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Ep. #426: Boris Epshteyn, Neil deGrasse Tyson

2017-05-20 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Boris Epshteyn, Neil deGrasse Tyson, David Frum, and Dr. Cornel West. (Originally aired 5/19/17)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night, real time
Thank you so much later this every week it gets worse. They knew good news stories are coming so thin and frequently I need drama mean to watch
and then I am breaking news fatigue. I do I'm talking to my doctor, I said, is drinking in the afternoon right for me and he said a way ahead. It's hard to catch you upon this way, because it's like last week, never even really ended. We should start there. Like all the other HBO shows previously on private previously on as the world burns, President Bachelet had president Bachelet just fired his FBI directorate for investigating his russian ties and then
the Russians in the oval office, to get his next assignment and, of course, pass along classified information. You don't know what, these guys are laughing? He gave it to the members of the oval office there, like this guy's, even dumber than we do. Of course you know Trump should not have even them in the oval office, teach the people hacked and meddled in our election. That's not part of the controversy, that is a fact they meddled in the election, and I'm says library drums says well, Putin asked me to do it. Most most supposed I work for the guy. I made it. What do the boss? No he's so dumb
he keeps out rightly confessing his crimes, and told me to do it up. The call me firing trump sends out his people. Say some bullshit and the next day goes on Lester Hold and says: no is because a rash of my idea giving the russian The classified intelligent step centres, people out they deny it then he's like now That is good, a kid who goes to pick up his prom date and the parents say what are your intentions and he says I'm gonna try to get her to give me a hand. And and then this week we learned that love is James. Call me kept myths
Gillis, notes and memos, including for according to the coming memo, where drop, meets with call me and says to call me, you know, Flynn he's involved with the Russians. She's great he's a good guy like you just let this go hope you can let this go. Call me said my car bright. I hope you can let this go when vice president tents heard that he started scratching advice on this business and then to day we learn that Trump said to the Russians during that play Dave. He had with them. He said in front of note takers to the Russian.
I just fired the head of the FBI. He was a real, not job. I face great power sure because Russia that's taken care of is trying to get impeached even Monica Lewinsky is like, while you really blew me oval office. James call me: is there not John says seventeen year old man with the platinum blonde hair and the necktie around his knees. What not job visa, not job! Excuse me, I gotta get back to talking to the television by the way. It's ok, because you know what all this is good news. We have a special council
Robert. I doubt that Europe will be president for the full term. Maybe I don't know, maybe he might not be guided by the time he gets back from his tribulation, you elected I oughta big is big overseas drip. One huge question hangs over this trip. While he's gone, who is going to lie to my parents? We don't know, because you got my bed, this guy aids Moorish shit that I go. There is nothing this man will not believe he can watch this shit coming straight, Adam the bulls and if you tell him it's chocolate, most hill repeated so yet drums got a big trap, he's going to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican, the cradle of Amerika,
it's three great religions: Christianity, Judaism and oil. Before I move on with the show. There is other news, pretty big news that happened this week, Anthony Wiener pleaded guilty to tweeting his dick. And Roger Elles done between those two stories and the horrible weak drum pan perverts got there, come up. There was a movie made about this week. It would be called pussy strike back, yes, Roger Owls, ok, but when somebody dies you're supposed to not say bad things about him, so let me just say when it came to making all white Americans more frightened and more ill informed. Nobody did it.
We're gonna great, less here, thinking the older grass Thyssen, but first and Clare Blood pressure group and former special assistant breast interim at the White House, Boris Epstein, to thank you. This is not an easy, weak, real and not an easy audience to come and speak in for the logic that take some balls, and I appreciate that it really does, and you have a big news job, you watched any player. I don't know if people know this isn't another big story: that kind of got buried, Sinclair Group, their AVA television, conglomerate, they're, trying to buy Tribune. They looks like going to get it you're going to be one of the main people there that they want to be to the right of Fox NEWS:
whiter Lazzaro, that's not so realizing aware, is not a cable jail. I know you're a group that own stations and it's a provider of content, and it provides content that straight down the mill straight, but That's what fox used to say! Ferrenby certainly no there but Fox a cable channel arise with different. It's different. What's the difference, it didn't work whether it comes over the air in a corn if they hired viewers, their front man, they're not lying down, not about the form and so on the cheap, politically and was analysed and well. What are we doing this providing signals that will play on their stations?
