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Ep. #450: Anna Deavere Smith , Vicente Fox

2018-02-16 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Anna Deavere Smith, Vicente Fox, Fran Lebowitz, Salman Rushdie. (Originally aired 02/16/18)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO real time, the film
I know why you're happy. I know why you're good you guess. Why do they, because today MID Run,
formally announced he's running for this added a new to me. Remember when every liberal in the world I did Mitt Romney and thought it was the worst person in the world now, every time I see him, I'm like we had a deal, insane Mormon who believe in the planet cola who could run the country. Well. The other good Bob Mahler indicted. This is big I know this is a slow moving story, the indictments and it's like eyes glazed. This was big today indicted thirteen russian nationals, three russian companies for their plight, their are EU social media to Ratfuck are twenty sixteen election you now trump boys is no pollution getting club. The indictment guideline says the Russians were in communication with
unwitting individuals associated with the Trump administration yeah. That's the problem on women it could have been anybody. You know it, but it goes into. This indictment goes into great detail about how, when these Russians posed as a Merrick did so discord among us. They went to great lengths to appear there were regular, real Americans. They want space on American web servers. They used american slang, they gain fifty pounds. And you know I just want to ask the term voters. I know you're right data be right. What is left for you he's plainly. A trader who doesn't defend his own country and released is budget. This we'd member,
the campaign he should. I would never cut Medicare, like the other. I would never cut the budget cuts hundreds of billions of dollars in these terms, supporters do not concern lives there drew Barrymore in fifty first states. If you lose your memory every night, it all starts to make sense and then trumps EPA, chief. You know this guy Scott poet who thinks climate change is a hoax he's under fire because been flying first class. And the reason if, as he has to ask as people in coach yell at it, he says it's a very toxic environment. Politically you no one else, has a very toxic environment, the environment page crazy and make it away with all these serious crimes because they distracted with silly sex scandals. You know now, on top of stormy Daniels. Well I mean
funny when I mean to be On top of this door me Daniel scandal, the new Yorker is running an article now that says he had an affair from patent. If I run the same time with the Playboy Playmate name, Karen Macdougall, it was there same here. The stormy Daniels thing Maloney. It was just the right ever having a baby. Day. So he was, he was cheating on his newly one wife. There's no born baby with a porn star Anna Playmate, my pants, your thoughts,
this good Karen Macdougall. I guess it was destined that you'd wider, but Rob I checked her play May data sheet today I have all the back issues, etc. Turk, doctors or a fat liars. You smell, like gay, I've saved their lives in the sky, and she says after the first time they had sexy, offered her money every time after that, he just said Mexico's gonna pay for that, but you know how they paid her off trumps buddies at the national inquire gave her a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. For the right to her story and then didn't run. It see inquiry yeah, they're readers and the same demographic ass, the Trump voter, old white, angry and
challenged by the world's easiest crossword puzzle. Now stormy Daniels got paid off. We found this week by while this is what he says, Michael calling trumps more lawyer. Who says he paid story out of his own pocket. A hundred and thirty thousand dollars even Stormy said that's hard to swallow. A novel corns anyway thank you republic and for once again restoring honour and dignity to the awful. Office and just in time for president's day, is Monday prizes. Yes, it's nice that we still live in a country or any child can grow up to be the next Lincoln, and by that I mean get killed with a gun. I know, but we have to hear I mean that horrible shooting in Florida Trump never mention guns,
pivoted right to the end, our right talking point Somebody signs at the Florida shooting was mentally disturb. Yes, we saw was wearing a make Amerika great again and then yesterday from finally spoke, so we must work together to create a culture in this country that creates deep and meaningful human connections like I have with my kids,
the VON good on Junior. What's your face and the other one, a great shout friendly, fell on the scientific facts of climate change, the rider and star of notes from the field permitting February. Twenty fourth on HBO Anna Diverse, Miss Guerrero cannot, we can still agreed each other with a kiss on the cheek, yes and Coronel good. Thank you listen, there's pretty amazing what you do is pretty amazing. You can be so many different people in the space of hours a lot of what Europe the about now is, I guess where they would call the school to prison pipeline. Yes- and I certainly thought of it- yes, this week after that.
