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Ep. #453: Beta O’Rourke, Billy Bush

2018-03-17 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Beta O’Rourke, Billy Bush, Pete Dominick, Nayyera Haq, Andrew Ross Sorkin. (Originally aired 03/16/18)

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Well, I I know I know it's back to its aid. Patrick's data borrow it did not about beads, say batteries
as if we need another reason to drink y know more. Those kiss me, I'm irish buttons in May to our someone. Did AIDS had kissed me I'll, see ya around you're the guy, with Prime Minister was at the White House at least. We know that traditions they'll gave gave trump. The bowl of shamrocks apply from Ireland for a plan from Russia. I gotta tell you my rush. It I mean it's good to know. You know that Trump is at the helm when you hear about new attacks, as we did this week from Russia, homeland security. Did you see? This is that russian hackers have been and our infrastructure. Since March of tone, sixteen on format the electric grid, and they say they could turn it off. Now nuclear power Also aviation systems that could be the scariest. They said the reckons already have the capability to create utter Kay.
By calling all for boarding groups at once, but with Russia this is the weak. This is the weak Robert Mahler crossed the Rubicon, because he subpoenaed Troms business records. Ochres front always said this is his red line. You know don't look My business records. Well, that's where the whole game is- and I think this has made the president could easier than ever? I mean the shake ups at the Trump White
some casino just gone into overdrive. We have a new secretary of state, you know wrecked tellers and got the acts on Tuesday. He seemed at peace with it. He said. I've undone all like an undue here, so Rex was replaced at state by the CIA director MIKE Pale, and the new top deputy at state is other Nord. Who was I used to be on Fox in French, and Gary Cone who got shit can last week as the chief economic adviser is being replaced by Larry, could low, who trump watches on CNBC. You see a pattern
next week is replacing Jeff sessions with Matlock. That's that all other cabinet people, the heads of government, were about to be fired. They say the housing. Do that's been Carson, veterans Affairs guy is ready to go and national security adviser again we're going to be without one of those and the people who remain just switch, the c I director replacing the Secretary of State and it looks like the energy secretary. Jerry is going to be replacing the secretary any wants. The EPA had to be replacing the attorney general and a bunk
replacing millennia but other than he's not running. Your government is running at ten bade. You'd see it's. It's likings, calling squared answering your partner, do see. Go Rex is gone. Here's palm peo normal young people, not normal, even wives are starting to leave Don Juniors wife. Did you see this? Yes? Yes, yes, Donnie FUCK faces is why filed for divorce, she's, citing irreconcilable dizziness says so she wants to see other creates. Nobody said we don't know you look. We don't know why they broke up. You never really know right with a couple, but I'm gonna go with
pigs, but why, let's and another, unbelievable weak tromp era with a week by the way he was here in California? For the rest, I do see daddy, he went wall shopping. He was. He went to San Diego to look it's watches, but, let's put let's end, On a positive note, there was a special election in Pennsylvania, litter. Liberals are very happy that this guy Conor Lamb is the apparent. When are they say he is a new kind of Democrats could see one one. Something, and I love this trump went to Pennsylvania, campaigned against him of course, landed in the second Conor Land, one trump,
boy you want because he'd like me, like me, he's this thirty, three years old has full head of hair. When he looks down naked, he can see his penis. He was in the Marine corps, he's never gone bankrupt, never colluded with the Russians ever paid hush money to a porn star than that. It's like look in the mirror, gray hair, but firstly, they learn German. U S. Rent from taxes is sixteen whose did ever.
