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Ep. #443: Col. Jack Jacobs, Graeme Wood

2017-11-04 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Col. Jack Jacobs, Graeme Wood, Christina Bellantoni, Jeffrey Lord, and Rob Reiner. (Originally aired 11/3/17)

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Welcome to each year pipelines from each be making real time. I think I know why you're I'd say everybody. I really waited why your husband tromp has left the country. I'd be a lighter already I this was real parents feel when they send their kids off the summer camp it out this, but to twelve data to Asia, twelve days of the S tramp of relation who's in charge, are gone and he said to who's in charge. When I'm here he's going to China and Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam,
Korea, all the countries with factories that make his make Amerika great again have price. If China is the big what he wants you to study their wall, He then went when's the last time you saw Mexican in Beijing, but there are many South Korea. Trump will be in South Korea that should be fun. Dmz meets DMZ and then now Vietnam, where of course there was a war that Trump avoided with more. Double deferments because of his bone spurs. Now he gets to go back as President of the United States. Who says the Dodgers, didn't win,
I know you're very upset about that. Sorry about that, but Julie's tab, good Halloween, because all Halloween, what How do you know what you gave the gives this alloway, but over at Robert Mother's house they were handing out indictments. This is just the beginning, but a poor man afford who was drums campaign manager. Then, guy at the debate there twelve count indict money laundering tax evasion. Failing to register is a foreign agents lie about all of it. Love this. He had three passports. I didn't know you could do that
three american passports from its actually get a drain. The swamp, any hires, the creature from the black lagoon- and this is a new character- will have to build a new evidence. Wall George Papa Dapple is never heard of this guy. He was go, get her their meeting with the Russians. We'll talk but he was, he was reporting to a big up in their campaign. I'm SAM Clovis Genoese. Their SAM Globus. This we get this from pigs to be the department of Agriculture is chief scientist and then some withdrew when he remembered he was not a science, they asked Mister Glove. As you know, what expertise do you have regarding aggregate agriculture and he said eating
what does creaking of eating our sea God? Let me tell you the Republicans unveiled. Finally, this week there new tax plan so hang on America's billionaires help is on the way and its it. It's amazing I mean remember the tea party member rubber, the tea party beckoned to Nine, two thousand and the way they took over Congress based their bedrock principles, that debt is out of control our biggest crisis, an existential threat to our way of life. You have to get all that this new tax plan blows a one point: five trillion dollar hole. In the time in the debt and someone someone, Paul Ryan. His day said when, when did republicans, stop caring about debt- and he explained after careful consideration at the
current president is white- and of course you know there was another horrible terrorist attack in New York. Trump immediately started, tweeting stupid. We president doesn't keep us days and then he was like a way that means, but here's the fail good story of the week. You heard what happened it's, whether on the last day at work at employers and employees there like deleted drums account for eleven minutes. I don't know this person is, but I have one thing to say to them. Thank you for your service entirely and Geoffrey order here and a little later, I will be speaking with Arthur and ICES expert Graham, would but first
a of military analyse for MSNBC in a medal of Honor Winner talk about thank you for years. Service, retired Us Army, Colonel Jack Jacobs. How are you, sir? Thank you see you again as a military man, you were student of military history and you and remember when Caesar crossed the Rubicon that all But I don't mean you were there, but that's that's where in Rome, when from a republic of course- and there were four as soon as you get, what that phrase means Zoonotic grocer the Rubicon were no longer republic than the armies in charge. I wouldn't bring this up in America because we never had these issues before, but the toddler achieve seem to be
