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Ep. #442: Woody Harrelson, Joy Behar

2017-10-28 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Woody Harrelson, Joy Behar, David French, Van Jones, and Betsy Woodruff. (Originally aired 10/27/17)


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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time Rite aid near me:
but I know it's not about me you're out, because it's not a hundred degrees today that it's almost Halloween and it's been a hundred degrees all week. I'll say this for the Chinese. Their hoaxes are really convincing Wednesday with a hundred and four in Hollywood, as if Harvey one
say, needs another excuse to open. His road historians will remember. This is the time that, in all changed in America on this issue, this is watershed stuff. What's going on with sexual harassment, we're right all the rocks or coming over we're thing, the bug underneath! Did you see the Billow Riley's? settlement that came out this week, Bill Reilly, we know about stuff. Before this week it came out paid a woman ready to million dollars. What the fuck do you have to do to cost it. Thirty two million dollars each victims of the focus room. A nuclear plant disaster in Japan got fifteen hundred. Dollars apiece. So I believe by my calculations, seeing Bela Riley's Dick is
twenty one thousand worse than radiation born you look. It is growing list of people, and you say you don't movie mobile gone director gone reporter gone corporate c, o gone. President added states What's that all, but not everybody is willing to turn a blind eye and the Republican Party this week, Jeff flake the Senator from irish flag, joined the resistance he announced Retirement. In a blistering speech on the Senate florry we denounce Trump Ali stands for and says you just can't be a part of this anymore he's the rose Mcgowan.
Of the Republican Party, except instead of the other above begin joining in with their me to stories their continuing to lead Trump molested. That's! The problem I mean I just play just like is not a hippie, this, a horrid right, winger who votes with Trump? thing with other ripened or other republican of conscience, which is Bob Corker, who this week said Trump is utterly untruthful and he is debasing the country. That said, if you can sign our tax cuts for the rich debase away, that's the problem. You know senators have quit before their party over arguments like this with the president even switched parties Jim Jeff
urge any member that guy in two thousand and one left the Republican totally Lincoln chiefly of our disagreement with Bush, but these were policy differences that sat what's going on, but Trump people quit Trump like
They met him in a bathrobe, any jacked up into a plan, but maybe I beg to our out our present added up your heard, but he saw the opium Democrat epidemic this week. You see that these are that this was his quote. Word for word. You said this was an idea that I had. This was an idea I had where. If you teach young people not to take drugs, it's really really easy. Not to take them say, tell people to take them, she's dizzy at the think of everything, and then he made a very moving speech about the whole problem. He said. Yes, we ve had drugs drug up a Democrat before, but never have many of the victims been so white
God, that's not all the breast got done. This way go. No. He was very excited about releasing the J F K, assassination files and just as Republicans spected. They only raise more questions about Hilary Females and you know J F K. He lived in a time when bad man behaviour was never reported, especially presidents and that day is gone as George H, W Bush found out this week. Yes, kids, I'm talking about the ninety three year old, who apparently is addicted to crack ass crack a ninety three
Third woman has alcove board to say that he groped her from his wheel chair I needed in denying he just said: that's how he rolled Guardy lud. You didn't just grab the ass. He had an Emma. These guys have a most anyway. He his Emma was before he grabbed the s. He would always said the woman who's your vet, whom I beggar magician, is David Copperfield. And his sculpture, this is evidence that men still is it a lot of work in his spokesman said the president to put people at ease that was
who put people at ease the spokesman to put people at ease, the president's tells the same joke and on occasion has padded women's rears and what was intent
to be a good natured manner. You know it's bad when dubious go and please dad stop embarrassing. The firm, later I'll, be bred, very thought. A joy they are is their factories that Academy award normative actor, who started the new film L B, J out in theatres November. Third, I've studied very personable what're you Harold. What did look at Naturally, this standing? What did you do to become so popular woody
you're such a you're. Such a meeting in the donor has nothing to do with that. Everybody wants to be Woody's ran back in years Morgan days, many were, But let's talk about your movie because I saw it it's a terrific Moby, Dick grip, great piece of work on Airport Lyndon Johnson. I understand you were reluctant to blame because, as many of us, we didn't like Vietnam yeah, which all we could see Johnson. But as you grow older as we both You see people and more here, for I think, you're more forgiving right and you see the good and the bad together more than you think. Well, I wanted to work with Rob Reiner because I think he's one of our greatest directors and the you know if you look at its almost rob like it's almost the tale of two president's, because there's the Vietnam within there's all this important legislation that he passed like the voting rights
the civil rights at the head start. No other than agree. It is was great near any any passed a lot of legislation there. You know you had the care to pass it cuz. It was going to help from poor people like the war on poverty, and so he did a lot of great stuff and he was very colorful guy, very colorful Very, I think you got this needy. You know he really wanted people to love him. I feel like that is maybe where you and the character were able to because you're no earlier you like everybody to love, you were gonna get. Will you do it? Now? I don't give a shit plainly. I don't give a shit because we would prefer it. I would prefer I would prefer we would agree with me.
