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Ep. #424: John Kasich, Gabriel Sherman

2017-05-06 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are John Kasich, Gabriel Sherman, George Packer, Maya Wiley, and Philip Mudd. (Originally aired 5/5/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time to start.
Excited. I now think of them. I also arises Schwarzenegger girls, it bothers day perfect for my audience there just coming down from four twenty role right into your mind, but no mean good thing. California has medical marijuana because, when the Republicans get done with healthcare, that is the only treat when you're gonna have never underestimate these bastards. We thought we had them. Couple of months ago, healthcare came up in the house, didn't pass these fuck up? No, I did it get if the other day they told Jimmy camels baby,
Go screw yourself? They told Jimmy can start at the beginning. With separating what I say with tutorial, we need anyway. Now the house did. They know they passed. The thing had basically lets the states, be the bad guys and deny coverage of people with pre existing conditions. This is what by the way. The moderate Republicans on board the moderate Republicans. These are people who are like you know I do above all in killing people. I wouldn't I wouldn't call myself a murderer, but I am then the nerve them after they did this. After they kick twenty four million people or more off healthcare. They threw a big party
in the rose garden to celebrated there, they are look at them by fighting each other and congratulate it like an old these white ass somewhere, there's an Elks lodge going. Where is everybody drunkard carried away and grabbed a pussy, Paul Ryan? Nobody was really very good about himself. I know odd for him a one party said my do it on the president. Can you believe it? No, no dipshit! That's why we're investigating Russia and then this
cap it all off later, in the day same day, he meets the Prime Minister of Australia and he says to whom you have better health care than we do they have government funded single payer healthcare. The very thing he just signed off the opposite any the president this ring, the stupidest thing he said all week with this guy it doesn't even cracked one under such a we, even by his standard in one twenty four hour period, political quoted. Ethiopia, aid saying he just seem to go crazy. Today. Today I mean you heard you have all heard by now write his tale of the time travelling Andrew Jackson. Right since we come on at the end of the week, go through all that. Let me just give you some context in need. Help
cartoons. Crazy people always think they're Napoleon Trump thinks he's Andrew Jackson, I when I say he thinks I mean Steve, Ban and told them about Andrew Jackson. He didn't know who Andrew Jackson was from low toy Jackson six months ago. Only knows now is that Andrew Jackson, there's the president that same people think is a monster, but should kicker love. So ever since then it's been old, Hickory all the time accident on the hick. He is from a favorite leader after Putin. Of course, apparently trump thinks that Andrew Jackson was very angry, that the civil war happened, sixteen years after he died drum said this is his good people, don't ask the question, but why was there a civil war,
We gotta find out what the hell was going on in eighteen. Sixty one people aren't asking why there was a civil war with their asking Why are we still using the electoral college? That's what we should be guided by the way, Mr Tromp, if you don't know what caused the civil war and why we are talking about that, ask your supporters. They reenacted once a month right here. I later, will these begging worthier magazines, Gabriel German, perverse them? He was Twenty. Sixteen presidential rates for the republican candidate for president is the author of do pass. A marriage
divided or united, he's also the governor of Ohio John case. It is a major problem and I think our audience agrees with me you're one of the good ones, how foreign your audience and let's really get them on your side and talk about some of the things that you have done in refer. First of all, you supported medical marijuana in Ohio, correct. While we did it because we felt it. If we were moving sailors, I'll. Tell you I'll tell you what bill my here's, my concern about it- and I know you legalised in here for recreational reasons, but you know we have this big. Don't be a problem as you know, and nothing to do with that Oh, but here's what here's, what here's, what I am concerned about the drug enforced
agents came to see me there like been twenty five twenty eight thirty two years, and I said what do we do? What do we do about this? That, because we are on top everything, and I wanted to hear from them and they said, look John. What we have to do is educate people starting at a very early age, and we have to drive this all the way through, because here the opiates, because more harder to get, and then people had to heroin and mine they concern about the marijuana issue is, I don't want to tell kids don't do drugs, but you could then do this drug, so that is the point in Ohio, we have a medical marijuana. I signed the bill to get that done what it meant to bring kids into it. I mean liquor is legal and we don't tell kids, you can have liquor I don't know why that always has to enter into the debate. Yeah, I mean why an entire nation of adults has to be deputized into defied, for parents to keep their kids away from drugs. Org or their sex George. You know what you're
