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Ep. #445: Bill McKibben, Chelsea Handler

2017-11-17 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Bill McKibben, Chelsea Handler, Carl Bernstein, Max Brooks, and Rebecca Traister. (Originally aired 11/17/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time
You are right? I gave recovery. This is our last show, and so I know we will back January nineteenth talk about all the mass Judaism masturbating accurate, make America the greatest country in the world by the relevant yeah.
You know what I did to break a bucket alive. We, I think we all need a little break right. I mean this has been a tough year for a man, for truth for women for parties, plants. I don't even know where to start with the harassers, I watched, entertainment night last night. It was a half hour of Nancy O Dell throwing up into a bucket, but if there's any bright, spotted it down in our battle where Roy Moors and you'll admit it. That's quite a formality
we're Roy Moors running for the Senate on their public and take his opponent. The democratic Alabama Doug Jones is ahead in the polls, while in Alabama and political experts are saying that his recent surges, due to not fucking kids yeah, that's where we are in America, Roy more has nine accusers now and more said he would not drop out more had a press conference yesterday, the Judge Roy more, he said we need these not dropping I think that we need moral value. In our country and then J came up to discuss anger management. These guys got balls. You gotta give amid all these accusers they're coming forward. One girl said that Roy more hit on her when she was at the mall,
do when you're the district attorney in your thirty's. So she didn't give my phone number so Roy more called the principle of her school who called in and you know it is yours, excuses. He said I dont, remember Davy any girl without the permission of her mother almost chivalry child molesters. That's where we about, of course, a high school seniors and milk I mean when I think of Alabama back there, I think they're horrendous civil rights record, but forget the police dogs get the aid to stop pumping my leg, and you know he was you heard this Roy more was banned from them. All.
Creepy for an Alabama, mauled side being too fast for the irish state. There too high for burning man, I mean it and then there's another woman who came forward. You said she went to see Roy more and is obvious and ninety ninety one designs in custody papers and more growth, after a very hard in the, but she was twenty eight but more says in his defence. She looked much younger. So you know, Fox NEWS is not really wanted to talk too much about the sexual harassment when it was Roy, more or Donald Trump or everybody at Fox NEWS
and then I'll frank and came along yes right, very disturbing. I was so shaken. I call bill caused me to see that we combat, but, as I'm sure you know by now, when I was on a U S, outdoor in Iraq, in two thousand and six with Lee in Sweden, he released a picture where he's mark groping her. While she sleeping not cool at all, and then he wrote sketch, where they were kissing as a pretext to actually force a kiss on her visit. What she says so ass, a friend? But now I gotta tell you. If you write a comedy sketch where you I'll Franklin kiss a model, and the next line of dialogue isn't get off of me. Creepy. It's not comedy its science fiction, so he hated a bad thing
and they condemnation has been universal, which he deserves, what he does? deserve is to be lumped in with Roy, more or Kevin Space or Donald Trump Donald Trump cause he's accusers liars threaten to suit the did long rifts. At his rallies, we would say that they were too ugly for him to assault plus without Frank and we're talking about. One incident. Trump has sixteen accusers. Roy more, has nine voice, more spend more time chatting up young girls at the more than Santa Claus have about another mean to campaign where it I can tell to. Unlike things apart me too,
I know the difference route, a man who once acted like a dick and a man who is a dick me. I know the difference between someone who behave like a high school or and someone who targeted high schoolers in overseas news, but there is of overseas trump got back from this big twelve Dietrich. Did you see this is a speech to declare his twelve? They asian trip a huge success, a bitter Tribune anybody ever had they loved me more than Obama over there, and you see this speech yesterday. Oh my god, he was racing thrilling. I've area Nothing can take a drink of water to see that he never
actually foreign Vietnam, but he still came home of the drug problem. I dont understand everybody made a big deal of him taking the water. You know what I don't care if Trump drink water. During his speech I want- if Trump can keep talking when put important, takes a drink. The water, you gotta great phrase, lighter always taking the always alarmist Chelsea handlers back. He is an environmental activists, another of the novel radio Free Vermont fable of Resistance Bill Mckibben. So I spent a year here on our last show, because this has been a year where we saw terrible things happen with the environmental movement.
