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Ep. #483: Will Hurd, Bill de Blasio

2019-02-02 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Will Hurd, Bill de Blasio, Peter Hamby, Jon Meacham, Jennifer Rubin. (Originally aired 2/1/19)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO making in real time,
It's not as they are today. Why you're happy you're in California. It's warm ear. I made this. Do you see what's going on in this country where people have never been
called millions are trapped inside for days I mean I can make you do desperate thinks there are on firm reports of a guy in Chicago who watch Roma. New York is so called today. Louis K was just describing is peanuts very and why you didn't show how these lips got stuck on trumps ass, its telling you today the bullshit rose past. I level I mean I've been worried before, but now
trumpets saying he's already built the war. He said with cash on hand, then why don't we just had this fuckin government shut down? You said we are building a wall, a lotta wall. Let me tell you right there with all right now we're building and we're getting ready to give a very, very big contracts with the money we have on hand, but we we are looking at a national emergency because I know they get. These gonna happen get that rebuilding a lot a wall? So we need a national emergency, because otherwise we can build a wall. I can tell where the lies and and the dementia begin, these basing his war policy now on the movies, a courier to I'm not making and Zachary ever saw. The movie did like give people have prayer rugs on the border. You know Muslims with it. This is not happening
in the movie there is smugglers, were binding women with duct tape. He cites this. Is it that you cannot tell fiction from reality today he announced for putting it Fifty percent tariff on vibration. Radio I should buy Brady Trade will conduct very unfair and then he spent a week at war with our own intelligence chiefs. Did you see this? He says the southern border is an emergency. They say it's not. He says ices is defeated, they say not true. He says Korea is complying with Dick. Do nuclear radiation and ran is not they say the opposite. These, as Russia's meddling, is not meddling, they say he. Russia is meddling. These are thousands of highly trained professionals who will pay to protect our and do a great job to protect this country. They have here.
When assets on the ground all over the world and their listening, this shit, member that we went through that with Snowden in the USA. We spend trolling it's what the fuck are we doing that for except to get the intelligence? That's what they do versus Trump, who doesn't reed, doesn't talk two experts doesn't even read the daily briefing. He couldn't be less informed if his head was in a jar telling different level this week, a different level, a maid. Besides the lies and the crazy. He is just aggressively
I mean it's black history. Matsuri ones are the rose garden and pardon the bucket a chicken. I mean he knows nothing about black people today he ever shot out to Malcolm ten, and then he sat down for a lengthy interview with the New York Times. There were no survivors. He said to the New York Times. I came from queens of became president of entitled to a great story from my hometown paper you that this is a big right, but the price they could just report. How Grady is of focusing on the things he says and does, but just in time a white knight has emerged. You know this star books,
Howard Charles, is bringing the country together a week ago. Never no one ever heard of him. Now we all he's a giant asshole. Now nobody likes epidemic gradual, like them, because we think he's gonna help electrons and republicans
put the Starbucks guy in charge, and people are going to be coming into this country just to use the bathroom, and we can I mean why this Starbucks guy he's he's running mate. It's a Nora Jonesy day. That's super bowl and the Allay Rand's. Now it was the one thing we all still do together right in this very divided nation. Everybody knows about the Superbowl em in some people watch you Don T be somewhat listen on the radio or Kelly will be streaming.
Some people are right, good work, not about our look. I don't care who wins as long as the patriots lose, I'm actually pulling for knowing that, because if they were in a couple of weeks from now. Finally, there be some patriots in the White House, All right. We got a great. We have a general rule. The letter we speaking with New York City may or build the bloody. I was back in the conventional representative of these tests text, Texas, disparate, say about three done:
whose Texas District crosses the most land on our southern border from taxes is a district will heard like. Thank you very much for being here. And yes, let's talk about your district, its, I understand. Eight hundred and twenty miles long with of the border, I represent twenty nine counties, tea time zones it its larger than twenty six states, roughly the size Georgia. It too must be nobody and robustly very spar, zero, there's more cows and people in between San Antonio, the entire El Paso right, I'm from San Antonio, that's the biggest city and under twenty miles of the border. Seventy one percent latino district, and it's it's truly the only fifty fifty district in Texas, fifty percent republican. Fifty percent democrat- I bet you did
I think you're democrat by you're not look, I'm a proud republic airport, but I try and other things that make sense like border security, since I have more in any other member Congress, I'm the only Republican that represents a part of the border. There's there's nine right Congress, represent the border. All Democrats, can you assure us that for me- and I have the most almost two thirds of the border between the? U S and Mexico, and you ve called trumps war, a myth right the need for a wall this. Why I've said that win, saying that this is an hasn't, been a problem for multiple administrations. That summit, but I do believe, building and thirty foot high concrete structure that takes three hours penetrate from sea. The shining see is the most expensive and least effect
way to do border security felt well, I'm sorry about what might be amiss in this area is the fact that immigration is a big problem. I think is amiss using immigration is even ten problem in America, one of our top ten biggest problems. Last year, four hundred thousand people came to our country illegally and that's a decrease of eighty percent, since two thousand, so before two thousand is still a lot of people. I actually think when you, when you're at three point nine four percent unemployment, guess what you need. People too,
like that's why we should solve the dock a problem. There is one point: two million young men and women who have only known a United States of America is our home. These are people at a contributing to our economy, to our culture, to our society. There already Americans, let's keep him here. Let's have a permanent, or would it be a top ten problem for the further data for the darker kids? Are the jail berries I'm about to foot but Fort, for it seems to me like it's, not a problem. It's almost a solution because people their lot most Americans will do the jobs that the people who are coming over the border will do. That seems like a win win. I think it's an opportunity.
