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Ep. #433: Richard Dawkins, Jim Parsons

2017-08-12 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Richard Dawkins, Jim Parsons, Jon Meacham, and Fareed Zakaria. (Originally aired 8/11/17)


Bill Maher and his guests - Richard Dawkins, Jim Parsons, Jon Meacham, and Fareed Zakaria - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 8/11/17)


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Welcome to each Vale podcast from the HBO late real time with
what I actually grad gravely? I think I know why you're happy, because, if LOS Angeles Kits Nuke twitter up the host the olympic trampling all these are you
rivers, people are nervous people murmured the everywhere in Europe, not just dear bill caused me today, sedated himself, I mean honestly between the nasty tweets and the threatening statements, and the escalating rhetoric of intentions are spending. Of control and not just between Trump and Mitch Mcconnell. But here's a little perspective. Now the nuclear age began. I think this week it was August right around this time in nineteen, forty five, what you that goes with it when we drop to bombs called fat man and little boy, and this week,
full circle with a different fat downloads, Robin Kim's wrong. If you haven't read about it are drawing to see who has the bigger micro penis, I mean that's what this is all about. Isn't it I mean this whole conflict could be resolved by two hooker.
Willing to lie. That's how I guess thing someday these do ass, also going to bump into each other at the hare. Glove retired realize you know what we're not so different you and I we both get out of our golden bed in the morning and put on our elastic waistband hands, one one pudgy legged, the diamond, but Kim's young on. If you're watching, I know he's a big HBO, fair, not the blockbusters tramell. He loved John from Cincinnati, wanted to bring that back. He's crazy anyway, I just want to say to cable, if you're watching them, Rodman lives here,
hearing there he's. Maybe your only bread daily lives. It relieves righted Newport Beach, don't fuck with it, but just to be safe subsidies, LOS Angeles, it's in the crosshairs the government is telling us annually knows we should. Prepare an emergency survival, kid just the essentials, a week's worth of kroner SL we stick rigidly been are justly ok, but you know it's amazing that a week ago we were thinking about this on this level. This all started because it was revealed that Korea succeeded in miniature: rising a nuclear bomb that thing placed on a missile.
And now that they have mastered that they're gonna try to figure out how to grow food so wise that news got drunk responded in his usual thoughtful pointy way, and he said North Korea does not make any more threats that, with fire and fury like the world has never seen a mother rub. Dragons, we you're a bad ass with nuclear weapons, a course. Knowing this administration, the launch code is probably password. Also, they changed the hats. It says a make America glow again worrisome to me, but
Why should I say only Donald Trump could start world worth three while he's on vacation. It's easy to forget that all this sabre rattling is happening from a golf club. It's caddies jack meets Apocalypse now and by the way, General Kelly. Great Fucking job keeping trump under control that really work that well General Kelly. You did a great job know. It was left to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Six months ago we had of x on mobile. This is the guy. Now, I'm I'm counting on this. Stop the world from lower, got left to him to try and walk things back wreck tellers and said the other day. This is quotas that I think Americans should sleep well at night. I
no concerns about this particular rhetoric of the last few days. Here. That's comforting. In other words, nothing you see here, people president. What does this button do was just talking out. Is ass again I mean how close does this toddler have to get to the stove before the parents? The Republican Party clear? My love is, while all this is going on this we trump from it. Vacation establishment? got into the open debate. He said he's gonna end this. He said the opium epidemic is a national emergency and the opium,
I'm excited right back at you bigeye aren't we got a great job, worried you carry a big bang areas incredibly found Jim, partially first salaries and nervous. I just author and atheists is new book. Is science in the sole selected writings about passionate rationalist? I am proud to call him my friend Richard Dawkins. I love the title of this book science in the sole because you know it makes you go what and that's that That's the point so tell us what you why you put soul in a book from such a famous rationalist and scientists, and obviously I dont mean settled in the sense of immortal, so so our Americans Zambia
so is the is the catch in the throat. When you look up at the milky way, it's the it's, the swelling in the chest that you get when you list until Schubert, quartet or reader Shakespeare. I am fed up with religion. Hijacking the soul in this sense is sometimes enemy or an atheist. How can you appreciate Beethoven anything to really that people have had that. That's ridiculous! Well, I know people say to me all the time. Why can't we reconcile science and face, and We went through this with George Bush when he said we should teach evolution as well as creationism side by side, but teaching controversy right. That's what they call. It really can have have it both ways. Kenya faith is the very opposite. Assigns faith is belief in something without evidence: science in this all the time on evidence is based upon evidence, logical
