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Ep. #446: Michael Wolff, Saru Jayaraman

2018-01-19 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Michael Wolff, Saru Jayaraman, Andrew Sullivan, Larry Wilmore. (Originally aired 01/19/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time,
Thank you very much. You know, you know what I was reluctant to give them my vacation, but makes it worthwhile. I was in Hawaii was so relaxing until the missile alert game right on the full? Did you see they should not do not a drill surrey? Where could I get new underwear Hawaiians are so laid back, you know people were disorder and therefore they just wipe left. So one guy texted new food is but happy
who sees and happy new year. Thank you. Twenty eight seen on the chinese calendars the year of the shit hole where you know. This is a thing about. Look I'm going crazy already, but this thing about other job just says: shithole everybody laughed at them quickly, but actually changes real stuff, because that was the immigration deal. They were trying to do and saying should hold torpedo did and now they're going to cut down the government waiting on that right now live ruddy night, because Donald Trump he wants to change the immigration process, he says why can't we do immigration one like the way. I got money. By using a catalogue
The reason is that we should bring in more people from Norway, and today Norway responded. They said, thank you pass so now we have. This government shut down looming and it is a stalemate, because the Democrats are not budget, on the dreamers and the trumpets is even more dead set about his stupid wall, because his Chief of staff, John Kelly, when on tv this week, Oh- and he said Trump on the Wall- was uninformed
And evolving and troposphere, as you said, I am not uninformed and who is this John Kelly and what's evolution but I'll tell you what evolution is trouble for two years, telling all those birds. Every time we got one that is going to be a giant concrete wall on actual war, thirty feet high from goes to coast. Now it's offence.
Or ass of industry or a thin sprinkling of cinnamon, like you, do with ants, but if there is a government short term, trumps is not to worry porn stars will still get their hush monies president. This we enough together mad, but yes, Donald Trump. Only man ever by the way to pay a porn star to keep your mouth shut. The story, I'm not even going to say allegedly- I've been sued up. I want to know in law suit, with Donald Trump waiting for who's this, what I'd be wanted one but and they paid her
more than thirty thousand dollars you? Don't pay someone that kind of money if there isn't something that are so in two thousand and six only months after millennia has given birth to their stun Donald Trump is stopping this porn star who was also cheating on her boyfriend and he no biggest used to go home with Orange on our continent, but the porn stars, you Robbie as fancier stormy, Daniel Stormy Daniels STAR young and anal. To be young, and now the younger NATO trailer trash nurses, bore goodwill, humping and parking with pride to and here's what we learn from her and her affairs would Donald Trump. She said first, what he didn't news protection
he said he'd only use a condom of Mexico paid for love, Donald Job is the world's biggest germ reform. Would shake hands raw dog with a porn start, no problem. She ass. She says he changed her around the room. Tybee. Why these I went from her and tidy. Why? These is that? Why you mean my voters- and I love this point- that he made her lots of promises like he was gonna buyer condo, but she knew he was a con man who would never keep his word? Oh, if only the vote,
Wisconsin have the same perceptive abilities as the star of working with pride and fairly changes around the robot is daddy. Why these advisory? She says they get other Betty starts kissing currencies as to resolve, here. We go but she's a pro shoe powered through it,
she said you know. Sometimes you have to have sex with a guy like Donald Trump. You just shut your eyes and pretended Harvey wine steam here later I'll, be taking joint action as thorough gear Robin, but first up, oh wow, he wrote the book at president. Trump didn't want you to buy, so you did inside the driveway out like a well. Well, you have done the impossible. You have made America read again, you know if it's, if it's a book that brings down this presidency, bowed to the God of irony. Well, it with all due respect the great fun book trade, but it's not bringing him down. His popularity is not gone down. One bit his base wooden read: it
will a already hate him, but it's fun and its informative? You just can't move these people. That's the thing but I know you ve been talking about it. I want you to tell me something that the other people have not noticed in this book is there's something that you think point when they asked me about this, that I put in there that they're not talking about there is, but I can't tell you what it is so there you, your money, teasing us like that there is something in the in the book that I like, I was absolutely sure of, but it was so incendiary that that I just didn't have the d, the ultimate will prove the entering. What he's done, what when woman thing, while I didn't have the blue dress, Where is it about a woman? It is how it is it is it. Somebody's fucking now is an
who is he just have to read between the lines? What lines tell us why do you say it's it's toward the end of the blockade. Well, it's in the book than we do. I just I just have two you'll know it. Now that I've told you logo when you hit that paragraph you're going as our finger. Ok, I'm not gonna make the joke. I was gonna, be ok, so listen the When I say things, though, you do have a lot about in the book I mean that I found fastening that you were basically saying that this is sort of the point of trumps whole life. I love the way you say in the empire the bit. It really was a boutique industry kind. If he really didn't do anything all day. The whole point of his existence was chasing tail. Twenty four seven, twenty four seven. That was it, that is them, isn't the man. I am an old fashioned
play boy, that's the kind of thing that he says, and he says it proudly and I always thought I might have said it was John that your I thought one of the biggest adjustments for him was when he moves into the White House. He can play the game. When it was Maloney I'll, be home at eight and then again, yes, hotels. Yet we goes to doktor ornaments. We see, as all these places ring get together with this mistresses, that's hard to do in the White House. That's probably, why are you so pissed off all the time I can accept now easy, I mean there's you have got their back to their back doors. There are back doors to gaily.