Shooting because you know when you learn about what goes on, we seem to when somebody some kid is in trouble. We push them away, we don't bring them in and once they get in that prison system, it never gets better night. So this go to prison pipeline. I think really came two more Sarah public consciousness during the Obama Years Justice Department had data to show the black native American and also poor white children, are discipline more harshly than their middle class and an upper class cohorts a lot of things at a kid might do in school that a white kid would it be called mischief. You know and poor kids get pathologies sent to jail and it really starts with expulsions and with suspensions that she could figure out about when Sir
number of suspensions MIKE predict that a kid is going to end up in juvenile hall and then from there into that cycle of mass incarceration, which of course destroys communities and families and everything else. You know you brought up the recent events in a high school, and one of the things about that is that Nicholas Cruz was expelled and schools have a lot of limitations. We want to criticize schools, I'm I'm not so happy after two hundred and fifty interviews and for geographic areas that I've been so to call my project about the school to prison pipeline, which you find out is that it's really poverty begins to fritter away people's lives. But having said that, you know he was a key. He left school and once he left school there was nowhere form to go and if he was able to get any kind of mental health services in school, you know he was just on the lives right and it just a minute can happen anywhere. Somebody
to me and others. Schools in this country that look like prisons, they goes and those kids are more to wind, up in prison, and there are cut high schools that look like colleges and those more likely go to college. That's right, but not always, and we gotta get we're gonna get all the schools to look like colleges, or I think schools will have to become something like community centres where people can get multiple services. Parents, they need to be in there and an hour. I will, as so often, teachers get blamed for the problems that we have right now, but you know I think more schools are going to look like prisons, given these reasonable course tromp is taking on more and more money from, of course, all the money had to go to the rich people's tax got so everything gets cut, you play a lot of men. Sometimes in your shows that might happen asked it did. But you know if you have, if you
sometimes in this culture. If you play something that you're not to get mad at you, you know like if you're a white person you play an agent. They said that should have got you hear that from. Like how dare you boy and I I don't we are actually no- and I don't know it- may be one of the few benefits of being african American that I'm less likely to get in trouble for playing you then you would for playing me so what right. So who is favoured man to play currently in the show you and I don't really have favorites, but I do. I think, let's just say that I think will. First by Jean Louis I play congressmen Jean Louis Eddie, and the whole play and my place my place usually start with outrage, and then they go to a sort of form of mourning and then they usually end up with love or forgiveness Jean Louis really after this foul play of seeing violent acts like
Even on your, shall you covered some of the things that I was interested in the kid from Texas in a pool party who was thrown across the lawn by a big cop, young Shikar in Colombia, South Carolina thrown across getting try a big big football coach cop trying to get her out of her chair, throwing across the room and even Freddy Gray. So after all of these kinds of images that are very troubling, I try to bring it all home with acts of courage, Bree Newsome, who climb the flagpole to bring down the confederate flag after the Charleston massacre, and then for John Louis. So I mean, I think, to tell these stories of this country. You path to tell it through the voices of many people, not just one reiterates, and not just one gender dimension. Forty gray, those those cops or there were six of them- they're all acquitted and their own working again and three them
african American, so that's that's an interesting die, don't think the rays of cop really matter. So much else. What I'm saying I mean because there in the therein this system run on that I dont understand how they think, but they're they're working for a system which has roots along You know there was a famous prison called part when farm in Mississippi that pretty much was behaving just like slavery and and people the convicts had to grow crops and they were very profitable and the people who walked around with guns really keeping an eye on these worker prisoners were black
men called trusty. Sometimes they had been murderers. So it's not a new thing that we would have black cops or black people in that position. Cops are all about protecting property. Well, I think they would probably say that there would want to extend that a little too projecting people Well, people with property recently visited so why you work professor. What do you make of the kids today? crazy hair in the area music or is not about a sad about the crazy hair and they yeah yeah music at Vienna been teaching for a long time. So I can't confess how long are you know really how old I am, but I have three words for you: Bill MAR ninety thousand dollars: that's what it cause rather go to film school and why
