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Ep. #494: Jay Inslee, Moby

2019-05-04 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Jay Inslee, Moby, Bakari Sellers, Bret Stephens, and Kara Swisher. (Originally aired 5/3/19)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time with bill.
It's very exciting. Would you have a constitutional crisis? We are so fucked up until today, Venezuela put us on the travel advice or so ago. If America was a summer, blockbuster would be called democracy and game. If you miss the earlier in the whole bids in this branch, eyes started:
Russia, interfere this, the nobody disagree with this. In the Mulder report, Russia interfered with our election twenty. That was the finding of that report, and this We found out that Robert Mahler ROW, more than one water. The attorney General Wink wig, William BAR, say: why did you miss characterize what I wrote and bar responded? While the report was my baby? My baby, I thought republic your against killing baby girl bar is so far up. Drums ass. He bumped into handed so bar, went before the Senate this weekend
Wednesday, and the Democrats looked also happy for resolving that they gave him a good grilling. I think they're missing the big picture. Trump is still president the big gotcha was they got bar to commit perjury, which apparently, some old timey law about lying Nancy Pelosi said: that's a crime, and I'm going. Report it to you. So this is the problem when the guy who is supposed to be enforcing the law is the guy who was breaking the law. The Justice Department had a deadline this week to provide the onward Dac did version of the Mulder report. The just blew it off Because this is called owning the lives this all they care about. The labour, the excuse, the better, because the more we're owned of the lake
they said they couldn't get the report over there, because the printer jammed and then they went to King Gos, but some kid was doing flyers, whereas band I mean the attorney general. Was himself subpoenaed by the house to appear yesterday, Blue, that off and Congress was like. You know we both for the same country right so legal act words are now saying that in this this is a constitutional crisis, the likes of which we have not seen in three or four days, not selling, when good, testifying before Congress become optional. Its Congress Freshmen site class and democratically seem to get it, but you know
it's in the rules is not an argument that works on Donald Trump you're playing monopoly. They were the hyena quite shoe and sit on the board saying it's not. Your turn doesn't really worth the Good NEWS is Trump. Finally, today sat down and talk to someone about Russia get the bad news is it was not a mere boy. I wish that was the job. That's absolutely true. He hears They just sex each other, but today they actually got on the phone for an hour, the famous red phone, line to Moscow. Allowance of pink princess phone you know, maybe it would help if Democrats just change their names to more. Sounding names, marriage.
I would be more willing to talk to Adam shifty and anti political and as if all that is not enough to give me a coronary this week, there are clear Stealing my act. I'm watching Rachel Matter the other day, and this is what you said- China, if you're listening, why don't you get trumps tax returns. Ok, here's our show from last August and since we, I accept that it's ok to merge your party with a foreign power. I'd like to be the first member of the resistance to say China
If your listening, I hope you can find some tax return wages real time with work at every other. If you want an material issue to ask me before the election, hurry fellers it up, a little order is making with Moebius Ear the governor of Washington State and eight twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate Governor Giants League things like you were just dear you're back last time, you her, you were not a presidential candidate. Now you are sought, is already increased stature juice, no money! No! What do you know? We have the Green Party
years past. I didn't get much. It seems that you are now a one man, Green Party, made that your you know you're a sort of a one issue, Canada, which I think is the issue of boys, said that the most important issue, is that a fair way to characterize it? You are the Green Party within the Democratic party. No, I would rephrase it that I am the democratic one man person who intends make Donald Trump, a blip in history. That's what I would say I got look, I'm a Democrat and I got into this raised because I know we have one last chance to defeat. Climate change is a last chance. We ve worked account down the road for thirty years and I in this race. Is you got three grandkids look them in the eye and make sure I've told it was generally it's amazing in the last presidential election in the debates, it wasn't even an issue that coordinates: even among the democratic Russia so this time, let's go, we're different while this is why I am Yoshida Party to have a debate is closed.
