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Ep. #423: Elizabeth Warren, Ernest Moniz

2017-04-29 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Elizabeth Warren, Ernest Moniz, Nick Hanauer, Rob Reiner, and Tara Setmayer. (Originally aired 4/28/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from HBO real time to start
again I give yourselves getting through one hundred days. Donald draw ride a hundred days. It drop its like went if we all gave up reality either
big on this hundred day mark some people aggressor, disappointed at his lack of accomplishment. Lotta mere Putin. All that work for nothing, but you know who keep up with things drop is doing a great job got all drug rapporteur asks them in a great himself begins open a what have we ever with a feather Donald Trump, giving observer, and you can trust that great busy used to own a fig university, the White House, this we put out a list of his accomplishments and most of them were not accomplishments like on the list, was partnering with the price
sector here. That's one government does not an accomplishment got all my kids jobs, not really something. One of them just said word for word I am quoting those women and space exploration. Truck driver knows about women and space. His wife lives daughter miles away, but it still telling he gave it to you today and he was very revealing. He said this is this is more work than my previous life I thought it would be easier said that yeah who knew
Nobody knew nobody knew that president. It would be so hard. It looks so it looks so easy in the movies when Morgan Freeman does it here's what he said he doesn't like he's isolated. He misses rising. And when you say stuff people check the statements why not little bitch is, but they don't pattern emerging here after hundred days that we could say First Donald Trump
bull shit out of his essence that so easy to fix. So easy, then phase to nobody knows how many they always hard and then face three. We go back to what Obama was doing. Trade with China. Go back to that ISIS go back to that policy. The Randy go back to that health care laughter. All the campaign only talk that was not the worth deliver for disaster Now you know what happened this week, you talk to the mexican president. He talked to the canadian Prime Minister is back on sending happened when you talk to the chinese president, suddenly we're on their side he's like them. Ensuring candidate what you don't even have to hypnotize. Just tell him he's pretty near all, but but plainly we have this president, who knows nothing
didn't know anything about any. The issue is not about the basics, and I mean the basics like how a bill becomes all law, how many branches government we have. I mean he didn't know what breath it was. He didn't know who the Kurds, where you didn't know it, the nuclear try out. It is like the present a baby with a movie alone. He's just learning about figures. Did this. We came last week entire send it. Did you see this over to the White House to get a briefing on North Korea, the
tyres Senate or, as shown by Sir said, over a million senators? What this was reduced, super topsecret briefing the entire set at the beginning of the week I missed regiments, was all they could talk about they trumpeted. This was a very serious, but all the senators the memorandum commander, White House said the Senate will be addressed by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the Secretary defence, then Rex, listen, will speak because this affair time for everything and then the president will talk about is ratings on the apprentice and vodkas new line of stroppy sandals and the time he won the electoral college cake will
Serb and it will be the best cake. A lot of people already saying it's the greatest taken that has been the world mental illness is sad. Ladies and gentlemen, I think you need room for that. He invites the tax plan this week- I don't have time to go into the details. Just suffice it to say the wealthiest people in America are finally going to beat catching a branch ladys tax plan. What are you charitable word for it? It was one page no mass, I'm not kid. That's the tax plan. I thought a taxpayer, that's a resume for a manager at Chuck Ici. They said it well, it's rough rough.
I mean there's rough and then this is so rough. It needs a safe world and the sector, the Treasury secretary, Steve Munchkin, said he something like that I can't pronounce. He said he wants people's taxes to fit on the back of a postcard, and on the front of the coastguard, and
for twenty five percent off on a bunker. Stroppy said: was there really got? A great writer here is breaking her former secretary of energy arenas monies, but first option is the author of this fight? Is our fight the battle to save America's middle class? Senator Elizabeth WAR, you'll love, California, last liberal bastion. Now, to my mind, people all across this country are energized right now, and I want it really. All energize occurs again here, but all across the country they don't have a democratic, governor, demographics and democratic parliament. We are,
liberalism is at the forefront. You gotta admit that. Shall luck I actually see this a little differently. The way I see it right now is that what happened on health care, I want to say, Jerry vary in this audience. Everybody out there who cold or wrote a letter or emailed or Facebook, because here in the history of america- and it didn't happen because we had enough democratic votes in the house or in the Senate. What we our voices and we got out there and made him hurt and wash saga about. Your book, furthermore, will live for good, and we don't want to forget that important thing that is about the middle class and what's happened to them and, let's be honest, it started with Reagan, peace and blessed be upon him. Blessings be upon him:
but it began when you talk about the period from nineteen. Eighty, two, twenty fifty nine where the middle class was before and where the middle class was after nineteen. Eighty tell us. So let's do it. Spartan, there's nineteen thirty five coming out of the great depression, all the way to twenty. Sixty year after year after year, basically, GDP goes up. America gets Richard good story, but divided into two carried one time period to nineteen thirty five to now. One. Eighty one During that time we have regulation of the big banks giant cop, we enforce anti trust rules, but a cop. The bead on Wall Street have Glass Steagall in place, and progressive tax patient and make a lot of investment a year ago. That's right into opportunity in education and infrastructure in was urge scientific research, medical research and stop GDP is going up
nineteen thirty five to nineteen, eighty The ninety percent. America, everybody outside the top ten percent the night percent seventy percent of all the interim growth in America, and that happened across the board. It happen Americans participated, the pie got here. We all got a little more to eat. Nineteen. Eighty happens, then Ronald Reagan, regulation, fire the cops on Wall Street and the big One cut taxes for those at the top. And then invest less in education in infrastructure in basic research night, eighty two: twenty sixty gdp keeps going right on. This is the long arc story in the book GDP. Keeps going right not up and how to them, eight percent. Did they get zero percent? If the new income,
nearly one hundred percent of new income growth in this country goes to the top ten percent. That's Why I wrote this book is because we gotta get in there and fight back and that's what this book is about about, how we move right. Bragger little our, I M ready because one thousand nine hundred and eighty to twenty fifteen there's some in terms of Barack Obama, two terms of Bill Clinton. So sometimes when they control the house in the Senate to so what happened? There? Don't a democrat bear some responsibility for that. There aren't they supposed to put the brakes on this occasion like now, look at work both ways: nineteen thirty, five to nineteen eighty. We also had some Republicans were President like Eisenhower, right a Nixon who actually is the guy who started the environmental protection age and right and the consumer
product safety, commission, great guy, solid, solid. You know I never thought vision resident, is thinking Nixon personally, when I look at old clips, abortion and oil and those were the days right now, but that there really is a point. These are long arc movements. And basically what we ve done in America's we ve tried to different theories. This is kind of the the thesis of the book. We tried the wan, you use progressive taxation. You use some sensible regulations to make sure the playing field is level. You know what would be the greatest middle on the face, but I think I can see why the real Americans, out there, the trumpeters, say a pox on both their houses, because this trend, you're describing was interrupted by democratic administration, oil. It will slow down some by democratic administrations.
I want to be fair here. Democratic administrations are the ones you will put some of the brakes on who did somewhat more anti trust enforcement and, let's keep in mind its democratic, administration that went for universal health care with, Mama care, or at least pushed in that direction and Dodd Frank and my personal favorite, the consumer financial protection period. Now we have another republican president just presented another tax plain witches I mean I've seen republican tax glands like this, but not quite as brazen gives. This one doesn't even pretend it just about. Wouldn't it be great if rich people didn't pay tax, write but he's going to go to a rally in Harrisburg Pennsylvania tomorrow and tell his fans all about this, but have his kids are not going to have to pay taxes cuz they get rid of them. A and they're still with him there not with you.
Explain to me what that disconnection is actually push back. I I disagree with you when you told us fans or not with you hold on, come on when we, Wait till I get your programme it. If, when you talk about, what's really the basic pieces of a progressive agenda, raise the minimum wage span, social security reduce the cost of college, so people don't get crushed by student loans at more less regulation provided for other national institutions, now I'm as if taxation make those at the top pay. Their fair share. Amerika Democrats were Wilkins independence, libertarians independence, Libertarians Vegetarians, America, two to one are with US
the broadly a signature and applicants America. This is doubly disconnect. I'm talking about. I agree with you. There wish you with you on the issues and then they both for him. Well, then, what what is that problem? A no? No I'm, not petition interrupted to be nice. I say people are stupid all the time. Some say that today, because you are a politician, but don't there are some burden for not the people, Looking into this a little more closely and seeing who is really on their side, I mean Donald Trump ran as a populist and now presents his tax plan to Edmund sacks guy get up there? Thank God we didn't elect Hilary with her Wall Street. Can they are exactly and present This plan on one page that basically is Let's give all the money, the rich people, because they always do what's right with it. You know they, thank God for the rich,
because they check that money. They put it back at trickled down on you, you're, lucky bastard. We ve seen this before the others have seen it before his voters are not young. They lived through it. How come they fall for the con? So look. I think that Donald Trump tapped into a real in America. People are angry and let's face it, they are right to be angry. They are angry over the fact that that young people can education without getting crushed by student loans that they are angry but its misplaced. If they but for him and not you so this is Well, how do we solve that problem? So we all agree. The anger is justified, but there, but let's do it Step is our sign Hester knowledge, the anger and as to say that people are,