listening from evidence, faith and science are completely incompatible, You think that would be non controversial, but I know brought history of people who don't care for sign. Don't believe in science have no use for it. It seems like nowadays it scene as something that is actually threatening. People are literally hostile to it. We very much so in, and you see this in the climate change debate on Poland You see there is companies is very catholic. Turkey. The various intellectual Philip Anti Science him and extolling the virtues of personal opinion subjective opinion, as opposed to objective truth. That's been giving being given a sort of stamp of approval. By some academic disciplines, I know you are fighting. This was something I think it's called the teacher Institute for Evelyn
canary saying, yes, you actually or teaching people how I went to schools and teach at well. That's right, I'm its run by a marvellous woman called Bertha Vasquez in in Florida. Who is a teacher and the? The rationale is that middle school teachers have to teach science and they can teach us parts of signs that when it comes to evolution, they meet hostility from parents from Odin, and so they didn't dare do hit, and so they need to be Lord. How to teach evolutions in what Bertha does don't run, workshops for middle school teachers and prime them them with how to teach you. Lucian. How to answer the various ridiculous objections that their data meat, for example, but when meat, ridiculous objections. They come from ridiculous people. I know I and I dont I've never seen a case where a logic swayed them no. But these these
There's that I won't. I once got into trouble. Indeed, I was sued for fifty one million dollars for saying that people who don't believe in evolution, arrive, ignorant stew it or in saying that was can as an insult, but actually, of course, it's a simple statement of fact, because by far the most important member that little trilogy is ignorant, oh ignorant of something we all ignorant of earlier. Most thing: we're all ignore them most things, I'm suddenly ignorant of baseball. Is something that I would like to remedy, and somebody can tell me about it. I could these with the infield fly
so another one of your projects. I know you rescue bloggers, secular bloggers. This is mostly the This is thing down by the centre for inquiry, which is the organization that an Iphone foundation is just merged, with its course killer, rescue and there are a number of people in mostly islamic countries who are in danger of their lives because they are Logging secularism, free thinking, Atheists M Bangladesh, Pakistan places like that and what the set the rescue programme does is we don't actually do us, in Vienna. We don't the rushing in what sort of chariots sees them, but we do provide money and we do provide documents and find them places too. In Europe or America, That's something it's actually happening. I mean they're using nets. We can We can argue with there is an underground rail road baby s which are providing here for-
but I just want to blog about secular thoughts in the muslim world, and yet you like, I was decided for an event. We have that income as we do. We imagine on this at the school that that fifty years ago was known most for free space urgently. Yes, now. I get into that where there is forests are against this. Let us not it, but I don't want to give them too much. Publicity gives an undeserved but a radio station and we're going to do an interview to promote your book, and I won't name them. I don't deserve at their horrible, but here's what they said. We cancelled the book of meant. We didn't know that you had offended and hurt in his tweets and comments on Islam, so many people, we don't doors, hurtful speech we
radically support serious free speech, obviously fucking not, but we do not support abusive speech that the word abusive means and obviously they don't understand the concept that sometimes the truth, arts. What It is a university places. Yes, and not the only one in this country. That's going glass like this. It's it's an epidemic, that's going on of of of for running scared from open speech, running scared anybody who might come along and say something that the poorly didn. T find offensive, They think that universities, for so what is this? How are we gonna get shovel our way out of this mess, because these are the people who are on our side. That's the problem, that's what I wanted to say. I think that this right
your station at these universities. They are on our side where, on their side now I was D platform specifically because of what I thought I was alleged to have set about Islam. I think that that the reason they did it was probably a law. The boy motive err on the side of oppressed minorities, they that Muslims are an oppressed press minority oppressed by people like us, actually, of course, muslim oppressed by Islam that boy, that's right. Yes, I'm criticism of religion is not. Thing is bigotry,
