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Ep. #434: Al Franken, Penn Jillette

2017-08-19 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Al Franken, Penn Jillette, Gavin Newsom, and Amy Holmes. (Originally aired 8/18/17)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night real time. I think I know why you're happy forums, vacation
not going well is about as popular right now is a neuro virus on a crucial drug supporters. Well, if the running out their welcome you're, tired of winning a mask it has. I feel I feel like the question of the week, is: how can we get tired of winning the staff who shot up about losing? I travel on this out their lotta gigs down there. That's not the wholesale. There were many fine people
in the south, but not the ones who got a clan marches here, is a person you're, not a blind person, if the guy next to you has us, whilst of land, and if the party you wanna go to looks like comic converse sociopath, you are not a fine version, but I would never say that Donald Trump could not go lower cause he's the king alone. But to watch what went on this week in Charlottesville and then to come out with nazis they're, just like us, it keeps saying, is violence on both sides? Ok, first of all there wasn't sorry
liberals don't form malichus? They form drum circles that wise words that wasn't gonna want. There was violence on both sides in world war. Two we were still the good guys. I didn't agree with everything George Bush did after nine eleven, but he didn't side with Al Qaeda. He didn't say some of the hijackers we're fine people. I thought it was so fitting that the lowest point in this lowly administration was Tuesday the one day he was back interim tower, where the horror all began where he was. Fuming that the day before he had to denounce racists- and you know, as he launched into his defence of NEO Nazis, who we're chanting jewels, will not replace
standing beside him. Was his jewish treasury secretary, Sir, managing and his jewish Economic Council head Gary Con? Now neither one of them has plans to quit, but if they do jewels will replace so right now. You know the right wing is all predicting that this is about. This is just about civil war monuments. You know, that's what the Then they were it raises. They were just about water, these body of it the cub doubt of Robert. He leave so involved Jackson trumped up this week, who's next Washington Jefferson here, but you know we put up statues of Washington and Jefferson. Despite the fact that they own slaves, for them, slavery was a bug for Robert E Lee was a feature
and speaking of speaking of getting rid of racist eyesore is Steve. Bannon is ours. That was the big knows today. Drums older. This bunker is not big enough for the both of us. Nokias abandon come on, never got along with gyrate cushioning, who will probably take over some of his duties so again,
people chanting, Jews will not replaces gotta. Did it again, why giant bodies are piling up outside the wider surveyed, the number of people, but a general Flynn. Rinse rains previous Sean Spacer, the moat Steve batted This is going to sound a little racists, but why can't lazy white people keep a job? The question now is who is still with Trump, because even his buddies on the writer or the Manufacturing council has resigned. These strategic policy forum has resigned. The advisory council and infrastructure will take as goals anymore. Mitt Romney, both bushes, denounced him. Conservative senators like Bob Corker, didn't
stem and perhaps the harshest blow of all. Last night, a vodka made him sleep on the couch, so he's a little blows of gourd. What are they deal with the president's down to have a big, rightly glad they getting out a Phoenix big Rally in Phoenix and his handlers want to cheer him up and are gonna wait till the the eclipses coming you going away, the eclipse happens and then tell em. There were three million people that this is amazing. By shared coincidence, ninety two percent of the eclipse is going to be going over what they call the path of totality where this
will be completely obscured and it falls over ninety two percent of it over counties that voted for Trump. Just what we need these people even more in the dark, but for his country, is the best selling author, a giant of the Senate and the juniors senator from Minnesota, a great American out, Frank in great american giants of the Senate and so great to be able to see you put out a book like that were here where there's irony right on the cover. Yes, you're allowed thanks you're, realizing that many doubts now there are some don't write about irony yeah. I know, but I want to ask you, because you are a senator and this week Us Bob Corker, among others, have made statements that we were waiting for them to make for a long time what took people like Bob, Corker and other Republican. So long exactly I mean what
so I've known for weeks tromp as a test. Boy you always out. So is this a turning point? Do you think I mean we ve said this before this year, and I asked the question I mean it. Is this a turning point with how people view and treat trump even on the right, or will this be just sown into his horror quilt? and in a month we have forgotten it and we move past like we move past pussy grabbing and everything else I just you know. L, I want people say now Bannon's going cuz that going to make a difference. This is the problem of this administration is trunk.