constantly being baby sad by generals. He's constantly me. He said it just today was talking about. You know the f B. I should go after this and am very frustrated. The justice department that somewhat the president should do its like he's aching to be a day data. How concerned? Are you about this military thing going? I wouldn't worry too much about it. I would be worried about the fact. There seems to be some level of ineptitude, and at least one then probably both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. I think if we're going to see something different, probably in the mid term election and one of them this is. The Republicans are not doing. Anything at the moment is because they want to see what the outcome of that's gonna, be. They don't want to hear Take trumps base. Things might choose The mid term election, I'm not worried about national defence,
in terms of the leadership involve, went over the long long term. We longer term we need when it gives a crazy order. Well. That's not a kind of what an interesting motion that well, you know everything we blow up the web. Every presidency had the opportunity to do exactly that. Annual, but every president wasn't a demented man, child and cloudmaker. This is this: is it worried about this in these issues at all, but well, if you're a general in the White House, I guess you keep the football away from the present, if you concerned about that, but that they have to take orders from that's a well! You know if her, if you're at the bottom of the food like. I was you mean, among general, I mean colonel. Even yes, but any time you were, you quiet. To put you two cents in the you get the order and the order as long as the old
not immoral or illegal. You have to carry it out, but when you get to be at the top of the food chain, you're responsible for making sure also that we don't do anything stupid. Well that bus has said what you want to know whether or not the president can order the destruction of the entire known universe by himself and not be checked by anybody. Yes, he could ok. So what about General Kelly? You know we were only a few weeks ago thinking this is the guy. Thank God he's around, and you know he's done some pretty bonus, the things lately. First, going after that war widow and are least that Congress, who is defending Aaron and now Looking about Robert E Lee Languor, like he's a hero in the civil war. Could, though, should have been a compromise, and he looks to me like just another version of
from which is an elderly white Male Fox NEWS, viewer well in hand. That's dangerous to his responses, been something of a shock to a lot of you including those who know him I know him well what a great deal of respect form Marie's, who served with them for whom he served and so on. He was viewed to be something of the adult in the room. Right and Then he came out on the podium and started this How, in the morgue imminent, granting like a fox knows viewer that really quite disconcerted- yes, but but the most significant bit, of course, was talking about somebody warn those of us who went the public school New York City, learn all about the Missouri a compromise in the Kansas Nebraska ACT when we were in middle school.
Now you're testing, my history, high level, fuzzy and then the fact and the fact that matter is Lincoln, wrote that very famous letter five years or six years before the civil war started, in which he said he wrote patient care, survive, half slave and have free right five years before or the war started, so many buddy or that the war was not about slavery as smoke into many left handed sick
I could show you a few of those if you'd like family shall I know but tat. So it seems to me we have never had more, really really disturbing national security issues when I think of them in my top world may get european youth, and these are the four and in what order North Korea, ISIS Islamic Terrorism, that kind of stuff the environs. The Pentagon is totally on the page ahead of the head of the politicians and the environment being a national security threat and Russia. The all those four areas are all really like, never. I think we ve got a lot. We ve got a lot of threats. The world is quite fragmenting the french threats augmented, we're not organised to cope with the more ISIS
a problem only to the extent that ices is getting treated overseas and as a result, there are going back to first principles, which is to blow up blowup innocent civilians. That's that's! That is, rob we're doing a lot of harm to innocent civilians in the territory they conquered is well quite, but there they are on the way out there, at least for the time being. The level are come back again, but for the moment, their going back to the kinds of things these terrorists always do, and that is to go to places like the United States and Europe and shoot up the countryside without necessarily taking any territory so they're off the territory bit now Korea is a particular problem and it seems like its intractable, but if you consider the fact that North Korea is basically a continuing criminal enterprise And the only thing they want to do is continue.
