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Bonus Bill – Ep. #481

2019-01-22 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO late night, real time since this is the Trump government shut down in the trunk government. How can you tell us like that? Cactus on your window, so when you go, is that That is the way it supposed to be paying the coastguard so Maloney. If you can get to the water s edge this- is your chance at my favorite comment on this came from the there's, a big events: Jellicoe Preacher, Mega Church guy named Robert Jefferson and he's the big trump eyes defending the wall. He said even ever itself as a wall, and you can tell he's a big trumpeter because he said about walls for the same purpose, drums
to keep up Mexicans? Well, that's not! The worst. Are you familiar with Iowa republican Congressmen, Steve King he's been saying horribly racist things for many years and he said to the New York Times a few days ago, what's wrong with white supremacist, so there is pressure now to quit from within his own party. While can can you imagine Being thrown out of the Republican Party for being too racist, nothing's going right for me at what usually is no brainer four presidents to have a football team over to the White House, I mean any president can pull this off fuck this up he had Clemson. I don't follow colored sports. I feel like when you're good enough to be in the past
was all watch. You do that's how I feel so I don't know anything about it, but Clemson. My guess, one something and he had the football team over the White House, but because the governments on strike there was nobody data food for them, so he said so. I paid for by myself and my own muddy. I bought three hundred hamburgers or a thousand, I think, or maybe with three million. Who gives a fuck what yes and they were all from like when these and Mcdonald's yeah look at that pile of shit and the food doesn't look good either and he treated this out and spelled hamburgers a J m. Be are d? Are hamburger hamburger? You know, you're a dumb ass when you're spell check
I give up, and at my favorite part of this is set at one point, because they had no food. He said I was gonna Lahti, to whip up a salad, Malawi in the kitchen whip me ass, I can see that right, millennia looked at his project went all start. Vice lighting up a baby carried me when he said that we want to make. For more information log onto HBO, dot com
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