went through this with the catholic church ten years ago. They wanted to throw me off television and they were like your anti catholic Anti Catholicam Anti Child fucking point out whose guilty of that and I'm not is Lama phobic, our man tight, keeping women's status second class citizens in throwing gay people of building. Yes, then, of course we're not saying they all do that, but the ones who who don't being persecuted by the ones who do that's where the persecution comes from, so that these people have. I done if I'd the wrong victims of persecution right, it's law double that they're on the side of people who are the victims of persecution, but they ve got the wrong persecutors. You know why no one region, newspaper anymore. If it doesn't,
Least of all the president on your great my kids, like much appreciate you come right, Jack, it's got as well as a prize winning american Lion, Andrew Jackson and the White House available now and paper back. I call them the major John Major Asia washing opposed collar. Was it hosted, Z and ends varied cigar. Yet JP, as you all know, for reads a courier. Also like it's my birthday, ok boys know. I know that right away. We should probably talk about North Korea and by the way, Kim Jong on. If your tuning in late Dennis Rodman does live here, because very near by you'd kill, you kill your only Brenda. So what we did dear uncle, you good news it I'm not goin. Now we're not in order Guam be shooting my
so everybody seemed to be saying the same thing about North Korea. Let me come on a less yield and give the contrary in view Europe is a mad man. He sang crazy things. What if it works, what a madman versus madman I mean we ve had a no. Good policy towards this problem, for twenty years through many administrations, both parties, while, if why, if it working. You mean that from saying what he saying will get the North Koreans Actually, the nuclear rise give him the Nobel Prize. I think that is highly only highly unlikely to have it, and I think that the North Koreans look immunity from not Greece point of view, they feel, totally embattled they feel surrounded by by. Enemies or friends. Care. Much for them lose the most powerful countries announcing sounds like trumpet the most powerful country in the world. The United States has constantly said it wants to be able to.
The regime and in somewhere they destroy the country. If you end situation you'd by insurance and in the world of international relations, insurances, nuclear weapons so from by being more bellicose by threatening? More, is to my mind, making them stick even more closely to these nuclear weapon. Why are they going to give them up? When you know he's making it clear, look we're gonna attack you? Would they keep saying as well guess what we ve got new and you know you don't tend to attack people with nukes season, devising their hawkish us, because Why does someone want nuclear weapons? They want to be members of the club that only has nine members from nineteen forty five to today. Over seventy something years we basically average country every eight years join the club right there. Only nine United States Britain, Israel, China, Pakistan, miss a couple is room and you what we are really looking at here is the air
mental Prime, drive, they regime too the same amount of respect on the world stage as those ever other nine powers and so, when you bait them, and that was baiting, I think he thought he was being chill and but he sounded, look more like us. It doesn't actually no thought he was being Jean Claude vandam others use. His is the danger it seems to me. John, is executor at that which is worse even here. Bluffing or you're, not chances are stereotypes and right. His whole life. You guys have that right, I'm just gonna forget it next week I exit you know young and in a way really thinks that you, nobody will remember. I said I'm gonna tell you this amazing stuff about Obama Birth certificate. I think I'm gonna recognise Taiwan. Nothing! I'm gonna get Mexico to pay before the war, nothing and he just moves on, but this is different, but the dangers
what if he's not bluffing and what, if you One of the things I worry about is we know all he does his watch cable news. What, if he's watching Us- and he says I'm Gonna- Show Bell Mind- varies a courier. It's like I want to say, Mr President of your watching, lay off. You know what baino I'd be happy to be humiliated. Just don't start a nuclear war to prove me wrong that aviation to say the Fiji tournaments on the golf genera goods. So I must tell you my bigger fear. I am afraid of North Korea diagnosed besides, I'm again might rising vigour fear is were becoming North Korea. Can I give you a few examples? Returns we're ok, Jeff sessions under attack rose. I strongly repress comrades this week about leaks immediately. Which no one cares about. It was a press conference for one person, Donald Trump, when
when state government is functioning that way when you doing press conference to be seen by just the dear leader. Ok and from vice, knows this week, that trunk gets flattery, folder, twice a day. Did you say at nine hundred in the morning and then or thirty. In the afternoon, it's like a snickers for the ego. He follows the daily intelligence briefing, which you barely gets, what he gets the daily flattery report. It's like something out of the lion. King rheumatism just does like good clippings and then just pictures of milking strong. Ok, did you see Putin, one Upton with the with the picture of wealth and bear chested I got it is. It is where it is government by Instagram and how many right? Yes, really a country, is okay. So then, we found it almost half the Republicans in the country are willing to pay,
