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Ep. #436: Ken Bone, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

2017-09-09 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Ken Bone, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, SE Cupp and Adam Gopnik. (Originally aired 9/8/17)


Bill Maher and his guests - Ken Bone, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, SE Cupp and Adam Gopnik - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 9/8/17)


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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time. Right. We were thinking about where they get about Florida. Right now know we are there. They are, Looking at a category five liberal hoax
about now. This this is serious review are watching me in Florida. Stop get the fuck out right seriously. This is really no. This is really serious stuff there, and not just that hurricane There are three hurricanes line up Irma in flower Jose in the Caribbean and Cartier coming to Mexico, I'm just dang. If you're a coke smuggler take the weekend, not a good time to be, and- and these are like is this: Irma is the most serious storm ever like I'm seeing colors on the hurricane maps. I've never seen before his ears a little guy. If you see yellow like trumps hair, take extra care of you see orange like his face shelter,
friend lays read like his ties to Russia just evacuated. Now it's about to hit Florida. The storm of terms is not to worry. We are completely prepared. The national guard is in place for theme is well supplied, millennia. The letters arm. I call them flood me pubs flood me, but you know that the people in Florida can take solace in the fact that they will soon get a visit from Donald Trump, the comforter chief they're calling on it because you know what I think of comfort and empathy and warmth We feel nobody comes to mind like that,
drop he's he's a snug e in human form. This guy did you see him in Houston, brought the first lady. I have never seen a president do that he brought a date to a flood and they, of course, his fans love. They thought he was very brave to face his greatest emphasis of the last thirty years. Wind. I'd say you did not look too good there and used it was MR pastor, I should say Joel owes dean. You know this guy, he wouldn't he's gotta mega Georgie, wouldn't let people shelter and is charged during a storm. Mr Christian and this chart boy turbine mega, it's you seventeen thousand people and uncertain He feels it three times he bridges to fifty two thousand people. The Catholics
like while we're molesting the wrong people speaking molesting the wrong people this week with North Korea exploiting a hydrogen bomb in these, whether catastrophes all over the country, buddhas Trump go after the dreamers. He saw this he threatened to end the programme we refer to as doc people. I know what that stands for its deferred action for childhood arrivals says thing on my condoms:
I pointed like I'm wearing one- I don't trust you. People are more you're. Gonna know. Doc is the program that President Obama started to allow the children of undocumented immigrants do never never known any other country and disdain here they spent their entire lives in this country. There there's so americanized their car horns, place. Taylor, Swift, the condom but they're leaving very productive lives more than most people, but that over ninety percent of employed, a lot of them are in the military. There very well educated they all they open.
All believe in climate change, and this is our addressing climate change? The deniers all have beach houses in the way it no visited. You read this all in the way of this drawing Trump rice, limber and culture. The coat brothers, all I've houses that are going to be wiped out. Probably I'm not loading is just an inconvenient truth. I'm not trying to Trump has a twenty eight million dollar compound on the island of Saint Martens, and it looks like it's gonna get completely wiped out today he's a door and that's where I keep my tax return, even though everything scientists said was going to happen that the water.
We're gonna get warmer and this gonna soup up the storms and that urges the worst storm ever and Harvey was a fine hundred to one shot and they had three of three years in a row with five hundred to one shot. The right fears are still now. We can't blame climate change. Yes, I agree. My theory is: has something to do with allergies? Emails rush limber has been telling is listeners all week. That Irma is a liberal, Hoechst or promote client their climate change agenda, but that he had to obey
a way this house for Russia's gotta be a tough pill to swallow. But if anybody knows about swallowing arriving at a great guardian has got Martinez, but first up he went viral as the undecided voter in the red sweater who question both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The presidential debate last year, please, welcome KEN bone is back with her right for me to sweater. Thank you. I could not wear, I don't know. I requested you that that is your symbol, and I know you. I know you wonder why you're here where's your I've wondered why this whole thing happen.
You became a sort of emblematic as the independent vote, a Europe that that famous debate- and that was all independence who had made up their minds and to me you're a cannibal voter. I'll, be honest with you. I have a dog in this fight. I want to convince you the workers should have voted for Hilary instead of God's will Well, I didn't tell you that much. I didn't vote for Godzilla and then vote for I love you. Do I not Goldstein, but what are you going to reveal who you did vote were not waiting for my book. The other come through. I promised before the election that I wouldn't say who I voted for because like it or not. We are obsessed with celebrities in this country and even like f list celebrity. Like me, people puts in my opinion, and it's not Where do the democratic process by tell them what to believe like Europe a year and informer? That is your job to inform me.