you're the dolls us all ivy order than your head on saying to you that we have an enormous problem. You know it. We all know it. Yes, oh we see least opiates, which then leads to this problem of heroin, Yan Fenton, all which is deadly and all want to do is tell the kids at an early age and all the way through school, reinforcing their parents are reinforcing anybody in this audience who doesn't want to see it destroy their lives and I- and so what I M saying two years. I just don't want to conquer infusing, but we have a medical marijuana. High and you also expanded medical betting on two may the cave which a lot of republican governor part of Havana CARE, because you know you care a lot about the porridge party or faith is not yet well. Look that they came into me one day. They said we can cover seven hundred thousand people who neither mentally ill drug, addicted or chronically ill? A third of the seven hundred thousand either have a drug problem or their mentally ill and, frankly,
How do you say note of that? And it is a partnership with the federal government. I think Medicaid expansion can be can be changed some degree, but we don't want to do it overnight, because where are those people going to go? Okay and that's not appropriate? And I people to have health care and I'll tell you another thing. It is very important for both parties, not just the Republican Party, but both parties the easiest thing to do is to run over the weak, those to live in the shadows and those who don't have much
it is not right in part of my faith is made that doesn't sound like most republican but does not meet. You are out of step with the area already bought. You say that to mean that I think I'm gonna wait a minute. Maybe entreprenant no know what I'm saying is. Maybe I'm trying to define what my party ought to be. I wish someone there used to be. I mean I didn't. I wasn't a big fan of George Bush, but when he said compassionate conservative and by the way he looks better overtime, still not good, but better but Jack you know there are. There was a republican classic. I would call them well You are in that school value when you think about the just somebody like like Jack Camp, that you even think back to J F K said a rising tide of small boats. I mean we want to have everybody in our country believe, first of all, the people care about them, because there are many people in this country who think nobody cares about me, and I don't matter and then
is not healthy and, secondly, you want to give people a chance to rise, and if they have bad health, they can't get work. Re cannon, anything that so, oh by the way you do know. As you know, I've been I've been very forceful one, this healthcare bill and I have spoken out against it and it. But you see, people are focusing on the pre existing conditions which they should and what they do is, let's loud states to opt out. That requirement. I don't know when he states that will, but the problem is not just that the problems bigger than that build the problem is there is not the resources in this bill to help people on the exchange. Some people would get no more than three or four thousand dollar tax credit. What can you buy for a health care policy If you are mentally ill or drug addicted, you have to go to the doktor all the time and you got your deductibles and they don't have any money. So I'm home,
than the United States Senate will get in this and fix this all of it and make it better? So I think what Obamacare did more than anything was changed. America's view healthcare that it's a right, but your party says it's a product. It's a product like any other product And I don't want to pay for you buying something that you goodbye to yourself. So let me ask you: is it a right or wrong? product. One word answer only. Is it a writer, a prodigal. I would. I would look out say it's right. If you force me to choose one of the other but hold on hold on hold on Senator Robert TAT too, is a senator voted one of the five best senators. It was incentive from nineteen thirty nineteen nineteen, fifty three years later, the higher rate about here's, what he said he said if people can afford healthcare in our country, the United States of America, the government ought to get it for them. Now,
how we went from Mr Conservative, Mr Republican too, where if I say that people need to have coverage that somehow that makes me something other than acceptable to conserve I think conservatives oughta understand that it is important for every individual every person to have the hope to be able to rise and get ahead bill hold on one other thing. I want to say this issue of the health insurance and covering people find it their coverage. We need to do that, but we have to work on the rising costs of health care, which means we have to change. Way, form a suitable in this form of suitable industry. Cells are stuff we have to think about. We have to think about transparency. We need to know who's provide, we need to pay doctors and articles for quality How about we on helping the gouging? I agree with that.