and they are right to be angry this. What are you holding our people right? Everybody start an essay, bruises anger and there is good reason for a lot of those real Americans think that only Trump cares about them Democrats only or into identity politics, and sometimes it looks that way. What and since the Democrats lost every election. And then all control one branch of government shouldn't that, doesn't it behoove them to look at that This is this is the reason I wrote this book. I wrote this, but this is my. This is my life's work, this is you know this? This is what I've worked on spam and it's what happened to you. Family. You harlings regret for this. You know my background and you know where I come from an you know. I do it, it is the fact here I am. I am. I am the daughter of a janitor who ended up as a professor at Harvard
our school and United States Senator because America Investor. I recognise that those opportunities today are lost, they are gone and so the quest for me is how are we going to rebuild that America? How are we going to get enough people together to say that mark receive, is gonna work again that this is not going to be a country run by and for rich people? Only. I do my best in this book to talk about how we make our voices heard, how we come together and how we fight back. In fact, I'll tell you something this book ends on a very hopeful. It is
went to trumps inauguration. I watched I wanted to see it. I wanted it burned in my eyes my my view on this wasn't there was ever going to be a moment. Worms like I'm too tired to get up close my eyes, oh god, I'm running back in the fight, but the next day it's the next day when the world changed When the history of this time is written, sure, it's gonna be about Donald Trump selection, but you know what it's gonna be about. It's gonna be about the day of the women's marches. To be about the day and the deal. We have real evidence that it matters in the fights over health care. Remember how the Republicans in the House Sixty plus times had voted, Repeal Obamacare. Remember how Doll tramped said on
a wan right. How many times have you say on day one we're gonna repeal Obama? Okay, so we lied once said exactly what here's the deal we really didn't have the votes in the house of the Senate to stop it wrote what stopped him was enough people across this country and not just Democrat who got engaged in the fight who started talking about you kidding me, you mean you want to change the law, so you could discriminate against people with preexisting medical conditions and when they we saw the plan, not twenty four peep, a million people off healthcare coverage raised cause for middle class families, so you can give a tax break.
To those at the top, a handful of millionaires and billion. There's no way, and so I get it that that the first version of truck care failed because for some Republicans it was not brutal enough. But here's the deal the rest of the Republicans we're not willing to follow them over the cliff and the reason is because peace around this country made their voices heard. We got a tap into that. We got a magna. I may need a liter euro. I have to say you know when you talk, people get very excited when Hilary stop talking, they got excited so Donald Donald Trump today we're talking about running against you next time. Nope
sure, Senator Elizabeth Lloyd, you like them, make their own decisions, made our priorities and entrepreneurs, activists and author of gardens of democracy. Nor can our back with Us Nick, I you know she's a former congressional staffer, who is now a conservative government ETA terrorists set my areas, willingness near to the liberal, California, and ease and arguments actor and award winning directors. Vinyl, tat, princess bright, stand by me, so many others raw forget the finnish overtime Jurgen into them. After the show you two
Ok, so hundred days boy, the press loves benchmark. I guess it means something, and let me just ask about this tax plan. Before we get into the details, the one page thing they had a hundred days what happened during the first ninety nine and a half days. Apparently they did not study. It's like a kid who for to do the assignment and wrote it was on the way to school. Supposedly smart, Jews, Goldman Sachs. This view but you have a group of people who no idea how to govern they. Don't their stand public policy. They don't understand how this country interacts with the rest of the world. There are people that have no EL these jobs, who
most firmly that, for the most part, want to destroy the very agencies that there that there representing so there was an hour- and I wonder why this happen in political says that they quoting a senior Whitehouse official, who said I kind of Pooh Pooh, the experience stuff when I first got here, but this shit is hard. He didn't mean it needed a stool, also oftener. He meant that the south toys are isoude rambler. I I'm sorry, I waited not I'm sorry, one thing: it's mostly go ahead now I saw that and I thought to myself what the hell you people been doings whole time for those of us who have been involved in politics who have worked in Capitol Hill like I have, I've been in government understand how things worth what work with us on a local level or not. How do you
No, the enormity of the White House and the fact that there are so many people that have surrounded trumpets, bad enough that he didn't know what the hell he was doing, but he's a rounded himself with people who know what the hell they were doing and now here we are talking about a round. I had no idea miss my old life, and you know like using over is comb over it. It raises is only the Republica done around our civic, so Oda. This is like you know, but this will get mine and we all have to do is stick your shovel in and it just rains boat
for you guys it's like me. It's a good and bad. You know we love that you can get those lasting you're the best at it, but it's also draw out of the entire country. You know it's not so much a plan is a cliche. What would really struck me is. It was like they photocopy talking points from the Heritage foundation in just know why we had a real power. We just sit here and, in my view, one of the first things it says, the economy and create millions of jobs. Magic, asked tragic death, simplify our burdensome tags, go as if the Americans can distinguish three and seven like our Europe method.