But I'm not going to say what I dont think just to make the rules, but let's get back to L B J, because that's what we're here desgas! I love. You say that I know you guys fear there is this guy I've been. You know we ve been for a long time for very long to marry a long time. We smoke a lot.
Together, unless guy has been expressing what we ve been feeling in sound was afraid to express for so long, and I think that's why we appreciate him. Ok, what budget Rights Becky Burma said very soon be Jesus sums, I'm not like embed health. Am I heard what Kate but, like I said about the vulgar part, because we have a vulgar president now and before Trump Johnson was the standard of vulgar like one of the first aims in the movie he's you struck it. There's people there important people that doing government business and he's on the phone to his Taylor. Talking about it? We need more room because he I'm biggest is Johnson yeah yeah. How could you
related to any hiring. Already knows more. What did you tell me what I didn t know this delay is. He was publicly vulgar like our present income right now, but he ain't dead. He was folder in private ear, but in our current resent Yeats you ve had dinner with strong bright. Didn't you have a dinner, they have Ado with them when what was that circumstance well I grant invited by Jes even turn. He said you know what you're up to two thousand and I was in New York, and so will you come with me. You know trumps going to try to get me to be his running May on the two thousand for ticket democratic ticket and size you as a Democrat eating their leaders meet, so I went and his brutal bird
easy, I never met a more narcissistic. Man talked about the whole time, de la you should see had the standard using a bare for, but I had to walk out like half way through smug. Joy, just just like steel myself. Is that what you tell yourself about? Why is more than an interesting need, immediate prompting? Yet what? What? Let's talk about that? Because it's funny you mean you have given it up for about a year and a half now year, and I think that's great when we were in Hawaii last year and solidarity, I didn't want to tempt user. I didn't do it around you win. When we were together, but you were one of the pioneers and I'm not going to try to get you back on the wagon at all
I just want to show you know. I just want to show you some pictures too, reminiscent mean that you are on our very first show of real time and there we are in my back yard, in two thousand and three we're doing a sketch member. We did a sketch about smoking fire. We did that sketch and then ok, but here's my here's, my port. Nobody here hears us this last year and why, after you had given up pod in there, we are with you for us, and you know you look, you look ok, but ecstatic and now here we are the next night at your house, your ports, the you live on because it has no wall. So you live in a port is ok, I mean it's a beautiful view. It should be
there's no walls into point. Ok, so you know we look ok there too, but here's the year before when we were completely big thing. It is concerned about your happiness there. Let's look at again, not stoned. The stone
not stones stirred by the strong days. That's rode by boon, no virus, I didn't hurt, but you haven't given a boy you're happy ways in that's great and employs amused by the great dichotomy. That is you because you seen as such a laid back, I knew. Are I mean you're, as lay back as it comes will, as I know you, but you're obviously also a very talented, driven, ambitious person. You are not in one not into but you're in three franchises urine hunger games. You he were in their what's the magician one night. I see, I see me and you're in the eight movie plotted the egg drag that now. How did the happy
How did this laid back guy get to be the guy in Hollywood. Who's got a monopoly on being an order for theirs There were a personality and beef aside, but I am actually genuinely lazy. Is shit and I mean I can get by do another you now you see me I can really get by. When was the last time you are women less time you were always the last time you were home January yeah because Mr
Lazy works is as and where the benefits cause you're, leaving a great body of work, and this movie is part of it. You should go see what he aroused. I gotTa David there's an author of the instant New York Times, bestseller beyond the messy truth, how we came upon how