I mean there's gotta, be son, I'll, tell you what I went in and I know that's end republic, here's what I'm argued forcible, I'm a Republican. Ok, so I have a right to define it just as much as anybody. Absolutely. Yes, you think what I suggested to the administration and I believe this at home. I- and this is what this is- what the Democrats gave me. I have to put every drop, on my formulary regardless of cost. You know what I want. I want the ability to take them of my formulary. I want leverage, I want them to bring their price down, that we don't want to destroy the industry because They may be creating something. It's gonna save somebody's life here you know when void invasive surgery or whatever, but you cannot have something like Appy PAN Jack, their prices,
broccoli, and so you know I'm a believer in a free enterprise system, but I also believe it has to be under laid with a set of values and that's the great theologian Michael Novak. You lay that out. Okay, I don't think a lot of people in your party, including Paul Ryan, even understand how insurance works. I read a quote from him on the show where he said well, the problem with Obamacare is that you have young people paying for old people, health care. Of course, that's how insurance works and when they get to be old and young people will pay for them. Now they want this high risk pool they want to put all the people or to high risk in one pull. This is like marrying you jump, you want a mixture, you want the young, healthy people in with the older, sick or people, not a. I will that's what makes them the problem. Was that Obama here, because of the way they chain The insurance market made it harder for young people to buy insurance, the cost was too high, and so the poles have not been healthy,
we need to make sure that we have healthy pulls with both young people who are healthy and other people who are sick in terms of the issue of priests. Think conditions there would be. No excuse, no excuse, I can think of in America that somebody who has a pre existing condition has to you're, worried about getting healthcare. That would be great, if you say sound, so so reasonable, but you said it as a candidate last year, and it didn't fly but I was not very reasonable. Kick your ass down! It's me. That's right, so let me present a scenario. Do you know I it's only been a hundred days with Donald Trump. Let's say too years down the road. I can see a scenario where he's dead. Gotta trouble because he's Eddie there could be a foreign affairs disaster, He doesn't know anything about that. Russia could exe blood. In his face, people could be dying from his healthcare bill. I could see
a challenge in the Republican Party for twenty twenty. Would you be up for that it at all? No, no, no, no. You wouldn't child than as a sitting President ACT that so so speculative and I look I'm I'm gonna finish my term in eighteen months, as governor of our state pulled the state together in and get it to do, better better and better. That's what I'm all about in giving everybody a shot. And then I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna keep a voice, but I can't predicted I never thought I would be governor. I never thought I'd go back into politics. So what I look for is what is it I'm supposed to do? What is an I'm supposed do in my lifetime to build a better world or build a better community or whatever, and so I can't tell you what that's gonna be in
got plotting its gave me I'm rooting for him to do well bill. The same reason: why route for a pilot on my airplane to do? Well? Ok, he's the present, but he's not Sally. Well, he's not sorry, that's a good line this, but look we want to have a precedent that unites us, not a precedent that, but you famously made a statement about not voting for him. I did what I did and it was a statement of integrity because it was hard to do at that time. You think somebody in your party needs to stick up for the classic Republican by and I'm doing it all the time they ended aggravating. We appreciate aggravate some people, not us, and look part of that election was. I was like a ugandan swimmer. I was so far to the
side of the stage. No one could even see me and then, in order to get attention bill, Google that analogy after this he remember, I give a lot you limping slightly. That was a great thing, no care, but it's a really good thing I'll, send you tapes Theo's! Oh, I was way out on the end, but here's the thing I didn't want to do seriously what I didn't want to do- and this is a problem with that and I love the media, but this is one of the problems. You call somebody a name you have this: clever, sound bite and then you're on the morning news. I wasn't going to do that. I mean I represent eleven and a half million people, but you see a lot of people want to look for that. They want to that's what they absorb, and that is not the way we should be picking
president lights on, may sound bites make America decent again. Thank you very much for everybody here they are. He is a former deputy director of the CIA Counter Terrorist Centre and FBI National Security Range, Philip Mud, hey fella by its own staff, riders linear card author of the unwinding, an inner hit history of the New America. George Packer great, to see you, George Bush Senior, vice president for social Justice at the new school and share of New York City Civilian complained review board my a wily. Ok, so obviously we have to start with healthcare, the building the past half way through to home, not that different from the one that didn't pass in March. I want to give me the basics
led to twenty four million people losing insurance altogether. The visual mandate, which makes the whole impossible that accord goes away. Obama care premium subsidies. This would mean higher overall out of pocket costs alone, insurers to charge older customers higher premiums up to five times as much Obama CUP, that it three let's go it obtains wit, states obtain waivers for essential health benefits. This is like covering pregnancy hospital. This is prescription drugs, you know health care and, of course, pre existing conditions. Kick back to the states. This is and- and- and don't ever forget this when I mention this last week, but it never never gets old. This is really a tax cuts for the rich people, because It cuts eight hundred and eighty billion from Medicaid and cuts taxes, seven hundred and sixty five billion, most of which goes to hire earners.
