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Ep. #419: Matt Schlapp, Timothy Snyder

2017-03-25 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Matt Schlapp, Timothy Snyder, Chris Hayes, Max Brooks, Louise Mensch. (Originally aired 3/24/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from HBO real time, right.
You guys, please, please, you you're so transparent. I know why you're angry, because Republican pulled the repeal of Obamacare, which means you will be able to continue taking whenever drugs your own right now. I know I am what is in this amazing. I mean for seven years. This is all Republicans lived
do was repealed, replace above all, they talked about it all. They voted on It's like the girl of your dreams. Finally, saying ok, take me to bed and then you get her there and all this looks bad for Trump. You know how potent feels about failure right, but now that this healthcare thing went down because of the freedom caucus? That's the artist formerly known as the tea Party in Congress, Paul Ryan wrote a health care bill that somehow covered fewer people than just
repealing Obamacare and replaced it with nothing, and it still wasn't good enough for the Freedom coffin caucus its if you wrote a highway, build that made all the bridges fall down and they said yes, but that only kills driver is what about people at home. It is amazing what happened during the week that the Freedom caucus taking away more things, more health care benefits to make it more true to cycle paths. In the last version they had all they had cut hospitalization doktor visits, maternity, mental health lab test prescriptions
urgency room visits, their version of healthcare was, if you like, your doktor go fuck yourself and freedom pocket still wouldn't go along with it. Waiting for them congressmen. Ten Yo Ho said yes, it's all on him. That's his name is here. This is his cronies. Did it would still quote? if a skeleton for the affordable CARE Act and he not stand any healthcare plan that leaves America with the skeleton a veterinarian a veterinarian, which we,
This? Is voters think he was in the army? Republicans just have to admit crafting legislation is just not your thing, calling into talk radio and screaming about Mexicans. Gas posting Photoshop, Hilary with devil horns, naming buildings after ragged, of course, secret gay sex at highway. Rest Dobbs, but you know there was so much news this week. This was only the end of the week, the healthcare thing, but besides Trump care, there was this Supreme court hearings we had. There was the Russia NEWS were burying the lead with that the Keystone pipeline got ok today. That was
which news I'm going nuts trying to keep up I've got the hearings on tv got the president on Twitter. I got Kelly and on the microwave, did you watch those hearings with the nominee Neil Gorse itch for the Supreme Court. This is a guy. Neil Gorse Itchy interprets the constitution as the framers intended when they wrote a two hundred and twenty six years ago, which they say makes him and a regional list also amish yeah. That's what the court needs another guy who says what would slaveholders do, but here's a real descent into the banana republics. Vodka. You know a vulgar
From his beautiful daughter, wife Avant this week, she was given an office right there in the West Wing and security clearance to see classified information. She will know we paid a salary because she is a woman when, in lieu of a page actually work that a deal with the nuclear codes will now be carried in a purse from the avant garde collection. But you know what this is: how crazy flocked up we are in this. This is crazy. It's gotten, I'm glad she's there. Yes, this is banana republic stuff, but next to him, I'm glad of bunker. Is there too
It's like when Jana Jackson used to visit the Neverland brand. Talk to my arrival, gonna break little history, Professor Timothy Snyder, but first up he's a call on this for the hill and the chairman of the American Conservative Union. I know you are all members please welcome. Please welcome match lap! Well that I really want to thank you for being here. I mean I've. I've been in your position where you have to come to a place. Yes, The audience is not with you. It was that church leave now. I think I did you did but I am so what let's try to talk in a way, not because
no we're from different sides of the Euro Trump supporter. I am not start with what we agree with. I think you would agree that you're not blind to a lot of people are freaking out about him. Right, no great say: And that's because, for example, the did time magazine came out today, I read it ok and then the title was: is truth dead right and that's because a him that we are asking that question? Do you think? that that's fair that we ask that question because of Donald Trump. I think everything's fair, and I think you, I think what people who fear Donald Trump want to know is you: is he a full of a little bullshit, sometimes in a low, better hype? or is there something else there Don't you worry about a little more and I would say, as a trump supporter that,
I actually think it is past Someone has not been involved in politics whose come into this system has had amazing success in a very short period of time. Now yes, yes, what success. While he became the president that ok political success, a political success, that's different! Yes, he fool. People I agree with the money. We let me read what the Wall Street Journal, not exactly a liberal publication said if president, Tromp announces that North Korea launched a missile that landed within a hundred miles of Hawaii would most Americans. Believe him not sure which speaks. The damage that he's done to the presidency with his endless stream of a evidence free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods.