And I was very just made to see last week that the Paris accords with research two years ago, none of the industrialized countries or even close to meeting their marks and they're not mandatory. This decision, areas in a way was what happened in China, where they have actually been pretty good about putting in a lotta renewable power last year, A cool when up call use because they had, wicked drought, California, styled drought, and I couldn't run their hydro electric dams. This is this, everything that's starting to happen. The vicious feedback they calls are starting to kick in. The way The record rise, three parts per million and the amount of carbon in the atmosphere last year and we're afraid because ocean forests have been damage to the point where there no longer absorbing carbon is quick. Because they used it so we're right on the edge it's the moment to be moving fast. Yeah. I've heard that four years room right on the edge we gotta start moving fast, a pen
in some ways were right over the edge I was in yes or no less in tuna to go talking with people who come through the fires me this is as close as we get to sort of the definition of the good life in America. Beautiful place, huge vats of wine everywhere. There's people- being for their lives and lots of them not making it out. That kind of thing happened: someplace on this planet every day now, and you know, there's another conference going on this week in Bonn, Germany and the trumpet administration showed up with a plan for coal their trolling decline. Agreement meetings now they got trawled right back all four hundred people who are at the sitting in the room, for this call presentation just got up and left and
praising sobered him in the rest of the world, like electric cars, solar batteries, whatever the Trump administration think we ve got some great eighteenth century technology that we'd like you're here, yet repairing to subsidize coal and- and Maybe well oil, after that, when you think about that, if someone did a study report a few weeks ago, there's more people in America who work at bees roast beef sandwiches than mine, call in rational world with you having oval office summit centre of Roast beef policy unit, the real jobs that the real thing we should be subsidizing is sun and wind, which we desperately need. Have you ever convinced a denier? Have you ever been able to to take some of the side and just talk to them calmly and rationally and have them go
I see your point. I must have been wrong all these years. This is this. Is the right question the week before thanksgiving my advice. Would be don't wreck dinner short of trying to argue with your crazy on call them most most people, the seventy percent of Americans understand what's going on the thirty percent, who don't aren't gonna, be convinced by the next you know, study infrared absorption patterns in the stratosphere, whatever their believe, what they believe for aerial, logical reason, if you spent them, thirty years. Can a marinating and rush limb by you'd, be you know, impervious to reason too. It's so, I think with. I think, the right. The right response is to say we have to take that seventy percent and get them act. I've been engaged in this fight, or at least some part of them. If you just can't stand it at Thanksgiving
you know turned women, say you may I believe in global warming. But global warming believes in you and I want to get your opinion on the economics of this, because I don't think this is brought up enough- that economics really abuse. We know how it affects the environment and the argument that it's gonna ruin jobs, which is, of course not true, but it's also true that the people who Our poor Joe. I don't care about the environment where You cannot blame them because they have. The argument is, they have more immediate problems, Do I'm just making the point that income? inequality very much impacts in environmental progress as long as people are living hand to mouth. They kind of can't blame always heard this right environmentalism environmentalist miss something rich white people do. If you didn't know your next meal was coming from, you wouldn't be environmentalist.
We started: organizing three fifty dot org first thing we did was this global day of action. We have fifty two hundred demonstrations in a hundred eighty one country's people sending in pictures from every corner of the planet. It took me about half an hour She knows come in on Flickr to realise that pretty much. Everybody we were working with was poor. Black brown on asian Young, because that's what the world consists of. I think you can make a pretty good argument at this point that rich white people- may represent more of the environmental problem all day. So we and they kind of get in the way of things to I, you know those average web That's Mr Elles, loading clapping. So let me ask about this elephant thing, because I saw a great documentary this year called when giants fall, you can get google it you'll see it can see it on the internet and its about the elephants in their plight and trump peace.
They hedging on it. Now, you're humanity was saying: yesterday they were going to undo the Obama role because we have to undo everything. Obama did, of course, and that you take your trophies from killed elephants back here to United States. What do you think of that? because there actually are some environmental people but I do this is. This is just Don Junior Protection ACT, you know rearing. Bring back the task of the thing tat goes hand in hand with a mean he's he's. We're gonna take a pause on this one today, because there was so much resistance to it made He could also perhaps pause the new rule they put into effect earlier this year. That lets you, let's hunters, shoot meeting bears in their dens, look, I think, there's their sportsmen. I think there's a contest in the White House every day. What's the cool
then you can think of a new. Ever winds gets to wear the red hat further. You know next day or just it's insane aright do we have any help in Kiev on what we get lots of men? The hope is in the resistance, and I have been a good night. It's gotta start resolve as well.
