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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 10/16/15)

2015-10-19 | 🔗
Bonus Bill (Originally aired 10/16/15)
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Now, it's time for real time, to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time, monologue: Jokes America didn't hear by Gruber grads, where you were born. So your words. The Democrats. Today, the german dna and paper were who know people were so interested and we got to see for the first time all five candidates and I think the message from the democratic. The message for the Democrats was,
clear. We ve got losers too. We finally got to stay for the other three who are pulling at less than one percent, and they had a chance to show was Y know. I think Americans are no out from that debate. Like Lincoln Safety is not a car and not a candidate either. Did you see this guy? Look like he wandered into my life insurance, commercially waiting remedy say you cannot be turned down for any reason with Eddic. I'm telling this guy was pathetic. Bear some of his first vote, which was to get rid of Glass Steagall, which was a bad vote. We know that now and his excuse was he said of my first vote. I just arrived in the Senate. My father just died,
like every other politician, the world, as I all day, one I'll do this on day, one under this. Those guys, like you know what what do you want from me? It was day what I was still putting my shit in the desk. I didn't- I didn't know where it was for me. I would have my own bathroom back did, but the biggest moment at the night was Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders to Hell, I regret and everybody in America who are sick and tired of hearing about you, damn email, most Americans, don't care about Hilary Females gives there too busy checking their own and Hilary. You gotta give it to her she's a smooth debater. She managed to call herself an outsider at one point, even though she had already been in politics Many years when market Rubia was still eating, legos TED crews today said the debate show that they want to restrict your freedom. Take away your liberty. He said it was an audition that debate for who would wear the jack boot most vigorously. Oh, I'm worried about TAT every time he talks. You started
He's quoting is dominatrix. Tat is no stranger to the ball gag. I have a feeling I don't know for a fact and the other republican making news today Doktor been Carson, they brilliant neurosurgeon knows what is putting his campaign on hold to go out and promoted but for a couple of weeks the book is called how to operate on brains when you don't have one day after listening to him now for a few months in this campaign, I have less confidence in brain surgery. It's a vibrant. The habit of before I go under. I don't want to hear the earth is
thousand years old scalpel. I thank you very much, MRS, since, if we do not want any more information not going to each be oh dont com.
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