I think everyone should ask the tough questions and hold them to account for what he says, but dear visas. As than that, you think he's a liar on a scale. We have never seen. No, I don't honest ray. I think he ran again somebody who was a liar and scale we do. I think I think that one of the reasons down trumpets president, is because the Clinton's didn't really ring true with a lot of people. You have to read that I'm talking about a scale we ve never seen before. I'm talking about a different scale like I see three million people who don't exist. I I think President Obama wiretapped me when even republicans come out and said: that's bullshit, you don't think that's a different level of lying. I think that when it comes on the wiretapping charge. Quite I'll, there's no evidence for it. So
that a different level of lying- I think that that was quite an extraordinary tweet- is at a different level. There investigating it now I'll tell you this debate might getting it. They are their investigates, a bipartisan investigation. FBI's investigated look bill if they find that there is no proof for what said the nets that, if they fought so this is the damage I think he's doing to this country. The fact that he says something, and then we I'll have to scramble not we all your team right has to scramble to pretend that the mad king actually saw twelve foot bunny on the lawn I mean. What we saw was this guy Devon Nunez no he's head of is the chairman of the intelligence committee. This was always by partisan. This was the one place where bipartisan rain, because we have a great country in the sense that the intelligent agencies there now
just they're on their own to share their information, but we wish aren't. We said not the whole time risk as they can keep a secret, can't ok, but they tell somebody that's right, so it's the intelligence Committee worth six or eight people he's headed that ok, so this week, he ran over the White House with some bullshit. That was nothing burger A trumps name came up on incidental collection, not but trumps said that he was wire. That's right, and probably wooden of if every didn't have Putin on speed dial, but can I just bring up this incident? Were tapping Russians, that's what they do. And his name came up. This is the legal basis is, and he went over there to give trump cover seen. This is what I'm talking about. The fabric of democracy. Little airs the intelligence. Which committee, which was something that was bipartisan. Now we fuck that up
Now we ruin that, and I know it was a little. I don't think we ve ruined. Well, I think they're we haven't done it a lotta help. There are going to come out with a report, it'll be a bipartisan report and the FBI is going to. That was findings as well and maybe go back to their is. Maybe it airy here that we do agree on, which is all this incidental surveillance and all of this, they call it just the. Common ordinary thing where they pick up conversations and troubled by that. I wasn't always troubled by that. Are more troubled by that. As I see how extent If this is, I don't think it's appropriate that the just pick up someone's conversation, we about a wiretap. That's, u dont wiretapping is is. It varies. Specialized thing, but the surveillance that goes on by our until Agencies is too broad your. Why didn't you loved that when Bush was present? Ok, but but that always much broader. Now we know because technology, you know yet everywhere. If we want to have that discussion about whether this by agencies should be doing, we can, but that's not with this was about was sent. Pretended is
trying to have an agreement on a real, but we do agree on that- we agree that it should be looked at and it should be a week. They should go after narrow targets and by the way. But let's those targets are members of the Trump team that had inappropriate contact with Russia. If I were then being investigated, I think if they did do anything wrong. They want their names. Third, but they did something wrong with the american people should know that there is another thing. There is a problem when the president says some batches thing that he does, because This ego, you wouldn't medicine egoist right in egomaniac, he has a healthy, eager health unto you married, I use my would around a narcissist everyone. Politics is an artist. Is ass either aims or on every hand, lotta guy, you will never admit, is wrong. Is that ok, so, let's go through presidency meeting at the wrong, do president's the middle of the wrong I've seen every president. Do it give me give you two examples.