So I saw the Democrats chant at the Republicans. I voted for this non. Hey, hey goodbye. They think this is pulled. Suicide for them. What do you think I don't off that were in age, where there is such a thing as political suicide, I am seeing republican screw the little man over and over and then the little man goes out and votes for them, but this is different. This is rarely differently reason, it's different is because, first of all, this is a bill and its original form that had seventeen percent support in other words, a traditional republican pace, isn't even liking. This that's a very different picture on the reality of Rome. What governor case such said about wanting your pilot to succeed because he's flying your plane
Pilots actually been trained to fly the plane. One thing that struck me: listen to the governor, Richard Nixon proposed national health insurance. Republicans used to think This was actually well within the royal possibility. Romntica something happened, other public and party that has left governor case it kind of way out on a limb sounding like Republicans of old, but today he's he sounds like a democratic right now with that little man, it's called the freedom caucus amidst relate gerrymander your keyboard, exactly where you get intimately, which we I remember those stories bigger, they didn't say repeal they said repealing replace the significance here. Is. What debate we're having in America ten years ago. Had roads had schools provide, and by the government had security provided by the government now even republicans- are acknowledging that some
the governments have has have a role in insurance as well. I think that's a significance at a deeper level for american culture. Pre existing conditions is critical, but there's no. A conversation that doesn't include, replace- and I think that huge ok I want says something about my friend Jimmy Kimmel, who I am very proud of this. He brought this issue into Eric living rooms in a way it wouldn't have done before Jimmy, I'm glad you're baby is getting to be ok. And I'm flattered your name it after me. What here's the thing, Jimmy said if your baby is going to die it doesn't have to it shouldn't matter how much money you make. I think that something where the Republican or a Democrat we all agree on. Fortunately, that's not true. That needs to be said. That's not true.
One side wants to tax rich people. Also, babies don't have to die, and one side is mostly against that and this, let's Republicans off the hook. Let's fuck around. With this, we are not on the same page with this. This is not a squabble nowhere else about jobs, two sides being is about values and what we ve seen. This is a clarifying weak, because what this vote showed was a kind of way Agnes to embrace naked cruelty. People will die people will die and they know it and its appeal. It's their willing to pay. We are not all on the same page. We don't all agree. We are not on the same page. We do not all agree, but I think one of the things we have to remember is twenty Republicans voted against the spill, and the truth is, We also know twenty out of yet, but we
I also know that it was actually the strategy of the House Republicans who were trying to get this deal together. Frankly, to get the freedom caucus once again, thanks to gerrymandering, they have undue influence in Congress outside of the percentage popular vote in the states there, representing so they're, not actually reflecting a lot of their constituents and that's what we have to remember: particulars we're thinking about how we go into the twenty eight, I dont know if Jimmy camels moving monologue will change people's minds about this, but I didn't get already, but I also think losing your health insurance might change one's mind about this. Yes, being unable to have your kids covered when there is an emergency like cambrics baby. My problem with with saying man is, is on. You know, he's not as political guy, especially is that that's what makes people not vote, they think well, they're, all the same it just a petty squabbles, as you know, we need. We need some kind of outside deal maker, who'd come in and shake things up and
We give you your wall should seize an Ex congressmen republican hook. Answer Jim. He said sorry Jimmy your sad story doesn't obligate me anybody else to pay for somebody else's health care, and that is their view. That is a product, not right and, in fact, healthcare is a stick to stimulate you do better, so you can buy your own health care, this is same thing would Donald Trump about white. Why couldn't we have solved the civil war, because one side thought that black people we're farmer equipment that could sing actually many, that states of the confederacy that refuse to expand Medicaid Andrew right. But what I would say about your point bill which again, I think we're for members- it's not just Jimmy Kimmel Mean Ben Jackson for those. May have seemed Senator Marquise had a constituent who actually posted Video in his daughters
hospital room she's in a hospital bed, he said he's been sitting there for a hundred and one days and that if this goes through the Senate, that he's gonna watch, his daughter die so the reality. Here's that it's not just Jimmy camera with Jimmy Kimmel did is giving much bigger platform the voice of a bunch of people you have fallen so so glad he did I don't buy it look we're violating what we just witnessed in an election Jimmy Camel, whether we like it or not represents at least on elites on EAST and West Coast who voted for Hillary Clinton they had year. To determine whether the likeness bomber they didn't they for somebody else in there's a huge quantity of red states? It said screw you, so we look at this and hope that, this man represents the the another
current American? They want change and the answer is they want to change in a different direction? They voted for it. So we don't have the like. Those just that's what's wrong yet already be wrong, but it has no trouble promised coverage for everyone here that elected on that basis. I start losing. It is inconsistent with this campaign. Pledges of as many of these positions are, and second they, even when you look at what happened in the election, he really one this election by eighty thousand votes. You made this notion that there is a first while almost three million popular votes to Hillary Clinton Worth, but secondly, it really came down to three states was constant measure had in pencil vainer. The grand total was about. Eighty thousand that delivered the unfortunate electoral college too. So that is not quite the land sly that it was reported. Will let me ask about the other issue with him that bothers me so much this week he apparently really likes to power around with dictators. Member of Burma is the pallor run the terrorists.
