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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 3/20/15)

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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 3/20/15)
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Now, it's time for real time to point out your chance to listen in behind the scenes to the real time. Monologue, jokes, America didn't hear very, very much. Are they valet sound? I got well. I ve been following the knows who gives a shit now? The big news this week is course overseas. You follow the election that Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, that Prime Minister got reelected, did it in various downing fashion the day before the election he said, but the Palestinians were not given them their own states that we're looking at a one state solution for Israel. Today he kind of walked back.
He said that nobody is for a two state solution, but not Israel and Palestine. Israel in Florida, now great news for Comedians Donald Trump. Yesterday, cities forming exploratory committee to run for president. He said because get this because politicians are all talk and no action says the guy who is always talking about presence. And never running for breast and the other big developments for the Republicans is that one of their rising stars had to resign. This week, America's fittest congressmen Republican Erin Shock, have you seen our shock. He was on the cover of fitness mega. The only member of Congress with the six pack,
If you don't count the one John Vainer high gender is death, but a real Jesse campaign on a promise that cut waste fraud and carbs he's very is very fit. But he got tripped up by extremely lavish spending habits, taxpayers bending habits, five star hotel on the tax paradigm, private jets. All this shit decorated his office, four hundred grand to look like downturn, Abbe, I'm not making that I was kind of a red flag when he was sworn in other Niemann, Marcus Catalogue that should have and shocks as he doesn't care who replaces them as long as another, strong Republican who stands up to the takers, who rely on government handouts that shit has got
because he and illicit is how bad this guy was yet a personal photographer, Anthony Wiener set at least I took my own dick well another knows this week the White House got a package of cyanide. Luckily, the secret service was on hand. They intercepted the passive package got drunk with it rested into offence and tried to pay for sex and marched Van Nessie into that lot of people. Actually, our protests measure. They say you know what this is. An outrage colleges make billions of dollars, offer this literally billions and the students who play dont get paid anything and the college. You say: no, it's actually an educational experience.
It teaches students what it's like to make iphones in China and in a press materials here, because the presbyterian church this weekend arms. They are approval and now of gay marriage, and I think it's great. I actually pass a prestige area. I passed the presbyterian church on the way to work every day and I see they change that short sighted. Now our lady of Gaza Thank you very much, y'all new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Dot, com.
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