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“Your tweets are not enough.” (LIVE from DC)


Trump vs. the Law, reforming the DNC, and the race in Virginia. Rep. Keith Ellison, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and Alyssa Mastromonaco join Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan on stage live from the Swamp. 

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the bar is open. This is stupid. Looking we look at this place. They build for us
Nepal, save America, John Fairer, analyse them ass, romantic germ of it, my mom atomic andean Viper. These guys, it's fine I can t say we swallowing saw, do look at you, swamp monsters crawling out with your your swap system, in your MOSS sludge Flight mailed it we have agreed for you tonight. The vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee keep Ellison
and we have the former deputy attorney general of the United States Sally Favour. The wonders who is not here with us and easy tonight is Donald, well he's on his way to Asia, have agreed for control. But before Trump left he left the american people with a series of tweets, as he is wont to do in which stated that the Justice Department and the FBI must launch an investigation into Hillary Clinton for an imaginary crime for good measure. You slandered Bernie Sanders with war in cities, disappointed in the Justice Department for not prosecuting his political enemies.
So from is doing this after having a pretty tough week with the law to go through them His campaign manager was indicted as a criminal agent of a foreign government, foreign policy adviser were guilty to lying to the FBI. His attorney general likely perjured himself about contacts with Russians. His department of Agriculture nominee withdrew because of the russian investigation, his son in law, turnover documents to mother about his role and potentially obstructing justice and its chief us, reminded everyone that Trump himself is under federal investment Tommy yeah in the battle between up in the rule of law, whose winning right
Now the rule of law, I wouldn't be playing to type. If I didn't point out that he just left four and eleven day Asia trip I've been on a ten Asia trip. I know many of you had. It is about most gruelling thing you can do as a president. He's got a lot of big issues to deal with like North Korea and try to prevent a nuclear war. So you think you'd have like a breathing book to read and wouldn't be tweeting about everyone he could think of. But here we are, but what he was tweeting is essentially that deal J, the FBI, should start investigating Hillary Clinton because of some made up scandal and ever since Watergate there has been a line between what the White House does, what the president does and what the attorney General Dusk was explicitly independence there and he is blowing through it. In plain sight, it's like its collusion.
Plain sight by tweet. Live in a very weird thing is the press corps and in the deceased applicant does not know how to internalize this sort of reaction like if the Washington Post reported that Trump had called the attorney general and said get the FBI investigating Clinton. It would be the biggest scandal since Watergate, but now it's just something. We read by times a day over, so we sort of numb to this Now I mean you guys he called senator weren't Pocahontas on email and it's like onto the next week, so yeah. I think that we are numb and it's really hard to keep up the resistance like we know that we have to but Everett he he tweets more than any of us do and then he should be like having a day, What do you like you ve, been on all these trips with President Obama, we're just saying upstairs is I was looking at her furnishes like he's still, reading, these landing in Hawaii is still happening worst. Ok, I'm like do you think that Donald Trump remembers Barack Obama,
actually born in Hawaii, or do you think he's like it's cool because he's from Kenya, Bang, First Pacific RIM, president, whether it would be worth tweets today? What you think about the You know we. Why are we investigating Hillary Clinton you nowhere? I mean that there is an argument that the rule of law is holding up that in our trump. Any this an interview. Last night too, he was like you know. I would like to see some one asked him. You know what why haven't you thrown in jail yet in earnest? Look like I love to do all these things, but I'm not supposed to run the Justice Department is, if he just figure, I better they'll. Let me do this kind of stuff anymore, yeah yeah. They are good old days. Second, in czarist, Russia, everything, you know it's it's funny people who are by all well, you know he doesn't actually mean it. You know he's not trying to cause a political prosecution he's just trying to
director a massive propaganda apparatus to call for political prosecution as if that's better, I think, one of the implicit defenses of Donald Trump, when he tweets like Is he doesn't really mean it? No one's going to really execute Oughta. Do they think about the implications of that are one it saying. Basically, Donald Trump. We were saying today our travelers earlier that don't drop as a sort of a passive observer of his own presidency. They pundit watching the term presidency on television and he feels power. Less and like any of us do when we feel powerless. He tweets about it and then there's this larger issue relic. What Alyssa pointed out that cobblers with warrant Pocahontas today? It's I believe it's it's the month dedicated to native Americans. Now I think you did you or worse duration three days ago, but memory Sakharov rate start surgeries live dumb. It's not just that Donald Trump will surrender political prosecution in a church,
You did that Paul Ryan, we're gonna, be all Psmith dinner and say. Is it funny? I pretend not to see what he tweets, there's no consequences. So there is nothing to stop Donald Trump from doing this, because there's no way inside the White House teams have the ability to prevent him from doing these kinds of tweets that interfere with active investigations or that call for investigations mean he interfered with the Burg doll trial, which the judge had to comment on as part of the term what the sentence would be so there's no one inside the White House. It seems to have the ability to stop him and he knows that there is not any accountability on Congress in Congress, because the only people willing to hold doll trumpet Annabelle are people would have announced their retirement right, I mean. Did it's not just is tweets like there are three house members today House Republicans who introduce legislation to say that you know Mahler should refuse himself from the Russia probe because of this fucking bullshit uranium one deal
and so does actual motion on this in the car I mean it seems like this is an open conspiracy to obstruct justice. In some Republicans in Congress and the present states just out in the open here? Yes, we are Donald Trump, Steve, Bannon, Paul Ryan's minions registered are involved in a massive, very slopping effort to engage in a massive conspiracy, social justice, and it goes to a bias of the press where, because people set it out loud publicly, we shouldn't take it seriously. But if Donald Trump had sent a memo to Jeff Sessions, saying all the things in his tweets, it would
a Watergate level, political conspiracy, but we just brush off like oh, it's crazy, it's crazy, grandpa, Donald Trump Twinning and right. If you put in a half email you exactly what we need to do is we need to email, John Podesta, that you really don't. We have tat, we had a bill Clinton tell already internet back in time a lot of people and let's talk about the story about the Dnc that tramples referencing this morning. We have our rivers. Let's talk about the hazy again. First of all
it's terrible regardless, but also in this case. We have no idea what you're hissing about two nothing's. My civic is come on. We don't know if you're angry about the story itself or if you have a burning personal, your Hilary person you're his is our totally useless, did turn his blue. Then don't go out into the best one. I know a lot of people were treating us to talk about this and I wanted to know Just start tweeting about it, because I thought we would have a thoughtful once discussion with you holiday conversation about an ignoble conversation? Ok, so here's a habit for those of you haven't been steeped in this for the last couple days data. Brazil has a new book out where she says that when she became in chair of the DMZ and twenty sixteen,
I'm gonna gather designer. I know she discovered The agreement that gave the Clinton campaign a measure of undue influence over staffing and strategy at the DMZ in August, twenty fifteen, which was right at the beginning of the primary campaign Brazil said that it was not a legal, but in her her view it compromise the parties integrity. Then, let's try to sort out all the facts here. What is the Dnc do what start from the beginning, where her, whenever you that, when the DMZ do and what are these joint fund raising agreements, Imagine emissaries answer, but David Destitute. Hasn't done a lot of winning of election excited or that's that's the point right, and so the decency
in part because the way between sixteen primary played out is seen, as does all powerful entity that is supposed to win elections for Democrats up and down the ballot likes Hillary Clinton Elect. You know the dog after everything in between and the reality is that of the Dnc? Does it is not the all powerful wizard It is the little man behind the curtain and so with in the case of the primary. What did the answer really does is two things were. I guess I was saving things. The first is they said. The debates get right. So they did. They were real power, setting that a real now they work they work or they can decide how many debates that will be important. We were running our recommendation. Doesn't and eight there were approximately nine hundred and thirty five debates. We debated everyday fully
use. One of the ideas was that that was bad, and so we should come too. We should come to a better version. We shouldn't debate every other day, the. Secondly, they do what they set the calendar for in what order the primary and carcasses Player- and that is not done by the people who run the Dnc that's than by the rules Committee, which is a group of members appointed by the chair who then have to vote to make decisions. Is I'm gonna come first Gonna come second and that's comes first states because other states actually can decide their own making decide that they have that there is a set of rules that Dnc is put forward. Did they have to abide by? So basically I will have to be the First Comcast and have resubmitted first primary, then South Carolina Innovative in South Carolina and then Other people can figure out. You know whether Alabama goes acts are California ones to be early on some issues. They are later.