Educate them, entertain them, I'm a random. Do that works at the power plant. People don't need to be informed by me. Who did your vote? that was a wonderful speech can learn who did you, but I'm not leaving a maternity leave here they get not a California. My friend, it's only in our show about what really ok, we needn't God for Trump. So you if you do not Fidel's dine in vote, fur fuckin, Aleppo, dude, I voted for either Johnson or Clinton or Trump now, one of the big three, while the big too, and then the one ok right. Well, you keep your sacred can but to have you here, because you are what I call a credible voter, your ear, not totally, a Trump camp at all. I think there are things that you dont like about him at all, and yet it puzzles me that that you are still undecided that late and you still don't want to tell us what you wanted to vote for and you're the
Listen, we need to get, and when I say may we I mean the Democrats, the liberals, and we want to turn this country around, because I think it's on a very, very bad path. What path do you think the countries on under Trump well weird things about me- an undecided as they ask you who're, you get about four and that's, alas, human being I've ever told you about four. Was this person doing the survey to determine if I could be at the debate- and they say the likely. Are you to change your mind? as at our love like two probably not going to change my mind, but I want to keep it Mine is so well in this Superbowl rising election or to other ten likely. Change. Your mind is still undecided, There's nobody on this stage. It was above afore I wouldn't be like true in a million Donald lion totally understand that. But one of the reasons why I wanted to wait make up my mind. I make my final decision. Then came though you haven't eighty day election campaign and they can write. It's too long right are started on November tenth
It's already going again. People like who we gonna vote for, and twenty twenty. I dont want to feed that fire, because that turns our political process into DMZ. It creates people like me, creates nothing but sound bites and sniping back and forth and it doesn't help solve. The issues are right. Can we we paid for your ever? I dare you can answer my question. I've been exposed enough to politics it on another occasion in just tell me this. What what is it about hillock its Hillary Clinton book is coming out this week and she she made a statement this week, which sounded a lot like something I said about her in the past, which is future. Historians. I feel, will be very puzzled at why people hated as much as they did, I could see not liking or terribly much because she's, on a great politician, but but
I mean I've seen it before the. If you really hate Hillary Clinton, newer molested by a real estate, lady, I I just don't get it she's, a bland centrist. This is not shake, will vary in a pan suit. What what about her irked you so much that you were willing to just be independent into the last minute. I never really hated Hilary like that was me. I'm willing to wait until the investigations come out on any charges against any body, because we're supposed to have this prison I'm feeling of innocence, especially if you look like you're part of the right demographic and this country. So what does that mean You have a presumption of innocence if your white people, basically to our justice system, is supposed to be for everybody and we're working on it, but I product that benefit of the doubt to everyone have trouble extending that to a polarized
figures like politicians and someone who has model or a centrist opinions relative to the Democratic Party like Hillary Clinton is gonna, be a polar I think figure and people just wanted want to jump on like an Donald Trump was the master of getting people to look at her. Instead of look at him did that work on you? I tried it dig a little deeper you now. I dont believe anything that here the first answer: did you think the emails were very important? It was never really a big issue to me. I was willing to what they like investigation play out. Ok. Well, it did Jamie combing got up there and he said we. Daddy scalded or a little bit, and he said no prosecutor would bring charges. And then, ten days before the election, he brought it up again. Yeah thought there was a really well move, especially since it looked for all the world like she was gonna win at that point they like What are you doing? Why are you bringing in this up? If you don't have anything and then turn out didn't have anything? So I still don't see the sensitive or what about ok,
So what about Russia? I saw this, we were off last weaken. There was a big story about a focus group that somebody did and they had vote even the ones who voted for Trump, very disillusioned with him, and then the guy said. What about Russia and you can say about Russia. You think it's something big they get something big or you can say. I don't know, and one of the Trump people said, I dont know because when you watch Fox NEWS, you don't know, they just don't reported. Where do you get your nose. I tragedy. As far as I can on everything I'll I'll get the sound bites from Fox NEWS and then I'll think. Ok, what's wrong with this particular and that puts you on the track of what are we ignoring and then you can watch your em. Sandy seas and kind of get. You know you have your We are hearing every Fox news way over on the right than you have you centre, and then you have your your left wing news there, not quite as far tilted, but they give you leads,
Things are. What are we trying to ignore on both sides? And I think there is something to the rush of story. I absolutely foreign governments have been messing with each other's political processes since we invented governments and by sniping back in fourth across the island, this we're potent tools and there too about. If we think that Russia in trying to influence the election were crazy and if we think they're not going to back in trying to do it again, we're even crazier so so what about Donald Trump, who has admitted to Lester hold that he fired James call me because com was looking into this and he doesn't believe it's a real story, but he's been caught lying about it time and time and time again I mean every week we see stuff more. That shows that, yes, they work colluding with Russia They were colluding with a foreign adversary to influence the election because it up them. Isn't that a deal breaker? Why? At this point, you have, the president that we have here, you can't go back and make Hillary Clinton the President
and I'm willing to let the investigation play out, but you also have to keep your eyes open, because foreign governments are going to try to get in and they're going to try to influence every election if they could come in and pick the dog catcher in my hometown and Bilbil. They will what? What are you? What, when you look back like on President Obama, even as an ambush dear dear I earnestly? subject for a time when you maybe weren't so nervous every day, by President Obama. Very much are you did I voted for Obama once one of the two times. I own everyday problem telling all your folks, so I voted for in past elections. If you wanna come ass, we have to show you got it. Mitt Romney voted for Mccain voted for Mccain. I wasn't really a big Sarah paler, person, but in the scheme of things that only matters if John Mccain was ill at the time it wasn't so willingly. Overlook what I thought was not the greatest choice for vice president and up like John.