Boy around quite Joe. I think we are all on the page that it has to face. The problem of climate change. Initiatives were on the ballot, and twenty eight in the almost every state said no, and when you asked even people, people have come around now to a great yes, It is a problem of man made. We should do something when the next question Would you be willing to spend ten dollars a month? Sixty eight percent of people say no, so they don't put their money where their mouth is all that's. Why do we get around that? Where we make sure that the people pay in the ten dollars a month of the oil companies were taken? Twenty seven billion dollars gonna that subsidies we gotta retreat twenty seven billion dollars and put it in clean energy Today, I rolled out a big, bold and ambitious programme because we're a big, bold, ambitious country that in fact, will put the
onus on them. No, they always talked about the Republicans behaviour pay for how are they gonna pay for paradise? California, the burned down and asked how little but I mean at some point- people talk about a carbon tax which I think is a terrible name is usually democratic. Banded naming thing like South call it a pro life initiative life on earth, something ok, but some point we are going to have to make it a cost to be a polluter. We're just a pig or just sloppy and we don't do- we are afraid, as always in America to confront the people will want we're not confirming the people were standing with them and I'll tell you what we did today I rolled out of this plan. And to defeat climate change was mayor of city with me. They'll do three things number one. It will guarantee Americans that we have a hundred percent clean electricity, no call after twenty three
we need a winner self off, of course, but only stop you there. I hear this all the time. Electricity is not brought by a fairy. Yes it I don't know what I mean is people think it's free. It's the sun that doesnt cause any pollution win, doesn't right, not electorate, electricity comes from. Throw gas oil- call so I've been electric car, but when I plug it in that Electricity came from somewhere other than just free well today, or was it the best born with mere girl city, where the there are charging electric buses with solar panels right in the charging solar panels and we have to understand what has happened. The coal plants have gone from a thousand plants to about three hundred because they just art competitive and we have to Your stand that we are the most innovative country in world history and today clean energy. Not for a long time twice as fast clear judgment is fast, the rest economy and look at Winterborne.
Didn't cause. Cancer trump is wrong. They cause jobs, okay, the jobs. We are still the great innovators and tech, and I think people think we can invent or out of this, but I don't think we can invent your way out of well. I beg to differ a little bit. Look look at what solar energy. I wrote a cloth or a book and two thousand seven about this, and I said so. There's gonna come on like gangbusters since that time asked of solar energy has come down eighty percent and is continuing to drop us to win powers. Can twenty percent, but what percentage of the grid fun and saw a small now, six, eight nine percent, but it didn't come on. My god is well. No, it is its growing at three two hundred three percent a year and what we can get. Let me give an example: if anybody is just one factual example, they say we can achieve a goal which is to have electric cars by twenty thirty. Looking over all electrical esquire.
The new cars he's right, binding in twenty. Third- that's that's my proposal in nineteen, forty, the United States. Total made seventy seven jeeps. Four years later, we had made six hundred and forty thousand cheats. We mobilise this nature and we can build a clean energy economy which can do press also went one world where to get started. We stop making cars. Well, No car really will they take turn it all into tank. Factories die in fact, with the only cars were like big cars for Everyone veneration this time, we're gonna have car. Ok! Well, we're never look studies in every innovation! This time we're gonna, have car. Ok! Well, we'd have electric cars like I have look. I argue Megan Mccain. She said you know requires us to look at a GM, bold, all liquid bolt made by
American, auto workers in Orion Michigan, that's a destiny for America, for jobs in this country also, but important question they're. All of your arguing with Meghan Mccain, what about nuclear now, that's when the divides liberals, I'm a media as me one day, I'm for I am against any. I don't know I mean obviously is clean, also like if there is a problem right. It's altered ultra dirty I'm really bad where's. My where you, on my view is that we have to be serious about any potential zero low carbon system. Yes! Well, if this isn't it if you can make a cost effective. If you can make it safer and if you can resolve the nuclear waste problem, if you can, those things, could be part of the possibility now network. Not to do it because we are not those things were deco. Here's what I believe, I believe
new research and development to ironed out whether or not whether We can surmount those problems and if we can, it could be part of the solution, so I support them because this is an urgent problem. That's why doing this grand both way. Thank you very much for doing a great deal about ideas, Apologia prize winning call this the linear, dimes lemme, zombie contributor,
Stevens obey our bread, Stevens Former South Carolina State legislator and CNN Bloodworms, Mccurry seller is run and she's a co founder and larger Rico, hosted the re code, Decode, pivot, podcast near terms contributing opinion, rudder, Kara, Switcher. Yes to finish your questions or tonight's overtime, spin into them after the show on Youtube, okay, so your fans of these slow moving coup that I've been advertising error. Twenties examined a good for you and I remember after the men terms, you know there was a lot of for area which I it's Rankly not participating. It, and you know people we're saying. Well, you know what now we got to paint a power? Currently, not We are currently not apparently so my question: what do you do when the guy