spoke on the twenty two. The election. If we find out that illegal immigrants are voting, which we know factually they don't Hasn'T- happened buddy he put that in the water the day after the inauguration and now there's a commission to find it out so drooling. Idiots will believe anything. So ok, we're good about cancelling elections. We found out last week. The voting machines can be hacked in less than our he thanked Putin. Our president saying Putin force for expelling seven hundred and fifty american diplomats from Russia and the quota I thought so news, Op Ed by Chris Dire, not familiar with him, but watch Fox news. Would you even care if he was guilty there? It is that's the headline he says
The stock markets up unemployment down economy seems to picking up steam streets safe, is mostly secure does matter whether or not the president is a crook so we started with. We had no country with the Russians, then we went to ok but no collusion. Ok, collusion, collusion, isn't crime now we ve come all the way to. Is it such a crime? to commit a crime. We know that this is what I worry about, what I have the moving and they think about postponing election is at the risk of self parity, one of the greatest events in american history, I think, is the fact that we had an election in eighteen, sixty four with Half the country or in an armed state of treasonous rebellion and people, said to Lincoln. You shouldn't do it and he said if we post, if weak
cancel or even postpone a free election. Than those in rebellion we'll have already one and we beforehand what she'll be full called the crossroads of our being the great existential moment of american life, which I think living in another existential moment, for all the reasons, the catalogue of hers, the basket of deplorable was. I was just this week that we oughta networks, Thursday baby baby, one of this one of the great tells about trompe so boy. Remember it next week, when where he says next week. You know we're making it up, because I would have more on that next week the longest weeks in cosmic history. You know that the thing that worries me is that, as part of this is the
the poor relation, is now of a different kind. So we did this special on from white from one great yeah, and what we found was that the voters from voters why this digging with him. You say well he's not particularly sobered of on a lot of issues. It didn't matter Ideology was irrelevant. He hasn't got anything done it didn't matter. Competence wasn't import it was essentially a kind of tribal identification, but said We so hate these urban over it located a leads. That said, tell us exactly as they tell us. You know that you ways and we are going to stick with the pillory, wasn't right now. I will stick with this guy, no matter what we'll stick with. To the end, rather than with their there's, never going to be a point where from photos says, you know what the New York,
I'm says version of dollar from was right, and I was wrong that ain't gonna happen this big at any time. Here's Rostov this week, he was talking about our recent history needed other than when O bomber was on the ballot, because our mama was an exceptional politician. He said a party that terrible and governing I'm guessing he means the Republicans can still win elections. If the other party is worse at politics and I feel That's the problem more in the Democrats, a horrible at politics and the ideal. The ideal of the american experiment was that these would not be separate states. They would be different realms with the very poorest border, good politics, is often good governing and vice versa, and we have
it really. In the last fifty years, I'd say certainly, since the end of the Roosevelt era, we have managed to break these apart into where campaigning and the permanent campaign is a perpetual game. Now cable news paintball, but whatever you just whatever it is you shoot em? I hope you hit him. It is. It is this. It is dissociated from the actual work of governance, great power, Petitions govern well run Reagan. You can disagree all day long right with what he did, but he understood that there is a connection between what he said and what he had to do to govern. He understood those. Action between his life experience, which was being labour. Oh she ate her out here and being president,
and so with tromp it's about entertainment. I mean it's we're all tracks, on an endless loop of the apprentice he has very high and I wanna be fired and know what you really want to find him because every living matter but a but I feel like there's one piece: the promise to adapt into an Republicans do very well which, this sense, but they are the victims of liberal elite that is governing, and I found myself, you ve got the White House, house of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court and almost two thirds of state legislatures and you're the
