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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 05/27/16)

2016-05-31 | 🔗

Bonus Bill (Originally aired 05/27/16)- Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear.

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Now Time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue, Jokes America didn't hear a lot of alarm anyone here, but for the first time in a head to head match up in the balls between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump is ahead. What historians are calling the beginning of the Great northern migration, for you feel
in fact this is the part of the movie where the zombies have gotten into them. All now he's wrapping everything up: Donald Trump, these over twelve thirty seven- that is delegates in line he's, got the endorsement of the inner re last. We even though he never fired again He has fired Gary busy who, as the ideal of a gun Kay the only those ones with, even though these one, he still washing out of body insulting everybody is that he was caller was with Warren Poker artists, hookah hunters he's dead, Jealous because Indians, they had a run casino. What the people are getting nervous is a group of for over four hundred writers led by Stephen King, who put out an online petition petition trying to get american turn again.
I'll drop four hundred right really hurt Donald Trump Use, Donald from loves books, especially There are eleven, that's how you re is not having the best week. These state Department, inspector general can back with his report about her dreaded email, and I say it was bad, but did the first sentence hey, burning, you're, gonna love, this violation broke the state department rules and they said it presented a security risk and also they said you spend an inordinate amount of time on an app game called calculating birds and that Hilary sound, a bit campaigns ring right here.
California, she says she loves sunny California get a chance to work on our bland. Actually, all three candidates are here in California is: the primary is coming up, makes me pretty exciting stuff. Hilary is concentrating on the attack ease up north and Bernice, concentrating on the liberals down in the south and in turn is mostly working on the methods in the middle of the other big story that broke this week was built clause be uttered enough. We still have no cause, be fans built. Well, there was a time when I say that people boot: how can you make jobs by Bill God? I think that worm has turned, but because we apparently now going to be standing trial for allegedly drugging in sexually assaulted someone over ten years ago. This is very discontent.
For married women, who also always used falling asleep as a way to avoid, but now that they and they unsealed some ten year old, depositions that cause be gave and cause be said. This is what caused the admit. He said that the model in agencies used to send over five or six girls a week when clause be called a girl tat. He was talking in Milligrams, five or six models.
We get caught, he preferred models, guess they were more likely to be compliant and less likely to one dinner. But here's my favorite part of the deposition. They asked him in the debit there's a deposition, illegal lawyers and all that kind of shit, Nay said MR cars. We so you used lotion. She used lotion on your penis and rubbed it until you would jaculation and he said bingo, I many came. He used to say yes and when you couldn't get it up, he said you saw my battles immensely since, if we want to meet the movie Phoenician novel and each bio dot, com.
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