who you want to arrest is the guy who decides who gets arrested? That's gotta pick off for a country, France, I mean look, Tromp is doing what he does best, which is he's baiting, liberals and he's doing it very successfully, and the right response is to say: oh, my god, this is a constitutional crisis. This is Watergate Times ten. It may be all those things, but What really matters is. How are you gonna defeat him? How are you humiliate him. How are you be little him and how are you gonna put him in this place, so he is defeated ball last November, and the answer is, you see all clap just like Nancy Pelosi. That's how you get Donald Trump, but I also think I also think that we that we are in a constitutional crisis- and this is on the level of Watergate in this- is weird I work, what worse than Watergate, but I do think you're dealing with the President is a George Wallace in richer,
in combination- and so dealing with this type of individual, and now you have an attorney general, and I don't know what you want to call him, but he's a liar and the attorney General Democrats have to be focused on each him holding them. They can simply have you haven't you been, do they can hold, make incipient beach, and then you can go for the night by like the others, that the ones that are putting on the fat. You can go after those people. I think the problem, whereas we ve got someone who does everything in public and that's what's fascinating about it, he advertisers and on Twitter every morning. What he's do that day? What what things going violet and so the question is, how do you do that wins: How do you shame summit of shameless these almost impossible right? If we was a poker player, he would be all tells yet but I also home. It's only tell I also junior hearing. As a hearing we saw Senator Harris just skewer Bill bar. I mean
We found out that is you watch the channels ivy I watch. I'm only person wants a single man wants in the list of America that I mean what we, but that's the thing in New York. You your correct, because Democrats now we have to make America care If there is anyone who does not care that we're in a constitutional crisis, then we need to be the big round there. Don't give him a reason to vote in favour, but this is this is I am sorry, but this is when your child comes home and says you know, daddy, daddy, so, and so was mean to me today and said this and this and this and then and then they said that and then that and then you say it should do is just very quietly when you see him the next time go up to June. May I just kick him in the shit? Ok, but where does this is a real thing when you get a subpoena from Congress? This isn't some bullshit right, a real thing and that you just mentioned. What are we talking about here and he's gonna be impeached and then what will it mean?
and then what does it mean? We're not gentlemen mean that the constitution just die like an original answer. You're right, you have to mean, but you still just because we know that the Senate will not know about the same thing with Donald Trump. You still have to give. The constitution is power. No one in this country is above the law and we allowed Donald Trump, your best case scenario, microfinance becomes present or because it would be about the election and who's gonna win the elections. I think that's really. I guess that's real economic. Aren't you write what happens with impeachment? It just is it just sits there and then, in the end there is there is a version of. There is a great stir in the New York Times recently bet, there's democratic twitter and then airs and that's a big deal. I want to get into that, and you know what I'm the twitter things. Firstly, with Trump he makes twitter is bitch it well and, like I said it's all about owning the lids, you know that's what they are out for
Only- and I tell you something I feel owned now. You have succeeded this week. When this guy said you know what I'm subpoenaed before Congress FUCK, you I'm not showing up you're right and we can. I am owned, so you know twenty one people now and of twenty one twenty two next, we who Go to Algeria for FUCK's sake. It's not even worse, racists and running the Bulls Wendy NEWS here and who got in this. We Michael Bennett Centre, Michael Bennett, Michael Bennet, yet his slogan, Google me, like my point, is or you twenty two people who are running what you asked me what, can you do to get my vote? Make me not we'll owned.
Who is going to make me feel like I'm not gonna be owned in assuming this is this election has to be about more. We have to give people a reason to show up and vote for us. I tell people, often my origin, the cow it is always on the ballot in what happened in two thousand sixteen is that people in Wisconsin people in Michigan people in Pennsylvania, a good bit of them, chose the couch they didn't want to come out of the way what heroically about what they want. What you need is not, and I was just simply saying that it's one thing to say that I am against Donald Trump. We have known that Donald Trump has been for shit since two thousand and six to get. What you need is someone who is larger and I dont mean waistline larger, The present yet mean someone who has a kind of moral stature and talk about what is the real Achilles heel of this presidency, which, as he embarrasses America, can it can. I tell you who at that is this little by little story to tell you telling someone is