They call for the stations. Ok, look, look local news, you'll see that history done the oars. This was supposed to be the item. Nice to your question. I like the size of its strategy on your new job. So, let's get to this it look. I don't want to make this outburst aerial. Obviously, we are from different sides of the spectrum, but look as long as you keep it straight with me, but it doesn't have to go out of the box, but first off. How long do you think Donald Trump can be? president, as president for eight years, maybe he would never be present, but even after the events of this week, absolute,
What about? We have a gentleman's bed, a hundred roubles conversion. You might- and I might say that big as Europe, Russia and hurried, I dont think you were Russians by. I think there are plenty of dumb and there are no mean you're done either but I think there are plenty of Americans who who support Donald Trump and they think they're doing the right thing. Ok, but got a nice! You come on you're telling me that you think Donald Trump be there until January nineteenth twenty twenty five. Yes, I'm here, why gentleman's bet he's out by Christmas, this tell me I asked the crowd. Yoda, it looks like he's trying to get impeached looks like he's admitted obstruction of justice at least twice. You don't see it that were absent. Here's what I say what I see is that there is absolute coordinated attack against the president. Look at this
she's just since he left since he's been in the hare, had been for five story, all an anonymous sourcing that try to be detrimental to the present. Why? What's the point he's going on this well great trip? First, president has gone to the great three religions to the homes of the freely Tibet has always gotta. Also wish you a happy which religion do you just carry on jewish, ok, he's gonna Israel. For the first time you one Obama one tonnes will, for the first time, two thousand thirteen asshole what an asshole and Arctic Josie cataloguing of great, ok, but Where will say but but you didn't, I guess it since we're not going to agree on the point that is incomplete lately now nail down by law enforcement. Let's just go to the port, that's incontrovertible, which is at the Russians meddled in the election. All seventeen of our intelligent actually say that you would agree to
right well, some Mars, so that we can get into the back and forth into my new show of that letter. You're talking about, but not actually letter does so all ages. Evans on agencies have said Russia did suggesting the present than when the election. That answer my question, I asked all seventeen, whose side are you on one american style came within all of our intelligence agency. This day this you don't back so there's a special council and the special council will come up with an answer, and I am confident that all showed that there was no just so no collusion. Now whether Russia tried turning out at night. He said this is not collusion. Question this. Is that part, that's not controversial. So this is the middle class meddling Russia settled in our election. Please asked: did you may ask Russia with the child for FUCK's sake? Ok, within your ear ear of the ideas like your boy, tromp you're saying you don't believe, are intelligence agencies. Not what I'm saying is that what you? Don't
President Prodi, and so this is what they say resident one election, fair and square. That's not apparently the or the question of whether there was an attempt to better again. How would I know last minute it was our intelligence agencies. All of them say there was ok. Ok, save our! That is why we are having a parental. What's the sewing eyes, I can't even get you to come to the place that all people, including the Republicans agree, is the fact that Russia did meddle in our election. The greatest public as well as citizens. Adelaide is settled science, science Many of the relevant, as I know the guy coming too, I'm foreshadowing, ok, is you get it free I'll, be funny, but give me a price for meddling. You know what you want.