The third thing you do as they prepare for the general election, the raising money, they're doing obvious and research on the general public and Armenia is their hiring staff so that when the democratic nominee winds, innovation, I was on a general mean they just they get the delicate count. They stand on stage of the convention are our nominated by the party. Then they can turn over that machine to the Democrat to whoever that nominees without was, can be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in this case. So but the DMZ doesn't do they don't beta, determine whether states hold primaries or Caucasus states do that most of the states except the first states. They decide when they go on the primary right calendar schedule right as long as it violated Dnc, throwing away my head than that those won't count. That did not happen in point. Sixteen, so what they do is they set? The debates
will they figure out the number debates and they also set up, and this gives to the story they set up a joint fund, raising committees with all of the different primary candidates. Are they offer the right? So Hillary Clinton sign one of these agreements. Bernie Sanders then sign when these agreements, though he didn't, really use the dnc for that he did a lot of grass roots fund, raising the differences on Hillary Clinton agreement in that agreement, it said Hillary Clinton, staff and the campaign would have veto power over new positions that were supposed to be filled. The DMZ. So that was that that was the unusual agreement has that she strives propensity, but it should also be noted that all of the money that both Hilary raised with the Dnc Bernie or any other candidate. None
money could be used by any of those candidates unless they became the parties nominate, and this fact patterns important, to understand the story, because you can separate two ideas right, one that it was unusual, improper fitted for the other three campaign to be in a position where they were deciding who the staff was. So that's one thing, and then the separate idea is that even if that happened, it didn't effect, though the order in which the carcass primary say place into the money raised by Hilary, fifty and see was not and could not be used in any way to help Hilary in her primary campaign against presented just like money that very centres would raise into a similar remit cannot have been used against Hillary Clinton, illicit youve. Obviously, in Europe, many
decisions on campaigns and the way it has dealt with the Dnc. What do you make of this whole story? So one I was curious. Does anybody know English? The Clinton's had the same agreement in two thousand seven, because that would be interesting to say is this? Is it a good notices? If I mean I'm serious, for the Sanders people out there I mean when we Obama ran into doesn't that only one in ass was very friendly to Hillary Clinton. It was stabbed with many Clinton people it and we had to deal with that- and this is this: my sort of p, o b on the deal.
The sea, which is that you really like Bill Clinton, was the last democratic president when we ran for president in two thousand and seven, the DMZ was largely staffed by people who had supported the Clinton's, and so I think that you know for anyone to say, especially you know in the Donna Brazil article where she says you know that it was her book. I guess that says that it was rigged. For Hillary, but I mean she was the one who is reportedly giving her the questions to the debate, and so I mean I don't I mean I just think. What's fair is fair and I feel sort of sympathetic to the people who might be you know taken up on Bernie's part because I feel like we were kind of burning in two thousand and seven in like nobody, people didn't people were not stoked for us in the Democratic Party
while to get those super delegates, she had a lot of those locked up into designated army. I was great: where were you into does not just have a super delegates display fingernails sets super delegates. Tommy love it or we are reduced to relegate twenty. Sixteen for all eternity. I think- yes, but I hope not look clearly one campaign, having is say, having a greater say, overstepping inside of the Dnc during an active, primary or minor primary, nobody thought was going to be a contentious issue,
to be is a problem. I think whether or not you know, I think it's hard training. I mean the Dnc shouldn't play favorite absolute agreement that you didn't wake up as it did so. The DMZ should absolutely not play favorites and I think one of the most important things that should come out of this is making clear that in the future no no fund raising agreements come with these kinds of strings attached, not because it s so had any impact on the outcome. I dont think look the community the communications team at the Dnc with all of their many powers. Was on its place? Want people now question the who had a similar role: the urgency Shaw, space. I want you to imagine this is shown in spite of the left pulling the strings. Indeterminate turn determining the democratic nominee. Two thousand. Sixteen, I don't think so, but the but regret
because of whether or not it had any impact on the outcome. I think two things one one of the ways in which we can heal the divide is by making sure that every voice feels, like its representative, represented that nobody shut out of the process that will we're. Having is it a bit in which the deck is in fact against the law? the party or the central after the party that that? Oh, that's, not a reasonable idea. That's a crazy idea! That's that's two left! That's you different Donald Trump. Is president. We should widen the ambit of what we consider to be possible. I think a glad we walk through the fact pattern of this, because I think it ultimately speaks of the fact that I dont think it had a huge impact on the outcome of the race. I think we as a bunch of people work for Rock Obama, should also concede that, after the twenty two election, we saddled the DMZ with several million dollars in debt, that they are working to dig themselves out of, and we compounded that by two
during a bunch of monies DS, easy and twenty fourteen and made his top murders. We raise the money. We also raised money until I think that what you are saying that at that time by the Dnc at signs, these fundraising agreements to the current campaign in and needed to resolve this cash so think it was a huge deal but we're gonna die Edward to make one other thing. Look the the idea that this turn the election, I think, is absurd. However, I think put aside this one case of whether or not there is a side agreement about staffing, which I think is definitely some. We have to get to the bottom up. I think the larger concern they think is very reasonable,
that there was an expectation that this is what a nominee looks like. This is what a nominee sounds like this issue. The nominees gonna be. This is the processes, are the establishment kind of weeds our people, who may be of a different direction for the party or a different idea of what's possible a different idea of what practical, a different idea of what's electrical, and I think one of the most important things we can do going forward is levelling the playing field so that all these voices are heard. Not because there's going to be some new side agreement. I think probably some key thousands gonna tell us that. That's not gonna happen again, but not just that. There's I think that not a contract that the establishment, Canada, picks the people at the new transparency, but they just rightly everyone's open candidly, rang answer, for we are open to new people, new ideas, new points of use in new directions, and- and I think that that is the single most important point here, which is whenever you think about what happened to decency and twenty sixty, and I think if you are burning person, you have a right to be angry about, because the Dnc has to avoid even the perception of putting it
