cure. The way to think about it that I saw someone on Twitter say yesterday, which is its five months. The election in the ILO Carcass was four months ago. Oh, my God but you know- I mean De Vigo, pointed out the other day on Twitter. That, like you, know the ape Currently, the Biden has right now is is much bigger than Clinton's lead at this point, even Obama's lead in eight and twelve now, were pointing out that there were still in the middle of a primaries. That's one reason that their leads were narrow, but
obvious. It is something we should get too excited about. But what are you? What are your thoughts on it? I mean it is certainly greatly strengthened his position politically. Since the pandemic began right, though N N, looked at it like the polling. Average is very clear. The sweets and ours is a very clear. I think the question we do not know the answer to is is this going to revert to the main right that word into the main means people bring. Us are restored, our selves and our partners and our dna where we work with but I think means is the Biden maintains a popular the margin hurricanes and we remain in a very narrow electoral college situation, right Eddie binds slight a slight favorite, but its very class, like even like aids does not seem likely to me- that
Britain is gonna, win the national vote by nine points and he's gonna win Wisconsin by nine points, or you know, and you know he's ahead tied in Texas and ahead in Georgia, and I had an Ohio in some of these states like that. That's you likely to me, like someone asked me o day, if I thought that this was the breaking moment for some of the partisan walk that we have had on this country. Since you know, go back into doesn't twelve frankly and it seems very similar to the conversations that we had right when the axe. I would take him out which, like getting, is very different elections. I think Biden has some strength that he'll reclined not have available to her, because this is essential two person race by you, know in the hollow other things happening, but like These republicans tend to be very disturbed by things and then go right back to where they were before down the memory hell Yoga I do want to get to your binds reactions to Trump and the protest this week. But before that less committed,
talk about the reaction of his old Boston hours. Brok Obama, the former present, participated in an online town hall on Wednesday, hosted by the my brother's keeper alliance in his remarks, Mama called for police reform and express support for the people who been participating in the protests. Let's take a lesson, speak directly to the young men and women color in this country HU, as flounder so eloquently described, have witnessed too much violence and too much in it and Too often, some of that violence is come from books. Who were supposed to be serving and protecting you. I want you to know that you matter. I want you to know that your lives matter. Your dreams matter and when I go home- and I look at faces of my daughter, such in malaysia- and I look at my views and nieces icy limitless potential that serve to flourish and drive, and you
be able, learn and make mistakes and live a life of joy, without having to worry about. What's gonna happen when you walk to the store, gopher jogger, driving down the street we're looking at some birds in a bar, and so I hope that you also feel hopeful even as you may feel, because You have the power to make things better and you have helped to make the entire country feel as if This is something that's gonna change, Youtube communicated a sense of urgency that is as powerful and transform ribbon is anything that I've seen. In recent years, which that he now people always say to us like. Why? Doesn't Obama speak out? More, we need it. We need Obama right now in our response. Usually, is that.