And it's going to continue, and we heard this we ve heard those young Kelly comes a b That'll everything will be fine and then Tom he threatens nuclear war rat now so- and you know those last week now that will I know that we are talking about Kelly when a man you're right, but this week was unbelievably horrible. This is a tragic weak and you now abandoned on his way out was saying like well real democratic Dogma box. Only one Emmy, just sickening was just a sickening week. We three people lost their lives. This is, but I don't I don't think he changes
tromp in all I'm asking about him. We know he won't change Europe. Senator you know these senators you made friends will make a difference in the same yes, I know the people who enable him that I mean he's nothing without his enablers. Well, here's There are a number of republican senators who have been saying from the beginning that they have a lot of doubts about him, but who won't go public with it? because he still has eighty seven percent of his base bind him and that's their base. So poetic, way their unwilling to go public, and there are some people have said. No. There's nothing good about NEO, Nazis, etc, but wouldn't blame trump. So now I don't, we are going to work. By parts and ways where do. Thank God, the their health care repeal
and replace or whatever that skinny thing was all went down and we're, work in a bipartisan way: Lamar Alexander's, chairman of the Help committee, health, education, labour, invention committee, I'm on that committee, Patty Murray, the ranking member from Washington, we're gonna work together Jersey, shore up the exchanges. We can make premiums bring down premiums and bring on co, pays and cover people. Like they should be covered and that's what we're going to do it again to have bipartisan and and after and after that, we should be addressing pharmaceutical prices. Everybody here
Everybody in the country knows, I have, I use only street drugs, I never go near pharmaceutical, you're, very healthy and just but yeah and and don't need the pharmaceuticals. But I see people here who do we pay more than any other country pays right. I have a comprehensive bill to bring down the costs of pharmaceuticals as the ideas of a lot of senators, and we will work together and our committee is to address their and, if so, interesting reading your book, I mean you are friendly with a lot of these people who are obviously politically on another planet from you. Well at other.
It's different than may I mean I don't know, that's where both represent different parts of the country. There may be what we're from were cut from the same strive out in front of you said something about you used the word a pill. If you're a pill, people are not going to work with you, like that. I use that word absolutely and my mom used to do my mom. Never that word, except in your book and from my mother. Well, I knew a new synthesis you're like the anti trump he even the people who agree with them politically now they hate him he's such a person yet where they don't worry, remit you so much Mcconnell Jeff sessions, you beat you like. These people are in your or you say you say you're only with their friendly. Well, that's what has a different than you like when you're off the clock. I agree with you politics. I voice said
an extension of morality. That's why I can't really quite understand the republican mindset. What have to work together. You can search you do in their republicans. That are very good. The work where that I've done and you look you're a small town, your hundred people hundred centres rang out, along with everybody in a small town and so If I want to get legislation and on the railroad regulation with David Victor, I did a bill with you now enter, but I make friends, diaper growing area and that didn't figure in this legislation that it had all. When I first got there, I did a bill to get service dogs to veterans with invisible ones, and I did that with Johnny its extent of Georgia and here's my
where's co sponsors build that done. We got dogs veterans about a month later. We were Teddy Kennedys funeral? He we're doing this August recess. He he said to me: I've been getting great feedback on this dog bill out. If you want me to co sponsor anything just Let me now- and I said well, I got a bill. It's a marriage, equality. The abortion on demand bill, and he said I'll, get back to but you have to be able to guess, as they always have talked to the other side, even when you dont, like their pilot of course, and if they live is sailing. Point is like when they like you. When you have those
There's we you said you can make milk. That was a joke. I guess I have bought that you know when we're. I'm not gonna write things like when I'm you know, after the squabbling on the floor Mitch, and I will go out to dinner and a laugh so hard that milk shoots out his no. I didn't think it was a joke. Yes, I didn't think it really shot out. Is I've never gone out to dinner with much? Ok? Are you happy sports sector well on trying to get me a complement and blood your book and you're like oh, I never did those big we'll do it directly visualize the book
I really did it's great to see you funny again so great to see you being able to be funny again be as well? That was a period neighbours it very well. When you see and of course, the reason why you couldn't is because you would worry that oh something in the past, I said was politically incorrect. Now the trumpet broken all those barriers. It must look like why? What was I worried about? Obviously you can do well. It was a different time and romance when I ran into thousand eight the Republicans built fifteen million dollar machine called DE humor Iser and I was built with state of the art israeli technology to take all the humor out of anything I'd ever gotten common ages, weave a and offensive thing.