He's: gonna, listen, shrugs adviser! If I can get into the White House, you know Bryce operates no get into the way. This is the other thing that so fascinating about your book. Besides, what's in the book, just the fact that you were able to hang out like it dorm room like you? Don't just. Is the White House that just blew my mind that people weren't saying who's this guy, Why is he here every day? What is listening to us every day. I waited for someone to notice me say please get out, but they don't they actually do the other thing they sort of say. Ok, come come, let's, let's talk, and what do you a tribute? This too? I tribute to Donald Trump.
This is like he said. Ok, he liked you, because you are a new Yorker well sort of near is he gave the first approval. I said I'd like to come. Come down and and observe right then he thought I was asking for a job. As I said, I want to write a book and he said you just saw he was deflated book. Might why would you want to do that but then it was kind of like ok, you're, always the tyrant, you had it, you didn't call it fire and fury when you were talking to them right. It was like the grand transition urges yes, the great transition. Great. Of course that's funny. You know when. We trials making my documentary religious, we didn't call it that waste. We called it a spiritual journey
and then they let us interview them in the church. Now I told trompe said noon. I said: I'm gonna call the book the great transition the first hundred days. He said a boring title right right said the other, that, where you actually had an impact is because of the book. There was a lot of talk about, maybe he's just flat out batch. It not paperwork I Ignacio mean there was talk about that before, but it reached a fever pitch to the point where he thought that we had his physical last week that he also asked to take a cognitive test. Then bragged about how Grady did, even though it was a test that it's the kind of test they give lady, when she's wandering down the middle of the highway and her underpants its? If it's also you can get the test on the internet, so you can get the questions before him,
it's it's thirty questions. The first four are: what month is it? What day? Is it what year Is it what's Didier you in and whose the present and I realized it. So you know goes that you book Why were John Kelly takes over okay, so that is the big watershed. Moment this week now he's apparently feuding as I referred doing them. I liked it with John Kelly because Kelly committed the ultimate fall upon criticized Trump on tv or inferred that he was not perfect. What do you make of this? And apparently I read now the John Kelly threatens to quit all the time. That's the only way you can get trumps attention of everybody tries to.
