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Ep. #444: Donna Brazile, Sarah Silverman

2017-11-11 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Donna Brazile, Sarah Silverman, Michael Moore, and Chris Matthews. (Originally aired 11/10/17)

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Welcome to each year from each year we have a great nine months, our I that's making competition out of it, but what a night, what a week welcome to another addition of who put their dick out this way. So I run a slump in China because here in Amerika this is clearly the year. The dog, let's start just in the political room, Judge Roy more you're following this is the republic in upper beginning, probably gonna, be the senator from alibi. Ok turns out when he was in this thirties and district attorney he got were they
fourteen year. All this is the allegation, but there's a lot of people backing it up at an inappropriate relations with three other teenage girls. I mean it appropriate for arson. Others anyway, so so top Republicans are now speaking out again, The women. No really shown. How did he had to apologize for saying it? consensual and then and then had to explain to the other guys at Fox NEWS. What consensual Alabama Republic State Representative and Henry said that he wants to prosecute the women. He said you can't victim forty years later. Roy more himself says this is all just fake news, liberal media bullshit. Of course he said
that wearing a raincoat standing in front of rubber twenty one may be raising off of this people are sending him money, Hearing about design, still relief on tv and sending money to the hurricane, but nothing beats the defence put up by Alabama State auditor, Jim Ziegler. You heard this is the guy who said quote. He said Joseph and Mary Mary was a teenager Joseph was an adult carpenter and they became parents of Jesus. That's what he said. I mean use Jesus to justify child molestation, even the cat,
thanks, went tried, it done work, it's been a while, since I better get together, but do my work. I liked you, the Josie but Mary, didn't fuck. Isn't that the whole point of that story? I recall was never ok this Jim Ziegler he's got. He said that he does. Is it it's just a little bit unusual, he said nothing, immoral or illegal here, starlike their lesbians, and they got it
the fact that jug up, I will be that, like he begged lesbians already get anyway. I gotta defend my tribe here, a little bit liberal, versus conservatives could certainly sexual harassment is absolutely the one thing we see now is total they truly bipartisan- maybe the last thing that is but no liberal defended Harvey wines, dean or Kevin Spacey. Who might be going to jail. Anthony winner, is in jail. Louis Ok, we hear this week did horrific things compared to try
and Roy more we arrest are alleged rapist. They elect them. There is a pig in the White House. He was Japan this week and they took a boost, place and ass. If we would like some yellowtail- and he said sure, what's your name I may aggravate following is very well. Do it, China under the Chinese manipulate their currency, but they manipulate Donald Trump. I've been they told him.
Then Obama just got a state visit, but he got a state visit plus, I'm not kidding. You know with the continental breakfast. A state visit was nobody knows what that even means covertly fooled trump and he was just putty in their hand. He's not the best negotiator in America. Is the easy as mark on the used car lot with faint when he was riding goes on about the Chinese are right because in joining us in a trade deficit with the scandal we couldn't live with. Listen, you motherfuckers. He said that to them once it has beach. Listen you motherfuckers. After a little ass kissing, it was was by the fact that very I feel better this But I have a full year
Democrats finally won some elections, the resistance showed up at the polls, New Jersey, governorship, Virginia governorship. What happened was Republicans tried a new strategy called Trump ISM without Trump and backfired, horribly, apparently Trump ISM, doesn't do well without Trump, with the republican base. When you see FUCK Mexicans. You have to mean it don't phone in your racism. That was their message, and this wasn't just in Virginia that they want. They want a new Jersey, Seattle, elected the first, Lesbian, mayor, Latinos,
letting a single mom is the mayor into Pick. A Kansas refugee from Liberia is the european elite among to enter the Virginia state Legislature, good for what you did state budgets at you, and this is all being chalked up to a radical new democratic strategy. Gold actually voting some of the races played out. Like liberal revenge fantasy. I mean a shield for the and our re was beaten by the boyfriend of victim, a Republican who threw up again in Virginia who wrote the anti Trans Bathroom bill was beat by a trans woman. He tried to tell her where to go to the bathroom and she said. Actually it
I'll, be using your office. Yes, just like with her gender reassignment surgery. She made sure America has one less.