And so I had to do, I thought being committing, would would be helpful if people like company, I thought my career. I like it. I had once I got
having won by three and twelve votes should be Minnesota. Serious, there's gonna be a workforce, that's what I did yes next time. I won by over two hundred thousand both absolute menu and gave a new centre. The ticket for twenty twenty four president and vice you're gonna, do even better right here, but you are running around the areas. California's old, doubling governor he'll be running for governor of this date and twenty eighteen I'm supporting and gave a new, so restless and rewards one of our best and oldest not oldest on the shell friends. Amy homes is here again your questions for tonight's. Over times you can answer them after the show on Youtube. Ok,
There was international news yesterday and we're not going to address it was Barcelona was a terrible terrorist attack to the US is the second and We certainly thinking of the victims and everything there, but I just want to say: radical islamic terrorists have had many a moment on this. Show this week is a home grown up american terrorism. That's what we need to talk about, and I wanna avant garde Trump tweeted- should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and NEO Nazis, but there is no public in part, I'm sorry to say that, but, as I was saying out from may come and go, but sixty seven percent of Republicans approved of his reaction to the events in knowledge, the sixty eight percent. That said that when he
blame both sides, he was being accurate. I think that's way too high and know a lot about being way too hot, but hold on, and Pr Pbs also did pulling that found. Support for NEO Nazi white supremacist whatever you want to call them the all right I mean these are the same. People that beat up her Aldo all those years ago, demand where they through the chair in his face tat, might wear white, shirts and khakis within the same old poison in a new bottle. The NEO Nazis and NPR Pbs found that the support among Republicans and the general public was like single digits, two percent three percent. They do not have the support of the american people, but this sixty seven percent approved of trumps reaction to them. So this is a little bit about the enabler thing again and I mean look and symbols of that kind of racism in white supremacy are everywhere there over a hundred public schools in this country, venerated failed leadership,
but military leaders of the confederacy there and ten military bases. Eighty cities and counties that reference these same folks, and so these symbols of hate, not heritage, are everywhere and Intel. Those issues are resolved in those symbols of disposed of we're not gonna, ultimately get to the place where we can kind of the conversations are advanced. The conversations are ultimately will address these issues. What what responsible is someone who works with one back at the blaze, and nasty ban in is going back to bright barred. So you know this world intimately my new Andrew bright by day, while you I know it was on this show a lot. I any would have been appalled by the outright co opt in the bright bite platform. Andrew himself was jewish. She had adopted asian sister. This is not at all in the tradition that Andrew was trying to create ok, but I was gonna ask about Fox NEWS, because I truly believe thought
knows as much as we blame them all the time. It's not enough, They are the Jurassic park that took the dna of the Nazis and re animated it they. I actually believe that I believe that without Fox NEWS for a year giving that the kind of poison they give over their airwaves, putting it into people's heads and then the internet. I think, which you know, people so they're radicalized on the internet and get sweat there a chat you know before. If you were a NEO Nazi, you know. Unless you found somebody in your town at the coffee shop now you can find them on the internet, and then the president gave permission to them. So Fox NEWS, the intern Donald Trump, that's the perfect storm that has put something that we used to be only
I'm in a week, and yet we are making fun of this this right and hold a cracker cello and everybody was laughing about it. And now I don't know how many people are out there like this right. Well, I was with the NEO Nazis, finding one another on social media, communicating organizing a sort of reminds me of pedophiles, actually that before social media you had to like work in your basement and around you know playgrounds. Now they can find each other online and try to create some political movement out of it and normalize it. Its social media really is magnifying this, which is why the president had a special responsibility to denounce.