a momentary telling someone this story recently ten years ago, as doing going in this big swing The price goes working it. Waiter judging as a comedian either, because it MIKE overtime, we would weapon the Hollywood Hills and when those parties up there, you know the streets or narrow, winding people, the valet, the cars down at the bottom of the Helen, but takes the shuttle bus, ok, ok, Why do we have no idea what you're talking about the guy? That's why I'm explained? I don't like you can't get everybody can park up. There is not a parking, it's a narrow street. Ok! So when you go to the boy you down at the bottom of the hell. You go up on the shuttle bus, but you know Allister's don't take shovel, but here is that this is the land of exceptions for a celebrity. So I was waiting there there but I was on the job I was invited, but there were several a listers you will like come on. We don't have to
that goes out. Everybody else gets everybody s detect. A golf cart got ever. Take this gentle bus and one goes. I never. I drive right up and the guy went. Oprah took the show. Go bus and everybody got right on the shuttle. They didn't say a word and that's when I knew I even like opera that much she could run because you know what that one guess he was a tv star right bill before Zogg TVS. That's what that's! What gets to people they storm is the apprentice guy Oprah. She doesn't. Scare alot of people who otherwise would be scared. She's much more popular in the Hilary should certainly get the african american vote to come out. That's important, the Democrats, I'm telling you! I don't think she wants you dead, but she major problem, she's not running, what she said who could when he said somebody eager that's the issues that I think there's plenty of good candidates here. Thereupon,
You can stay just how much less your winter that there are a lot of good people here and there were. There is little that had by people. Look at the night on a private problem you have raised is in some ways it looks like the republican field and twenty sixty, which is you ve, got the presumptive front runner who represents the last administration job and sixteen and now Biden today, then you ve got the kind of outsider. Who has this course support that everyone thinks is a ceiling, but might actually be a fool and then you have nineteen gremlins we're gonna, be fighting it out to emerge in third place is the viable alternative, and if Democrats aren't careful, they're gonna get burned standards as their candidate. I think that first of all, I think that our field is a little bit different than tat can be described all over different, I think, is the most her spilled in terms of you have you have to ask in America,
Canada, definitely Ike. After we have dynamic women better running for office in commonly hairs in Amy global Chart. I mean Senator jeweller brand. The list goes on and on and on, and we have four five people right now poles are saying that can be Donald Trump with all. That being said, I do think that the election was today. Donald Trump would win for more years because we still have to get our house in order, but here's what bothers me there's into two conflicting doubts in my head. One first week he's doing very well. You know it's like he's an old com. Double Paris, shoes and America's feeder hurting ok, when I look at the past that kind of candidate that the old one, whose turn it is Mitt Romney Hilary and Mccain Leon Harry at all, american Nap American like strange when they go into election. They want something strange I am,
Joe Biden? Not that would have you tear like? Can you imagine Biden and Paris pause? take it and when one is vice president, ever but one of the things that Joe Biden has to do again, you know one the values Oriana Campaign- just I am not Donald Trump is not enough. You have people a reason to show up to the polls and vote for you and I think one of the things it Joe Biden is gonna. Do is a lot of support the job it has right now is soft and I think you'll have someone like that. Like us, senator here is or like like obeyed,
workers, someone who is able to do you mind if I want to make people feel proud of the cut is, should we make America prodigal? That's why peed buddy judges, the obvious, can gradually I don't have it gets people I think he's a blackmail or I do. He must have pictures of people with a darker something because I've been everybody you you think is: could Lindy Graham used to be against them and that John Kennedy Guy ROD, Rosen scene, I thought was one of the good Republicans he quit this week. Part of his resignation letter to trap. I am grateful to you for the opportunity to serve for the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations and for the goals you said in your inaugural address patriotism. We ve done this before we give out something every once in a while called the ask us or the month, and you get it this month run
frozen stand. Ask us we're waiting for where we are.
So we got a hold of the first draft of his letter even worse. Dear mister president, I work for three presidents, where only one whose ball smelled like the first floor, a booming, your penis is so big terrorist. Try to flood plains into it, and this is, I will always treasure. The way was looked treasure the ways you belittled me and I think it was the Father. I never had an sodas Tiffany on the day that you were born. The angels got together and decided to create a dream. Come true. Nobody remembers. Thank you so much I am receiver on my own,
regret is that I wasn't born siamese twins, though both of us could work for you, you didn't hear this for me, but Nancy below slightly totally wants for you. Is it hard which launches this Monday may sticks at the opportunities that are here in LOS Angeles? I love this guy's yet Moebius. Well, how are you? I am a long time fan lotta Moby in my playlists. I know that is a good thing that can be, it's twenty years since play yeah. Said regarding the carpenters, young or old. What?