Jimmy Carter was known as the great pussy, but when the Russians took over Afghanistan in nineteen eighty, he boycotted the Olympics. He's stop selling them. Grainy took a lot of political eat for that that actually took balls. Go to the Olympics there very popular the level of what's the price that the Russians have paid for meddling in our election. None. He has them into the White House. He says it was fantastic meeting for who, whose side are you on again? Very much in America side the president's side, but here's what I will say the same thing. Wretch Rex tellers, rats, powerful neighbour, Russia, did not even raised the hacking issue with the Russians begin. If you have a problem we'll have to present his heavens foreign policy, you can speak of the ballot box and three and a half years,
That's right now! So now call me he's gonna testified. This came out just a couple hours, so we have a. He said. He said by call me says: one thing: Trumps is: on the one hand you have the guy who pull it effects, as is the greatest liar in Israel, Murchen Politics, Donald Trump and then Boyscout Jim. Who do you think the american people are going to think is lying so two weeks ago. Jim call me
absolute unpopular and completely distrusting not now and now he's got his populist mother Teresa. I mean this is somebody who, a couple weeks ago, both the left and the right couldn't stand now. Imagine not everybody is the big in lots of people on the left were where I was with Jim Cornick, like what Senator Warner said. I didn't agree with everything he did. I didn't call for his resignation, blah Alot of Democrats did allotted to and they may rise day. Yes, ok, let's take a step back on them for a second. So if you took a mother, he said he said in the notes. So what Jim call me or has people are letting us to believe that but these notes and then there's not being leaked I'll, be ok with people go into the office, taking notes and the leaking. Those knows the press to me. There is a huge problem well, but isn't that crime itself worse than men,
take it so so, if healer, if this was Hilary, which is put it around these lines out, that's I know, but that's not me and tell her for being parties or whether we are looking at the facts if, if, if, if Obama during when they were looking at Hilary had said, you know because Trump said about two to call me about flynn- he's a good guy. I'd love it. If you could just let disco, if, if Obama had call me and when he was looking Hilary inside, you know she's a good broad I'd be great if we could just let this go, you'd be cool without which had Bill Clinton talking to Loretta Lynch on her plain about that.
And rightly so, but the one. So he wasn't, the president someone said we have a european order. Jackson. We know that no, I said at last week. Absolutely let me ask you this cause. I just kept to know why. Someone like yourself is such a fan of Donald Trump. You have kids, I do have an eye when you're. Ok did you see him at the commencement of the coastguard? The other ok he's talking to the can, it mean commensurate to kids fresh, faced idealistic going out into the world and he starts bitching and moaning about. I am in history, and I say this with great surety, not a great majority, not not a great impression, not a great word. Great sorority. That no politician has ever been treated worse in history and Nelson Mandela's ghost when I was in jail for twenty,
Seven years, tell me that someone who I bet is otherwise a decent human being with children. How you can look at that guy, you never takes responsibility, who is always whining and bitching, and moaning and lying just put me out of my misery and tell me why you like this mass limits over the downtown. I know kids pragmatic. She is smart. She is kind to supportive and honestly she's. The best politician I've ever worked with I've been on the last three republican presidential campaigns and forcibly one which was nice and second of all, he is a girl communicator he's greater relating dreams are not I mean I'm too tough. Gig review does a reason that she got to six electoral boats right, there's a reason,
president areas already resident relieve the electoral college. Now, when you know we lost the popular Newland, It now looks as if the locks were based on the popular vote. We were a campaign in California Campaign York and what a one going away in California, because you know allies not only part of California, neither sandwiches rather or of other parts right, which support Republic do not gonna win California.
Did you say I'm saying that it would be good. If you don't, I beg leave to voters in audio thanks to people. You gotta give a parisian. Thanks go to my Violets radar panel. These guys are apparently the senior editor for the Atlantic and a former Bush Whitehouse page rider our friend David Romas over here practice and public velocity at Harvard Divinities girl. Oh excuse me, doctor or now aware, no overtime. Tonight I gotta get two biggest right. So, first of all, no mistake said this before. Sometimes I just want to people, you know I'm getting to that
which were do what the fuck I want before I get to you guys, bread gray, we lost a giant this week. It was my manager for many years. You see his name at the end of the creditor up the show every week, bread Gregg Lot at times when you see people's name, it's bullshit, not in this case the show wooden exists, and he made some enemies in this town, but he was a great friend of this show. The news is happening so fast. I can't even get it on a blue card. I have to like ripping off the wire right before I come out. I see an injustice.
Boarding russian officials bragged, they could use Flynn to influence tromp sources say I guess the question is: can we get him out before there is real damage? Well,.