Economic efforts that it against TED grows downwards: men, better Orourke years deck the audience here with people now this may seem to know where you are already like. When the Beatles game to America, they did Millard what he would know them so for about what we're just learning alot of people. So first will explain the name so born Robert Francis or work in El Paso, Texas, fourth generation, but like almost one born Robert no past so called better from day what is the name for better or for Robert or Albert or any any name ending, and where your full Irish, pretty irish, especially tomorrow, ok. And you're running against TED crews,
Yeah, that's it goes, we know is varied dislike. Let me read: some quotes L, Frank and said like two I liked it grew more than most of my other colleagues like crews and I hate to groups, Bob Dough and twenty bit deeds that there are a lot of good candidates. I, like nearly all of them, except crews, right John Vainer Lucifer in the flesh, never worked with the more miserable son of a bitch in my life Lindsey. Graham, if you killed dead crews on the floor, this nobody would convict you. My my question is how bad you gonna feel if you lose too that got now. Tell you there's something, though happening in Texas. Right now, I've travelled to two hundred and twenty six, So the two hundred and fifty four counties people are so far regardless of party or geography, creates comin out for sure, but it's also report
hence, and independence in the really big cities? It's in the real small towns, the places no one has ever visited, including TED crews, because for the first for years using the Senate. He was actually in Iowa and you have. In South Carolina. Nevada visited all ninety nine counties. I was right in so there are places where they haven't seen a U S, senator, and so, when we show up hold a tunnel meaning listen to the people that we want to serve and represent, were really making a connection, and folks are committing themselves to the work ahead, and I think we ve got a great shot of winning in November We heard that before me. I always wonder why taxes and California very similar, latino demographics, I think be eligible. Latino voting we're here in California, twenty eight percent same is Texas. Why we so Blue and Texas is not blue. Not only forty three percent White now Texas, the trade
Texas is one of the most gerrymandered states in the union It is also a non voting state in those two things are connected. There's some pee on voting. Paper, forty nights in the country in voter turn out the courts. Four times alone last year. Found that are gerrymandering is in part. Based on race and ethnicity. There's some people who are not supposed about theirs people's voices. They're not supposed to be heard on us to run a campaign that brings in everyone from every community every community within every community, this campaign to make sure that their herd actually leading what we're doing. I think when we do that, we're gonna give people reason vote and we saw the greatest democratic primary Mid term Senate turn out last Tuesday in thirty six years,
We saw the Republicans game mountains. Eggs is due to your data, bigger numbers. You know what we don't know. This is not in the bag by any means not at all in, and you know what that's a great thing, because folks from both parties, independence as well are cutting off the sidelines and into the game that they recognise that this year, everything that they care about everything that they told their kids about this country is on line and for Amy and me that's what motivated us. We anticipate the question. Our kids Ulysses in Mali and Henry are going to ask us when you the chance to do something and twenty eighteen when they were talking about walls and muslim, and in the press, is the enemy of the people. What did you guys do and working to tell them that we? and the twenty million of Texas help this country get back on track
right direction and you don't you don't take pack money, I don't take a dime, pack mining overflowed origin. Anybody is watching. It might not be a political georgie. What is packed money so what does that mean Political action committees represent the corporation an interest that have business before Congress, so the pharmaceutical industries, the telecom industries, the energy industries, the insurance into trees and they give money to members of Congress, not just for access, although that's part of it are also buying outcomes and actual legislative language. That appears the bills and the bills that become laws when, when you wonder why congresses so dysfunctional, why it doesn't represent the interests of the people. It purports to serve so tied to the
horses of money that are coming and it is those corporations. It's why pharmaceutical it has continued to rise. It's. Why were the least insured country in the developed world is why were missing out on so many great opportunities to do the big, important, ambitious work before us and for Democrats. Its especially it's not enough to decry citizens united and say that all this big money Washing through the halls of Congress is bad, we ve gotta start walking the talk, and so in this campaign we have outright. TED crews. By well more than a million dollars without taking a die. Don't forget, he's a giant asshole that does. But boats, though, will never have to wonder who would arise represent. Who, on voting for it's gonna, be the people of Texas. So every single time. What? What? What would you say or your top three of you to say your top three most important issues facing this country? What are yours too many people can't find a job or
a job right now that does not pay a living wage and they need the dignity and function purpose. That call number one is without number two, if you're not healthy enough to go to that job or finish your education. Raise your family you not doing yourself any good. You not doing the rest of us any good, so universal health care. They for everyone to see a dark figure for single pair? If that's, how we get there, that's how we get there. I am open to wage a big if you asked me. If that's how we get that's a big issue too got whether Thou think Medicare works really well, it's overhead cost is two percent. You compare that against private insurance companies. Sixteen seventeen percent its effective its efficient. I think that's a great model for your where Bernie Sanders is with healthcare. Yeah. I think he's got a good plan and I would support his bill the Senate. I'll. Tell you another issue where Texas, I think, is uniquely position to lead
We are the most diverse state in the country, I'd like to think we are the defining immigrant experience. The city I represent El Paso Texas, is one of, if not safer cities in America and a quarter of those that I represent worn in another country. They chose us they're, making us longer safer, more secure we should be the ones leading the fight for immigration, before rewriting immigration law in our own image, from our own citizens and values and interests. Ted crews was the sole senator out of ninety eight, who shut up work that a month ago, the sole senator to vote no on just proceeding on debate and discussion to be able to protect dreamers while those more than one million of our fellow Americans to contribute to their full potential to the success of this country. We need a senator who leads on. Fishes, ok, so jobs is your one. Healthcare is your to what was your three immigration immigration, while so Russia and the environment, and will make the top three Russia