But the whole operates is enter heads it's like had had it. How do I get out of here? So why does he's still command. So much loyalty he's been so rotten and said rotten things to just about everybody and all I see a month after month, Republicans not fighting and more. Winding up behind a more lying for him. What do you attributed to? Well, I mean, I think, the loyal do think my book, a sort of the example that that these are the most disloyal loyal people, whoever ever existed, but but also the Republicans there was there was Mitch. Mcconnell said this was early on. He will sign anything we put in front of him, so he just becomes for everyone in some way. A useful fool. Now the problem with
is he's the useful fool, but then he goes wacko and said something which destroys everybody's plans to use him. So what are you and what are you in awe of I'm not saying admire, did nothing I admire abandoned, but there are things about him that I am in love, I the size of his Aren't you just in awe of the size come. I mean I am in or that that there is actually someone who can go through life reach, the age of Seventy one right now and still act like he should get what he wants when he wants that anyone sane otherwise the man. Demand demand because everything is so unfair. His favorite word is unfair. He's the luckiest guy in the world and he's got this chip on his shoulder. That's that's what
I, that all attitude is: when will white men born to great wealth finally, cat to break in America, or he is as everyone I literally a hundred percent of the people around him. Always turned to saying well, he's like a child right and sometimes a sixteen year is like sixteen year old child or as eleven year Laura Tee. I noticed now on Fox and friends. They talk to him directly they used to one romp room
I see Donald its honest work. I've read in a long time I just up the world's days where it is. Thank you so much. I think everybody arise here. They areas are right or larger. New York magazine and author of the conservatives, all our great for an Andrews Zella then, and this big guy- that coke creator of AIDS, Rio's insecure and the host of the pot gas black on the air, who will be speaking at the l, a woman's March on saturday- be careful what you say: Larry Larry right so great to have you guys you? Let me start with this. What's what's knew we were last on in November seventeen twenty! Seventy, when I think, is the big new things were words just turning it into their is that the entire conservative establishment is lying for Donald Trump,
Tom Cotton, the senator and who is it where do the other one? They were in the room when he said shithole and everybody heard shit hole and we all know we said shithole and they came out and said it insatiable the homeless insecurity, person, perjured herself, said you didn't know. There were white people in Norway, his doctor? Lies for peace? Be six three grow an inch he's tottered- thirty nine pounds gonna lose a little, but he's lying is ass. The cooperation, you're doing Walmart, you know says thanks to the tax got, and then we find something to the tax cuts that the raising wages economy is great. They have to be. This is a vast right wing conspiracy. It is, I mean I feel, like he's, got them
on a sunken place, you know it's like his fascinating, where he said. People are scared to leave like, like Trump and Spencer, those that creepy white couple publicans those thirteen kids or something you know about me, but you know I know, but it seems lapped analogy: why are they and the fact that they were twist and turn to lie like the one in the normal way thing building Norway thing she can't understand that is made up of mostly wiping, let me in others and nor wiggles running around the area, that kind of language. On my soul, I observed, I can't I can't understand, no idea that its approach- the two things it seems to me. It's both he has to lie. Could he needs to cover up what
actually happenings of their number one, no one I know, and they have to follow. They have to follow because its occult and he's the code, and it's in a tribe and in a tribe, refused, and up against the leader whom everybody is supporting. Then you ostracised you're finished and it's amazing. You think Washington and be a little bit more grown up than this, but they want it to stand, and it's so scary, because it is now that mandate. The ninety guy is the one that therefore, we really scary not you stuff becomes more mainstream? The latest one is that this twice threat really shook me. Go there around that time and they got sober overstating I mean well, you off. It was all bomber. Why wouldn't be? But now the president's stable genius is threatening. North Korea mean this really happened and the means- and this is getting mainstreamed by I see this David
you know this guy we ve had him on the show is guided by Christa wanted to run last time he's in the national review. He says you have to understand. The odds are overwhelming that you'll survive at initial blast. Its own legal behold me ill, have three heads, but you know He says it's a Hollywood miss, but it strikes vaporize an entire american city, much less the suburbs we're out and sticks. We won't even noticed it when this is. Aristotle and forty. Six percent of Republicans want war with North Korea. This is what I worry but when the funny then becomes the non food we ve always live with neutral well, that was what the Iraq war, allegedly with account. Remember we live with nukes. We we struggle with neutral IRAN. I once ass to the last president. What was his, what kept him awake at night, Easter, Eggs Pakistan's I was there,
everywhere. I think the differences that we don't have someone in control. Now, though, we try to have the composure, com and reticence to handle a cry, and so therefore we are so much more frightened and we have reason to be made clear reminder. I just want to mark the moment when this went from unthinkable. To think of yeah we're moving into thinkable and I don't want to be. We ve never seen anything like this remember how people were scared of Reagan, and that seems clear now admit