come on a scale from one of the candidates, but whatever you think about what happened, and we can and probably will really get it until the day with the guy is that is that it is a new. There are new people to Dnc Tom prizes in charge. We have a new it new staff, praise, heathen, Ellison Wanna Brody's top supporters of the vice chair, and so you know Tom Perez put out he put out and sent a letter to the b and C members last night, making the point that joint, fundraising women's then they were offered every candidate their normal, but whatever happens in twenty twenty, it will be a transparent process for everyone and that's what we have to hope for, because the Dnc is important, but it is also important that it should be the hill that we die on the democratic civil war Yes, that's what I wanted to bring this up and talk about this because, like I think, is a party we're gonna have to get used to in this twitter age in the social media age, having these debates and without like
and some one story breaks like this immediately going to both corners right, like you can hold both of these notions in your head that a it was wrong to have an agreement that favoured one candidate, but also is wrong. Suggest that Hillary Clinton one the nomination because she got to put some staffers in the DMZ town she won by formally and like. I think I did you. I think you have to be able to say like yeah. If I was a Bernie person, I would be present what happened. But if I was Hitler, it's like yet, why still won the election alike? I think- and also that's. Ok, it's ok to believe what I ve been dissolved: the transparent Dnc joint fundraising process. We have another big problem, but we re living off every fucking election shit. I don't care how transparent the DMZ is. We need to figure out what we lost. The White House, the Senate, the House, the same houses and the governorship versus Hilary is the least of our problems, their supper. Ok,
well, no, not ecstatic timing, because we can then eleven going to talk about this more with Dnc. Vice chairman give Ellison who's going to tell us how to fix all the pod. Save America is brought to you by the ACL you we love the israeli people were fans A lot has happened in just one year than ever. That Movie America, president worries I've. Why are you Bob does about? The assyrian continue was allows the governing sitting onwards, and only why are you Bob? going, but a stirring lime wire. You Bob Turkey allotted to happen just one year and what lies ahead is uncertain here that we do know. The history of our democracy has never been a simple story of linear progress. We ve seen setbacks before and it
turn people are going to raise their voices March, organise in vote. That's good news, Jack you're, pretty setback John, yet well, good news, because these he'll you there we can defend. Our liberty are secured for immigrants are Trans brothers and sisters, advanced racial justice or ensure women's right to make decisions about her body without the right to vote through The lawmakers in many states are now working to make it harder to cast a ballot says we care for the years ahead. We hope you'll join us in preserving the, by getting involved in the ACL use. Let people vote campaign. Let people vote visit, vote to hurt people power. That's all one word: dot, Org, o orgy, that's vote dot, people, power, dot, Org, help us defend the foundation of our democracy. The right to vote
Our next gas represents Minnesota Fats District in the. U S house of Representatives, he was elected in two thousand. Six as the first Muslim disturbing Congress, he co chairs rational, progressive carcass any. As the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, please welcome Congress. We keep Ellison, thank you for being here to be human and our lives show. We talked about you, you dress down, because this is a there's, not us you did that this always dressed man so obviously been talking about this Donna Brazil story about the fund,
the agreement in the side agreement over staffing at the Dnc. Was it news to you when you saw it? Did you know that that have happened? No, I didn't, but you know the fact is we. We have to deal with the fact that people have been hurt them. Been suspecting that one candidate in the primary may have had an advantage over the other, but my view is we got to deal with it. We got to explore. May we gotta move out strong. You know, because without it, a really important elections coming up as early as Tuesday but I will say John you, don't you, you can't really heal a womb, that's not cleaned out, so I do believe we have to commit to reform, and I know that time is committed to it. I am committed to in that, and we have to embrace the Unity commission in, but then, after that, we ve got to come together and get out there and when some elections yet so so I think, there's this
there's this tension between not. Why did you know down trump? Is gonna, go go out there and take advantage of this disease was rigged. It was rigged. You know in anything to watch what what Democrats, like you say about this right here and try to exploit it, but the same time I think, as you were saying, to make sure that we're cleaning out his wound- lovely metaphor: Knocker us about so to Bernie Sanders supporters and to others who may be feel outside of the whatever the centre left to the party, the establishment of the party there saying and they're saying this is what we said all along. We said it was rigged. Bernie found out about from Donna Brazil before the election, but he kept it under his hat because he cared about the future of the country, and yet he got vilified for what he did was the democratic primary rigged. And what do you say to reassure the people that feel alienated from the way the party has made decisions in the past John? It wasn't fair if one candidate in the primary
had the prerogative to appoint staff list. We should just admit that in move on and we should, we should correct it. We should rectify it. Doesn't profit us to say. Oh, it wasn't Reagan argue over whether it was rigged or not rig. It wasn't fear and I think we should pledged to never do this again and that is really the most important thing here, because at the end of the day we have so much more in common than we have with these folks who are trying to push this horrible tax bill. Like two sweet, this thing and the reckless just really deal with it in the affirmative clear way admit that it should happen, pledge that it will never happen again, and you know the European Commission process is coming up. Couldn't happen? Pledge that it will never happen again- and you know the European Commission process is coming up, and I think that this is a very clear opportunity
to really move out strong in the direction of rectifying what some other things that need to be corrected. I do believe in reform when it comes to super delicate. Seven hundred super delegates are unplaced. Delegates should not be able to just seem to set a certain trajectory in the race early on. We got a reform that we ve gotta. Now it is the prerogative of the states to have a primary carcass, but I think the Dnc should say that we believe open primaries are preferred and I'm pointing at you. You take the state like Johnny, you take a state like New York. You got to be registered six months before the election to participate in an election.