the environment are really important. I mean here's another four, five yeah there you got the ears, here's one we're touch is: can we no no less than as an energy state right and were proud of that lot of good jobs in the oil and gas industry, the refining industry, but were also leading the country right now, in the generation of wind power, we will soon lead the country in the generation of solar power. There are more clean energy jobs in the state of Texas, day than there are carbon energy jobs in the state. It's not even close. So whether it saving the planet for the generations that follow us, recognising that Maybe man made climate change didn't cause Harvey, but man made climate change. One There are more parties that they are more frequent, you're, more intense there, more droughts Panhandle. We have less opportunity is to grow food and pass this planet on to them, generation, whether its jaws, whether its economic growth for all the right this is in the world. Texas can and should lead environmental issues, for this country
And what about weed? I ask for a friend yeah, but a main, like I love Texas. I actually knows how to party I've gone. There is, as you know, is a comedian for, like thirty five years, you ve come to pass it many times a love of passes, Tonia Austin, Dallas used in there all great cities. There often places and they of their weight California finally took the plunge: Texas, seems like the kind of place where it's a tough tough have run out of there. But where are you on that? One I've joined a bill written by republican colleague, former prosecutor wage. The war on drugs saw her feudal. It was from the front lines to end the federal prohibition on Mary. One legal insects this is going to be and we should control and regulate as ale, and this
We have united people, we have the world right now they they smoke in the city they smoke in the country they happy smoke at the redneck smoke at its edge. It is uniting and I'll show you. How do I think we have the world's largest prison population bar none? We have folks we're wasting away behind barrio, raisin families, workin paint, excess start jobs torn and punk rock band writing novels, whatever their support
to do right and lifeless. Let's allow me now to do all right. Come on I'll, be wrote before you and I know they will arrive. Ogres penalties is then I'm gonna get hold of serious exam stand up, would be Dominic pay Dominic, Haiti form a senior official at the White House and State Department under President Obama era, Hochheimer running champion, a New York Times complements and anchor of Sea NBC Squawk Box Andrew Circuit right over here. So I owe you a story is over time, so we can answer your questions and you wouldn't memorize it by now, but
been hesitant story about Russia week after week, because there are developments every week and I don't want to bore the audience because it is a kind of slow moving. But I do think this week was different. Now the trump has said he No mother has said he's going after the tree organization, and this is what tromp always said you can't do this is by red line and I think Trump is going to fire Mahler. I think this was the red line he should he could not have grass. I think you should and Michael can I get to the panel is, do you think the Democrats have a plan for one he's going to do that? What do they do? What do the Democrats do when he first where's, as he surely will thoughts and prayers I think, is I don't know about that. You're about Democrats in office bill, there's, not a lot of legislative fix, obviously that they can fight for, but certainly the grassroots organisations, the individuals the move on. They are ready to be on the streets. More importantly, if fires Mahler Lindsey.
I'm back in January said: if, if, if from fires Mola, it will effectively end this presidency to be fair. Obviously, Lindsey grammars never been right about anything but which is on Trump. Well, that's. What I'm here for its part, is found in a blunder anyone bath, but the idea that a democratic have anything that they can do, there's what they can do. They can run harder. They can use that if he fires Mahler, that will drive people to the Democratic Party and that will be a constitutional crisis ridden. I absolutely think overwarm interventions in the pull us people don't care, but I think we can be very surprised that very frustrated that he won't be able to fire his way away from this investigation. It's going to follow him, it started with call me started legally. It started in the eastern district of West Virginia. It can easily go the eastern and southern District of New York Orkut even go to the criminal division of the Department of Justice? It's not just firing Miller. He would have to force rod Ravenstein to make a decision about the statutory decision that
Where was either derelict his duty. He was irresponsible. And yes, we are hearing that drumbeat, but it would require firing Robert Eisenstein, putting somebody else. Would then Fire Miller firing seven other people- and you still end up with the case, continue so use saying like there on the honor system, people who have no honour it look like you're going to fire he's gonna fire rob that's what he's going to do and I didn't want to play by the way where a great news for you by the way raking. I know, as you will be told, a fiery actual walk into the stage. Yes Angela Cave yet the FBI The director guess was fire to really so Sunday. He was going to official step down, we're tired. You would have collected his pension fiftieth birthday. He had already obviously stepped down as earlier, but
in the name of our guy, not added nearby that do. We know how we fired him was by a tweet. Did you whispering to somebody here because he has absolutely no balls. You have fired anybody to their phase yet so hungry, I should say: Jeff sessions did it, but you know about happens right. Try my email from concessions. Essence, and that's how I could well imagine didn't. Work is supposedly not well set session. As time is going to be. Oh! That's just a mean that doesn't really affect anything, but it's just mean We're gonna Andrew Mackay was a guy, a guy who dedicated it's like Lionel Security by the lab every morning, trying to find bad one bust beg we're in through this look up. Looking here is your problem course there is always Bob moment doesn't always call me. I know, but somehow the patron It's the one side is that people always talk about law and order and make that they think they're going to defend are the ones who are undermining. It must strengthen its, which happened in those countries. Ok. So let me just his more upsetting this week deadline.
