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Ep. #425: Adam Schiff, Annabelle Gurwitch

2017-05-13 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Rep. Adam Schiff, Jon Favreau, Michael "Killer Mike" Render, Matt Welch, and Annabelle Gurwitch. (Originally aired 5/12/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time
I know what I think is very much and they were all thinking the same thing tv I am after a week of WMD things like it was like a years worth of news. That was not so much
start at the beginning? Ok, president fired the F B. I directed the man who was investigating him. How do you like to be able to do that cop policy over your under arrest or your fire and the way he did of course, Trump cant do anything without doing like a little bit. Women injured the show I've lost my minor, hasty or self, but true, instead of calling call me up like a real man would do and telling them or in person. No, he sends his albino assassin with a letter that is, you are hereby terminated, removed from office, effective immediately, sincerely blot a mere boot, so that was that was undue stay all the next day. Time passes server, goats go out there and say well. This was all very routine.
President simply lost confidence in directory companies, ability to mislead it came down to characterise you call me had some fits the main reason they said they call me had to go and nothing to do with Russia. It was all about how unfair he was just Hilary This insulted. Sarah Palin Intel, there's one thing trouble not abide its bed now being his dear friend crooked. Hilary do not walk or do not member, they were chanting. Do not walk her up. Yes, I remember so so Trump has.
As people tell this story about. Hell already and about how the free was just accepting the recommendation of the attorney general and then yesterday It goes on. Lester whole show and does not bear with me It was all my idea. Not only was it all my idea, but I did it for the reason you think to stop the investigation he suddenly see set it out loud. He said when I decided to fire call. Me quote: I said to myself this wretched thing with Trump so from the third pillar. This rush living with Trump and Russia is made up story. Putin must be in the Kremlin going
wash it signed the activities microchip. He admitted obstruction of justice right there on. Why television and the Republicans nothing to see here. Because we all now live in America. Rob la Would you like a little banana worth your republic? Can you imagine what the Republicans would be saying if pillory was doing this? The article of impeachment would not just be drafted Roger Stone We have them tattooed on his back and in a little over a hundred days, we are in this administration. The attorney
thing: attorney general fired. Show security, adviser, you're, fired FBI, directed you're, welcome to Apprentice Nuclear Edition. Is it any wonder that people are comparing this too Nixon than the Saturday night Massacre and by the way I love this? The people at the Nixon Presidential Library objected to this as they should. Say, when supporters of the guy, who was so tainted by scandal, that, to resign are like don't bring, our guy ended and I haven't even got into the port workers or the day after he, fires call me he had the russian Foreign Minister and the russian ambassador into
Oval office, which is never done because they're fucking spies there never in the oval office and he would not allow american media in there just the russian photographer soda recap for you triumphant Where is the chief investigator into russian many invites the Russians into his oval office the next morning kicks out the american media, but has the russian state run press there and confessed to obstruction of justice on tv but Hilary send some Emil's from the wrong laptop you'd Gurney, your boss, people Hilary wasn't pure enough. Look what you have now com
for a lot of the liberals. Wasn't pure enough who do you think you're gonna get for an FBI director? Now I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's probably not going to be a black eye or a woman administrations as they're looking for somebody, fair minded, independent and trumps son in law. A great here rethinking and accurate Annabel direct refers. Dumpy represents. California is twenty. Eighth in the house
he is the intelligence, Romania, where a lot of things were keeping your sanity. Are you keeping insanity how'd you holding up under all? That's what about you doing? Ok. Thank you very much everyday new adventure. I'll bet it is so you know I sometimes what's the other channels to see what their thing, because we do live in two different universes and when I see MSNBC or CNN, it's a lot about what you're saying on Fox NEWS the talk point is always let's just wrap this up, because after all this time, there's no there there. What do you say to the? No there there are people. Is there? Are there there? If there was no there there James can. We would still have a job.