In been a soda. We don't do it that way. We got same day, voter registration and it works great that I'm not really herds of vodka and on junior time I've only they not a huge problem. Other small fish, you know, but still that it happened it have. I want. I want a push you on. One thing is: there are two possible ideas here, one there. What that what happened at the Dnc is wrong and unfair. And the other idea which some have to have taken from donors book Is that the election was stolen from burning and so do you believe that what happened? The Dnc stole the election from Bernie. I believe that it is impossible to know what the outcome would have been if the rules would have been Now now, look I know so me all, don't agree with that. I know I heard the wheel
don't be? War has done. I am about. I waited like adults, but I'm standing on that, because I am one of those people who believe that, if everything is is not straight up from the beginning, how, then, would you possibly know what the Finnish would be? But look it's all it's all. It's a twenty we're, not here to redo twenty. Sixteen Reimer, I'm not here to review the sixteen the you sixteen when I ran. The chair, the Dnc. It didn't come out the way I had hoped Tom Rest said: hey men join me. As deputy chair, I said apps Lastly, man. Let's do this thing together and we ve been fighting That way ever says, I'm asking people, but what we do on the basis of honesty and forthrightness, we had. We had a lot of debates. We talked about issues, we talked about our vision. We found that we have a shared vision about grassroots, organizing goin to every zip code in this country. You know skip this thing where we
They go to the bad around states. This go to every state in so we we believe that in so that the basis for unity, but I'm not gonna, be here to tell you for sure would have been how it was because I don't know that I think what you bring up involving Tom is important. And like I hear so much from our listeners and people we talk to about, I love the Democrats with Dnc is corrupt right. The DMZ is broken in it as a way out of this agreement, I would ask you, as a as one of Bernie Sanders is most fervent supporters. Can you help make the case to people who may feel upset about what happened TWAIN sixteen about why they should join with you in time, whereas going forward with the DMZ wealth we want you to us enjoying this democratic party, because we are reaching out to the grass roots and every zip code in this country We no longer. We have changed the mission we no longer just a prison. Central party. We are in every race part
That's why that's? Why I'm down here, I'm down there in starlit trying to fight profiles too mayor of Scarlet, one Caroline, that's why Tom is been all over Virginia fighting for candidates up and down about, including in the house. The delegates we got out. We gotta think that's a delicate when seventeen that we can get those so we're fight all over, and we used to be more about every four years part of these, the rape. What you know every four years: Now may we are fighting every single because there is an election every year and in some states it feels like every month, but we gotta be in all these elections to state the city. All of them. This is a party you can feel being part of. We are reforming. We are clear out the all we are bringing in the new and our new commitment is that we want to reach out to
but we want every body who voted for Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton hey we're even coming after the people who voted for jewels die. We want a more maybe someone from voters. Do you know what I tell you finally may I was, I was taught to some guy about it. He said you know. I voted for Trump, but the first in terms of border for their colleagues, I said a man whatever do we need you up for us this time you know and so in its what he could even call Obama's day, but he voted for, which is the most important thing. So my point is that so my point is that we we drop from Prague to protect us from the left and the right he he went. He was auntie em. In pretty racist. In my view, and on the other hand, he said jobs, infrastructure, fair trade and that that's witness on both sides. We ve gotta clean that we are a party of Working America
We are a party of equal opportunity. We are a party of human rights for everybody, we believe in the dignity of all people and we're going to die. For that kind of stuff, and we are always always gonna be about it, but it's got to start with. A relationship with every American we're not gonna just come see every fourth October. We're gonna come all that, every month. You know- and you guys are at this. You ve been doing this. If you show up at their pastors church. Oh, you know lodge in October the election year. They can. I look at you like we know doing here and there must be an election, because otherwise you wouldn't be here. We are fighting that image by be in there all the time working with those congregations in terms of like they lending in an immigration reform and equal Betsy of all kinds and employment,
to help us fight for Doc recipients, which is a real battle coming up. This is the thing. Then we, the Democratic Party, is not for the Democrats, its board, the american people, we are. We are an agency that is located to asserting the values of economic opportunity for working people and human rights and civil rights for all people. That's who we are, and we want you if you believe in those ideals everything. That's a good segouin into one final question: Roy more, Roma in Alabama, not a fan, John, so He has said that Muslim shouldn't be serving in Congress, specifically, I should not. Personally yeah? I heard about that.
and not only its answers about re more. It's about their public and party lining up behind this person right. It's million we're on a quarry gardener, John Corn in Texas, believe the Publican Party is law, have lined up behind this person. Would you would you do it that they are learning about a person? things because of your religion. You don't belong Congress. Well, you know, John, that that's the problem with trumpets, not just him. It is these sort of folks. Did he calls out of the woodwork? I mean it's Roy more, but it's all, the guy who beat up a reporter, in Washington and in Washington in Montana. Excuse me: it's also him making this false equivalency between the k, K, K in the NEO Nazis and people who are protesting them. He is creating a ugly damaging, corrosive atmosphere, and that is what we have to stand against. That's why I really like your show, because you guys, not afraid to stand on these core believes that we all count, and we all matter you can. You can just another Mitch, my car,
in the Senate. You he you you, you know, you see, I'm on the hell he's gone behind. Someone who says you don't get on Congress. Does your religion? What do you say to him I say to him that he does not stand on oh to uphold the constitutionally that it states the constitution says there shall be no religious test. It's in there it's written in there. In the first amendment says, Congress shall make no establishing a religion or bridge the free exercise thereof. It they evade the battle, stand up for my right as it must be in Congress, the NATO stand up for the constitution or in so and so look look. This is a new. Let me just take. We got a new democratic party. Tom is doing all it. Can these tirelessly run all over the country run all over the country? Lake is run and all over all of the officers our Indian see members are. We need every body to join with us.
Turn this thing around that just turn the Democratic Party or turn the whole country around in uphold these values of economic opportunity for everybody in human rights and dignity. Everybody that we believe in God give it up we're congressmen, Tea Party, America's by Palatine ballot on. Do you want billions of joining a group second class. Whenever you want right, Neuro Living room, skip the commute, the Jim and what the work out come to you job, but I know you ve been working on this working on this. Like my body, without your average. Over this experience, this experience expert I like ballot on. You know you get the bike, and yet you are in your own home. He ought to have that, like fifteen minute buffer, to get to the german annoying friend group Peter never friend, to meet you there You ve got your son as playing your zoom boardgame set up. You know
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A creature there on the fence, so eggless be. Is a creature of Washington who lobby for every corporate bogeyman, including Enron? he's a line with Republicans on taking away people's health insurance to pay for huge tax cuts for him in Israel. Friends and yet somehow couple days from the election and for the last couple weeks we ve been talking about sanctuary cities which Virginia doesn't even have then what's going on here, we're what. Why is? Why did the race turn out like us? Well, I think the question first question is: why is a race close yet right reasons closes all races close now Virginia is certainly right. Now, the quintessential Wednesday, and Democrats have done very well there in recent years, whether its election campaign and market
Brok Obama when advise people, I presume senators ear or Hitler and one that say by good margin, but still, there is no very close race and Egg Gillespie is terrible is there, and he is everything that Donald Trump ran a guess. We talk about the swamp with some eggless we can't run is who we really is, which is super lobbyists and Gillespie he is. He is trying to run as that from Junior, and so he has been struggling. Not actually done. Yes, is fairly drawing allow life right now, so he's out what he's trying to do. You try, he needs the get he's the kind of guy the trumps voters with would hate right, so he's trying to appeal to those voters by sort of pitting what we always calls or the right wing irrational. It's right like the ok. We are shocked blog with gross metaphor, whether weather
Confederate Monuments, whether it's this is the basic idea that How rob Northern is bringing and ass their teen gang members into the city through in the trunk of his car and so he's trying to get those trumpeters out right. That is what the public authorities come down to now is an attempt to get those from voters full stop. It was a wooden. What issues do you think that the Democrats should be focused on this race, which will be targeted? So for anyone who can't see my sweater, it's not the university of taxes on a uterus looks like I bought. It was a cartoon moose. It's not a cartoon mood this, so everyone
no end. Ladies. You ve seen their handmaids tell coming it's coming and less be believes, and I would like to know how he feels about the tax reform bill he's for years. Why? If you dont know at the last speech does not believe any abortion should be legal Ok, that is an acceptable boo, so he doesn't think any abortion should be acceptable. The University of Notre Dame has just stopped
protecting exactly no more birth control and the Republicans in the tax reform bill. Halves have have just eradicated the adoption tax credit. So I don't really know how they think things happen, because if you can adopt, if you can't afford to adopt a baby, you can't have birth control.