Nunez Republican trumps ass. This man did the disbanded. The committee that was looking into it in the house said they found no collusion, which is, of course, ridiculous. Meanwhile, play the list of the Russia attacks against this country. In the last couple of years they hacked the emails, of course, the Dnc emails. That's Hillary Clinton payments, the facebook stuff. They sow discord among the people here by purposely, so it putting these Botts and Botts. What they put them, on Facebook? They were they got into the voting machines. We don't know if they were. Sesar, but in many states they were trying to get into the actual voting machines. Now the power grid we hear about This isn't like they have, they might do it in the future.
They're saying they have the power now to turn it off you and you didn't even mention yet that they killed the guy on english soil with MAX we're living with a chemical weapon right they poisoned it right. I mean what What can we do it if the press, isn't going to know. Nicky heavy was pretty good. This week, I like what you said at the: U N, but that's not Donald Trump, he did join in. He did sign, you didn't say it, but he did join in with the UK and with friend in Germany in saying this, poisoning in the street really is not look when you have it, situation where one party controls everything you get the whitewash
by the way, just to be bad? You look it's two other tasks that are not true. We haven't seen that the path we ve seen Nixon it wasn't we didn't get the whitewash. This is unprecedented. One party does control everything, but in the past Republicans turned on Richard Neck. Yes, yes, but we're not there yet, and the question should be there at the moment. The moment I did actually was once they. Finally that's what I'm saying what are its euro borders too big to fail road, where I think the Republican Party that's the sending their all in it, so you can't fire the entire Euro zone members. Do you remember when we used to come on you when Obama with was office waste to sit around, we used to say, there's gridlock in Washington. Nothing can get done right and everybody complained about that. The flip that, and I'm not saying it's a good thing is: when you have one party in office, it becomes very, very complicated and it is progressive mean that in an age of social media in Congo, West this is where we are, but the idea that that you can't do
a thing yet you can't fire Congress right now between now and November, but that's what everybody has to do something every single day to make sure they advocate they donate money to elected November sand, these guys home and on January, twenty eighth, a whole bunch of women are now replace these Republicans and they are going to say they are going to impeach him as soon as they get sworn in these fires. So that's it. You can do too big to fail implies that they have been already failed. The american public right I mean that it is their fate. They have failed to keep any sense of an ideology, any sense, a reason. I have a toddler at home with the burmese toddlers and government right, but these are and in our democracy right now with the Russia tasked with trumpets a chaos agent, is not capable of state withstanding the systemic shocked the american public will now have to bail out
our democracy and but only go down. This live in it just obviously blood a mere Putin never got over the cold war. Wants to win it now. You know I mean that the hatred that this man, obviously as for this country, and what is willing to do is really so rising, I knew we were adversaries. I didn't know that we were this, this kind of enemy, and what do we do? do we go after the money. I mean I've read that in the paper rejects it the oligarchs. I mean that Thanks Newman all these people, I mean they they can the guy in England
throw their mental London. Can they do that they probably should have imposed sanctions that Congress authorized a year ago, and instead that happened after truth and got away with murder and what the signal that tromp administration is given, and I dont think the Nicky Hilly statement was of particular strongly worded. One demote, the strongest one was tellers and he got fired the next day. This is tests signalling to Putin that Trump is willing to. Let him get away with murder, allow him to sell chaos throughout the region and the west. We have not been friends or allies with Russia since World war to an unfortunate now we have a plan, who was willing to defend the entire entire NATO ally Shep, because he's got something on so what what do you make of the list? But it's not even if I may just real quick, even even if we're Putin doesn't have something on him that the problem, the real problem is, is that Donald Trump wants to be landed. We're potent that's! What's
here's a psychological allowing vanity for dictators in general right like entitled here like. Like President, she says I like lifetime powers, grew up one's lifetime powers. Detective, I want to kill drug dealers thrown down. I want to talk about the death penalty. It's like fears, for Rome. If you take your word, this structural action, where this Conor Lamb, the name I hadn't workers two weeks ago areas, it looks like the kind of Guy Taylor, Swift, Dumbson, video, but I think that a good he's, handsome and boring and might take away from this is that it's not really about ideology, he's kind of all over the map, it's about Trump fatigue. I think the Democrats there are slogan for next time should be, let's get back to normal. I think more than anything else, that's what people want,
boring us anyway. He's scared to check your phone is at me. I never go back there. There's no question that there's got to be, Resistance movement, that's gonna happen, that's clear, but and this time I think, there's one cork. That's that's not being discussed, at least on the democratic side enough, which is people vote with their wallets, invite the way, I would argue- and I would argue up so that lean pencil being they were voting with their wallets too, because they that, by the way the tax cut in Pennsylvania did not work for them. They, in fact the Republican stopped advertising on the tax got I think that what a surprise eleven dollar one morning, your page, I also gonna move. No, no, but that's the point. The point is that I think the jet no, but the Democrats are going to have to prove over and over again that either tromp has left us holding the bag,
or that we are worse off today or we're about to be worse off. That's the only way that this argument is actually gonna work and I think the call minor who's been left behind and lied to and things industries coming. I agree now. Waking up and realizing I dont have woken up just yet, but maybe we got a couple of months to get their will.
