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Ep. #447: Roger McNamee, Zooey Deschanel

2018-01-26 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Roger McNamee, Zooey Deschanel, Michelle Goldberg, Ro Khanna, Rick Wilson  (Originally aired 01/26/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time
now. I know why you're angry, because this is roaches scandal is really dig up. This came out yesterday. This is pretty big Trump ordered the special council investigate and rubber mode fired last June,
Just a couple of weeks after mother started a job in the only backed off after the White House. Council done MC man said to him. You know this. The tv show right. The drugs excuse. Why thought he could, via Robert Mauler biggest rubber Miller, apparently is to be a member at one of drums, golf courses, and he quit tromp never gave my money back.
Seriously so this is not overburden it's over. Putting what's gonna bring down the gauntlet worth Stormy Daniels now more is. Is there any one? Trump has in fact on the golf course centres in since mowers. Investigation is largely about whether trumped up attempted to obstruct justice. Now that includes drums threats, who fire Mahler himself Oh yes, the man with the great brain.
Disturbing geniuses, like really really slide, has threatened. The job of the guy was investigating him after firing. The last guy you investigate today, Don Junior said she I thought I was supposed to be the family dipshit. So this glass, this adolescents, this story breaks during Sean, had additional hannity, of course, since it's bad for Trump instinctively denies it a few minutes later, they actually report. No, it's confirmed so how He throws right away to a high speed chase and after the car crashes, the suspect gets out, and these white
Damn shown some days, you just can't win her body, but really all over the right wing media. They are all in on this idea that Trump is not the perpetrator of a crime, these, the victim. It's it's a corrupt. The eye hell bent on taking down Donald Trump, its deep state people for fun
Take it to the deep state is not going to bring down the deep friar might bring down react: hunger, congressmen, Devon, Nunez Republican, representing the district of trumps colon. He has a level that he can't shorty body, but it's all there, everybody and rush limbo. Oh my gosh rest limbo is so in on this he said the CIA, probably faked the evidence of weapons of mass destruction back in the Bush era, to trick. Into invading Iraq. And kids, that's why you should stay off the opiates stick with maybe a year now in our country is such a laughing stock. Now that job sessions are attorney general is in Dublin,
was they just left with Trump the other day. This is just sessions tweet, I'm not making this up said. Other world leaders are clearly treating him as an equal with respect as one of them. This is where the bar is now the american presidency. Other leaders saw leader and didn't point and why I let him sit at the table. Unequal guy tromp was in Davos, which one quick trip he got right down to business. He met with the head of the African Union who with us,
the president of Rwanda and charmed him boy, you offered to elevate Rwanda status to most favoured shithole and drop as a new immigration plan, and we heard this for the the dreamers can stay if he gets twenty five billion dollars for the wall, which used to be used to say, would cost a billion at Mexico would pay for it, but his followers don't say that not also. Not the Trump rejected. The Democrats first offer to fund the. Because he wanted to preserve, build the wall as a slogan in twenty twenty say. The word. What kind of more valuable to him as an idea than a reality like his marriage I think the long white may have got out there. You know it
is there anniversary this week that thirteen anniversary, of course, Trump said the wrong thing? Is it thirteen used together? I would buy you all over again it sadder than that. Actually they didn't say anything. We ve, never dinner, no tweets back and forth about that. Nothing and Maloney was supposed to go to Davos with him, but at the last minute, didn't they said, gambling and logistical reasons: yeah, that's bureaucrat
work for. Why? Don't you take the porn star? You were fucking. Baby, I gotta admit, deserve a pussy had Abdalla. You know this is how bad it is. God, I'm not kidding. Instead of going to Davos with Donald Trump, her husband millennia went to the hall, costs museum
to cheer up, she signed the guests book. I know the feeling I mean and she let a candle to more in the dark day. Two weeks ago, when drums doktor said he was in good health and it was of delay a wreath on the tomb of the unknown trophy wife, but you know who's not mad at double drop for screwing aboard star the event genitals.