When did Obama Mary was wrong abundant admitted he was wrong when he said I, your. Do you wanna keep your doctor, you you can have your people expect of that's right has handled I've already apologized for that's, yes, and as where everybody has a level of humility this year. I must see that this guy is differ and if he is just asking you to see, I do I do a lot to tweets. If what he says is wrong and its, please turn out to be wrong, but we ought to have the character to apologise, and I say way to this end. Education is consulted. Call me let's get to that part of the week. But guess that was always all the way back on Monday. Yet when the F B, I director was out there and he said we looking into collusion between the from team and Russia's interests July. So and then CNN reports, there actually is collusion, Adam Schiff, who is the demo? cried on the intelligence committee said this was a change
Sweetie said. Yes, it's it's not just where Looking for it, we have it now. I heard him say if there is such a thing, as collusion, that's treason, people. Would you agree with practically serious, especially as it treason It's it's about the worst I've heard of. I don't know why to leave his wife. I think it's probably treasonous. Terrible? I bet you if it was a democratic. Would we definitely Teresa? Look I'm guessing with Hilary. There would be no probably in there just getting. Let me use my words here. I think Lattimer Putin's a terrible thug. I think that we have a huge problem with him. I don't want to go to war with him, but I am worried about what he is doing. I think he surveillance in and try to influence this country in every way he can. I think he did try to get a hack, our elections and I think, if
Anybody evolve in the trunk campaign was involved and that I think that is about the most serious crime you could commit without payment. Rather when we raise it in the most serious thing way until the Asian we're not arguing about what we say. We are indulge me because that is what the happy I directory says he's doing. That's right, I'm doing ok great! So if it is its treason- and you would say there- that's impenetrable terrible weather How would you like to be just drunk too dull, properly reach, I'm just saying: if I'm
if someone commits this cry, its treason, hats and beautiful trees, and I think you should be in PETE. All of that is this. Just water here is needed as well. Actually we we wasted on generalised a few weeks over that's a different history or less question because Healthcare way out on this week. Ok, that's the deal maker in charge. Was the greatest steelmaker couldn't get it done? You ve heard about Paul Ryan document. Were poor right, don't even understand what encourages, but that's another. Ok. So let me I know your, I know what you're argument is that there's a side to a witches look people on this country are two indulged there too. Titled they get too much from the government. I would even agree with that.
And by the way, that some white people do that's true might be based on shared by Edison trunk supporters, yeah yeah. Ok, so that's what you know when I we see what the Freedom caucus wanted to cut you like one. That's that's pretty it's pretty rough stuff. You know your ear, cutting emergency room visits and stuff like that, but their view is look. This is a product like any other, and you know you should be people defend your own way, but then you are going to have to take responsibility for the fact that if this didn't bass, people would die. You're. Ok with that to make that point, that people should be on their I'm, not okay. With the idea that people dying no, but I think that it would have been smart to get the process started by passing something in the house in coming up with an alternate Look! We ve been running around the country for seven years, saying that we have an Obamacare alternative and when it does,
past the house is going to say you haven't Obamacare alternatives do so. I would like this to get started. What do you do you watch? Any other shows news channel, decide Fox under ask and I'm not dream. Starkey I'm on MSNBC in Sea ice limber is alright. Ok, but do you watch it? Yes, because, like every day that I watched her Matthews today have people on Town Hall, a town hall meetings and the theme that aims of over and over again is the people standing up and saying to the Congress. If to do this. You know I will die and you can well they're being real. I will die yet This is the reason why health care is about the most difficult public policy thing to ever get done. Hillary Clinton tried, it It's tough because someone's why he said someone's life limped limit. Let me try to go here. Ok, so the fact is. This do we have to have an alternative. Absolutely you can't run around just be against things. You have to talk about what you're for
and I think one of the reasons why a bombing there was a problem politically for the Democrats and, as you know, they did do a lot of losing over the course of the last eight years in one of the essential reasons, if you believe pulling is because people, were dissatisfied with Obamacare. It wasn't a bunch of rich people. Was working class people who saw their premiums go up and they didn't see their health we're getting better. They fell, like the guys who were working felt like they were paying for other people who they weren't you're right. Both sides were disingenuous about this. I said last week on our ship, the Democrats, could have on the fact. This is wealth. Redistribution is millionaires paid more, so poor people could live in a lot of mental, valuable horrible alot of middle class people paid more middle class, and that's why they thought it as they voted. But Trump said today he said you ve all heard my speeches I never said repealing replace within sixty four days here's what he said you gonna.