Nation is actually an opportunity to make sure that we have people in and when you add three point, nine four percent unemployment, guess what you need workers, whether its agriculture or artificial intelligence. So we shouldn't streamlining r r immigration process in order to make sure that we have the workforce that we need in order to keep our economy go. Are you a republican like through your parents, historically understood but why you're republican? Why anyone has any party? I'm not I'm not paying. Aren't you I'm republican, because I believe in government I'm a Republican, because I believe they don't do that, I'm a republican cause, I believe in economic opportunity right do that. But there are some words. There are some words on the on the party, but also you can say the same like others, but but he hears where I think we should get right. Instead of talking about all the things that divides us, less half of those things actually unify us because I've Criss crossed
I don't do that either sides I'm just asking why you're republican, because they're not good at the dead, that was their big things- have limited governmental, do that they took over the Congress and twenty eleven and they raised the debt a trillion dollars. A year there not good at national defence, the President's later. What what is it? What is in the republican Party? For you? I will say that you're in the sea, I wasn't dossier for almost a decade. I was the dude in the back alleys at four o clock in the morning collecting intelligence on threats of the homeland. I did what like the market is at its most jerky. Rather, two years in India, two years and in Pakistan and the two years in New York, you dont want interagency work and then a year and a half and afghan stand where I manage Oliver undercover operations. Okay. So what do you think when you see the play?
of the United States, this wing belittling our intelligence chiefs. What did it erodes trust in our institutions Now it makes here's what I believe. I think when they see We're not women airing are dirty laundry fighting amongst ourselves. What do they think when the president a dozen they know, our president, doesn't believe the experts they know the experts are right. There are not crazy new rule. The intelligence to thrive? And so I would again, but it does a road things, because what was taken? Russia, for example, in trying to manipulate, are elections in inch. One is
to manipulate our elections in in twenty six, you why something else you deny there trying to erode trust in our democratic institutions. S Russia is not a global player. There are regional thug. And they're, trying to reestablish the territorial integrity of the old. U S, s arm and what's getting in the way, a little thing call NATO what supporting NATO a little thing called the United States of America right. That's why they're trying to go address and when we win win win our president makes this decision or goes on twitter and criticizes the intelligence. Can we? What happens when they're trying to work in the Middle EAST, going against ices going against Al Qaeda, which has metastasize other parts of the Middle EAST and North Africa when we had to work with our partners, it makes it more difficult for those men and women that are in those dark corners in those dangerous waste right I mean this was came about because every year we get a threat assessment right. They were giving us what they say
This is great whether we do this and its in writing denial of eyes televised. Nor any said they didn't say it aside from the lies, the threats, I think they done accurately. You know they said Russia still meddling ices is still around all things which denies, but is the biggest threat him, isn't the biggest security threat to America?