Ok, I know is of a more moderate leaning Republican and what about This week I saw this quote from Donald Trump: he's talking is new tax plan. You know when he said it will be the greatest tax reduction in the history of our country. Everything boys in the history. Have you noticed that great We then ever before you'll see a rocket ship. You will see something happened like you, ve never seen before, and then the greater than ever before for me as, if, like, if the governments to come and take my money they're going to, but if like a via the label, myself I'd, be a libertarian, but I dont care. About if everybody smoked we'd or not. So I don't register with the party, but if you want to the way we live your life. The way you want to live it go ahead. If you want Governments they audio life, that's great, but when the government I wasn't takes our money and they're going to lead, spend it a little more responsibly. Let's not worry about giving tax rates to the very richest people who aren't miss and that money in the first place, if we pay
flip that money doesn't trickle down to me in the upper middle class, it doesn't trickle down to my mom is unemployed, so maybe we keep their money and we use it for something good this is an intelligent man, this is tat. Somebody who why don't disrespect, I think, this man, you know he may be independent thinking, which is good. He didn't know we wanted to vote for up to the last minute, but he You know he may be independent thinking, which is good. Nobody wanted to vote for up to the last minute, but he is a smart guy. I don't see why it was that difficult to choice. I'm going to let you go, I'm going to ask you one more time why it was such a difficult choice, because it seems like this one man is is proposed. Silly unfit for office and the other lady, maybe not the best candidate, but certainly would have been put us in a better place. I promised myself
I will wait until after the the debates to lock in my choice because there's an where there was no is coming out every day more about one than the other way those coming out everyday and by the time I cast. My vote. I was very confident but was no or even a shade of undecided, that's about as much as I can tell you.
Thank you can vouch, can voice of independent candlish laid down? Some primarily has no word winning staff rider at the New Yorkers latest book is at the strangers gate arrivals in New York, Adam Gap, neck back when they say out of my own she's, the house did I see CUP unfiltered requires money through Thursday, seven eastern on each island. We saw her grow up on this as it is. I want to remind people, people forget. We are alive. Like live life, it is left to seven year on the West Coastal after ten on the EAST coast, so this storm has not really hit Florida yet and as this show re airs over the next few days.
On HBO we're going to see some horrible pictures there from Florida and people are gonna die, so we are taking it very seriously. We don't. We have they and we have seriousness for this, but I Oh here, a lot of the Republican Say, that's funny. Say, there's only after an extra shooting. May I say not the time to talk about guns and after this is not the time, to talk about climate. Well, I'm sorry This is the time to talk about climate, and I have a simple question: if you're going to accept federal aid for a storm shouldn't, you also accept the science on climate change the audience says yes, dissenting opinion. As look you. Wake to the word didn't die
It is a bit loaded. I think you have to be allowed to ask questions the basis of scientific inquiry asking questions about stuff and so say why I dont know if hurricanes cause or are caused by climate change. Every scientist I read this week said they dont cause them, but they're, probably making them more intense. We just don't actually no. Yet. I think it's ok to say that I believe in climate change. I believe it has human causes, but I still want the right to ask questions. I think when when, when people shout down what question will be, what question are we asking them? What question is needed is still out there. What what part of the human race of climate change are responsible for creating intense or storms. I think the question that is on answered by signs all the scientists I read this week. Do not that answer the basis of rice. I devoted its right. They don't I raise this aim and I'm gonna I can. I can take off course.