The trade in RE sign Virginia that the resistant starting to electoral subtle go forward with that. You are here of what you do like you is in order and non resident. Fellow, the modern war is route at West Point MAX Brooks back what has a say in the local commentator and journalists that I can with Bob Woodward brought down all the President's Van Carl Burns Day, she's a rider at large veneering magazine, author of all, the single ladys. Now in paper, Bag Rebecca traced, her back again to establish a question for over time tonight, so it grants them after the show on Youtube.
Well, Karl, you know it's! It's not original at all to ask you to compare Troms erected, a problem for the Watergate. It's it's terrible, but I have to I just want to ask you specifically about last week when he was in Vietnam Trump and he Talking about putin- and you said he said he didn't metal- I asked them again- you can only as so many times it's a rule value can only ass so many times every he sees me says. I didn't do that, and I really believe that when he tells me that he means it he's very insulted by it. He's a protective of pollutants, feelings this to me seems like public collusion. Is there such a thing and is that impenetrable public calls? I don't think it's unimpeachable. I think that his conduct in terms of his, embrace of Putin without any thought given to the actions of Putin to undermine our. Elections in this country is extreme,
and it's a reason, we have a special prosecutor trying to get to the bottom of what occurred and what diet, they may have to do in terms of perhaps enabling helping to able what the Russians did or not. We don't know where this is going to go we do know is there's a cover up going on and its president does not want us to know what the cover up is about, whether it indeed about something that happened with, enabling the Russians, whether it has to do with his family money, But we know is he sought to demean undermine obstruct, not necessarily obstruction of justice obstruct these investigations. Take Keep us from knowing what this is really about, and we see that's why we have a special prosecutor, We're going to find out? Presumably what this is all about?
I hope I guess what I'm asking is here. That's all in the past, but it seems like crimes are happening in the present. It seems to me what first, what he's calling our own former Intel CIA head and National security head hacks. While he goes he's up to Putin. It's like his. His favorite national foreign policy adviser on Russia is Putin. China, a g that that's to me, part of the problem and you you ride demo fight. It is how do you separate what might be criminal? What might be a conspiracy from the merely outrageous and vile, and it's very difficult to do this presidency with an abhorrent president and in that's what we're trying to sort out. That's why the press has been good the old fashioned mainstream media has coaxed out these stories about both ass.
The of possible criminality as well as indeed A present of the United States to many people in the Congress, Republicans believe is unfit to be. The president nets part the story to what not me me, people and military, but when the highest ranks of the intelligence services Republicans in Greece? There are a large number of them who believe he's not fit to be present at all. These things are coming together. Possible conspiracy and yet the outrageous daily actions and lying on a scale. We ve never seen by modern present there is also something that we can do as citizens. You know it's easy to feel powerless and, and so too oh, please Lord save us, but on the home front, as individual citizens. We can be more responsible for the information we take in any information.
We pass on line and that we need to re evaluate online. Information, the sort of the way we re evaluated, free love in the eightys it out, it's good, It's wonderful, but there are consequence it's not for you have to be safe and responsible about where you put it, where we re going to get to that is. The only thing is that the companies that are profiting from the dissemination of this information could also play a part in being more responsible for, whereas so that Facebook and Twitter, I think, need to take a lot more responsibility for the information that they earn money for disseminating helping to determine the outcome of this election and the fact that we have this vital guy to begin with what about Wikileaks. Now we learn this week that Wikileaks is in contact or worse during the campaign, with Don Junior and among the things. They direct message in each other
hi dawn. This is where my assume Julian Assange right high down. If your father loses loses in quotes, we think much more interesting if he does not concede and spend time challenging the media and other types of rigging it's hard to imagine that coming from anybody, but a russian agent and been done. I guess complete idiocy that he did know he'd be right, whether he would colluding with them are plainly. They were colluding with him right and Ok, so Wikileaks talk about a foot. From grace and we green it with a lot of men lightly, but I mean Wikileaks used to be. Ambient of seemingly what there absolutely not helping with right now what this is where
it's weird idiot logical cross over, took place and you could feel it a little bit during the election in there is a lot of pushed back. You know why Links with championed by a sect the laughed I think for very good. Is it for a long time, and yet Wikileaks itself seem to be already early on championing championing Donald Trump, and maybe the ideological thing they hadn't comment at least over the past couple years is a shared desire, Hillary Clinton to lose the presidential election. They sixteen that was really lend our eyes shone a real and demonstrable antipathy to the United States, originally, where we saw their first releases. We said there were you make out of equal opportunity disclosures. They ve been nothing of the kind they ve been ponds. Particularly of the Russians, they're, not an equal opportunity disclosed. Tonight. I can ask one more Watergate comparison question we We now in this post truth era that wasn't
who have Watergate Watergate wound up, in kind of a victory, because you intrepid reporters did what the first amendment as you can do and you on earth the truth, but there was- What I call state tv which has Fox NEWS who are giving this alternative reality and that there are so many people, the people, a watch, Fox NEWS, think the Russia thing has just made up that just fake and and you know, as you're just saying about Twitter and Facebook in passing on information that isn't real I dont even know what's real anymore, when I read something I think he's got a small piece of it with facts, but it's much deeper than that. Did. We now have a culture in which people by and large and increasingly are not looking or interested in the best of paintable version of truth, too many people in this is very different from the time Watergate are looking for information to under to underscore and reinforce what they already believe and they're, not open in scope.