position before we get into the heavy stuff with the book. I did want to ask you, like I'm the youngest person in my house. I don't have kids person, lamps, that's always less. I just you know I I wanna like, stuff- and I always am asking my old or does it actually suck. Well, I got spot, I think it actually, so I got Spotify on my phone and when I first got it like, I'm gonna hear all these new music and immediately I use it as a nostalgia machine and like them. Sickly Spotify is my high school playlist haven't made my musical pay for the end in rule nineteen. Eighty four for modern music might be great, but it can't compete with the club, Asher public Enemy or John Lennon, or nearly young on and on, and I feel like. You were very much on the cusp of something that everybody does know that you are many things at once. I may be wrong about
this, but you weren't just a musician and you sometimes sang, but you were like a curator, and enjoy Anna producer was like. I make this record I'm on it, but then, if I want to put something else and do what I do that too, because a regionally originally, I wanted to be a singer, but I'm not a great thing so I had to learn how to do everything else, and I so wasn't like like that old adage necessity. Mother, mother of, and I wanted to be Vano or David Bowie, but my singing voice is really mediocre. So I like had to learn instruments and production and dj to sort of like overcompensate, for the fact that I'm a machete singer but with ATO to no one is a shooting nowadays. That is true, and that's one thing like about the moderates. Ok, but what I love about like, but I do like complaining about Young people were always satisfied, but I would I really loved about your book in the first with Germany's, your second memoir, ok and
very honest in a way even in memoirs. People are not. I mean you say: you'd love the adulation. You drank it up like a thirsty sponge. It must be don't admit that you say you know- you're real treasure, print reasoner, had all the women you wanted women to adore you like that. It's very honest. I grew up very poor right and in a very dysfunctional home with like you'll abuse and violence and mental illness, and I thought that same was going to fix everything. And so I pursued it desperately, and While it worked, I minerva those moments rose like but my mind on like liquor and drugs and having sex with strangers in the bathroom and like that was great. Not sustainable, and then I found myself Chase the dragon as a lot of aging celebrities do run till suddenly like you're in the basement of a Strip club,
being too like the bouncer at three in the morning. Don't you know who I am. I am awful well yes, there's that but I certainly wouldn't want to turn the kids off to random section drugs. No, it I mean you don't have to be in your book. Is basically you know, you had a hole in your soul, and sex and drugs did not fill it now, and I tried and tried and true and then try. Emulates is not the worst journey to beyond come up to empty at the olympic ok. So I best this of all the guess we ve got on the show, have you ever rubbed? Your pay, it's against Donald Trump. Well as men
in fact, as most of the guests would say. Yes, I have to tell me about it so now I read it near, but there is one night with, but not two thousand and one I was out at a party in those very drunk, I'm sober now, your home tenure as friends and they were telling me about this game that they used to play in college, called Knob touch and I really shouldn't be divulging this in public, but it is in the books are not touch is when you take your placid penis out of your pants lasted in these days, my penis, all this last say natural and you you walk around the room and you brush your placid penis up against people indiscriminate, not sexual, there's, no gender involved and the goals and my girlfriend the time.
And I'm not saying he does that on this egg? It's not that I was very drunk, and my friends told me about knob touch and my girlfriend the time dared me to knob Touch Donald, so I only rubbed my lasted Venus against one per. The entire world, and that man is currently on a golden toilet in the White House of Europe. I wish I could do the same. I am I gonna do not touch with them as soon as I can. I mean some, it's it's. I probably wouldn't do that now that I'm like old and sober, but at the time I'm lack out drunk shall load lay the Beatles got high when they got there. Mba metals from the british Empire
Do we really Nelson Stone in the Heath Richard Keith Richard shut up and Morocco Euro Roxy are? You deserve some rockstar shit you wanna, buy euros before me, you're an animal lover, annual real activist, big in restaurants. Did you say beyond maids and beyond burger these companies. Now I've noticed myself out the rest of the vegetable. It is not what it was two years ago. They finally got it with the veggie burger gonna, be a big. I hope I'm not gonna beacon for thirty one years. Why and honestly, animal rights is my life's work. Like my restaurant little pine, one, two hundred percent of the profits goes to write. Organizations thing which is tenable, fell apart. One hundred percent of the profits goes to rights organization, so entrepreneurial, I'm an idiot.