Ok, I just back a little later on Greece, my great Red Sarah Silver men is back first countries, former governor tragic National, convey your whose new book is hacks. The inside story of the break ins and breakdowns put Donald Trump in the White House, Donna, Brazil, I'm so glad you feel freed up here on age. Be Oda. Call me that I just call him a bad mother. Fucker I've been waiting. Use that word on television. For what fifteen salute me on this one, like you, I'm taking matters goblet right, pursued that well, I'm your friend you, I think I feel I saw you took a lot of crap for this book and I thought
I have so much in common with you, because I think we both do the same thing. We want our side to win right, so we criticise it where necessary and some people don't like any criticism s correct, but we're doing it. It's not like criticising the Republicans, but that's a different kind of criticism is the term love is tough, look get your shit to go by and then we went right to say was a great day borrowing. It was a way I've heard you say this before, but is so true. We cannot just compete and in the so called blue states we have to compete in all fifty states. We won in Georgia. That was tremendous. A liberian mare and an emblem of Montana. I gotta check that out. You know That is that it's just I don't like it. I play these cities as a dynamic, when you're in the cities. It's always great. Always
it's about city and country. That's right! It's really not about the state itself. When it, you know, we had a great turn out on Tuesday and Virginia along the minority turn out increased by five percent. Thirty, three percent of all voters were people of color. That is, if we can't This trend next year will I see a blue wave all across Amerika. So so why is the democratic approval like below less than a generation? It's very low correct, but at what you think they're all political parties are underwater simply because I think the american people attire, the Washington DC. They are tired of failed policies, I really would like to see both parties get something done on them is a far better than the Republicans Republicans eyes. Poplar is room now, but but when I saw a lump both parties there under the rubric of failed policies, I would think we'd Washington summit in Washington is not work in the american people bully.
The economic and political which is our have failed, not Obama care Now is not a failure, and I think that people are pistol over the Democrats because they do that think that Israel is coming from Democrats themselves, who are saying we don't stand up for our stuff that are made. I heard Trump say over and over and over these last months that on the care, is a failure to message. Disaster is a disgrace and I don't hear Democrats throw deadly saying that Plainly, not true it. It's in fact Obamacare enroll lease spiked spike partly because they were afraid it's going to go away and an open, a Roman by the way continues, threw out the next couple of weeks. You solve it happen to me with a vote their supported policies to expand medicate too over. Eighty nine thousand people now know the governor will sign that bill because he mean that their lead.
The ballot initiative, but people upset across the country they are put at a Democrats and Republicans our approval. Written ratings are a little bit better. Our generic balloting for next year is far greater than the Republicans, but they want democratic, deliver more than just talk in points. They want the democratic parties. You mention to stand up the fight for these policies to fight for Obamacare I think you're going to see a new democratic party emerge in two thousand, the Buddhist than buying a push back a little bit on. I feel like here a little bit buying into their narrative of a pox on both their houses and it's just failed washing, and then people don't have to look specifically into the issues and what they stand for a mean, Our policies have failed trickle down. Economics is a failure at ok. They just passed at that banking bill that people can get together in class action soon to sue banks, S grant no democratic voted for it announced
bad. You pretend to be a populist wanted this, but what? Where are there go out there in America going. Please take away our right to sue the banks and the EU that you ve. You ve heard Elizabeth warn. You ve heard touch him. I mean Democrats, Chris Murphy. They all went to the floor there, went out across the country just like when the Republicans try to repeal and replace Obamacare? I think you're here in the chamber, credit party make a bunch of noise, unfortunately bill. When you have the bullet pulpit when the Republicans control most states. Thousands across the country, often voters don't hear exists but what we stand for, but it's coming through and I think they'll him love, and next year we have a big year. Three hundred sixty things get ready, yet no very encouraging. First law I feel like we spent all of twenty seventeen still stuck in twenty sixty angry. Can we put the Bernie Hilary sing? aside that great divide, I mean that's what all the controversy was with your book. You know that
elections were the primaries were rigged and it out matter. First of all, now it's over Also the policy differences between the burning folks in the folks were really. Small, to begin with. That's another thing that could hold this, Well, you know bill after the presidential campaign. We should assess what happened. The Republicans did an autopsy report. I assume that the Clinton campaign would do their form of autumn but, as chair the Democratic Party, I felt their responsibility to tell my story. I was chair. I became chair because the party was hacked showed very, was had, and so this notion that somehow another. I cannot tell my store to store the Democratic National Committee in a year that Donald Trump one by less than a hundred thousand vote, the party is to examine it and then I believe we can hear you cannot yellow open womb budgets.