You just bet a hundred roubles and it will happen. I I don't think he will see the industry. I just can't at this pace. It's going. I do I do. I dont want to cramp your bed it. This is going to look different on Monday, and this is Monday. This is a much more dangerous time and whatever people, whatever people, feel about Donald Trump he's a candy survivor. Any ruthless player and Boris was right when he is a very shrewd politician and a very effective communicator, not to you and maybe not right to the people here to the people he needs to talk too has a powerful base. Has the resources of the presidency has a death grip on the republican party? The special council is also a shield to him, because these things cannot be discussed by the special council and
our real questions about whether any of the things that Donald Trump has done are actually prosecutable crimes, and he- and there are just two not to put too much with them from leaving their all right now. There's a second aircraft carrier that has just arrived near Korea, and it is exercising Donald Trump had to good days- is present in his state of the union address and thirty five to fifty nine tomahawks at Syria. I think he remembers that sort of thing is going to start a war that I'm saying he's going to hang on. You Our he is not going to go into gentlemanly way. He's not going to care about is to cover- I don't know, but I dont think already enjoying himself. He said in an interview couple of weeks ago, I miss my old life. He said I had so many great things going on. Suddenly great
going on, I had my cons, my pyramid schemes, my underground trips to Russia, with wonderful marriage to my daughter, wife, you know we had some great things going. I think a man I don't think he wants to be present at this point, when I mean one is dead, he's just not in touch with reality. No Maybe we can assume that somehow he's really making a connection with something that real. But the sad thing is that this is very important, because this ninety second birthday, Malcolm X, if Malcolm X would always want to tell the truth that Donald Trump and is reflected in your profile essay, my dear brother, in the Atlantic Monthly, but Donald Trump is an expression of the spiritual blackout in the country and what I mean by that is the relative eclipse of integrity, honesty and decency.
So that, even though we know we move along time, is out of control is over his head. He's a gangster he's a tire and he's in Hell fastest in the making. You not like Hitler Mussolini, but he acts in such a way. If it is not a system that allows for disregard of rule of law, undermining constitutional practices, but the important thing is not to fetish eyes him into an isolated individual. He is an expression of the work of women. Culture and American Empire said the first indicated mine is, we go see the best. There were men because we gonna find what kind of people we will, but the people? You are a meeting that there is such a thing as white people problems. What is it
human rights, are always look at me. I'm gonna break. I want to raise something that you may find. Are you may agree with this? You may find a challenging, but the people who are actually on the front lines were doing the work where the best of America are indeed the national security professionals who are putting their obligation. We country ahead of their obligation, the president, and it is people, CIA, the FBI, the army and the military in the Navy long people here Sultan who are some of them inside the way that some of the other departments, the reason you know the things you know is that people are taking tremendous risks with their career. In some cases they are breaking the law because their reading classified information to the press, so they are their their tails they make their take.
Sacrifices in order to alert the gas is what is God's right and then something I learned doing it just to save their ass. Like the people in the White House, I mean that this White House is league. It's funny like when you read these stories eagerly. I always had sometimes a peevish motives, that's true, but that these are people who are lawyer lawyering up, and we want. We passed a number of rubicund this week when we found out it's actually now a criminal investigation, not just an intelligent one, and when we find that these are these are people I think who wear shitting their pants now, the White House, because they know they are too close to it and they may already earnings were running scared or data. They don't want to go to jail. When you read these stories in the paper they, like thirty sources, you know they should be something called like Trump Club,
and the first rule of trauma club. Is you tell everybody everything you know? Stinguished distinguish please between the political people in the in the overall in the years who, whom I am that we signed up for the voice of the damned knowing what they are signing up as as Boris Guess, he went in with his eyes, open and, and you pay the price. But a lot of the White House is the National Security Council does are sick people seconded from other departments and they have to be the General MC master. The national security adviser is an active duty soldier,
ass to be there for us resigned from the army? Entire aid does not the lie which he did this week, but we do have to make a distinction of other day between those who are on the inside. Who can see the Trump is willing to use arbitrary power nor the high concealed his greed and therefore we give them credit, but when I was talking about they fight back again spiritual blackout, I was talking about everyday citizens who have a rude awakening and begin to act, citizen citizens, the public interest tied the common good those and what I haven't minor reason. I say this because so when you talk about to see on the one hand, get people of integrity and see, I, on the other hand, how many foreign governments has a c I a intervene in or over through democratic elected officials. So it is not as if some aspect, we can also look very good story, even as we keep track of them play a positive role at this particular moment. Where we see a point, we stand your great with ice.