did them at the end of the oppressed minorities. You're you're running the damn country, how everything be going so badly. If you are in charge of choice, the head guy is a wine, so you know among the myriad things that drop MEG's bad bad NOS two words said is that he constantly emboldens the wrong people, certainly overseas. He loves dictators, but here at home. This is happening this weekend in Charlottesville Virginia look at ready for a white nationalist rally on Sunday, apparently there so embolden, they are all meeting the biggest when they have had in decades. The all right, the cake,
Kay White supremacist NEO Nazis. It's a veritable rainbow coalition of white trash. We were calling it cracker cello and they ve got some great. They ve got seminary. What do I get? Some of the bans that are playing a bracket even wider snake is playing. The talking hoods are too rigid. M c Himmler is on the bill like in the eugenics men, not at work or their blondie is playing there. Oh wait, that's my oath, Windin fear and, of course, tat Nugent, and they also have some seminars for the people there like how to be an anti semite, instil Love Seinfeld. The importance of spell checking your chance to plastic surgery furtive sets out to be genetically superior. When genetics, let you down tracing the roots of american jazz, all the way back to Kenny G. Only you can prevent forest would why penises doesn't matter to women reserve early spots, Villa quick and, of course, if we're the superior race, why do we all worked at any very executive producer and at a rate of the new document, is areas first, inhuman, airing,
disease at nine on discovering jam parsons, I wanted to make sure that I know we have a lot of serious things in this guy's first off I does not this year show always funny always he always on the plane? The yes? Yes, you cannot take place now I didn't. We have a captive audience on many airlines and we have a used views them for a decade now it I just want to save, for we live in an era where entertainment is so fragmented so too to be part of something that is that much of a broad here I agree. I agree. You're gonna get your great now that it is an that's. What I'm doing anything could be yes shared amongst some people. Not everybody loves it. That's fine, but
it could be shared amongst different generations. It's funny absolutely against its hip, show in an old format. And that's that's gonna Bawler contract. You have its he gives a lot worse lotta. Yet what do you do with all that money? I'm here talking to you as an elite. I don't, but I know you are you really a very curious guy and you do this? Pod goes diverted many terms, and it's called you know. Jim persons is too stupid for politics, which is truth in advertising.
Not enough. Why do you say that I mean I'm gonna be invested? This shows you can be explained. I wanted it to be. Obviously it somewhat tongue in cheek, but look when I really wanted to do it. I wanted to be Jim. Parsons is too stupid to vote and they were, it was, can wrap the election. We don't wanna talk about writing. We did so I'm kind of meant that in what I meant was really the level in the volume of of of discussion is so loud, then I realized how many things I really don't know what the hell we're talking about. When we move you break it down, like. We recently had a about NATO and I still here really do exactly what it is, but I know better than I did, and I thought I was a good example of something that you hear about your whole life Europa, some like NATO, NATO and then you like we when what is
that is: why are we care? That's the fault of the educational system, and I agree with you. I agree, then we know are not illegal millennia right you're, oh my meals, old issue bill thought. I can announce that guy. I feel I mean I where's that we're we're exercise right, yeah! That's right! That's right! Acts! There's! No! No! You are generation x out. Just really is an article about amendments. To defer this week is pretty interesting about how the They are saying that the last generation with a to hold back to reality? Really, yes, but look When I went to high school the rod had already set in the Arab League in history, there were teaching many courses, they weren't teach you a rigid. They were not Teaching like this, the fuck. This happened in this you don't even those history. I did that as know what the fuck, NATO was absolutely right,
You don't even those who has adverse basic as how people get elected and what it means to be on the school board and what it means to grow from that and go to the city council on the other. However, rosy exactly you know, you remember this moment where, from when, after the House of Representatives pass the healthcare bill from held this big
the liberation in the rose garden here, and I think he pulled the bill had best has to go to the Senate these things. What did you think they'll get owners, executive, orders or law job any signs among those trunk tower CAFE mainly wine with Sir a windlass for you. They really are the biggest things I've ever see nebula earlier. Is they and says a lot? Ok, I don't know I haven't we. I didn't want to come out here. What's happening, sapling is going to talk about me. I'm serious business, no guys very close to your heart and your show on the discussion. Yes, the the secretive building tat. Yes, one building, tenants, gelding disaster and there's something I didn't want him without enough Ain t me, which is what the reasons why haven't you part of it? It's it's a building, ten as a building, this part of the National Institutes of Health is the largest.