Killing their own citizens, taking forty to fifty percent of the gross domestic product and putting in their pockets and all arrest rest that stuff. It is clear that they do not want to antagonize the United States by setting a nuclear weapon. On Guam or any other place, because they know they they'll get annihilated. So North Korea's view is if they have, nuclear weapons and nobody's gonna bother them. Then they can continue ripping off their own people. North Korea, I think, is less of a problem that a lot of people think precisely because it's a container, I'm glad you have such optimism. Would you work agenda if Trump card you tomorrow and said? Would you come in here and babies with neighbour
like so many other military men, to call this new era of your country. I've gotta, restoring my turnus rack and I have to thank you personally Jacob thanking you. Let us use the LOS Angeles Times, assisted manage together for bioethics Racine Balin Tony. How you do here is a conservative of the american structure. Former white House, associate brutal director under president run
Greg in your member from CNN Jeffrey large black. When another directive, let us film L, B, J with Woody, heralds a new abuse invaders today, Rob Rheinart furnish repressing tonight's over times organism after the show on Youtube. Alright, let's start with Russia, because you know this cloud has been hanging over the White House And- and this wicked started terrain I'm just wondering in light of recent developments, what someone like you Jeffrey, would think of show that we have a little montage of Donald Trump denying he knows anything about Russia, anybody you ever work for him, about Russia. I have nothing to do with Russia to the best of my knowledge. No person. That I deal with now, not a nobody that I know of now
one that men columns of all face lie at this point very well. The thing is there. I can hear the grounds figures. Spinning himself just say you realize he's he's a diet for lobbying activities from two thousand. Sixty two thousand fourteen before Donald Trump overran Progressive right, oh, come on what it is the possible that you're gonna, not the entire group, of what we're talking about rightly three different, distinct things, and by the way that rain cloud they just announced the trial for man afford gates is: can we may seventh next year this all going to
continue to go on for a long days. So ok, but we do have information now I mean we had it before, but we have even more that shows that he did no one by the way that the metaphor thing goes up two February twenty, sixteen, so it's not! It is not quite the way you presented doesnt matter. The point is that we have this guy Papadopoulos, whose as he was talking to Trump directly about Russia and when he said look I Russia told me they have the hacked emails from the Democrats and I too Trump and drums, and will we should go directly to the FBI? No, we didn't he's a trait. He said. Rape set up some meetings and, let's find out more and an end to the fact is Trump doesn't know anything, so he pro probably wouldn't know that you were supposed to go to, The FBI lot lot all men of war when he was in that meeting in June, with Jarrett in with John Junior. He knew that that's what
but suppose tat I was going to the FBI's mighty is, was poor man afford installed by Russia? I mean he that's what poor man if we did for a living, he wandered, that's called the swamp. That's called the swamp, yeah right right without guaranteed right partisan, I have to say, which is what problem is that while we got that quickly be, this is what they do. Fox news is already preparing its viewers for firing of Robert Mahler, because I swear it. Korea Lewandowski said what we should be. Focusing on our continued lies. The Clinton administration he's not talking about The bill Clinton administration he's talking about the Hillary Clinton administration. You know cause she's. President. Now try on any president damages the caution I present doesn't mean you get to collude with the Russians and break the law
which in what is easy to lose an election, but that's what you're right, but my question about poor man afford looks like made because he kind of walking off the street and said hey. I work for you for free, it's a little suspicious that guy who had Well, I haven't seen million dollar new to the right has been working for russian puppet Jerry years. What would it just seems there always in the same place, which precinct was turned by this precinct? Yet also going to that? We don't know that affected the election, it didn't, but that's not what that's like yours, you couldn't anyone know where the hell against community that has ruled out that it didn't affect the election. We don't know of it made the election, the one or the other, but it definitely effectively election. Otherwise, you wouldn't big out ads on Facebook, theirs
if you're saying putting out live, then bent then don't take out adds that is right, but while the Clinton campaign look, this is politics votes the contempt camp. Without this stuff. All with I write I mean how are we know, but how do we do now that wasn't from Russia Labour? colluding with Russia. They were getting the Russians in love with us are you crazy says this is a nice descent, so much more relaxed after after Rob has had a family. Nobody, but but you know about that bill because each he spoke, I mean I dont think what would but that did did to Jeff was wrong. The problem I left, I demand a joke. I mean it was clearly a joke, clear and but look clearly it is
listen! I'm not already decided in the arms of the policies, but I mean that was a bad deal. I think it looks like he's more relaxed, because we're talking about like he's not here by its like wires? In your view, I understand it's worse. I met her spreading to years of eight to one. This is a brief, so we got off on now it might well be. Also a song about. This will bring about Facebook because the guys from not did not to see how they didn't show up somebody digest the lawyers from whose drowns Mr Stretch, with what Mr Stretch, Google and Facebook and Twitter testified before Congress, and they said, Facebook it a hundred and forty million of their use