Did you see this their head dune said we give em all again again, one little blemish on an otherwise spotless christian life. I'm not sure Mulligan is what gets you from trumps life to a life of a decent human being. I think the word for that is reincarnation are right. We got a great dahlberg here, a little later, all these wrecking what that guy was a delightful Zoe. Data now was dragged about what I should partners now speaking out against the dangers of social media. Robert Robert Roger Mcnamara. I see you all over tv you're not running for president. Are you not yet? No, but you know you are sounding the alarm. We have that in common. We have been talking about the same thing: the dangers of Facebook and the phone, the little phone than what's that done to us unless
start with the term brain hacking, because you just have to no one term and what it is and why people like us or screaming about this, I would say it's encapsulated in that term. You explain it so my partner, Tristan Harris who was a guest of your Yasser layer of Euro area here coined the term because when he discovered was that essential We the things media companies have done forever. They try to get your attention and get you to pay attention to what they're doing to sell products through advertising when they applied that I'm a smartphone it changed. Everything suddenly had the ability to predict people and if you had them addicted, you could change
what they think you could implanted addicted to what essentially whatever they like to write about it, do not have a feeling of oh they liked my lunch. Wouldn't yes, that you can certainly do that. It gets much worse than that, no actual! What happens if they create these things call filter bubbles in the guys they put you in groups. They find out what you like, and I appeal to your fear. The appeal to your anger. Why? Because, when you're angrier fearful, you are more engaged in the ads, are something you pay more attention to you do more stuff. You saw no ads. They can generate more revenue when you're in that position. What they do is they had the courage to join. These groups of people were just like you, some of whom are russian Botz, some of whom are you know, other kinds of things that are not real and when you're in that place, you everyone agreed. So when I drive to work, I see people.
The crosswalk looking at their phone or on the sidewalk. What are they looking at? What are they looking at it at that In the cross walk the way I think about it. This way it's a beautiful day in this people and things to see it's worse than that bill. What happens on their there's celebrities right by their Mu Shu date? I'm aware of this, and what are they look because I don't know what I would be looking at and that's it you're ruining agitation. When do you have a smartphone? Yes, ok, when you wake up in the morning how many minutes go by between when you wake up in the first time, you check the phone oh tat hour. They show that way more than normal about half the people in this audience check, therefore, never to minister, I now putting out all night for these generational thing. I get so much shit when I, when I criticise social media, Dick the kids, don't like it when daddy shits on their toys, whether we like it better when you clean it up, ok
all right, but I'm doing it for them, and I've seen the statistics cuz it's making them sadder dude when we were young, we didn't listen to our parents either. Okay, so I don't think that's the right tactic, Yes, it makes you sad or make I'm not really a daddy. It was just a metaphor- I'm not even so perfectly qualified. Ok, but I have seen Is that this is not making people feel better about themselves, is much worse than that with little kids, this notion of of missing out these products like Instagram and like Snapchat, which tell you wrote friends or together someplace in you're, not their rights, and that is causing milk is not going to feel left out. The that's a form, a boy. And eventually some of them actually go so far as to kill themselves right. You ve seen a big rise and teen suicide, so the kid we we work at a group called common sense media because their focused on how to protect children from the dangers of products like Facebook and Google, and it's a hard problem to solve its that's. Why we're trying to get people to talk about
don't we don't have all the answers today, but we do know is the problem is not only here. The problem happened, We even knew it. It was a little bit like food in the if these, when they gave you this convenience, everything's, really convene easy and fun. When you find out its fullest sugar salt, in fact well think about this. Technology is being full of sugar result in fat and its an addictive thing like cigarettes. So that's a tough combination and I think the depression factor is also be goods huge. It's it's a little like not giving sunshine. You know in Scandinavia. The suicide rates are bigger, the winner Keziah when our son a day and it's like, if you have no human contact I think it's very similar it if you're always on a screen, will it build it? The issues here at the problem is not social networking for, say the promise, the advertising business models, because what we've discovered is it the first ten fifteen minutes of usage people really are feeling better. They love to know what their family But if you stay on long enough, it keeps throwing things