And we had a special responsibility. He had a special responsibilities, present United States to speak to the concerns and the values of his fellow Americans, which, in vast numbers appoint opposes this ugliness and this disgraceful. As that we saw in the streets, I agreed that he needed to name and shame at the way we do radical islamic terrorism and let's face it and they ve been marching down the streets with ice as vital, think we'd be having the same cunning authorization, in other words in my own area, through their willing to sell. But how does any of the fact that he didn't surprise anybody review and this is this is who Donald Trump is for me, the reaction of people being appalled, including Senator Corker and others, is rather disingenuous. Did they not pay attention to this last?
elections were not paid attention to download trumps entire career, going back forty four years and discrimination lawsuits he was up against. Did they not pay attention to what he said about refugees, animals and really strange here- is that Donald Trump didn't used to know these things that he gave interviews where he didn't denounced. David Duke no, it. I'm very sorry, was about running that. I'm saying you went into politics. That is when we started to quiver, Kate and lending issues. Right is better. Races is alive. So why are we so? Like ratio in charge? Lawsuits not just is related to housing, isolation, but also in the corral hands, you're a consistent, your question of being a bigger than a race. Certainly I mean, I think, I'm sure you saw it now review dedicated an entire issue to trying to derail Donald Trump candidacy. There are plenty of conservatives who criticized critic critical of him throughout the campaign. I think
The prize here was the answer was so easy and it would have been so politically beneficial to him. I mean to to try to say that there are fine people who marched along NEO Nazis. I don't care if they were doing a march for tax cuts. You couldn't stand next to them, that's ridiculous, and so I think the latter, Republicans anything they say, but this would it be like just one more thing about Fox NEWS, because wash the Washington Post put up a really interesting video, the other day which showed that the talking points the Trump said in his Tuesday press conference. Where the exact things were on shot. Hannity not just drawn heavily, but he watches Fox NEWS. Has all the data were almost verbatim unlike listen over there? ass twenty years I have encountered so many people, usually older people, older white men, who I thought were normal p.
And they suddenly were saying things. Hollywood cocktail parties, like Obama, purposely ruined America. Purposely I mean the fact They didn't ruin American actually saved from a depression. Forget it what they, but I thought all fox got another one and now you're crazy, right wing uncle who ruins thanksgiving them. Is the president I mean Roger else did not live, the promised land he's things like a douche bag, Houses he just never. He never saw how powerful, ox knew them is that this is all the president does all day is watch this shit then Parrot big put bill. I can tell you having, on Fox news many times talking with different hosts, who are critical of the president gets too are consistently Charles crowd. Hammer. You have you folks on Fox and friends. They have this conversation both on television and in the green room are their hosts that
You don't seem to be defending trump, no matter what no matter what he does. Yes, but there are plenty like Martha Maccallum who don't researchers, drawbridge points, its support, They give him lay on a lonely little again talking about a game that right in pointing out left all of a sudden. He starts parent. In these things he literally pills Fox in France. Please I mean of all places minutes the alternate manifestation, so no, it's become russian television for Right Trump Administration, there's no damned. So a lot of people are asking. I hear it all the time this week is. Should people around him quit I mean in these shown, his cards is not just a racist adjacent, but he is this horrible person. What do you think? Because, when it comes so, like the generals, no the eyes
now, you're a man s generals where they are because if he does something super crazy, you're gonna need those generals to get on the phone to the base commander and say he's nuts, don't fire the message and they'll listen to adjust and they show remarkable independence on the transgender band. They showed remarkable independence on North Korea and all Land Charlotte Charlottesville. It's so I given that. But when it comes to the advisory committees- and it becomes these Photoshop type committees, apps if any dignity and self respect they will resign, But I agree with you in terms of that framework that foundation the national security team. Those folks stick around, but it's beyond me
calling on all these others are sticking around at this stage the cement stroking going down the sure beyond we. We need people, goods decent accomplished people serving in government, and it would not advance America's interest for the people that you just named too