The people on the left, as well as the right there there's no monopoly here and What happened in Watergate was not not an equivalency. You there is not its asymmetrical. There's no question is asymmetric. Worth is a mountain willingness to look. I am among other things, but what we do? not have a culture open to the best obtainable version of the true our citizens very the way we did at the time of of Watergate and one the key differences is what Watergate our institutions work, not just to press the judiciary, the Congress of the United States Supreme Court, the report looking party which was heroic in very goal: water, the nineteen sixty four nominee of this party marching to the White House and telling Richard Nixon. He must resign We don't see a republican Party now that I to be interested in principle above party or the best obtainable version of truth. This is a big
difference between Watergate and what we are seeing today. I want to make one point about the sort of fracture detentions and the ability to borough into our own ideological home wherever that may be within a new kind of more damage. Retires media- and I agree with you and all about all the ways that its problematic, but it is, So true that when media was consolidated in the way it was in the Watergate era, and you had three networks, and it I then everybody was looking in the same direction. At the same time, response could be better organised and you might be able to sort out your new sources better, but at the same time that consolidated power meant that certain stories, weren't told you can have the three networks, but they didn't necessarily cover, surely Chisholm speech of the nineteen seventy two convention and there was a very. It was a very narrow lands that determined some of the news that I got so there is a kind of democratizing impact.
Having social media, even though I agree with you about all the ways in which its problematic totally different media configuring right. But even then we had other I guess that means less mainstream news, but we're developing stories to but you're right ended that today we ve got a small This word other one thing that has not changed is that it three times in my lifetime. A concern has won the White House, because the left has split wide open. You know Let's not forget nineteen, seventy nine that Jimmy COM, there was challenged for the presidency by John Kennedy for being too conservative. If you can believe that and the middle left and the far left split apart and through that, TAT roared, a bee movie, actor name, Ronald Reagan, that start the conservative revolution. So Reagan didn't win. We lost because
He turned on each other and didn't know how to compromise in come together. Ok, we're gonna get some more of that, but this is less show before January. Nineteenth alot of people do get their news from the show. Right I mean this is smart people like we always do this service when we're going off the air. For while we do future headlines because people are knocking at know, what's going to happen, the news until next year, deeds are, we predict that had lodged. Were you Dutra headlines like Ex couple amongst my pants demands, Turkey stop lying there with its legs. You grow like son. Her tender admits ninety percent of dates and with girl crawling out of rest room window. Third gerbil comes forward to accuse Richard here. One multiple women accused ten corrosive sending dick pick. Every males picture of his face. Toddler worth gun, actually shoots. Mass shooter with my AG, Repulse Hannity adds outrage. Fox fans cut off their dicks Jeff sessions, mistaken for alpine shelf chase through more jobs. Now an accurate, less canadian host ever opponents, they titled Sancho. Like those dreaming up zones red seconds eaten. One of
our favorite Josie Handler. I'm guide our universities and positive energy and we're gonna get excited but about what happened in Virginia. What happened in New Jersey, we had a lot of good news. We had a lot of what we have to focus on that, as you said earlier, it's the resistance, but there were women who, out of
The sixteen within that Emily's LE sponsor thirteen wanting got elected in the Virginia House of delegates are cursed. African Americans elected. We had our first Latinos elected in that state. We had our first transgender person parties for that and we had our first asian american woman, electricity, Virginia House a delicate, so it delegates it is in an important time in there are things to recognise that are happening. The world is getting browner and gay or- and everybody needs a hop on things happening you now. I mean it is devastating circumstance that we're in, but there are good things happening, so we have the kind of hold onto that hope. I think my first question