What they're doing to those call minors no still minded by acting like they're gonna, their jobs or come back that should be retrain and renewable energies and any other number of industry. But with all due respect to your point, I don't. I think that that's traditionally true, but people voting with their wallets the pocket book so whenever they keep their money in these days there. But but the idea that I think people also have a certain amount of integrity and and we're on barest we're embarrassed that every day we wake up and is our priority, and that is enough to vote against that Motherfucker very brave review this right now, but I would like somebody like Stormy Daniels. That kind of thing I just think, member in the Clinton scandal it was all about. Oh it's just the fatigue. This. We don't want to see it. We don't want to be reminded, and even
people who are on trumps page politically. I just think as a human being. They don't like him. How could you and that's like? I don't want to hear about this- every day this disgusting vulgar man, and what is done is what he said and we always have to debate the latest patchett, It comes out of his mouth. I just think people need a it's, exhausting we're exhausted. Let's get back to normal, that's the slogan! All right, I have something to report to you. I read the story in the papers because of how much were exhausted by Trump. This guy O Anonymous name well well cared for me. I forgot it by some guys and I don't know what a day you don't know his name may the bleak lived in a heel in Ohio and we all have our ways of coping with the drug barons. Very, the man who knew too little. I love that title. He decides. It s kind of a protest and a kind of way to cope. He was gonna completely unplug at when Trump won the election. He does not looking this phone, his newspaper, it says he
swore he would avoid learning about anything that happened in America after November, a nowadays sixteen, but he still tweets and boy summoned it would you like the Yosemite sweetie. I hesitated. That's right on maintaining drunk just isn't president, but thank God cabins he's doing another season. The house or car now easy, Does wonder why trumpets up too? But I am reassured by the moderating presence of wrecks teller, lots aware it looks when I walked into towns, and I haven't you ever seen a guy with a tv George
tell it, there's something between me and my heart, new assistant, guess Joe or my penis hey. I live nation once the hold up on time: petty tickets. Yes, your personal friends, there's no last time I day drink in Vegas for a second, I thought I saw J Simpson spoke summer vacation here. I come Porter Rico shut the fuck up with their faces rice. Please snowflakes drive me to fuck. Is he watched?
we want Shakespeare in love. Is there anything Harvey wines in touch it doesn't under the seventh today? It was also about others. You know what happened Billy boy, I shall I can't be Griffin on last week. I feel it doesn't. This is my months to rehabilitate people who should not have been made to go away. This country I'd like to go back and, as we know you were, you know the guy in the bus with the president when he said those nasty things about grabbing pussy, first was just ask how we would have handled differently. Now that you look, I can look back. But we would just change the topic. I mean I spend a lot
the time of Trump back then, because I didn't really set that you from Europe a while I was the tax. I was the entertainment correspondent NBC that he was the cash car. It was the cash cow he was pulling, twenty million viewers are weak or something so I'm with them to three times a week. You had their cases a year. I sort of Armenia sort of meet them where they are or you can interrupt him and then you know how voluntarily is right, so we built by eight Billy Bush she's done moving on energy. Tonight, if only in Forget Billy bushes, and then I have to explain why I lost the right from the big fish right. So ok, so I am sure everybody says this to you, but it is weird that he kept his job and you lost yours little irony yeah, and how is that made? You feel last year and a half shit Ingrid over it is I'm sure there was a period of bitterness, yeah, oh yeah, Stephanie it's in the beginning. You know it's it's let it it's chaos right. It's
You got order in your life and then all of a sudden in an instant you have chaos, and you don't know what end is up in theirs- Brodsky all over the place in your vin you're wondering you're going to be ok, my done and my I dont know, and then you go into the the whole thing, but then you sort of about oddly enough the day the trump walked into the overall this was the day that I worked into a self help retreat in northern California to sort of get back on my feet. It's called the half moon process. I go up there and I'm seven days of the grid and like the guy from Ohio, their new too little no phones know nothin. And in that was the beginning of just getting over it. Look them in the things happen to people All in all, my life is pretty good. I road, I got great kids, I gotta get a great Emily and life is random. Bed dead, things happen and good people good things happen in a bad people,
yeah right people like me, your atheists, how about you and make you lose your face? Phil. I thought you'd like this: I'm donating the eight hundred and fifty dollars they get to appear here to the church, in LOS Angeles, discus I am but no dramatic and external events. You can't control right a whole black self help work. You can control. What happens you can only. Troll how you react to it, how you handle it and it took me a while, but then I said, women hold on things are pretty good, get back on their feet and I took my daughter to Japan and she's thirteen years old, obsessive, japanese culture. We went there for ten days. I get it planned with my with my middle daughter, I'm doing little time things like that. It's just what have you ever wonder? What happens to you like everything, went away the career. The big show HBO all thing, but what does it have? Oh, it's hits