the president of the United States. I think the biggest threat to long term stability, United States is actually China. China is trying to sir surpass the United States as the global hedge a month, but I will say this when we when, when we rode trust in our intelligence community in our federal law enforcement, that has an impact through the rest of the world. The only way that we are to continue to deal with China is making sure we have our eyes when our allies can't trust us through. They don't know that if they think there's a disconnect between what the executive branch says and what the the working folks, whether it's in the state Department or the cia- and that is a problem to address. Why that's why I speak out? That's why I tried origin
You like these concerns, because there's only three of us have ever spent time in the intelligence community and that are now in Congress, and this is why speak up and try to articulate what we should be done, but I feel I give you a really speaking. You speak out against the president and you would break with doo doo thing. I do a roller bad about the Helsinki decision and when he was standing up their next to Vladimir putin- and I said I I never would have thought it all my time as an undercover officer and the CIA that I would see a U S, president, getting played by the russian KGB. I am so so. Isn't the next thing you say is we have to impeach this president? We have to somehow get rid of this president. Do you honestly think this president puts country first, which is what you did in the CIA? We more than
Anybody because you guys do not on the sly, my job, I agree when I agree. I disagree when I disagree, and this is for for me making sure the men and women and that I served along sign with that, are still fighting wars and we ve been fine, the global war on terrorism for seventeen years, these men and women. I speak out on behalf them and ultimately, there's gotta be election and twenty twenty, where the american people made. I lied of all these all these issues. I know that in your first two years of the Trump administration you voted with most of the time, but in this year you not voted with them at all. Right, I think over twelve
well. That number is, is a little misleading by the way, lash Congress we have almost a thousand bills. I think it was like nine thousand nine hundred and sixty seven and guess what all but fifteen we're done in a bipartisan way. Nobody talks about that number. You ve probably never heard that number, and so that that that stats is cherry, pick certain pieces of legislation that she may or may not have voted on its, not the attire this drowning, give you out. It's gonna, not really withdraw body along on this time. I hire. I agree when I agree. I disagree when I, when I disagree and willing to continue to old, and you do that in in this issue, right now with water security. I think this is a perfect example of that. Making sure that were supporting dreamers is is another area that really continues were not always make sure that I have the the backs of the men and women in our intelligence.
We thank you for your service. You are also a brave man. Let's wait like a marathon snapshot of the contributing writer for vanity, Fair Peter handy to have you back. Ninety she's not bring your Iphone Washington Post Anna contributor for M S. Nbc Jennifer Robin is appalled to rise. Winning historians Ladys Book is the soul of Amerika the battle for our better angels. John major moving again. This is your first night overtime. Susan enter them after the show you two ok so, my wrong or did it get worse this week
We keep saying that after a week, but it really to do it's. Ok, not just imagine right we're, so we're so in every single day that it's a useful exercise to go back to like you, too, and watch how Donald Trump talked even two years ago, let alone ten years agreeably. It just doesn't seem there right there's tragically here, I think the admiral and Mary Poppins Right- the guy- thinks he's about a ship. Say: you're, not the cannon admiral boom from Mary bobbins and for this reality is actually unfair to the admiral many. I think the distortion of reality is that is the scariest. My favorite right now is that he makes up these conversations, so he is embarrassed because his security people
this national secure people go on live television and they testify that the present does know what the hell he's talking about work. So then he realizes o on being criticized, so he invents, I think a conversation which they say no. We were misrepresented misrepresented. They were on live ten. How do you miss represents only one live tv, a young men. They say he says what they said. We were really all in agreement, metaphysically possible signal. Well, I think the border the border Wall government shut down sort of Pino under caught his creator on reality, You know strategy in a way because he kept saying there is an emergency at the border, this emergency, the border, the media for all its faults, action at a pretty good job of illuminating the reality. I just think that this fake realities creating has its limits that thirty nine to forty two percent of the country that believes in it believes in him at all costs. But I think most of the country realises the things he says aren't true, but I think that Nancy Policy has become
the Joseph Welsh of this drama number he was. She was the lawyer who said: have you no decency, sir, at long last to Joe Mccarthy and by holding him to account on the wall during the shut down? She forced him into doing something he really hadn't done before, which was break with that base, and presidents get in trouble for two reasons. One is when they think they can put one past Us Johnson and Watergate Nixon in everything and when they break with their base, and so when we look back on this like the planter, the apes out of the statute of the beach. I think it has to be a big moment I can. I can. I read something from the national inquire, because I read them will enquire. I have thirty years, my friends and job is or how dare you? How could you like fuckin this makes me? Sometimes I need to last ok, this page one. Last week, it's there had to do a retraction, because someone
You know user there burnt anything, but sometimes they got him, and then you know that I want to get to. This is exactly what it says its. On November twenty six, twenty eight in the National Enquire published an article concerning Michael Strand and his new afternoon spin off from good morning America, the headline on the cover red, Michael Straight, and fired the inquiry wants to make clear its readers that it does not intend to suggest. Mr stray had had been fired and regret it
any reader. Miss read the article. This know what they are doing this for ever, but now this is the president of the United States and keys, apparently in some kind of ongoing relationship with them, because he CS shabby. They seem to be doing his bidding and doing his work for him in ocean. How any better watch out because got real competition out. Why the people who were testifying this week and we're talking about Gina Hospital had of the CIA, Mikhail Head of the FBI Dan Coats head of, I guess the whole duration and they are okay now in another world. Maybe I would have thought that these people, the right people and the job there, conservatives put their good people what happens when they go What happens when he Matthew whitakers those three by any just gets people who we doesn't have to have this argument with cause? You know he doesn't like to have these arguments