actually designed to make him you they're afraid or angry, and then we'll go out now occurred. But the Big news last week was Zuckerberg, says he's changing the facebook model and it's gonna have less public content, less stuff from news organisations and corporations. Businesses is this real? Isn't gonna change any knowing your total nonsense, hotel not tell our that's. The simple way of looking at is his prescription forgetting well on Facebook is to do more of the exact thing that makes you less well and it's it's worse than that because if he had done, that change and twenty fifteen. It would have had the effect of magnifying the russian Interference and our election wrote well, and that's that
one sentence. I wish the people who argue with me by this would understand Russia used Facebook to elect Donald Trump. Obviously that wasn't the only factor, but that is a true statement. Is it not? Russia used Facebook to elect Donald trend. It started earlier than you think what they really did. They got him now. These people get their news from Facebook, which is itself scary. There are two things that people don't realize. I didn't lose source. Russia did not hack Facebook, they used it exactly ass. It was intended in. The second thing is that the russian tech- Nick was four years ahead of time. They were promoting these highly corrosive topics, things that would would cause more more anger in the country and divide the country, and they did this first for years and Trump comes along with all the same issues he's focused on immigration, is full Diane Guns he's focused on white supremacy. Those are the very things they in promoting, and so he inherited all of that investment, and he got himself
nominated and there once he was not aid, they did more stuff and then obviously, chaos took place in the problem. We have is that with all the focus on trying to prove that there was collusion all that stuff. We ve forgotten it hey wait a minute. Facebook is still there. People are going to use Facebook in twenty eighteen and twenty twenty in the same way now the Russians have shown you how to do it so literally positions apply Lord envy, namely were a tutor mentor to mark Zuckerberg menu advised them. I generally was gonna, sell it right when it was worth way. Let him he never went to sell the people around and wanted to sell it mobile. It happened. Look I was one of his men towards for a period of time. I helped him on a couple of really important things like not lose the company bring and shale samper thinks it really did matter and then, my time, it's done. That was two thousand and ten, I'm not really attention until the beginning of the democratic primary, I start to see things that you can explain, except somebody is messing with Facebook, and then I the things that art election related that are just the same way, bad actor.
So here's what happened I reached out to them in October, twenty sixteen and I'd I'd written and operate instead of publishing it it listed set. Indifferent things that I thought were systemic problems with Facebook. They could only be fixed by them. They had when it changed the way, the groundwork I senator images Cheryl ten days before the election. They were really polite and really farm. Not our problem, their basic notion was that so what about now they're gonna doing now I mean he's worth seventy five billion dollars. If what what is it with these guys? You know he wears the same shirt every day
You know these tech companies, they think they're better than regular companies, because they got a book, a nap, Rome or something like that, but really they act just like an oil company. When you talk about the greed and sexism and every everything every other Betty, I why you can't call this guy and say come on. You were supposed to be different. You what you at your big! The noblest aim is the abortive. What asked the first rule when you have a political problems to reach out to people disagree with the critics. They ve never done. They are talking to me. They are trying to do what they think they ve got it all figure. And the second part of this is, I am convinced, there's a better way to run Facebook. They could be more profitable, more successful without poison you, the brains of their users, right now, if they have as a Paris that, if they were less, is off the double. What, if he's only sixty five billion dollars, then he's not gonna? Listen to ok, I think I have
I'm feeling a better idea, because it's the only way to get into this August. We need their help to fix the problem. I'm gonna, do it, I'm gonna, do my. Thank you very much. Welcome aboard everybody here. They are either above against Rogers Documentary entitled everything from touches dies observed this summer. Rick Wilson is over here she's an author journalism earlier times. No us full time call anonymous. While congratulations. We show Gomberg bombers. Deputy deputy assistant calmer secretary now represents California, seventeen just we're congressmen, Rocard Congress together Finnish Equestriennes tonight's overtime and organise them after the show on Youtube talk about.