This guy I mean just first of all, a couple of weeks ago. He talked about the maniac in Turkey who had a plebiscite. But basically ended democracy in Turkey and get my congratulatory gall great dictating man. Then we have Putin? He loves food right that do territory in saying got due to how do you know, I would say, to tear up here's the guy in the Philippines of you know, he's an extra judicial killer. He goes a just a brags about killing people himself he's killed thousands of people just because these men, I actually anti drugs of your- do drugs, it all. You might be dead, Cecily from Egypt. The item over the White House- great guy, because you know, is a dictator and chemist all. This it is unbelievable. King John on puts out a video at the beginning of the week where
it's a simulation of bombs. Do we have to show it. Coming over to the wider blowing up the Kapital, I don't know that means at the end, I think Rotch Iraq is that three days later Trump I'd be honoured to meet him look here. Shares their values. Its simple, really, though he looks limited, says you get things they without this measure, I listen did compromising with people and look who he's appointed to his cabinet Ngos in general. Relativity doesn't hate kin. He wants to be here, to have military parades wanted at anchor in the street. For his inauguration, so my question: is
Does his love of dictators foreshadow him trying that shit here. Well, then, we already see he work. We have we had. We saw him undermine the. We suggest that there is something wrong with the judicial system in this country, which is a significant check and bounds if it either think some of his executive order or unconstitutional, or maybe that one of his universities until and longest tax, the media and the way it Maximilian actually tells people do not believe facts and the meat is lying to you whenever two seats to deflect, so those are to very serious lines or when the cool com working because his incompetence, I think that's the the greatest you ve got a girl, a trumpet the problem, is the problem. I agree with you that it's not necessarily working, although there is some polling that suggests that Americans are starting to trust the news.
Media less which is troubling, but I think it's also important recognise that he is going to suit to appoint Supreme Court Justices and the federal court bench so, depending on how long he's got an office for your sake, there's two years that we might say that he has some substantial influence if the Democrats are unable to do something and twenty eight team, which is part of whites, critically important, that we see the energy building. What do you think this already? As you know, our internal apparatus visited than us. This story is tougher than a looks. We all cheered as Democrats after the the IRB Revolution, starting in two thousand level, because we mirror image. We did it in Iraq said when we go in and change of government or when a revolution changes of government, the people get a vote. Look at what we got now Yemen, Syria Egypt for awhile was chaos, and then a dictator moves in Algeria is a bit of a problem Tunisia is a bit of a success story. Libya's amass, I think, people
across the Middle EAST might say: hey you, Americans, you like democracy, but Trump is low, the out saying the guys who can handle the people I focused on ISIS. Those are dictators in that why, I believe believe: you're, not you're, gonna end up with this. Frustration supporting our side in Syria, he's gonna, say our side against. Ices is better than that accuracy, syrian part of the annexes, what he always said until he saw a picture of a baby. They're a vodka came in and said daddy. This is said, the missile excuse and fifty nine missiles in four minutes is in a palace right and the run Why was it were in the Russian said? Sorry, we gotta complain and then they went back and said now going to cut a deal out. The danger isn't that journalists are gonna, get locked up or that the night circuits can be abolished. The danger is that the public is gonna, get so cynical at hearing I lie coming from government that they're going to check out and they're gonna say
believing that they can find the true somewhere in kind of becomes this destabilizing as whether people While there is no, who so forget it, I'm gonna sixty one percent over, applicants think freedom of the press is necessary, which would lead me to believe that about four out of ten think it's not so nice to have an optimist on the path. All like you don't need any more bad news. Donald Trump, I'm not making this up has already started advertising for the twenty twenty election. I am making this up. This is a real lad he's running already. Please show it. Donald
Sworn in his present at one hundred days ago, Amerika has rarely seen such success are respected Supreme Court Justice confirmed companies investing in american jobs, again America becoming more energy, independent regulations that kill american jobs eliminated the biggest tax cut plan in history. You wouldn't know it from watching the news America is winning and President Rob is making Amerika great again. I've got up, and I approve this myth. Well it's not a dad, for I don't know what it is worth a lot that is, is total bullshit his tax plan. There is there's no plan. It was one page
Angelina Jolie as more writing on our back than that stone like what. If it's just cutting taxes, you don't need much right, but I've been the Keystone type pipeline that comes from candidates. It doesn't make us energy independence, its dependent, okay, so I said this at the end of the show was when his his is folks. Don't care about facts that just about feeling, so we, I hold of his next dad, which is even more out. What would you like to it see people feel good I'd show. Is that one day old Trump warning is President one hundred seven days ago, America has rarely see such success, kids weighing up their pass. Your dick works again. The Supreme Court ruled that rap is
music, the interns at the office love your stories of the people of the grocery store. Think paying with a personal check is super cool. The mother of all bombs is now available target. You can grab woozy alone. Let you do it even if you are not a celebrity.