design and I would also say we need them there to him in some of the president's most destructive impulses. That's why I was so glad to see that Steve Ban and was out when I saw them using, I landed in a land. I saw the drug headline bandages out as I Jesus. If I believe in you, I would praise you right now that you talked about him being and enable, or we had reporting from the New York Times that Steve banning was whispering in Donald Trump Ear about the response to Charlottesville. It was not only bad politics, it was bad for our country. He then went on to say that it wants to continue having this sort of warfare that is not appropriate advice to giving the present I'd states and when you look at this loose shown the door Burnham flume call me each
we can add those to the last degree. That's my worry is that the people who were placed these people are only Stephen Miller's, I'm only people. I'm not too sure about that here. We have to remember who Donald Trump is now who is? Chief of staff is now, let's general culture where and written about Mr Donnelly's General Kelly he's actually apolitical. He kept. It refuses to think we vote four November, which I think tells his rough couple weeks are rightly so I want to ask about these statues would first, you know when you look at these Jews of civil war generals on the southern side. I always wonder what happened a hospitality, just the idea of
this offence, some people, I won't do it and and and the sweet t it seems like the people who we want by many statues every day, never ask themselves a simple question: what does this mean to another people were offended by that, so we thought we would come up with our own statute to show them a little bit to show these heritage people. What I want to be like, if you had to walk by a statue you didn't like every day so say they replaced Robert E Lee Stonewall Jackson with Column Captain
checking need during the national our they like that one. Then there could be the war on Christmas Memorial, where they're they're pulling down the prisons. The evolution of Jesus would probably peasant Jamal Washington. Monument would be very which in many cities would be across the board from the tribute to jungle fever that definitely system. This is Trump surrounded by russian hookers. You see there just like many families with beautiful waterfalls. This commemorates a moment that made every racist shout never again magic dumping on bird, ok and finally, I am honoured to be a part of this magnificent edifice carved into Iraq, along with.
Harrison's new dog and Willie Nelson Mountain more everybody is this. Is that in our lives and offer the best seller press, though how I made over a hundred pounds disappear? Another magical, dales Pendule at you have lost a lot away. If you want a statue, win the God Damn or very glad they didn't. I I mean your personal, also whether you says what does this lead to George Washington Statue being brought out ashore, take him all down
but why there should be statues of men on public property. I've been Jefferson was against that we're not supposed to be kings. Peep we look up to let's, albeit a terrible down. Tear down their state understand is not in line with, not even Gandhi. If we had a statue, I'm ok with Gandhian John Poultry and develop these appear alone. That's in a one year. Irish I'm in no I've always been fascinated by your politics. I commend you because I know you didn't, like Hillary Clinton idea, you're a libertarian, but you voted. I guess that's what a mature pretty soon learned the lesson that they taught me at the USA tease choose them best stance as there is not a perfect in. I have set a million times. You keep voting for the lesser of two evils: things just keep getting more evil and I believe that very very strongly, but when it finally came down to the actual moment, I know Donald Trump and ever you think about Donald Trump. No worse than await your ear here, you're actually wrong. When you vote for the lesser of two evils, things get less well yeah, but in the long run more, but we know the thing when I wrote that kind of thing that real struck me listening to L, Frank and listened everybody out here a year ago. I would have
had a zillion things to disagree with African about now that we're here in tromp, I dont think Alan. I could talk for three. Hours before we get to one point? We disagreed on exchange everything I wouldn't you know not a libertarian anymore. I am, but still there soul, but there's a tree. Arched thing happening up is sold Arable area united without went blind backs the body of mine, and we always argue I disagree with went back on everything after tromp was elected. I saw Glenn I sat down with which we disagree with anything that we should not ignore. This reality is terrible. It's the end of the world were done, but as someone who has been I've, I guess and ninety ninety four or something I said something about libertarianism and ever since they ve been Bell: you're, not a real libertarian, unless you're right, I'm not a real libertarian, I believe in smoking part and that, but
but you are a real leverage area and I haven't even not spoken Papa believe you should be able to well thanks so much now that it now that it's legal aid was out for it before any more or less merits. The only person who was never ever had a puff of marijuana with minimum cover of high times men. Every eye was so in favour of the whole tax, because their very high of Nova, definitely what they're doing. But what but libertarianism ok, my problem with it is it goes too far. I know you, you hosted the debate and I do it. The twenty sixth libertarian convention look. I was and soon the tobacco companies. So I go with you that far people have to be responsible, but when it comes to lead in the water pesticides in the food, I mean look, look at all the weight. You lost. You probably aid.