The thing that was pretty big yesterday, I was very surprised. Your paper got the scoop right. Yes, we data Robert Mahler. He was drunk trying to fire him in June. Here's what I want to ask Senator RON Johnson he's. You must do some familiar he's: a Republican from Wisconsin as in the monologue trumps that the perpetrated the crumb he's the victim Veronica just what it? What this is all about: a corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, the secrets is Already. We have an informal talking about a group that was holding secret meetings of off site and it turned out to be one text between two FBI. Agents who were having an affair and
It's like it's, not even the Party of Trump anymore. It's the Party of Alex Jones. The senator is the guy with the Sandwich board sign on Hollywood Boulevard challenges, you don't even add or respond to people who don't believe in journalism are facts, but here's the irony you ve got a body Congress. That's gonna eleven percent approval casting stones at long for the other. Is a Congress man talking about the purview of the FBI? I'll tell you there's only one institution people, one approach for that's the United States Congress. Probably if you look at what they're really saying about what happened, which is not easy, because nobody really lays out the whole counter narrative of what they of the conspiracy against Trump. But if you ve kind of peace it together, they think that Russia Attack Trump, that right, that Russia and
three used Christopher Steel to Channel disinformation. That would malign Donald Trump, and yet you never see any of them get mad rush For this right I mean you, certainly if they, if they believed even half of this, you would think that they would want to encourage sanctions that they would want to encourage different foreign policy. We wouldn't you at least, be suspicious. So you do know, collusion clump ends every sentence with noble happy birthday, no collusion very vocal, but that ok, that you Europe, from people and Russia, have the exact same goal is in that it odd isn't this this lurid set of fantasies they drove into their heads with its RON Johnson, accommodation of day drinking and watching eyes eyes wide shut. This whole thing is absurd, and so it's there there's no self referential moment where they go. Do I sound like a complete, cannot write,
every day these things have to and because from keeps stepping on it, they have to make it worse and worse and worse yes, hot pursuit, right or area. The republic is not even in knowledge in Hoover's role, where the F b I actually spied on doktor king. They defend that FBI, but now there are raised that the F B, I somehow spying and Donald Trump- I mean it's just absolutely hypocritical- obey the deep when its hunting brown people to deport just not. Let's talk about that. There was a lot of repercussions about the government shutdown that happened for how long was it down today? Three days, a lot of people were mad at the Democrats for doing it. The first place, a lot of people were mad at them for with Chuck Schumer caving. I beg you wrote that article ok, but I saw protein there's outside of humours house, and I never used to see that I've seen it alive
like in the last few years. It's become a thing if you dont, like something along maker judge, do go to his house. I think this is another point. The threat of civilization you now. Let me do you know where we're touchingly lives. I this the civically he was eliminated. It does matter because the busy street in Brooklyn it's like a busy laws within a lot of people. It's not like somebody's going on to his long and waking up his wife. You know
Canada is their outside of his brownstone. I mean I've seen them do it at other peoples. Have you been doing a lot and you people they purchase transactions by what? Why? Because, because you don't want somebody making a decision based on whether a bricks gonna fly through their windows and intimidating people, went humor dumping right come outside of his house to have. Thank you, humor rallies. I meet some of these relatively mediators house. Somebody's gonna love for you does. Nobody is your allies have been organised, active synagogue because they have the synagogue at the site where a lot of people do resistance meetings, and so these are his neighbors and they feel like he should represent them, and you know I mean the thing is that it worked early on Shucks tumor was being very conciliatory towards tromp was saying that he was going to vote for some of his nominees and he found out that his name or neighbours in his constituents were furious about this new changed is tat.
And one final up, we'll work. It would certainly have been. Why do you say to that? Is the Iranian went wrong? You sign up the one for office, you sign up for the messengers of democracy and look at how desperate those kids are. I mean when you have Jose Garcia at the Detroit Airport Cindy his wife is crying his twelve year old kid is crying ISIS telling Garcia go back. The Mexicans don't come back for ten years to see your kids. If that was your family, wouldn't you be out there protesting for everyone in power, while I'm in here you bring up or not, I mean I agree about. You know I'm in trouble may not be Hitler, but ices, the Gestapo
their action. But I also tell me why of all the issues before us, why doktor is the one I'm with you on the issue, but why of all the issues? This is the one where we shut down the government, because there are other issues which, when they pick Neil grudge when when when they wouldn't give rather Obama, his Supreme Court pick four year, maybe shutting down another emotional issue. But it's because in port the Democrats are holistically bad picking choose that move, people they dont already have they ve already got everybody. Everybody who agrees on died. They ve already got those voters. They need to go out, especially in in a year where they ve got a potential to tie the Senate. They need to go out and work voters that are in that in that that those democratic nails that voted for Trump, who are not treated