you were currently teach reversal. We don't need anyone informs go well, we have now filmmakers the people visit. This has got to end up. We got it, we ve got to get. The kids are studying real shit. Ok, if you want to be a filmmaker, you will find a way to do it. The arts does not need the help of the government and other too conservative zation, you probably hated, but that's my view. Well, I think that government needs the help of the arts. Maybe the other way around, but I'm sorry. Ninety thousand dollars to take her to go to act in the US is gradually well, I mean look college, that's gonna, be a big issue in the next election. Democrats want free collar and they want single pair. They want some real high ticket items, but they don't have the balls to You know where the money is the Pentagon D. It's really means defence contractors, that's
the money is that we need to get to fix the things in America that need to be fixed? There would actually make us very well what notes from the field is about really. Is that the question I pose is about investments in a row, are we going to invest in, and in my case I'm asking are we invest in education. Are we gonna, invest in prison sentence now, certainly headed to the prison side? Are we going thus in mental health, are we going to invest in prisons, its leaning towards a prison side? We have a country perfect murky. Who was at one point our surgeon general went around the country and he interviewed a lot of people we found out. This is a country in pain, not physical,
an emotional pain, so true, going to continue that right over there. Thank you so much your resource as its these do again the literary line whose latest level is the Golden House. I read it its awesome Salman Rushdie is Fiji contributing Vanity Fair, who is speaking at better Royal Hall in Seattle, this Sunday night friendly words up what you just said about its assert country. I feel like when we were in school. I never had such an idyllic upbringing use just like leave it to be very, never never, in my mind that someone would come into the school with a gun, So what went wrong in America quickly.
How to fix the Smithsonian Mascot in one would, but would wrongs, guns and Bob how you fix it is by stopping people having them. Well then, I would have liked. This is where you know where I came in. The first of your shows that I was ever on was politically incorrect right, which was the show that happen immediately after the Columbine shoot. And I remember, beyond: therewith TED Nugent, from the array of the thing, I'm done to you over the years. You could be in touch with real intellectuals. It just seems as if it twenty years, we haven't learnt a goddamn thing. Well and the cure is just there in front- you got, you could see what the curious with other countries.
I've done it I've, maybe I'm just us, maybe I'm a cargo adopting But I feel like something is different about this time, and maybe it's because the the chill we are speaking out were hearing from them directly. I feel like this is a powerful weapon that we haven't had before it's like. In Vietnam, we had Walter Cronkite and now we have? You know what a sixteen year old girl did. You see this tweet Trump tweets out my prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting no child teacher. Anyone else should feel unsafe and the american school Sarah tweets back
I don't want your condolences. You fucking piece of shit, my friends and teachers were shot. Multiple, my fellow classmates or dead. Do something instead of sending prayers. Prayers won't fix. This I've been saying that for years is so great that it is put onto. We can stop the prayer. I can't help Africa they'll be voting very soon. Voting time. Sixteen euro. They can't do worse. I see two things. We have a worse Congress good. We have worse administration, we couldn't, even if we had, even if they were
the Congress and you think you would think, wouldn't you that the one thing that would not be a party political issue is protecting our children in school is one thing that matter what you think politically, how right wing or left wing you are that every parent and America would think I want. I don't want to think of my kid going to rule. Is today gonna be the day and yet it is a party political issue? Astonishingly, now I may not, because you his worth, think they don't think anything party that is really keen on protecting the rights of unborn children, but once they are born the hell with on your when people say are we normalizing trump? In a way we normalized mass murder of children,
I think we can normalize anything I mean when Columbine happened. It was like the biggest story of the year and then it became like you know, a bad car accident or something it was reported. We forgot it in the next couple of days, like simply try to protect people in cars. We make them Russie balanced. We made in politics under the backseat dress, like astronauts, where we saw a real says that if you are in charge of a car, you have to pass the test, you don't you have to pay. That you know how to drive a car mice. What solution I think we can have this is, is I think they are here too much accent on, let's get rid of the hour fifteen's. Now we should get rid of air fifteen. I dont think gun nuts first, will they loved guns it's their hobby? They have lots of them to find a way to get offers many rounds as they want.