Good food? I don't get it. Ok. Well, without government help you're not going to be able to even know what good would it libertarian, libertarian is not is not an anarchist, not against all governments. Then I I think that it has to be done on a case by case basis. One basic question I asked, which is any proof, but you have have liked s question. Is there any way we can solve this with less with we're freedom instead of less and sometimes The answer is no There's no, and I also think when soon, as you say, you're libertarian the person they say as you want to get rid of all public schools, and you want that. No food being regulated whatsoever, no water being regulated, no first thing you want to get rid of- is crony capitalism. The first we want to get rid of is those kinds of pay off? the first we want to get rid of. Is the bloated government where people like tromp are finding ways to game the system at once? We get all
that out of the way that we can discuss is a better way to maybe meet the government. A little leaner, that's not starting that I'll. Send that common sense are we getting at you know? There's a lot are now going to say something that you may actually hit me there's a lot of, he's got a violent guy has a lot of good there's going to come out of dropping president. Thing is we will reign in the power of the present. We have an absolute full blown, dangerous, whack job, and now we're learning how to get give less power. The other thing is, we have now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, There's no Illuminati, there's no well
of Zion, there's no area of various, because if anything were in charge, they would say I thought right, but I'm sure that's so president. Yes, somebody would say, listen, President Rigel really gonna. Do we re noble Lisbon, usually rice and now it turns out to be president. There's no stopping that's a good thing to find out, and that is a great thing to us on Friday night. What about? We have ended up in a man? Yes, I mean, I hope, you're right about something good will come out in the term broke out, and I hope I shall as an soon and cabin For my Russia, this is what all the liberals are hoping for. It at the Russia Investigation is going to be the thing that oust this president, but you said it's a loser as an issue.
As an issue for the Democratic Party look and in the may explain why bother you know, I'd look. I think it's the issue of cyber security, the issue of the sanctity of our elections. This is very serious and this investigation is extraordinarily serious and without confidence. A mauler haven't zero confidence that these five independent committees in Congress would actually get the job done. So absolutely unequivocally. We need to get to the bottom What I was saying and is an important point is the game. This thing out, you get rid of tromp. You left with a problem. That's my pants who action can actually number two. Even if this goes no early bullet hole at my pens is as bad as Trump Michael. You may, in the end, in from a legend up from a legislative perspective of actually accomplishing so many of these costs, call conservative goals in this segment. Bilbil. Here's, my big appoint my bigger point is not that we have to have absent,
accountability in Russia. But the bigger point is democratic party right now, we're in trouble and with all due respect being an opera mission of Donald Trump and focusing on emoluments and focused on Russia may be important, but we also have to have a plan but of all turning of agenda before the russian issue we lost close to a thousand state legislative seats were now at the lowest point. We ve been since two thousand one. What's the positive democratic agenda, what's the bottom up agenda, you have a hundred and ninety six people suing Trump unemployment. That's great! We only have a hundred and sixteen supporting Medicare for all. That's not so good. So we need a some positive alternative so from a bottom up perspective, a democratic party getting back to majority in getting back on top this can't consumers as proof
only significant as important as it may be will have. I would have to agree with you and we share your blog or with if he ever you persuade the Democratic Party that Republicans will be in trouble. The Democrats start working on economic issues, which was the number one issue. What would the Republicans be saying if it was a democratic off. who would allow the Russian you're right about now right about what I'm gonna. Do you think you're? Not wrong about that went to note that the fact that the Democrats have not been able to prosecute this case against up a president whose friendly with Nazis and Russia but hold any ok. That's you asked what we don't republicans be doing. Well, I remember when back in the old, politically incorrect days, we
why Republicans we're doing they were trying to teach Bill Clinton and what happened? They lost the majority and are they lost seats rather in the house? Do angry ceased being speaker of that's it. We're equating a blow job of notice treason. Now what I am acquainting is that when one party goes down this obsessive partisan road goes down I see what you're doing when they, focused on a marrow, partisan issued. That seems to be trying to overturn the result of an election that voters don't like it, and I don't think it's good.
Democrats, to be doing it and it certainly was not. There is a lot more than that. I whiggery but built work, but the point is hold on. We have a special prosecutor have a.