There's may have seen this propaganda from Russia so to tell me that you know that it didn't affect the election and of course they will never admit that because that would be like saying. The advertising that you buy here on Facebook doesn't work that one of the original works. That's why propaganda exists because it works one. Other thing I mean, I think we have to be careful about getting government intermediate period, but one of the things that I do think we need to think of is when you go to advertise on Facebook. Should you not identify,
getting your money from you, that's what I have done with their drawing the right. There's a bill now for life: we have their lives when it comes to political advertising, and you can't tell me that are really spooky add on television that slings, a bunch of lies because both sides do it that has the little fine print at the bottom. Someone's gonna go look at up and maybe issue will really irritated press release about it. There's not any teeth in that right. You might know where the money is coming from, but it's not like. There's gonna be people digging into that new in a federal commission record on Facebook and Twitter adds right, there's a limited set at a level that that study that and try to make the american people care about it. Camping, finance as a whole. Bores people, this is pretty that absolutely right, but in the red carpet bombed like they used to do in every election. It didn't work because people see people see those ed over and over. They hate the person who put the ad out and, of course they know it's coming from that person. The most effective advertising is word of mouth right. That's why Facebook
so dangerous got people dont know that their repeating rocket and really scary part about this is the russian. Came in use, Facebook use twitter and invaded, and in fact us in a way that propaganda. Like you, say, works and now they're here now here? I am not determine who watch real and That's not and they're gonna. Do it again there telling it now and they come in our seas. Is a wall on this issue. Let's even forget the past, we know they're gonna, try to do it again and we have a president who denies that they did before doesn't seem to be concerned about it at all. Member Bush sat there for seven minutes on nine eleven occasional will you sitting there Trump likes it therefore, like years
It's like seven minutes times his holds right he's just sitting there, while we're underwritten well behind ISA. Nobody ever wants to say anything about goes what the Chinese the Chinese have Hash the choice for the Chinese. The Chinese have hacked into the White House they packed into the defence it with our stated argument, but they haven't westernize did the way the Russians were able to weapon eyes, These have all male. None of these security agency you're a good american right. You believe in a secure all seventeen said it was the Russians, so why you're, bringing up China because I think they're probably the greater threat, but contact with the issue here, I think, really also has to be an element of personal responsibility right if you get a crazy email, from your crazy uncle. That says, you know Barack Obama's is a Muslim or whenever it's your obligation, if you do I believe that, and you would like to prove that person wrong to go on slopes and to send them the factual information. Here's the copy that it was not that different on Facebook. You have a responsibility if you're going to share something, maybe Google
first may I put you decide what long time times yet audits by the time. Snobs picks up the fact that it is illegitimate that thing could have gone via, and it has been well, we giant DC goes to that right with comic pizza, like there's actual potential violence there, based on some of these erroneous problem, thing. Is she lost the election that it wasn't because of the russian well, it is our night. It was because of her. It was. It was eight that was negotiated with a combination of reasons is every complicated thing. I'm not gonna make it only ask about another regime. The tax plan that came up did? I was mentioned in my luggage and especially about the tea party part. Am I missed remembering that the tea party is there
solely because of this issue that debt was going to be our downfall, and now they have a tactical having taxes it I know, but but what? First it was you know it was you- can't- got taxes and not increase that unless you cut revenue, there's not know Then you get. This happens. Every rats gonna hurt people every public and gets into office. They do this they that when the Democrat is an office, they run on the idea that their running up the dead, because we're, not just right economic and, if Mitt Romney, where President this is a very similar tax planet would have seen right. This lacks blandly, all Ryan has won in for a decade and longer, and but I have to do a reality check, because it's not law right. We are a long way from that. They presented a plan. You immediately see Republicans who are worried about an election that, by the way, is one year from Monday. They are concerned about the fact that it blows a hole in the deficit. They are concerned
about the fact right here in Cairo could disproportionate rose at relatively government has to be huge and we have to be paying for this. Enormous government Is that when I know I know what you're saying you're saying take it? This is the start of the beasts theory except they never get around to doing that. Well done this over and over a swamp yet, but it has part of the big zig overall deal, which is the major chunk of money. He goes to the military and two medical? social security and that big deal that they always talk about. Unless you're going to look at those big problem of money, then you can't make attacks, got lagging behind and local explored every either and also to Amazon. You know which grew scrutiny New Jersey, offering them like five billion dollars in tax breaks, because there is competition for them to put up their giant warehouse somewhere, really, though, go broke without those tax breaks.