well. I was gonna do what's going on with you, though, be before we get all the night. We have money and take it anymore. We hear about you you're, not doing your show anymore you're. More of an activist I have to be. I feel, like you know what I have money. I dont know afterward rioting and spend my time trying to get women elected. We need women in office, we do and I think Elizabeth Warren really has to run for president. That's the one sparsely of this more, how somebody Emily's less recruited. They took her and said you should run for often yes, so I mean this is a great organization for anybody who wants to support women to support so nice. Percent of the house is only nineteen percent of and twenty one percent of the said, but women vote why don't they both through themselves? Well, I think that we have
I mean this is my personal opinion, and I think this is, I think we have The thing where women have a try problems supporting other women and powerful. You know situations, they don't have a problem electing a predator, but they have a problem, electing somebody who stayed with a prayer. You know I mean like with Hilary. It was like what we can do about it. I liked her cause she's with, but they don't have a problem, the man, so it's almost like there's a backlash on women that dont support women Now that we have this maniac in office. I think women are like oh shit school. This is not what we planned on. I think the back that were seen now with the sexual harassment and everything is, is the reaction to trump the president of our country, but he still one white women right that was after the Hollywood access to do. You think the charge is child molester with Roy more different. I feel like that is a litmus test. Looking about truth, that is a lot
this test for whether Fox NEWS in that crowd can make something. Just not bakers. Roy Moors attitude about everything is well she's, lying or that year, look as a forgery orange. Those he's Godzilla blaming Tokyo. Please let me say about Turkey. It was asking for what do you expect now, but there's a big difference between somebody and take accountability and responsibility for foreign act, an answer giving blanket denials and then accusing their accusers of lying and then begging of pretending, they're, gonna, sue them on what
grounds. I dont know because it I'm you know when there are more than one person that comes forward than you take that seriously. I agree with you on L, Frank and I'm sorry he's not a predator. We all know anybody was met, him no use. That's not true, and also, I feel like. We ve lost our ability to think in this country to tell, unlike things which I mean, there's a difference between zero tolerance. We have zero tolerance that a maximum punishment does everything have to be met, and we don't have that for murder. There are different grades of murder and other crimes. Not for this. I think that the focus on that punishment point and on what the repercussion is gonna be is where this conversation goes wrong and, I think, is largely steered by a media that, immediately after a picture is published, says
you should resign like within three hours. Somebody had at the conference on many has to write. The media sets up the conversation. It is not the women helping the stories who are coming for these guys jobs directly. In fact, many that we're going. I don't know, I feel we I dont, know what it means that they pay, but the phone. Yes, on the the punishment is gonna be is also on some level level easier conversation to have because cuz, then we get to fight about it. Should he resign and we all go to a battle stations, then actually looking at the more difficult conversations, which is that it is about the whole culture. It's about the culture that empowers white men too abuse their power in a million ways from the villainous predators to the fact that there is a sense of humour that we all understand in this country that, if a woman's asleep it's funny to grabber tits, and that a man can gain power in stature and a place in the public sphere. By profiting from that. From that company that doesn't make him the same as Harvey wasting, and it's not about him. It's about reckoning with the fact that we make that culture we participate in
culture is our good politicians is our friends if our husband and its ourselves conversation to and if when we should be having about this moment, not should he resigned and will govern Europe. We like only right, but I think that a moral obligation we are heading, I think we're deciding like. Ok, now it's become into you know, there's a tipping point happening. This is happening everywhere. What are we going to do about it? What are the repercussions going to secretary have in Arizona the meadows? Is that gonna fix Harvey rights? Right? I mean you're, a larger problem. We have not being able unique culture to look at things. Context to be ass. This, I think, to make distinctions in our politics in, in our views of gender in all I'm so of questions. The inability to recognise context as the all important aspect of the truth, facts strong together individually, are not necessarily the truth.