I think it has to be in very strict to leave taking the word of the inner rate, which always says why you messing with US law bindings, everything is law abiding, so that means this. Kid was looked into thirty nine times there right his door. Will you these things on your record that church shooter a few months ago. I think in South Carolina lots of things on his ragged lots of red flags. I think give you a wife Peter anything like that. You couldn't get a gun. You have to be completely clean that, I think would take care of a lot of this, because many people have guns anymore. It's just that
though, how one should have a then why should anyone have a gun? Well in Amerika? I need you needed then cause you have the show, if exotic, but most people don't how two days ago they don't need a guy in most countries of the old than another dog. I could use the most countries in the world that is actually quite hard to get a gun even in, but should whole countries like out there in the ship, What right it was actually quite hard to get it well, that's partly because there are Bent of it was hard to get them in the old West to their guns are not cheap, but what I'm saying is there? The other their most countries have sensible rules about how you get hold of a gun. This country is reducing the number of rules, yes, every minute So let me ask about this mother and diamond S, trying to tell him this. This is actually big, because two things came really sharply into focus, one, that this is not a hoax,
even though Donald Trump has been saying, it's a wicked witch hunt and a hoax for ever. This makes clear, not a hoax, this what happened and that they were really trying to get Trump elected will first, they were just against Hilary. Put no put. New Hilary was the stronger. I know you don't like it, but potent knew she The stronger and I've heard compared to damage company our door right. Hilary benn may use the one you liked Bernie is like, and they also try to help him. Yes, they did try to help burning and I've been here to work from home today. Have you were now, but I dont think he was in collusion with no, I don't think he wasn't really good at it. Since the Russians were so active in doing that, those Bernie people who were frothing at them. The dimension of Alaric Clinton might think about that. The next time they start rolling, and today you too
I think it's very smart because he's going really carefully step by step to establish yes, it was real, really happened. There's no smoking gun so far. The links it to Trump, but you know that may be the next step. But what I think is odd is: is the oldest statements aid there's, no indication that this affected the election result and if you think about what the Russians are trying to do. They were trying to help kills time. Just I any, but yes, anybody or heard Hilary jewels time got fifty one thousand votes in Michigan right. You know the margin of victory was what twelve that they were trying to help not after they decided to stop helping Bernie Sanders. They tried to foment discord between the bone, it Hilary culture that happened, everything the Russians were trying to do ass happened. And how can you then say there's no evidence that they were instrumental,
Can they not be impeaching him now, because Trump gets his information from the same place that Robert I got his information for this indictment. The FBI so he knew this all along as well. This time that he has been saying what he finally admitted, that it was now today finally said it did it was happening. He knew but he's so does it include variable offence to business, was under way, and I didn't do anything about it. He said I talk to you and I believe that what is after nine eleven Bush said you know. I talked about London, I believe a surprising didn't I mean he he he knew wasn't even care. Yeah, it's Emmy people still say. Even you still say. Why do they do this because he's a liar
He's a disinformation this same places where we do have risen from Fox NEWS. Repeat us. Listen to the abbey said last week where these goals agreed the intelligence report, rage decided last week and no one even reason to him rising with puppets accident. This indictment is thirty, seven pages he's not with thirty seven pages. Is life got an earlier in the week by the way, the before the Senate Intel Committee all of our head and tell people were there. Oh, it was a whose home rector of National Intelligence, Dan, Goats C. I a director my from PEO Fbi, director, Christopher Ray the USA Dude nor MIKE Rogers. All of them agreed when and code said frankly, the United States is under attack is under attack, These are the words but Andrew Card whispered in bushes ear. Member at almost all these,