Nickel research hospital in the world. We found it Truman. President Truman was like brought the cornerstone for it in the earth and the early fifties, and this is a place. People with incurable diseases go and they both obviously really hope for a cure that they'll find but they're really, volunteering themselves for study and go into hospital rooms that right across the hall laboratories, where they're doing minute by minute research on these people and testing new things on them and in monitoring them, and that I was, I was all by the whole process in the bravery of people to put themselves in that position. Number one bit they have incurable diseases, ass in so, and so this is their last hope, yeah Liberia. I never understood if it is a level of we're gonna pension polecat but in a good way they care, because you're gonna die. If we don't ok,
why do we have always existed? I gave you know we bravely battle answer what I did you break? Ok, it's a lot better to be welcomed because it also country discourage their patients from going here because they think that volunteering to be poked in like a cynical way. Let me that's not right meeting held, but how did during their doing it? Ironically, that's wrong. I don't like being here. I've decided to bring us there. Let me bring us together. We're Donald Trump National Institute for now is really one of the incredible jewel of the American, somehow amazing what we ve done, that prompt budget has a five billion dollar cut
in it. This is an extraordinary. This is something we do. That's that's a guy to science, it's a gift to the world. It's a gift to America, particularly for help, but that's huge Neither do, they think goes from thirty one billion to twenty six billion dollars. It's the largest got That would mean they would be decimated. We spend more on Gulf carts foreign this week right that costs a lot to protect the golfing. Does it's ok? So let me ask about Europe you're an american rate very much. Some ok the weak and did you ever do a pug guess about immigration and on that issue, that we will, when we learn more cause, you're going to learn more now it which we all have the least touch when he get when the ban happened in that when he first came in ok, so so erode an interesting article. Legally saying, and it gets bigger issue which I'm always trying to get at, which is how can Democrats ever win a damn election again and
talk about immigration, and you say there is a perfect example of an issue I think from twenty twelve twenty. Sixteen had the most flip right, and that today the gradual shorted of absolutist on it and they're losing that middle ground. So you can probably explain it better than I thought. Look, the first what does that? The substance of the issue, which is the house been a lot of illegal immigration into the country. There's no question those elite illegal immigrants do depress the wages of king men and women in the United States was citizens, I mean it's just stand to reason, right of that, that that that's happening seconds has been a lot of legal immigration. In seventy. The number of foreign bourns in the United States was about four and a half percent its now about fourteen percent. So it's a big shift today can and digest worthy of a debate worthy debate and worthy of talking about. Well, how would you somebody better. What are the issues? Democrats, I think partly because they decided that they want to chase this idea of the kind of the great hispanic majority that doesn't emerging decided to become complete
absolutist on it I think the missing the point. There are a lot of Americans who or what to listen to the Democrats on the economic message to all the data shows this, but they think the devil I don't get them on some of these cultural issues. This would be perfect. One too some kind of a you know it's a reasonable, open debate and talk about more similar, I'm not sure I get them and I do read the paper but yes, understand why people who don't even read the paper look at the democratic. This issue and just think that their policy is come. One come on They live in this cult of celebrating diversity and also they think that in all the more Latinos who come here and they vote illegally, Oh god, I don't like that. Our and postpone the hash run their heavy lobbying Europe was by but the it all plays into a perennial tendency you can take it whose boundaries quotes for these things, but even Alex
your Hamilton, who sing currently saying this, that the constitutional said that you have to be careful about immigrants who might not adapt to the National Spirit. Had moments, averages recall values whether within the revolutions of eighteen, forty eight, which I know you want to talk about it. Why do there was a crack down their rapid Should the revolution there was a crack down. We have just been ambition. What about the numbers of folks that we wanted to to allow at at at at different times, and so it's it's not racist to debate, immigration and unfair, gently, because I think the rhetoric on the republican side has gone so far. It feels that way. I think that through a new of course, this guy Samuel Huntington in the article who said