Gregson dress and you have to analyze it talk about all of it and then I think we can move forward brokers, shoot you I thought the most surprising thing I read the book was when you said after Hilary shocking Collapse, yes, which I did see as a shocking collapse. She had pneumonia right right stumbled on the curb I mean our group a campaign, is I'm surprised they don't do it once a week. Look, I am involved in a lot of campaigns. Twenty one. I have a lot of campaigns automobile but I was worried about Hillary, but you said you were instead of replacing her at that, but I didn't know it was in your power. First of all,.
Replace and educate pounds I can take you hear back to the collar was ten years ago that magical powers, Ass catholic Girls- we didn't know, though you know robot things and make it a little bit of a joke. My great, I might lose some of this stuff. I have never Hilary Hillary Clinton. When that video went viral, I began, and to receive calls from that. The media, but people within the Democratic Party in its chair, the Porter Convention rules as well as our charter, says. A chair shall confer with now I kept my own counsel and the next day I had someone from the Clinton campaign with me to dampen these rumours. But, yes, I had to keep my council about what would happen if Hilary didn't get up if she wasn't able to recover get back on the road she did. I went back.
On tv a tap those rumours now- and God knows I wanna Hilary to run all the way to the White House, because that was my intentions. When I became chair deporting Ochre well
we need you affording age, you redeem, you thank you for being here, think even right, most book and keep out, and you got your brother not over the democratic all starting today. He is the mss disease, hard, both curse masses and the author of Bobby easier filmmaker, whose Ladys Wigley TV series Michael more alive from the apocalypse. Xavier again. Apologies to Republicans. We do not have a good representative tonight, it's a terrible night for that because, as I feel better than I have in one year seriously jotted down a few other reasons. College educated, suburban men have turned drum detects plan
it's gonna be disastrous for them. I will say something stupid again and more people will hate him. The woman issue- Russia, Roy more Chris, I know you're a Churchill lover I tweet in this. I was made me think of it that election night, when the Democrats, one when Church said now. Is that not the end? It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning. We are the basic getting tell you there. I've been watching. It's all my life and one thing I've learned is when they Helping horse of history rides by you better get onto settled. This is the time to run if you're a Democrat this is next year, is gonna, be the greatest opportunity. Anybody wants right now is thinking, maybe a running for office some day. This is your year. It's gonna happen. I don't care if you're gay straight male female any at the group transit.
Anything you are the public wants it if they want to say no to this guy trump and you can be times I'm great like going, Further anyone whose watching at home seriously this is the time people need to run, don't believe that sub to develop My party hacks, your local area to run the same old, same old now's, the time rights, this is it everybody off the bench, everybody everybody and look. If Trump taught us one thing: it's our grandmothers told us that anybody could become president. We now know that any of you can be state legislature state Senator Estate, you name it. What I worry about is that, since there are no more facts or truth that people can t
the difference between what is real and, what's not- and you see this with the Roy more situation, all the people defending and we're saying if it's true, because they know true, doesn't exist anymore. You know when it's gotta be true. When they see new taxes. That's what I'm gonna say right. It is the biggest screw job in history that a form of the port of six rice. All the tax breaks. For people with huge amounts of money you have to make there twenty two million dollars to give your kids to benefit from this, that we state tax. Thank you. The bad pastors situation, so you get the state local tax deductions, the every person doesn't get it's all. It's a terrible job for anybody makes less than a million right So let me ask about that because it's true, you know it's aimed at the very top. They took their public goods talk about closing loopholes and it sounds like something noble but though several loopholes for big business, the loophole, Here's what they re going everybody's deduction that people love the if they think that the suburban
guys are met at them now, whether they take away state and local income taxes. That's a big data, should that regular people have that's, gonna, go away student loan interest losses from disasters or when your bank becomes insolvent move expensive, alimony out of pocket medical school. Supplies these motherfucker Have you Donna Brazil's have the nerve to go after school supplies, the teachers, but remember what it was a scandal. Just when the teacher did that when in the school was so broke, the teacher at apparent had to pay now they ve cap that it too if the over that you're on your own ended up as a business experience when they do you suppose you MIKE most we're gonna caused and even in a bag in the old days, you borrow your party, get three score: if your parents can help you get a job, you stole the borrowed and you got to pay and the interest rates for. I was paid three it's about eight now now they You're not gonna, get a tax deduction for the eight, but we have kids to send the prep school.