Jerry, that's being conveyed. We do have five at least committed all republican controls. That's what I've come just taught them law says what Lord Inglewood Thrusters Hunter arguing about the political side. I'm talking about what I said this last week. The Republicans wouldn't be waiting for what Robert Mother says efficiently, they would be saying we ve got a sky is a trader. He let our lifelong adversary into our system and also, what's the plan ongoing thing, what is the german to stop it from happening today? Is the right time to me? You don't think that Democrats are talking about this all be there only about ninety these waters, as I met if they're not cause you're, not saying and guide, to attract and draft articles of impeachment. If they were talking about it, the right way, they would be saying, oh by the way Trump and his son, our traders, who were trying to take away you want an ear point, has acted, and nor does the Haitian also we're seeing again not what the Republicans would do. Let's wait for the final vote to come in no it as these that we did it with Ben Gauzy, but its opponents wait for all the facts. No, they made it an issue for four years was a non is, are you? Are you actually advising the Democratic Party to focus on this as their winning issue for the mid term? In twenty eight absolute? Without it, there is no major issue, then Russia, Russia,
coming into our election and get it but building, I endeavoured to walk into gum. We can do both things. Look I'll tell you. I just did to town halls this week. I've done dozen of em I met with thousands of folks got. My one is not one human being anywhere. I've gone is asked me about this You know what I did. There asked me to match the difference between republic and enable democratic good democrats. Follow the Poles avian Republicans change them. Publicans go. Oh, you thought. John Kerry was a war hero because he was a hero in a war No, he was it. Oh, you thought Russia was our enemy. No there, our friend they changed. Right about love. You actually look at the right of all living right now, I'm sure Republicans. What would dream of trying to
The point I mean they're approvals or low. The presence approvals of low Congress is even lower and I'm not sure where this magical power you're talking about that Republicans have. When they look at the polls, they actually see big disaster in front of them. Somebody once said Dick Journey to review the Iraq war is not very popular and he said so. There are two well with his happiness you toward governed. That's going to make aid does not always know how to win at all costs. What you're suggesting as a separate issue- and I completely agree with these guys- don't screw around- they know how to use money. They know, amused the media, as you pointed out, they know how to use gerrymandering. They know how to win at all. Costs are not about noble defeats. I agree with that. The same time it's an and not an oar, and I dare I promise you. If we exclusive focus on that. We're gonna real trouble, because the parties already internal canonicals. Furthermore, this last summit, I'm talking to a guy who was for gay marriage and pot legalization
so for it was popular. I appreciate that yeah yeah. I appreciate I appreciate my gay lover. I think I'm about accountability and if there's any collusion, we gotta hold them accountable. We ve got to impeach him and you gotta, leaning on that you're gonna make sure this prosecution goes forward in the grand jury is convened. We gonna make sure we get all the facts are going to do anything more. Could I just say that all night in my pants, if not worse, than Donald Trouble my Hence is not a russian inspire, like pens doesn't poop tweet at three in the morning. He also knows a little bit more about how to do things. Good thing about trope has the packing article optimist the only good thing
atrocities getting really nothing done, that's horrible things much that is actually we have. Nobody would know that terrible Hogan, that's not great knew that there was not great great news baby. That's where you have Obamacare running into trouble. It does need to perform. Even democrats agree with not so it is not great news when we're not tackling the problems that are in front of us, and I think that's part of where you know what republic, as conservatives are Donald Trump, whatever their disagreements, they don't think that you know being frozen in place is great for the romanian there. I wish I were slain for those who do not agree with the Republic of great use not getting sharply dykes over and now it is the poorest by good things. Dublin we lived through my parents. It was called George Bush. Ok, it's not good, but
right. You wasn't good, but you were saying, if you think is the same as a completely insane narcissist who might fired you tell your weapon is therefore- and this is a guy who supports conversion therapy- wants to pray away. The Galveston, like that's gonna, be a law and I'm just it could be better living daring to nuclear. Only let me let me let me challenge that, though another programme here, which I think we have to be very careful, that Trump hasn't been effective because we're not PETE, I think, keeping an eye on the ball. What comes up in every town hall?