More people- are masturbating to the first lady than any time since nineteen sixty three, you may not see the wall, but it's there. It's really your heart. All these time, Donald Trump Business Magazine loudest voice in their own Gabriel sermons. Whether Gabriel I make my shower right. Well, listen. You have done something very clever. You position yourself as the absolute expert on Fox NEWS and now every day we have New Fox news. It just doesn't seem too, and so our very much in demand Roger S gone bill, O Reilly, God now Bill shine. They headed the network for all those years gone fifteen
Thus women are suing plus they ever racial discrimination, NEA S, action suit. Ok, My question is: could this happen anywhere or is there a correlation between being a conservative and being it ass it? Twenty? When you see I network where Massage Annie and racism is sort of fundamental to it, programming model. It's not a surprise per se that it's going on behind the cameras. Well, so there is a correlation serious. So what so? What the viewer? stay with them. Yes, so so what is the ultimate bad thing that could happen to Fox news? Well, I think you over time. This is a service dovetails with the trunk. Clear Trump said famously. He could shoot someone on Fifth avenue and its supporters wouldn't care think there's a core small base of that, but in the aggregate
over time, when people see that this network is a hotbed of massaging racism you're going to see some erosion in the audience in that's what the Murdoch family that controls Fox NEWS is worried about, because it's the prophet Centre, it's what runs their entire global media enterprise. So if this collapse is there or business goes down the drain. And what do you see next for propeller Riley? I guess he's gotta pod cast. I know it's how the mighty a fallen year and eyeing into every time the sub it comes up. I like to point out that bill a rally can't get laid. He just he tries everything in it. Just doesn't happen using This will change him. I do it He is a fully formed sixty eight year old man. I think he's sort of beyond the point where people change ochre and and what about this this? I guess there threat Fox news has from the right that I read about in the paper
this week, Sinclair Group, that's a pretty big, a vision. What are they not a network but there's a sharing of television string of terror stations in their buying up stations, and they want to be to the rights of Fox NEWS that they think foxes too liberal what occurred. That is a bigger issue. Really. Is that no matter how much of a frothing lunatic, There is someone frothy here Someone much who is like yeah, you think, you're, a cave man. I don't be more of a cave me on the new out. There were no, what's gonna happen with them. So yes, as you point out, Sinclair's buying up stations, they are trying to position themselves to be the air to fox if this melt down at Fox continues. But I think that not the only ones- and we saw this during the election, bright, bark and other right. Websites really tapped into this all right audience that want.
Did an angry if this is even possible and angrier sort of message than foxes programming, so I think you're so The irony is that Roger Ales built Fox news to attack. Instead, Into the mainstream media, and now Fox news is being subject to that same fracturing that they themselves did twenty years ago. What do you make of vodka and and her efforts to sort of human eyes, her father we see all this massage any it Fox news? We see it and Donald Trump himself here. A lot of this thought. Our vote is going to be our saving grace. You know when he's about to fuckin Nuke Finland's I think she's gonna walk into the bedroom and you know daddy daddy.
Don't do that. Is that how you see a longer now I m producer as someone who can save us, or you think she is part of the problem. I think again, I think she's on the morrow and trying to save us, but Donald IRAN to the degree but she can but Donald Trump doesnt, listen to anybody, including his own family, so she can walk into the oval office and say: oh, you know I saw pictures of babies in Syria, and maybe this time he listened, but the next time he's going to do something about the different countries. So the wrong one, maybe so weak its lights. It's too hard to say with him that anyone can get through. Let me live this of and everybody George we'll talk this week about the public needing to quarantine
was his word about Donald Trump biggest Trump, even, as I said by his standards, had a crazy weak I mean it, was super crazy, He floated some ideas that are super liberal like it, because you just muses off the top of his head. You talked about a gas tax. He talked about breaking up the bags caused a minor panicked on Wall Street for awhile he talking about, The israeli palestinian issue was improbably that hard to see how down to nobody knew and- and there are people who are saying- should we just stop paying attention to the President of the United States and is that possible? It is not possible to stop us about I'd like quarantining him, and I think, what's critically important, is to pay attention to what the facts are, and actually we have to pay some attention to what he says, because he is in fact the president and he may make some of that come true.