and men, how can people be afraid at the same time for this? At the same time, there is a dictatorship with access to nuclear weapons that could possibly attack the mainland of United States it it's not like they constantly out of here, so that, like Romania, entirely so last provoke them to do their course. So let me ask about any news on the shutdown voting now. Ok, we're exciting lightly so immigration, so it looks like it's a base versus based fight. You know did the demo, right now, there's a bunch of them running for president already and this is an issue. We know some people would say this is what loses Democrats election identity politics? You would say that, yes, I mean, I don't think I think it's really dicey. For the Democrats, I think if they shut down the government, they want to protect
the dreamers you some people call illegal immigrants and because they want to prevent the wall, there look really bad and in in Middle America, they're gonna look like they draw the shot. The government down there get serious on immigration, wrench role, and that's not a good position to the Democrats to be in here, but you know I got tired of the Democrats being afraid to play hard by the way Republicans play what our look like. We remember Miss Connell, I think Judge Scalia was murdered by the pillow like a for a whole year right. He was day absolutely mythical, held out for a year re S for four or a corset. That's plain hardball. By the way on hours, then how important it is that Supreme Court PIG. We know how important it was. They weren't afraid to do then how that oversees horrible it escalates. You know, nuclear, real conflict and at some point
whoever is empowers, gonna have to govern the whole country. Someone at some point is going to have to bring this country together and, unfortunately, those kind of tactics only deepen the divide and make everything hotter and that's what I'm concerned about that they're getting polarized both sides, the bases arrays, is less and less in the middle and reasonable debate so now being swamped by personality cult by reality, television that my leader, but by all the city was there was not one day in eight years that republic. Instead, I will work with Barack Obama that one there was not for any issue, you're right, you're right, I know, but but is it going to help us just go back,
in the same way is now open to do the same thing, but you can learn how to fight properly for the things in important, like no one, for the dream. Is that so called dreamers about undocumented Americans, which is what they really? I mean people have been here for their whole lives. Pretty. What have I do said if you know I mean I told you to look I'm for them staying to, but I see a lot of footage gb of people crying and I think that Is this what you're drunk? But I think this is what the people go well there's this is. The Democrats is what this is, what they care about. People crying. I got my mind like a scrutiny of asking a really important question, but why not give him the wall for PETE's sake? Why
first, may I tell you want because it's a reasonable it not these will, in which case it's not gonna, get built right. It's gonna take way longer than even to jump terms given to him, not only that, but when you gave it to him, you get the dream. Is you get more people to stay here who already illegal? You can use that leverage on the other issues, and you can credentials yourselves with America by saying we not against border control, and that would work if he knew what he wanted, but he doesn't know what he wants are the only knows what he wants. Its trump narcissistic sociopaths. Only interested in feeding is ego, yes, so doesn't have rejected from here. If somebody would act, we entered introduce facts into this regulation. Immigrant, not another, might awesome nobody Congress in Oak, we are. We are to the to the left of care
On this you know, usually when an issue in Canada people say: oh, you know the healthcare system more pod or gay man they're, always the leftovers good liberal kind of Canada. Allows twenty eight percent of people in through family, we allowed two thirds, they have a point system in Canada. It's much stricter, it's not it's! That would trumpet gold chain migration, family, its education. Do you speak English? French work experience? You have a job offer age adapted Nobody ever brings admitted based many unemployment skills, America, eighteen percent, Canada. Fifty eight percent there's nothing wrong with rules for immigration, but I'm a little more cynical about wet. But this Democrats are fighting and spread none. He hears what the real fight his whip that maybe what their fighting against, but
Republicans are actually fighting for, as they feel immigrants especially low skilled workers, are actually democratic voters and that with the Democrats June, are importing voters it's true base. That the himself you look like. Why is it a growing other minor? Yes, I know why is it a great deal to say we want anybody from anywhere in the world, but how can really contribute something we dont obligation? I wish you would say that all countries may be found not in finding the right. It is worth living like their diversity lottery egos on about. Why does that exist? I mean: do we actually have to have their every single country, residential representation, the it's crazy? Why not just get rid of it they. So this is so easy to deal with and we can use EVA three minutes, but the base is with forbidding this from, have put it another way, the Republicans our seeming to be
pray their own ethos and ideology that things are used to always stand for these. To be that party of hate, you can come from anywhere and you can have the american dream here. The Republicans held that up as a badge of honor and their sleeves and are going against that they're saying no. You only can be of a certain station income here. There's the upward mobility has to start here. Cats are here anymore, just says: if you ask people it's trying their alright, let's get to some Good NEWS, though Trump had his physical abuse.