that's a great quotas and what America, the America, if it wasn't founded by british Protestants if was founded by the French, the Spanish or the Portuguese. He says if, if it with, if before the final, not by british dissenting Protestants, but by french Catholics or or spanish. Catholics are portuguese gaps would it be America says no, it would be Quebec or Mexico or Brazil. Read that that day, it's, not just the ideas. There is a kind of culture that binds us. Together, it's important to try to ask how do we make sure immigrants by it if we ask questions about muslim immigration, we would like it to be people. Like my doctor kids in myself, not to just looked at on his. That has to be a racist reason, for that, Firstly, on a race, it's a religion, but we're only about those shared value of any one. Coming and you'd want to say how do you make sure that they, and of what has happened is on the left. There's been a kind of
Culturalism that says everything is equal All these other cultures are equal and look. I can say, as an emigrant, if I wanted to to maintain indian culture. I gotta state in India, ray I like him to Amerika was because I admired american culture. As I said in my old Joe is going to come to the melting pot melt a little more. That is more or less dig driver's license about Burke. We have to see your face. I feel that way about. I feel that way about leaving Tennessee anyway. They have Jack Daniels process. Dateline point is there there was a one of someone who agrees to some is some truth without need. His argument is a historian. We both know Gordon, would who pointed out, at least for the four
I'm in my reading experience that America is not an ethnic nation. It's not every legislation is not a try. Donation nation is devoted to an idea and an idea that was best articulated and one of the most important senses ever written in the english language by man who lived and Charles will Virginia. Where that awful rally is taking place, that all men are created equal, he did not Jefferson, did not include everyone in that sense, but the store of America is the expansion of that sentence, the ever folding. However slow. However, tragic inclusion of meaning and that's the american story. We we actually have made brought there. A lot of other nations have not and the other prominent immigration ancient immigration is people. Trying to leave. For God's sake, they're trying to come in and, We have to be doing something right right.
Question time, which is some demographic. Now we're saying that the Russia story does not test wealth, getting on government Newsome is here, and I am a big fan of his, but he is one of the people is set at my one argue with them about it, because this to me is the problem. Democrat have to get that you're a larger issue about Democrats, they chased poles report Don't do that Republicans! Change poles. You never intimidated by them, Russia. Some test well make it test well
Because it's not over it's an ongoing story, I don't even know why we need Bob Mahler. Don Junior took a meeting after he got it a memo at a mail from the russian saying we got dirt. Let's work together on this election, the Democrats acts like unless it would hold up in a court of law. You can't and that republics like fuck, that this is the port of public opinion. Don Juniors, a trader already
They sent him this email really inspiring. They send them this email. If you don't remember that said, we have dirt on Hillary Clinton and he sent back. I love it prevents the crime already. If you send me an email, what's it, I am child porn and I wrote back. I love it, looked to see what that is already the and his keeping my hands. I think I'm getting high this. I like the pounding. And the two friends is. It turned out there, I think so. In other words, the defence, as so often in the probably going to fish is, it was totally incompetence. We couldn't even matter right now, Johns ECHO. It turned out that we do not think we could. I you know I always in my own way, like the guy coming here and using. I didn't like this this, this album acorn I'll, get you a bottle, a Jack Daniels for us all in the doldrums as it was agreed
The greatest meeting, if only we could have done this meat, but I mean an amazing: the Democrats cannot keep a real scandal going when we heard about Benghazi for four years I'm sorry to age, veil, broader you're, a man behind now it's true, though we ve been through. All we do is investigations though I ve talked about the mass rape residents. Italy's investigators suddenly, like this, the way the time? Yet I mean why this. I think that I think I know why this I think I have a theory about why this is. I think that the democratic. To have a long historical memory, which is not always a great thing, and I think remember Mccarthy, and I think that Mccarthy, not Charlie
No that's what trumpeted thing is. Breathing Jenny where exactly, but we are living in a Roy Cone era right these lawyer? We don't you have to make this up Joam are these lawyer was Donald Trump Lawyer It's not even a jump over a dime mentor. Its and Mentor who the master of inventing a headline and saying we're chasing a witness right over find that way, but they did of keeping- and it was a is a tabloid sensibility, and I think that for a long time saves you profess Democrats, been worried about investigative stories because they think of it as a Mccarthy I'd undertaking. What they have not learned is that guess what Watergate.