republican voters, those low propensity folks, they need to expand the base based plus the way politics really works in the end of the day. You're Trump is making the category mistake of only appealing to the base of thirty three percent, and if the Democrats just pitch to Dhaka, just picture about amongst the wrong on that issue. I'm just sing them run ragged about major realities in the chemistry, the politics you have to do something that gets you outside of people who are already supporting every one of those people that are motivated by Dhaka is already building democratic, but they chose Dhaka. They didn't choose Dhaka because they said what issue should we make our final stand on? They chose it because there's this deadline that Trump imposed on March, better areas and there's a visual there's. A lot of just settle Kelly remain, and they have this budget bill that there really desperate their desperate to pass something besides the sea are they want to increase military funding rate? And then I Personally, I think I mean you don't have to shut down the government there. Still the Democrats who believe in the government you know, but you had also these sort of personal bits of leverage over trumpet that he really
wanted to have as dumb Party at Mara Logo and he really wanted to go to the Davos and have all the plutocrats. You know who used to snub him finally treat him with respect and he doesn't want to preside over a shut down government where we give this first state of the union, so they had a bit of leverage there that they gave up too quickly Poles actually showed that kind of our thinking they said. Oh, you know, people are gonna, be there so worried. Swing. Voters there so worried about Trump space. People are blaming Republicans for the shut, and one point is this is not actually a part as an issue. Of course it was a partisan issue. Here's what we need to remember. Thirty, four Republicans in the House of Representatives, one of
rumours of the majority. Eighty four percent of Americans wonder about on the dreamers there's one person who is responsible for the shutdown and it's not church homer. You know who it is its Paul Ryan. If it gives us a vote in the House of Representatives- and you know it was argued- is- is caught in the heat in the in the corner of a dilemma: he's got the Freedom caucus guys on the one side and we're gonna lose their seats on the other, and then he can't to make up its mind on who the piss off that's. So its pig, sixteen percent instead of eighty four percent of the american people. Could I just said about the government should turn the government. Shutdown is actually underway. Anyway, all the time since Trump took office. I was looking at some of these statistics not filled more than six hundred vital jobs in the executive branch. The state department they cut by eight percent of the greatest, took that out of there s right
there's just no reason for that. It sounded like research. Ten percent would have been too obvious. For the top jobs and the Veterans administration. I mean the the can Sumer Financial Protection Bureau that in how much money they asked to fund that this year, zero. They asked for zero and an echo terrorist headed the EPA that kind of thing. This is a government shut down in motion, ok
I just want to show you some pictures here from the one that woman's march, that does some of these. You can show another shows, that's why I really want to show this good. There was it did anyone go to the woman's march, this thing and they march all across the country, and some of them had some very funny signs. I love this one or bomber. Are you coming home soon? The baby sitter is weird anything you can do. I can do bleeding a woman, real millennia, Oda HO kill that John and his slave and embrace yourself. I've saved the best Berlin,
but this is an older woman, look at hers, I called tromp accompany, lacks depth and wanted you gotta love, Donald Trump. These, nothing, if not think he tweets out beautiful weather, a pervert Dave role, mockery, celebrate the historic milestones it's over his economics that has taken place, laws, female employment and eighteen years. This idiot thinks
celebrate again. Where we actually found. There was a small enclave in the march of from supporters. He did when white women in the election. So would you like to see them and there are signs of the vision of the women who actually like Trump, proud female graduate from view Democrats or dildos? I want a real pricked. The news is bigger than my orgasm. I like big,
once and I cannot la checking back the country which were originally top wife. Never wore may not be a woman who knows what it's like to have. Two boobs pours Ladys need pussy grabbers nominees, whether husband, Jacob recently created the farm projects, road healthy eating, so radiation. Yours in Georgia would movies television, and I know you show was ending. That must be a little bittersweet, yeah yeah.
But but good to focus on nothing. Well, now the new girl, a new things. Why have you on? Because we share this passion about food and- and I guess the first thing we always have to confront with this- is people watch some times and they go well? Look at those Hollywood chives you talking about that examines whole foods food. You know what's wrong with regular food and how do you make it? Not an elite is thing just to want good to healthy food. Well, I think it starts as something that we all can relate to I'm a mom, and I had only different relationship with food before I got pregnant with my first daughter Elsie a very selfish relationship with food. I was, I was young. I was