while they were in the little goat blindly, at almost already only seventy seven minutes, not two years, but almost all these people are trump appointees resolutely This is not like the left wing presenting a point of view to Trump which he has to distrust. It's his own people sure Republicans Congress can declare war, they could say this is a cyber war. They don't need the president to do that. What happened to the word in peace appeasement by the way you know that just it. It's just forget what it's too long but republic. It's love to throw that word. Democrats. It wanted another, they were to rules, they get to say impeachment. We don't this. The piecemeal, I don't know, but for some of my age, which you are older younger, but I've variously my age, the idea that the Republicans or for the Russians and the democratic or for the FBI
This is exactly the world turned upside down. It's like you say, please bring back bit robbery, How did this happen? I remember what we abusing bit rotten? I gave a million dollars to see he didn't become president, but things change in perspective and me a couple of because Mitt Romney wouldn't be that bed I mean who was a bed candidate and smiling making? He would be sold his soul, but I think what we very good for America would be, if you, where to run as republican classic. You know
there are lots of publicans want that same great tax cuts, a third less racist, and we need to do this. Reform is what happened in nineteen twelve and Teddy Roosevelt split, the Republican Brody's darted, the Bull Moose party and handed the election to the Democrat met. You got do what I could. Let me think trap is going to be running and the next time you don't. You know that I don't think we're in office, Oh! I don't know about that. I don't think I've been. You know I think I'll quit he'll creates not a quicker he's, a quarter Because a glitter without because he's worried about developing What about the money? That's what this is about. This is about money. What worries for him? go and if they get too close, hope make something up. You know I want to spend more time with my family,
How could I can imagine that is to use the word I burning them all away now said is if he feels are really close to him in this money thing. I can't believe I'm the one thing that kid's has to be almost establishes Luke Holdings Book collusion, which talks about the twenty years of Troy, being supported essentially by the russian mafia right with the money being handled through european banks. Now now more has subpoenaed material from European back torture back that was doing fake news, that's his answer. That's what I say to all of this. That's why you doesnt quit. I don't think he's a quicker, but Lucy are right. You know we try to keep but the latest trends here are not real time and pet. Shaming is not really one of them. That thing going on for quite a while, but we use it as a bit in people put things up, like I, a bunny poop, for you know your dog does or you're
Can you know I watched a mouse eat my food and did nothing in this kid for a while, and then people started to do that. Would hang confessional signs around themselves? Are now celebrities you're doing it or so we're saying. You like to see some of the celebrity impressionable signs, like Jeff session diverting ordered the arrest of black Panther Dunham Shrub. I don't play hookers debate. May I pay them to leave when they finished paying Bologna a trump I've gotten so good at leaving my body during sex, I can actually go shopping. Prince Harry Grandma thinks she's black irish
Stephen Miller, I collect skull like pence, I'm only here for the short list, guy from Tonga Coldplay, we get it either pulpit I miss the real friendships, modeling
Steve when I'm three bankruptcies to hair transplants and nine groping from the White House, and it's all falling into place is the unease. That's bad ass. You would see him Trump rally. Judging bill, that war is no book, is less move on, be unfair and false prophets percent. They fired folk. Iran. Now do I call you, Mr President, El President Amigo
legal. Ok, you really have become a oh, yes, you know them they are good. There's no minor! Let him in here that you really become kind. Thorn in and Simon. Oh your stuff. Going viral you, your blown up man! Well when it comes from the heart. Yes, we need com for euro offended like we'll hundred and twenty million makes sure and the ones here in this great nation. You have to stand up. You have to react to do something at all. My these size, almost gun, Ok, so I love this.