And you can't have an abortion sounds like we're on the fast track. Two fuckin sheds now already way my body might otherwise. The only thing I want to say about this raises. I dont feel good about it. I dont like seeing races clothes like this, where the poles are all over the place, but the general should actually is not in the direction we want. It seems like these vicious scummy re, speeding, Emma's thirteen adds a glass beads running or working because they had tied north them up in knots, and he is now talking about this issue and has become the focus of an election. Should have nothing to do with these things mean Gillespie like Dan was saying, is like the world's dirtiest lobbyists. If you like Enron, you have problems, he was taking money from any
one who would give him more more may take, may take issue with Poland a foreign power warrior. Gentleman's agreement is agreed, disagree, but so the point here, though, is we shouldn't just Tell ourselves everything's going to be ok. Everyone in this room has agency, we all are coasts. Junior right now you can all go to Northern Virginia tomorrow and the next day and volunteer and knock on doors and call your friends and give money and, like we have time left to do it to work and do it we're gonna, be there on Sunday night we're in a canvas on Monday. We hope to see everybody in this room access to fuckin important, not to. I think this is so important, because so few days ago, north them said Ralph North and said you know that he has always been against sanctuary cities, even though they don't exist in Virginia, and this has led some voters on the left to say they are not going to vote for north and anymore their withholding their support, love. It would,
say to those voters? I think that what you have you heard of them, and then things are better when ignore the hissing. I think that there is a time and place for a very big and vigorous debate on the left about where we compromise and where we don't, where our lines are, where we draw them,
three days before the election is not the time to draw that. Why you can't? We have this is an incredibly important election. The difference between a Gillespie and Northern is not just a tremendous difference in terms of the policy outcomes for the people of Virginia. It has national implications, it has implications for redistricting. It has implications for a whole host of things are all fate that will affect this country and so to draw a line in the sand. Now, even if you have a very legitimate disagreement, I think is not right. Now I mean look it's a year after Donald Trump selected, how many people
how many people in the in the centre left on the left on the far left would rather see with all her flaws. Hillary Clinton is president right now, instead of fucking guy. How many times has again what you said is like that you know what else is at stake in Virginia if Ralph, north and wines, that could be four hundred thousand people, have Medicaid who didn't have like it. Ralph northern doesn't agree with you on one issue, then that's one issue that has an agreement of using rubber them is, is trying to kind of get out of this. This debate, and and and and maybe a seeding to some kind of racial animist say it. You can say it. Disagree? You're, just Europe, you'd have to be it to fall in line and agree with every word that he says, but you could disagree and then still talk about how incredibly important it is. Indeed, a Gillespie whose decided to run is true
out of say white of statewide, but also ask nine. The thing I worry the most about is that suddenly, at Gillespie being just like a little moderate right in the right places, and so he's been out there talking about how he believes in criminal, this reform, that's a fucking lie. No, he doesn't don't buy it and don't think that, like all you know word, he is not good enough to maybe I'll go there. That's you know enough rope to hang yourself so look at it. We ve been talking about this. A lot on the pod, but Ed Gillespie Campaign has already been teaching republicans all across the country, including in states like New Jersey,
Murphy's can't opponents doing this everywhere else that they can win or the least they can get close if they start running on issues like race in immigration and ignore everything else, and we have to find a way. It seems the Democratic Party to figure out how to make economics and the economy. An issue in this race Republicans just be proposed. A tax plan. There's gonna, give trillions and trillions of dollars to corporations and make adoptive payment adoptive parents pay more money at students pay more money for their loans. It's gonna take away like a business tax credit that hires veterans like if we can't make that a fucking issue. We should just go home and these things these things are very much connected if they can succeed in using race in you.
Immigration using confederate fucking statues to keep the debate on that. Instead of on the issues, it makes it easier for them to do what they want to do, which is forced through repealing the inheritance tax and all the other day the ways that will create a permanent aristocracy in this country. That will turn around and use that money to do it again and it also phases feeds Active Washington become so enamoured with these stupid political operatives, like Steve, Ban in CALL Rove, who are a couple thousand votes away from being idiots, are geniuses. Let's begin well. I will now we're for stability is peddling. This brand of politics is as disgusting and divisive as you could possibly imagine. If, if we lose in Virginia, it will be seen as ascending and will be seen as the path board, and it will be ready. More money and more support from conventional republicans, who might otherwise have found a spine and fought against this car.
You win or lose. I totally points one Ralph. Northern the Democrats should be talking about a taxpayer, because if eggless we lose on Tuesday, he'll be reticent to lobby for the tax plan on Wednesday right. So, but the question for Democrats is: how do we handle those issues because whether Gillespie was loses? This is gonna, be injected every race in twenty eight- and I think the key thing here is: we have to learn how to take the issue head on and then pivot to better territory. Right he is brutal like endless. We want to talk about and about issues are don't affect the daily lives of of Virginians like inventors ashes, because he does not want to talk about his plan that would cut taxes for the wealthy at the expense of students people with medical expenses, and I think we have to. We cannot be scared of these issues like what does not work to your point is well, I'm just going to give a widow in that direction, and hopefully that will I wore PS the racists and then I can go, get the votes we have
We have called for what it is and get back to our territory. We didn't do that way since the money that we talk about this document is probably targets. Does we talk this over and over again, but it sort of basic it's the basic politics that somehow, because trumps great scrambled other rules was forgotten. This basic thing: eggless we talk about statues causes. Does he doesn't have answers? Your family just needs that it's that simple ADA be thing. We're gonna forgot to do because tromp seem so unusual and look it takes. We ve all been on campaigns. It takes creativity to figure out how to break through in this day and age, the Trump circus every day, and it takes discipline to be able to say the same thing about the economy and about your economic message over and over and over again, and not get thrown off track when he starts throwing the Fuckin Msf thirteen gang at that's, that's what I mean we like. We have a beef with sort of north of making that once
us actually cities, but for the most part in this campaign he has been running a very focused discipline campaign on the issues that matter Virginians in so I like. This is a race. We should win its coming, very close to Tommy's, We will only when it if everyone in this audience goes Every time. Everyone impact in fact would require a little game right. It's a Virginia, alleviating sperm it now for a game. We call your tweets are not enough. We are fed up with theirs action in Virginia crooked media is part partnering with livable die work you're working together to make sure that everyone in this room does their part. So here's that's here's. What's gonna happen, I gonna come out there. Impressions still walking is
he's. Otherwise we talked about their making. Finally, on the way out to fill the silence housing now, so I want somebody in here to tell me what they're doing so, frontier this meagre already, rather less president. Are you s hearing that? Did you hear her say Kristen? I can you hear me. What you gonna do I dont member was, You know what it meant was it merrily Maryland. Ok will allow it. What are you going to do to help into zebra on Tuesday in Virginia
yeah. I think you get a little boy, I'm giving a hat, or I would regard What's your name really what are you gonna do banging day with people for the american way although we were so much rain, I feel like I'm an essay you're gonna get a team Who else come over there? I Is it to deliver these teacher that running? I somebody giving track where the teacher to suppose TAT ever higher ledger. I what's your name ARI, I can't let you know my name that's guys guys either totally or partially gift card. The weirdest thing had ever done, hi. What's your name branded Brandon and
Maybe he'll be super data, whereas we got nothing here. Cambodia right calm down. What's your name, my name Marjorie? What you gonna do. I got a whole bunch of demand better going make some call them That's a good teacher following the debate over here, always somebody over there. What's your name main target them, I was it many retard tar. I saw my ear lasher. Ok, we don't live. So I would urge you to do in the election. Mobilise marathons, that's great. What's your name alleviating Adele, Dr Evil,
the poor teacher, to do through where the man, Out of all you will raise Brandon Outta, happily is one: are you meet a guy? what do you say we go ones? Far longer stay Dan be voting tomorrow four million poor inside you got that right now. What are you about this guy America Short what're, you gonna, do I use both doing stuff, we drove from Jersey. What's your name? well that real Neil embark. We are generally for Bill Murphy.