All right, so one of our favorite refilling bids, as we call the mere. I don't know for a fact. I just know it's true and- and this has been running biggest started before Donald Trump. This idea, I was just like other things that I can't prove. I just know their true now of course, how we actually operate in a government, but I like to make a list every six months or so, for example, I dont know for a fact. I just know for a fact that poor manner for it will be played by Jo Pesci in the movie. I just know extra
I don't know for a fact that if you tried to pull out one of Donald Trump Hairs, the whole thing would unravel like a Christmas what're back. I don't know for a fact that all of Sarah Huckabee Standards sweaters are covered in cat here. I just I don't know for a fact that Johnny Depp caused reigns in the middle of the night and says my darling into Nicholas Gauge it can win. If I didn't know Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, his name, I would guess it was Wilbur I must ask I don't ever back that when people talk about seeing other people there already banging someone else,
what I do know for a fact that vibrator thing dildos or lazy? I I don't know for a fact that column Coppermine sometimes takes a need just so the people behind them can see for a fact that your therapist is infinitely more disturbing you'll ever be radically ladys workers to land. The strangers encounters with the islamic state Graham word to see. Ok, so you wrote the book on ISIS. I can't be easy. And I remember when you wrote in the Atlantic about it, and we had an attack this week from somebody who was making no bones about the fact that he was in with ISIS Right yet singing fight song from his hospital bed aware
a you wrote back in in the Atlantic and twenty fifteen. The reality is that the islamic state is islamic. Various Lompoc, the religion preached by most Its Arden followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam. But what do you mean by that? Well, people say ices has nothing to do with Islam and what what I'm suggesting is that it's part of the islamic tradition in the islamic tradition is fourteen hundred years long and it is diverse, and ices has a piece of that. It is a phenomenon that comes from. That tradition is not the only thing that you could. You Jorge was Islamic, but it's looking at things like the idea of a caliphate like the idea that there are particular laws that were handed down from the beginning and it is implementing them in a way that would be recognisable to Muslims for many many centuries before.
When people say a religion, is it's almost a silly thing to say right because its practice by different people in different ways- and we have some people- it is ISIS and, of course, in many more people, it is not brought to justice It is a religion of peace that hopefully to all unfair sure enough to all yet most Muslims do not consider ices. The best represent notion of the religion, but we could say that about various christian sex to and were primarily used to talk about, Christianity is having a crazy fringe. A kind of mainstream centre. Peaceful Christians, warlike Christians and ices happens to be one part that spectrum What's the difference with the islamic world is that there are many more fundamentalists mainstream people here are what we would call fundamentalist. I think the best analogue within Christianity might be the Westboro Baptist Church, which is that this group that used to picket the funerals,
this man and they pay me they're, like video, is even admit it's a small group with with ISIS. Unfortunately, there were about forty thousand people who travel old to Syria died on their side. So that's it at a much larger proportion. So when people say that the double standard, how Trumpery, I know, I think we all agree trumps solution to harm right. Ok, I wouldn't do that and his reactions yet, but there's a double standard in the reaction to the Vegas violence that we saw the LAS Vegas shooter about a month ago- and this are you mentioned- the Westboro Baptist Church people mentioned TIM Mcveigh. They mentioned Anders Breivik. They mention the Ku Klux Klan,
there are different do see. I mean there is a big you started to say just a numbers yeah, we don't even know what happened with vague as yet, but the difference I think, is that Iceland is claiming part of this tradition, so it it does have a certain way of of kind of justifying itself that's different from other types of violence. It doesn't mean that those other types of violence aren't concerning, in fact that in many cases claimed much larger numbers of fifty nine people in LAS Vegas, but what ices is able to do it? Well, that's during that this year, yet it's one event and that guy was not trying to acquire nuclear weapons, but he was very
that's a big deal very effective at killing people from from one hotel room of course, but with what right? That's what we get it is that the sense that any individual muslim can be activated in an ISIS mould because of the belief that that they can speak to this kind of understanding that ISIS is reviving a tradition that they have some some part of now. That's that's something that I think certain other ideologies, dont quite have. The ability to do is to try to awaken the sense that we ve got the right version of something that you are already part of. What what do you think is the effect when people imagine this has happened to you because you written realistically about this
a mere islamic phobic yeah. I I have to look at some of these issues with kind of colombian Orange tinted lenses, and I understand this is not a great time to be a Muslim and United States. Muslims are targets of bigotry, their targets of actual Islamophobia, but at the same time, at some point you have to engage the bullshit detector and if someone says ices has nothing to do with Islam, then I think they're really gonna misunderstand: what's motivating people to kill and its name and a culture of debate, does it mean absolutely does I my belief is always