Right the whole thing off your eyes. There, taking the money in this deal from the persons working away. Three score they interest and taken back that deduction and taking a complete the docks over the ridge parent who sends their kid that showed or someplace like that. What a deal you know how awful! I think you said this at the big It's important remember before we go out too much, Tuesday before we start them the ends. Dance on the journey are lined like maybe a few people deadline we tried to guarantee more, do we would do we were? We were booed on this stage side, the warm you predicted it that we show and the audience booed, and I said nobody get outta. This show except view, but nobody here the troops, it's the yes, we have an end. So so,
while we must revel in what happened on Tuesday, we have to your stand that his supporters still support him. He has lost that much support amongst his eye, so what you said at the beginning is true: what happened was our I'd showed up and has to be our mantra for the next period of sixty days. We ve got to show up, but also, if you gotta be well. If we wonder why candidate, but the one thing that he's had is the economy, I mean other thing again not to get too optimistic, but that that I thought was different about tuesdays people, decency, sort, for the first time I ever saw trumped economics, even though the economy is good, they were like no disguise is to Fort Charlottesville right feuding with the war widow. This is not a personality that where's well over time and what I would suggest to people is that that's correct and they and go ahead. We know you go. I was gonna at that,
No, you go. Please note that that that do not, and your energy tax convince Trump. Voters were hard courtroom. Voters you it's a waste of time if there are still four tromp after I would still after for eleven months. It's it's a loss. Spend the energy and the ninety million, who didn't boats the commonly energy on the people that we can reach out lynched insulators. It was college, educated, white man. Enough of them were like Trump. You know we need to change, let's try this after a year there like now and then, is Paradise papers thing that came out of what this is. It was a bank in Bermuda where rich super rich people hide their money raised there right where leaked. Okay- and it's me TIM Cook of Apple. You know apple right, there makers of wristwatches for dogs and the most profitable.
Company in the world, they ok, ten cook angrily, told Congress. Last year we pay all the taxes. We owe every single dollar, we don't stash money and some caribbean island. They stand on an island in the english channel. They moved it were added in Ireland and then Ireland, James, the law and they moved to Jersey. Not I he's Jersey, Jersey, the island What would you say, and so our easy? What I'm trying to say is that they ve got island in the english channel. There's no beach! There's no sun they're not going there to relax and have a good time whether money they do. They have to go and stand and wrong line and the rate of its two hundred and thirty five billion dollar weather and their worried about it and that's where they have to take away your mortgage deduction. You notice that a very nationalistic, except about the money
the money comes at a monitor overseas. Ok, can I ask about Roy more because in a bill relation, but what he would before this event? running for the Senate, what he was known for was he was too. Judge in Alabama who insisted on putting the ten commandments in front of his court house, which is just crazy on the face of it, but ok anyway, prevented, or I think disbarred or something they didn't like that. Somebody even in Alabama, ok, but I have to say for the ten commandments guy. I went through the commandments again today, I believe you read those commitments more than anybody in this audience, but now I have no other gods before you. Ok shudder
can a graven image, shouldn't? Take the name of the Lord and vain? Remember the Sabbath, those at the top, for you know it's not on the list. Torture, slavery ray! genocide, animal cruelty, child abuse, racism, sexism, you know Roy more had said to the girl, God dammit Jesus Christ, I'd like you to touch my dick that would be set. So I'm just asking you guys. I mean it's your holy book when it's wrong about the big top ten list. Once the deal is referring to the two Irish. Cannot we arrived here because we saw religion as we know that this Irish Catholic went catholic schools or right away? You read the wrong. Can you read the protestant ten commandments we do it. We have our number four, as well as the honour, your parents. We have the images, ok
what's wrong with their number. Five is: don't kill anybody. Yeah number six is do not be caught in the same room with Harvey wines. The I'm just asking, but we do not know if the republic in age of consent is so let's bring out there are, shall we say, is inaccurate media hosts a week. We talk show on Thursdays on Hulu. It's amazing. I love it. It's called. I love you, America, please