Boy: this is the David Byrne dirty tweets. You wrote real Donald Trump. Your mouth is the foulest shit hole in the world as you did, I have a good idea, but I cannot- and this is kind of a trend because Trump calls of Kim Jong on vat and little man and rocket man and gimbals him adulterated, that not in the Philippines do tardy. Obama, son of a whore and what's going on with we'll leaders that used to be and how its general and while some with some big the initiative, we orders react in speaking about this very sad event in Florida this days when you
You speak of the White House, this aggressive violin language, where you screaming aid, where you're out of racist. That's what you get thats, what you get. We need harmony, we need love, we need happy communities and those concepts don't come out of his mouth. What comes out of his mouth, what you said and the wall you gonna pay a lump sum available. Now. Let me do I have to repeat now. So let me ask you about drugs. Are you holding The violence in
it should go, is off the charge. Twenty nine thousand, I think, was the figure I read last year, but that most of those deaths or because of the drug war, which is fuelled by the United States, we are the customers and also Probably they get the guns to do the killing in this country's cycle. To come through Seattle. I was made speaker this global conference around guy lobbies and drugs cannabis. Yes, sir. Ok, Oh, this is easy, Let me tell you in Mexico next May the thirtieth work holding a global canopies summit, because we have to change precisely that huge problem. We have in Mexico, we moss
he with legalization fortunately, fortunately, finally, Mexico took the step today in all of Mexico. Then I'll government and local government will go by this legally station leaving behind prohibitionist getting into regulation for medical use first step, but we want to push forward because we need also legalised the race, because our problem in Mexico is in. This will be a surprise to you, but the headquarters of crime and cut Those are clear and united States and they are hiring mexican cartels bringing the drought from the south from
get from venezuelan from elsewhere in question myself. What happened was that drug crosses the border, but what is it doing a? What is a c I a what are they doing if is broken, apply Applied law, but fortunately many states way here as long as the profit motive is what it is. When it's illegal, I mean we ve been going through this for so many decades. Learning the same lesson over numbering. You will never stop drug trafficking as long as there's this much money in it now in this state. We just legalised it and happen to know our grower just by chance, no really at each on me. The price dropped like overnight from sixteen hundred pound to two hundred.
Round of applause. Some those knows, ladies and gentlemen, this horrible we consumption, does not increase. You move more or less supermodel money from criminals into government right through paying taxes, and this is the every sitting or your side with chapel was the man or sitting here with farmers, businessmen that are today running about new industry. This is the part of being that we want to change it. Mexico moving from crime killings from all this young kids dying in Mexico straight into a new. Industry, and this is what will happen pretty soon in Mexico, and it's happening here the area of american politics, and I know you two are. Let me, throughout this whole panel, some stats that I find amazing trump. Forty one percent approval rating, even after all, the bigotry
we in the insane tweets and treason, but there's more! This is political morning. Console pole, national security. Party, ignoring the russian meddling. Republicans led Democrats, forty six to thirty three. On immigration, they leave forty three to thirty seven on the economy. They leave forty five to thirty six jobs. They lead, I don't get it Is it the double Democrats so lame that they can't sell their programme or is it people just don't pay attention or above I think, as people have just completely stopped believing the truth? It just completely stop believing what they hear. You could say to them anything and if it happens to coincide with the prejudice system, they will accept it and, if not not- and that's, why seems you like trumps numbers have stayed roughly speaking the same for a year, they ve been down to
the eight they ve been up to forty one, but there's like forty percent of America, but that's the truth you know softening has been going on in our social lives for a long time I mean I've heard or for a long time. That's my truth in our, and I always think yes, but then there is the truth. We still have that I hope, but what you did Gretsch do I mean to someone that left say it's a waste of time to go after the white Working class, but you know in twenty sixteen forty four percent of the voters White Non College, thirty percent white College- So you know I'm no poor, man, afraid or anything