Like what's it like we're, not we're, not one Obama speech away from Trump folding attend returning to more like right, legged by having said that it was great to hear from Brok Obama this moment. Yeah. It always is- I mean I'm I've, always an event of him coming on knowing that it's not going to be the thing that destroys trump, but I think it's just I think it also help remind people why good leader, And sound like even a leader that- and you know you republican, save us all the time- they were not very nice to him when he was president but they'll say like wow. It's really nice to hear just a normal president. Who is caring and thinks about people and is Take it and can speak, you know, can speak in full sentences and doesn't sound. Like he's unstable all the time you know like all of things that we have been missing for the last several years,
You know- and I just I I am I'm very happy. He also focused on you know, for the payments out there trying to sort of, and still that sense of hope in the young people who were out there working so hard. But you know we talked about earlier, because I think it can be very easy to sort of slip into cynicism in despair at a time like this, even if you are doing the work and he's always very good at reminding us that the whole story of America has been sort of two steps forward, one stepped back you know and and that there is plenty to be hopeful about And to continue fighting for so it was it was. It was good to hear him. It was good to hear him. It was it. What did you think? You know? I think, in his endorsement of Biden and in those commencement people sort of
You know I saw a lot of contrasts with Trump and he really didn't. I think some people properly expected him to say something. Yesterday and he didn't. I thought it was fine, like I didn't think he needed the contrast with Trump yesterday, because I think that the moment was so much bigger and more important than that, but- either. I mean you know this better, rather than any other person walking the planet with possible exceptions of Cody and Ben. Is Obama has a purpose when he speaks yeah right. Its purpose here was to speak to the young people, who rather protesting organizers, because he sees himself in radio and Hitler. He wanted to put what we're doing into the Ark of historical societal change in America. And he wanted to be Peter Emma someone who you know when he was very famous United States senator
I'd, be followed around me one in the stores, because he was a black man in America. You know what he has spoken about, that in the context of These incidents of racial violence in this country and the thing that also took from those really important, which is remind me something our friend a lesson twitter yesterday, which is, I can make many organizer is present every time which is it has many organizer. He knows the progress how to combine you take it where you can get it, which is why him very specific thing, that he wanted mayors who do what he wanted. The protesters ass mayors to do, and like, I thought that was very notable like we have a lot of work to do to deal with the systemic racism that is driving everything that has happened, here, but there are some things we can do right now. That will make things better and we are- and we should take those now and keep fighting for the other stuff yeah.
And you know one of the people who joined him on that live stream was pretty passionate and you know talked about a can't wait, which sort of eight sets of reforms that mayors can implement right now regarding the use of force that can reduce violence, to seventy two percent, and he is just you know He is always inspiring, but he's also The organizer in him also makes him pragmatic and he knows Organizing requires strategy and discipline as much as it requires passion and energy. And you know I'm pointy sort of took on the like you're some will saying boating, doesn't matter as much as activism activism for important and it's not an either order both end right. You need to be honest, streets and then you and then you need to translate that energy and passion into laws and reforms and people that you will let in office in the activism doesn't add on election day, bright red,
Why does you have to keep pushing after that right? all right, let's go by on Tuesday, he delivered a major speech in Philadelphia where he attacked Donald Trump's response to the protests and proposed the number of policing reformed. Let's take a listen the president held up the Bible, Saint John Churches today. I just wish you open it once in a while a brandishing. If we all you could have learned something there call love one another of ourselves? It's really hard work the work of America trappers interested in doing that. Work is dead, is preening sweeping away all the guard rails law protects our democracies guard rails, help make possible the stations fast more perfect union, a union, constantly requires reforming rededication and yes, the protest from boy,
mistreated, ignored, left out and left behind but it is a union be worth fighting for. That's why I'm running for president this is a viable prison, might also one open the. U S. Constitution was, if you did he'd find is called the first amendment. And what it says and again he says the right of the people peaceably to assemble particular government for redress, some grievances. It's kind of essential notion to do this country. To present that's America axiomatic. No horses rising up on their hind legs to push back peaceful protest. Not usually american military to move against the american people.
This nation and values our freedom Two speakers cherish knowledge and lose inside every American. Almost time you're cute is that your speech. It was a real reminder that for the last three years, half years we haven't had a president right there is someone who sleeps in the prisons bad so depressing and present pleasant, presents plan. Some new sits at the desk and resolve as but has not. President like. That is the speech the president should have given. After all, this happened in Trump did not do that, to the exact opposite of that and the visuals were really interesting because we ve been we ve had to since the day by became our nominee. We have essentially been looking at him in front of the Sea book shelves in history. Can scribe environment and when he standing there the flags and with the imagery and the podium could see him as the president that we need right at this moment, yeah. That was
Just from like US speech, visuals perspective, that was my first reaction. So good to see him out of the house You know and just see him at a podium and see you know and like I do think you know what type of this in a second, but I think that sort are gonna, be the strategy going forward for that campaign. I think, in terms of the content of the speech he really at the moment- and there is you know, I've noticed a bit of a transformation going on in the Biden campaign and with Biden for quite some time now, which is any sought in this speech He he wasn't just taking on tramp, he was taking on Trump ISM altogether and No, he named sort of the selfishness and fear that have Lou over national life for the last three years is too of the enemies where facing bigger than tromp he's. Also, in that speech, framing the election as a definite.