I think you know what I think is important to get across about this, because it at the root of this is. Why should people care about this and his employer- as the collusion issue is there's a lot at stake here even beyond that and what people need to recognise the Russians Turvey not just because I wanted to help Donald Trump and not just because they hated Hillary Clinton. They interview, because they wanted to tear down our democracy, just as they wanted to tear down the democracy in France with Marie Le Pen and why they like to see Angela Merkel defeated. There is a real struggle of ideas around the world of authoritarianism versus democracy. Putin is leading the autocrat Van Guard and his imitators in Cairo and Ankara, Turkey in the Philippines. There's a round struggle, and you have a president- nine states- loves dictator, loves Zol, use a drawer, Terran figures and proper
the most distressing headline I have seen since the last endless huh, Ten days was when Angela Merkel came to visit headline in political was leader of the free world, meets Donald Trump. Right. This was this so painful name for you in it. It's not only, I think, disastrous for the United States internally, because he has provoked and continue these terrible divisions in our country, but he has dimming the beacon of of hope for the rest of the world bull that are in prison because they demonstrated in Tahrir Square and they were the secular opponents of the regime and people in the Philippines, lost loved ones so when they were murdered in extradition fashion? They look to the United States to speak for them and it's a grave try,
Judy all over the world. If we lose that mental leadership and that's, I think, part of what is at stake, why we We need to get to the bottom of what the Russians did. He what the Russians are doing in Europe and how we fight back. In a bizarre series of weeks. It seemed like this week was stranger than even the ones that came before, because it, It seemed to me like he may have admitted to committing a crime he he said that almost said word for word that he fired call me, because the Russia thing, in his opinion, isn't real. That seems like obstruction of justice. He also was asked. Did you ask com? before his loyalty, and he said no. I didn't, but that's a great idea.
Which also illegal correct. It is staggering plainly what he did if you can believe him. I was at a minimum unethical, improper, exe extra whether its illegal also depends on whether you think he's telling the truth. Ironically The most incriminating things are, if you believe him, but of course, when it comes to Russia, you really can't believe what this president is saying. And here is in compounding that by saying you know director call me better gap, because I may have tapes. So is it worse, if he's telling the truth and he is guilty of what he accused, his predecessor of wiretapping, our tapping paper and the White House, or at worst that the president I'd states we'll just willy nilly, tell the american people with things that are patently untrue, but if, but if the Republicans had unhelpful
If she was president now and said the same thing, I do feel that they would have drawn up impeachment charges already. I I worry that the Democrats are still too nice. Mass Democrat in about this before? Well, I sometimes what their answer is is that we don't want to stoop to their level, to which I say yes to a little. You know what stooping offensive. Liberty is no vice well and you guys really to bar fight our soul I think you're right democratic to nice. I'm too nice work I voted, but but you don't give me a little I'll, give you german chaperone beaten. To give you a perfect illustration of a where we were too nice, and that is why the russian hacking operation was going on. We knew it was going,
determine twenty sixteen journeys and during the campaign, Obama knew the President New didn't use it well. The present didn't come out early and forceful and condemnation of what the Russians were doing in fact centred Feinstein. I had to before our own government was willing before the administration was willing to a tribute the hack to Russia in here, you situation where Donald Trump Kennedy Trump in July of last year is saying openly. Never mind what his people might be doing privately. He sang openly hey Russia. If you're listening, hack Hilary clip in writing. I will be richly rewarded and and and and and we're Democrats fell down on the job in two ways. One demonstrations should a guy. Now there and condemn Russia and call for sanctions, then not after the election, but they were too worried. I think about being perceived as putting their hand on the scale. And where all of us in the Democratic Party fell down on the job. Is we failed to persuade the american people who largely New
what the Russians were doing, why they should care and- and Actually more people, an Irish. They excuse me: why should they hate Republicans? This is treason. This is looting with the enemy. I mean even what you just said about Donald Trump, inviting them to hack it. This was the shoe was on the other foot. They would not. Has take to use that if they knew that the investigation was going on, as Obama would knew he didn't say anything because you didn't you don't want to look bad will end when, when he did say something when the president did that press conference, I think you really did put his finger on this and he was marvellous. Just what you're saying? How is it that the Party of Ronald Reagan could allow down a foreign adversarial part Party, let alone Russia intervene nor democratic writers? And his answer was look. We have gotten to a point where the Partisanship is such that for the Party of Reagan, it's ok
if Russians intervene as long as it's they help us. The reason why the Russians were successful is because we are so bitterly divided, and one of the reasons is president we so destructive is. He keeps feeding those divisions and also keeps playing into the russian narrative, that is behind the dismantling of democracy, and that is ok and Russia. We're not a democracy were a thug awkward see we're cryptography. We don't make any bones about it anymore, but you know something. America is to their just a bunch of hypocrites and we have a present United States who goes on. The He rest in television, peace, pillow Riley's programme, and he he's asked why can't you criticise, Putney demands a killer in his answer is: are we so different? That's why Taylor, you couldn't write that middle rambling. You couldn't write right in the Kremlin any
better than having the Russians entered the oval office, I mean kissed. The off is there's by master in this country he's got that android phone, I'm not the first one to say this decision People are saying that is done using the Android phone after they hung her for using the wrong computer. A few times to send out winning invitations and whatever the hell is going on there, they probably already will they pray?