I don't know the walk and glass half full a pinky rang limited, but I can't figure out that you can ignore forty four percent of the population. In the executive, great experience in Latin America, we went all along the Twentyth century in council, dictators, authoritarian regimes of ruptured democracy he's not there or even Fredo many innovation was not there and now We can see the genius of people than I this precedent. You have here and I mean all eyes with what we have in Latin America for entry saw what is to do because something has to be done. And one thing to do- is to put in front of him a congress that has majority and the opposition this is the former we funded in Mexico stopped and so that you can domesticate him him policies
conversely gave and this nation losin deserve what it has to deal with that I'm trying to get. It is Howard Democrats going to win this next election. Not things look pretty good because they flipped thirty seats in the Obama years, they lost a thousand state seeds, state legislature, seats at a lot, so there's a long way to go and sweet? I saw the knows that Bill Clinton is now verboten on the campaign trail he's too toxic, because of- harassment allegations in the past I mean it was only when he twelve, where he was these star. The convention, under the twenty twelve convention Obama call them they explain, or in chiefly was dropping all these stats. They will. And now nobody wants to be near him now. Maybe that's right because of allegations, but that's exactly what happened in two thousand,
Gore wouldn't go near Bill Clinton. Remember because it a blow job. I can't be associated with a blow job and look I well that turned. I just don't you think of speaking as the senior citizens in prison RO. Mr President, dear child, she said always right you weren't here then I don't know if you think it's time for the baby boomers to step aside. Yes, You think it's time for me to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump. They should could they please. Thank you. Your service, could you go home and water the planet's? Yes, I think I think the answer for your post to visit what's happening across the country is a whole new kind of person is running for office.
All kinds of people never run for office before a lot of them. Are women louder than thank you very much like flipping seats which are safe in the other direction. You don't you. I think that the younger generation of different people running for office, not these. Toyota parts. I was not advocating for Bill Clinton to run for president again, I'm just saying that the Democrats have an interesting way. They handle their own internal problems, which is the opposite of the Republicans, because they still will old Man Bush out member day Copper, feel but I think the grass roots routes or adjusting right now. You know what is happening at the grass roots is something different and that may be where the hope lies in this book. This book Lisbon, one Oh, your book is, but you forgot about it back. That's right,
given the stream. Yes, I guess I may move on beyond fear and false prophets fear, because I sense in this nation a lot of fear of the September eleventh and is understandable. It was a very sad bay, but fear is not a good. We must move on it's not enemies everywhere in the world when the world was shocked, but What we see on this right leader here and in the White House Shocked- and everybody is- is this stuff with reason. Yes, one. We have to do a leadership of this nation as absolutely loss We don't know where we're going. We don't know, what's going to happen the world needs this great nation leadership and we need it
Are you gonna run and what could it? But yes, and it is these seven- it's it's really about the soul country. When I hear people talk, as I have all week after the shooting about well mental health- and we definitely should have better mental health treatment But- in this country is not built for mental health. It's kind of a second. We had a tart its way too. Greedy get mountain, a competitive, its built for money, it's not built for me. Be happy and another way in that always substitute a complicated thing. For a simple thing, when you know mental health is very complicated, Godot Guns, a very simple, so they don't mention the guns here. But how do we stop the shootings? Take the guns away. You know this guy had mental. Probably no question, but if he had them without the gun, it does matter
kids are alive. Unease in. Oh, he still unhappy, but I made you got expelled from high school. So did I, but I didn't go back and shoot the place up and by the way, are connected to the drugs debate. I think it's they put too many these kids. On too many psycho Tropic drugs when their way too young- and I dont that we know what is going to die. I really doubt when you ve riddle and in prose act and all this stuff and the kids six years old by the time it gets be. A teenager which goes goes off is met.