America's girlfriend. They wish. Sarah Silverman very one sided pan ready made rambling. You knew what I was thinking about: the gender you made the joke tubes Is that what just a big reaction was because I was getting my air to exerting a? What do you say what he said and this guy next to me goes well, they re run it all week. Another fucking help me now move on to your shoe furs. Why? I love that you love America, we do you're, not avail you're really. Do you not think it a lot
that's why I wanted to be the better. You know you first word such a great show, because I've I find I love it touches the hybrid. You know that you do a lot of different things. I think that this show Euro is meant to do. I love the white guy at the desk bit. It's just he's got a great arc coming up. It's basically, there tell him what that is. Its is very funny the concept a well. You know the show is basically I like to think of it: in our raided kids show for adults, its went. That's me. On the tenets of my hero, Mr Rogers, if its mention of bullets, manageable like we can think and, and so when things get a little far out, because you know we, like our nighttime tv to be constable like for me, it's law I like it, I know it. I need to fall asleep to the the
sound off a core murderer ripped from the headlines and many other people? It's late night talks have a white guy added ass, we can always go to, and things are a little too far out and he'll be like well, that just shows- and he is great, but we ve had a falling out your vision. I got bored, but your basically follows the arc of the disenfranchised white male and we love him. So it's gonna be interesting. I think so. I saw the first for the fifth. The first one is that that was less than one two three, four five yeah. What about watch it's about fear and how we can be manipulated by fear. I say all something I've learned from doing this show you know I'm not turning towards you, because backstage they go don't twist towards him.
And here we want our guests to feel man. That's that's what I'm action. Among my line too, I'm supposed to be like this. And I love you visit people so you're doing the one thing we have to make national as well as the question what right. I talk about fear, so what I've learned doing the show is that people don't change from facts it you can throw in their faces and Paul numbers and it doesn't change. People's beliefs and end. Where were the same way. We are all this way. What changes people are different feelings right.
And that's the way the most effective politicians have tapped into our feelings. With Obama was our sense of hope and with Trump. Maybe nothing more powerful. He tapped into our fears and a rage and he gave us a place to put it in that place- was each other and it's very powerful too, to have a divided nation. They want is divided because were easily the controls that way and he's in bed with the oligarchy that people the billion knows that control, and so, when you say the Bernie people on the Hilary people and they hate each other in the right place, the left. This is part of the the the oligarchy
he's plan and I mean to be a little cynical about a divide and conquer, so we need to try the best we can to see our guest album. That's what I love about this. You do the one thing that people should do. I try to do it sometimes, but I don't have the patience in practice, which is like listen to people. Listen to other points of view, and you don't judge. I mean you go down in the first want to talk to these other crab fishermen. I think it will open and less than love you they're not watching us another, not, but Maybe you can help them still. Hbo anyway, there not read next I mean there there were right, I no more. Strikingly that way they were very liberal on the gay marriage. Is you and you're very understanding their old trump voters, because they want to change that. There's a lot of ways: information their insurance. Yes, the one place wrath to push back about. The facts thing is like: ok, they didn't like Obama.
And they want tribe but they'd, really know where they're getting their health insurance, which you think is such a personal issue, that that's one you could get right. That's that's where very hard. Not for me to go at the gate. We were not to say anything right. I bade I kind of like, but you know I left them open in. Oh and people the kid you telling me that attacks on their backs, I mean I wasn't, there was an axe and the facts are they got their insurance from the guy? You they hate and then they voted for the guy who's. Gonna. Take it away from that so I know our young people feel stupid. Even with true things doesn't. I know I know it's an implausible there more sand from about getting people's porky pine needles down, wrote. You know, which is, I think, what I mean is defences, but I think of it.