and that you you never going to solve the terrorism problem unless you modernize the religion that until the religion itself has a reformation enlightenment like Christianity did this problem is gonna persist. Would you agree with, and I think it it might even be more dispiriting situation than that ISIS in some ways is the reformation within Islam. There doing what you know five hundred years ago and Christianity, we had Martin Luther saying we don't have to listen to the established church. We don't have to listen to the pope. Ices is saying your neighborhood, you mom forget him. He doesn't always talking about. We are the ones we can just read the Koran and we're going to have an interpretation that that is extremely violent. It's the right one, even though, where the minority, so that this modernization of Islam can
both ways can go in and enlightened way or I can go towards one. It's that's, unfortunately, very violent and again one of the differences, I think, is that there is more support in a general population. When we get this pulling back, it seems to show like twenty percent of worldwide Muslims are what they would call Islamist they're, not terrorists do not taking. Violently, but most of the things terrorist believe they believe. Yet they would say that they want Korea to be represented in government, but they might mean something's so different from ice riot. They would hate ISIS they might. They might just believe that in some way the constitutions in their country-
It should should reflect Islam but death for leaving their religion. Their is disconcerting, leave high levels of support for that. That's right things like that which are not liberal principles, now they're not compatible with what I would say, our ideas of human rights that I would recognise when we asked the panel about the politics of this, because, of course, Trump immediately flew into action and to did that it wasn't his fault and at at moments like that, I just hate him so much and- and his is muslim van- is a terrible way to handle this right of minutes not affected. That's an American. It is bigoted, but I also don't know what the democratic position is. I mean I their responses. It was all about how Trump handled badly. It is true, but it didn't
dress the issue itself and said this many times. I just think the Democrats are blowing it. This issue of terrorism is a real concern to people. I really don't I don't think of the Democratic Republic, an issue. This is a very kind, located. Issue is, as you point out, and you know, one of the things you talked about is you reforming the alleged religion and you think it's already been performed, but the fact of the matter is until people are of you know willing to accept peace as part of their religious tenens. Vis is not going to be solved and I don't think there's a public policy that's going to Sure what this is. This is something that has to be worked out from the ground up in some kind of organic way, and I dont what do no democratic in terms and in terms of
when you look at the camera at a party, is storing it. It split you had topped Democrats like Frank and Roosevelt Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, John F Kennedy, and then you had sort of a softer version, Mcgovern Carter Etc- and I I think, is long as the public perceives that a party republican or Democrat is not addressing a threat. That is what they see as a threat, then they're gonna turn on trotted question is how do you address that? But there is one other policies to address that. What is at issue here is important to think about that leaves or to fight against ISIS that the government is embarking on is based on a two thousand and one were authorization after that September. Eleventh, terrorist terror is right. This is sixteen years and then making that if Congress there are members in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party that would like to actually debates going to war with ice is to be able to actually say this is what we are attempting to do. This is what we are attempting to fight rather than
or that the spot for very different reasons that could go into an opportunity. We we don't know exactly what to do. I can tell you what not to do what you don't do is send a on force into a rock and remove Saddam Hussein, one leash of routine hundred year old, sectarian? I know, that's it. We're gonna drive, that's the pass. That's that's! Not gonna win anybody. Any alliance. They even drunk believes that right now, but how about about a democratic pilot fishing standing up and saying We find not only the terrorist act intolerable, but the beliefs behind this idea that we're infidels we're not in Adele's and, of course, I'm not saying all Muslims right, everybody else's. It is the political correctness problem its. It is partly that that these but these police are not liberal right
the iron visa rules are defending illiberal tactics problem I find with. That is what do we do about it once we find out what their beliefs are? We can't police believes with what we have to do is find out what people are doing. Well, what what? What is most important to me and most worrying is the forty thousand people who went over there. These people, if they come back, they won't be just ramming a home depot truck into a bypath they'll know how to kill people vote on an industrial scale. So I think, we can do, is actually look at the military side and probably have warp more productivity, more efficiency than if we looked at what why don't winning? Why don't we treat, for example, the gender apartheid end? Saudi Arabia. The way we treated race apart, died in Africa in the idea that is easy or the way gay people right. Am I not right? It's not gonna, be in TAT Light three. We don't have a precedent that believes in in those kind of human rights.