An old battle over what kind of America we want to be and sort of wrapping his three into that, as Obama always used to do as well as the best president's do, and so basically saying to people. Yes, we are the country of slavery and racism, and bold Connor and George Wallis that that's part of who we are also but were also Harriet, Tubman and Frederick Douglass and mount with there. And junior any listed all these sort of people throughout american history, and that is a, much truer and bigger framing of the election. That significantly raises the stakes for people and the urgency, and it gets I think, something you ve been saying, which is yes, Voters mandeb, seeing this as a referendum on Donald Trump Presidency, but to sort of meat the mole
in the enormity of the challenges we are facing. Biden has to paint a vision of two different kinds of countries for people to get them to go out and vote so that its not just Donald Trump is bad, but what Donald Trump stands for, and what Donald Trump is. The logical conclusion of is what we are fighting against in this election and that our version of America, the best of America, that you can sort of sea throughout different moment in history is what this election is about, as it is what were fighting for in this election and heat. I think he did that incredibly well and its tied to through here the authentically, as is a person in his personal experiences right. He is a person who authentically understands pain in tragedy and how you rock
from an that came from the other was a you know: are the best features I've ever seen. Biden give. I thought it was. He said a word. It met the moment from a view the presidential leadership are lacking, but also had a very specific narrative about Trump, right? It really led into the Trump First America last message that we ve been talking about it. For the first time I've seen him make that case in such an explicit. Why, and I I I was very I was moved by the speech I was you know it made in it a break like yours. Actually right for life the primary the stakes the election we're just like who can be Trop Man, whoever was doing the best in the postcode we drop into annex, sometimes the by catch me. Mean too far into that argument, but this this dismayed that this was speech that raises stakes and met the moment of overfishing, countrymen and that it was good
Later in the speech you know he says I wish I could say to hate began with them, I confirm division with him. It didn't I'll it won't. American history isn't a me it's with a guaranteed happy ending the mean, job. Nobody will get everything right. I won't either, but promise you this. I won't traffic in front of it I want my mother's I'll. Never forget that the job isn't about me. It's about you! It's about us. I mean he comes close to. Basically get Bernie Sanders Slogan at the end of that and I have begun, saying that he didn't began a end with Donald Trump is almost reputation of his earlier sort of campaign message, but I think it is. It is the right one for the moment and I think he can sort of fill that role very well, and we should talk about sort of, like the policy transformation that may or may not come with it at the Washington Post, wrote about this after the speech quote by Miss it towards a transformational era in which government would play a bigger role in curing the country's public health, economic and Rachel was
far from the incremental administration you promised on the primary campaign trail by now offer Franklin, Delano, Roosevelt Architect, of the post, great depression new deal as a role model for tackling the damage wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. That has killed more than a hundred thousand Americans and put millions out of work, as well as the enduring effects of systemic racism. Being changed by a newly energized protest movement and, of course, in this speech this week you talked about some police reforms like banning police from using choke, holds the demilitarization of police forces in creating model use of force standards. He said in the first hundred days of his presidency. He create a national oversight Commission for policing and call them every police department in the country. To review their hiring training and de escalation practices? What do you think a sort of the policy angle on this? How do you he read this transformation or is it a transformation? I think, it is certainly transformation of necessity. Right, I think Biden is I'm not saying he's being, is putting the cart before the horse here, but I think someone who s bidding
Rizzo live and worked in the White House radios. He spends a lot of time thinking about what he would do his press, how to have a successful presidency how to actually deal with the set of challenges that he's conveys like Obama. Biden is going to enter the White House Ass, a present of a country that looks very different than the wine he hoped to leave when he started campaign. And we know- and I think what is always provided. It is the point that Elizabeth Warren made about him in her endorse and which, as he is someone who was always willing to revisit his prior beliefs. Had one view about how to do things prior to the situation Moran and now he suggesting that and what That's going to mean in terms of policy is something that we're gonna having unrighteously to inform. People should be realistic that it doesn't mean he's all the son, you get to adapt our brain sentences policies, but I think you can expect that he is going to take a different and more aggressive approach. And if and when this election is one it's gonna be incumbent upon everyone involved.