More visually like that which in which happens more in the first hello. Then, when, with the big argument from a smart pants me because in their with love she died. People amazed at that disagree that she disagrees with, but that goes so much further to getting them to listen, maybe two factor to down the road and also you know that the woman was here, it she's, the way she was with us, and she saying this. We should listen. I have never met a Jew right
but they had never. They had to Google do anything they did wrong. There are doing their right. Have you met? I'd amount is eskimo or racist word. No Jesus. Christ, Frank remind ok, let's get into it. Lets ok, so nor think we're both on the same page. There. The words that we both used to use all comedians did ten fifteen years ago, and we don't use the many work because we don't need them. They didn't surely or more. We were more creative. We can think of other words to say besides that, so gay right sure, ok, other tenure There's from now will look back on this show and go. I can you believe we said X, Y and Z and I'd that's, ok, you can take it too, for don't. You think things mean you love. Martin ran. Ok nor, yes, I show a little butter, the King Tut thing because I wanna Missis,
Babble is king, turned them this. Ok, he objected to this red call. It read college, you know the college, I very idea, This is it. This is racist and egyptian. Well, they said that they said it's like making a song just littered with the n everywhere. The egyptian garb is racist as well. The gold face of the saxophone denser is an exhibition, in a black face. I'm I'm what the fuck is wrong with time and what its king Tut it's a bit its David Martin, it I dont, have answer right eye I'll, say a couple of things, one I'm trying very hard, not to roll my eyes at the youth at our youth,
being progressive because they tend to be on the right side of history to whatever you island, ship Steve, Martin, I I hold on no account to this whenever, but we also. Another comedy what's grey about it and once a frustrating about it is that it is not every grain there are things I have said in my country, that is to say that we held against me. You know that I don't stand by that, I'm embarrassed, but when he did that the king took was seventeen hundred and thirty two years old, but he never was just as of yourselves that forty years has it really. I don't think that a junction, ok, but it leads to that bigger I keep asking I s done. Why is the democratic brand so toxic? I couldn't name at least twenty states where I don't care what you are. If you have the DE next to your name, they will not both for you- and if you have the, are next to your name, they will
that's why Roy more might still get in. How did the democratic brain gets so tat did they would literally rather collude with Russia, they weren't purse wallet, because somebody democratic, so called leaders haven't going to stand up and just be leaders and fight for the programme some things that democratic voice stood for a bright beginning Forty years ago they started trying to sound, like Republicans figure that's how they were gonna, get elected and that's how they lost more and more seats. Obey came along and said, I'm running as myself and you weren't in that voting, on that day, in two thousand, eight new saw his name and it's a Barrack Hussein Obama, and how Anti Democratic Party, I would love to know. Hacks tried to convince him too drop the Hussein off the ballot, and if you could, we could just boy? You bury you'll win for sure, and it's like it's like. We need them. Grants that will run and be authentic and now
Funny bologna, gravel candidate and people had a part of it. Is you know when you piss on somebody provide fifty years they get the message and real the white working class as deplorable swooped Obama, my hero, saying things like they cling to there guns in a religion, condescension works, and we now hear that. The party on, but you haven't been invited to have fifty years. You get the message what'd they, because I disagree with what we disagree, but I got a powerful fact, but they said ok we'll get the minorities rights having at the rich people on our side, the sophisticated Hollywood people, our grout Hilary along we re Monday, ignore the rest. The killer is referring to. The racism is being able to take. A pen was one of those moments. Still there Finally, just said what was, in my maybe a gray gotta criteria, but we never but the second half of her sentence, which I think was the wrong part. She called them deplorable and she said they were ear redeemable? That part isn't true. No
you can never have the attitude that people are irredeemable vans and you ve proven it on your show. So it's that's where connect happen, but I can tell you from in Flint Michigan: eight thousand people voted for Obama in twenty twelve decided, not to vote last November. Eight she lost Michigan. My ten thousand boats eight thousand decided not to show up and vote eighty thousand michiganders showed up vote and left the top box blank. Mostly democrats, involved for present and you're. So right. What is so exciting about Tuesday is that people deputize themselves to take, and I hope that this time we have a field a
great field. I always said I love Gavin Newsome, I love and Elizabeth Warren should run should also run Bernie Sanders. Christopher glamour is eighty seven he just took over. I haven't spaces role in that movie. He's eighty seven only feels good. He should rise again, Bernardo Jason, handrails half is already doesn't run. Christopher plumber should play him. I'm gonna play everybody now. Let me just say so, because we had again. I wrote the book about the guy by Blogger Kennedy was killed Everybody remembers the train right coming down through New Jersey, There are white guys they are how why removal real old until about poor white people dirty faces kids with those shirts unknown nickel saluting like man with affectionate patriotic that Africa I can sing battle him either public spontaneously it's possible the bring back the white working class with
black working class and middle class, you can do it if we appeal to both groups, Kelly would go into towns like Gary Indiana, which were tough Townsend were we're changing towns losing their industry, african Americans, women and poor people and human rights through town, in an open commercial with Richard had to the first black mare and Tony sail the white men away next him to say I'm with both here. We're gonna get this thing together, and I think that politicians not do that anymore. They do but try to night. They try to divide, and then trumps just a worse to them, but they others do whatever they love the fight more money to be saying the Democrats I'm sorry wrong when they said when they went out, always when Obama, when one Knob Heroines in San Francisco and the only reason we know about it- was just somebody over the tape, and he said all those you know those people out there is those poor denied the people. Are they?
