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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 8/14/15)

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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 8/14/15)
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Now it's time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue. Jokes America didn't hear
Thank you very much. Well. I think I know why the liberals are happy. Bernie Sanders on fire drawing you grab like twenty eight thousand in Oregon. He was here in LOS Angeles, brought traffic on the one tend to a standstill, letting in a tennis shoe and the right lane brings traffic to spend them. He is leaving Hilary now in the polls in New Hampshire posters. Of course, it is too early to tell and Hilary
says it's. He has a very unfair advantage in that people. Actually, like it are, they occur to believe them. They say the numbers for four senders and for Donald Trump last, because it's too early voters and that really thinking about Elect ability. This is like the early stage, the relationship when it's all about sex. I love him, but he can't win, is kind of the Political version of he gives me orgasms, but he doesn't have a job, but when you think about it, slump in Sanders as the leader. This is why stereotypes are you something's you to throw out the window? I mean Trump enchanters, one of them is pushing just loves, loves money and that's not the Jew.
No Donald Trump is here to stay. They keep thinking every week it's been ended and he is in first place every my first place nationally first place in New Hampshire First place in Iowa everything they throw at the monster just makes it stronger amidst like getting to the gym in saying that the prom queen is Harry and you go well, it could happen. She is a senior No people thought trumpet go away after the debate performance last week. To recap: what happened at the debate last week, Megan Kelly, said to Trump. You know. Basically, you call women names. What's your problem and Trump responded? That's an unfair question. You bimbo then he's after the bait jihad blood
out of her eyes and blood coming out of her whatever now he denies that he was referring to menstruating. He says he was just saying she was gonna, get a visit from her foxen friend. I think it so I run a Donald Trump is involved in this candle Donald Trump, a man with a thirty year long case of biomass in the trunk so when they say that time of the month it means he's filing bankruptcy again but of drums, and today he is open to a female vice president now be serious about it. In fact, he s were Mitt Romney old buying.
Now. That's gonna drop is not the only republican and hot water. This we doktor been Carson infinitely with Doktor been Carson he's in the ratios. There applicants, black friend and you know, he's a down the line right wing ass. I, like all of them, hate plan parenthood for using and selling fetal tissue. Well, it turns out doktor been guards and the doktor had you feel tissue and his own research. You think a guy who is done extensively search on under developed brains would be doing better with the republican base. Doktor Van Carson accused planned parenthood of of putting clinics in black neighborhoods to control the black population. How ridiculous that is not how we control the black Pearl
population, we we do throw police Judy lack lives matter. I said: ok, oh, did you see, there's a fight among liberals, because black lives matter protesters showed up at a Bernie Sanders Rally and they grab the MIKE and wouldn't give it back. Not even Conway. I will let you finish and liberals are saying why of all people, Bernie Sanders O? Surely, as fifty year, history of fighting for racial equality, a hundred percent approval raining from the end, w c b, but has created a hashtag and then the black lives matters, protesters disrupted a job. Bush
Town Hall in LAS Vegas. They were very easy to spot. They were the only people not wearing pleaded dockers and they started chanting. White lives matter. Ok, folks, we get it. You had a job Bush rally you're in LAS Vegas. On a Wednesday, I think you have achieved peak whiteness JEB made a big speech about a rack blamed all the problems there on a bomber and Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton never mentioned his brother
They are so intent on hiding George W Bush. These sign over the Bush presidential Library now says Radio Shack calories got our problem. They finally made her turn over her private server under emails to the Justice Department. I mean she didn't do anything, there's no crime and their searching her anyway. This is why she's gonna win the black boat cheese, the first secretary of state to be subject to stop and rest, and my favorite story the weak at every read about the newlywed couple in Mississippi who was going to join ices, unbelievable leisured, I guess to eighteen year old. I think they're this leave school muslim, kid named Mohammed and his black girlfriend and they d cover story- was we're getting married. We're going on our honeymoon there really going to join.
ISIS can you imagine, spending your honeymoon in a heavily armed shit, hole with that many religious extremists and then going to Syria to more women came out today accusing Bill Cosby of doing what he does. Let's make this leave little easier. Is there any woman here who has not been drug rate by this guy? touch more women than hallmark. I mean, but what don't say anything about this Ladys too, because in any couple more and his wife Camille might start gets a special EU representative. We every Friday night watch him any more information, not on each bio dot, com.
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