With great health care for a fraction of the price, that's gonna take place immediately. Ok immediately fast, quick he's. Fucking liar, I just read it. He said fraction of the cost. Great health care immediately occurred today. He said I never said it would take place within sixty four days. How is that not a lie? Okay, so Tom Price has been confirmed by the secretary of each age. Ass. The problem. Is that not a lot because because the person he picked up the Secretary Bay J just can make, big changes in the healthcare system. This is true you The catholic Sabellius, a lot of Obamacare went through set an ivy league that is going to happen immediately. You urgently is all mean that he meant that the bill would pass. It merely be implemented immediately. Ok, thank you
I know you're, not a bad fellow lines in council in the modern war in MAX Brooks he's a former member of the british Parliament who is now a vice president. News robberies Louise mentioned by my sadly sees all in with crusades and author of a great new book, a colony intonation Chris. Well, let's see you guys can succeed where I fail this, you know every week I say we can't just talk about Trump fuck that this week,
since this is an old frankly, I'm Minister Tag Lou, who is actually my congressmen and a great congressmen. You were supposed to be here max. Thank you for filling in at the last minute Let me read his statement. Because I think this is interesting stuff, he says the bombshell revelation that New S, officials have information that suggests Trump see, it's may have colluded with the Russians mean We must pause the entire trump agenda we may have. We may have an illegitimate president's applying the White House other than routine government functions, there must be a total incomplete shut down of any agenda item. In other words, until we figure out
what the hell is going on. We don't know what the hell's gotta figure out verse. No one knows what do you think about this or speaking for look, I think, he's into a bigger. When are we going to get as liberals as Democrats? When are we going to get our after your balls back and when are we gonna because trying to negotiate and hung it out is not working and it doesnt work because we're not trying to negotiate with people like us or negotiating with America's Hamas and they respect strength and power and force? That's that's how we begin with panel. Does what are you up top that I don't. I don't think it's
wake me up every morning. When I wake up, it were waking up in a country in which the President knighted States is under investigation by the FBI for possible collusion with a foreign adversary, As stated by the director of the FBI in open. Congressional testimony which is just bananas, and so what do you do with that? Right? I mean that some level. I understand what taboo saying that seems perfectly reasonable, but the other thing is that the free, the freight trains so moving right, like normal politics, keeps going on. There is no pause button to hear other than oppositional. He sang should it. He said. I agree with that. You know this the problem is that human beings, by our nature we get used to whatever is going on and it becomes normal and we cannot allow what is not normal, which is Trump and what he does. To become normal load. You think it's normal! We it's easy just yeah: tired I'm tired of it too. I'm sick today because of Donald
I feel your pain, I feel your pain, but I think Representative Lou is maybe he's a little bit of a That's a gun approach here you can't shot the whole government down about how much you might like it. They ve got the vote. So I tell the Democrats pick the battles that count. One thing I would like to see. Is news chunks of that committee right now you do that you couldn't you know what even that the wonderful Adam ship was doing such a great job and representatives of Antarctic, but they have not said he's gotta go. They ve said this.
Terrible, they have said. Maybe maybe right may that speakers should do something you ve got to say the guy has to go. Now. I don't care. If he's your may, I have your body. Gotta go to work represents, so now we have the rope of votes where the republic realise what lay spring the fight to them at least bring the fight to them. This is the committee that supposed to be investigating reason, but here's my reforming, respond, the idea of normal, because I think this has been a big, see right and its absolute truth, unbelievable, where people were just you and all the people that have written The calls from the perspective of present Turkey prison People get used to preserve. They get you anything, I'm it. I dare not gay.