come together, banjo and politics of order for the daily bees, retorted garage Betsy. Wonder a writer for national review, whose name, you may recall, is loaded to be the presidential candidate of the never Trump movement, oh if it had only been so welcome aboard David French. Thank you, David. Alright, let's talk about the Republicans. They had a big weak and I thought it was kind of a microcosm of everything midst dragging our republic down because Jeff Lake, this republican conservative report, Ben gets up there and he makes this group amazing speech. I mean this was well written and beautifully delivered in the well of the Senate and the House how we can continue under this man? You know it was his. Have you know, decency, speech and the Republican said. Yes,
You're right, I'm should open investigations and they open to into Hilary I'm not kidding, guess they're still after Hilary think, ethics So I'm giving Republicans I'll never get tired of talking about Hillary Clinton? It always works for them, but you lost, she was voted off the island, I mean why why? Why is the tribe meeting? Everyone still snooping around out a few things? They re on watch the healthcare debacle. They had some trouble with that. One watching tax reform having trouble about when everyone agrees that Hillary Clinton is terrible, bring the whole family together will look, I mean look. Let me let me offer a partial defence here of talking, met Hillary Clinton. Some of these issues are actually really important. This stuff about how millions of dollars flowed into the Clinton Foundation and half a million dollars into Bill Clinton Pocket, and then next thing you know about. Twenty percent of our irritation remark wait speaking fee in Russia and the next thing you know about
when he percent biogas, uranium nerves are, and I'm not going to go away, but that there are some Clinton issues. Are you saying that they rise to the level of the trump issues? Now I'm saying we can do both? You know our needs and not present, but it still important how this happened. It says it has its good morning, and that is important in the way that it's pathetic any kind of show they don't have any regulatory. What are the worst for the worse ones? They somehow. I am a little concerned that people are so happy. Flake is made this great speeches, so courageous when you create you say, and I'm going to stay and fight, think that I am going to get the hell out of here and the written and he ran scampering out his because a been banned in here
a billion dollars in pointed at the head of every Republican, whose against Donald Trump- and these guys are given these great speeches and turning the party over to ban without a shot, and that's not courage that I agree with you. I agree with you that I wish you stood and thought she stood. But I don't think people are all that afraid, abandon ban gotta. Why that? Well because billion dollars yeah, no creature ban into somebody that everyone talks about in Washington and on Twitter go out into actual trunk country. Nobody knows who this guy they vote for his candidate, but here's the Tipp my take away their most against people who go against truck, that's what they do: ok, but who go against Trump Bank.
Primary voters, republican primary voters, vote against people who go against Tromp against Europe, yes to take away from this week. That's really important is that this is trumps party. Now, yes, this is it ass. Lord Ingram said, and she said we're not an element. We are the party. This is. This is kind of him Donald Trump, who we first with real laughing at that he was even going to get the nomination and then always the present, but he's gonna get brought. I doubt if the last year, its now his party nostalgic without that people are cutting and running really fast, like we ve talked about how prime We voted boat against people who are anti drug, but we will actually know that we have had our bulletin primary at Jeff Lake has not had a chance to face off against Kelly Ward, who was a very far right balance what can we don't know how we do, but all I wanna bet on that. What we don't know about era we state we don't know, but but here's to also the real problem to me is that Fox NEWS has become state tv its.