The internet has everything all yes out only to terminate wings and talk in this age of Congress had only one problem. As I see it goes to media, it goes to the questions that we are discussing here and it also means in the case there is a possibility that after this special prosecutor, if he's permitted the finishes investigation, it's possible. He won't find a conspiracy. But yet there will be one would hope, a report that puts everything into context. That's what we back on a daily basis in our culture. Can I ask this, the politics it is. I take your point and I think it's about what kind of important whose in the Senate right now that's why you they're willing to put up with maybe a child molesters to get the vote for the tax cuts? That's how they play the game I am not suggesting we go there or that four, but how I can be in the Senate, we don't need his vote because we do. I do
We do need his vote on things that affect millions and millions of people, so we can, the two things at once. We have the worst. Ok, of course we can. My complaint is with the fact that it immediately goes to my question about its veto, to people just wrote that or said that you'll just on the laxity and they say to try, but will he fire Bob Mahler? I don't say that don't give him any fucking idea occurred to him first, but that also you needed to put. That is what I heard from people we're making. This argument yesterday was where we have to get rid of l, Frank and because otherwise it's a push, they're going to say our frank and we say Roy more, and this is what Democrats always do they shrink from making the counter arguments instead of going there with a well, we can't win this. We just gonna go away. Let em resign make.
The corona right do what I just the monologues he's, not the Zodiac killer. It's not the same thing and democratic should be able to point out that Africans reaction is too begin, an investigation into his behaviour and that, given that not a not to give him cookies, that's correct. That's a good response. We should also have an investigation into the sixteen women who accuse Donald Trump make that point. Listen. This is what it when I will. What I was saying earlier was the reaction to women voting for doll job. They act the reaction of women, for somebody who admitted anti tape that he's so a predator. He admitted it was bragging about that. It went and voted for him and that that after effects, I think you know,
at pendulum of looking at what they ve done. I think has led to this. I believe that I think women are sick and tired of being sick and tired, logical, fanning the rim of the sole right to move it, but women are just like no, my god look what we did and better late than never. You know I want women and stick up for each other and look out for each other and never to celebrate any Harvey. Why simple shit like that again? But this has to be this. This has to be that we have to play a long game because we don't want to find ourselves in the exact same trap. We found ourselves after Obama because, right after people are speaking up. The number to move in the country is storing MEL Gibson are right. So let's not pretend this is gonna go away overnight. This has to start with our kids. Will we teach them how we teach Lou girls to fight back? We teach little boisterous spect girls. This has to be long removing the country is storing MEL Gibson are, so, let's not pretend this is going to go away overnight. This has
start with our kids, what we teach them, how we teach little girls to fight back, we teach the boisterous spect girls this has The long cultural game that we play for the next generation. Ok I have one other aspect of what you say anything I just want to go on the record and say that I'm currently dating now Gibson. Allow is fucked up you just I forgive you doubt tat his arm chairs were gives you to really I was going to ask a how's it going knows. I, like all other man, not battle. Now, that's, ok! I can take it. Ok we are speaking about that defends it Harvey wines, Dean had about well, hey, it's not my fault. I grew up in the sixties. Kharkoff was there
Ok in this extra wasn't like that, Bob Woodward now used to wear, got Tele workers to everyone in the Washington Post shows what good days in the sixty years. Everything has changed ready. It was never ok to masturbate in front of a co workers. Right. Tell me that's true. I think there's a lot of supposed to do, but even back in the good old days, right leg is obviously broken. Suddenly works. It seems that we weren't we're in a moment. To of a great reckoning here, and it also comes from earlier feminine what we are seeing is part of a continuum. First They ve feminism did the whole the violence against women having the kind of currency in our culture, today in terms of the way we discuss it? There's it comes what we ve been doing over the past twenty twenty five thirty,
there. This is not or like yours after I just come out of this moment. To look at is welcome can I say outbreak and accused early in Sweden has forgiven him and said he her opinion. Is he shouldn't step down, and I a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about the baseball player who made the objective Asian with his eyes he was making fun of a but was just teasing him, but the big dancing and the baseball player, the japanese vapor boy said, that's no big deal to me, I forgive him. I sent you can't be or offended than the victim break. If his acute you're, and it's only one accused or now. If we find out tomorrow, it's eight more and I don't think it will be, but if we do different story, but once she says that isn't that game over you can't
more offended, and personally I, like part of the problem we live in, is why this is happening in a time when people are just so self righteous. We have to stop letting five self righteous millennials at the hopping didn't posed, bully everybody into having opinions if they dont really hold, but we have to be careful because we created those our generation, we re. I did well as apparent. I can we heard generation to be this way and we have to be careful next time to say: listen, it's not just about you. You gotta, take your lunch. You have to listen, you have to talk, you have to have it. I have exactly unpeopled. We ve had guessed to cancelled on this showed because they don't want to talk about this subject: people don't want to walk. That's that's a terrible casualty! that this country is facing. I was really let me read this quote. I don't even know who this is dip low.