We don't have. That is going to do a good job. To do yeah. I don't. I don't agree with your life away. Why so many liberals are hesitant to say these people will push gaze off roofs I mean you know, and we cannot we cannot. Bulgaria was not most of them push gaze offer was, but yes, a certain. Do certain percentage, a small percentage right now, you're right that Islam is grow, bread is hundreds of millions of people rival wouldn't do it, but think yeah, gay people write down I have a right to live. A minutes in this is that this is an effort that started in the fifties I think cut, but was first guy to come to America and take a look. Men and women are dancing together and went back and started. I think the beginnings of what we see this radical Islam. Terrorism, so any its goes away back and we have to understand words calling for a line that and that's another reason why transplanted so stupid is because there's no sense keeping people out there.
I was here at this hour, nay of brothers were here, the guy you shut up the pulse night club in Orlando was just be more careful about have having people come into the country. That examining prison social media. But how do you know that the people who can anyone in Manhattan radically here in twenty ten, no way the other seven years in advance that rounded swear attitude to a terrorist group that at that point, didn't even exist. Will I mean you where is from at least design, which ended from listening to some of these experts in Uzbekistan is a particularly hotbed of this kind of thing What does that travel ban? That's a lotta high, so maybe you think again. There was this diversity, immigrant visa programme. That's how we got in here, also known as the Green card lottery, and I didn't know about it, and apparently it's for people who,
from geographic regions, regions that are underrepresented, like Australia, being one of them by the way? A really noticed roads is too many of them died. You get that right of centre, but in just the homes words. If an example of of trying to set a policy based on a vent, that's politically convenient for one party or another, where you didn't hear alive discussion about shifting the policy after the vaguest shooting, for example, we didn't have a conversation about gun control, because the party the Cares, the most about gun controls at the party, that control of the government right now and that's what this is about more than exactly precisely, where therefrom or being able to filter through old social order. Yes, but
Rise may crazy. I mean with wood harboured, say we're gonna have a lottery and the first five I mean what what is that? I understand being a welcoming coordination and appreciates immigration. That's who we are right now we rebuild, but we don't, like begged them, to come here when they work. Even thinking about like we. Don't have enough owes backs in this hour, so before we arrived at a time you mention what got you fired, so less people wondering if they remember you tweeted Zig, Kyle, Ramrod column derided alum about I love Nazi it was about a group called media matters which makes it a business to run around in pressure advertisers to take people off the air. Tell
radio, hey, I'm sure, they're familiar with my back. I bet they are absolute and- and I had noticed overtime Alan Dershowitz headed head said that they had of anti Semitism problem. I had noticed this and other places, so I mentioned this in the column and speculated how they would rewrite the first amendment and I put in their borrowed something from us, a lenient did it that way, then I said at the end, the american spectator was unable to confirm the less too it's in the draft we're safe Heil. So so then the Edison Sweden has a couple say I'd or is insane right purity police nonsense that you have to go away
because you made a little joke. I Meda, and the thing they got me was. I knew that when they set up this pressure tackles I talk to one of the advertisers on a rush. Limbaugh show is not political he's jewish and they went after his business, threatening threatening with his physical safety attack at his business. I mean this is nuts. Could I bring up this other political, correct thing that happened last week, because The picture for the Dodgers you Darwish. Ghent has no future as a pitcher, not duality ass areas by Vienna. We wheeling guy at Vienna. We here we are, but he was There is little controversy and unease a little bit my hero this week, because the guy in the other team Europe, what's his name, your Rio, ok, here, Ronnie was excited, he gets in the dugout you darbyshire from Japan. He did the thing we're held his eyes to location which is not called no.