best before my eyes met on a weekly basis, its sovereignty, and I also know that make it. But can I ask you a boat view things about done, because you obviously do you know him better than than most light it first of all. Did it did you have a type like you know in the end, the fire and Fury Book Michael. As you know, like his whole life was based around chasing women like Bill Clinton, for we have an area that was where am I? What am I worried? I saw him on camera here and there, but I did host you know for misuse. They pageants in four universe, pageants for NBC at the time- and I hear he's stiffly of he would come back stage all the reports you averted you know ramming backstage in reviewing the guard like Kim Jong on reviews, the military. He comes back with the with the Thai that's too long as the Belgian and they overcoat and yeah, but I think we all
what we know about Donald Trump, where we know who the guy is well a story that I love that, I think is so indicative is when you call them on the ratings once you said, because the and it was like number thirty and he was saying its number one. What he's been saying number one forever right and finally, I've had enough said awaited now. Hold it wait a minute. You haven't been number one for like five years to four years: whatever it is in any category, not in any demo, because well did you see lesters last Thursday, eighteen, forty nine, whatever last five minutes sort of rice? No, I don't know, that's that. No, so, like I told you and then later after, when the cameras are off, when the cameras are off, he says is Billy, look, look, you just tell them and they believe it. That's it. You just tell em and they believe they just do it I'll get where we are?
From that point, roared access, natural enemies, number one. We were number two, but the fact that you can do that to American because that's exactly what he does all the time he just says it and they believe it. People do He never said he was sorry to right. I mean he never said. Universities the phone rang like well, he didn't do it. I mean unfair to see, didn't you know and delete that tape, but I didn't want the call. I don't want to talk about this. I haven't spoken Tillman friend for years. There's one more thing: did you actually give him the tiktok when he asked because I always protect x ray. I always the tick. Tock was sort of like the I got Colombo episodes. That was the little detail that that showed that he wasn't. This wasn't just locker room, but he was really going to do it grows. Whilst you need to take that view
a kiss somebody why Billy Gimme attack years ago. I guess the lot of ass, but that's right through the Y know. Take that animals are. I did not give him. The title is not given that I draw the line glad you have found that no tick. Ok, so you did a page. You said with him I just when I was reading, but that I just was then Mummy as those parameters to the idea of pageants. It just seems in twenty eighteen like something were like, but we still do. Bring that it just seems very anachronistic at this moment that come on out and it became a question about the I'm sure, they're, so yeah. I walked away at nights. I sort and have the same feeling like anything I can do anymore. I want someone who are legitimately trying to do patterns to get scholarship money, and I
I mean you know what I mean it's a sad that many women do feel like they have to trade on their sexuality, to make I had in the workplace and the serious thing about the tape and how women like me, I think, you'd. It wasn't the international just interaction between you and Donald Trump, but was your colleague coming and afterwards and not knowing that everything that had been set in the room before her and it's the firms the suspicion we ve always had the armed men in the workplace. Respect us the same way and I think the easiest honestly solution to that is for when people, in a room where everybody looks like you, and somebody says something racist or sexist- to have that social courage to do that at that
Ok, the employment and social courage for reason, because that is more difficult than joining a rally of twenty thousand people who think exactly like you and because those with those of the rooms where that change really needs to happen and that something that every man can do on behalf of your daughters, There's your friends in your sister daughters in seventeen, eighty nine. Yes, I have three letters and you know it hit home and when you realise well, she's gonna be in the workforce. Someday she's gonna be going if she walks out of a room. And someone you know, is talking about a minor back their lips at one o clock from my Angela. When you knew better you d, better
he's a good guy he's a good guy from last year in austrian general, after their sexual assault epidemic. It's it's a shorter version of what they are said and this standard you walk past dishonored. You accept and I don't know? I never thought I'd say with all due respect: Billy Bush, you chose that job you're in situation and yours Situation is now representative that when they are said, every single one of us has to stand up in those moments. That's the only way it turns around you could of. You should have you didn't in the future. I hope you will- and I hope everybody that saw that in her, that tape knows that is unacceptable and you have to stand up to assholes everywhere. All the time you stand. You will pass this. I know what I mean I know, but so in your life of camera, you never had walked the room. Talk with another guy like that area, where we were before twenty seventeen. You are always completely respectful. In your