Change scientists took me, I'm sure you ve really I'm sure, but here's what I worry that worry about. When you say that's not true. It's not. You are only emboldened aiming irresponsible low hard. Like rush limber, you don't want to think you're wasting hollow words. You have lived my life by what I might make rush Lumumba basis, twenty million listeners to believe him more easily because you're over here saying those little known allowed to thing. Those listeners are lost, I'm workin on can break the moray societies on the basis of scientific inquiry is asking questions. The result of scientific inquiry is having answers. This is a subject. Which we now have answer Not long ago we stood on these. Introduce me, as we have family all these years, we need me- I mean yes, we do we do as long ago as two thousand, and let me talk about what scientists now in two thousand
six as long ago as that there were, in science, wanted leading journals. There was a paper saying what will happen if this continues is that you have an immediate backlog between a warming, oceans and increasing hurricanes. They made a very highly specific predictions which turned out to be absolutely true. I'm that's. How do we know be sure that the prediction that, as we oceans warm, you would have more and more severe? How we have only just went through an unprecedented twelve year gap a thousand had three heard. I incidentally, this is that science science is take us just happens, just bad has already it's simply as an effect. What is the truth of? It is getting any night watch this back and what is actually is that from nineteen seventy say that everyone, you ve, had an endlessly growing cycle of more and more severe hurricanes and science has not only made the prediction they have a MAC
and they have a way of explaining why that is the case. What that's, what makes sign an ideology? What science is inside? Here's the mistake. Science is never settled, but science can be extraordinarily strong, opened in the case of global warming and climate change, but we have to be so what it can. Both gentlemen, you think we're disagreeing. No, no! No scientists never permanently set because there's always new facts in new argument. Science can well streamline, I don't think they're going to repeal the law grab at what But we understand gravity, evangelize, understand, gravity, nobody's, that's thirty, seven, remote and evolution. I think it's kind of evolution is settled. Bulgaria should be. The theory of evolution is always open to amendment into revision. What is Now it is your we didn't know. Anything about genetics has recently is fifty years ago. We didn't understand how genetics worked, so we added that today, ensure that give you the floor here just like this, this flood that
this had a news today, five hundred year flood now people misinterpret what that means. A fighter flood is an event that has a one in five hundred chance of happening. Ok, it's not once every five years, one in five hundred chance very slim, Houston had one of those three years in Europe. This is like the other big wheel with five hundred numbers It came up on number thirty seven three times in a row, we often the Houston's, the city planning and the flood, the flood plain, makes flooding in Houston it would send out merited didn't. You are nothing to do with this story, because what happens when it happened after writers? Therefore actually happened. It's what pause the I mean. That's it! That's the thing. I don't understand this. I really genuine unsteady fish,
can be no more politics of climate change, right, you're, a politics, a bubonic play who we re going to recognise a moment. You have all the entire hardy thing over and over again that we don't know the climate is a region that has nothing to do. We don't want to know everything to know. What's vital to do we don't have to know everything to know what we need to do. This shouldn't be a political debate about this either. I actual question tabled girls parkers the way everybody, because the Republican Party and Donald Trump are all insisting that we don't rail, internal trump aren't sitting here. I am and rationality or I go about- were arguing about what's happening out in the actual world in which events are transpiring right, not just about what's happening, but only only nine percent of Republicans or confirm. Believers in inhuman climate lands. That's a pretty slim number for a major political did. Our did. I start this Congress. I found nice even on how to change.
Yes and then you hedged, but ok, the or large allows states. As you know, I could not agree more about that, but but some things are settled rumblings. You can't got. You know why. But here's the thing is right: you're this gravity, evolution, regretting evolution, threateningly put those three right in the background. I have the least Nokia revolution, climate change, but here's. The thing is that you were saying a moment ago. We mustn't antagonize rush limbos listeners, but we did not I set off by an agony them. I antagonism everyday. Our job is to educate, rustling bulls listeners and we can only educate them on the basis of evidence and argument that we should agree to take, but I think that some of the system of some of the emotion gets in the way, and my fear is that it makes it easier for his listeners to believe him when he fear mongers on hyped hurricane.
