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Bonus Bill – Ep. #439

2017-10-02 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each give me he sees wielding. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your notice. America got even dumber this week about it. That's right. Our draft, dodging gold, star family, insulting p, o w slandering president is, is tackling America's greatest crisis, how football players stand or don't when the music comes on before,
You know that NFL Honours donated almost eight million dollars to his inauguration member the inauguration, where a crowd of hundreds of millions watched a fat liar who can ten. Second touch: a Bible for the first time that people are saying Trump doesn't care about the Puerto Rico a Whitley finds out. They speak Spanish and can come. any time they want is so why he's gonna head down there, the bordering go to so there's? No longer you can find the red shoes, but but the porter. Another problem is the Porter Rico in theirs. That is at the very word relationship with the United States. They are citizens, but they can vote like black folks in Florida
who remembers the two thousand election? Anybody, I guess, maybe so, and not the other great story this week, the main America's Jupiter Alabama. You saw what happened on there in Alabama. The winner of the Republican run off for the Senate is a guy named Judge Roy more patents in this guy imaginative Howdy duty for the last fifty years had done nothing but reading the Bible and much Fox news. This Republicans in Alabama, I love this day. They looked at these stereo type.
Our state, uneducated, religious nuts and when the alleged double down on what that's like Larry, the unstable guy I mean this guy- is a cracker even for Alabama. In the same way, the Trump is an asshole even for New York. So the plan is that eventually, every state is gonna be represented by the person who best embodies what everyone in America hates about that state, like California, will be reverence
By a waiter who didn't wash his hands after shooting, born and taxes will be represented by a car with a gun, rack Trump unveiled. This tax plan, which includes repeal of the estate tax, which has caused so much hardship for America's most vulnerable millionaires and the New York Times says. The tax plan is a windfall for a hedge fund managers, corporate executives and real estate developers and could raise taxes on the poor. And the middle class and trump responded by saying: hey, look, they're playing the anthem and SAM Jackson. Sellers add on
But here is what we do know about the tax burden from Donald Trump Mouth himself. He says it's terrific revolutionary, going to make job started pouring into this country and they make me economy take off like a rocket ship boy that guy does not under so does he you know first, the wall, then the healthcare bill. I just want to ask his fans. How many times are you going to buy a brick. In the best buy parking lot before you realize it's not a dvr, we got our own humanity since we have been fighting to watch him. Anything you'd be removed, the nation novel and each be oh dont com.
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