They were always, of course, Republican. It's different now, as all things with Trump it's worse and that this is a very an axis of evil because data they didn't hear the Jeff Lake Speech, they didn't know about and didn't even it doesn't exist. The things that we talk about do not exist because they are not shown on Fox TB suggests like speech life, for what it's worth. They showed it lie, but they did talk about a thing you did. You notice I'm your website, I so their website, it's it's! The extra had no like headliner, it was Hillary Clinton and at the very bottom they took away from this beach. Just like I could work would trump on some of the other. It is so, but its which show I mean to Hannity is Trump Pravda. Everybody knows they all our bread, Bayer is a good journalist. Other folks, like Dana Prima, very high integrity and per renew, is adding trumps actual until nine,
the auctioneer personality here doesn't get enough attention for being very close and friendly with Trump is Lou Dobbs. I've been told that Trump will actually call Dobbs after his show. He loves it when Dobbs goes after Mcconnell and Paul Ryan, he'll cheer and mine. In a recent interview from asked Dobbs who should pay to be the FED chair, that's not an aberration that the kind of relationship they have- and this is a fox this house to desire, gives him his agenda. The typical fox view were is now president, an old white guy. With anger. Issues were not sure why ends, and so there anecdotal falls race,
this view. The country is his view and they know that they have this view. Worship of one person, that's all they have to please big. They very often do give him his agenda. You see him saying there talking point it. It is bizarre to come to see this. This is sort of like in the morning, whatever they say, I'm Box in France. He tweets about right covered many braggin than for cover, that's weird, but I also think it important for progressive and liberals to actually tune in. Sometimes we ve got to be able to grow to be able to get our time. Level up for this kind of stuff, because otherwise what happens? Is we literally? I have no idea like our cousins in people. We weren't icicle with these people greatly because we are actually in our own bubble in a certain way, because we not learn them but can, but there's bubbles in them and then just give you a view, republican views from the latest balls sixty eight percent of Republicans believe millions of illegal immigrants voted in the last election. So that's over too
to believe something crazy incompletely entered. This is what I mean about. I gave the can get the legal people up my bag. We hope he will have to have to get millions of people do something that America's won't it. Seventy three percent of Republicans thing that voter fraud happens somewhat or very often again, something No, is completely not true. Fifty two percent of Republicans because of that last when I read voter fraud being so bad, what support post? owning the twenty twenty election until we can fix the problem that doesn't exist, so I think that yet again things bad
Conspiracy? Thinking is not confined to the right like I'm, not gonna defended by that I mean you. Could you get through outnumber after number, including a large number of Republicans who believe in revoking citizenship for flag burners, which is an anathema to the first amendment, or that we ve seen poles? It set a whole bunch of Democrats. Believe George Bush was behind nine eleven. We got a problem with conspiracy. Think I'm old lunch, partisan that in the Bush six ministers to from fifty percent, believing that that Bush had something to do with nine eleven. So there is, there is kinda conspiracy, theory problem in a lot of it is because of the thing the Van mention wherein, but
and when you're in bubbles, you think the absolute worst of your opponent said without eyes. Rather it tried in that millions of people voted fraudulently. Is that's why so many Republicans Islanders enough not to replace the president's, but it's not gonna find your argument or is able to be yes. There is a joint elephant over here, but what about this now? As you well know, mammal, there's not there's not because it does not do things have equal size. You think of you think totally depends on the issue. I would agree you ok well, our move on and others that you know what, if it's just like, or somebody like that, wants to really make a difference. You said he should go back and for what they really should do is run as an independent eighty percent of Republicans or with Trump. That means twenty percent. Aren't you could get those people you could as a patriotic service split the republican vote? Eighty two? Twenty?
like the Democrat, like Teddy Roosevelt, did in nineteen twelve priority. Exactly was on the dipper my job. Ok, we ask about, besides, because this is what the president was attacking this week. He said we must fight back with a really tough, really big, really great advertising and was rather gentle on the people who are the attics, and while I, this is one of the things that I think is is is criminal on the part of tromp. He and the Republican Party during their primary, went out and actually found out which allow people didn't know that people are dying all over the country. You know one of my close friends prince died of the same opiate crisis. It's killing. People in coal country is that national catastrophe, more people.
Dying of opium painkiller overdoses, then they were dying of HIV Aids at the height of the crisis. So you literally have a catastrophe, and you could do something about it right now. It would take money, it would take willpower, you'd have to bring people together. Instead, you do a press conference between and talk about. Advertise you're not going to save people's lives are not going to empty these. You got morgz that fill up every weekend and in somebody's red county. They have to order freezer trucks on Friday night because they know the more going to fill up you're not going to save those lies and plenty of other people's arms with an advertising campaign, and he is a guy getting his own basis, pain and suffering is outrageous. Is just outrage. I'm gonna, I'm gonna agree with most what you said. Nothing significant has happened here. This is eight, and this across this is a national crisis in its one that look. We gotta face facts here
need to the federal Government- needs to be involved absolutely. But this is not something. This is something that, in some ways, may even be more difficult than the crisis in overcoming AIDS, because there There was a medicine medicines that could be developed that you could take over here. You're dealing with people who are going to Oliver broken glass to get that next is immediately, but that, but let me just say I wrote a book big Parma book is about step that we could actually fixed tomorrow. We just came together, and this is one of a there are in fact medicines. Now you have medically assisted treatment where you can get people to live in the detection, I model where you get people just well enough to go and overdose. You could actually fix it, but you'd have to bring people together to do it and trot doesn't actually want to solve the problem you want to demagogue about, in other words, that the idea that there is nothing we can do is false boss, false, and we need to get on this right now. Another piece of this problem- that's really important and doesn't get in a play, is the fact that France has a lot of drug warrior types.
