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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 6/5/15)

2015-06-08 | 🔗
Bonus Bill (Originally aired 6/5/15)
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Now it's time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue, Jokes America didn't hear yeah. You're very kind, good ground, Gazeta, hot smokes.
That is a character. I play I d razor. I I've never done this, but I'd like to dry it one day they say: you're, never too old to try new things anyway, so lotta news go, and there are so many new Republicans who have joined since we went away for a couple weeks. Mention Rick Perry who, by the.
Not a bright man when he announced today he threw his ring into the hat you're. Here he announced that a military base in front of all these military guys and better engine someone held up a sign that we support the oak. Ok, so he's in then member Rick Santorum from twenty twelve he's he's back in and get this Rick's interim Super Duper Catholic is mad at the Pope, because the Pope wants to do something but climate change. What an asshole and wreck and Rick Santorum said better off leaving science to the scientists.
I didn't Rex interim didn't know this afternoon, but I didn't know this either, but this is true. The pope has a masters degree in chemistry. I didn't know he sets a good. Can t figured out how to actually change water into one. The magic were getting more, also joining the race. While we were gone. George put tacky, I know, George of attacking so obscure of yesterday, George projecting button at home, or else his wife thinks there being robbed by a large, boring white man. And finally, the guy you got in number excited about this. Lindsey, Graham Senator Lindsey Graham said made the decision. After long heartfelt family discussions with his wife,
Ok- and he said it's about time- we had a southerner in the White House who had absolutely no interest in the female entered, and you know what poor Lindsey undergoes a lot of rumours being only guess, he super gay only raise Lindsey. The guy he's. Ok, talking about how scared he is of ices is campaign love with disdain pair of underpin the announced that we get this at the announcement he was introduced by his sister, who said Linsey Graham, was like a father and a mother rolled
The one colleague Jenner said tell me about the all these endless this coming in the next two weeks: five more probably trump deathly. George Bush Bobby agenda will be fifteen people and they ought to go through this charade of four main exploratory committee. I'd love at once, Exploratory Committee came back and gave them the answer back now. Ask once you get the answer from the exploratory committees always run, gets its either this or get a job. So what else? When a big week in child molesting
For me, personally, just was a big weak. Ok, first there was former us bigger those Dennis after he was a former rustling coach. They found out when he was a wrestling coach with you know whatever. So any was also a former tobacco lobbies, boy child molesters, congressmen tobacco lobbyists. If I had to choose one to take off, my resin may become a stump, I have to say, and of course you are familiar with the Duggar family and their show, nineteen and groping, and yesterday Michel and Bob the parents, they went on Fox NEWS to explain the whole matter and they said the hard part was all the shameful lies.
But they went on Fox NEWS anyway, that may seem real every Friday night watchman each be removed Venetian, not behind each bio dot, com.
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