Tax Braga it just so out. First of all, we need more tax break at less. Yes, the idea that someone who case two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that's the highest ranking also,
pays the same as someone who makes ten billion right, that's proposal, hostelry, ok or even at last. I would even say that we could discuss having a flat tax would know we eat. No, that's what we're going to have. You know you made it tell me that that the American, though neither simplify the tax code for them, a New United Energy taxes, taxes without not against tax flat taxes and other giant give. Where did the rich people who want to do? The events are not, instead of sincerity, grow, you're, rich version, it I'm far from rich number. Wouldn't you guys are applied the poor and the rich guy more money for you. I saw that the idea that this is all that this is not paid for and it's gonna blow the mother of all holes down the did come on Republicans. I think I see a pattern here,
a run up everything on the credit card. They could give a shit about spending when therein office as soon as it is oh cried takes over what we normally money. The Democrats, to take over and then it's up to them to put the house back in order
at last? There came a crowd of deciding. What did we respond? Didn't we re do Joe is doing about eight hundred now he went up the deficit bookcase, Lhasa. We were in wars, dealing with Reagan, similar thing and didn't up the military and didn't leave us meeting. We didn't you knew of surplus bowels was responsible for that Bill Clinton. Forest budget was voted down. Ninety nine zero when he had Democrats and we re way we're looking came opposite. Ninety four build, I didn't build centuries saw a lot of time left offers. Many took pleasure in principle that continuing on the credit Bulgarians, President Barroso, the needs of our right should have one, and there are just wondering what other elements
discussion of our economy, which is healthcare, because that is this seems. I've been forgotten since we started to tackle health care around two thousand and eight when everybody on both sides there I'll agreed. We have to do something. The status quo is not acceptable for us. It's going to bankrupt as that have gone away. We seem to have now made the curve more in our favour. Ok, but they didn't get there. First, healthcare repeal pass the Trump administration neither trying again didn't happen to dynamically and gave one minute more Hanan everything, ok, but it's connected to this tax cut I think that's what people realise is that they wanted to give this tax cuts to the richest people, and I always say this: the Obama CARE is paid by rich people. It is
income industry, no joke about a question about much of and for them to actually these recent acts that have to pay for that too. So small businesses are hurt by the above Mcivor TAT, small air about rash people, know they're not tell that to the mom and pop song. Is that anyone who million dollars a year old? That's not know we're talking about that. We're talking about the these our businesses that have under fifty employees that are being killed by regulation intact. There not be annual. Yes, they are no there you're, not a business owner now. You know that you're, not my eyes, are different kinds of issues related to five different kinds of businesses. Businesses make one work
but some of them did businesses in this country thrive. When sales go up, not when taxes go down, there is absolutely no orally hide when they grow. They can hang on terms and airy interesting discussion. Sabert receive areas. There is what I was going to ask, which is so we know o bomb care is mostly funded by rich people, so Trump gets into office and he says we want to give the rich people the top one percent a giant tax cut, but we don't want it to buzz the deficit. Where do we find that money where, where where oh yeah money we're wasting so that poor kids can see a doctor. If that's how cold
these mother fuckers are absolute connected. The money for the tax cuts comes from taking it from poor Americans who got from here, isn't even get chump care. I think TAT is masquerading as our general point worth. Americans already qualify for Medicaid and you're, not no one's taking medicate away from the poorest Americans and medicate and Medicare things are not going to do. That is hardly less. Oh, my god, I'm united, maybe runway this Medicaid. Where do you dare not deal what's going to happen? You're way, they are. What are you getting about? Spanish, be moved off the Medicaid that got the combat against expansion- big, yes, so that people can afford their own healthcare, so the government isn't pasteboard. I've never been to medicate clinic. I don't think so. You know why, when I was younger and lending a lot, the government run run budget free clinic.
That's right, I did notice my during the Vietnam here it s about the politics behind this like why Republicans are unable to do this. Now that we have seven years of carping about this and Elizabeth Warren was actually right in passing. The house has multiple bills or pealing or peeling. Is it easier to be against something? And now that it's time to actually do it? A lot of moderate Republicans that are in purple district that took the Medicaid expansion? Money I'm a care going holy shit. We're gonna lose our seat that we vote for this, and there was actually ports on that, whereas the recent yesterday that many moderate Republicans are going. We can't do this because it's gonna cost us the convention, Donald Trump and a lot of trouble that democratic guy you, the guy- is writing the healthcare bill, Paul Ryan Kind, just quote you Paul, Ryan, He doesn't even know what insurance is letting on how to fix. Healthcare is all right. Listen to this on the fatal, conceit of Obama care his words young and healthy. People are going to go into the market and pay for it.