All in all the accidents out there to hold them accountable for pushing for those things that that they believe we need a sort of FC are like presidents Yeah- and it is you know this- this entire sort of episode is a lesson for activists and organizers that you know one of the big reasons that Joe Biden will adopt. Some of these police reforms and criminal justice reforms is cause you push because you are on the streets and it works right leg. It doesn't sound work on DOM trop right. Don't As I can turn about, Trump does Matt. You know you can be in the streets, the Anterior guess you, Joe Biden as President when you push and you go into the streets, any protest and you meet with him and you push him any like it's going to work. It won't work as much as you might like, but it will work and you ll see progress I think it's a good lesson for for everyone where, despite and go from here, how does he keep it
attention. How does he abroad and sharpened his argument against Trump and for himself answered the whole range of issues. This is a huge challenge for anyone taking on incoming president. That's particularly a challenge taking on Trump who As the world's largest media platform, cable tv, the entire digital adds economy. All on his side here We know by and suffer from this year you have the person that policy is most likely to be the next presently. I had states A town hall events on Monday on the very issue that is dominating news coverage in none of the cable networks took him life. It took a speech that they live in arctic- that one and As everyone knows, when them- yes, Donald Trump had been the challenger against, Combat Barack Obama Hillock. That situation? They harbour some are taken in life and so on. Is the challenge for by it. Require developing strategies that we talk about a thousand times that go beyond just simply rely on the other of scene at an embassy to carry his events live
but it also about making news right. There was real news in that speech and he's gonna have some big opportunities coming up most, notably Friday is jobs day for the judge. Embryo come out, will probably the worst unemployment for an american history and as an opportunity to talk about where we go from here and how they will be different. And at last he will certainly benefit from being out of his house but he had now has a wave momentum. He has a press narrative on the poles, which says that he is likely to enact. Reason therefore deserves governments that are going to have to keep building on evidence. To give people? Donald Trump can show up and get coverage, because there's always a chance, Donald Trump stumble into making use by saying something insane. People don't think that about european newspapers do not so he has to have something to say: tell people what he's gonna say in advance and sort of the system to ensure that he's kennicott making which is a hard thing to do, because inventing new attack when every day is quite challenging. As we know better than most.
Yeah it is I mean you can always react to whatever crazy thing. Donald Trump is doing which will get to news and get you cover, but you're right, sort like new policy of announcements, which, at some point the campaign run out, you know you have to figure out ways more creative ways to make news. I do thank you know, as the races join will become the nominee house, electors, VP, Latest crisis, like you know exactly as I hoped he would, you know, I think they did a very good job that those can be sent. There can be some empty spots in the Euro, time's up page for unsolicited device and binding, came and went out. Yes, they have had a very, very, very strong weak. Adele eyes. I think they did a very good job that those can be sent. There can be some empty spots in the Euro, time's up page for unsolicited device whereby negates any without yes, they have had a very, very, very strong, weak and all of the hand, wringing that everyone or source it have done. We should. They should also get a pat on the back for meeting the moment.
Yeah, and there will be other times. That'll be much tougher right. The media narrative does not stay. Donald Trump is screwed and look by an surging from fighting June till November, possible, it'll change forty times till then, and so you know, the real test of the campaign will be. How you meet the tougher moments when the narrative turns against you already here myself screaming about when the quintet php. Goes from Biden plus tend to bind us five and all the stories to Trump comeback narrative using this skills garnered from a career. In reality, television Donald Trump has turned this campaign on its head is gonna, be a game. You Peter bigger story that makes us really mad a couple access lives, you know when we come back, we'll have Hence conversation with Latasha Party.