Putting our attorney general like to talk about how marijuana as a gateway drug. In reality, a lot of prescription. Opium aids are legitimate gateway, drugs to harrowing use their way to their both opiate and there's a CDC data that shows recently. I want to say that the most recent CDC data maybe shows that of the opium overdose deaths that happened about about. Almost half of them are from drug that were prescribed legal drugs. Proctors are giving people in various other doctors were under pressure to prescribe these things. Pain became the fifth by they were under pressure from big form of that was pushed not only speak, not just good form in the other thing is it then Donald Trump lies about. It insists we're gonna have a big wall, because the walls gonna keep out the opiate you'll. Have a wall around see vs? What are you talking about? Doctors have favoured comparability dark. There is most believes you buddy. I mean them. Oh no! No! No! I guess that's about it. No, I see, I wasn't even figure. You're gonna go there with it, but it was enlightening, but listen. It's it's halloween time and we ve been
a if this guy Roy more who's gonna, be. The senator That is where the senator in Alabama. That's really him! That's how we dresses it's like howdy duty if he watched Fox NEWS all day and we thought you know. This is interesting, because this guy does not need a hollowing custom, because
He is a hollow wind costume and we found that actually in Washington, a lot of people fit that description. They don't need a costume because they are one, for example. Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not need one because she's going as Maria Osmond after a bad breaker, she's no custom congressmen, trade Gouty is going as the last face you see before the car trunk, close Ben Carson is going as the guy at the end of the bar, who keeps saying at another. Johnny urged is going as your high school Jim teachers. Roommate Paul Ryan is calling as an emotionally damage former child star. Betsy divorce is going as a woman who just stand out her new neighbours or Mexican. That's my pants is going is the guy you always tells his barber a little shorter, adequate I'd be mistaken for a beetle steed bad very go he's going as that weird shit, you see growing on trees and John Junior and Eric rubber going as the top of the gay wetting. The great gas tragedy. Disease study, guy, just reviving drop world joy way are so great to see you never grow old. You always have the same, which we always talking about being old on these show. Lately, you afraid to die of shellfish net. That Michael was, but now it's more like what I work. What have you unjust because I love you and I use may be left, but also because I feel, like I'm, also have been argument like almost on a weekly basis with other Democrats. Were you on my side, yeah? I keep saying Democrats or to night said to NATO and you are my ally right. They don't go for the jug you'll go for that when they go low
we go. I now wonder agar law. We should go low, exactly perpetrator, he wants to go via the fact. The coop via that decide our crazy. Don't you understand their crazy? You don't deal with white supremacist, I'm not organ. I'm talking to you could do, but but yes I mean what what happened to that gene in the Democrat make up, I mean That wasn't that way, with Bobby Kennedy and TED Bundy
John F Kennedy. They were tough. They weren't this this kind of two nice demographic busy get laid well, sir, certainly party, but I think the problem is political correctness. Yes, indeed believe I did a show about that some years ago I remember when John Kerry was running ice. I saw him at something, and I said you got to deal with these people. You need to be tough. What are you gonna do to deal with this? public and his like, don't worry, I can handle it now. We did didn't they, don't they dont. Now from where the genus went research and we also have to speak very simply to people. They don't want to hear this wonky stuff that you here on CNN and Emily be say, go right for the juggler the way trunk. Does it he's smart at what he is, the only thing that smart, basically he's a terrific gunmen there, but I mean: did you play club
I could be more. I know not clodagh mean clubs like what he s ears, theatres, and it's a little this is a little more constrained than it used by you can't Sani thing now I may look it we can. We can, because we are a little grandfathered in,
but the old age, either way we are way grandfather their grandmother. Did I dont like didn't work work anymore than Stana, partly because anything you say they write it down. They tape you use a rapid tweed about in use and the Like James Cordon got trouble last week wherever they rose. Mc Gowan dislike, lay off the Canadians and leave the committee. We like the philosophers of the twin, not Socrates and Aristotle, but we are the philosophers right now and we know that we are aware that everything comedians is that, because we can work in the clubs, we don't care about these jobs. Like this drop of my job, we can always work, so we will say what have we whilst big vs up what they got back to back the law, but a right. So let's talk about men and their and their bad behaviour, because this this