Older. Sicker people give yeah, that's how it sure and South go they're going to pay for the person. You know who that they're going to pay for the person. You know who gets breast cancer and or forties or who gets heart disease and is fifty, is exactly that and then, when you were fifty, you will get. This is not the only stuttering, moron raise a perfect healthcare system if you are rich, if you are young and if you are perfectly
everything I'm off to everybody else. It's well who added area? Ok, so listen! You all know who's the ban and is right. We have a picture of the great look the chiefs arrive, as is our pseudo honey bees. None kills me that he got much some money from Seinfeld yeah right because we may ass well run. Our companies are our show and I'd he's got some money from sign, fell out your mad about that and that my wife Michel took the picture of drum on the cap. The art of the deal. I will we both are atoning way of me more than I see that in taking money from the taxpayers as a government employ in the White House. I think that's worth anyway, so he used to be had a bright bird whose right which trumpets were when we organs that he reads, and now they run the government and the an arch conservative site, but listen conservative. They are right, not Brighton,
whose denied media credentials to cover Congress. That is very rare. You have to be so partisan for that. These peoples that you can't even cover us. So we wanted to see how partisan they were. We looked into guess: you're, a big time director. They have movie reviews on the bright bird, NATO. I'm not kidding, look at some of the reviews. They have always et AL. I think you see they reveal how conservative they are like hidden figures that you say hidden figures how I love here's the right word: news review astronauts survive despite affirmative action, but, alas,
on vetted muslim hijacks rough, but that that is not there. For many years in here, a misery resourceful homemaker provides non governmental health, a few good man, other one hears a real american hero. Fights to keep Guantanamo Bay Open, Johns Miser says you can handle the alternative, the great dictator at least he never gassed anyone any like Maloney Trump. A hungry little girl has your life jaynes wherever viable, millionaire gone with the wind. Washington's burdens regulations interfere with the southern titanic stupid
Gorge pressures, glacier people's sure shag. Redemption prisoner reminds us that even with just a spoon, white people do amazing when Aramis salary another one year's rub a beautiful control, freak blonde fakes, an orgasm for neurotic Jew, two thumbs up say of vodka and nuclear power. You, secretary of energy, under President Obama, earners Monet great dad you thank you very much. I write so you are nuclear physicist.
After do that, during the way science is kind of sexy now- and there was a march on science recently rack for Science- lunch Force, what did you make that and wonder? What is your outlook for the next four years? If Trump makes a bed for in an anti science environment, much for science really was recognition that so far with the of proposed, but really undercut the research, the science scientific enterprise. That has been the basis our economy ever since world war, two not to mention advancing environmental concerns itself However, I think that much in science really also had a very very strong under current just saying enough, with this war on facts, Let make it very clear. This administration did not start that, but I think they have
really true exacerbated this, and I can I'd say how how concerning this is because, in the end, having facts and by the bait, scientific laws? They are laws, they dont ideas and and and and in the end, democracy depends upon having right. That's? U can disagree on policies, but you can't disagree. That's not true, so they can and may well so, but I very much science was about rat and by the way it turned out might have been comparable to the inaugural crop. But now, as as head of the Energy Department, which you know, the current energy we don't want to, I know you're too much of a gentleman to make fun of them, but Rick Parry, the former governor of attack and who wanted to get rid of the Energy Department and did not know what it did is now.
The Energy Department and he was on dancing with this dark. Ok, but but I must tell you come and go and please do not make the point that govern or not, but very Perry lucky he has lifted. And he has been made very strong support of statements about science and innovation. However, his the disconnect and the confusion on March Eighth, he put out a tweet praising a particular programme called Urban, which has been the face it innovation in energy technology. A week later, the be puts out. This budget says no one, I'm just euro without so these disconnects are just creating also ethic. When there was a doubt he there are a lot of people in a stadium and prayed for rain was wrong, What did it? Work, of course, did not work
No, I mean eventually it rain, but but I must tell you like the two I worry the most about killing us all the environments and that's the slow. Death and the other one is of course, terrorists getting hold of a nuclear weapon, so I do worry about the fact that a manoeuvre nuclear physicist in charge of the nukes he only found out. Nukes were part of the department he was heading. He has Ba in animal husbandry,. So let me ask you question about nuclear, because I'm worried about nuclear- and I know I've been back and forth on this issue, but I know you think we need nuclear power, but you know Fukushima happen Japan and twenty eleven and limit. Let me read you some of the facts about what's going on in Fukushima,
because the evacuation of a hundred and fifty thousand people six years later, eighty thousand are still displaced course. Two hundred and eighty eight billion so far it could last is his forty years. They say and in others would be all over by now and it's not they just don't seem to be able. To control this problem of a nuclear facility that went bad. Why do you still want to us to have nuclear power? If this can happen? well first, because I don't want to get into a long fukushima issued by do want to point lying at the second Darien. Ok, fine! Well, I'm here, then we will be in that. I want to emphasise this is not what I'm sorry about politics. This is is this: this is not. Your point is still is still right, but one emphasised the Fukushima was not an issue of the nuclear technology.