already own. What am I going? Ok. Does it really matter, then? The category of you can't make this up, which is the category we live in now right. You have photographs of costly act and love Rob with the president, not because our own presses allowed in, but because the russian state, the pictures and our language and Environment Mediaset, make this sale you're, either with us or with the Russians, member Bush, Eureka Wit. Here I will tell you this. If there was ever a time in our history where the argument there has to be check on this executive. We need to change the car. So there is a democratic House or Senate or both because this president needs a restraint that argument.
Is now making that argument. We have some furniture that town hall I mean people are going to town halls now and yelling at Republicans, based on the Russia story, right. We need a bypass and Select committee to investigate What are you gonna open your eyes? We all see why you ll see what's going on here, you'll see it What are you decide to boot? American? That's what I want you to see. How can make any country in the White House? That's what they think. I sound like. How can they got? How can they govern? If that's what you Bruce
out in America. What what are the republican saying to each other behind closed doors? They must be shooting their pants come well, they they teach me it's in my contract. You can say it. I can't they. They all want something from this president. Before the wheels come completely off away, say they want their tax cuts. They want their regulatory right, repeal of the mining regulations, etc. Money and then they'll find their spine right. There are few people who are speaking out, and I think frankly, this is John Mccain. Finest hour probably is most. Public services, which is what he is doing now, and I wish we had more Republicans in the house or maybe even one in the house who was willing to follow his example going. I know back in March, you said that the case with the Russia collusion is more than circumstantial.
Can you tell us anything more and if you can't tell us that, can you tell us like when you picture Donald Trump and say two years What is he wearing? What are you, I'm all arrangements? May I'm already trying to get the image of him in a bathrobe out of my head right right? I I dont know honestly where the investigation will end up it's too to say it's a it's a mammoth undertaking, because its global in reach involves a lot of witnesses who may or may not want to cooperate with us where we're working with a very small staff, one of the, reasons why it is so important that we oversee the FBI investigation and not let that go or be impeded in any way. They have the scope, they have the resources, they have thousands of agents all across the globe. There are things they can do and must do that. We can't
So part of our responsibility is doing our own investigation and we are trying part of our job
issues and make sure the FBI does the job they need to do. Well, there's nothing riding on this except the first amendment to the constitution, freedom of the press and maybe the fate of the country. But if you screwed up we're gonna get me no pressure right. Thank you. Congress on keeping share family body. I want them to scientists, bodies the editor at large reason magazine and goes to the fifth column. Plant gas Matt Welch's air matter is an accurate musician, is less run. The jewels areas available now Michael render HIV and AIDS informers Greece right of resemble rock Obama. We like him, who now co, host the Pike S pod, save America, John five row, Slender John, don't forget to Sunday questions tonight's over time, so good answer them after the show on Youtube. Ok, my first question for you, boys, is what's going on right now inside the F B. I guess I've heard conflicting reports.
People say I heard that Huckabee Lady say that, like our call me and then some of the people say, There are very upset about call me being called a grand stand or in a show about what do you think I dont depend on the F B, I still I believe the White House characterisation of what's going on, and if we are at this point I think most of the affair agents at me. You heard interim cape, whose Thea the acting, if God Director now say that you know call me, enjoy the confidence of most of the people in the F B. I so now. I think if I hope so, I'm pissed off the FBI. I don't think you do that when you are- you have combing out there who has nothing to do I'm all these FBI, I mean a lot of liberals wanted his head. I'm sorry! Com is gone. I was never on the media. Let's, let's kill call me page its end Purity is what is going to be killing. The democratic party has in order and also a lack of strategy. I would argue if you start from the proposition that Donald Trump has authoritarian tendencies, and I think there is some reason to suspect that you ask yourself: ok,
what does he have latitude? What can he do worthy access of power that he can actually go for and it's the Justice Department is the FBI director, so you're gonna want independent minded, casas people who have been stuck there neck out against powerful politicians, even if you ate their guts, you're gonna want people like that. Most of you, I think call me is a boy scout. I mean I agree with Senator Warner, keep saying I think he made some missteps in the fall now, don't think any of us here. I thought it was a great idea to release the eleven days before the election that stuff about the emails again with great, but the story was over. He was on the case- and was not a guy who you could buy off with loyalty? What do you think they're gonna get now and for all those liberal, sir? We're like call me has to go and call me the bad guy. Now you ve given them a talking point. Oh you wanted.