I was yours alone were young. We can get away with eating sure. That's that's really. What I only thought about, does it tastes good or does it make me make me believe very silly thing and when I pregnant. I started thinking about food in a different way, because my daughter's health was balanced. So, I said researching what I was eating. Ledge of what would you say, what should people be asking? I don't think anyone wants an actress to tell them what they eat but that's why you're here you're actors to do your were about transparency, because there is very little transparency in the food system and we want to empower consumers to ask questions about the food that they like what questions lake
Are there plans in this meets our their innovate audits in this meat road? How were these vegetables grown? How far did they travel and I think it's more basic and that I would like to talk to for with hormones in my One. The hormones network makes athletes good. That decision up to them to me right, but you know you right not want to make that no new words about you wouldn't want antibiotics in your system. Unless you absolutely inland or do you have any plans and stand by doktor below the doktor prescribes him to the right? That's the problem is that they give it to the animals. Rhyme makes them healthier and fatter and, of course, makes more money, for them will make them fatter. I'm not sure if it makes them well run, not a scientist
I will I work. One of us is the signs, but we we encourage curiosity on the part of consumers to to interact with their food and get get in touch with their food and earth The farmers markets, the food they buy. Is that the aspects because with your people incorporate food insects now is a then your dad's we're doing wrong. Just use your sex life, ours. Was we weren't gang like what's right? Well and once this thing you do with attention, because I'm very yeah Bob with them- and I love thy Now- that's wonderful out of the little web show there than what is that teach people? It's called here, Footsore, it's an it. Basically
very short series. We made five and then I've made a few more with attention. That are just about different topics. Different food topics think bread fearing rose, my doctors say to marry. One sees it if I could only three words to say to get people have you would be Johnny Bread but wise, bad brain it s. A bad right is bad right right is look at well. Well, it depends on the gas. You could make a good bread. We don't make good bread again, I'm not telling anyone want to eat. I own a well bred issue really is first of all its full of phone. That's what about phone What do you think about fungus? I don't
opinion on vital opinion on funders, except I I'm a hawk odds, voting we like we. I I'm curious about food in and I love going to farmers markets at my right. My to two and a half year old will cry if you bring her broccoli to the table, but if you let her go outside and see the broccoli grown and growing in the garden shall run essential ETA and she'll be excited about it. So wait. What does she grown promptly if I preparatory actions are off? The word is a girl on a trade and what it where it is rapidly growing grows on the ground or I know it starts in the ground. I didn't think it fell from this guy, but I mean like it's a complex, your where broccoli comes from where it is.
They come from the guy. That's ok, I feel like I've, torturing you with the interview, I should have their delay. Thank you and your husband come over and I will show you what I eat. Ok, I won't be broken bread. Let me tell you my my family is french and migration. Oh, what a great my mother may spread almost every other day and she's incredibly healthy area. He makes our new nurse and it's free.
Entered and it's the old fashioned way of making Brad Self. I think they are only a few and join bread, and maybe it maybe one July bread move on this. It is terrible that we have. The governments are big. So what we made delightfully light does a big so disturb me, but I can ignore the story. The seed every day, the news in this is this doctor Larry Nasser who abuse disposition and trust horribly sexually assaulted over a hundred girl, on our olympic team. It just couldn't get any worse. Maybe this is why you know I've never been able to quite come out against the death penalty, even though a lot of my liberal friends what may too, but somebody like this now, I I just can't do it but did the same day. I read about that. My read this headline in the New York Times. Afghan pedophiles get free pass from. U S, military
on five thousand seven hundred and fifty three occasions, the United States military reported gross human rights abuses by the afghan military, including many examples of child sexual abuse, is supposed to cut off. Military aid. When that happens, not why Did that happened? It's called backup. Actually, I've read about it before Ives Vice did a thing about it once it's this now I've got to stand not just the military but any well to do older man has a boy comes about nine year old, kids, who is kind of a. Ex life and I feel like when a dark kids go says we should we're up in arms. But this to me is the bigotry of low expectations. There's a there's. A fine line between being culturally sensitive when you're a military force. Two point: four million and the fact that that name depends on you for their very survival. Where You have a little bit of leverage, culturally speaking where you can say here, you know we're gonna go.