Having said that, let me say what it is about as carbon carbon emissions. What I have said always is that, but an ugly old plants, this I've been doing nuclear threat, so direct is an alignment of his about glared, and so therefore it does show the risk. If you don't even know, I personally manage these situation probably, but let me just say that number one is about to me about carbon emissions number two: it's a fact that nuclear is the biggest carbon. Avoiding technology we haven't got it it's right issue in many countries number three, but there are other establishing waiting technology, yes and the solar exactly and the solutions to the climate climate mitigation challenge will look very different in different places. Some places it will include nuclear some places won't and that's fine. I'm saying we need all the tools for We are developing new text,
I want especially smaller technologies for nuclear that are very, very good. Passive safety. The question is: Will there financial performance allow them to compete against solar wind? with batteries, storage and natural gas. That's the real issue. You'll have to work harder after the show. When we're drinking to convince me out, I want to switch gears and a second to talk about this is that weaken? That is the twentyth anniversary of something that for us, Angelina was a big event, which is the allay riots. After the famous Rodney king beating, about a year later, the cops who did that were put on trial and they were acquitted and for anyone who has ever lived through a riot spreading and you can watch it tv approach. Your house, it's not one of my favorite memories. You must have been here for that to guarantee I was and is more fact getting trying to get home after.
I mean the whole city exploded in the whole city. You couldn't move in LOS Angeles, because of that I mean it was horrifying to an end, especially since you know we ve seen in our proposal, Grass maiden in in race, race relations starting with the Board of Education, loving versus Virginia of Civil Rights ACT, a Voting rights ACT, we ve seen a lot happen. We ve seen ourselves move backwards. And we seemed after that kind of get onto glide path, doing better with Rachel we were talking about this backstage and a common, It is in the election of an african american president, and I think we all felt good about that. We're moving in the right direction and then this man comes along and runs for president and on earth this racism that has been bubbling up under an We came out to the fore during the Rodney King Time and its now
then voice to it. Not just I was born out of the horror that down, if you saw pulling during the second half of Barack Obama's presidency, that b that race relations people felt they were not getting better. And even which was surprising for many, because they thought they fought with the election of Brok. Obama than August is the Post Rachel President Obama, but by the second to the second part of his of his term that were starting to choose. Each because of some certain policies and things are happening and then obviously Ferguson happened, which didn't help a situation, and then you know what happened with social media and they guess the police on camera, which would amaze me about this diversity coming this week is just in later times this week. This is this week. Listen to this, the LOS Angeles Police Commission voted Tuesday to quote, require officers to try whenever possible to defuse tents encounters.
Before firing their guns weight This is just a new Let me read it again require offers to try whenever possible, to defuse Tenzin counters before firing their guns. They're just come. Upon this policy now well, that's part of the continuum of force. I mean I come from a long course and family. My grandfather was captain of our police department, my hometown, I'm married to a federal law enforcement officer, so I'm very passionate about this issue and see it from both sides know. As a woman of color, I look at their stance on the sensitivities in certain communities, with a police officers at why my big proponent of community, policing, citizens, police Academy, things like that should start in elementary schools with kids, and you know so that you know the police officers are not your enemy, but at the same time there are
bad cop out there and we cannot ignore. That is not a bad cop issue. This is the police commission saying our official policy as a Tuesday is just don't empty. Your lips at the foot of the signs are people. Do that people, like most users, do nine wearily just one hours. They don't do that and for people who have no idea what its lights on Facebook video we fell in. Four people have no idea what it's like to do: a traffic stop and have no idea what that person is doing what you're walking up on trapping second, but vaguely hits can't officer there were not, as it was not conscription. They pick that job dangerous job, yes dangerous job, but it can't be that that the community is there to protect and serve them
for the majority of people: it's not that way, but the majority police officers are there to protect in serving their vs ie, so that and we need the egg is not found out during the riot. What happens when you dont have them run so what happens and break down what the relationship between community law enforcement? You had anarchy, and no one wants that, but we need to be fair to our police officers out there and respect what they do every day and not demonized our right of the bad act like you for the filibuster. It's time you roll of drop, wants to pick a fight with Canada. He has to come up with a better reason, then they're killing us on canadian softwood. If you hate Mexicans and you hate lumber, just bomb home, deeper and even cancer, and if you can't stand canadian softwood take out
Justin Bieber baby Neural, any guy who spends four hundred and twenty five dollars for these pre dirty genes must be fair to answer a lot of questions like what's wrong with you. This look doesn't say: I'm a working man, it says: might your poet lay burrito just backfire Neuro? If you want to reach people who can afford to buy a house, don't I
entire, where they wait for the bus urine real estate. What part of location, location, low donation you understand this doesn't say I want to be your broker. It says when you think of may think over crackhead sitting on my face, Neural Brooklyn, taco, squirrel and manhattans Peter Rabbit, have to get together for legitimate and it'll, be an internet sensation plus it'll. Give you to adjourn the talk shit about that asshole kroner, raccoon Neuro if you take levantin the drugs to treat opium Lloyd, induced Constipation UK and also use medical marijuana. I'm no
Durban come on either. Should I get off the pocket? And finally, new role: liberals have to stop trying to win over Trump voters with facts. You're wasting your breath and you're going to need it because the air is not getting it. Just look at these hundred days headlines, no regret strong voters, unanimous them, this. This illusion trump voter, even voters and liberal Massachusetts, are sticking with tromp numbskull find a whole new level of nome.