Many is that help is bad ever live. You know what you think, the kitchen he's such a city, road right I mean it, doesn't matter what he disappeared, but what the person who is not in such great Europe is crews Christie. You know from my home state in Jersey, any just retired is the governor, and you know here in the comedy business when a guy like you Firstly, retires. It is it's a very dark. We we have been dining out on his fat RO long and we were more in there and that's why we put together this little.
Somebody has to pull grass Christie aside and tell him the lap band goes on the instant became things megabytes. Is these secret service code name for Chris Kristen Andrei three thousand first time he's ever one learns why these caused. If you spend a long time since we ve seen his balls there's one thing he's good at it is clogging major artery. The only exercised whispers begets is pumping the natural cheese dispense. This prestigious handing out candy wrappers is the reason we only get rid once a year. There are skeletons in his closet of
The president cut off the restaurant opportunity, censure united on the director of the Food Labour Research centre. At you see Berkeley, please welcome sorrow, Girondin yourself right the first time to have you back and came and more relevant than ever. Some things you talking about you boys been a great tribute for the restaurant workers of America. Let's first before we get into the connection to the arrest warrant, knows that and a round. Let's talk about tips, because this is very relevant to a country that always debating minimum wage. This as areas where America pretty unique right, that we still do it by tips. We're safe
unique because actually tipping originated and Futile Europe. It was like aristocrats giving something the surface and vassals. When it first came to the states, Rich Americans brought it, and actually it was around the time of slavery, around emancipation and the restaurant, Mister at that. Time demanded the right to hire newly freed slaves, not pay them anything and let them live on customer tips, and so the idea of a nothing wage then zero. Now two dollars comes from slavery, comes from the idea that mostly black workers could earn nothing and live on tips. And now we here we are a hundred fifty years later, with a minimum wage of two dollars and thirteen sense an hour and millions of women across Amerika living on tips, yours, industry were like one on twelve people in the country, went out of eleven people right now. I was thirteen million workers, zoning air and tell us why it is connected to harassment when and if there was not a tipping system. That situation would get better,
You know right now: seventy percent of the millions of women are a means of people across Amerika who live on tips, who worked on the timid and wage of two and three and four dollars an hour. Seventy percent of them are women and they live in a working at I hop and Applebee's and olive garden in there. The in wage, including tipped his about nine bucks an hour. They suffer from three times the poverty rate of the rest of US workforce, but worst of all, they are having to put up with anything and everything from cuts summers, no matter how they touch them or treat them or talk to them, because that's where their income is coming from. That's how they're getting paid that's other feeding their families, not from a wage, the wages so low. It's going to taxes. So there having been failure. Merger The customers are harassing them, but but get this. The customers are harassing them because they live on Tipp,
but because their living on tips, the manager says, dress more. Sexy show more cleavage where tighter thing in order to make more money and tax would you believe when we were doing recently Yoda? It's just think. That's an invitation exactly well, not just that the co worker regiment exactly well speaking of hooters. When we feel that this research would you believe the industry named a new segment recognise segment. It's called the breast around the restaurant is a new segment in the restaurant industry and its not just hooters and tilted killed them twin peaks. It's all a garden and apple he's, an Danny's where women are told show your breasts, but the thing is in full. But more rights. So clearly, how did you? The number of workers we ve had from Dennys, who tell us my boss, tells me: go home and dress more sexy, enshiu, more clean, Sohmer cleaving come back. You can make more money in tips for