Mommy gone. He wasn't pure enough for you. Hilary wasn't pure enough for you. They didn't like Donald Trump, appoint the FBI, That's gonna, be better rights. Me is insane insane. Thank you for those only afforded stimulant. You seem very private, giving you're giving me looks, but you're nuts bananas are my people. I had to bear history with the FBI, our Donald Trump Watch in attendance at long last best for you to know, I thought, like you, I thought the guy was a boy scout and what I mean by that is, you might not always agree with it, but they try to play the game fair. I thought that eleven days before the electorate was weird, but I felt like you take a fair shouted, the other. I thought they d investigation. It trot was fair, AUS, actually impressed that he seemed to be in the middle going figuring out. You know the whole thing, and I am glad to see that at least now we distrust our president as a nation verses. Two small section distrust, I think, if our
libertarian Republican a conservative add Bihar Present not to distrust of president who would get rid of call me at the advantages slender advantage in the Senate right now, and you have senders not just John Mccain, also Ben SAS, Richard burn the Republican soggy I'll squawking about this. What they have to make sure and people into pressure them to do is don't approve John corn. Don't approve someone who has shown himself in this process to be more of a rubber stamp towards Donald Trump. Have some use your exercise and oversight function in a way that they did not do and I think, disastrously they didn't get a lot of help from Democrats. I dont think with Jeff sessions just sessions.
It totally. Who has terrible ideas about the dragoon, a bunch of other stuff. You mean he just announced a memo today, extending mandatory minimums again back to the darkest days of two thousand and thirteen in twelve and and before all that, and I think people need to focus their energy on people that they can block and also I I don't think this is said enough Bill Clinton. Probably your friend of yours no, but ok, but a lot of this is big. As a bill Clinton. The reason why call me had to say what he did is because the attorney general had to refuse herself because he walked and her plain, let's not forget that Bill Clinton once again, fuck his wife life. We couldn't hadn't worked on Loretta Lynch is plain, then she would have been making
statement instead of coma. Yes, he met a statement. We don't like, but he was given an almost impossible situation. That's where we are Bill Clinton. Let's put the blame work, I wish that back then people were as in favour of special councils and in and prosecution as they are right now. I would like to see more consistency on both sides of the Isle. It's a good idea to have it pendant investigator investigating the present the president. I say to you no matter who it is: has an inordinate amount of power over the rest of us. We should be thrown darts to my ear kind of a Republican. No, a hacker never been a Republican? I've never been a democratic. I voted that we have the glasses, these are called less than half your staff as our help about United you're, not a Democrat. Yes, that's correct! Ok! What are you
independent I'll, never, never thought it really existed the better, but I say I want, but I caucus with the Democrats, but you give them money. I mean it's, not a small. Well, I gave one guy money which was pretty Falada. Looks look was a lot of money and it shows a lot of perspective because I was so afraid Mitt Romney got out. If I were I to have said that I would give Mitt Romney that we are doing, I would give me a million dollars. I would become a Mormon. I would wear the magic underwear awkward stay away from carbonated drinks. I would baptized the dead. I would really believing planet call up. I would do anything for Mitt Romney to take up what what do you think the Republicans are saying behind closed doors, whereas Bobby Jim
where was Mark Rubio, where's, Paul Ryan with their bad assets? We now like how really people the swamp insult like had they find their ba exactly way lie where, whereas the love and fears christian kick ass, it is now less doubted, Satanism, oval office. Why don't we have your fears at fighting against the boards of the evil? Yes, how many times to sit there and say I'm not commenting on this tweet. I dont comment on what the present tomorrow I fix the elected with any Billy. I'm sorry, I don't come another street just like we tax cuts rounds in the way that some me does but he's on the journey taking a crap. They don't comments on that. We combat you're right. It was too ok so every week when he does something crazy, businesslike, secondary list of crazy that, I feel compelled to say-