like the city, when I read that the BT left like a year ago, so we're down to the city and each time he replaces them they do get worse because who wants to work for this crazy person? So in some ways I do admired these. Because due to hanging on, they are not enabling him there at us and their normal, the same people who are trying their best to protect the country. I know it's like what they say in the movies. The shit got real because now what about these security matters this weekend did put in another? favor. I know it looked like he didn't when he got his pulling out of the treaty with Russia nuclear weapons. Putin is wanted this for years he's going down the list of what plankton why Syria checkmark fighting
allies check Morris, getting out on me about getting out of NATO checkmark, creating confusion about democratic elections checkmark, if he's not a asset of the Russians, he's doing a fine imitation worthy enough beyond our FBI. You actually thought he was so yeah surmise that they open an investigation which we don't have still going on, into whether or not he was a russian asset? Every fire? James call me like these things are staring us in the face for any other person. We would say this is obviously someone who is hiding. Something too has showed only half of the american people, according to a man with Paul think that he has some financial entanglements with Russia that Putin's dangling over him slightly less than half of Americans, think they have an actual beating like half of the country. Literally thing
that he is being controlled by violent, put, that's remarkable and outrageous. So what do you think about your media? What are you, how shouted? How is the media handling this house? Should they handle this? Because I, like many, are times interview him this week. I feel like I want them to be more in his face when there actually talking to them. I feel like they pull punches. When they were in the room with them, because they want to get access again, but somebody has to just what what woe sir? That's completely, not true what war? Woe, sir, I think that's needed by the way. Yes,
It was an answer policy because she was the one who said: no, that's wrong. This present, you have your fats are all they have to do is be like Nancy, Polaroid, Boris calls or Nancy Yes examined. Its thinking that I got her own is dated eight. The reporters on the hill at the White House. They have to maintain some veneer of access, or they do is sometimes poor punches. I do think the media writ large businesses questions were asked right here, I'm gonna when they're talking to him right, I feel like he gets away with his bullshit. It scares me
because islanders and they go on to the next question, any change to the subject and right you something more provocative that then peaks her interest in you followed him down. It is true that when the obstruction case comes not if, but when he basically Lester whole he's on tape, say yeah, I fired go make as this Russia thing was made up, so he just cop to it I mean I don't even have to worry that much about the two most important. The intelligence Jeeves are important, but arguably the two most important public servants and the country right now are Robert Mauler and John Roberts, because Roberts is now the swing boat on the court and whatever director molar comes back with, is gonna, be hugely important to see whether we can actually prove what seems
be self evidently, the case, which is that there is a relationship with Russia that has put the republic at risk. Do you have confidence that the media will handle this coming election better than the last one now have my say has doubts I think there's twitter is the watercolor, the political meeting we retweet quickly move on to the next thing. I think that is not going to get better. We ve had these debates for over forty years that the political press doesnt cover enough policy. They cover too much horse race. I think what's interesting, if your candidate, because there's gonna be fifteen twenty twenty five Democrats running for president, how do you punch through the medium of scandal right think about Trump and twenty? Sixteen, his scandals in many ways were his policies
So can I like build the walk right ban Muslims if Democrats can find a way to make their policies scandalous in a way, but also powerful voters? They get attention. Think about AMC Right ABC is a master of attention. She got people talking about a seventy percent marginal tax rate. We talk about the green new deal. You solve Kamel Harris's weeks, anger at of private insurance. The media will cover policy comes off is sort of scandalous or interesting, but they're not going to cover cover it otherwise well, but the pedal a little differently. First, I think it's actually harder to cover a horse race when their fifteen force. It's because you can't tell who is in front of her and the difference between Three percent and five percent is not really. We shouldn't even be talking about the right words, but thirteen months from I always we take us. So my whole though it yet. I don't. I think that you have a lot of people activated interest in politics in the country who
before, and these are the standard bearers were path the country. I do agree with that. I also think that these people actually have stuff to say it. We ve had like a holiday from realities. People at least, are talking about the issues you may have disagreements with them, but they are talking about health care in the environment and the rest of it. My concern is something a little different, which is that the media loves conflict so that they will create conflict between non differences or very tiny differences and suddenly it's the Democrats. Disarray skylight, which is trivial in and of itself and you're, still not talking about the substance of what there is a problem with being against conflict as a narrative device. Those, therefore your against homer. You know that this conflict is fact. My lord storing were reality well Geneva. Yes, but at this point any That's borderline in touch with reality is gonna, be an improvement, so the
there is also not a ton of policy differences in the democratic primary and usually primary generally there's not, and so the fights become about personality, biography messaging stories, and that's where you get those sort of conflict things I mean there are some policy debates going on within democratic party, challenging corporate power. You know criminal justice is sort of things, but the media will, I think, fall back on those sort of personality. Driven. I'd argue that the biography is actually a good thing because characters destinies- and you never know- what's gonna happen when the phone rings- and we knew nothing of country knew what the character of the incumbent president was. It was just that enough. Voters in the right states didn't care, and so did to some extent, and the other thing about the media is we're all the media.