and nobody just as it is because I am the tone and the council are no good. I mean one thing, since I mean I'm not addressing this situation, but more generally seems to me the pointed tips as it does incentivize good service right, and it is a way in which a custom again. The word good service. Well, there's a lot! Don't do that with lots of other would actually their servers. We have yet to devise you your doktor. Your lawyer teach me these are hard working. Your pilot, many them are immigrants by the way, really hard working and grants. But there are you know we don't tip anybody else. Is the only industry where the actual bosses say we shouldn't have to pare on workers you the customer should pay our workers for less. I read recently about a lot of these high level chefs who went down in the meat to, and it's interesting. It said the theme that ran through it for It was that when they weren't harassing, they were screaming yeah, you know,
last week about the made two things. The first in always comes to my mind, is I hate lilies of any kind? and this is a type of I'm wondering where, with what are you? What other industries do you think had not been talked about yet now talking about restaurant- I mean farm workers face this on the job of the rather workers face this on the job, pretty much on every industry, women who don't have power- and you know that don't wanna have a nerd, I'm gonna get in trouble pursuing cops. Fucking cop. Every woman, I've ever known has a story about in own. While they lack powers, they have paid the ultimate power, but when you change that dynamic- and there are seven states, for example in our industry- that got rid of the lower wage for tipped workers and they have half the rate of harassment as the forty three states that have this lower wage
and it's because in California, which is one of the seven states, a woman doesn't have to put up with anything and everything from her boss. She gets a full wage from her boss. You know- and so she does have put up with everything from the customer and that's why, thanks to the need to moment, New York is to follow Governor Cuomo, actually just announced thanks to leadership by women in the legislature, like an historic challenge that we actually going to get get rid of, that lower wage, protect workers in New York and who to keep the tubes absolutely that's what I'm one's own word, but I think you should be able to reward your waiter tips on a great joy and great, and so we actually tat better in California than most other states. But the thing is workers women get a wage growth and get an actual yeah. It's a little like making someone job before it. You know it's a little its.
As it can be. It's an anachronism at this point. Let this one guy I'll give you I'll give it a law area. Unless your everybody wants a tip and they'll care. What they do- and I expect you to Tipp near to Now- would be fine long as a guy you're walking down is how I love what I know. I have one thing I have people love when you give the money for full integration, utter know what it is judged, but that there is one particular may do. There is one person I'm thinking of this week and I'd like to make a personal play to join an that's Maloney Trump, because you know she had to live through the Hollywood axis tape and the reports of nineteen accusers is on Donald Trump. Now, I'm now stormy Daniels
come on millennia. This is your me to moment. Came out right, said Mary for money, but divorce. Various! That's why I really think it would make a thickening welcomed. I are and I met they, wouldn't which I think it would change a lot of things I mean the fact of the matter is I mean aside, but chump is just such a Now here you're getting this Larry. Now here's the thing when he's finished, you know being president whenever there. America's gonna say me too
Chrome, a restaurant owner and he's trying to pocket his worker leader, the money exultingly, and now he is proposing a rule that would make to the property of owners rather than workers, so he's trying to give himself Another bonus, yeah and he's talk about harassment when he walks into a restaurant Women can reckon they So why is it always why white women fifty two to forty three vote for him? That's it! You know european! Well, that's a great question. Yes, I mean a lot of our folks. Restaurant workers feel really really disillusion disgusted disengage from the political system in general, from both parties they re, like nobody, has been standing up for them. A lot of
voted for Trump because they thought he didn't represent the establishment and a lot of them are telling us they are disappointed. He does represent the establishment. He represents the one percent there not finding. He standing up about the fact that the last year has shown the strongest gains for working class wages in this country for twenty years. Will speaking as a bomb. Yes, of course, but you think that's what he's boat is gonna, think you can keep talking about his voters like there's some mommy. I think I can now giving him a forty percent rating higher than he's had in a very long time he's gained every day since that tax got went through the economy's booming people. Trust me, people are enough to think. Well, he said in the eighth you recovery when it really does help people at the lower end always does at the very end he will turn around. I said don't think about that. I did it.
