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Bonus Bill – Ep. #455

2018-04-09 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each year we see him. I can people are happy and spring time, and I know why you're happy Trump came up. Another great idea, great idea, guy troops at the border isn't that great he's sending the National Guard to the border. Why now? Why are you doing this now, of course, like everything with this more because he was watching Fox NEWS and they started to talk about a caravan. Have you heard about this is how this camera van of people from Sun
no come caravans already freaked out home depots like we're. Gonna need a bigger parking lot, but no, he he thinks he's gonna lose is based M Coulter, who we made him president with her book about immigration, she's mad, because he s an built the wall. Yet so she's tweeting angry things about it. When you cannot lose and culture last time a woman spanker. My bed was way ahead. Now, it's all about you know with him everything's by keeping his base happy. You know the forgotten Americans, but we stop using this term ridiculous, forgotten american work above the lost tribes of the rust built like condoms, living in a hidden valley. Northern
Invisible these people, in fact Europe Walmart near predominance. I wish there were even if you wanted to keep people out there. The wall wouldn't work. Somebody was telling trumpet the day this and using technology instead of a wall is a lot cheaper and more efficient, and he said, if I did, I want to keep her
more efficient, I'd, let the Mexicans now. The other genius ideas had lately is a trade war with China, which predictably now China has responded with tariffs of their own, so the white houses frantically back peddling. Now we were just threatening, is just a first offer because you know the markets. The stock market do not seem to be enjoying the unpredictability of president brain for it because whenever he proposes something the markets tank and then one of the cabinet secretaries comes out and says: don't pay any attention to him.
Nobody around here does in the markets. Bounce back, everything's guy says a fourth that they blame on the door and then the vinyl story. I think is really interesting, stormy, Daniel lawyer listen, this is, she can describe president drums genitalia in great detail. Based on that I'll pay, her hush money may seem to be having Friday night watchman each be removed, venetian nonaligned, each bio dot, com.
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