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Listen. I won't tell now, but there's a beautiful storing that book, that I honestly as one of my go to think. Help me think through our hearts. To be honest while ok, great so that's blinkers. They'll be L. I M K. I S, T bleakest complex crooked. To start your seven day, free trial and also we'll save twenty five percent off, but only when you sign it but blinkers that, This has cricket go for it, I'm goin now by organised or in a co founder of the black voters. Matter fund Natasha around Latasha. It's great to talk to you again is great to be here. Thank you for giving me this has been. That's a challenging time from crime. The virus to please brutality to the changes in the economy and its wanted to get your reaction to the moment were in what you are hearing from the voters in folks out there that you were talking to on a daily basis. You know, there's a lot going on right. Now we ve got a policy. Is a you know, there's a multiple set of crisis
that are going on right now, you all week paying no comes great possibility so I think the overseer right now is that people are frustrated Riffian. His frustration that, while you know there was the George Floyd murder that we all witnessed in real time. You know it He tapped into something deeper and deeper pay of how we ve gone years without really dealing with structure racism. This country, belief the reality in all those meetings at work. That mercury seems a said tonight deal with and so I think in this moment I think there is a while is really uncover trouble for all of us. The best part of that is pointing to a real possibilities for, to get those countries on the right. Road Fundamentally, we just gotta keep virgin along, like things are: ok, they're, not ok, and what we are seeing now is the evidence of the MAC being okay and sold. This you don't really been if it hard to sleep, we ve been getting a just personally, just as a
A black woman in America has been very difficult and hearts so be it the mother of age, twenty six year old blackmail has been very difficult for me, but also an organised and on hearing I'm hearing on the ground, the entrance about like they're up to here, It is one thing that we deal with two major crisis: all you ve got one. Still, we call it my dream, and now we ve got this whole other crises is there were dealing where we feel like we are under attack? eventually the american government. It has Claire WAR on its citizens? We can fix it up. However, we want to write, but when you're doing a peaceful process. That is a guarantee in the constitution and that the present, this country actually sit. Tear gas just said he can make and follow up. That's in countries at the dictator's your best matches and- and as the normal there when they speak to her. How far we ve fallen. You know and so I think, in the midst of there, you know of diamonds. Are our coal?
extreme pressure, we know, then we know that the way the glass is made is glass is San. That's been fire fighting the end of the day, what we are seeing were seen this moment with death crystallizing moment in american history that we will either go backwards from it. Firstly like backwards right far we will go for it, and so I think, there's a couple of a couple of key pieces. One way is giving me so much hope is I'm looking at I'm talking about I'm looking at the protests lies, it is multi cultural multiracial multigenerational, so it is the statesman just black people, but there the sentence and others culture. I that there is something fundamentally wrong in this country and that we ve got a fix it, and that gives me hope The focus of your work over them many years has been about trying to get african Eric Voters, engagement, locker process. You said something to me when we spoke before
two thousand and eighteen election that are stuck with me. I think about all the time, which is that non voters not apathetic, they are met. A conscious decision that the policy has not worked in the system does not work. Do you think this moment has the potential to show people being? curtains of getting involved in politics or could have the opposite effect. Now. I absolutely thanks. I think the protests and demonstrations are actually elements that people do not have. People were appetite don't peer, no gold through the streets and a mill. The pandemic and put themselves at risk, So what we are seeing right, the uprisings that we see in all of this country- never protests in all fifty states that their pro as there are born all we're like on a day nine, if I'm not mister that in itself is evidence and is primarily led by young people. You know
There's always a conversation around now. People are apathetic, you're not engage. The bottom line is that is evidence of young people are due care, and so the question is: how do we take this I am really take that energy and direction that energy, in a way that it is around electro about politics because of the bottom, is many people was turned off and is the process they don't biggest there. They don't think their voices to be her? They don't see the kind of cannon it's that they want to see, and so what we see is are there. In the agency rave, we saw there in Ghana Presley raising We saw that in Georgia and Stacy Abrams raise where you had. Our voters that come out and young borders and a cross section of a race diversity, engender diversity and also age diversity. People are looking for something different, and so I think that this is the opportune time for us, the light merely hold the parties accountable, both parties, political parties, that we got hold him