talk about, is the effectiveness of Jeff sessions as it relates to wreak constituting the war on drugs and asset forfeiture Caesar's issues of the Department of Justice, as it relates to voters, suppression, the Texas Idee laws of voter purges, as it relates to what's happening in Ohio. There's a lot of thinking we gotta serious, very few gotta, be careful all true and the president is not anyway time. The new role of the president and white nationals have to explain why there are tender profile picture is look like this, but one nation I walked. They look like this neural now that Amazon is pioneering instant, pick up a service that allows customers to go out and physically get the things they by someone else to tell them that they just invented the store euro, guys who figured out how to send women unsolicited Dick picks using I've, been getting a lot of the mainly using real carrying on using up buddy night part of theirs. Go back to the beginning of this new role, guys we figured out how to send women unsolicited Dick bricks using iphones. Airdrop feature must tell us of that ever words once then. They must men up why a raincoat and do it for real. Exactly last, we are losing a sense of human contact. Not everything is taking place on a screen. Doesn't anyone have the balls to show their balls anymore, you're old, to raise money? America must hold the national lottery to see who gets to tell this ass. All that is about to go, live with a whole bunch of black people. Remember to flush this guy didn't after taking a dump at home, he burglarized so police, gotta dna sample, looked it up in the database and then went to his house and arrested him and he asked them. How do you get me? Fingerprints, security, camera, exult, em, no, shit, Sherlock and finally, neural sometimes by partisanship. Isn't the solution? It's the problem. You might be
I said how many times the far left and the far right, otherwise where's the right If we work together to make a problem worse, for example, they both risk globalization, the far left because it can exploit workers. The far right. because their country music station switch to Mexican right and left have ended in believing nine eleven was an inside job. Some have left like Oliver Stone, and I wanna be dictator, like Trump. Both thing Putin is a great guy, and then there's something I like to call the by partisan pro fat movement. Despite the fact that a the accounts for eighteen percent of the deaths in America and a huge chunk of our healthcare bill and is the main reason people were sweat. Pants in public
I'm more fucked up everybody illiberal circles. The worst thing anyone can ever do is mention weight, because that's that's naming the conservatives any attack even offer guidelines about what to eat. Well, that smells like social engineering as opposed to freedom, which, like bacon. Now you right was infuriated back when First Lady, Michelle Obama was trying to impose her radical black Panther agenda of encouraging kids to eat healthy. Sarah Palin went so far as defiantly show up at a school with plates of sugar. Cookies battle teach you kids to eat a carrot, civil scheme to be on American. Ok, super patriots eat what you want, but let's, let's get real.
these colours don't run because these colours cat but the rotund right is not alone in from Bing tolerance of a national health crisis back when they both had jobs, stay Vat and was asked why Sean Spicy was spending less time in front of the camera and he joked oh well. Sean got fatter, ok, not degree. This joke ever bought a joke, not not too Chelsea Clinton. It wasn't. She tweeted fat, shaming, isn't a joke. I find funny ever
Christ. Even your mom, no wonder fake a laugh, I'm sorry. What pretending everyone is beautiful at any sides is not helping them. It's enabling them. But among the shaming police, the most important message you, Never send an obese person is that your body is perfect just the way it is prone on a journey. You know I'm right fuckers using had like you see headlines on liberal websites like body positivity has no size limit, really no limit at all no middle ground between shaming and GMO await. It gets worse not only are left and right United on what goes in your mouth. Live also declared open season on the word,
that come out of it. Free speech is under attack from both sides. You have Trump who says fake news, so we tried to day it's like he has to tell a terrier into rents president an american president's calling the fourth estate. The enemy is also called them. Scum, disgusting, really good people And he wants to change libel laws, so we can go after people who insult in and in his words, so with lots of money. He tried it with me four years ago. to the tune of five million dollars similar, because I demanded he produce you- remember this
his birth certificate improve. He wasn't part Orange herder rang. It's a lot of people was saying it a lot of people say and then there's what's going on on the left. We have our own anti free speech brigade, which you might know by their other name college, where the most popular major these days is outrage with a minor and cancelling speaking engagements Berkeley was the home of the free speech move, but now it's enforcing speaking bans as like the catholic church, enforcing an age of consent. So there you have it next time and pines for partisanship just remember when people of good will
together across the aisle, weak and fuck up anything all right. I guess you're right you're right. I tell me when he said that we are having a watch. The movie, the nation not mind, each be oh dot com.
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