Something that I argued with their number about, I think we're rights believes a bad idea to become emotional about the survival of the planet. That's one we're not going anywhere! You we're, not gonna get anywhere. You should really here, because this is an argument. I know the argument you're giving this. I hear it a lot, which is why you know bill. It doesn't do any good to call those people stupid, to which I We say then stop acting stoop right. Now is the time when it, but if you don't, if you don't believe you, you said that there is a little bit out in the science, but three years ago James Powell did a study of all these science papers written on climate change, that here there was ten thousand eight hundred and fifty three to descended, so to out of ten thousand eight hundred and fifty three. You have to be some if arrogant, to not be assigned is that all and look at a figure like that and go what the fuck do? They know
But what about? What about the other issue that you started to bring up, which is that these these places they got flooded like Texas? Ok, there were a low tax base, so different, our government bales them out. Governors are legislators that don't believe in climate science. It seems like the responsible folks in this country, the people with the equal of more taxes and the people who believe in climate change are bailing out the people who hate government, except when they made government will now and that things are little one noticed how quickly TED crews chair the politics of means of Hurricane Rescue when it was his people, Suddenly socialism is not such a bad idea when their near standing, toxic floodwater taken umbrella from the government. When you were being reigned on that, it seems to me
here's. The thing is this whole situation makes a rational case for government that everyone can agree on. They started building dikes and HOLLAND. A thousand years ago because they were constant being inundated with floods and fortunately they didn't have people say: oh well, we mustn't have dykes, because those are big government projects they built dikes and they save the country and they are in the end, then allowed them to go on. So that's the kind of project that distinguishes archive If there's anything that we should be proud of its our tradition of the engineering and civil engineering can do, go a very long way in reducing the consequences of these kinds of disasters, and we should do that. Should not he again being ideological controversy. That should be simply a question of pragmatic conflict. So anyway, there is, there is a big benefit concert. That's gonna happen in the next few days. It's on a lot of networks, including HBO, here barbarous rice in an beyond say around it. So it's talk about an alias divergent bigtime stuff and
other. It's a benefit, constant or any kind of contract. Whenever star show up to give a performance, they always have what is called a rider, which means a list of things you want backstage like. I think it was Ben Helen that famously wanted the brown eminence You know, I am an m, but no breath with them. I have a rider minds very simple: I need a bottle of tequila and and, I go out common medicine. What I found it was Donald Trump was going to be at this event. They talked about it for a while and then they said, but if he comes, none of the performers will draw up so he's not coming. But they had to get his rider. So we got a hold of Donald Trump rider. Would you like to see a gentle and drums rider to large ceramic panthers
no I'm making, but it seems, could be one jar of MAX factor Theatrical make up in the shade rotten comply see. This is done on firms, writer, twelve cans, Helene, courtesy of old air submit to box. It depends adult diaper size. Forty eight in case any incontinent fat people show on coax, regular and giant Nazis, regular and NEA. Why he's got quite a writer coffin filled with Maloney S native earth? Well, I want
enthusiastic black man with crazy L, a wise and in this belt, so well that guy he's with them everywhere a bucket of tick tax. For we know that
Brown Eminem is, and then he says, Muslims and Mexicans he's a hidden toilet within reach of us does put to it a lot easier: one, real red working fire trucks, room and one dark corner for millennia to weep climate guide, to building a movement that restores the plant at your text got Martinez is greatest. Do you again? I didn't know. I know I think you're still our youngest guessed, you are young! You you check this out. Ok, fascinates me anyways, I think so! Yes, we don't. We don't have that not a Children'S- and you are here last time, you're talking about the law suit you in twenty one other young people viable was that gives a great idea saying you know the right the right to
breathe good air should be ours and federal judge ruled in your favorites going forward now right. So congratulations. I don't want you to know this incredibly important is, I think one of the biggest problems remain. As a planet in the community is depending on our politicians Do things for us when asked constituents. We also have to be a part of that process, especially as young people, when our teachers are future, though so directly connected to the way that we address climate change, that we have to be at the forefront of the conversation, but we should who had been left out. So we are demanding the federal government to protect us from the adverse impacts of climate There was a motion to dismiss followed by the federal government and by the fossil fuel caught corporations after two different judges, federal judges reviewed the case, the motion to dismiss they denied it so now we are gonna be going to trial on February. Fifth, against a trumpet minister
in demanding that they uphold that our constitutional rights as America, citizens. Where do you see this girl? I mean what is the unresolved but could happen from so best case scenario? Is we win the lawsuit and that's? crime. Is top plan decided we work with our climate scientists to put together a climate recovery plan that is I base evidence that will shape the weather we address climate. Painted this nation to massive. To the greenhouse gases annually until we get back to a safe levels of co2 and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that is no longer threatening and creating climate change. So that is a big dream and a big vision. But I think the two even have that conversation in the fact that a lawsuit has gone as far as incredible, because it's not just about this and it's the stories each one of these young people is being affected by climate change, the youngest plaintive in this last lives of Lord and he's gonna be affected by the hurricane that are coming through enough for us, as more than scientists is more this.