I guess it is a watershed time. This things will never be the same right right. Why do you think now I mean wasn't actual harassment a year ago when this, when the trunk tape came out, why not five years ago were ten years ago, one of the dawn of the women's Liberation Movement wise it now that finally admitted it it's kind of amaze. I'm a little imo think that Mamma to up to mistake because really need a hill came out and then we had. We have Clarence start what it's as, if I'm going to commodity different era with social media and all the women joining in all the world. These, but there's still most men, are in the billing power. What did then the ones in power? They are the ones who intimidate the women and they are the ones. I do that you're not going to get the job. Unless you let me look, let's less, you look at my penis. Basically that's what they say. Oh my, I know when you read about the inordinate, they all have they all. Do you look at it and I don't know they. Eleven am oh yeah, it's just I like cost
We like here take some drugs. I knock you out rang out to eight. I bet starlets or, or you know, like masturbating, just rubbing an erection. I I I thought I didn't know women all my life. I don't know man, this is what did Bill O Reilly. Do the that got the woman? Thirty two million dollars? What what could you pass? How vile does it have I now? Well, I wouldn't circumvent there. He's your millions out? I don't know why you did not go out. I know he's not worth thirty two million, and I must say with you when you look at the list of people, it is always married, goes its always married. You just say why is that
because they have shitty sex life, I think, they're not having a sack of satisfactorily employed at home and about it. Now now that's got them things. Nothing will happen, is accused of masturbating under the desk. Why struck into somebody was that got to do with him being married? What's hampering the wives and soon the wives abbot. Well, revives linking the why business, while these jerks a jerk and all my book, your book, I have about Donald Trump work at the book is called the great gas, but what's it called the great asked? What about that? I talked with other top titles. What do you think of the war and hair peace that was one Moby Dick.
What other titles digital one among we'd be also rises bad, but I wrote it poor trumps Trump anti trumpets of you. If you're a trump supported, don't buy the book. I for bid you to buy the button closed the book for us yes guaranteed, then I think we have to be a sophisticated there's, a problem or trying to sell you gotta. You are correct, weekly, there's something we have to fight about, and- and I love you for it, but you mentioned Bobby Kennedy. Bobby Kennedy was tough on his opponents. But
also went to Appalache any talk to those poor wife both and got him on his that's all I'm saying is we had a great circle that includes women, people of color Muslims, everybody, jewish people. Let's just get the circle bigger to take his base away from it and I'll tell you what, if you don't go and we don't go, the Nazis are gonna, go it, I'm not gonna! Let that happen, my country and the number of errors in the track. It can we be honest, a hundred hundred twenty million votes? We lost this thing by seventy. Thousand both spread out through three states in the restaurant and of those seventy thousand some people about it for a bomb? We just gotta go back and get those faults and we have a cousin
you can get in there and that's what the book is about. Little monarch, our boats working lunch at the top of the operating lost control of the capitalist. Okay, so Democrats always say they want to win, but I just don't see a lot of souls urge against some of the issues that might help them. Forty, eight percent of Democrats or concern but immigration and here's what Andrew Sullivan Solomons this week. You said the Democrats current position seems to be that the Dreamer parents who broke the law are near heroes and their rhetoric. The Democrats, rhetoric is very hard to distinguish from a belief in open borders. Democrats increasingly This suggests that any kind of distinction between citizens and non citizens is somehow racist
I mean you see in europe- is the rise of all these sort of like Trump like guys, and it's always in countries that were lax on immigration, and I think this is an issue in depth. Right up to look in the mirror. Little about, because I think Andrews Solomon is not wrong about this. Here's where I take some exception. I agree that beating p who will be of some concerns about lobbying, broken in contravention names and biggest like that is, if not constructive, because it keeps us to be able have not as conversation but as a matter of strategy. I dont think that the Democrats should throw away the latino base chasing hard core area people if you are hard core immigrant, you are always going to be able to find a Republican. You like better than a Democrat, so I think that we could be more new wants, but the idea that Some now become a party, that's tough, on immigrants, the messages they did. This strikes me as in fighting the last war ism, because right after
when he twelve, the Republicans did this big self diagnosis and they said the path to winning, has to be more open to immigrants, and that is exactly the opposite of what happened in twenty sixteen, and I think, what's happening, I think, the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot. In this sense, we Van said seventy in boats, I would even narrowed and three cities, basically Philadelphia, Milwaukee Detroit. If you have the present Nine states using the bully pulpit to directly attack the most popular african Americans, not just in the country in the country, but in the world, and I got where the Unifil players Steph, curry, who attacked Steph current staff gray with invented in a lab by dad zoom want their kids that to get a job, I don't know why that's got to announce how many thousand more people without changing them.