Never been normal in his life. I'm not surprised, half of them go nuts, and that either- and I am not saying there should be mental health services, which this administration cuts in cuts in cuts in cuts. But the gun is what she's people that you mentioned before. In other words, they tore the church down. It was a hundred year old building and the response was tat. The church now because guns, don't kill people, churches kill people that that was the response to it. Well, when the woman drover kids into the lake, some other people, but the few months that are, went to look
for that to happen and then their car when in the lake- and they said we should drain the lake- is not the way it's really not the lakes. All right, you are very entertaining paddle, but his time for new rules, everybody I get a Rome, I don't know anything about eyes, dancing routines, but I'm pretty sure that when its vendors I shouldn't be more exhausted than they are now. Let's call Europe is what they really are friend prostitutes, there's one have written to you to see their Brazil does their way of saying. I don't care about your break up one. You read someone who does neural net
Magician David Copperfield has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. He must get a new headshot. Neuralgia I have to tell the Chicago New station at things the piano Chang Olympics are being held at PDF, Chang you're too stupid even to be on television. First of all, chinese Chinese. Not korean, and everyone knows that differs Green Korea in China korean sound, like this, and Chinese also, like those. We want deal neurons
from now on, in LOS Angeles, this will be called a freeway, and that's what we call the parking lot and finally, neural psychologists have to explain how, in the age of me to the number one movie in America is about a woman on a leash, or how in romantic comedies, there are only three plots. She married her boss, stalking as romantic. And I hate you and then I love you I was so that men made most of these movies, but women bought most of the tickets. Keyser wasn't the one who wanted to go, see: failure to launch. And de shades of gray, written directed and devour. By women, because people are complicated. That's why there's a facebook category, it's complicated,
we don't know why were attracted to a woman or a man or if you obtain shape of water, a fish. Sometimes people at work fall in love. Sometimes people too, something new in bed without having a pre production meeting about it, not every guy who makes a woman uncomfortable. Did it because he's an asshole twenty seventeen was a great year for women, because finally, men have been put on notice. Harassment is going to be Oh did now so you're going to to think of another way to meet women or men are playing with fire fowls now as they should, but the movement for. There's. If it thinks we can make pain free the message transition from two people, not in a relationship to two people who are
a Harris Poles. As thirty eight percent of Americans have data coworker and thirty one percent of office. Romances have led to marriage. The rest ended happen. And yet Facebook and Google have policies where you can only ask coworker out once if she where he says no, you cannot ask again right because feelings in humans. Never change were rocks fuck, like these rom comes precisely because the men don't change. Christian gray start How does a scientist and by the Andes traded in is but one right, even toilet, z list? actually is somehow a lot of people's favorite movie, but who is made today it ought to be called in a proper it actually.
It's nothing but men hitting on their underlings and one character is such a stalker shows the door of his married crush, who won of chasing him down the street and kissing him most women, I know called the If you leave a note on their car, I'm not saying men act the way they do primarily because of movies, but they happen get this message for a long time that this is but women want. I did it what women want. But only from the men they wanted from problem. Is we don't? We want one Tom barges uninvited into the hall. Of the assistant is hired and had sex with and says I'm not running a get rid of me. How about that adorable?
if it was ten grows, not snow white is the ten tyres grossing film. Ever it's about a parental kisses, snow white. When she's out cold cute from a prince from Bill Cosby not cured at John Cusack, always Kyoto. My right, ladies always always q, even when he shows up outside, is axes AUS playing the music they used to have sex do in real life. The cops arrive, mister the boombox. We're gonna shoot him fifty seven times whose our beloved than rocky, but his first date moves wouldn't go over to well at the maid to film Festival? She don't locally.
Not bad, we, but Rocky was determined not to spend another lonely night beating is made You know, I also wouldn't try the chair. The window move by William heard in body he but worked for them isn't just an hour on woke, passed its this year's Oscar nominees beauty in the beast is about a symbol: country girl kidnapped, but it turns out as a prince. So it's ok do you think a power imbalance when the conductor dates the cellist. Imagine being done by a hoping dog monster. Phantom Red is about powerful, older man who picks up a waitress. Call me by your name, is about twenty four year old who, as a gay affair with a seventeen year old and the shape of water,
about a cleaning woman, have secret government lab who takes the creature from the black lagoon. When banks it in the bathtub, that's not workplace sex. It certainly stealing office applies second Jackson. Do they tell me everything? We haven't ninety nine watchmen?
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