I'll that people are screaming for something different and so young folks. I think this is that the opportune time this our people are getting activating, therefore activator. I just tell you from let bogus manner in the last decade, three days we ve done so voluntary request that we literally got to expand into a whole other programme of about volunteers. Folks are trying to look for. How can they be engage and its moments like this that actually active? generations. We know that there was a generation of folks that were activating the civil rights movement. Young people, we there were generated on people who are activated in Vietnam and the seventies around the Vietnam WAR. This is one of those kind of central moments that people are being activated. It is up to us. Organizers and organizations that are doing civic engagement and building work to really be able happened to that energy and allow this process to be real for people,
so about we're, not lead anywhere tone deaf and just at all, you ve got a book is not fix. It does not matter believe that, because it's not true right, but what we can say is that we need. That voting can make a difference. Because body can make a decision on whom the day S and that's how this It can be connected voting. The difference in terms of hold a police chief who the people who are making these decisions, and so I think I can cut, but that the connection of taking this conversation about participation and making this conversation in the context of power ass. What young people want to hear about? Not just the participation part there literally looking at how does my participation, mended itself for me and my community have more power and more agency so that the people in office, the responsive to us, and I'll what would your message beat? A democratic leaders, including vice President Joe Biden, about the room
way, to speak to voters. In this moment. I think the right on wall, I mean, I think it's three things, one that I just see it. I think part of what we ve been hearing this just think about it. This message: is you don't just both like both you? Both you don't take care of everything just bought both for me and I'm going to take care of That is not how the members right we're not like that, and let me say I think there has been a paradigm shift that at one point it was about getting this rhythmic leader packages get on. It I horse and take us all into a little Laurie Layer. Nobody believes that, let us be honest, not gonna, believe there hasn't happened is a possible crappy right, Even when you look at- and I know in the Obama campaign, one of the things our lived up that was interesting as while he as a popular prismatic leader his campaign message was yes weakening it. Well, I guess I can right- and I am quite sure that, with its law on their right and left It was a way
engaging people that it was a collective asked happening. You gonna collective power. I think what were we gonna see even from the binding camp Is it not about having a perfect candidate? It's not about? This is what I'd and can do. He can just be tromp, but literally we gotta tat entering people want to be a part of the governance process that there has to be a campaign that, as he goes border briefings, I thinking do, One, I think the campaign should be centred around a message that is really about inclusive of the power of we other citizens, not just or the best candidate member state now, but ultimately bitterly about we. The second thing is, I think, is really important that now, with All that is going on, but certainly Nancy, He has been attached to walk around it I'm real and we have not forgotten about that, and people will continue to raise it that this is the opportunity for him, now that's what I'm gonna do when I'm in office, but that in the end
back in my leadership that we're see it, and I think we thought than about his is reached. The other day I think, was the beginning of their. What really to be able to take bold steps and recommendations of what he's going to do to address the critical cry of citizens around Chrome? just a boy I mean we ve got hasn't balls. That's if not gonna be enough money say it is, going to be enough to arrest the officers and make their people and I'll go back to their respective corn. And we're gonna be ok cause. We ve seen a play its about over and over again. The reason why the protest continue to go is because people were sad. That's not enough. That's just a start, but we want to see is complete, recall the criminal justice system we want a complete realignment and were re. Imagining around the police are folks are asking for the police to be defined right now, because we don't worry one of you that tat money to Athens, airport bulbs, Turkey,
and from outside and arrest us, so I think that there is also the from who played a part in the leadership they ve got to step into the boy of leadership. That the day is. Over a politics as usual, that's over with their pets, time has been shifted. What we are seeing all energy is that there is back and ignore the progressive wing of the part if they want to, but regardless of what do you think about that, the candidates, what we saw in the in the Bernie Sanders, there was a the of energy, a lotta young fault, a lot of doktor progressive. You cannot ignore that wing at a party and ultimately there is a bold young committed group of people. Ass, the borders that are saying- and it is not good enough for the democratically They continue to chase after the mythical white moderate