As I am, I know it is very good. Ok, I'm sure he's very good at what he just electronic music. I'm reading the plane. Reading rolling stone magazine is made me cry reporter your twitter used to be really wild. Now you ve turned it down. Why Diplow, whoever he is every once in a while he said I might be political, and I just get millions of people attacking me and I really feel like being a catalyst for arguments on the internet, whether its politics or whatever. So because I'm doesn't travel well over the ended it, especially with being a white do on the internet. I dont have any past disdaining, sarcastic refunding, so just shut up, and I see that all the time people just routine
can we not simply because these Arby's, it's like a swarm of bees coming out check? That's! Ok! That's it! Listen! That's! Coming from somebody who's on ecstasy, probably all the time he's a dj fail to take into account that you're right people get shy. They get gunshot, especially actors in our industry. People don't want today they have a brand that they want to protect, they want to protect the MID West and south and if they are selling clothing or whatever. Luckily there are people, but don't give a shit about the driving at all left, not this, but we got a culture, a twenty four hour screaming, but it's a genuinely dangers for the left, because you cannot write aimed to love diversity and multiculturalism if you're willing to have an open and honest dialogue, and when you have open and honest dialogue, eventually acts gently, some people might get offended, but we have to get out of there. I respond and so Frank and is a good example. His first apology yesterday was kind of crap like it was tat. I was trying to be funny that was that was not good right. The that defence gets old real.
Quick and goes very quickly to the Ladys are just humorless then gave a second longer statement. It was really good one of the things that we have to get better at. In addition to not just shutting out the people who are gonna be oversell us in their criticism is also talking about the people who are criticised, giving them the chance to reckon with whatever it is their being criticized for and gave everybody on both sides of the equation, a chance to discuss it happen with bringing and his accuser. Isn't he he gave a good apology and she accepted it. That model can happen more rather than just everybody yelling at Eton. Why are there still people saying you must go away forever? Ask a question: you we're. In the midst of a cold civil war in this country and in terms of our culture, and perhaps Trump has brought it to the pointed near ignition, but is
it possible that we could have a debate in which right and left Republicans democratic. Is it possible to have a fact based debate now, question? I agree. We cannot have a fact. There is a debate in this culture and that, but I'm not say it. May be asymmetrical, but that lies at the bottom of a lot of what we're talking about. So what what about Bill Clinton? Chauncey you, U tweeted, imagine being molested by an older man, then at man denies ever doing it and then go goes on and gets elected the United States Senate and when their broad Rick twitted bag. Josie Handler. I can't imagine and goes into how she said she was raped by now, but the unlike the right. You then said: oh you
The point I say, I'm so sorry I apologize every first. Every victim deserves to be heard. You know anyone whose alleging any sort of assault or abuse is to be listened to. You can't do we re look at bill could well do we have to go back to work Bill Clinton I mean, I think, there's a mean that I mean isn't the jury out on that we got what Bill Clinton was. Ok, he had a lot of sex a lot of people and and That would that's. We know right now we're talking about four steps which of our asylum rights right, I mean right you're right do we have to go back Look at that? Yes, I'm not gonna disbelieve, a woman, I'm a woman- and it is my job right now we're in the area where we have to believe every woman, because we ve done such a poor job at believing each other. One of the reasons. One of the reasons that I think it is crucial that we go back as part of this conversation and look at Bill Clinton is because the timing of what happened with Bill Clinton was really crucial to do
the development of this conversation about sexual harassment. It was right after the Anita held hearings in which the term sexual harassment and what it meant to women as a class. The way that this behaviour disadvantage them economically and professionally came into the lexicon and feminist made this point, even though Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court despite being accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill and then immediately after Bill Clinton is elected president and there is because he is better for feminist policy. Then Twelve years of- and this is the politics you're talking about and because There is a right wing attack on him and those things are simultaneously true. There is a left feminist defence of Bill Clinton, power abuse with regard to Monica Lewinsky, and then derails the clarification of the Congress. Patient around sexual harassment so chronologically before we even get to whether we believe we need a broad Rick there is
the relevant of that conversation in the nineties when the left is moved to defend Bill Clinton right after we ve just talked about what sexual harassment means, so it's important to go back and talk about it. On the other hand, we can't just make this about Bill Clinton and not the guy who is currently in the White House, not the guy who wants to be in the Senate. None were send it right now include the stakes are higher with trumped in the world are all right discussion I appreciated for non road. Please tell me that one Trump asked these goods hey. What's with all the ridiculous pacemaker, one of them said you first, Euro masturbation has to get back to the basics.