Right. This is in his though there, the boys or on the bus or Cronkite is sitting rose. I want to put on the greatest right right and in fact, the press like politicians far too often, our mirrors, of who we are rather than boulders, and I think that something we have to think about, but I think the point that character is right. We want to see these people think can they make but they are not good right. Thinking would be good reading, which Libya or the kid and Canada will we be nice to see these people have like the qualities to be a president. Had they ever let anything happen today, no stuff, I mean how, by giving them like you know the essay Tita Zone and have them actually knows that we don't have to go to the USA. To my new theory, I want you to adopt this. We should give the citizen
Ship test to every candidate and everyone who wants a driver, you they do, you think the president repairs or the president definite all known, absolutely right, but we as the test is rigged right way. Right is written in complete sentence rise out. Exactly also, could we give a brig do like asking people so early? can't weak, stop doing that. They're they're always asking me like what do you think of this guy you're right
people even held with a guy. You are used this guy peeped. In plain words, what is his name? He booted she's demerits shaft in Indiana, right he's running for President Prodi's Buddha judge he s the other things. There is seven hacked and Hats April around South been a hundred, but he's already had a more responsible position and diamond trothing. Why do I have an opinion which, like when people has been about a band? I only know the one saw I come here as announced for president this week, and most people in California don't have an opinion of her she's. There senator I feel like the acid test and how the media is going to do is. If they keep talking about Elizabeth Warren and the India that to me it's hilarious emails of twenty twenty, as I like that go we have matured media. If you don't, if it's like. What's the reaction to the reaction to the reaction about the dna tests than you again to what I was saying earlier, Warren rolled out this Pocahontas
bonds. Video last year she got a lotta blow back for it before that she was one of few demo That's. It was out there doing personal name calling and Donald Trump. She com a two bit crook. She column names were most Democrats word engaging in that she's backed away from that, since these analyses run for president and she's back out there, and I went to Hampshire, talking about policy will when it's written remember there is something the american Spirit where we bounce from guard railed guardrail. So you go from George W Bush to build plan. You go from Clinton to W. I didn't think I live to see bickers sharp contrast and w to Obama until
So maybe we get Aristotle, but we have. We have someone who might be a presidential contender should I him out, and he can join this conversation. Okay, we have right where this now he is the hundred nine hundred ninth while mayor cities, but are on a long time of New York, build oblige the already analyze the ok, so you're from the greatest city in the world is correct. That is exactly right. You know I lived in your city twice and we'll miss rose the rubber. I liked the latter is about it. I never like that, where the greatest city in the world thing in our what it makes everybody else feel like what's wrong with us Why don't we just the greatest city for new Yorkers? What you have to be the greatest city in the world do big were bold. We believe in ourselves, but
doesn't mean we can't loved one else. That doesn't mean we can't lover, got Trump elected. Ok, so you are thinking of running, I'm not losing it up, not ruling it out. It is its Gary that there already so many people and that they are very granted fail now its democracy, its people, with a lot of different experiences, views people have allowed different backgrounds, are actually the Democratic Party at its best. I agree there's something good going on here, you know when it was the power brokers deciding who had a shot and who didn't that's when we should have been upset. This is actual open. Democracy if anyone's ball game, I know, but I'm not running for president. You might be from Saint for you when you got ask yourself. What do I got that the rest of these people don't got? What are you gonna get on not here to compare against others, but I'll say what I'm doing my city is. I think that's important point we believe in Europe, that we have to be bold, about progressive solutions, that we have to stop being apologetic, I'm actually quite sick of Democrats who are afraid to be Democrats who are afraid to be bold and parents,