I don't I say here the growing like this. You might not agree with me. I see your point you. Yes, I see it. That's what I told you I say: let's not what's that mistake, the fire for the fire brigade incident distinction, as you would you go What I am I wanna do you know this is a rap observe the whig. I want to give these scandals and we put them on bullet points like Bill, O Reilly used to do you know him, he's not using them anymore, just because it become so much that people can't keep track of just two weeks ago, since most start with. The call me firing fired call me admitted obstruction on TV to Lester Health. He admitted it, the Russians in the oval office is a scandal, gave the rush Intel is a giant scandal asked call me to look the other way giant scandal. He knew Flynn was under investigation. We found out this week and he still
but it is still higher demand airway anyway, the rocket attack Ok Flynn was on the Payroll of Turkey He didn't want this rock is where ices is Trump was like. I'm gonna get AIDS is I'm the guy you can get. I just I'm the one who puts America First Flynn because on the Payroll of Turkey, and Turkey didn't want this attack to take place aborted, an attack on ice. That we were planning at the last days of the Obama administration. We found out this type of Paul Ryan with is republican bodies, Worm Kevin Mccarthy, says: Putin pays Trump. He admitted obstruction to the Russians that one I would just mentioning in the model I mean that will cause. You said it was a joke to re. Well first, they said it didn't exist so they rely on again and again and again. I said I didn't exist and they went where we have the actual tape and they went did I say it didn't exist. What I meant was it's a joke.
And, as you know, why are jokes bunny junk because their true method, that, yes, if you had a jug, what Mitt Romney ugly interns, it wouldn't be very funny what what? What are you? Why right that's why conservative humor is not funny you're out of jokes. Apparently, what military might? What do you make of trumps self incrimination? Is it just because he stupid is it said some sort of death
Wish I won added this job. I mean what sort of person Donald Trump has been living life that Latvia's unity for so long yet say any! That's right! Do anything that it's what you ve been wrapped in a woman s Aguilar thats gangster out of oil, still oil, deaf gangs, you're writing thing get away. You're right. There is a long tradition of white male mediocrity, mendacity now trick has come and all neural. Thank this. This excuse for him that I've already seen put out there has to stop this. This idea of well, he didn't know what he was doing he's just a boy. He doesn't know how the
This system works, you didn't even know what a fraction of justice was he's a peace, not a politician. Look. You can't run for office, saying on this modest guy ever in the history of the world and then say now now you can have it both ways write to me as if I don't have enough to be mad about Donald Trump, but he did he stole a bit of ours. We started bed several years ago called. I don't know it for a fact. I just know it's true and he based police started a whole administration based on what we own this before he did and we're off next. We're gonna be a lad. Thing is rather bill, big Business Wall Street big corporations. They will win them because they thought they will not generate high profits or they were willing to be blind to this. Now these lies taking place for profit, that spiritual vacuity spirit,
emptiness say? Majority republican Party, I may know he's a gangster, but isn't all my god. I've got to wash and somehow out that the majority of what kind of country I never got a thing. I never heard you do your white character, you're, no Dave Chapelle, but keyboard find you. I don't know for a fact. I just know it. I don't know for a fact that, when Trump met with the turkish president, he asked for some taffy. I just know it's true. I don't know for a fact see and at its thinking of replacing its breaking news graphic with one that says he did what now,
I don't know for a fact that Lenny Private is gonna punch. Guy or says to him funny. You don't want Joey, yeah edgy right. I don't know for a fact that it might pensive, morning- ritual- looks like this
Fact that Jeff sessions leg moves when you scratch and behind the ears. I don't know for a fact that corner West shows is Barbara, photo of Mark TWAIN back that any gibes up and says I love you more than you'll ever know it's because they can come up with anything specific they like about. You know for a fact that Tucker Carlton's Neck Damon High School was Fucker Charleston. I don't know back that. Voters who said they'd vote for the rock over Trump and twenty twenty meant an actual rock just now, and not enough for a fact that Jared Kirshner told his lawyer, I'm too ready to go to jail for areas they viewing a number one on the near times must analyse the host National Geographic STAR, talk, nailed a grass ties it look at how popular you are. Let's get rights in your book, astrophysics redundancies. Road was not really that's a small book, even crack. That title was already taken. First of all, is that right, second notes: if real astrophysics it just if you're in a hurry, you got a job, your school, we got kids dip in constant, make your long lost relationship with the universe I tried,