What is more, the lots more than politics as our stories in its future. A new talk, a lot about the fact that it is not just cars and planes that caused the pollution. It's the way we eat deaf into law, what about the food? I don't. I think I've talked about it myself many times. I don't think people realize cows do more damage than cars. Do you want to just put it on a bumper? destiny and people got recognised for something like when he's ever went well from pulled out of the Paris climate. Of course you know that is something their everyday people don't necessarily have the same right as far as a massive impact on the way that we move forward in addressing climate change, but we three meals a day in every single one of those is an opportunity to make a choice for or against a future, for I guess I d climate and also for people out there standing. The impact the eating meat and dairy has on our planet is incredibly credit Can you wrestling a little why it so bad for the planet so industrialized?
because for its I felt like a parent is so made. So look I don't do your homework and a gigantic aren't. I just go on with the vote that I just about road. We rise, which is now people all over. The country has a really in a really good section about full justice. Daphne recommend you find the book and written about it there, but really, I think, looking at industrialized agriculture, impact that we have as far as methane escaping from cows they far and they bert methane. Well as a massive amounts of land and forests and needs to be cleared right to grow soy and corn that they feed to the cows the amount of water that is wasted, thematic transportation. There goes through the whole thing, so so a whole year So what did you think From wanting to pull out of darker
my view and of your partly Romeo, makes our values mexican in road and for me, immigration has been an incredibly employ. I mean even our native the mad you're, partly Aztec REACT leads our hair before any of these white motherfuckers got his eyes. I think it's is looking into democratical people in this in this nations, and you have a right to be here. You know when, when it comes to that thing, it's it's besides. A politics is about our stories and about the youth in about about the young people. Here the people became due to this nation to seek a better life. You know you for them. It wasn't even their choice in a lot of businesses. So I think that we have this responsibility. You see the So you may the decision the word if people were furious all over the nation taken to the streets taken a social media, because we realise that our president is going to stand up for the rights of these and in many cases when we look at the action, is taken on climate change, the actually taken towards minority
communities not standing up for the people of this country. In that something will we have to fight back in our she's internet quite new, and I gotta get a smoke abode with Cambodia, so you're not here seventeen ok you're, not a millennium, ok, see no, I I have great hope for your generation because the millennials, you know I mean a lot of them. Come to my chosen. I love these people because you know they are fighting against. I think what is the tide of their generation, which is a lot about trigger warnings and say spaces and micro aggressions and
we, one generation backlashes against the next. So please tell me: your generation is gonna. Take a flame forward that bullshit, I don't know how they got so fragile. These millennials, but you gotta, put some steel back. I'm gonna have to be really resilient very ago. Ok! So what talk about this? Also, Hilary book is coming out. I read this quote. Remember my first I think, she's talking about the campaign when back when my campaign was hit hard by the commission about the call me was that he had overstated is bounds. My team raise concerns if I was kind translational We decided we better to just, go and move on looking That was a mistake. She said the same thing at the can bone debate member. She said we saw that a few weeks ago that the little excerpt that said you know when tromp was talking me.
Thought about turning around and saying back off creep, and I didn't this to me is why the Democrats in such a bad place, they think of the right thing to do would take balls and then dont. Do it and then write a book about analyzing? I wish I had done it, but I did well- and this is why these people- the very title of Hilary, but what happened is, though, with some passive thing that happened. Rather, it should have been what the fuck did. I do wrong right mowing that Heller this step. You say to your therapists: it's not simply a wonderful woman. She thinks secretary of state and the world's most unskilled petitions, she has no natural political instincts and, what's a fury, As a matter of learned, she should have learned two thousand and eight when she ran hence Barack Obama, and if she'd had inside genuine insects, you should have said you know what I'm good at a lot.