Why do actually like one hundred percent of my profits, go to animal rights organisations because- and I wanted to talk to J Ends- Leafy still here- he'll- be here later about climate change- lives here now, because whenever people talk about climate change, they ignore animal agriculture, gray and animal agriculture, is the third leading cause of death change like talking about climate change and not addressing animal agriculture is like talking about lung cancer and not talking about smoking, so America and everyone, if it anyway, but then again, I would also say I don't like humans very much
like maybe you should keep beating bacon and burgers and destroy yourselves. I get get I'll, be ok. How we are, I think, now that one subways, but I felt I should really little attempts he's gone. Well, you know- and I will give you is it as a tech guy. You know I am not a tough guy, but you're the ultimate. I mean an alternate. I get most way. Information about attacks from you and Facebook is in the news that get, but it's a news every friggin week they are, they really are earlier. What is it they're, paying a five Billy dollar, identifying the working ragged for them the marking take in the park and jiggered you call it privacy violations, but forgive me I don't know that much of it if it isn't privacy violations how they make their,
yeah that's the basis, not only that the business model. I think the question is, and breakfast wrote a great com on it in the times too, and I read about him all the time. I think the question is: what what do we do about them? What do we do about them this week? They which brought about was they they barred. Certain people off platform, and there's gonna, be controversy around that alley. Transverse Farrakhan, a bunch of other Milo Milo. So the question is what what is common Stu about them. What an regulators do about em, what do people and states and local governments, and what do in that internationally? What countries do about? Isn't a big question? What are they? What are there? The media outlet are that's a clown whole. Are that, unlike until adds to find it's really hard to hold them to account that believes that this he said what we are. You said this week, Mark Zuckerberg said work where it we're trying to move from being a digital equivalent of it, on square, but here the devilish common of the living room or you could just use
the living room and have any other one. I was joking with what is that our jingle juggle with bread backstage like the digital equivalent of the purge now, because, basically people just go on Facebook and it's very, very divisive and the rhetoric is jacked up and I think it was it was purposes. Be a place where people were together in this and the internet and be able to exchange ideas. Will that's not the case and in more because I share the sentiments of public square. It is not a public its as close as possible to get private companies are billion, errors are made, and so it's not a pug is treated like a public. It's a waste of time This is what I try a number of my odor relative. Most there's two point. Two billion people on it. That's not aware that there are so many people, especially like in the many people, couldn't be time, ministers, people or time. We estimate that new people are getting their news in certain countries. That's all the north of the brown bear. All the news is not an area that shouldn't be what ok because
I hear people say that when I asked them, if you don't know about this, like I get most of my news from what people put on my feet, why this not just so you're depending on Europe as a result of ale units up. That's it! That's why we're so stupid weather, What are we going to do with their lotteries and why we're so stupid? but I also think that you know I think Facebook got it right and I think it was easy call to ban these three individuals, but it's a slippery slope, some inward. Where do they go next? I think, is the question we are. They gonna keep that's, managing. When it comes to someone like Franklin, Graham who is a a bad this minister, but who is a homophobic big it right? but he supported by the presence of the United States. Are we gonna get that same energy? And my question is: are you gonna have three three white kids and A con valley who sit in a cubicle decide was dangerous in what rhetoric they ban would rhetoric. They don't, and I have a fundamental problem. I do too. I mean right because you have what a thirty three,
kid who is essentially, let's stop calling mark Zuckerberg care to me. He has two children. We establish you're old when he always gets off on issues in adult with two children and it has sixty four billion dollars. Any controls. The carbon one shirt right here sheriff appears blocks one I've ever seen guard when we look at the problem with all facebook. All of social media is it's been the land of unintended consequences, so this was supposed to unite us all and its in fact divided at all us? It's made us more isolated. Twitter was supposed to democratize speech its accelerated demagoguery on the planet, now they want to ban these these horrible people in there horrible. We all recognise that, but then we're gonna get into a slippery slope were Facebook becomes the arbiter of what can be said right. Gender in their digital quote, puddle square, whatever it is, and the idea of
younger man having better determining what qualified as worthwhile speech I think, is to stoop union intimidates? Also. Facebook is also a matter. It's just that it's just the symptom of a problem that we have adjusted so all that much drumming up because they didn't have to design it. This way, that's like you. What they did is running Guinean I'd get approaches. I've talked about this where they created a city. It's a digital city is what it is and they decided not to have police garbage street signs. The sewers or anything, but they charge the rent and every night. It is the Persian that's what the are group but I think that there is a larger problem we have in this country just finds Facebook. The rest I mean we have xenophobia, white, supremacy, bigotry, and I think that is there.
There is the problem. The symptom is just Facebook because that's where people just go to espouse their views, but if we are to a five minute wholeheartedly, what here different gonna win history, it's never been. This is establishing moment where you gonna, throw people off for their horrible I'd riots. Ok, so very tell you who said this this week, if I just said this is somebody on Facebook, should they throw them off? This person said that democratic position on abortion is now so extreme that they dont mind executing babies after Birth Donald Trump. Yes on time, the president said yeah. He said the babies born the mother meets with the doktor. They take care the baby, they wrapped the baby beautifully than the doktor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby. So when that's that president. This is their this. What they're running on socialism and the Democrats or for executing babies and this not a right wing, crazy radio hope this is the president, backed up by the way by Nude Gingrich,
We are in the battle for the soul of America. On the one side, you have a party that believes babies can be killed after their board, because that's what Democrats are for Let's make killing babies safe, effective, legal and comment, but then again, looking I mean face on our conversation. Young people like maybe there should be a compelling case for postnatal abortion. No, that thing after language training. We know we are doing the democratic messaging that, worse than what I mean, this is a mean. It's it's absurd is absurd that we even have the dispel these these falsehoods. Coming from the White House, I mean we all know that that's not the case but I mean that the simple fact that that I like to always bring up with people is it I dont want Mitch Mcconnell, I dont want Lindsey Grandma dont want might pins in Donald Trump.