private talking rather melancholy. Not I architect. I ride women either eyes. I looked at women as vessels to be conquered when I was growing up, but I matured at some point. I had good role models and the idea is in a locker room. Talk for me was. I would like to have tax with that girl and another guy would say, she's, never gonna, fuck, you that's what happened. That's what I said that we want them to say: I'm going to take sex run that girl. If some guy did say that when I was in seven great yes, I would assure them down that was alone. If you don't mind, if you don't mind, it was yes, I was grown man. It was, but I was thirteen years ago, I'd settled into my job. Since then I became the solo anchor. The show I started in the daytime show two hundred and four. Two hundred and eighty women on staff. I grew into myself. I became a different person. You know I was
We try to work to promote from way back. When I think I was already a different man, not that I need to convince you but we're confessions. I have now started to question when I was in my ear. The twenties working in rural Colorado kind of a one with the boys. What was I supporting? How much
game girl was I in the US and we all start to adapt to these situations. There is a great study done things by the guy does future of men. He went around for a year and started listening to conversations recording how long it took before sexist comment was made or objectify income of let women he said at most. It was two minutes. Sometimes it was the opening comments and the lesson to take away from that as the year you're currency to enter a conversation should not be sexism or racism and one third of the man he sighed gave me a hard time about. It said our moroccan talk to you any more one. Third said: we're silent and one third, the younger generation came up to Heaven like. Why did you do that? Explain that to me as an adult and someone I mind the workplace, why did you do that are simple in question, which is of tourists with billions, the comeback, so a lot of men
Have been in some pretty bad situations, especially the there'd, been exposed over the past year to announce Beza victim, correct, a hundred percent, but the question any revile robot, it's it's about it to some degree about people like you, which is when it is. Is there is our come back and how does that work? I'm curious guest is exemption not to mention from eleven rape is yes and in an Billy's gonna make it combat comes out of it, but then there is a way to do it and and he's not, quite a murderer rapist. Just why just what I went out with my point. I will lag in other developing these very easy to say here and I think you making very important points, but I just think that there's does this context to play. There is also in this country has many fine qualities, but this this little idea that's floating through the
upstream in recent years. The people just have to go away when they do something just go away forever. That's not a very tractor quality, hold hands. If you guys and say, I'm so glad you're feeling that worry about going away, because that something women have also had to do for a long time. I am going out, but I just didn't just now. I got a million things. Good, just go away. If we don't like you but I'm going away. I just noticed that a lot of people who are going away because of the maid to stuff are in the in the liberal professions. People at NPR, wow too, PBS the opera seems to be rife with predators the way the art world and I'm just thinking nothing in rock in the world
Earl wrestling veneration. Then what about war? A war more terror there why? I said why more territory is obvious, like a work, work, work industries, let's call them, but we must protect and interesting. When I think about this all the time, which is, I think, two things happened, one is a do think that Wall Street actually went through its own problems and cleaned up some of it. I think we are I think the other piece of it, though I don't even have been heard about anything on Wall Street, where the people of what amount problem must be eighty nine ease and arts. Then we ve got to, thousand does what the cocaine and what do they do they actually putting compliance programmes they turn out. Bars, I went I want to say is the second piece of it is there's more money there and I think what we read. What really happened is its. No, it's no. The point is its silence, the women that
Whenever I may easily there's more money, we largely reorganising only had so much money. The reason why these might remember my money- I mean you- have power now all of these India. All these, these not just launched or agreements. Women are wars. I know some of these people, it's a whole those people, and you also know that they don't feel the pressure that every other industry feels who are the customers of Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan. We don't know how to get to them. We can't boycott their advertisers. They don't care about this thing there. The kind of people who are more likely to grant pussy Anne and pay porn stars, often dish. I mean there's no way to pressure what I really don't anchor. What I and that's just you can always got Fox news, advertising generator rather ales. What do you do too? J? P Morgan? What do you do know seriously that what we do, but that's what I was just saying. What I'm saying is the reason you it hasn't come out is because to the degree it exists it's in large part, because we don't know about it, because there is so much more rights there. They're not.