And his condoning it, but I saw turn on the tv. I mean no one die, you would have thing I mean the world had got it suspended for five games accede and here's new darbyshire statement, he said Sancho I was irritated by he did something didn't have done, but I was an angry at all. I was told the next day he wanted to speak to me and I commuted to hit communicated to him that it was come lately unnecessary, yes hub, that new rules. Snowflakes then rejected that everything has to be a federal cages. Ripening there ve been people that have been reprimanded for doing a lot less this. What you said, What he said and then there's also people that have faced zero consequence for saying a whole lot worse, you. I will point to at Real Donald Trump, which has
said a lot of things that violate there's that that umbrage meter that gets cranked up in its very partisan and is something that we must go to drum. Not this go well or or maybe he's gonna go laid and relay that remaining. I think I got the message I dont think he was about to margin Charlottesville with the Nazis next year. I I just think he's a baseball player. He got excited. He did something stupid tell em back, let it go. Let I don't want to do that. That's the problem! Thank you time for neural. Rather survivors come forward, you say they were inappropriately touched by people named wines deems base Itobad, Ratner, Pivot, Dick helper in half men and George H. W Bush I want someone to interview this turkey,
I know I was here is a girl, but you shouldn't have to do that to get a pardon hero of use done in line all day to get the new Iphone ten and you're setting up the facial recognition. Sure one of their faces you make. Is this one. That. Why, when you drop it into the toilet, I don't know it's? U neuroscientist! It's how these young women? That's not Lester hold neural. Now that the two women who were lost at sea for five months have admitted that they never turned on their emergency beacon
I don't want to hear any more jobs when our men, one asked for directions. Neuro malaria must be in charge of setting the White House clocks during this weakens time change. It simply require there taking the small hand and pushing it back, and she has experience with that. Eurostat acting so shocked that Selena Gomez is back together with Justin Bieber ever body didn't rejected kidney loud rejected asshole, and finally, newer stop making movies where the hero is a guy who can drive a car
something we let sixteen year olds do what does it say about our psyche? That Hollywood can always count on men to plunge down ten bucks to watch another man make a motor go wrong rule. I briefly caught up with baby driver, because the critics loved that I had forgotten that critics are stupid. And it turns out, is just one more in a long line of movies, like the transporter series and fast and furious parts, one to infinity and then we'll man and gone and sixty seconds and driven and drive, and not driver and drive angry and ten others all what the exact same plot when there is a tough job or even impossible mission, the key issue. It is a guy who possesses the Fleet mine, blowing skill of driving
only baby driver can get us out of this with its great driving in traffic. Maybe driver do this baby drug sewage, indispensable to the house that the rest of the gay actually hates it because they think he's too young. That great and driver? Well, everybody, but cabin spacey things do yeah. Of course the real world is not so glamour is baby driver is really Ober driver because driving is not that hard it baby driver is unavailable. You know who else could pick you up after you pull a job, your mom,
driving is so easy that cars can now dr themselves in the same way that vacuum cleaners now vacuum by themselves and ever never been a movie about vacuuming. There was a movie called eat, my dust, but it was. Driving now a baby driver was about an act, poor baby who could drive that that the impressive, but it's it's about a man driving a car which is an impressive, because I'm a man who drives a car practically every and rarely as on turning left on the last Viana do. I think this would make a terrific So I know what you're thinking bill, you're gonna make it a big deal about baby, DR true, but
gets me to the larger point here me. What bothers me so much about these driving movies. Is that its? The chain lazy way to be a bad ass. She you get more of a work, are doing this. Or even fake doing that when someone says hey, how is that movie about the really great driver? And yet every day on the street, I see some guy in a muscle car waiting at the light for the chance to peel out and burn rubber and tearing down the street like. We should all be so impressed that he can do this with his foot. I did that but you know who you never see doing, that a woman You you probably have noticed that America lately that there's something wrong with dunes. We re
since stories of sexual harassment or about many things like misogyny in white privilege and old fashioned being a pig, but I'm telling there is something toxic about this male laziness. Harvey wine steam had made even a minimal effort join Jenny, Craig shaved. Listen generally, trying to not look like a russian cabdriver. He could have attracted women, the old fashioned way by being rich and not entirely repulsive, with all these creeps. There's this no y know dining no game, no effort,
we charge being or will you just open the bathrobe and say a lot of my little friend and when they get turned down with this epidemic of I give up your when I'll, just masturbate in front. Cause You didn't even one is women conscious, apparently more cow burdens. Emma was just to rub his erection against a woman in the office like some kind of horny spite
monkey dabbled in political analysis, someone needs to write a book called how to behave with a woman like you're, not an asshole. With chapters like no one carrying a resume wants to see your dick and no one wants to do it in a room where there's a guy named James Madison Square Garden. Remember me: I'd federal bankers, data Valentine and Colonel Jack Jack. I try to establish a timeline you thank you seem to be having a watchman americanese, not mind each be oh dot. Com.
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