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Bonus Bill – Ep. #421

2017-04-10 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Now? It's time for real time to point out your attempt to listen, Behind the scenes to the real time monologue, Jokes America didn't hear. Bill O Reilly having a very rough worthy. Offends bill. O Reilly me to know. We learned this week that he has settled with five different women over sexual harassment suits that no one is more disgusted by it then Bill O Reilly
priest. Today he said Women Bela Rally denies the allegations he says I was just making is rather, debts were Baron I was here a queue of proposition in women and then haranguing them when they are him and retaliating, or what Fox NEWS calls employee outrage, but for now the sponsors of all pulled out on Belarus over fifty sponsors and all the car companies heritage. Dotcom. Everybody Alice pulled out their slogan is: what will you be ready when the moment is right which birth with Bell sounds more like a threat
and the crisis I wanna agree as this is sexual assault awareness month. So naturally the pussy grabber in chief defended Bela right. Did you see that trumped up harasser defending a harasser or what they call these? horny line, not get your data that air time just so they asked him about the allegations about. You know Russia and all that, and he said fake news, fake news. He said I would never be involved in a suspicious cover up many checked his hair. So what do you know? He's got a new scapegoating blaming Susan Rice, Susan Right, who was Obama's national security adviser trumpets confused because she was the national security adviser, she's, never truly important title like stunning
watching. This gave this Jared Kirshner kid a means, the son in law and apparently at a big big fight with Steve Ban and who was the other guy who is apparently trumps. Brain and Steve Bannon got removed from it. Security Council now and apparently Kirshner was behind the biggest apparently question things. Bannon brings out trumps worth qualities, which raises the question
What are his goods? When? Will we get to see one at that, but that they did have one one victory this week is going to be a new Supreme Court justice as of tomorrow, kneeled worse each because the Republicans in the Senate deployed what they call the nuclear option, job which is yes, which is they get ready to filibuster. John Mccain said yesterday, any senator who supports that is a stupid any and then today he voted for it.
That's the Mccain I know and the other Mccain I'd come as we speak. Now. Trump is meeting in moral logo with the President of Type China. President G and a g wants to talk about trade and Taiwan in North Korea and Trump wants to tell him what he saw less than on Fox news. You I hope she likes the story about the guy who thought he could never get two hundred and seventy electoral votes and then got three or are there some some awkward cultural differences? You know China for a long time had the one child policy and at one point a vodka came
in Rome and Trump Set, as he always does? She wasn't my daughter, I data, and she said she was my daughter right, a border so that you know it's a very tense meaning, because during the campaign tromp was always talking about China and the most derogatory terms. He once made a speech recent motherfuckers twice you motherfuckers in China. Yes, that's our president, you mother Fucker, so you know Trump is seen as a blustering asshole who do doesn't. Follow up, which is why it is his neck Damon China is orange. Chicken had only represents a real every Friday night watch him any more information, not anti each be oh dot. Com.
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