because if there was any other president, these would be giant headline stories now the ones area mention he admitted a crime on tv, another crime. He said he didn't do, but it would be a good idea. We did had Russians in his office about this for the crazy list that didn't even make the top five he set about health care. In a few weeks. I know more about it than anybody else and then and then he said it should cost fifteen dollars a month, because he thinks it's life insurance He's lost his mind that wasn't there to begin with. He knows more about how the few weeks, how about the fact that Jared sister is selling green cards? Four thousand dollars a pop in China, about the fact that he said vented the term prime, the pump
You said that never happened before. He was proud of its components a couple days. It came up with a bit like the guy in high school. I started. And he did it to the editor of the economist magazine of all places where they want to do that is by now he's he is a low information voter who became press. I learned about now, I'm going, I saw headline that's right and he still trying to prove that he won the popular vote he appointed gifts he pointed, might pence eager to go out and get him a brain and to start a commission on voter fraud to find the three million fake Hilary vote
that don't exist. He evil. Never let that go. One reason he was married call me is just call me: wouldn't back em up on the wiretapping he not it's crazy shit, but then he insists that the Republicans back him up on it. That way, see the spiders to business work that way, the like. You see a businesslike if you're in a regulated three that lead gap, pigs to work and everyone else until we leave the Romania like, like your she's, gonna floppy, lies and that's the answer when people say: wouldn't it be great if we had a business man he's running and we know not a country is and we know what happened to ask again. Ok, should we do this now? Ok, I one of the problems you know we media type. Cyber bewick is that we don't want to keep talking about Donald Trump, but you know you also can't not talk about Donald, but I realize recently
that, after all the commentary, all the words printed and said every week, this still one thing that nobody calls Donald Trump on and look? Yes? Sometimes I do go too far, but tonight I'm just going to say it Donald Trump is fat. I need a war with everything else. These parties are, in fact talking fact because these pool anywheres these big boxy dark, suitably giant ties and strides around. Like Mr Modrow, man, people see,
just robust are powerful, but he's not he's back. Look, here's a quick comparison! There's his ass and there's can actually in reality stars anyway, I've written a book. It's called the art of the meal, a thousand and one fact like four years drums that most of the voices input most of the voices in his head or chewing, nobody said that, but he's back he gets winded riding the escalator. The same guys is its end today. Obama's birth certificate are now looking for his dick,
he once bragged that it moves like a bitch on MRS Butterworth, the book. I have bestseller the bank's want to break him up
his secret servers code name is Chris Christie, accuracy time I got. There is growing as ready ago there they are stories about my family. You might relate to my friend, Annabel girl were a jacket ringing criminality and some progress to do our own. I've got my uterus. We were ok, so this is your book. Oh no, listen! That's my book. Our books are competing. I hated, but your book is very, very funny, probably Bobby funnier than my buckled on my blog on our bonded thousand one bad jug pretty. But now your book is about family and it's about tribal. I thought is very apt propos for now, because we're so tribal is a country, and you know it's about. You know your family dysfunctional. You say all families are in and you know when the family breaks down. When you got the tribe Ray
The thing is, you know: that's what I'm trying to challenges idea of family right, I mean whatever what? Oh? Yes, you know whenever a company or business they want your money. What do they say? Looking to treat you like family right? That's what we want in the other direction, because what is filled with more drama dysfunction, then, if only until I feel like we're we're over Cinema sentimentalize family, because, like I have a very close to my sister, then that I have no family, I have caused. No, I shouldn't have cousins like real cousin, like my father, re sisters, kids, who I have not talk to in twenty five years, not big we're, not feuding. I like them. Neither one of us just
could give a should now man and his long should, I feel guilty about knowing you shouldn't feel guilty. I guess, but here s the thing bill C: we basically have the same brains and the same biological needs as we did as homo sapiens. Seventy thousand years ago we need community, we are a tribal species, so you really can't get away from it, even though Many people experience their family as a hostage situation, but I mean