they cling to their religion and waited in your account? Ok, I defend the left, but it's bullshit, and that I am here to defend the lab. It's bullshit. I hardly think that's what we think that the matter is that there is a reason why all those wayward voted for a bad candidate. Any idea- and I can do it with series doing dont dump autumn. Love him a little that's how you might get back so, but you're not going to get it back by dumping. Furthermore, we had a here's, an issue for the Democrats guns we a terrible shooting this week from above I began to de it's always with us this because we are a unique country with with the gun and when you yell at the gun nuts for being gun nuts, they just say wait a second I'm not I'm not. I'm went about four Donald Trump. I think it. I followed the money kind of thing, I'm sorry Tell me the solution, because that's what I'm I dont have a solution, but I do have this. You know when, when
every time a plane crash happens. Flight air travel get safer. Because we learn from every mistake that happened and we make sure it doesn't get repeated and that's not. Happening with mass greetings and its because the I believe so I'm just a Hollywood liberal person when they re eminent latest the Anna re needs people to be divided. I dont think we are divided. I grew up with gun owners group. We learned out o k in a gun at camp in New Hampshire, you know on people hunt people want to protect their homes. No one wants to take your guns away. They generate very much once people to believe that liberals want to take. Their guns
the way, I don't think anyone wants to take your guns where we want to make it say where we want to make it harder for people who escape mental institution right to get an automatic one. Eighth, yes, was the one thing that would reduce a lotta gun violence in these countries. If we followed the canadian example now what we know, ninety nine point: nine percent of mass shootings, our committee by one gender, I'm not gonna name the gender, but generally, when I was watching CNN at one thirty in the morning and the Us Vegas night, they didn't he was up there, but they were all recall My gun man they knew the gender, because women don't What are the top of buildings and spray? Twenty thousand people with bullets? Some rang some they're gonna, get that in Canada in amateur has greatly reduce their domestic gun violence by they require, if you
want to buy a hand gunning, Canada you have to get. This is essentially directed at men you, to get a waiver from your wife from your most recent ex wife and its of any one you're in a conjugal relationship with has to sign off on this before you get a gun, that's brilliant! Is Where can I get one other thing into the mix that this guy these act up as a mean at every for the way he was Tripoli, just disqualify I'd from buying a gun assault on the wife you out on the Sunday, a court martial The air force did not report his convictions to the crime information Centre- and my point is that you can make all laws you want. I dont think America's anymore, a country with a lot of competence in the workplace. I know
suggest in my life, if you're, if one worker has to tell another work or a piece of information or communicate something, it just doesn't happen a lot of the time they're on their phone. Their stone there distracted there. I don't blame them for being on motivated most of these jobs or shitty and boring, but I wouldn't do that. I mean that's. What stuck out about this guy is that every red I went up and adjust sorry He just didn't you. I know we're supposed to bring that over to this guy and I just didn't happen. Our our american flag should just be a red flag. The great that's China's word and Russia are eating,
tat. Very literally, I was a red flag with making is on your road user. Looking out, you know, remember startled to cut it out when they re run. No one can argue about here is not you know. I thought the sixtys when everybody got shot the Kennedys and king got shot. I broke my congressmen only time in my life because Johnny Carson, your hero, said for your congressmen well and what happened you know and Kennedy had Bobby. I spent the last week of his life railing against guns You can't get melody guns like the one you killed my brother and crazy people. People criminal should get guns. What this argument the trumps said. Thank God. Somebody else had a gun to trouble. That is, you have that somebody else had been cleared. If that was as somebody who wasn't crazy, if somebody was an affair with it, they were good Samaritan. What do we just? Let those people have the guns and that's the argument it it's an insane argument. If more people have guns, it depends who they are
new roles, everybody I got against Neural now that nor can the nasal spray that reverses override overdoses will be available without a prescription of all grebes. They need to make tv commercials with acute mass god up with a laugh. Noise by famous actually got news: a rush, Limbaugh Opium, our view, barely hanging on dried, our can get back on their swing by virtue of their mother fucker. How it's gonna get worse, neural Abbess thirteen has to decide what their gang sign is. You're all throwing up something different
they make. You look like the most feared latin gang on the planet makes you look like white people at a wedding neural. I don't want to hear any grizzlies music until after thanks having given the barrage of recent news stories. Please just assure me that Mommy kissing Santa Claus was consensual, nor all someone must explain the Florida church that apologize for posting forgiveness is swallowing when you want to spit that sign. They replaced it with wasn't much better.