But the Taliban come in here and cut off your damn heads. If you don't stop the whole kid screwing thing, I mean there is will we have the nerve to project our values of well of our power. Cadres here right is that this was actually something that the Taliban did a lot just eliminate and that the Taliban ironically wearing hard line on. So we sort of brought back the warlords, and think it's even increased since the american invasion, and so were in this terrible position of pet of propping up the p where it is doing as against the other values, so that your religion is not a get out of outrage card or what to think about religion, its afghan, very specific definition,
and then there is, there is a law, as you were, the Lehigh amend yes right. Then we humans says that you can't funded, but here's the point instead of being there for sixteen years with our troops and all the money we spent. If we got out of Afghanistan and spend one percent on that, looking after these kids and women, we do a far more in promoting our values. So it's not just there. Ok war were near the Middle EAST. Let me ask about a big story that happened. While we were off in December Donald Trump, today we finally acknowledge the obvious that you're Jerusalem is Israel's capital. He said Israel Real is a sovereign nation with the right, like any other sovereign nation, to determine its own capital. I hate to agree with Donald Trump. Doesn't happen, often I do. I don't know why Israel, it is been there capital, since one thousand nine hundred and forty nine, it is where their government is. They were all the wars thrown against them. I don't
understand why they don't get to have their capital where they want. Really you dont use there Y understand. There are repercussions, I mean it. The first one Then you win a war, you don't get to take the other side's Landry under include one largely you do understand as well as well, especially when they were attacked the mean that the country was divided, which they were ok with. They were attacked, more than once, and they took land in those words that they won, and there has then please offers on the table ever since to give part of that land back the hairs are they Tromp says: he's gonna strengthening Eric and national interests now they're, a hundred and twenty eight countries, including Britain, France, Germany, India, who voted against us. If we, if we're gonna, do this, there is a cost. What did we get? What did we get for
this means that deal maker in change. What are we getting an american? What happened? What happened for the fifty years before I mean this has been a fact on the ground for fifty years of Israel has been estate for seventy. I think me that it is It is the capital of Israel. I recognise rose point that, if we're gonna be an arbiter in this peace process that just declaring this, without having it trying to use. That is as a point of leverage in those debates in those discussions, might have given away a card that we would have held. I dont think, though, that I dont think, though, that you know that this is going to finance alter the conditions on the ground there, because the Palestinian Authority, How many government is so collapsed in terms of being an effective political force in the process that the status quo,
was gonna, be the status quo, with an improbable shared with the message that it sent to everyone in the process, so it sent a message to the Palestinians that the United States is going to be even more pro Israeli than in the past, and it sends a message to the local government that you can basically do what you want, and so they responded by putting a resolution essentially calling for the annexation of the West Bank re caught. They they passed legislation that would make it much harder to come to any sort of fight. Final status agreement on Jerusalem and they ve done all these things that are going to make a two state solution impossible. So if you of its own, but it's always joys they're, making the two state solution in putting hiking. But what is making the central thing that is making the two state solution impossible is that one party is is perpetually hostile, coiled snake. They then, I think you should work. You should go and see what's happening in the West Bank. If you look at the settlements, if you look at the facts on the ground, the fact that you have basically in
that of a contiguous land. Matthew increasingly have these little cantons you and if you look at the way the, Palestinians, you most Palestinians alive today, we're not born during any of these wars, and so the idea that their life should be blighted. Because of them I mean, if you look at a map,
can do when they have to go through a tac checkpoint, write them completely lose their shit, and if you imagine doing that, everything is able to put this is always what happened. We talk about what would happen as a result, we don't look at the beginning of a like these really just put up those checkpoints for no reason they put up those checkpoints because they wouldn't intifada and they were having bombings every day a pizza, parlor or bus stop was getting blown up. That's why they built did not. Then, on our known real, but also because they want to take that land, I mean they're, not putting up the side of the insurance Bellevue since their building up the settlements, because they want to have greater Israel and they're gonna, get some of them they're going to serve and get it where there's gonna be a one way street solution. So then the question is: what is that one state right is a jewish or as a democratic, because a caregiver absolutely, and that is a big problem
do you know when the man, what like the gun, is to Israel's head? Is it s reply, but rarely Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres is in Israel? I mean Benjamin, yet Yahoo has done Israel's cause no service in this country. I mean what we need is heard. I've had waited before who talked about there's a little talked about. The two state solution is a little different when you live in that hostile environment, which personally should go see what life in the West Bank I would like. First of all I mean you don't have to go to understand, which I understand will hide to really get your head around how bad it is. Unless you steal with your own eyes, I understand but what is because they simply building you settle, probably not, but Israel built gave back Gaza and what was the result, did they use the funds