but a hundred years ago, in fifty years ago, everybody lived in a house with family members, and now the majority of households are single households. Rachel, I feel like humanity, is our growing that maybe after seventy thousand years, you know that's one of the reasons in the western world. Why there's so much depression, so much isolation that causes that one? That's? What we actually need is people but see what happens is the way we live. Now we don't just talk about family like our blood relation sprite, we go out in the world and we make toes and family We have warranties fraternities, we have urban tribes lay work. Family is vastly, but of course the total irony is that, no matter how hard you tried who escaped your crazy family, you just end up in another crazy family, you mean even the ones you choose, even the ones you choose, because groups become despite I mean I know what you mean like I can dig into the old
Mary Tyler, more sure that right- and I was so groundbreaking visit- was saying: oh here's, a woman- she doesn't have a family Lex. It comes always said, is not her father in a real brother. Its Mr Grant is the Father surrogate right and Marie. Is the brother and aware is the crazy nympho sister, whatever it is totally geometrical, workplace dysfunctional family accepted? Now people don't have a workplace. If you, if you have an over driver Murray, is not writing. Shot gun that Mr Grant is not in the back seat that Russian that's one of the stories I write about in the book. I do I start with my own family, my own crazy family, as the launching off point, but one of the stories I write about the loneliness of the gig economy. You know a lot of a gig economy. You know people are peace, kneeling together right and what's missing from that, we know it's hard. Economic hopefully unstable. You don't have job benefits, but emotionally people miss these work. Families
and so I write a story about what this is. You may not be where this bill, but there's no a woman that I know myself included, who hasn't gotten a phone call from a girlfriend or a family member, inviting meeting their house to try Askin, Caroline or a clothing, I'm an to hang out with their sisters right knew all about in those cause. Every woman and here's gotten these cock. What did we do it right? Remember last Thursday legs were they to absorb new shaven. My nerves does lady tat, but one has to do with his you get there and you think you're going to hang out and get some sisterhood time, but what it actually is, its recruitment for multi level. Marketing corporations who are capitalizing on the lonely,
of the gig economy for women, who are eighty percent of their salespeople, but they don't call it salespeople. You see they invite you to join their tribe, or there right. There you go and what you find out is it's not just hanging out with your girlfriend's you're, going to be spending a lot of time alone at home on your phone, sending emails everyone you ve ever met and in your family to try to make them your business partners, and I never want to talk to you everything Fritz theme of your book. Just like in my boss, the origin of the meat is people avoiding, tell what says family more than family meals and what drives you crazier than having a meal with your runway. Will you also wrote something good thing about this? that when, when somebody like this takes away healthcare, it's it's not just the people who lose their, how that sort of her it's it's people. I gill
You know you taken Gary and mother. Now she doesn't have medicate exactly mean anybody who thinks that they are not enough Category whose health care premiums are going to go up because France is there not a senior right? Well road, don't forget. You're gonna get a call one day, which is dad just had a fall. Mom went out for milk in Miami and wound up in Baltimore.
Happens in our lives. This is one of the stories. I gather demand to guide the wise men with joy and shall I I don't know, maybe she met a girl. You know what you were back so that we know what this is. What happens? Is we re you're the one who's gonna have to assume that the family members, the caregivers roadie, four million Americans work caregiving right now. I write about this. My own experience of my parents in the book, so we were the ones who can afford. I mean you also a kind of a thing you Norman Animal Lover, but you know you think that people love their pets as as family surrogates too much, and I don't know if you can love
had as a family. I limelight pets precisely because they allow me not to have a family. Other heads are going to take care of you when you're old rights and either against cousins. The crying out does not job right. They start to leads watch. I budget airports and I will get together. You say I'm not an animal lover, I'm does know, I know, but let me just say: I'm asking the question are pats our family see what happened was. I was noticing see my noticing all my facebook page rain, my friends recalling their pets, their fur, babies or therefore, like it, family, members and Sundays. It seems like a pet genocide is happening on my facebook lost
Our angel right right ran like me, the assumptions are built. We make assumptions that people are good people by the way they treat their animals and we forget Lenin, loves cats. Hitler loves his dogs, that's that's an outcome that is already area. It was just too or poodle. It's gonna die in six years.