No, I mean people go into prison and they go. I wasn't gay, but you know I was lonely, and yet we did it. We did it in a naughty play gave for this day gave for this new. So, as I was saying, gonna use the things I mean we do get used to things and I think normalizing it is, is a threat, but what the other thing I would say is in some way one of the things we saw this week was normal politics working in the sphere of healthcare. That was a very normal kind of thing like they proposed to bill. The big bad impure rebelled, so we we reach but these abnormal solution, which is like hit a pause button which I understand impulse to row, but the only real victories that have come have been victim
these two normal politics fighting. But can you tell us anything about the Russia think you seem to have a scoop said a lot. Information, a lot of sources and a lot of law. I would Saudis buried where we don't know where they are and who they are. So what are you know, and you think this is true. You think we're going to hear stuff. That is absolute evidence of collusion, absolutely felt like any here when direct to call me wants us to hear and not before, no matter how much everybody else half sympathy, I would say: if you're on what are you should be following the patriotic hack of adjuster, who said to me I will say I think we're a lot further down the line to the end of this. Most people think I sense panic at the White House, the champagne on ice and it's gonna be a bumpy ride for the next few months. I will say I think, we're a lot further down the line to the end of this. The most people think I sense panic at the way
I sent an absolute way of power sweating like a horse, because, but but here's what I worry about a mean call me when, when he way through Hilary under the bus right before the election, we heard that was because he had to do it because he was losing control of his own agency. They called it Trump landing. In certain divisions of the F B. I took me so if Trump Wendy is still existing in the FBI. Is he go to be able to now turn on tromp or at least give the that the truth? We ve forgotten that there's a department of Justice Investigation right now into those FBI agents in the field office in New York, where making two Flynn leaking Giuliani and they are my people who are looking to Eric Prince brother of Betsy Divorce. There is the Justice Department investigation that nobody is dog lounging Berliners is run by just
Well, not anymore. You know, as everything is Russia he has to recruit Yasser accuse himself from Russia. This is absolutely part of that, and I would just say the people there are two sides to the FBI, where there is a criminal field office, division that we're talking about new and there's the counter intelligence division that issued the vice warrant. As I reported and dreams, call me, I think, is taken very seriously indeed the reason that he could talk about to you. A place that he's gonna come through. Was our hero a lot worse member back when the hospital bed? We all love it now? That was why we got that was it was the hospital bed moment that got that make him the dresser leafy I that was the the the towering integrity and ever the vision that guy note here is that everything is going to go back to the hospital. But I've got a thing that everybody says about James combing. That these days is very, very talented. That means a tremendous loyalty. They also say has just absolute towering conception of himself
I mean literally very tall, but but at a certain and a certain kind of moral narcissism like he is very into jail. Call me being the guy, the only straight shooter and crooked town, and I think that that was the whole brow somebody built from self out of the hospital bed moment. The reasoning was directly FBI. It was the brandy cloak solving when he came out and completely violated every policy to give his own a pin ends on Hillary Clinton, email practices when he choosing, not torn dyed her. It was the reason that he said he wrote the letter and so there's pardon me that wonders if the story ends with him, trying to find redemption are sexually this investigation- I think he's look. I'm sorry. I really do. I know it's a plot twists and only one I rose. I think, he's a good guy. I want to believe that guy I gotta kind to something and I'm still clinging to that.
Tall. May I believe, I think I've ever listen. I saw this picture of done drum Junior in the New York Times, dial section on Sunday. I just had to do something about this because you know, in a certain sense. I've heard this many times in my life is not easy to be the son of a great man, some people,
Donald Trump as a great many certainly is a prominent man and an Donal Undone Junior. You know I think, as is always wanted to say, look, I'm not just do your Cousteau Hussein, I'm not just baby dock dues biology. I am not Kim Jong own John, do whatever on my own person. Don't hate me for being Donald Trump son, and I don't I hate him because he shoots fuckin lying anyway picture made me realize it is actually kind of an interest spectre began. I didn't realize he wrote a book called a kind of an introspective read some of the possibilities. For example, before I touched it, this train alive. Look at it, that's the power of a trump. When I look at people, I don't see why black Brown or read, I see a chauffeur cope in order and a drunk trying to stop daddy from oil drilling when I gave up,
The stars. I'm struck with a sense of the divine that I almost forget, I'm being blown emission very scarce, dad important we're just wrestling why they act so weird when my day jokes always make me laugh because I want him to leave me money when he died if dad in a vulgar, we're just wrestling I don't need to be the best to be a worthwhile person who deserves love. I just need to be better than Tiffany,
if Father rubber hug me wouldn't counted as granting a pussy history, professor, whose latest book is on tyranny. Twenty lessons from the twentieth century, Timothy Snyder, so your your expert isn't reduces and tyranny. So this is your businesses. Yes and you offered twenty lessons, but this is tv. Give us the job. Three! Ok! as a special moment. Like the present one figure out what you stand for and be, almost to adjust to the new situation. I dont obey in advance. The dictator, don't obey the shift Donald Day the drift don't follow. What else is doing? special moment. Like the present one figure out, what