Deciding what me and my wife to do with her body. I mean that is a derisory phone, because they're so pro feeders but anti child cuz when the child gets here. They damn sure don't take care of them, they're not in favour early childhood education, but not in favor climate change or or battling climate change. They just don't care when the child gets here. Okay, but there's a lot of hate on Facebook, and apparently this week in the New York Times getting you George you're, not just now. Well, they ate a little mistake. They know they pay people. You are very high, about it. I wasn't anything that show the cartoon. They ran this cartoon and the international addition and its that's supposed to be. It looks like Peggy Lee, but it's better, but that's Donald for another
I admit it. I know the carpenter that I got a guy, that's Donald Trump and that's Netanyahu is the dog with the jeweler star, and I guess it's trying to say that Netanyahu courses leading Trump around but there are many men. I mean that. Obviously there are pity semantics. Scar do it. It was a shameful cartoon. Its nakedly anti semitic illustrate. How easily, anti Zionism and the constant demonization not criticism demonization of Israel, Perhaps, into outright Anti Semitism should never have run in the The good news is the newspaper instantly apologize they ran a scathing are bad or column about your hearted by me. Right in the paper, and then they ran on an editorial again apology. I for for the cartoon, so it was. A terrible moment for the times, but, on the other hand, imaginative,
government or our executive branch. Every time it made a terrible mistake immediately. Apologized, withdrew that, through the cartoon criticized itself involved to change, I think of a better country, but here's the here's, the thing about our Trump and efficient. The number of anti semitic incidents nearly sixty percent higher in twenty We just had one right down road here near San Diego, and we saw pits Where can we son knows it and well that's different. Nearly sixty percent higher in twenty seventeen men. Twenty sixteen, the largest single you increase on wreck it had somehow Donald Trump. This coalition, the Nazis, like em and Netanyahu, Netanyahu likes he's got the anti Semites and shove Naples and explain that to me. But I think they it's easy to explain the rise and anti Semitism in this country. I go back to Charlottesville and I remind people that the
most amazing thing about Charlottesville, was that they were chanting, these anti semitic lines and they didn't wear, they didn't wear masks these into, Jewels were not afraid to show their face. They felt in both, in the reason they found in voting is because there was someone in the White House who could carry them. Till and utilise the same or similar language that they use and so that they can, no problem. We have in this country that that those messages, down from on high and until the report Working Party actually show some testicular fortitude in Billy to actually stand up against Donald Trump when we're talking about destroying the fabric of our country. Nothing's going to change in the pond within Semitism and bigotry and racism- is that sometimes it can lead to harmful things, and like the debts. We really, I agree, but look it's incumbent on everyone's. Call out the shit on their own side, and there is plenty of anti Semitism coming from the left. Its disguised as its disguised as Anti Zionism, but when a congresswoman? Yes, it's all about the Benjamin's. That's answer
semitic and I've called out Donald Trump. I wanna hear democratic I've. I've call up live, send it running. I know about him with a little too because does Jews people no one can afford to. We say we only have enemies on the opposite side, especially when comes to to those of us who are jewish. We have enemies on all sides and we have to the alert literally with Israel, and I think it speaks to the ascendancy of victimization as a goal. On the left, because when Israel was week after the war, the left loved Israel when they got strong, suddenly they loved them so much, but we like people they have much. In common with value, while thou. Not. Why did you get back on how the EU started with Facebook? That's where it starts, though this radicalization
I think that it would happen in New Zealand sure you know the way they broadcast it, and these are all these questions. How do you get radicalized? How does it get spread and then how does it continue on and I think the weapon zation amplification of hate is part of it? It's added an extra it's like a few jet fuel to this entire thing and that's what's created and it was created to be great But what is done? Is there also? They aren't they their us also is not this or are not these major fishers between Israel and the Democratic Party. I mean that that that's just not there it's very loud on the far left, but that that these, fishes are large. I mean you Talkin about Barack Obama who's. The reason that Israel has an iron dome. You talk about thirty one billion dollar email, you between the two countries, you're talking about. Its area of thirty five. There were actually delivered Israel that they only other country in the in the world that has is Israel, and so that Israel has been a partner in will be, partner, but right now you have personalities amino there, their people, and I think that I think it's