You buy a new one. Like a car, you name it the same fate. You walk tat, mother fucker, so the parts like my family rule south, like what's a tool of animal they supposed to chase coyotes away at night, is not really like you design. There is something between that and Michael Vick, which is what you are not trust, trust, I'm not saying you should offer adequate, gives to shut up muffling. Big boy who raises doubts and will not fail to adopt further, but you we must admit that the act from a part of the country where people fight chickens and dolls, my vote was not right, but
animals are essentially tools on far like I can remember my great grandmother hundred acres Thou Tuskegee. The dogs were specifically to keep thoughts, think ideologies away they slip outside they ate whatever you have left over in Atlanta. Her dogs were name, isn't pop and they slept in our sulphur in her house, always state like dumping, but I got canvas. The elegant won t myself, so I just want to say that I am not above this kind of leaving an animal lover, I'm an empty nestor. Now my son went off to college. I cradle my cat. I did contemplate speeding him, but you can't do that because if you like, the top nipples Phyllite might not happened. I do what I heard this Europe. This is somebody's committed jointly for your budgetary subject, where those things that somebody right in prison by edge running- and I think it's apropos and and the job was
like- if you lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of the car and you open the drunk, I was happy to see self President risen Chinese by now. I know by President Obama said you get this week. Is that you get the politicians you deserve, which is something I've been saying for years that during the way politician when they're out of lobbyists say the things I always say so, but then, France at had an election, and they thought it might go. The way our election did and and elect Marine Le Pen and they didn't my total somebody. So I'm interested to know what you guys, a new girl think about you go girl
think about why their election went so differently and what are they doing differently than we're doing a mean before you, pat yourself, on the back as France or anybody else here, the national front got twice as much vote as it did before the These populist movements are growing all over Continental Europe. They might not be winning every election in Austria, but they came down close in Sweden. It's gone from zero to a lot. They run the government in Hungary so and Frances, twenty five years of a really really lousy economy and they get terrorist it every five months. It's not a great innovation. I wait for most can't. We be happy for one SEC, okay, we can be half and though they got any likes Cougar, so the national front, at less than they expect to get. Even they thought that forty percent was a failure they get less than that. I also think, or IRAN was announced. Later. He was anti establishment, he should have ran credibly someone who is outside the system, so he tried a little populism himself, which might have helped him when the french or more sophisticated. We just say it: Putin tried to hack
your election also- and they were like- oh that's gross, and they are people who loves. You may therefore have a Fox new data. A Fox news arbiter. There you go Org greater health care, and I just would feel wrong without with my uterus. Here too not mention that there are thirteen men sitting on a panel riding women's futures and I work explain to them what you mean by that that, now that the health care bill has moved to the Senate, they have a working group to work and craft this legislation- and it is thirteen straight white while they say there straight- they have a habit of getting caught at men's room stops. Ok, thirteen! Why in TAT room, and so what do? I know? I'm just a comedian with a retired uterus. But let me just
men applies pre. Existing condition, ok remind right now right. This bill. I want to frighten nothing, nothing the right here, but I am in it. Ok, I hadn't c section three existing condition. This surviving the Trump Administration has raised my anxiety level. I've had to up my aunt. I deplore, Since more pre existing conditions, I am worried. I'm concerned if there's might know about those who are just about to the end of the show. I know you're, not a cop, hot flash or anything, but I really think if any of these men had balls, they would give a position
up to someone like Susan costs, at least every week we outwit we're all we're constantly in this country. Take there's no from black people. Don't just acts were a representative at all, for the formality of like Georgia must state is thirty percent lead people? I want to see thirty percent of the house. Black people make up half the country. Have the house and say that should be women? Have your schoolboy should be when it should be governed like TAT S, what I want to say about raised since we smote weed and play concerts. There are four times a year. A mere Or why every time we land people are protesting, something they are literally saying this that right we're
comfortable. So the line is constantly being pushed here and I think in this country we could do better to get off the sulphur or, if we're jog, into the gravel latte to have serious conversations in the implant play. A strategy has organised and mobile lad. Fox news point that there's something the inverse happening in France. They don't talk about. They haven't typically talked about muslim immigration in the media. Somebody you ve talked about here on the show, I'm not saying that you want to talk about it or agree with the national front on this, but they made it a taboo subject. They make up a point out of criminalizing things like denying the armenian genocide. I think you shouldn't deny the armenian genocide. It shouldn't be a crime, so they ve made taboo a lot of subjects and that's exactly where the national front. Pen family can say, see, I'm the only brave truth tell around so that shouldn't always drunk elected. Well, I mean.