I guess they age through like butter, but I know you know what I used to think what you tell me in this book, but I don't think I was because I watch cosmos. You know I love that lobby to show cause, but they never really never really got a lot into dark energy there. I didn't less so yeah a whole chapter and dark energy over the dark matter. Dark energy supply is all their most most of the universe is dark. Like Detroit, and this is a sea like we see the stars there. We got those
At the start I figured out. We can see the planet's what we know that there were other media, but what's in between is what is upsetting you these days. Romano gives a lot. You look at the universe and you find out that eighty five percent of all the gravity that is manifest has no known origin, and so that's one of the longest standing mysteries of all of science. If not just astrophysics has been with us since the nineteenth thirties. Does that and then there's this mysterious pressure in the vacuum of space we're, say an acceleration of the expanding universe against the wishes of the gravity that would otherwise slow that down. That's another big fraction of what is driving this universe. He had dark matter too, dark energy, it's ninety five percent of everything that is driving this universe and what we know and love and can calculate is five percent. What what? What? No one is this effective? What is it
effective. I don't get it like what if we find the answer, what will change? Oh I'm glad I can answer that. I have idea itself. So I put you back, you note. Ninety eighty years ago, you would be watching scientists study the structure of the atom and molecules you cyclists see them. You know, microscope can see them. Why are you wasting this massive brain power this exercise and you're wasting. I'm just look at. You can say what how does it? How can I just ask dunno you were not UK, so it's how you better life on earth, while, if you think that we have no idea seventy years later foundation, the news item seven years later is the foundation of all information technology. If you ever find yourself saying to a scientist, how can this improve my life? The only answer is, I have no idea, but one day,
you might tax it. Did you really wonderful, the perimeter of all human, there are several years ago, will peace, but it seems to me in that peace you haven't answered above the bail.
Like that is from the further that more nobody knew Galileo. The way the woods struggling against form the dogmatism expand horizons in such a way that were able to connect with Syria down the white people can now known as regards pollination fields. Ok, let me ask you this, because I did a piece about a month ago about Mars, because there's a drum did a rent a piece of red door, and it was,
RO and very fucking funny. Guy closer amygdala had already happened, and one that is settled say: ok, so the point if it was that people this is drumbeat, but let's go to Mars because we have this great backup, planet and since birth is in such a perilous state. I was telling people warning them off this dome idea that dont think you trash earth, because you got Mars to go to and we made this scientific joy and I'll show it to you. I had it was on the show at the time, and it says scientific chart right even try to fuck with me on a star Mars. No, Earth air Earth food mars-
Matt Damon ship, potato earth, water Marge. Maybe water, can we don't make any leaned back again earth here Mars, far away ok, so to try to read, but it's all true for savings Now. Imagine the first fish to leave the ocean and come to land where they cannot breathe. They cannot walk, they cannot do anything and in fact they will need a space suit to do that. In fact, they made a space suit. It was called an egg with a shell. An egg laid on ground is basically the space suit for fish. That is
positioning from water too. So so the idea that you and that's when you play that happen over hundreds of millions year, I'm just saying you don't have that kind of press it. I am. I I'm in Vegas Doc. I am not even going over to creating a shell around so just to be clear. We agree. Mid March is not a backup plant? Thank, however, they want. But what I have said before is that today we can colonise Marge because we terror formed it turned into earth. The reason to do so is not because we trashed earth because, like I've said before, if we have the power to terror form Mars into earth, we have them to turn its back into earth, so that so far, and I worry that, if that, if there is a real time, Caveman addition, twenty thousand years ago, you be sick
only because, because it's dangerous solved decay problem, Sabre key figures out there safe indicate, let's returned to the problems on earth, really because I know this is a matter their close to your heart. There was an acquittal this week of a police officer. Betty Joe shall be from tells him. She shot Terrans creature, a unarmed black man. She said she feared for her life
and then in South Carolina Michael Lego, shot Walter's God in the back running away, and that was a mistrial and this this argument that the cops get away with. I was fearful that they might do something erratic. I thought when you went into the police department, you understood that there was some danger in this job. I don't know where they got this idea that, if I fear at all, I am allowed to shoot you, but that things will happen.