So we have to pay attention to, and I think that the differences, whether or not we are being fooled by him as like when he calls out something, is fake news. It's actually fact and whether or not the news media is getting sufficient access to get the information it needs and that it should get since we know that he likes to put dark garbage bags over windows. When he's golfing with prime ministers from Japan no way you can cord to look like we ve seen. Two things are a hundred seven days that are hugely significant and there too things that checks and balances, don't necessarily control one as executive oars. We talked about the imperial presidency release republican state over a theatre of Amr Wait, executive order so sure they do all legally owned mostly just I wish
their laws, there not lie if you go to De Hs Department of Homeland Security and say be more aggressive and interpret the lot to to get people out of the country. If you look at the numbers of people who are out of this country, significant change in the past are absolutely because they wanted to do it any. What I'm saying is where he can take executive action without a judiciary or the Congress he's going to do it. The second is look at all, Action overseas overseas is the area where present can move. You want to move ships to North Korea. You engaging to deal with the Russians about safe. So did Syria that's the past forty eight hours, you want to talk about whether or not we make a commitment is bigger. Lester to NATO. You want to talk about engagement with the Russians. You want to talk about so supporting green LE pen. You can't quarantined dude that's out of the born, where the hell everyone is I'd, say also. I disagree that we gave about Usanga because to me the truth: This administration is corruption. They may go all over the map on policies he may be, or the gas explanations of the thing he's got. His iron is quite
consistent about is self dealing, enriching his family and his associates and I'd say where that is concerned. A blanket from is the each hour, Haldeman of this administration. So that's what the press has to offer guess on its may seem like it's nothing to be done on the public. Just accepts a level of corruption this manipulation that has to be called that every single day, because if it becomes normal, it's all right, but I think if I can put a little from George will he kept coming back to this point that it's up to the public? He said the public has to communicate their did representatives that they have or to fear from the public then from Crossing Donald Trump. He said it again. The pie
look has to say we have taken this man's measure and we find it alarming. He said is up to the public to quarantine the presidency, and what I worry about is that the public, as usual, is not up to the task. Listen to this forty two percent of the people who voted for Obama and then switch to Trump. Said congressional democrats. Economic policies favour the wealthy Twenty one percent said this about Trump, so by two one they're dead wrong wrong. They think the Trump is better on income inequality than the Democrats, it may tell you Think about the weakness of the Democrats too. I mean how often it says a lot about it. How often did we hear of it? I didn't give you a bomb care. They are for the minimum. The minimum wage. They are they for measures for my work, where over Isn t worth putting to that. That's way too much emphasis to put on that Paul, because one thing we have to remember that,
happened in this Platt past election cycle with something that Republicans before trial generally would not do, which is air a message on economic populism, one. It was very traditionally not very republican and couple it with outward racism and xenophobia, which was a message and it s. Actually. If you look at where tromp gain traction, for instance, winning account even Obama had one in twenty twelve or two thousand and eight typically, what happened is new had the primary conditions of increasing population of letters, else, with a loss of manufacturing jobs and an electorate that had did not have the number of college degrees that I think all Americans should have
So when you pair all those things, it's actually a very specific set of conditions and factors that produce that kind of statement, not something that represents all democratic, poor people. Don't vote in twenty fourteen. Only twenty five percent of the lowest income bracket voted we are therefore did not vote, so they don't even reward the Democrats when they do the things for them fail. How do we solve that problem? We start making it hard for poor people to vote everything. We have substantially reduce the number of polling sites. We have significantly extended the lines that people have to wait until we poor people are much less likely the paper for the travel costs in Vienna, the point policy or to give up the pages that they have to give up to go vote because we don't have a national holiday. We dont vote on weekends, so everything we do is actually
calculated to ensure that poor people can't vote. I gotta trumps campaigned for the magazine. I travelled the country and I think, when I went to those rallies, the thing the audience was responding to was moved. It wasn't policy, he could almost say anything, but it's that baluster that he delivered that broke through but I dont think they're paying attention to the fact that you want to transfer a trillion dollars to note to the they don't follow the policies they just like the bare guy, isn't