If the Democrats had a policy on terrorism made most of the country roll their eyes, I wish we could talk more about this, but the end of our. Time? Thank you very much very fun time for new rules. Now that Sucker Karlsson is the new king of Fox NEWS that talkers the new king of Box knows he s to come up with this second expression, and his show has to be more than just inviting liberals on and then making this phase. We did not doctor this. These are actual screenshots Tucker, Karlsson with a guy who wants to get rid of the Electoral College, a guy from
black lives matter, a woman who compare Drum Dandler MIKE Pharaoh or Hey rebels. The President Wesleyan University College, a college student who defended flag burning. This shows shouldn't be gold, Tucker girls into that it should be called. Did I just get myself neural? I dont care of Henry Kissinger is a war criminal when he starts melting, you don't just stand there and make vagina hands. Somebody to say neural. Alien movies have to put the letters closer together. Is this a thriller and I join and why alien covenant? Everybody knows when people get sick year, movies series you call it Apocalypse X, men Apocalypse Superman
Batman Apocalypse resident evil apocalypse apocalypse. It sends an important message to your fans were almost done. Neural dove is free to market these new bottles that reflect the fact that women, come on many different shapes. They say what they have to admit: that the product names or a little offensive like dove, obvious boot job job skinny bitch thanks, are shit, don't stay and of great personality. Neurosis. Support lay just announced a zero tolerance policy for workers. You hide cameras in their restrooms afterwards.
They are there other places where you get off it just a warning. Now they do things over the eye Johnson. But here, at your put, lay our customers expect one thing and one thing only in our restrooms and that's explosive, Diarrhoea, Portugal and finally, new rule. The tycoons of social media have to stop pretending that their friendly nerd gods, building a better world and admit there. Just two our farmers in tee shirts selling and addictive product to children, because, let's face it, checking your likes is the new smoking A recent sixty minutes segment exposed, what's called brain hacking, how everything? So gone valet develops is purposely designed to make us feel compelled to check in constantly they Wharton Is it in particular ways and for long periods of time, because
how they make their money. Every time I checked my phone, I'm playing slot machine to see where they get. This is one way to hijack people's minds and create a habit to form a habit. That's right apple, Google, Facebook. They are essentially drug dealers, and I thought where have I heard that before oh yeah on sixty minutes, nicotine delivery business and that's what cigarettes a full most certainly is a deliberate ice for limiting the up. It was never about smooth Tibet. Go flavour. It was about the nicotine and the other drugs that cigarette makers deliberately put in to make it addictive the moral right in this we began when corporate Amerika decided it wasn't enough to justify ass sell your product people needed to be addicted to it. Key cookie, are not really made by elms and trees.
Their engineered in labs like all processed food with Peru. Size, combinations of salt, sugar and fat that are specifically does. I do not satisfy the reason you can't eat. Just one brats all is the salt is like the nicotine in this you're, right, it's the drug and the pretzel. Is the delivery system. That's out twisted. Those are food. Companies are not in the satisfying hunger business there in the Finnish, the whole bag business neurons. We all knew business. You are our junkies slave. You can't resist this shit. Just put it in the cart and shut up before we make you suck your dick for it. Morgan
You heard the guy in the sixty minutes, peace. Every time you check your phone, you are pulling that slots. Machine handle because you might get a reward. A text alike addict pick from Anthony Win. We all know what to say when you post a picture on social media and when the lights pop up it floods, your brain with gratifying dopamine Facebook purposely hold back the like. Sometimes so you will keep checking how come my friends didn't love that picture of myself. What's wrong with me,. Oh wait, wait, wait I'll! Do they see this picture of my water bottle? It's come to You don't exist until you get a smiley face and then that's not enough. You need a up or better a giant thumbs up again
I am black thumbs. This is why the average person interacts with their phone number twenty six hundred times a day. It wants all your attention all the time. It's not a service, its Glenn close in fatal attraction. I'm not gonna, be ignored. A third of Americans checked the phone during meals. Nineteen percent objective in church, mostly grinder,
Pedestrian death's door weigh up because people in the crosswalk looking down or getting run over by drivers looking down the whole damn country is constantly looking down. There is something being crushed out there, but it ain't candy, Philip Morris. Wanted your lungs. The app store wants your soul.
Alright, thank you very much everybody. I start shall we added a second one at the Fillmore in Miami Beach August? Sixth, thank you for the popular demand. I want to thank Maxwell's killer MIKE Johnson or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com
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