That's me that dirty got New Jersey, but we will. I think they get a shirt. I ought to do whatever they want more. What you more, I do come more. I don't care how to go about it until my prince go for himself No, sir, no sir, a victory that basically we were not counting nothing. What have we got? Oh hi hi, I'm coming in examining Maria and I'll, be in Massachusetts being holds with Let America. With decent activity over here over here hi I'm dumping waste surges, flew infallible Ok, that's too much detail canvassing! Thank you, oh give her too.
Things. One more remark: Sierra! I flew here from two hundred. Why, for that, in other words in telling the truth. Have you hold them to this? First of all, I would Jim Crow you like ability to sets out the truth and the Big General Reinhold Newborn tied. I'm about I'm a Mahler guy Sierra. You so my guys, Pretty one more want more people more one more, I'm gonna be canvassing in Hampton forever Furthermore, we can arrive at you so much or little and then to participate, I'm in the
the success of an appeal. The time till I make it back on stage guys. That's the website there, probable that Org oil participate. You can all You can also involves the bottom line. I know what you people doing, DC aright unique crab beer replace with expose, wouldn't Edison boy, maybe take one fucking night of doing that again and help Furthermore, got organs segment you re? They thought it was that your cardio further. Yet I was that does not make the condition and he was very like day it was again go when we come back Tommy. I interview the former deputy attorney general of the
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Ernie general of the United States. Sally come, I beg you will also be higher. Alas, I think they like you. So sadly we mean in dark moments. I'm just gonna! Listen to me over and over again. So I think we ve all watched with some some trepidation, as Donald Trump tweets at the Department of Justice and the FBI to take action to investigate his former political opponent, which is something you might expect in Venezuela and not United States you're the deputies region.
Now it's a guy named rod, Rosen Stein, if you're rod or attorney general sessions. What would you do if Trump was repeatedly calling on the Department of Justice to prosecutors? Former opponent? Does he have an obligation to not just refused to do? So what to speak out publicly rather then do what he did this week, which is give a speech. Stalling. President trumps commitment to the rule of law, welcoming you pointed out that the wall between the Department of Justice, like the one wall that we actually need, Is it something you know This is a time honoured norm, it's been recognised through democratic and republican administrations, it's really essential. It's part of what makes us the country that we are not an autocracy, and you know when this first
started at the beginning of the administration. I thought more, maybe somebody just haven't told him yet that that yes, the department as this is in the executive branch but you're, not the boss of them when it comes to criminal cases, and that's really it's not me, it's a really serious thing, and instead of getting better, it's gotten worse and seem to have had a crescendo even this week with his continuing to sort of treat D. O J, like thanks their muscle for the mob or something and that they are supposed to go after his enemies and and protect his friends. And so you have the good dues abba this. Despite the fact that he's been hammering at this, we don't have an indication that anybody in the OJ has acted on that and they ve resisted
and certainly they should resist, but the damage a lot of the damage is done just by him doing what he's doing, because it's not just whether d o J acts on there, but it's undermining the public's confidence in the Department of Justice and whether decisions are being made just on the facts and the law and nothing else cause that's how our country works. The damage is done just by him trying to use that what you said that there are serious questions about the timing and motivation of trumps decision to fire. Jim call me Few were Robert Mauler and you are in estimating whether obstruction of justice had occurred. What evidence would you be looking for? What kind of case would you be trying to put together well in I'm first mistake with respected that that
instigation couldn't be better hands than it is with Bob Mamma has competence, and I think we all to make sure that that investigations stays and Bob mothers have now some of the things that that the special council was looking at our things that either happened or we were investigating. While I was at the Department of Justice, so I'm not sure Mahler needs me telling him how we oughta be investing in this, he seems to be doing ok on his own right now, without my advice, but look coming he's. U can already tell that that he is pulling on every thread and he's being thorough and if there is a case to be made, he's going to make it and likewise, if there's not a case to be made, he's not gonna drum one up:
and that's what we want him to be doing as well. So one thing the drive me crazy is every time we arrest a terrorist like we had in Europe this week is horrific jack. I killed eight people injured. Twelve. You hear this call from the right Lindsey Grandma John Mccain descending to get mom as opposed to prosecuting them in article three courts. And if you look at the merits, you know, I think there are six hundred convictions in article three court, since nine eleven there have been three in military commissions wondering. Why do you think some republicans have lost faith in our courts to deal with terrorists? Win
we have been dealing with terrorists and other criminals for as long as we ve had a nation in these courts, and you know you're absolutely right and in the three I think they're originally will maybe like six or eight, but they got well versed in the military commissions because they don't have the same experience that the folks Addio J do in handling these terrorism trials. Six hundred of a wide variety of cases. You know, I understand the feeling that you want to ensure that you get all of the intelligence and all of the information we need to be able to keep our country safe. But we shouldn't be afraid of our constitutional protections. That's part of what makes us who we are, and you know this. This is that we have our are article three courts has worked really well for a long time and we ought to be able to continue to aggressively pursue terrorist, and I think we should, while still staying true to our constitution and
now use of our country? You recently said that criminal justice reform, maybe on life support, but it isn't dead. How do we get it off life support what it? What is the path to real criminal justice reform in this country? Will you, I think we made a lot of progress there? the Obama administration, and certainly President Obama and air, colder and and others will really committed to this, and we worked hard and a number of areas in policing and sentencing and in in prison reform. But obviously we ve got an attorney general now who looks things very differently than we did, and it is for the whole thing. So they don't just so I dont let these
although cheer, but what I think we're gonna have to do. I think attorney general session. Do is try to take us back to the failed policies in the eighties these and that scaring, but the Good NEWS is, is that I think reform has already taken root in the states. There are red states and blue states all across this country that are engaged in really meaningful criminal justice reform on a whole lot of different levels in the fact of the matter is a lot more people are impacted, the state criminal justice systems in the federal system. So we would like to be able to look tire department of Justice to lead on this. I don't think that's going to happen during the rest of this administration. So what I think we need to do is the state's need to kick it up a notch and now they're not going to have to just continue what they're doing they're actually going to have to lead.
And we need to support so one last question you're someone who had to make a very difficult decision, you, are acting attorney general President Trump decided to propose, and throughout his muslim ban, and you had to make the decision. Do you say that the Justice Department is not going to defend this ban, or do you just resign because you are going to leave office anyway, and you decided that the departing justice was not going to defend the ban. This is the first POD save America Standing Ovation yeah. I guess I guess my question is because there's a lot of people, this public
there's a consequently a lot of good people. Good civil servants were in the government right now? Who may have to make decisions like that at some point? How did you make that decision? Well, you know that the decision was a difficult one and, in short, a hears it in a nutshell. What it came down to is that my responsibility as acting attorney general, was to protect the law on the constitution, and it was an option for me just to resign. At that point, and to say I'm out of here, can you guys figure out what you're gonna do, but I'm not going to be part of this, but to me I didn't feel like I would be doing my job when I determine that I wasn't convinced it was lawful or constitutional and beyond that that to defend it would require d o J lawyers to go.