you stand for and be yourself normally just like. I'm not read this book yeah, I'm I'm I'm worried about the confusion. Could we not show that when can we show the other one cares about tyranny and books about abrogate number to defend institutions right? This is This is a time when people like you and me right when you say the institutions are gonna, save us. This is wrong right We have to save the institutions there is this is this? Is the moment of asked not with the institutions can do for me, it's ask what you can do for the institution. Fill them out support them, don't expect them to be robots because they're not number three believe in truth, believe in truth. Without truth, we don't have trust
I trust we don't have the rule of law without the rule of law. We don't have democracy, so people who are going for post fact, people who are against it, they're, taking the direct line to killing democracy. It's the short cut democracy. When we think about building, we think about post fact. We think about prospect. We think postmodernism than we think Berkeley and begets in France a nice things, but what we should be Thinking about in all seriousness is fascism. It's the fact just who said everyday life doesn't matter details, don't matter facts, don't matter all that matters, is the message, the leader, the myth that hotel We should be thinking about the nineteen twenties right I mean If you made a little list of things about Donald Trump, which you remind me of third world dictators. You're, a narcissist who likes putting his name's on his name on buildings. That's what they do and
Your point, your family members to positions of power. Your rallies or scary, you hate them. And use your own propaganda outlet instead Lou, you want to hold missile permit its dynamism parade use your office for your own personal financial, gain you like other dictators and strong men. You claim minorities are the cause of the economic anxieties of the majority. You lies or so freely. You're supporters give up its everyone except dressing in a military costume. One is that coming yeah right! So would I mean I'm not going it is not just funding under lock and eleven new that, because, if you are using this third world dictators in my world, where I come from its the nineteen thirty's right, picking out but your neighbors and citizens and associating them with a worldwide threat. That's that's the nineteen thirty's right,
and what we have to remember about the nineteen thirty we think of Hitler and Stalin Superveillance, but they're not they could only come to power. With some form of consent, so I was elected right. What exactly so? This is the way regime change normally happens. There is an election By the rules, more or less will talk more about that later and after the elect from within the regime, is changed step by step which, by Where's the bonus lessen the thing that our we worry about is a lesson towards in the book. Is the Reichstag fire that moment when the leaders how the money right, ok, so I'll tell you that the so, the Mai, no tell me so if you insects and Hitler gets elected in nineteen, thirty, three elected right. So you are elected you, don't necessarily have policies that are popular after the elections, the mysterious terrorist attack. You use that as the
occasion to learn, learn right. Hitler's right Hendelmann burn down the Reichstag, which was their parliament. We don't know, Who can they be landed on the Mexican? We lose, you don't have a pretty was it was the Muslims, but the point when the serious point is win, terrorist attack comes, you will not necessarily know who did it, but what you can know is it certain kinds of leaders will use that moment. Does this range of rights so win? That moment comes despite your fear and your grief bring your fear and your grief. You have to mobilise and protest for you our own rights, because the rights artfire is the oldest trick in the book Mary and book. We cannot let that Trixie play okay. I'm glad you said that I want to read three quick for you and the panel. That is germane to this whole discussion, Trump
Fifty one percent of them think trumps should be able to overturn decisions by judges that he disagrees with. These are the people who carried the constitution in their pocket and in nineteen. Ninety five, one in sixteen American said army rule would be a good thing. Now it's one in six and people keep talking about. The hope is the young. Fuck moat millennials, only about thirty percent of millennials, thirty percent think its essential to live in a democracy. That's what I mean. I think about this all the time, because into into ways one is that the gene patient people that experience fascism and world war are dying off. Generation. We would have experienced the alternatives to the boring Prostration of liberal democracy have died off and
look. There are so many problems with the international legal order is constituted and Donald Trump nieces. Nato needs to pay more in everyone's to be screwing us and the others. Our problems with the EU as we saw in breaks it, but the alternative barbarism unconscionable scale with two of the worst work. In human history, within the space of three decades, and that has been completely lost to our social and political consciousness in it would be worth the crisply Chris. We because we don't teachers, but we also that's exactly right, but we also chew. We chose to lose it because, after and she- and I only we said history- is over the details. Don't matter we can forget about the important concept and so we then raised a generation without history, without references to the alternatives that you ve talked about, and we know them. We raise them without a shitload of homework. That goes with being a citizen. I never said that the two things we teach anymore civics and history and the worst,
You can say, as liberals is he's not my president. Yes, he is which means he work for us are the bass, and we must demand that. Can't you see your point about the nineteen twenty and your poet bell about those terrible things that people believe there's also the propaganda issue in the night twenty in the rise of fascism, demonizing people with anti semitic cartoons, and so for the modern day. Version of that is fake news, and this country is their attack on its social networks from raw funded russian pushed propaganda that is uniquely tailored each individual group and by the way it was deployed in our election has been deployed right now. France is being deployed over the world. We found out this week, the trumps campaign manager, The old man, yes, was on the payroll to the tune of ten million dollar bills. Did ten million dollars a year to forget the free?