data to be critical of baby Netanyahu, but I think what Democrats have a I'm doing or or not all democratically what's happening is sometimes anti Semitism. Whether or not it's this. Whether not is this, this cartoon or whether night, it's kind of woman Omar, allowing themselves to to delve into racist tropes, which makes this new wants discussion very difficult sharing. Our criticism is great. Just don't demonize right back, I bet time for New York, since nobody knows you're, half of them are anyway. Every week. The news media must try to sneak someone who doesn't belong into that collage. A presidential candidate just see how long it takes people to say, wait a minute
the travel guy, nuclear neural hundred and seven near all Bill Franklin Go Bill recently moved into an elder care home, but is still the world's oldest practising doktor ass to retire no offense doktor, frank them, but I want the man who has his finger in my ass to say why we doing this again, rural women using the baby pod, a speaker that music for unborne babies by inserting it entered the vagina. Must admit this has nothing to do with music. First off you have the base crank, weigh up. I'm second you're, not breaking,
Europe as a whole. Foods is serious about their customers bringing cloth bags from home the shame them by printing on there Paper bags things like fuck faced forgot his bag. I parked in the handicaps, bought two. I was a trick dip Didier needed gale. There are all the Democrats have to turn Lindsey Graham reading, an email from FBI agent Peter struck into a police, Go ahead,
Now the president tramp so has Lindsey grayer trap is a fucking idiot. Conservative republican slab tramp tramp is a fucking idiot. You know it's time for him to go. Call your congressmen and say: trap is a fucking and finally, neural Democrats have to give me a reason to live. As I mentioned last week in this space, the Mulder report, That was our shot with a dysfunctional and a traitorous attorney general. It fell to one man to stop the madness and when he didn't, I gotta tell you broke me a little bit
I am for the first time in my life using marijuana for legitimate medical Reese. Yesterday I wandered into dispensary. Instead give me the strongest strain of indigo you have and the guy said, sir. This is a basque and Robin I admit it. I've let myself go. Why not? What's the point? Trump gets away with everything he beat the rap on Russia, no way with collusion and obstruction and stealing Obama Supreme Court seat. So many things to bring him down Charlottesville, Stormy Daniels, kids in cages, mauler nothing. Does he picked up the Senate seats in the mid term? You got calves
Antonia. You got the entire republican Party behind him, despite all the laws of economics the stock market is up. Despite the laws of nutrition he's alive, and despite the laws of laws he's not in jail, he was about. One thing I am tired: of him winning MIKE current position on politics- is fetal. I hear pay I'll say just turn off the news I can't it's me, a job and I'm not going to abandon my post, but I'm here to tell you, but I think I've found something that helps and I
You tell you about it tonight because That's our relationship. And what it is I Bill MAR one hundred percent all in on and completely into s m are that's right, a more which stands were autonomous, sensory, meridian response, and no it's not that thing where you jerk off with the belt to render. It's an internet phenomenon where people soothed themselves by watching people, whisper and quietly touch and rubbed thing
deep breaths, Air Samar has become so popular. It was even in a super bowl. Add this year I know you're thinking bill. Did you hit your head? You are the last guy. We expect to be it to some crazy social media fad. I know, but all day long. I have to see this
Turn off the lie that what about me, I said: let's go to Iraq, but I won't be a risky likes me. Jane, Jane, Eyre, I'll get a job if I have to look at that in the day, I find it very helpful at night to watch this. is it an easier to accept that our country is falling apart empty? I see that guy so starting right now and perhaps a little while It will be needing to do the show.
Which way But it's what I need to do, to be able to keep talking about listen, wrinkling pain, I can't go petty at their way. I've tried everything, yoke, scream therapy. Sesar. This is what works for me.
You Shamed like your Paypal, really works when you're dealing with a guy like Trump I'd TAT House, uptown,. I tabled releases taxes, alas, tours.
Brag about great big women bite because he's pretty basic ashes ere. I say it already. I say if Trump took off for a country that wasn't barrack we would don't be a shame. Whenever you have to do take Harry Potter want rake in across buried. Rick
stir when stir went wrong, rub your penis against Donald Tunnel drew do whatever it takes because
it worked. I hope I don't have to do that so much. I thank you for indulging made, hopefully I'll be back to normal soon. Until then to all a president Brahms Rousseau Republican Enablers, who Let me say a few minutes ago that I was broken a little bit dream, that's not that's happen going to happen. If you want to remove the need not remind each bio dot, com
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