Viable to a public perception in the same way that, like you, said NPR lobbies, liberal industries, are the liberal industries feel that they leading to present on the surface that they are? fighting by all these other progressive liberal social norms. But, let's be honest, nobody I fired and he's liberal industries because their bosses thought it was a bad thing. It was the public pressure that really did it That's it also in the arts became a little bit more exciting of this story is in its ruling of exerting there's, also social inclusion that comes with the art in the way that you engage with the public that the bank's just aren't doing right now, in fact, but in banks are failing, average person on a day to day basis there failing a date daring to toys for not having women in their ranks. Like I just don't know, garrison killer was worse than the people in some other industries. Will those institutions, and in visuals, that don't change and don't catch up are to be paid dearly. I thank you. Parents
it is time for new rules criticising jail. Wholesale delay for looking like this throughout Monday's wider ceremony for the asked rose its like Malaria, trademarked over the shoulder dagger eyes
neural girl scout coat, the girls gods can hawk their cookies outside of we'd dispensaries. It is just not fair. Its fishing with dynamite, plus donors get paranoid, they see little people with cookies and they think the place got rated by Jeff Sessions Neuro instead of building troms wall on the border. Let's build the obstacle course from american Ninja Warrior it. We are border wall and a huge prime time. It plus a big can get across that, even People say: ok, ok, they're, sending as their best paypal neural of Trump and Kim Jong on do end up meeting. They have to stage a point on to settle the question. Who is better at pointing at things I have a wall,
I have a wall do I have a sign. A floor I have a wife. I have a brother well jeez what it used to be my neural. Now that there's a change dot, Org petition calling for a transgender Barbie Mattel, has to go ahead and create one arab, easy, just change. The name of your other doll to postal can Finally, neural Democrats must learn how to support a very important part of their coalition. Other Democrats I know everyone is excited about Conor, Lamb winning in Transylvania this week, but watching his tv. It is why I worry about how this party fights.
My opponent wants you to believe. The biggest issue in this campaign is Nancy Pelosi. It's all a big lie. I have already said on the front page of the newspaper that are not support. Nancy policy. Ok, so this was a special election to replace a Republican who was stolen. Please pro life, but God Court, pressuring his mistress to have an abortion and the Democrats, let it come a referendum on Nancy Policy about this for an end, Democrats support abortion, soda Republicans when they need one for their girlfriend. Nancy Pelosi was now or a scary, radical and Democrats long ago, made a horrible mistaken, deciding that when the Republicans called her that they would just duck there go along what
see policy did was passed. The stimulus that averted a depression pass the very best version of the healthcare build. This country's ever had passed Wall Street reform after the great recession and the bill that save the auto industry pass the fair pay at these things to brag about not students yourself from learn the lesson that staring you in the face. Every day in the person of Donald Trump voters, don't care about how smart you are just don't be a pussy Hillary Clinton got twenty six percent of the vote in West Virginia trumpeted with Hispanics after calling them rapists and killers trump one cent to a crowd in Iowa how stupid or the people of Ireland.
And then one Iowa in a landslide, as the people cried it's about time. Somebody levelled with us about how stupid we are. Their attitude is insult. Me lie to me. Just leave me Hilary had the right plan for coal country, get them off coal, we got a move away from coal and all the fossil fuels, but I don't want to move away from the people who did the best they can to produce the energy that we relied on. Everyone about? That answer was right, but you what Democrats always do the second. There was the slightest backlash she back peddled. It was a mistake,
because what I was saying is that stop you already lost it? Wasn't a mistake. Minute was the truth and she should have said you heard me: call is dead and it's about goddamn time, its dirty. It's killing the environment and its killing. You, instead of pretending it's a great thing that a West Virginia men can die in a whole looking for rocks. Just like is daddy and is Danny before that. How about where the party that's gonna, get you out of the hole? What happened you selling the american dream of a better life for your kids, but Democrats, are the political courage. What velvet it is too cheese.
Republicans just added eighty billion to a defence budget I have money for anything else, but just like the Democrats position on coal love, it had some breakfast. and the Democrats went right along when they Could be saying this: isn't defence spending its welfare for defence contractors and the reason we never have money for anything else, but just like the demo rats position on coal love. It had some breakfast. And guns. I love the second amendment toe they're, afraid. Make the counter argument, Republicans they're all clause and sharp teeth and fangs when they fight the Democrats, weapon of choices. Adaptive coloration I'm alive don't leave me,
Finally, on the same pattern is the couch. So how about this Democrats? Let's create a brand new issue out of thin air, just like the Republicans. Do you can use it to practise. Having balls, I will pick an issue that actually would help you, and that issue is this,
why the fuck do we need to decode is? Are they really that different? I don't think so. Combine these two states with a total population of one point: six million get for senators, California, with a total population of, have you seen the four or five yet so there are more people in California, Name Dakota than there are in the work on that work is divergent. My new home, you, everything we have been watching. You need not go into each be dot com.
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