but basically use that the media, and something else like advertising by and the term is called the Corazza off doctrine and that's used by the Russians as what's called hybrid warfare. Words literally fifty shades of gray between war and peace, and that is literally how they are conducting post cold war, military actions to reclaim their lost empire, its economic, its military, its political, and it is propaganda, but exact and this guy who is working for the people who say America. First he's on the payroll to two events. Put This agenda portance agenda is to call into question the value of western style democracy, ethnic conflicts with when the Soviet Union fell. I think we all had this illusion that, communism is over. Now we can be buddy bodies with the Russian because we don't have anything separating us any more, and that was bullshit. Even
of communism gone. There was a lot separate because it's a police state and we forget its- they lost and their home. We didn't come right, rebuild them the way we did Western Europe with the marshal gas. We let them languid paintings and we are glad of Fort was working for is not our agenda. That's treason, you know, that's not reacted. What would be hilarious about it if it wasn't actually happening to us in real life, but a man The first is a russian slogan. Its see slogan being pushed by Russia, who are quite literally attacking not only America but the whole of the west. Every country in Europe is undergoing these, be there are going to be right out. One thing, though, I feel there is a little bit of a temptation to create Donald as some sort of foreign project like dollar.
Trumpets. Super American will be clear that, like who heat that the idea that it was it was the product of form. It was the product of form and innovation that gave us Donald Trump like were not dollars from dangerous time over the mayor enough, but look I'm they their propaganda aims for our weaknesses, the way that a stronger Eames for the lungs and the head so late ass. They know how to work with us and they ve done it very Donald Trump is american right, but his advisers have worked. With the Russians, write his investors a russian his post fact style is russian and this whole idea of great This is actually russian there. There billboards up in Russia now maybe said Tarzan, let's make the world great together. What call me set on Monday was that Putin hated Hilary so much. Who else hates Hilary, the Republicans in trouble They had a common enemy, a common goal. Do we really think that the Donald Trump
was never done anything in his life, except by the doctrine of winning, is all that matters would have the moral I beg to resist the fact that they have this common enemy that the working aghast. Let's also because literally told them to hack, her right is only it's like. We have this big investigation will maybe there's collusion. He looked into a camera and said we run out of time, London, London and other terrorist attack this week and ISIS claim credit. I was surprised because I thought we had wiped out ISIS on day. One is Donald, I don't know it's a memo that yeah he's behind schedule about Mean ISIS onto credible ISIS onto credible source number one. A number two. This is another example of exactly what you are talking about where we take one group of people and we demonizing the guy was british born. His name was Adrian before he converted and when this awful terrorist attack happened and people lost their lives, including an american and british policeman partisans.
Russia will out in the streets saying, was an illegal immigrant that did it trying to turn London pay
against almost and friends and neighbors. Only you are not going to do that. So, let's not, let's unpretending has nothing to do with Islam, because that's a very has shown the way that late and I think they do with Rome and because every time someone goes off before it goes off, somebody is our who, after I never heard able to go merry Christmas it bit. But this ain't nothing this ones for the flying mosque in Canada. They shouted Buskin, Canada and you do in fact see NEO nazi things, all the time and energy shouting out racist slogans. It's just that we don't cover those animals able and willing to you now. Nobody went when Christians do things like this. Do we ever say christian terrorism never know, but is christian terrorism as big a problem? This other critical genetically, hardly chairman, I d say we're talking about London. That's again, a false equivalency are there what is about London? What are their terror? Other christian terrorist fused me or their christian terrorist armies like ISIS? They are all calling for fifteen years, the past all right, so you weren't there, but we were living now. I can only has enabled us to get inquisition. I was the path. Wasn't a coward there not raise jaws arrest armies like ISIS Al Qaeda broke off around
I was sure Bob out their armies, like that in general, that are not muslim. When I grew up, that's not, for when I got there, where can I get real now agree? Real? I literally don't agree with you. Rush is sending Chechen militants into ISIS, and they are absolutely trying to leverage this against a billion peace has people time for new rules, don't like your Iphone missing in the bath aspiration if it's plugged into the wall along demanded that last week and died and when they found him in the water they tried to draw him out in a bag full of rice. Euro celebrities have to stop giving interviews where they say they wish they weren't a celebrity like Selena Gomez, who told Bob this month. I really can't wait for people to forget about me