All right. I made that last one I put the point to point: is Trump supporters aren't changing their mind because the problem isn't in the mind it slower? emotional, stop clinging to the false hope that if we just share this facebook story about the time that he tried to have lunch with Frederick Douglass or high fines, Stevie Wanderer criticized Obama for playing golf and now he plays Margo, you are preaching to the younger studio, The jury is in, he looks and act like a man. Who's been painting his face with orange led for forty year. His people know they don't care, he could have, Frank's skeleton in his closet. They all vote for him again.
Question is why why do they stick with him? I think it's because of a gut feeling that the world has changed and they don't like it and trumpet going to change it back to the way it was when our real american good flip around looking for a radio station and not have to hear my reaction music. The media keep saying that the thing that got Trump elected was economic anxiety. It's really more chain. Anxiety. I ain't no raises. But why does America need to have a black Santa Claus? Love everybody have the new everything
I think I speak for most liberals when I say I'm ok with Black Santa. I don't think it's gonna make the little drummer boy start cutting himself, but to tramp voters making Santa Black is unthinkable. It would be like making Jesus Middle Eastern. This is why building that stupid war is still there issue for them, because it represents keeping out not just immigrants, but breathing, that's new and different and scary, it unfamiliar you guys probably agree with me that it's kind of cool that you can write a musical and hip hop now like Hamilton, and I Ok,
with saying this guy playing this guy, but voters don't want to see that the founding fathers have been francophile.
A Broadway is supposed to be the great white way. Our added does everyone? A baseball have to be mexican now Lopez, Fernandez, Martinez, Fernandez, rum errors. When did the Yankees become the parking lot at home beeper? What is it with men kiss unknown? The kids can mention gross tenor. Has tits now see that guy my new character that guy got used to having the whole country always bend over backwards to make feel comfortable trump voters?
they're not exactly racists. They just think everyone whose not white is doing it to show off. You know in the fifties, viewer and act. Your name to tell a GEO for you, placated, conservative, snowflakes and bent over words for them and change your name to chipping it to bring in starring in that no movie with Dan Houston, Lily Nile our gallon shoes. Mcgraw and Gale Smith. If you ask a trump voter exactly it means to get their country back or make a great again. They can't tell you specifically, but they know the Hollywood squares was never supposed to be re made on tv. Look like this
if we just what bill that wall black people would stay in their cubicles never came out of his cubicle
or the closet. All right! That's how I'll be at the civic center in DES Moines May, seventh, four hundred and fifty in Orlando July, eighth at the Ruth Eckerd in Clearwater on the ninth. I want a second account on Youtube. Thank you very much.
Such a young man, I think so yeah right, maybe he's part of a whole Euro, let's all raising laughter, Larry King, a true giant of radio and television on the sixtyth anniversary of his very first broadcasts. Sixty years thinking but we're Larry signed on nineteen. Fifty seven president just a horny ten year old trying to bluff is way through fifth grade and look how far we ve come Larry play
records on the radio in Miami Beach. Now records are gone, radio is going and thanks to climate change, so, as my army be worried in where suspenders as a fashion statement, he wore them if no one had invented the belt and the elastic waistband was just a theory Larry was paid fifty five dollars a week and nineteen fifty seven, which is enough money to afford over thirteen wives, he's done over forty thousand interviews since then, with everyone from more market dominated Chloe, car dash unity, still finding jewelry and the cracks of the couch, Larry old friend. Thank you. First The years of making insightful fascinating broadcasting look effortless enter.
Taking all of us always look forward to seeing you and for guys, like me, a mark of excellence to shoot for here's to sixty more. My friend. Ok, earnest. How confident are you in the ability of the ran deal to contain IRAN's nuclear threat? Quite confident, and you weren't at a lot on that road. Indeed, and the reason is something that is seldom talked about, the deal puts in place verification measures that are completely unique and apply this deal for Donald Trump said it's. Maybe the worst deal in history, the world.