And by the way Trump is all forward, and Hillary Clinton wouldn't have been someone who said they were equally awful. I, like the one, was a disaster, in other words, a catastrophe, exactly my points, but I always ask better than a car tat. Well, that point was lost and our sovereign political liberty to forward where below the police have yet to go to jail when they end up in committing violence and murdering leave young black brothers assistant right and a problem. If we do, we want a fair trial and hair, but there the chronic races,
that shows route and over and over again, but it just not the police, they matured Wall Street, no Wall Street executives go to jail. Leave the rule of law comes down hard on the poor and well to do get off your play. Nice get off because protecting the proud, but Hilary First speech was about man. We re speeches about Al Qaeda step, but it didn't have a whole lot integrity and don't run at that
not really living Bernie Sanders may take greeted butter. Russians. Look I treated Bernie Sanders, wouldn't want to change that. We cannot take responsibility for the fact that she lost the electorate. Look what everybody but he's all right! Don't try hill! We allow me to say so wrong. She embedded in the dark about the sofa disease, but rather than Trump. That's all I'm saying a lot better than drug just just take too much with better than an answer as blab risk for someone who such an intellectual, that is, that answer is beneath materialise, is precisely because when you would do voted for foot down over David, do you so you wouldn't?
the EVIL one grammatical Hilary nodded. I do not know what is it if you're talking about Wall Street if you're talking about militarism, if you told my dealing with folk I do wish she light. There is the entering in handing out all all it. Also. Surely Hilary is annexed to know. Shall we say that she will have won in the last elections and we got stuff we cause. They haven't, learn the lesson that we win the next election. Not that's why you can't we're not. You know there's a lesson there's a lesson you gonna need for twenty seventeen, which is about making responsible choice between eighty, no four, twenty seventeen, because because billows talked earlier about how he wanted to see Donald Trump not be present by Christmas, which would be nice. That means dump. That means Michael Pence because vice president- and that is better
Is everyone in this room exactly not have to vote for Michael Pence? Two thousand and twenty? You don't have to vote Republican in twenty eighteen, but you'd better. If you have any hope it isn't. He becomes president as rapidly as and knowledge, and what I would say to you is ill does not exactly my political cup of tea on who live? I voted. I voted for her as the responsible choice.
Parents from this is that this is a challenging teaching for the audience, and you have to do the same thing for Michael pants. When the time comes. I could not agree. More Michael Pence is well within the parameters of awful that we have come to see it through I've. Seen my tents before he's a typical, hypocritical, curious jack, please dangerously danger dangerous is done. I don't come the benchmark of somebody being bad as he's president now, because you are the snake bite because had the snake bite and now you have to understand the difference between in things you don't like. It begins with a normal right
Why? Why didn't give you two great choices? Adults choose the better. Rather there is no great one. I live in New Jersey, Abide Volvo, Hillary Clinton and what a man a weapon difference, because she knew too when we constantly need to win Ohio. She didn't go to with constant hug me off. I live on the island ray. I live in the district of around me, so so honest or whoever main lessons are doing. Writs languor others than you are always talking about, wouldn't lose their health care under him. We want a name will under done until we get this way. So please I don't know, I don't know who you think you're standing up for somebody out little. Let me put it this way. They will. Let me put it this way. You are absolutely right in terms of these particular instances in which the for it would have been made. But for you- and I have two- then steel had
who conceal the underside of unitary Clinton and Integral amounting in tribute to the lies. That makes the point my time and when I went to, let us know all that sound dogmatic. Alright, let's have interpersonal violence, neurons cereal measures have to start picking mass God to look a little less like strung out sugar junkies. And for adults catalogues ass, to invent a breakfast cereal laced with heroin,
He asked how many hours for those mornings where you want to wake up red one drop dead and slide right back into unconsciousness. Yes out, we smack cackle and drop Neuro. Jim during the new apt that matches you with a work out. Partner must admit it's really just grinder for guys with ads dont don't use this because they need a spot around the bench press. They use this because their tyrant of arriving at bookshops, defined army fires, the neural folks, taking part in the relationship trend called saliva me where people Reed themselves have to answer this question after you and yourself get married. Does the master.
