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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 6/12/15)

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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 6/12/15)
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now it's time for real time, to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time. Monologue. Jokes, America didn't hear. Start our rights robot criminals is were all cable. Those dog arose at escape that prison escape in New York regarding their also be shooting. My parents- and I love this part of the story. This is on the news, I'm not making this upper being salacious. They say one of these convicts escapees is very well endowed.
How do you know this? I dont know what he's very well endowed and a woman who worked in the tailor shop in the prison helped him escape because he made her feel special. That's the kind of thing I used to see important will these when they had plots member here all of New York state Vermonter. Looking for this, these two guys, they say over four hundred and fifty cops around the manhood in fact than so many cups doing this.
They are asking until they capture them for a black people to harass themselves. Monsieur you saw us what this this week's video that should be of a weekly shop who what black went on unarmed black Burton got harassed this week this week it was black teenagers at a pool party, and you saw this cop. This added control copy grabs is one. Fourteen year old girl she's already see that he gets her up, and then he faced plants or puts always weight on her neck or with the cops call community outreach these poor, kids, I didn't know what to do. Is this cop was barking? All these orders is contradictory. Odor stay, put, walk away.
Stand up get tat. We have the only police departments in America where the guy actually says, halt and I'll shoot out to be fair. This cop, several of those kids, had unlicensed super soldiers and a teenage girl on the guarantees being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting being white. So, like I, don't have any case it ought to. Actually, you know why this guy copper nuts, I think he was just embarrassed because if you saw them video at the beginning, he runs in these all puffed up being a cop, and then he falls on his fuckin thing is embarrassing.
But I thought I was watching a police academy, more the honest and then he pulls his gun, which you know if you ever wondered what it would look like if Deputy Barney Pipe was erasing adequacy placed sharp criticism from liberals were pulling his gun on unarmed black people and sharp gritted Some remarks news for not shooting them. In other news, President Obama was in Germany. This we get the g7 summit. Talking about what should we do about ISIS? He actually tried to offer them an olive branch. While he was in Germany's and ink benign be header,
Thank you! The people who got it like a lot of people who didn't like it, but now, but this is disappointing a bomb in sending forward and fifty more troops into it. Well troops wrong advisers just in ice. It bears its cute In fact it's called operation shark and all yes for giving the iraqi Army a new training manual chapter, one don't run away chapter.
So seriously don't run away because after eleven years the only command and that the iraqi Army really has down is about face that when they got the just just the firing range has proved to be very challenging because when one of them shoot the rest of them, drop their weapons and run not, but luckily the Republicans or offer more war in Iraq. Great and now they say they say there are maybe as many as twenty three republican candidates- twenty.
Three. This is unbelievable. There hasn't been that much conservative talent on one states in the little Miss Texas, toddler, beauty pageant so many republic and candidates that sea and then they have to have a plan for the debates are going to have one debate with the top ten and then a second debate for the others which will be held in the kitchen around a card table. Now one of the candidates declared already Wendy, Graham Senator from South Carolina he's a bachelor link wing and The press has been asking him if he becomes president. You know it does hysterical homeward
would serve in the role of First Lady and Lindsey. His answer is well either his sister or there would be a rotating first lady, but he said the really the hardest. Part of the whole thing is finding girls who aren't Ikey, so I think about what they now other democratic side. Little controversy with Bernie Sanders was on NPR in the radio hosts their Diane Rien gotten to trouble because she asked Bernie if he a dual citizenship with Israel, which is crazy and it turned out. She got her in Cremation for my facebook post tomorrow, she's injuring a cat who play the piano- and here is my favorite story the week in Texas, of course, taxes, Joyce, Texas or Florida Texas. A woman left her kids locked in the car while appearing in.
On the charge of locking your kids in the and the judge gas, what do you believe you said consistent casual new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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