And you know circumstantially, that's when it began to happen. That's my concern in terms of real acting trumpet. The economy is working very much me favor to the very people the working classes- it maybe working in our but I've seen this movie before what happens when the Republicans juice up the economy just like they did with that tax. Could remember what comes next the crash. I thought What happened? Actually work is very I also want more, usually helps the economy. That's he'll do to get out of the credit for was interesting here is that this is a red. I'm too and every other major part of the developing world is growing together. There's a lot of momentum behind this. Growth right now more than you think? I'm sure you may be right, I'm certainly getting out of market pretty soon in my own retirement savings that it may not have any
We expected it happened. It's been eight years now enjoy these liberty, the Goldilocks, a global ban. It's not for its not happening for everyone. We have the highest rank income inequality since the gilded age people are struggling across the country. I just listen Michigan in Minnesota this week. People are struggling that wage of two and three dollars is not going up. So some economy donating allowing resolve LA said. Well, we looked running so they all done very wrong. Zero workers are not going. I all look at the data, but look at the data. What is more branches than any other store the dollar store? They have liked they seven thousand dollar stores and dollar generals more than anything else. I nearly nine years thing, though bill the the appearance, whether some people are not making an as you say you know, but I have to agree with Andrew in the sense that the appearance is, for the most part that there is a
o best economy right now and here there is zone, but history has shown that we do not throughout a president. During this term The economy of the economy turns there's a chance.
But I want to those people who think trumpets reelected to strong kind of me in his personality. Is Turkey area best? What it's all about? I know I don't like I'm, not my mouth as it states. I don't like to believe you, but I have to agree with us now, and this is all about personal. It is a cult of personality. That's what we found out in Michael's book when steed banning, but he could go up against Donald Trump. He thought he could actually steal the trump voter because he had the ideology. The Trump votaries like you're, not a star. We like this bad ass guy with he's, got the plain in the hot. Why these the president he's the Starry Steve bad instead ban it was. I come on guys we're get not here, but I am on guys we're working life stuff that used to date or care when Sarah Huckabee Colonelcy Day comes out and lies to everybody, but she comes out of a total, very their terms as the earth. This plan and chicken does a man come on. That's that liberal idea right twisted his where he's. If this went right here, you better ways. Reality is a reality. Tv store. Yes, you shouldn't be there, yes, but he has tapped into certain. Usually trade, immigration and low wages have launched, saying that one in this election last election and diffused burial defuse its civil, can't see the more premier, but it doesn't matter what the issue is. He has proved that because, if use, if I told you two years ago that the conservative
In this country, We think Russia was their friend and the FBI years their enemy, these people- I'm sorry Republicans. I know I'm hard on you sometimes but their sheep, and it's so using to drive it so frighteningly easing to drive them to a different meadow, but Billy viewed a mean, the FBI law enforcement? That was always there thing. You could never say a bad word about the FBI, the CIA, another, a hotbed of loopholes and now they're corrupt, and we don't like them, but we're footsie would rush it. That's crazy. That makes me think he can
say anything sunken blue, truly microwave. I mean I mean I mean yes, there are areas that base which we have to admit. That will follow him, no matter what forty percent of its total I'm in this is the long May one thing as his hard CORE Bay City has handled. The afghan I can go up to two technology has nothing to do with work in this this last year. Drums most here has been better for African Americans in terms of the economy. The many previous is, I'm just telling you the truth or go. You're gonna wanna hear it, but this is the reality that doing better because people, the boy, women now doing a lot better, if they do but measure wages are not only wages now their wages, not going up. We have the highest increase among those people the last twelve months ago, among those because Lois Third, who are living in poverty, I'm sorry, it's not going up. Their wages have stagnated. Ok,
why we're gonna run at a time when asked one last thing: it was Martin Luther King Day on Monday and whenever this hollow happens, all the Republicans. They talk in such glowing terms about doktor, king and everything a march with. Unlike what would they be saying about him on Fox NEWS? If he was alive well, we know what a radical how they would have treated erotica would be the kind word what we know we saw how they treated and when he was alive, which is why he's not alive right now, but more with the Democrats say about sure they would look see this christian fundamentalist. This person is driven by religion more than anything else, and he would have no role in the current democratic coalition. The Democratic Dixie, Colonel back then- and there were more races in anybody. I know my mom Luther king would do you now right now, I'm you know it's crazy idea. Democrats be like who is this faith