offers, and he happens to be a white guy. Bunny setting wasn't going to benefit the wealthy who actually said when it was good. This is the ultimate Dayton swear that if you look on a policy based seem as a strong out for maybe she's amazing to me because he's such a wine a little nearer this couple in Scotland who took their jargon for gender reassignment surgery ass, they moved your America, justice the Republicans freak out over which fire hydrant abusers neural. Somebody has to explain why the only child stars to never go bankrupt and on drugs always look like thereby
tripping on drugs neural the South Carolina woman with the black eyeballs who was arrested for inviting a man. So she could rob at gunpoint to answer this question. Will you marry me all these years? I worried that marriage would get old now, whether Jack when you walk through the door. She doesn't say how's your day. Han ship is web to zip, tied your legs and says now make me a meat, loaf, faggot neural the like daft punk, dead, mouse, marshmallow and Cosette, but where helmets, when they perform, have to take them off you may not be the best looking rock stars ever, but
actual rose again pop in Maryland man's, and if you go on stage without a mask, so can you, Euro Angola, Merkel at Bladder Mayor Putin need to move on to the next speed date? Clearly, this one is not working out at all. Then again, potent doesn't want to have a mature relationship with this more powerful woman. He wants a bit and finally, new role. Now that the media in the White House and political junkies have made such a big deal about the first hundred days. Let's stop doing that a hundred days at such an orbit during number like waiting, half hour to swim, empty eat or waiting for the third data. Have sex or not,
he drank and of five o clock, but the case of Donald Trump. I will say this about a hundred days: it does give us enough evidence to ask those liberals who bring themselves to vote for Hilary, because she was the lesser of two evils. Quite a bit less Sir, wouldn't you say now now this isn't about reliving the last election or about my great love Hilary, which never was it's about winning. The next election begins with learning the difference between an imperfect friend and a deadly enemy Jill Stein said of her electoral rivals, Hilary in trouble,
to me, one is death by gunshot wound and the other is death by strangulation. Well, I'm sure, with Trump in charge and a racist attorney general they'll be a lot more of both my Your friend, Coronel West said during the campaign. I think Trump will be a neo, fascist catastrophe and Clinton will be a NEO liberal disaster. I don't even know what a NEO liberal disaster even means. But whatever it is, isn't it better than a fascist one? Have you people lost your fucking mind now I can't possibly list all of the lies. Fuck ups, reversals, conflicts of interest and embarrassments Trump is committed in a hundred days. I'd have to stop halfway through to shave what Sally
Hilary. Would we have attorney general foghorn leghorn, or gunnery burns in charge of the EPA or Rick Perry guarding the nukes. Would she have a cabinet made up almost entirely of rich straight white men? You know Hilary GINO. I was quite a few black people. Trump knows too, I'm sorry, three. When we also might have the Secretary of Education who was smarter than a fifth grade. Before the election: Edward Snowden, tweeted, twenties.
Staying a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs. Yeah. So what happened? The Anti Wall Street crowd that was to pure devote vote ended up, putting Goldman Sachs people as troms toppling strategist, the head of his economic council and our treasury secretary, the trifecta, the only people he has hired from Goldman Sachs, are Goldman Sachs Heller's was president now would we be turning the clock? Back On the one issue for which, There is no more time climate change we'd be having to wonder if our president's love of dictators foreshadows some kind of cool ear. Would anyone have to wonder if she was Putin's bitch. And instead of trying to kick millions of healthcare to pay for a tax cuts for herself,
she'd be trying to raise around taxes to get more people come. On so many issues she wouldn't be complaining. It's complicated who knew she knew she loves complicated, she's, a reader. Do you really think you ve just as evil Hilary had been elected conservative? This would now be in control of the Supreme Court as they will for decades. Just wait until the five to four decisions start rolling in getting unions, making it for minorities devote siding with polluters, overturning abortion rights, then maybe you'll join me in saying to the liberal purists go fuck yourself,
Those were the locally grown. Organic cucumber and I haven't even mentions be insulting the feuding, the whining the tweeting the family. Would she want her spouse to be living hundreds of miles away? Ok, that one might be true and if none of that has swayed you so far. How about this? If we elected Hillary Clinton? Finally, we'd have a president who didn't play fuck
God, that's our shall be dismayed at the soaring Saito amount was immense again June. Third, I want to thank my guess from my George Packer, my while they Gabriel german time, you tell me where she seemed to be having fighting. I want to make a move from each other and each be oh dont com
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