Stances Republicans, I think, are way to cocky politically with such a narrow victory. In an aside, I really think that fighting last worrisome may not really apply when get to twenty nineteen and twenty twenty. It's gonna be a different landscape. The other thing is taking a step back from like that politics, who's up. Who is down Pisa this? If Democrats want to pitch themselves as mean to immigrants, they can make that case. We Obama dramatically expanded the practice of family detention, which is the practice of taking women and children were getting babies and putting them in a literal prisons. We have facilities and tax as in Pennsylvania, that our full of women and very young children right now about three thousand Obama dramatically expanded that practice so democratic. Might there talking points my sound like
open borders and events are great Bob LAW, but in reality there is a lot that Obama dead. There's a lot of the Obama legacy that very troubling immigration attorneys that I talked to regularly to people who are and documented. Doesn't this this notion that that democratic spotless record on it and are really soft on enforcement is just not true, would when they have the worst of both worlds, zhu you're actually doing bad and their reputation is the opposite, also not getting them both. So they want me, Mr another number things of the Obama he had the reputation of the peace president, but by the time he left off He had been on the ground and Syria bids on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan in North Africa. I mean you know, we're learning now, there's a thousand troops in Nigeria or eight hundred troops and easier than the first detachment got there during the Obama administration. Who knew that. So there was a big. This
In fact, I think between what a lot of people thought about Obama wouldn't bother about. I think that you're you're, trying to figure out what's a pathway out of this, ditch that the democratic parties fall has fallen, and do you not think everything should be on the table? For me, I want to figure out a way for us to hold onto those eleven million people in the country. They don't have papers, but they, if you left tomorrow, the economy would collapse and user. You do have a country, that's based on the hard work of a lot of undocumented people. I want to respect those folks, and I I don't think that you have to do is almost as false thing now. Do you like that immigrants, or do you like the white guys who don't have jobs? I think you can like both have policies to help both, not as I do think this false choice have been pushed into now. We have to pick among pain. We have to pick amongst.
The rules we have to picket? Listen? Why don't? We just get everybody together, who doesn't have anything to go by the bad guys. I was why we just got everybody thought of something you said earlier Democrats or to nice yeah. You know Joe Biden, said about Mitt Romney, he's gonna put you back in chains. Ok, that doesn't sound very nice and the democratic way well come on, so we can adapt to tromp this amazing. The way your ability to cherry pick up including little thing and any little how to make it look like it's about. Has I think that the vice president, the United States, I in America, that everybody around with economies, that's not a who was saying that about into the black it isn't. It was talking to African American, not even talking about the Republican that risk clean, scary, Romney, Ryan ticket that they're going to put you?
back of change that the gaff meister, which I'm sure he regretted by the way, a guy like reorganising, says something like that. Will he he's Cape Will it saying you sorry, I've seen him do it sure did the guy who charge now is not so every issue, this is what we go through. You know of its global warming. It comes up, you know, that's like well, you know. We too have called periods in the scientist predicted. It would be a cold buried away. We had hot weather I can the nineteen hundreds or what it doesn't move us fixing problems. It doesn't help, but if the idea. Fixing problems is the Democrats need to be nastier, that's not going to fix the progress and aids, but rather that we all do want
realistic that we sometimes you have to be nasty to show what has real, but you know that's exactly. The republican argument that I dealt with four months is eyes getting slaughtered by Republicans for opposing trump, we gotta be nasty to win. We gotta be nasty to witnessing no appeal to peoples the better angels of people's nature, and they told me no, we gotta be nasty, we gotta be nasty and they want and they are not present a white guy. Thank I argued this make when you're sitting here. If you aren't you, I couldn't get you on this. Well, you know, I think, on the on the substance of what's going to make this country a better place. The argument and in listening to the idea that that there too
one simply because he was nasty I think, is wrong. I think, if trumpet wanting run a Galiano sell a liar that, yes, I always listen, you are you are you? Doesn't people are having a very hard time and people want to know that you're gonna be tough enough and strong enough to deal with their problems this in and there's something that we should fight about. We listen, you want to persecute Muslims, you want you want disrespect, jewish people, you want to attack Brinkley immigrants, you want. You want to check whether we should have that bite, but we can only fight and still have a country. That's all I'm saying what, beyond the barrel ground, we can find some comrade onto it.