So, for example, we last month, I said: let's stop waiting for the things we should get from Washington like Medicare, for all single payer health insurance. Let's stop waiting, let's get in health care for every new Yorker, we're doing that now, every new Yorker will have a right now, but you know I mean look at some of the Red State Democrats who went there's not many people like Sherrod Brown, right, Amy, global jar, glare mechanical until recently Joe Mansion and West Virginia, they would say something like that. I don't think where they may be. They, wouldn't it has lay all over the country. Doesn't the secret to winning for the democratic? Is you have to the progressive in the centres and you have to somehow convince both of them you talking about. I think that is a convention
no wisdom. We were all taught and I think it was a lie. The centrist got us nowhere and by the way, when it comes to the twenty twenty democratic nomination process, centrists need not apply. In my view, progressive. We want to send it right now for reason, because progressives provide IDA idea the Democratic Party, this truly identifiable the people will know. If you say we guarantee healthcare view, say we're going to ensure that people have a living wage, we're going to address this madness of the one percent, taking all the wealth and power for themselves. People know which side you're on they can identify the only reason, Donald Trump at its chance in twenty. Sixteen was too many were looking Americans didn't know of his frequent was on their side? She tried to article
division. I want to take that away from her, but people couldn't tell if she was a part of the elite that I've caused their problems or if she was part of a process of change. What we have to do is Democrats is be so bold and so clear the time as they grow another example. In New York City, we are going to pass a law guaranteeing two weeks paid time off two weeks paid vacation for every single working New Yorker people need time for themselves and their families, because people working there working harder and harder you see: what's happened our society, people working harder and harder, they're getting less and less for it. We have to show people on their side will do something about, and this will you think, change the view of people in the country at large about Democrats, because just having a d by your name is so toxic in about half this country that they stick with the mad king like Donald Trump or anybody they will vote for any.
Buddy and at least twenty states if they are anything but a Democrat. Why is that? Why is the de so talk? Ok, wanted the Democrats Zalm suitable. Why are they so of noxious two people, while I think Democrats lost their way as part of a wider, some noxious two people, because it used to be the party working people, was unquestionably the party working people. So when you think of the generations of Democrats. Where did you get social security from Democrats where to get the the forty hour work week from so you didn't have to, but you have to take your whole life and give it over to work. Six days, seven days a week, Democrats created a lot of the actual decent benefits in our society, the way of living that people could have a middle class lifestyle, but then, at a certain point they started being afraid to pursue the next step, and the next step today in this country may people not living a decent life working longer and longer getting less and less back for paying their taxes, but watching the one percent not pay their fair share
and people are upset about it, and they are right to be upset about me. Ask about something that I care about part are consistent v. Thank you very much. I like what you said. You said we have to make sure that those who bore the brunt of past burden just returned about legalizing cannabis reap the most future. That means that a majority the opportunity generated in this new industry must go to people of color so like like the way the Indians got casinos. I hope it's better, I will be quite obviously, but that's what you're saying is that we are going to know. Can white people but in this industry or other cut off everyone in our daily lives. We just a little bit. Thank you for your contribution that it's not just about race.
Is about an economic reality too. So here's one pricing for years and years broken laws sent a huge number Americans to generate. Most of them were young people color, and we ve got an industry that has now is just licking its chops waiting to come in, and corporate ties marijuana to do exactly what the tobacco industry did with cigarette. They exist, The pharmaceutical industry did with things like oxy cotton and what we need is legalised marijuana without corporate ized marijuana I don't know about that. I don't think that's possible completely, but I think I like the boldness of this you're saying this is a great way to do reparations.