All turned out to be true here right and so did. I think they jump over Watergate in our way- is not helpful. Crying wolf? If there's a wolf exactly
gotta go to new rules. I wish we could neural of North Korea's generals get so many metals. They have no more room on their jackets. Their worst thread isn't starvation. It's great inflation guys! You had one war sixty five years ago and it was a tie. You don't look like a noble worry you look like a gay elevator. Could someone press aid for me? You neural restaurants must tell me how giving me this when I ask, for pepper, is any better than just saying: fucker. Even packages of airline bread souls are like really neural over has to stop running those adds recruiting drivers that say get your side hustle on set aside hostile. It's a part time job with shitty pay, lousy benefits and no future you could run virtually the same man for recruiting prostitutes need some extra cash girl get your side. Also daddy, neural young people. Thinking of buying the new stripper sent air freshener have to think again. You're smoking weed in your room, there's a knock at the door. I you kids getting high and there no mom, it's just trappers, Neural Vladimir Putin, ass to admit he doctored. He doctored this big gauging photo and not just to make your stomach look tighter lad
You hair brush down whole parts of the original and finally neural it's time to change the symbol of the republican Party. From this too because that's all they are now trolls? people who get off on provoking other people who are trying to have an adult conversation. American, Keep wondering? Why is it that all this
how seems to do was pick childish fights when we have so many big problems. Why is Trump still attack? EL he's not in office. We have to driver out of the woods Republicans at seven years to come up with a health care plan. Why don't they have one o snowflake trawls don't have health care plans, they write, lazy, Lou, one health care, try getting a job that is their health care plan, because there well If the other side is shutting liberal tears, it doesn't matter if you crash the health insurance market or the prisons, overflow or Putin takes ITALY good. All those no flags whining ring did that twice Trump made Scott through it the EPA biggest critic head of the Ba Republican,
used to be against led in the drinking water. Now there happy to poison their children. If it'll make Al Gore sad. Why is tat? Love coal same reason, there are people out there now intentionally modifying their trucks to produce more air pollution report guns, Orange and opposition party. Now there, the Democrats, crazy ex girlfriend and job one job only is to make liberals freak carrying assault rifles into a restaurant. Or a snowball into Congress. Or suddenly tweeting for no reason that transgender people are now banned from the military? You think Trump care
who serves in our military as long as it's not a m. These good people say what is Trump tweet so much. Those tweets are a distraction. No, the tweets are the whole point governing is the distraction. You remember this picture trump right after he fired call me coming the Russians by master into the oval office to give are entitled to a move that left most people stunned, but not his people, Their reaction wasn't o m J. What a traitor it was: Ella well, what a troll puppet ear the planet any time you see that shit eating grin, you know it's true, Malta,
Here it is again a couple of months ago when Trump invited to the White House the axis of stupid. Kid Raw TED, Nugent and Sarah Palin, the generic still born of the house, a pancake and Sarah Palin perfectly defined her parties transformation. That day, when she said of liberals, it's really funny to me to see this bloody heads keeps blowgun era explode and just like your meth lab. Ten years ago, trolls, weren't, even a thing. Or if they were, we had a different word sadist now they run the country and by run it I mean can't and won't
That's our show, I will be at the Microsoft right here in La October. Seventh, I want to thank Jon Meacham Fareed Zakaria TIM Parsons, Richard Dawkins, try to sell in overtime on Youtube. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten we're watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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