I wonder when you getting this rights. Aren't atheists on the eighth. I hate this this one thing in on an issue that I've done all the heavy lifting answer. Democrats are perfectly fine to say their christian there, above almost all of them or how about how he respects him. Now, let's talk about the present most president's, you know as,
not even as a true eat it, but what they do is respectfully. Do Dave Service an m. Ok, they hate you. I played the whitest sport Ross about off Ryan Emil's Haiti, that's his way of showing how feels about Martin daring back that confederate statues access all right. Thank you. Everybody time neural have a plan for ballistic missile us having your way everyone and why you got the message said the same thing: they ran home, shut the lies and closed the drapes
I'll bring. The missile would think you weren't home. It's a war had not a Jehovah's witnesses. Narrow someone has to tell Pub Francis that it's ok. If he feels a little awkward. I never knew how to slow down the stairway to Heaven either neurosis. Tender recognizes thirty, seven genders and Facebook says there are fifty one. Spain stick: has stop living law. There are certainly more speeds, dig variations than just deodorant anti burst bread or deodorants. Lashes depressed stand in your truth, dry curious, beads, dick no one's going to judge you except you
acts bodies bro you reduce neural characters. In Hollywood Boulevard, you can all be fat, spider man, Let's all agree that, when they Catholic Diocese in Australia, Commission this statue of Saint Dominic offering a loaf
bread to a young boy, they didn't get all the way through. On the subway restaurants, I finally found their new spokesmen father foot long and finally, no role in twenty eighteen, it's more important than ever that we all keep laughing. We nothing is funny. People are trying to take over the world and we can't let them
which is why I recently posted this picture of me. Pulling now frank and honest sleeping Bob sang it's a joke, a joke about another joke so I'm just saying here at the beginning of the year, if something like this is too rough, feel don't watch now. I am also going to admit something right here up front that may influence what I am about to say tonight. I have a penis and why admit that having one does predispose, a human being aggressive and oversee next, I dont concede that it makes me automatically wrong about everything.
And I say that as a true supporter of the ME to movement, I even wore black during the golden gloves. I was home watching TV But still I wore black. But I was also morning the ability to think rationally I'm down- me too, I'm not down with me car theism. Something is way off when Senator Kirsten Jeweller brand can go unchallenged saying when we started. When you talk about the differences between sexual harassment and sexual assault and unwanted groping you're having them on conversation can't we just me: having an additional conversation, can we only have one thought now I get it that Al Franken had to become, you'd kill on these zero tolerance highway a highway. It seems only Democrats have to drive on
but what do liberals really want to become the distinction? Deniers? The people can't tell or don't want to see a difference between assault and van and background by the watercolor. Starvation is normal and healthy, but not in the park. Giving up on the idea that even bad things have degrees that is job as embracing the idea of alternative facts. I get it when Trump side doesn't want to talk. You only NOS eighty, eight words, but we're supposed to be the conversation. People justice requires weighing things. That's why Lady justice is holding a scale and not a sort of shotgun.
Our delegation went on to say you need to draw a line in the sand and say none of it is ok, yes agreed, but we can't Walk and chewing gum anymore, we can agree. Groping an rape or both unacceptable One is worse. Well, apparently not because when Matt Damon said there's a day, friends between putting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation right, liberal twit responded. No, there isn't Jason Bourne yesterday. Think he ate a lot of shit in the martian.
driver responded by saying you don't get to tell women that, because some guy only showed them their penis, their pain isn't as great as a woman who was raped, this is madness no woman in the world that she actually had to pick when she was raped over merely seeing a penis. So why do we all have to pretend Minnie Driver statement is noble and Matt Damon is crazy. We are lose. The thread back to thinking itself? You know the declared you'd have independent starts with the words we hold these truths to be self evident self evident. In some things are such obvious, indisputable, no brainerd that we start from that point. Assuming we're all generally on the page, that shit is measurably chemicals, indifferent than Shinola?
but it seems that now building blocks basic building blocks of thought like there are facts and things have degrees are being too set aside pens and ISIS are both homophobic, but doesnt throw game off the roof, so is better
This isn't that hard Gabriel. This isn't that hard. I know we could do it because we do it with other stuff. Every millennium. I know thinks it's ridiculous, that the government lists marijuana as a schedule. One drug along with LS did harrowing, because it is ridiculous. We cause things have degrees. There are four degrees of murder, three degrees of burned six degrees of given bake. It show you a great I'll, be back in Vegas Michael was like a journalist. I tell you everything we want and need not mind each be oh dont com.
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