To say we had an injustice re, let's get the very people who are ok terms. Are the economic benefit now that we're on a role? Yes, here's where I want to challenge you on what a lot of democratic suggesting a lot of big ticket items Medicare for all their thing would cost thirty two trillion in ten years, and it's always well, then we're gonna tax, the rich more! You know, that's not gonna pay for thirty, two trillion the rigidity pay quite a bit. They should pay more. Yes, ok,. Why don't you guys ever say we should cut the military budget in half, that's where the money is being wasted: decoupled defence, the defence contractors from actually protecting the country? Okay, so I agree with you that there is a huge amount of waste in the military budget. I agree with you that we can find a lot of money in the military budget, but let me make the bigger point about taxation. There is plenty of money in the United States of America. There's plenty of money and allay there's plenty of money in Europe City, it's just in the wrong hands
that is the reality, and that we have seen the wealthy repealing the Trump tax cuts and give away to the corporations in the wealthy. But look if you had meant to care for all than average Americans are not paying their premiums. Their co pays their out of pocket expenses for healthcare, their deductibles. The idea of Medicare for all is yet text wealthy as part of it, but also take away from people all those other expenses in their lives. If you ask them to contribute, then to the costs of Medicare for all enacting nets out in their favour, but yes, the military budgets and little place we can. Michael, I know what we're not secure if people in our nation are not living a decent life, that's the bottom,
I want to ask about your big competition panel to for the job of president, and that is Howard Schultz, because he he threw his cup into the ring this week or he's thinking about it, and it's so rare that I agree with the conventional wisdom and since but he hates our jobs, and I hate him now to just go to enjoy talking about this in the first thing I want to say is that people have to get over this idea that, because a guy is rich he's, that's me He had one good idea boiling water and beans and coffee, and I bought its addictive. It's a drug people are gonna wanna like spend time in a nice place to be near their drug. Ok, and it was one good idea: the fact that it made him a billion. There is a fluke, all great wealth, spar, flukes, it's a fluke. You could throw a baseball a hundred miles an hour and you get paid enormous support its a fluke he's, not a genius, in fact he's not that great. They asked him
twenty eight June that they were asking about. Raising taxes to pay for the dead is big issues that I want to talk in the hypothetical. What what I would do if I was president at all they re talking, I go about what you would do out by this is the point: have we not learn the lesson that billion airs, who have never served in public office are not necessarily qualified so presently to back up everything you're saying a liberal group about upholding AY and Howard Sholtos favourable rating among Democrats among independent mama. Parliament's four percent is already is like five times that afforded these deeply unpopular. But, like the issue like it's funny watching Democrats freak out about him, I get it. They don't want to wake, leave anything to chance running a sound tromp but like if you're running for president, you should probably have one of two things, and hopefully both big.
The is or like you are, a megawatt like personality disguised. Neither he's like your pedantic uncle any didn't bring any like ideas, the table united. We want these q cards. I think that a written by political consultants and its one cliche on the side of a right exactly that spell in what ways there's also from you, have power tools and Michael Bloomberg to bloom, a tube billionaires, telling people why they can't have healthcare. Listen this Two billionaires airs everyday Americans. Why we can't afford for them in their family to have decent healthcare. That's bankrupt, they're gonna be lad out of the regime's weight in one go. There were Camelot I was asked and order love it here, and you say that look, but Bloomberg has to come to grips with the fact. You can't talk down the american people and tell them what, despite the fact that working extraordinarily hard
they don't get to get have healthcare for the families. Meanwhile, he has all the help. Carry needs come on, it's a contradiction doesn't have an answer for hours was asked about this this week and in its somehow got in the press that she was for abolishing the private insurance industry. I don't think that's what you meant. Jake Tapper asked her about. He said, I believe, if we have Medicare for all, it would eliminate private insurance and she then just talked about how we don't want to go through the process of having to give the insurance company your approval, or they have to get their approval going through. The paperwork I don't know of your insurance companies going to cover this, which we ve all heard. She said, let's eliminate all of that. That's not wanting to abolish I think a lot of private insurance. I didn't why the conversation about better care for all is pretty silly, because no one knows what they're talking about what is Medicare first of all is Medicare. Medical care advantage is that it
the Elles where you buying into whose getting this are. You gonna keep it, so it would be nice if they actually said what they were for, rather than simply a bumper sticker. But besides that, can't they just go back to universal health care. Is that, like the point to forget about how you get It doesnt have your daddy and I don't really know how to set them somewhere message, after figure to its high, what you mentioned: the Medicare for all cost, what thirty five trillion over ten years. The current system will cost fifty trillion right over the next ten years. Right. And, if Democrats can find a way to say, hey, you're already paying this much in deductibles and prescription drugs and co Pays and figure out a way to be like your. It's gonna be attacks, but replacing, which are already paying well, but they requested to also speak from the view of everyday people's lives. To the point I made earlier why they lose touch with people, because in talk about their lives, so what most people dealing with they struggle to get their health care. They need right, it's hard to navigate its expensive. There's the we'd take about the deductibles it out
pocket, there's all sorts of discouraging realities that keep people from gay health care when they need it. We have a system that makes it hard to get healthcare. That's like here's, your insurance card, good luck out their hope. You can figure it out by the way you talk on mental health That's even harder. People have no idea how to address the mental health family. How about creating a universal system which is easy to use and actually gets people to health care when they need it? That's what we're trying to Europe's history tells us to, and you know this instrument bigger stuff in some ways is easier than incremental erect so the reason not to talk but universal health care is. There are two political bodies on that: highway, Secretary Clinton and President Obama right. If you try to reform something, that's harder than was the lesson of history, so security gee, I bill Medicare. What did you get? You got those if you turn a certain age or if you explicitly served in a certain way. I tried the history of the twentyth century in terms of cigarettes,
Social policy is bigger, works better and universal works better. We have universal primary education, Europe City, the minute was universal, every parent, new men. My kids in I know where to go. I know what to do the same with social charity, gray example, and by the way look at, but by and by partisan people of every region, every background believe in social security when its universal. It takes away all the mystery Obamacare and all those earlier efforts in people. Didn't really know what it was and how reliable it would be. When you tell people is there for you, no matter what
it's not my morally right, that's a winning here. I also think the Republicans don't get to talk about positive things anymore. Don't we think that's right. Am I right in earnest conservative they ever? Why does take the two trillion dollars or whatever it was that they go back to a very rich people and corporations and use it for this so really cost? I am that they get away used carefully to rules are ruled by right. Thank you personally for renewal or stop firing. Whether girls, based on their bust xyz coarseness, bore guys are like this blanket while hearing the pollen and if I wanted to get aroused by the forecasts. I'll just look at the weather map.