Because everything he thinks of is the worst in the history of the world. But so is this. Is it another case where, but he's rams more? I love the fact that information would help you ve got to the Secretary of State Grech, Sellers Yang. That's that so far. Iran has been comply with the deal it in on the same day, you got Trump saying we gotta get rid of it. It isn't. I mean it is an amazing. The way like I said, the monologue they start off with. Nobody knew and they come back to boy. I guess Obama was doing is actually the best Reno is no great answer. Really is no great answers out. There cannot glad we see what happens when you don't get in early enough in, let's see not north not get North Korea stopped before they haven't. Nuclear problem, though, is that with North Korea you, you don't have as many players that you were able to put together. The Obama administration put together a great coalition to put pressure on IRAN. Right now. We basically only have China
That's all. We have to put pressure on North Korea so that the sole took too tired. Do you think more sexism exists on one side of the ILO, or is it a bipartisan problem? Well, obviously, it somewhat by partisan. We click Did you ever work Fox NEWS where I do not really have been called hot chocolate that would actually be called like mocha mocha mighty out over something given? Why not talk about it? But now not not not Fox news anyway, but appeared there and had appeared on on Bill Riley Show years passed, and I had an experience that by do you have friends that have been over there? And you know there was a very problematic culture obviously, but I think it also is a reflection of the generation of the people who read it in on you
Guys at our at that age, the S Russian, the madman yeah mean that was they come from a time where it will look carefully at the slab aid. Just about no, I mean, I think, that's the last ok prejudice suggests with a thing: ok, I'm saying that it wasn't but you're. What did you ask the question? Why no about Europe's consumers? I feel island, I'm saying that what happened Fox NEWS is an example of a generation where that was okay and now, when you see the way that the result of it, the generation now is saying like that's, not ok, we ve seen a lot of advances, and so I think you're gonna see less and less of this kind of overt sexism. It's not. I was not over with, but you know there is poor. The rest is being aid. You see that people are paying the price for it now,
progress on gun, violence, prevention in cities and states around the country and the only way that we will make progress on those issues is in cities and states, and we passed background check in Washington state. We packs pass extreme risk protection orders and why that issue, and there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to make progress on gun, violence prevention. In cities and states around the country and the only way we will make progress on those issues is in cities and states, and we passed background checks in Washington state. We pacts pass extreme risk protection. In Washington, state and there's the ended made that there's stuff going around the country and there's a lot of people that can be made a nowadays out, not federally, forget it, but to be clear if you- and if you want the old movement you have to start.
In cities and states, whether with whether it's a fifteen dollar minimum wage marriage, equality, pot legalization. If you want to change of culture, you have to do the hard work of changing hearts and minds in localities, Is it unseemly for former President Barack Obama to earn four hundred thousand dollars for an upcoming speech to Wall Street? Yes, he's doing two speeches each for four hundred k, one to cancer. I wish he had spent a month. Building houses were poor people, Jimmy Carter we would urge community organizing variety, the beleaguered he paid is. Do we personally This law is now running for office. Again, I don't care how much money he makes a people want to pay and that the free market value and I think that people around the before being righteously indignant about It- are also people who make lots of yet let you in what they do. So I don't care about the way we set the precedent. The current president
is trying to undo of his three regulations, and then goes to Wall Street and takes Warner. Isn't that what sort of distillery. The election are those horrible speeches. She made the industry to different, released the transcript silent about that, because it really is the criterion, I know, but the devil thought the differences. Are you in the pocket of right wall, streamlining firm and she's running for Irish Sea, not running for anything right now and we are going to now. Michelle Obama might be different now, she's, not here now by one of the main problem. With this kind of looks like when he's on our team are ok with none. I don't feel that way. I believe, if you were running for president, I would have and in other words if there was a time lapse- and he had done, though Speeches- Then I do have a problem with that, because then you, then you into the whole area of conflict of interest which this administration
just one big it all. You couldn't conflict of it. Of course it is, but you can say that one when he went a guy President he's looking ahead to that four hundred thousand dollar pay day and he's not gonna get it. If, while he's precedent- he's gonna do something it's gonna pick them off. So isn't it? best thing to do take you ten million dollar book deal. Can't you live on. Well, you don't have to his choice, its individual freedom that is now getting rather than two thousand and one this also it. The truth is that the countries being torn apart, because few people are doing well, and most people aren't right, and this is the canonical example of that. It's it's just as such your expression of that it Surprise, I'm not really capitalist. I found a job makes when I don't know when America became. I covered my neighbour success country,
so as a country where you could come from nothing and be something of a disease that is its is, if he wants to know if he is not going to run for office again as a private citizen and someone's going to pay him four thousand base beat I don't care it is those laws are broken. That's fine by that's America, You know what it's never about, getting nobody hates anybody else's success. I don't know about a lot of people. There is a lot of class warfare. Why? What do you think a lot of people who are the people success? show business fuck, that's what I mean is very much everybody or a great audience. You told me many sensitive, we haven't had a united watch him any more commission novel and each be oh dot, com
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