It's something you do alone it's. What you doing you're, not with a beautiful movie star masturbation, is sex. The home edition of one partner. Does everything in the other? Does nothing it's not sex it, Simon and Garfunkel, already neural. Some. Someone must remind the three use. Ie allay basketball players got stealing sunglasses from his door and China, and we want to get away with shoplifting. Don't do it
in a country where your forefeet taller than everyone else, your old man in England who moved into the woods for a decade to avoid his wife must be required to give toaster all rehearsal dinners somebody's that boy. That must be the craziest thing I ever did they get away from his wife whose generous here hold my beard, Neural Santa has to move from them all to the ninety nine cents to her path of Americans are broke so taking their kids to the sand at the nice more, but the apples door is just grew better.
Visit. Ninety nine said Sore Santa sitting in a folding chair between the dented canned goods and the expired pop tarts. You wanna Barbie dream on kid, you're, getting fashion doll and finally, new rules- and this is our last year before the holidays, Lens remembered and never lose sight of the true meaning of the season. It's not a presence and fruit cake and putting up extra lights. To show that you love Jesus more than your neighbour a teenage virgin getting knocked up by God as depicted here and bought a jellies masterpiece? Mary aged twelve, gets a visit from Judge Roy Moors. And since this will be resident drums first Christmas in the White House, I thought it would be appropriate to take a page out of Chris
this favorites like a Christmas Carol and it's a wonderful life where a character is shown in alternative reality to their life, When an angel named Clarence chose George Bailey, what the world would be like if you ve, never been born her? What, if Donald Trump had never been born. it's good for you as it was for me now in a Christmas carol. Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Christmas past and sends Donald Trump is truly the Ebenezer Scrooge of our time. Angry. Rich and hard to look at. Maybe I could play the part of the ghost and showed Trump and alternative reality of what his life could have been if we weren't such a shithead,
so Donalds. Let me take you back back all the way back or not that far back to remind you that, even though you are a big man lie in the big players in living in the Big House eating the big MAC, Are you truly happy? What happened to that little boy from queens. Here you are is a toddler. The last time you had a good hair day. Your father was a strict authoritarian. Is that where it all started to go wrong, because you know you weren't always the wrestling villain you are today you used to. Things like I'm, not looking to make tremendous amounts of money, I'm looking to enjoy my life Donald Trump, saying, there's more to life than money. What happened
Donald Trump? Did you hide him with your Russia connections? Did you divorce and when they hit men applause you even used to show humility, no matter how great a person Maybe there is always that element of luck. Did you that does not do so. This modest only I can fix it. I want that drug back. He spoke softly and was in a big dick, even vulnerability, you weren't afraid to show affection to Don Junior into two Eric and to avoid compassion because they all tromp even years, don't worry about the poor. New York city has been becoming a city of the very rich actually and the poor, unfortunately, and the middle class are having here that you would knowledge, You said
I would probably choose love: choose love, not pussy we're having careful down the slippery slope to compassion, because they all trump even used to worry about the poor New York City has been becoming a city of the very rich actually in the poor. Unfortunately, in the middle class are having. I hear that it would knowledge the existence of poor people, Oh it's so strange during those words now come out of your mouth. Like when the little girl in the exorcist says your mother's ox carts and now last year, when David Duke endorsed you, you claimed, you didn't know him, but you should know who he was two decades ago you ve got David, do just joined a big
racist, a problem This is not exactly the people you wanting you Polly, but Oh, it's exactly the people you want in your party, Do you see it on this? What spending the last twenty years, watching Fox NEWS, has done to your brain? Is it too late to bring back the old trump?
should I know I'm a ghost, not Nostradamus, but I do know you better be good Donald from because there's a jolly man who lives up north, who hangs out with reindeer and watches everything, and his name is lotta beer Putin, that's our backyard. Ninety ablaze, Mary, I set a new year's day. Much only makes sense if we want to meet the needs and each be oh dont com,
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