I'm not good at this, but it's not that it's her. I mean I feel like this is most of the democratic party. This is why ice despair so much, but whatever winning an election again, because I feel it have this recessive Jean about how to play politics, stay to have no idea how to go for the juggler. Could I read what Diane Feinstein, who is a fine senator we've? We here had here since ninety ninety two, she said weeks use that asked about Trump. I just hope he has the. We need to learn and change
what we see. As you said this last week, and if he does, he can be a good president. No, we can't any would mean that these issues that I think we have to have some patients. No, we don't I mean this level of civility was appropriate thirty years ago. This is not the country were living in any more. This is not going to cut it. What Mitchell economy in the republic of any kind of compromise on anything with Morocco Bomber, a man of absolute centrists, pragmatic instincts and the Democrats can't make the same kind of told the same kind of my against, Donald we solve this week with the Democrats going in and oh with Trump and imagining that they were getting something you can negotiate with a sociopath it. Sociopath will always win this simply the you imagine, Donald TRAP is betrayed
like everyone who was ever negotiated with him from everything from a hotel carpet nuclear weapons and to imagine that you're gonna be able to play him is totally delusional. I've awhile, I think I think I think Democrats did get something. Yeah, that the other screwed Republicans road and- and that was that- was a win for them and, I think, probably for Donald Trump to cause he's pretty pissed with with with republican and action. But I just to turn to the Hilary to the holy point. This book felt like she was. She was going back and saying if I Last week this one moment, maybe I could have sounded like if I have just done this one moment differently- maybe I could have, I could have gotten there and of course that's not true. This was years in the making in years of failures here and there in years of needed, the attendance of of trumpets and end. All of that, but I agree it feels like it was like she's she's in the five steps,
of grief and we have to go through it with her, and I dont want to go through her, her her bargaining and her anger and her acceptance and her denial and her depression. That's happen in private? I think she would have been a fine prisoners, but it is time to get a winnebago and visit the diners on route. Sixty people- I mean I agree, but let me just connect to one thing: he said ass. He, which is always a good week for Trump the Democrats. This is exactly the same starting work than about where we you. You said this was a good, the Democrats, one something here in Trump One, something as well and that's only possible to think. If use, The world in this insanely narrow margin of who won the week, who did well and
fail to see the scale of the national merge and see that having a sociopath wireless. Have I didn't forget not maybe I'll get right, but let me I want to emphasise we weren't use, I'm aware of that, but you said you said: Democrats didn't get anything from tromp. Simply pointed out there? Is it that's a difference whatsoever? here. We have a few minutes because I mean this. Just yes was it yesterday: president's eldest son Scott Dizzy. I believe you support, Lila, met and and said He was having this meeting after he had said he did it because they want to talk about adoptions, he's setting having in this meeting now, because he was vetting Hillary Clinton and and end in I just wonder when people are going to wake up to the fact that when
Republican, say well. Yes, we did acts but heavens to Betsy. We certainly didn't do why they always did walk man and I dont know where it's going to end, but what we saw today, the story in the New York Times today about this troll farms in Russia. You know it was for a long time it was will at least I didn't directly affect the election. They really directly affected the election in something like something like a thirty percent market share that this this reach, these ads on rynch, because Facebook is so powerful and an honour present, and it really cuts to the larger the larger issue of the fake news in the mistrust, the distrust in all of these institutions, from the pressed the democratic process to Congress to elections. It's a huge, huge problem and we have to. We have to figure that its core, because that's what let someone like Trump come and take advantage of the fear. The paranoia the Skype
system in all of these institutions. If we had more faith in these institutions, there wouldn't be any oxygen for someone like Trump to come in and and fear among our honourable and all that on all that's. What's so it's, it is absolutely crucial that we all in whatever We can in the press or in media and certainly for Facebook, number. One job is to restore our trust and our faith in all of these institutions, so that someone like tromp in the future can't come in and pray on. All of those fear was waiting for you to come up with a wooden a blood bath, but in january- and I did you make it sound systemic when it was totally specific, it wasn't it. It was an aroma lays in our culture. It was that Vladimir Putin sent
his emissaries out to subvert the election, not out of general mischief but on behalf of Donald Trump, and that's exactly what happened, and he did it is part of Putin's Putin did is part of a larger ideological programme. Did the same thing in Britain during breaks. It try to do the same thing in France when we're com was running is because he has an ideological programme. People who I throw box nose like I was saying: can they don't even know this rush functioning exist right? There is a couple of ways you can why one is outright lying. One is by omission by June.