When the court and to argue something that I didn't believe was grounded in truth, that being that this ban didn't have anything to do with religion, and I actually thought about when my confirmation hearing when there were some senators that were asking me. So if the President asked you to do something, that's unlawful or unconstitutional, will you say no to him? They were thinking about different president, at the time of his presence No, they didn't saying if he asked you to do something unlawful www resign. It was, will you saying no and so put most simply. I just felt like I needed to do my job, valued baby, so much by the Americans. Are you by the catch up the cash? You know the drill Dewey ever look on. Your
if there's no cash out, were downloading the cash up. Here's the thing there's a lot of apps for paying people back a getting paid back, and some of them are ok we're not using the other anymore. Switching to the corral, use and easiest way to pay people back. It's a very stay. I use it. I really like it it's very because our aid for you five hours, you five dollars to help her relief in Porto Rico, is the code. We say that other ignoring and others other other. We don't know you and I always measures or out of those that we're not going anywhere switching its it. It's a network and networking extra externalities, its network you're, going out. Also there was we're switching to the catch up. Now for a second, we call yesterday you remember yesterday, it we are approaching the one year anniversary
election, what the first year anniversary. What you get is it the wood is, it would pay labour, Well, you got Emily Post who gives a shit residents, so we play game because over the the past year the many kind world, historic and epic scandals there have been sentenced. Is and statements and moments that would have been defining in previous administrations, but they came and went because we could barely retain it because we're living in a nightmare So we wanted to quit buddy here on some of the most outrageous statements that maybe we ve forgotten about, because so much is going on. So what anybody like to play yesterday. You remember yesterday
Time is on her way down guys. Britannia. So many Tanya, if you wouldn't mind, let's find somebody who's wearing merge Rather, it is a really nice. I see it. I see a repeal. It go, fuck yourself that you said that then I'm fine and drop adjusted terms like what's your name and plan. Was it Clare Clare Claire. Where I'm sorry about Alyssa clarity. Paying attention. I've been trying mocha,
So clear hears other game works. I mean a red you part of his statements by Download from current president and I'm gonna. Ask you to fill in the blank, but you're gonna have help each of our paneless on illicit Tommy in TAT, are going to review possible answer for what could fill in that blank. You'll be your job. Are you ready? Are you ready, first question: blank is an example. Somebody who's done an amazing job and is getting wrecked as more and more. I notice the president said: who is he talking about John? Who is he talking about former waiters press secretary shuns poyser after you lied about the size of crumbs, inaugural crowds, listen or former national security adviser MIKE Flynn three days before he was fired
Parliament's report after he was per blocked on lifesaving, Frederick Douglass who died in eighteen, eighty, five, where it was with budget. Ninety five next question: no one by one in a call between Trump australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in speaking about immigration and relations between the United States and Australia. Trump said quote: this is going to kill I am the world's greatest person that what then makes deals that does not want to let people into the country that was totally definitely absolutely not helped by Russia They figured out how to make marker Rubio a small
that clear the deal maker Clare, you're wrong itself, bundled something's wrong. I forgive you this, though, because it was the creek. So great was. Crazy is grammar? He said I am the world's greatest person that doesn't want to let people into the country because he's Cab is shrinking like he's living with the nineteen. Eighty four dictionary, which we all will be soon next question: Clare, its you're gonna recover. I believe in you tromp said this to report? April Ryan. He said I tell you what Do you want to set up the meeting. Do you want to at the meeting. Are they friends of yours who
Did he assume, with friends with reporter April Ryan Johnson, piss off Paul Ryan, because he felt they were related, the editorial the New York Times Joan MECCA linking Russia. Workers, because Eve online is black? It's the congressional black that's true! He just in one of the many moments that we ve forgotten about, even though its insanely assume that all black people in Washington or France Where are your final question? Your two or three you doing you're doing wonderfully recovered your great in the march. Are you ready for your final question? Ok,
you're a reverend hearing in a car, with the President of Mexico in January, revealed in a week this summer tropics waned, Maxine counterpart how we won the state of New Hampshire. He said I want New Hampshire, be use. New Hampshire is what a beautiful city with magnificent east- is very very light a drug infested. Then close to Canada. Well, build a wall after your wall, where this is our your final moment. Why did Donald Trump believe the Donald Trump one New Hampshire in a call with a foreign leader who certainly did not bring up the republican prime, because it was a dragon fast
where you yesterday, you remember yesterday, I think we need to have a parachute gift card. We will now political teacher added I worked with alive shows, give it we're Clare, you- and I we have time for about five questions, You can write up right by time. You she's waving her hands right there on the on the right. I so basically, what's your name on Kelsey I found TAT her over there over there happens not about so one main reason than a Democrat Non Figel. Liberal is because my dad he's in a union and so in miss
yeah. I think you, and so I'm is very. We have this piece of gravel governor and guidance and he signed a right work law, and so what we do we guy and I've seen here, is in every single congressional district to put on the ballot exchequer who also on the ballot clerical schools, or you know right. So basically I mean there's other reason lemon democratically. But what should we do because I mean I think that union membership is a big reason why the Democratic Party has been so strong, and I kind of I mean I know my dad's co workers that are like I wouldn't patrol, because he's orange or whatever but you know I mean like these macho men that are like well, I ve ever Tom, because my vote for a liberal, so unions yeah so
that happened last week that probably none of us notice, because of all this bullshit that's out there, is that the Senate Democrats and has Democrats as part of the Better deal added at a very important policy, around unions and one of the proposals is to ban right to work. Laws Why bigots Edward? I think we have not. You know it's time made the Democratic Party in twenty eighteen and twenty twenty starts running on a very protein platform. It doesn't just talk about unions, but actually does something to get union strong and organise their. I think that's exactly right that one of the huge during this driving the collapse, the middle classes, country and inequality, is the shrinking union membership, and so, as Democrats, we allow things we can do any right to work carjack things like that, but also unions also have
update to the new economy right as we were really for manufacturing to service right? We, though we have to be organizing there as well. We're only gonna get back where we need to be. If unions and Democrats work hand in hand to put in place policies that address the new modern economy requesting taking me. I'm a college student and I live in peace most of the time, but I gotta think I'm from Maryland. I'm here now about so I live in a swing state, eight months of the year, or so I was active in the twenty sixteen campaign. I worked on the election in Pittsburgh, but I meant to have some free time after I graduated. So what would you guys just like us? Productive things for like young people to do in swing, states or not answering states, just like things that we can do to really be effective in
crazy time weeping over ass. For me, I'm always the productive one. So years, here's what I would say you guys, you know you know so. Here's mine say we all have to make money right, and so the most important thing is to make sure that you have enough money in your bank account you can pay your bills. That's number one number two is find one or two things where you live, that you can participate in regularly. You know it when I was much younger, I had to work it. Restaurants and I was a baby sitter
as a nanny united all that stuff? But I did something I actually was an intern for Bernie Sanders and I just showed you know I showed up every Wednesday morning. I showed up every Thursday night, and so it doesn't take like. I dont want people to think that participation means you have to take this. Like vow of poverty, you're gonna volunteer on campaigns. You don't have to do it. You just have to pick something you care about and it may not be a candidate. Could be the school board, it could be planned parenthood, whatever you exactly. What ever you feel passionate about just just be able to support yourself and then find one or two things that you can do every week that make you engage in your commission