Only there wasn't that law forcing her to give interviews to magazines all she wanted to be left alone, but this limbo keeps pulling up and take here too concerts and photo shoots, and so on there. We are all now that the brazilian Golly Bruno, just Sousa, is back playing pro soccer after serving time for torturing and murdering his ex girlfriend, because He didn't want to pay child support. Americans, the com they held down about Tom Brady
yeah like struggling. She did a little get back to me when he runs do sell for a one german neuro. Someone asked explain why Cubans are poor and have next to nothing and they make music like this, while America's the richest country in the world- and we make music like this- you are using If you're using hush, vibrating blood plug yeah. I said vibrating body plug that your partner operates remotely from another location using their smart phone. You have to
look at your intimacy issues hush. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase hold on I'm going through a tunnel and finally neural american needs. More Republicans, like this guy This man should be commended and not just for being the first Trump voter to get all the spelling right on a sign, but because it's not easy to admit that you ve been taken by a con man now during the can pain. Con man Trump said this about the high cost of pharmaceuticals and win they get drunk prices so far lower than they are now. Your head will spend that
he promised to use his deal. Making superpowers. To get the drunken. These two cut prices. But after the election he sat down with the executives of big form and what are you now? It turns out. The solution is to get tough at all. It stick regulations back, he promised please don't pipeline. Would be built with american steel, it won't do must have been the saviour of call minors, but here was the headline last month drums slams West Virginia. I know, you're real Americans hate being called stupid, but you gotta meet me
halfway and stopping stupid. I mean, I would say, Trump was a used car salesman, but with a used car sales, but at least you get a car with Trump. You don't get any car, but you definitely get taken for a ride. He promised, and I quote, we're going to have insurance for everybody much less pensive and much better but women the bill. It was a giant tax cuts for the rich paid by kicking twenty four million people off their health insurance. When a truly novel approach to making health care less expensive saving money by not giving people healthcare
it's like, saving money on your kids, education by letting them stay home and want to judge duty and again I dont- want to use the S word, but then you have to tell me how this sounded at all possible and you can end up with great healthcare for a fraction of the price and that's gonna. Take immediately after we going ok immediately fast believing health care could be way better at a fraction of the cost is so silly let's call it silly. The trump reproach to her there was never going to be repealed and replace. It was always bait and switch
Because, because that is the common approach to everything, did I say insurance for all I meant access to ensures. Did I say Mexico would pay for the beautiful wall that keeps dealers out and locks the freshness edge? I met. Mexico would pay us back. I will build a great great wall, on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that Wall ACT now, I will throw in a second war, absent tromp as pro,
jobs. You probably wondering whether these be good jobs, I'm glad you asked ass numbers of jobs, high paying jobs, good jobs, not the jobs we have today, which everybody agrees are bad job ass, a number of good right, good jobs and the burgeoning new field of something terrific. You know you from stirs. You didn't elect the neck, Reagan you elected this guy. I invite you to come to. My seminar have a lot of money. Once you have a pay of a good life, you will never go back the elected, every cheap huckster, who you should I've known as full of shit because he was always promising the moon. Everything is always full proof and a hundred percent, but prove way of winning the war. ISIS at it would be
similarly a hundred percent deal at a minimum. Come to the table. It actually they'll be defeated very quickly. Folks. How much would you pay to get rid of ISIS? Don't answer, because not only will ISIS Begone, like that, appears our guarantee on undocumented immigrants going out so so stay like better winning. So much you're, tired of winning or having your husband heads with spin your head was winning winning ahead, while spin winning big league.
Too much wedding. We can't take it anymore order now and we will throw in everything. I will give you everything. I will give you what you paid looking for thirty forty fifty years really everything everything he said? Ok, I won't lock you anymore, you're, not the first people to be fooled by a guy like Donald Trump. What's your name go out what a coincidence Brody Polanski, how are you know hence crying over spilt snake oil. You can.
Liking him, but just admit he is a con man and a good one? The kind of tells you I promise I'll pull out while he's coming over time. I knew you had only legislative, we're having fatty night watchman removed the nation love and each be oh dot, com,
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