That's not repairing it yet when they were not focus to pass people. What do you think about Russia? Don't know never heard of it doesn't exist in my world. Is that's dangerous. Thank you panel. I gotta go to realise our. I know about Euro popular Science has to ease up on the click bade headlines, perfect vague way. I know you want people to visit your website, but you can't call a story. Uranium is full of giant, and you know what the only way you'd know if your anus was full of giant diamonds is. If you want your doctor for conservation, and he said, I've got good was in bed,
neural. Everyone was done when Joel Augustine refused to open his mega. George. The hurricane victims has to tell me what they ever liked about Joel those deemed to begin with. I am not surprised that he locked doors, I'm shocked. You didn't find its way onto a lifeboat, an address. You know your minister is probably a con man if he makes this face eased lying either that or his anus is full of giant dime. Neuro seven asked itself octogenarian Indiana couple Ray and Wilma Yoda, who recently completed their decades long quest to eat it every cracker barrel restaurant in America. We go
your wife neural now that a Hollywood actress, Julianne David says come out on Fox knows, is a conservative trump supporter. I'm gonna need a few weeks to process this. I'm shocked, Julianne Davis, conservative we Julian sent Cynthia in the film out of nine
while they grant expert in an episode of unusual, the voice of Sally Gardener and the focus on the family, radio production of little women that Juliet she's yet think you'd know a person Neuro seminars to tell the makers of the movie it about a painted a clown. You scared the shit out of everybody, you're, a little late and finally, new rule. We
when did the American business model switch from honestly selling you a product to tricking the consumer who doesn't read the fine print late fees, re booking fees, restocking these roaming fees overdraft these cancellation, these fees casual, at the same Simon, says my credit card as a maintenance fee for what it to pieces plastic in my wallet so, like some interim Citibank comes by once a month to water, really give a wonder. Why is my cell phone contract longer than a Stephen King novel because
written by Rumpelstiltskin. If you forget to turn off data roaming and you go to Vancouver for the weekend, Verizon gets to keep your choice. This is the new way we do business and it's all based on the cynical premise of you, fucking up they can, where you down confuse you or count on you to forget, take something as simple as gift cards they look like an easy and convenient way to say. I want the boy you something when I just barely give a shit. What almost a third of people who receive gift cards never use them. It's a bet. Between you and red lobster- that even when it's free
still not want to eat red same thing with Jim memberships. Only eighteen percent of Americans who joined Jim wind up actually using it the rescue twice. Here, the way Catholics, gotta mass and again it's a bet between consumers of Jim memberships, who are saying this the year I get off my asked and get in shape. I know I can do it and the owner of the gene who saying? Well, I know you can't you lazy, loser you'll come here three times in January, then I'm done with you for the rest of the year. Thanks for the free money enjoy your heart back because in America a fuck up is our best customs credit card companies are based wholly on that premise that you, the consumer,
want something now, some crazy impulse purchase like gas, and you think you'll be able to pay for it before the interests kicks in and for people who want to get screwed even harder than the credit card companies. Do it. Oh, yes, there's pain, day, The average interest rate they charge in Colorado. Is a hundred and twenty nine percent actual loan sharks charge that much you'd break his legs and a hundred and twenty nine percent is the low end. Yeah I'd for second highest, our South Dakota and Wisconsin, where it's ok to charge five hundred, Seventy four percent, the highest is How were it's not even a number? They just cut out your organs and sell them on. Even but hey don't worry
payday loan victims as soon as Trump passes tax reform, cashing your checks at a casino and Monte Carlo, I'm kidding you'll, be catching them outside a casino. In a Carlo, now any discussion of feed fucking a new term, I'm calling fee fucking the customer would be incomplete without mentioning the airlines who are always bitching about their costs. You know the price of jet fuel and unions and planes.
As a justification for their fees? You know what, if I want to hear a crying baby, never shut up or fly you're shitty airline right where you charge me a fee for checking my luggage now and another one if it weighs too much in a fee for wanting to talk to wake you men on the phone, you want a blanket fee, you want to fly inside the plane thing if Sully landed on the Hudson today, they charge a likeness to be. It can cost two hundred dollars just to change your ticket multiply that, but the number of fucker two hung over to make their flight out a Vegas, and you see how in America now there's no more margin for fucking up, and applies to one other group, a group which very much depends on people fucking.
In order to stay in business. The Republican a strong. Their whole game is making voting such a hassle for the people. They were keep out of the booth that those people just give up and Joan is doing that criminal. Yes, should we have to jump through hoops to vote? Of course, not, but life isn't always fair So until it is just do it, it's not impossible especially if you're young, who both delete
and have the time you can stand in line for a damned phone. You can stand in line to vote if you can find the after party confined the polling place. If you have time to get at tat to you have time to get registered,
picture id yeah. It's a pain in the ass me to take pictures by the fucking think of your life. Think of it at this filthy for democracy and just doing for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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