Risk euros evidence they tell the british revenue claims. She sees the image of Trump on the inside of her dogs. Ear left his dal you'll, see DAWN Junior finally neural. I don't need to know why Trump fire James call me. I need to know why everyone else and met administration still has a job starting with the man, Donald Trump trusts so much. He lets them take out his
opera, you know they call. They call Jared Kirshner drums boy, wonder because what any, season and by really makes your one but one thing so highly of his son in law. He didn't just give him one important job in a german all of them, and so died in commemoration of the one year anniversary of the day. The world came to an end, are we introduce a new department here called checking in on Jerry, So let's start with what Trump said to devoured right at the beginning. If you can produce peace in the Middle EAST, nobody cared, because really who better to earn the trust of the Palestinians that an orthodox do, whose specializes in aggressively acquiring realistic,
By bringing peace to the Middle EAST with only the beginning of January, just time do you remember the list reinventing government renegotiating old trade deals resetting relations with Mexico and China and Canada sobbing the opium Christ. Re imagining the veterans, administration, rebuilding highways, bridges, damn sewers and paralysed, and providing broadband internet to everyone in America and then on Tuesday, So let's check it and see how Jared has done trade deals. Well, he's most of the way through NAFTA's, Wikipedia page reinventing government. Yet That's one way to put it
roads and bridges. Well, we do look better than we did a year ago, but that's just compared to put a Rico diplomacy with China, nothing diplomas with Mexico, nothing diplomacy with Canada. Nothing well. Well a vodka. Did I thought the Prime minister, but basically nothing be white office on innovation, doesn't even have a website. You know of all trumps lies. Maybe the most galling is we're. Gonna get the best people. I know best people I want the best people we gotta use are smarter than our best? We gotta get the best people we would. Experts are finally people com. I'm down bad ape
We get it bad aid. Smart tick best people like Rick Perry and Ben Kherson, they lethal weapon of bovine brain eating. Ricky highly was governor of South Carolina and, of course, when you think South Carolina, you think United Nations, so Trot made her hour, you and Ambassador, where she is now discussing the IRAN's nuclear deal, because she has a doctorate in physics, I'm sorry did I say doctor visits. I met a bachelor degree in accounting. She got so she can help out moms clothing shop. Less We met SAM Clovis, a right wing talk. Radio host, who Trump nominated to be chief scientist at the Department of agriculture? Does The fact that he is not a scientist and is except,
range with agriculture is low. Into the mushrooms growing in the folds of his neck, the chief at NASA. No science background either he ran the AIR Space Museum. In this house? He doesn't know how rackets work you know someone the charge rotation that says I gotta pick it Uranus Victoria Barton two years ago was a bar tender. Now she does congressional relations for cod. When things are slow. She cut up limes. She's working, a lot Lynn patent, who came to the attention of drums cracked, aunt Anders because who is Eric trumps wedding, planner,
in our defence. She did tell the dj not to play mony moaning, but there's just no roles anymore. Sarah Huckabee standards is bosses niece in charge of office birthdays, but now It is spokesperson for the most powerful man in the world. Stephen Miller is the guy who made every creepy thought you ever had a thousand times green like when you said, let's Nick into the girls locker room and he said and killed. His job senior advisor for policy- these are the best people hotdog on a stick
goes through a more vigorous vetting process replies in from world the only qualification that matters is massaging his ego. You do that and you couldn't get trump to do anything. Just ass These guys. All right, that's right! She'll! I want to thank Chris Matthews, Michael Moore, Sarah Silverman Donna Brazile, what a light up brightest out for overtime on Youtube. Thank you both on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com,
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