to build schools and hospitals. No, they they use them to build tunnels. To get weapons in and they may be invited to Hamas into two. Show my shell. Israel can rest the ones that you're out in Gaza who having DAS. As as the bears the power player in the palestinian movement, you basically got implacable hostility,
You basically got and we can say some of its justified because of the israeli expansions remit. A lot of it is drive the Jews into the sea on the ground, and you can't those art that that's not a partnership where you got people dealing with equitable spare. You don't cut the balls off of palestinian moderates running the West Bank have to cut the balls off this discussion. Will. Thank you very much when it's time for new now that I Tanya receive astern nomination. Someone must tell me ass. Was the western your Harding Unlock, promoting and on the red carpet it in job, as is considered a drinks, to say, good luck, and of course we all know what would happen if I tell it to break a leg, neural, no more automatic soap dispensers at the airport. I'm tired of feeling like a robot just softly, came in my hand, neural somebody has to break into Sean Hannity. That is starting to look like the hotel clerk and in nineteen thirty screwball comedy. I know he's talking about Hilary, but it looks like he's darling, Kara, Lombard now say. Madam, you cannot bring, cannot bring a tiger into this hotel euro. There is such a thing as too many houseplant I'm over bringing major indoors, but when I need in the machete to reach the kitchen, you know you ve ever done it when you come home from work and find a loss tribe of pygmies living in the long run. Neural Nicaragua gum these smoking. Cessation aid must come with a pair of industrial strength, scissors or wire cutters or a blow towards, because I gotta tell you by the time I get one of your bitter shit checklist added, the God Damn blister pack. I need a cigarette. Finally Neural Donald from keeps insisting that these be least releases presuming anyone has ever met. Yes
explain why these single most consistent thing in his whole life is: he loves to pick fights with black people. Of all these myriad insanities, if I had to pick one line for his tombstone, it wouldn't be Here- lies Donald Trump picked fights with black baby. I mean really think the bullets column, copper, Dick Lamar Ball, Barack Obama, Eric hold the war widow from the failed rate in Nigeria. The war widows congresswoman the central park. Five stuff curry, the USA basket. While players arrested in China will be over April,
Ryan the entire and affect the cast of animals in the city of lead to full legal pawed Chicago deserve student. I jury eluded the huts, Haiti. They all had aids and the entire continent of Africa, a Shithole Charlotte though, very fine people on both sides would be a joke, comes from whether I could continue this list, but we'd be here through the end of February, which is black history month or as Trump to say all months matter.
Is it just a coincidence that he's perpetually pissed off at the NBA in Vienna fell, but golfers and hockey players never seem to bother him on the country he wants tweeted effect Gulf is no good eggs and pain. Like others, we don't gulf its amazingly remedial. But what then his entire presidency is amazingly remaining linear times. Reports that Trump hate watches see an end to get worked up, especially dawn women. Hum of all see, thence anchors, what could possibly be done that incentives and the most as of today has tweeted about Obama, two thousand and five
hundred and ninety nine times, justice it's on Obama, being a canyon who cheated his way into college good fella book. Entitled. Are you there, God? It's me dumber column, capper neck is the son of a bitch was Marshall Lynch at all the blackened foe players who take a because the very ungrateful kind of a theme with Trump ungrateful, stiff, curry, ungrateful, yes, is he hesitated on going to the White House so drunk to back these? attention you never sent just someone who didn't want to go. Then there were the three you see allay basketball players and got caught shoplifting in China. Finally, something trump good relate to steal it, but what were they grateful? No Trump tweeted to let him in jail.
Because, even though they thanked him, it wasn't really from the heart guys want to see it's done! I'll show you how it's done excuse presidential leadership you're one heck of a leader. Thank you are present in trouble For allowing us to have you as our president, that's our minister drop legs- is ass, kids, but here's the problem, Mr President, by our calculations, you're going to completely run out of black people. Do they contrived feud with by the phone with twenty nine June. You'll, be down the Wooten clan, faint, famous, AMOS Mister Dick? So I was thinking how could you hate almost as much and then it dawned on
there is one white person you, above all, others only really done all that you really really really hate rosy. Then I'd, look a right in that fat, ugly, face oversight, so rosy you're fired so that we have it API. I think that xenophobia classic- and it's actually pretty easy to do you think Kenya is a pain in the ass ever met bottle, oh there's plenty of us irish times you can fume about, for example, get Iraq Surely obsessed about William Neeson token? That's what I
we have to respond to a bottom? What are your movies? Collared Farrah? What are you keep working? You made more bombs in the earlier re. Any sound like the ocean is dying, search, eroding lack actors with normal names like stormy, so what you twenty two could do: a perfectly good acts and bodies beneath its daddy's exit. These citizens, like Bela, Lugosi, Canada, Gregor you had one job bidding the shit out of a black eye. You, let us all down Ronald Reagan. What's with the crazy make up and hair you, the president run out to look like a cloud toga hunters Cutler, always inhaling when what you do mostly is blow tat, no arranged Tang you're the around, and I want to thank my guess all day, right, you're makin, a munificent watching me not mind each be oh dont com
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