go to that have not showed up in twenty years, and so, if what we got to do is actually really respond to the future, I think part of that too is we got to have a party that is reflective of the base of the party. The fact that we are just I just want to just know this: tat black women have been the base of the party and literally the most responsive and engage raised the party for the last week. Years and we have not had a black woman on the Supreme Court or nominee or a black woman in one of those options must be forcing what whirl white Man, Beaver Absolute based on any personal any party, any institutional, anyone for fifty years. And there was no representation of their leadership. It will be unquestionable summer point it at some point. We are at a reckoning on that in this, It is not even about saying
representation or like one of the things I have been asking for, is about the campaign to consider a black woman as big. Be it's not that it's not in a context of senator hurt me. I should think it brings value that people are looking for a party that is gonna be representative. There has a depth of understanding, backup about broad base of people together, that's what we are right now and so what I think we're Nazi and is in some ways you don't always. The brain, the black buster net, like small. What must the Netflix in the same both of them brought theatre, home theatre to their customers. Fainting blockbuster, then position they had. They had an alarm right, they will understand They had on physical places every air bricks and mortar snake. I mean you can go down this route, announcing a big blue buster, he's right here
allowed. They had the opportunity they had, they had an advantage, but they were so Canada. Now, of course, is my of that right. Now, and continuing to do business. The way that they have been doing business that they can see there on the horizon that there was this network was staying at whenever having their light, will widen. We must be able to provide the same service and a different in a way if nobody distinctively diff rent a change of course trouble with her back and who exist right now. Netflix is flourishing. Blockbuster has gone. My point is we can't do blockbuster politics built up the politics of yesterday around less by this with the super candidate back and we can be tracked unless you get behind his message. There's gonna be a safe method that is not gonna cutting we're in a new era when a new paradigm absorbing Democrats are really trying to solidify.
And is not just about winning this election is really about shape, bring the politics of this country going forward so that it gives inclusive and that it is just as it is equitable and they have the right there. There are in a position that lack lustre, work, better they got here. They gotta they forgot about it, because people are with them and they can actually make better they should but has not be up to the leadership missing. But actually before I let you go on with your very busy and then I go explain to are very young producers. What blockbuster is now I want to I know a lot of our listeners. What will want to get involved and see how they can help you in your organization was the best way for someone is listening to this today to help black voters matter in your work,
saw the best way to do. That is where you can reach out to earth on our website lack voters that Bill T r s manner and eighty are fond of you indeed, that work were very active. Social media on Twitter, black boat is empty, are on Facebook. We actually have, weekly town hall throughout all the land, Two years we ve been raising money. We ve got a can the Pennsylvania our doing some work, some target work and other community, so please were actually recruiting balance years we ve been raising money. We ve got a fine said after two to help bales on the peaceful protesters out. We also are doing some carbon tea, but we're literally on the ground doing the work we are committed to running this not into space around participation by power. Even in the constitution. It says that government no longer serves you you and replace it or abolish it. What we are saying
it is. The government is about to be other people by the people in bad people this, As our moment, this is our time. To take all of this energy right now really turn it into a big. Unless we imagine America, I really think about We build America that we all deserve and fell Agis encourage people to. Please follow me. Black motors matter. You can also follow me. Miss Latasha, our aim as around I'm very active as well, and so we will merely were built. We're bill. Dane troops were taken this energy right now we're trying to take this energy and really true as one this energy and something that is gonna, be all for the best of all of us in this country. Let thank you so much for joining us and what we should attach you again, as this election proceeds found great give you me thank you to Latasha Brown for joining us today, and everyone try, breast have the weaker by everyone
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