Asian get all sharing during our honeymoon carried your master veiling three times a day, but everytime you find yourself having to schedule masturbation your hand. Those two tat yourself and you pull away. I've got big meeting tomorrow. Really, it's not me. It's me neurosis what has been said. The hipsters who, by romp him the new one piece, shorts shirt combo for men, your where in infants, ones II, which is the perfect love for a night out vomiting on yourself and ruling. Over decades euro advertise
measures must be for that. If you put this sound, effective, a door bell in your tv commercial making, my dog barked frantically and ran to the door, I will hunt you down, and also you owe me for the weed I just pleasure down the toilet and finally, new role, and this one goes out to our own show business industry or in Hollywood you can go I didn't make every tv show a movie about the exact same thing, but if you do, you can't call the newspaper that covers that industry variety
now I know conservatives thing Hollywood ruined America by promoting race, mixing drugs and twisted smart, and I agree those things should be taught at home, but that's not how Hollywood ruined America by making everything about superheroes. If they remain singing in the rain today it would be called dance. Man verses went in
Erection of all I ever wanted to do, was watch people fight and fly and fly and fight. I travel on United, listen to this line up of tv shows currently on the air, dare Devil, Flash Gotham Super girl agents of she'll legends of tomorrow, Luke Cage, just a good Jones Arrow preacher iron fists, which I hope is not porn and in the fall we're getting more than defenders the gifted the Punisher Krypton in humans and that's just tv at the multiplex. Last year we had Captain America, three x, men, six Batman versus Superman, dead pool doctors,
range suicide squad, uninjured, Ninja, turtles, five, and already this year we have had Wolverine three and legal batman with wonder woman, Justice League Spiderman six and for three in the cap, in an area that many guys in your can you'd be for two and year asking what's the problem. The problem is that superhero movies imprint. This mindset that we are now masters of our own destiny, and the best we can do is sit back and wait for STAR Lord and a fucking raccoon sweeping and save our story. Asses forget hard work, government institutions, diplomacy, investment. We just need a hero to rise, and so we put out the bat signal for one man who could step in and solve all of our.
Problems very quickly and that's how we got our latest superhero Orange sphincter yeah, sorry snags send from planet. Ass holds save save mankind acted by his power smirk and his golden helmet. Joined by allow lies, boy, wonder and stingy mute in turn, and his Alfred's captain Buzz Our inspector never stops battling is art nemesis, crooked, Hilary
vile side, gig, private server, like that man Orange finger is a billiard era, socialite from Gotham like Superman, he has a red cape, but where is it in the front like Aqua man? He can communicate with whales and likes spider man. He s a spiny sense that allows them to see things. Other people cannot to field was It looked like a million, a million and a half peep, which all would be funnier. If so many people in this country didn't really believe in orange, sphincter didn't really believe that he possesses super deal, making powers and its superior brain that concern.
The minutes, issues that has plagued the country for decades. After all, he has actually said in a short period of time. I understood everything there was to know about health care, and it would take an hour or two. Have to learn everything there is to learn about missiles, even brainy. I couldn't do that peace between Israel and the Palestinians is something that I think is frankly, maybe not as difficult as people have thought. Over the years yes because they were mere mortals, whereas orange sphincter, like walls, We hear us doesn't feel a need to play by the rules on tax returns, fraternizing with the enemy grabbing, pussies, respecting, fax conflicts of interests. These are all the concerns of smaller man ass. He put it during an
dress to the people of earth. I alone can fix it. So how does this superhero story and what is the fate of orange sphincter? Will this one is a little bit gear because in this one the superhero is the villain, and that should make us all remember that in this fight for America, we need to be
our own superheroes resents guide. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. We will watch the movie Venetian Nother, indeed be. Oh dont, come.
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