very, very sensitive grab, neural of your saddened by the CDC warnings that humans who kiss hedgehogs are at risk of salmonella. You must take up a long hard look at your love life. I promise you you can do much better and by the way, I'm talking to the headshot narrow, the man who is doing what Paltrow, because he says she crashed into him. While they were both skiing in Utah has to admit it doesn't get any wider than that we are all a blow. Job
neural clients of the gay conversion, therapists to announce that he's now, gay must admit the signs were always there like how we ended every session. By saying now that I removed all your gay, can I have it and finally, America Neural American does need to build. A wall a sea wall, because the ice is met, thing and rising. Oceans are going to swallow. Miami hey marker, Rubio you're from there. You are this later from Florida in twenty years, the senator from Atlantis. What is it with Republicans and the environment? They never waver in their commitment to do nothing. The threat they see is a horde of re
be terrorist poring over the southern border? Here's a charge showing the trend. Apprehensions along our southern border. Here's a charge showing the trend in global carbon rise if you're, not a third person. Let me summarize carbon is killing us. Mexicans are not people, but ever since the thirty five days, silent treatment, came to an end. Last week, the master negotiator has been threatening to play his final car declaring a national emergency, but Republicans don't want another shut down They ve come up with the reason why they can't go along with that. Here's! What Rubio said about that? If today, the national
Emergency is border security. Tomorrow, the national emergency might be climate change, yeah, God forbid. We dark declaring a national emergency about something? That's an actual, a national emergency. The right wing has a new boogie woman. In our example, Casino Cortez and she is being called a hysterical, not ready for primetime crazy lady, because she protested for a green new deal outside of Nancy Policies, office and also said the world is going. To end in twelve years? If we don't addressed climate change, to which I say thank you it's about time it's about time. Someone framed the issue with the appropriate level of urgency and when she cited
twelve years. There was no numbers, you just pulls out of her ass, like Trump does. She was referring to. A timeline from the EU. Intergovernmental panel on climate change and they say we don't do a reversal of current trends by twenty thirty. It will be too late now. I don't agree with that, because twenty thirty is optimistic, yeah, climate headed. In recent years, have a definite theme, which is you know that pant shooting fact we too a year ago. Will shit war ocean warming is accelerating faster than we thought and articles ice is melting three times faster than we thought climate change driving species out of habitats much faster than expected. You see a pattern, but here's a glimmer, tiny little glimmer of hope. Americans are starting to get it
seventy three percent now believe global warming is happening and increase of ten percent from four years ago, and more than six and ten now accept that its man made, Half of Americans say the science is more convincing than it was five years ago, which is fucking stupid, but I'll. Take I'm placing much. Thank you I'm placing my hope in how many people are going to get when climate change starts, killing not just monarch, butterflies and all the bees in the whales but stuff much closer to home, we may be close to killing maple syrup and wine, the traditional wine regions of France, ITALY, a nap a valley could all be too ought to grow grapes by twenty.
The end, then, where will alcoholics go on vacation with no more Why men, trying to impress their dinner dates, will have to burn money at the table, priests will have to get children in the mood with music, hotter and hotter drier. Growing seasons also make it harder to grow hops, which makes beer what has bred cabin. I get a drink with screen and coffee. Sixty percent of wild coffee species are at risk of going extinct got your attention now
without Starbucks, where unemployed screenwriters going to sit around all day. Where will millennials get free wifi, where we find? next president, and look at this the banana as we know it is dying. I never thought this This would make sense. But yes, we have now
coffee bananas, maple syrup were a breakfast item away from losing the grand slammed in any language that one, I beg. My guess is that of a Europe. That is the time to give out. I told me last night, watchman nation, not on each be oh dont com.
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