hi. My name is Jeremy and my question specifically, it is about the Russia staff, but also applies kind of more broadly. We ve seen kind of a continual moving of the goalposts where it started out, as there was no russian and there were no contact with russian officials and then it became while there were, but we didn't talk about policy and now we're all the way down too well. Yes, he met with russian officials, and he talked about policy. Any talked about emails body was just George Papadopoulos, so it doesn't matter and as people who have a background in political communications and also budding media mobiles? How do you selectively how'd? You suggest we push back against the continual moving of what the bar is for and accept behaviour on collusion or other I I would attack the premise of your question sir this specific reason:
The reason that they had to move the goalposts is not because Democrats have been brilliant about how we message around Russia. They had to move the goalposts because of the legal service. The ongoing special prosecutor and the many charges now filed against the campaign manager campaign as at others. So I think the that, for all the ways in which you trump is lying every single day about russian than treating about the private, Hilary and crooked Hilary and all the rest to try to distract the facts are so the facts. A man of war is a trial. Date is now set for, may have twenty eight in, and I think as much as we would like to think that we are central players in the story of Russia. The truth is, we have a much bigger impact that we can have right now around tax reform, something that we ve been talking about a lot we ve. You know people in this room did had very, very little impact on the work of Robert Malerba. They had a lot of impact on stopping several healthcare bills,
so I've been calling a lie. Keeping people accountable to those lies, calling out one thing, like uranium, one, which is a totally made up in bullshit scandal, starts, starts now began because they need some kind of a distraction being rigorous around that being disciplined around that but not forgetting that there's places where we can really help and really focus and there's places where we're we're sort of a little bit at the mercy of events. I think there are other more. I will attack the premise of the question, but I'll testify right wing the idea that you is that tromp wise people Why they're getting more trouble? I'm gonna go nothing matters right! Well, let's be very clear. Trump is past none of his agenda. His approval ratings. What level than a rock of Amr ever had those levels? We wouldn't you the winners of the White House, and so it matters like. Would we lay people seem to wine immediate, like we want to be like
pain in the town square right away when, like theirs, is a human have impact of all the things you knowing whether its Russia that the general corruption, the his policies? And so we should like people democrat- should not lose heart that we haven't solve all the problems right now, because the people, except for the Trump hasten get what's happening shortly: I wrote my question because I know you like and its questions are excellent logos, I'm jewish and am also from Tennessee, which mean I know allotted to shrug voters and the main reason when asked why they did so was because he is extremely pro Israel and after live listening to the pause, save the world.
From this past week and help me to hold an observer. It was really got you. A pauper, George Mitchell and parts of the world can help with the marketing filling after listening to that. But I was thinking about it alive and my question is: how do we combat the rights rhetoric about Trump and him being extremely pro Israel and how he does so much for the jewish? people when in reality he sent his. You know thirty year old Son in law, to solve the Middle EAST peace crisis and he's a doughty. All races would like luxury see supporter able question I think, could beat or you're. I beg your question rally answers the question: than my answer. But I will, I will persist. Donald Trump couldn't find Israel.
Map with half an hour. We have two things so pressing where this issue is Bronco bombers said things about the arab israeli peace process that Ronald Reagan. It said George W Bush said: George W Bush said dope when it said, but suddenly it was treated like the most horrific thing ever uttered when Brok about said it. So that's the thing to know about this process is the idea that Rocco bomber was somehow anti. Is Is, is utter bullshit in fact leaving at Yahoo. Maybe they know who was Donald Trump before Donald Trump was around said that the? U S is rarely military cooperation was better under Brok, Obama than any other. President history, we gave him three billion dollars a year and military hardware and assistance refunded another program called me. Dome, which literally save lives by keeping rockets from landing on israeli citizens, so waiting
understanding. The history of the peace process in the conflict is very important in talking about the fact that Democrats actually are for more far more in line with your average, really in terms of like basic values in round democracy in education and health care and all the things that we care about and support. As Democrats, I think are more in sync with what is really voters care about too. So I think even sort of push back in this idea that Donald Trump is doing anything for Israel. As you said, he sent his twelve year old nepotism, Dick dilatory sign over there to solve the peace process son in law. Thank you very much. I get can feel a village yeah yeah yeah. I think that Europe a better chance of creating a peace process than larger cushion. Thank you for the question
my name's andean from wealthy Massachusetts around the Red Sox. I have a question that seems a little outdated right now, because there's just so much going on, but I have a question about Bernie Sanders Medicare for all proposal. As I understand it, one of the most popular components of Medicare is our Medicare advantage plans. Where, private insurance companies can provide extra services to people that are not currently provided under Medicare and often provide tailored services to people with specific chronic disease or disability.
And I'm wondering I hear you guys are saying when you say that we shouldn't whitewash. Our policy is to try to make them sort of overly palatable in modern America or try to make them. You know overly politically popular, and we should just fight for what we believe in, but I'm wondering to what extent do you think the over politicization of the health care debate currently is forcing us to sort of fail to consider the positive, the services that the private insurance industry can pay, for? It provides individuals, currently can't be provided or aren't provided by the federal government itself were. I would
Why have I said that I was an expert in Medicare advantage, but I think that the debate that you're talking about about what role the private sector will play in whatever future democratic policy proposal on Healthcare is so central to the Bay right now, and I think the the bands of that debate run from Medicare for all where every single person but access to medical care or some kind of a public option, which is
Chris Murphy proposal that make sure that everyone has access to Medicare, but if you're happy with your private insurance you'll be able to keep it. I think the debate that you want to have is the debate the Democrats are probably gonna have in the next Democrat at primary aims are really hard unimportant conversation. I think one thing: every person on this stage knows with intimate experiences, how complicated and difficult healthcare, as especially when it comes to what people currently have, because people are very precious imprecate protective about the healthier they receive when they like it and is something that makes this debate really difficult. But I think the point that you're raising about the ways in which the private sector might provide services. The people like you want to keep as a totally reasonable an important part of that conversation so yeah, I think fit
dentists, in one of the reasons that Barack Obama in the affordable care ACT tried to originally proposed. A public option is in one of the reason that you see people like Chris Murphy and a lot of other senators still still proposing a public option as a transition between a private insurance system and a single person is because it actually allows for that competition that you're talking about. So if people have a choice between private insurers and a public option, that's run by the government if they like what the private insurers offering it. If the private insurance industry really is so good. If it really can provide affordable, high quality care, then it will win that competition, but if it can, if the government can actually provide cheaper care, still really quality good quality care, then the government option will went out and it you'll end up squeezing the private insurance industry out anyway, and so you end up having this public option that becomes a transition between the price.
Insurance industry- we have now and a single payer plan and that may ultimately be the best way to transition to a single payer plan. Because then you don't have to tear down whole system right away. You actually have some time to get paid. You guys before. Yo would obviously told you please vote on Tuesday that huge beyond Tuesday there's something else you can do. We talked a lot about tax reforms and I everyone here, and so many people who listen to the pod did so much and were so effective in trying to stop the Republicans from appealingly, affordable we can do that again with tax reform if you're in DC sign up with Moveon dot Org to get text alerts when a protest is coming together, the capital and if you text the word action to sixty six thousand, eight hundred and thirty six. They will let you know when there is a protest right here in DC and you can go and help stop tax reform, because this thing my I pass, they dont have all the votes and eventually actually
big deal. So please how much you can baby. You you've a great crowd.
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