If only one side is playing with stability, that side is always going to lose. That's that's called during a knife to a gun, that's call to double by two thousand and eight two thousand twelve. I don't, I don't think that's true. I gotta go to Neuro. Thank you. Everybody, someone asked out, may decide to go in this bottle. I should feel more sorry for Jimmy Carter, who kind of a God pushed into the background or Barack Obama who was just about to meet David Copperfield Neuro about that. We now George, W Bush use go to joke. Well, groping women is, you know my favorite magician is David Copperfield David Copperfield has to it.
That I read a great when he grabbed the woman's private parts. Yours, if you know what my favorite president is around saying gave it Copperfield really does list was appointed the neural. The pc police on Twitter have to calm the held down about Ellen posting. This sexist picture of herself, with gaiety, bury our just think, she's having a little harmless but and Katy think she's, meeting Justin, Bieber springing up Justin Bieber New, ruled tat to artists, have to admit that the tiny bird tat too is their gateway drug. That's then Bieber's, first tattoo and Harry is today pays to be such a cute kid now it looks like the prisoner. You have to have sex with to get toilet paper
new rule. If you don't stop digging pictures of your babies, blood painted like a pumpkin. I am quoting this mommy group. If I wanted to see it are, and as I also sometimes we are finally Neuro, someone must tell me why the people who wrapped themselves in the flag are always the ones most clueless about what it represents like the weights, lump turned a respectful protest about police brutality into a patriotism. Pissing match the nerve of these young black men kneeling. While American Idol runner up sings the bombs bursting in air song, how dare you exercise your freedoms while we're honouring them? We will not stay.
And for not standing Trump Lou. We said that soldiers have died and we need to stand because they were fighting for our national and out for FUCK's sake. No one ever died for the anthem. Some have died, trying to sing but trot knew that for conservatives, the anthem is their senior prom themes on it makes them all miss to hide the way I get. When I hear the captain into nails. Do that to me one more time. Remember this guy: baker, so unpopular with his own report, games, they booted amount of beings bigger, but they never criticized for doing this. I poured my heart and soul into running. A small business is provided for their safety security. American people,
no sir, whenever you cry like a little bed, because someone mentioned are residing very good lag. Is clubs Edwards? They always think that was great. What is it with these people always falling to pieces of flags and crimson commercials for pickup? Will these throat catchers route sixty six and port swings barbershops, that's the lovers, shaven cowboy hats, unless you're a black congresswoman farms,
Barnes pictures of wheat give them a hard on the party that thinks of itself, as the tough guys do so susceptible to sentimentalism. That's why they love the paintings of Thomas Kincaid, with his vision of Amerika is one big habit: village, a fairytale cottages and, of course, Christmas. There, sir, Head over heels, lady Gaga, in love with Christmas, they even imagine liberals have somehow band everyone from talking about it until dropped got away. And now the has been lifted. We could say merry Christmas again. I really believe this shit, it's like no one ever broke it to them that the bearded guy delivers goodies, isn't real
but nothing triggers that soft mushy part of a right wing or more than the military. They love the military. The way eight year old, girls, love horses, holy and completely with a slight tinge of sexual restoration. They get a tangle of their taint when the blue angel, sly overhead. They cry during the President's martian fighting speech and independence day
they see a guy in uniform at the mall and say. Thank you for your service, even though the guys thinking I'm a security guard dipshit last week in his heroic battle against a grieving widow, Donald Trump sent General Kelly out to talk the media and offer us a lesson about honour and when that on lesson included blatantly lying about Congresswoman Wilson, General Kelly was criticized, which President trumps spokesperson said was highly inappropriate at right. It is highly inappropriate to ever question a general which
is in North Korea, but I thought this was America, this impulse to tell people not to protest against the police, not to question the generals. This is not american, and that is the problem with all the fetish patriotism. It starts with goosebumps, but it ends with goose. Epps right that I had entered. My guess is that they will not only make sense if we want to make a move from each other and each bio dot com.
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