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Ep. #505: Congresswoman Katie Porter, Kevin Williamson

2019-08-24 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Congresswoman Katie Porter, Kevin Williamson, Heidi Heitkamp, Eric Klinenberg, and Michael Smerconish.

(Originally aired 8/23/19)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time to start
That's use! I needed Ladys, so many shitty weeks with this city, we got really one bright spot. I can fight. Is the Trump finally found some white
people to fight with Denmark siding with Denmark, because you know those he's been wanting to buy Greenland. By the way, did I put a Rico said you don't take air the island you already have as Ives. That is not a crazy idea to want to own Greenland. Other presidents have suggested, but they took no four answer this guy, the Prime Minister told him not for sale and he said that's what Maloney s parents, Prime Minister of Denmark, nasty woman said his
offer was absurd and Trump said you nasty and you ve been insulted America anyway. Talk to the manager is off. Is rocker he's giving our long press conferences on the White House lawn brought to you by the President of the United States stands in the dry for every day and scream. He said people I mean. I know a lot of old guys like get off. My lot is like get on my walk. The suit saves told about the suit really wasn't working the suit ordinarily people that are wearing a bathrobe within with garden holds. The president is the inflatable arm flailing two man outside of dealers,
I don't want to say he has the mind of a child, but today, Jeffrey Epstein goes try. Fuck it gentle good humoured. That's what we now do. You see Now why I say we need a recession. I know it's gonna be painful, but we have to get rid of this guide and research in tromp now so as not to worry uses the economy's going fantastically and other then always when is the ever lied, the ices to worry about a recession, he says he always finds a way to win, and then he wrote the book on surviving financial catastrophe. Specific chapter eleven. This is a bad sign today, a green land offered by us,
Now some some funeral knows to report yesterday, David Coke of these zillion air culprit. There's died plays of prostate cancer. I guess I'm going to have to evaluate my low opinion of prostate cancer. He was seventy nine, but his family says they wish it could be longer, but at least he lived long enough to see the Amazon com fire condolences poured in from all the politicians. Borders. Mourners are being asked in lieu of flowers to just leave their car engine running as for his remains, he has asked to be cremated and have his ashes blown into a child's life.
Now I know these same like harsh words and harsh jokes and I'm sure I will be condemned for them on Fox NEWS, which will Mr Coke, as a principled, libertarian, who believe in the free market. He and his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate science deniers for decades of fuck him the Amazon is burning up. I'm glad he's dead like how to hide behind a burger here and I'm libraries breaking with columnist another Kevin Williamson, but first I actually represents California is forty five congressional desert and as a perverse
you see airline school of law any border right, so we are about the Amazon later. It's depressing me, I'm sure suppressing you. Let's talk about the company or the forest kissing! Well, that's what I want to get too. I think the company should by the force, I think we should by the Amazon money talks ring well like Ludovic Greenland. Well, if we're gonna buy Greenland, we may as well the Amazon to base our has a hundred and thirty billion tat turn I used to do this. He used to buy, giant swaths of land, because he said nobody else going to say, but I will where all these cheap billionaires when you beat them. These environmental is Your money where your mouth is money, zoning oxidizing, yeah eggs,
but there is a billionaire named Jamie Diamond, whose head of what Bank J P Mortgage Avery Morgan changed. Ok, a new sort of became famous, gives you shamed him you are growing have about why in has, I think, to be fair. Hippicus showed himself well, you help you, like the student, who would tell me that they were really upset that I asked the question to which they didn't know. The answer to which I would be like without that sort of were apparently he's, never thought about the triggers. That's what it gives me or you kept saying you know someone who works at your company and the secretarial position only makes this much money and that's hard to live on. But you know your company does quite well
when he said she. I never thought about that. But the other day he was talking and a lot of business leaders were about how they change their tune. The little bit that they say, companies should be responsible in the way Henry Ford was, you know, make the workers solvent and maybe they'll by your product and other products. So it looked at me like shaming works. I've said for a long time. I don't think we shame enough. You shamed him, don't you think we should do that. I I do think holding people accountable works and I think it works in multiple lines. I think it obviously work push the business round table towards this new definition of cooperation, but it also works and giving the american people confidence in our Congress. So those hearings they're not for me those hearings or for the american people. So this is not my five minutes. Our five minutes, so that my colleagues, like a lot of my colleagues, don't get this
so they'll, say to me like, while Katy like your fresh member, who so good at asking questions like two hundred deaths, and so it's really hard to figure out how you say: politely like well the first step ask a question like an appointed, what I mean to be honest, the he looked like I do not want to ever answered this ladys question to go no like that is my screen saver. It's like the rest, but I'm a nearer pointing out something that we can do it again this week, because that ice ridden Mississippi last week where they, through a lot of people out of work and probably now out of the country, the trying to replace those people, and it was in the paper how much the jobs are. These are horrible jobs, murdering chickens. It's like ten dollars now, twelve dollars an hour. This is just what you're telling me. How do I said this often, how do people live in this? How do you pay me? I've been dirt
or two, but I was single story, but kids, who are just like our vacuums for money. How do you pay for all the things that you need to pay for? Otherwise, you miss Foreigner dollars a week, families can't so what they're doing is there going without their going without prescription drugs thoroughgoing without dental visits, they're going without savings to going without emergency funds and their borrowing, their farming on credit cards, the borrowing from predatory lenders? I mean this, the reality of not earning enough and so really what their business round table said and what Jamie Diamond sediments Jimmy lemons quote was the american dream is alive, but frame, and I saw that quotas- I thought well so nice of Elizabeth Warrant to give such a great quote. Jimmy diamond, could have Ryan Elizabeth warning when he said that American dream is alive but frank, I'm so glad, because Jammed has realised
trying to tell him which is the for his own workers at his own beta, in which kind of California they can't make ends meet, we can't afford an apartment, much less safe for anything and serve the business round table said: look shareholders, art every and that is the first ever are busy. He was upset when you great you say I'm in corporate law. The correct answer to any question in corporate law until Monday was shareholders rights, so Hutu Cooperation, Syria shareholders. What's that you give a corporation shareholders, so what they said is no. Actually we should worry about stakeholders which they said means workers which means communities which means suppliers,
which means your customers. This is really revolutionary and it's gonna make my job questioning these witnesses. So much emotion, Elizabeth, Warm Lou Reborn was your professor. I didn't realize that also your mentor, you name your daughter after but you're, not endorsing her. I have not endorsed anyone yet, and I have a really hard time I mean I gotta tell you like. I have every hope of a sub story here. I have three children, I'm a single mom. So while I'm trying to get the ticket its unstuck from the point of order, I no longer talking, there's no juice, that dinner Bell. Sorry for you, my children. I have a Booker voter armies. Thirteen! I have a couple of voter. Eleven and I have a name for her Elizabeth.
Voter? My daughter, Elizabeth soon as I get the family vote consolidated and we come up with a candidate that I'll be in the position to do more, but I really want to tell you tat the way to my constituents. My though, in my choice, is it what's at stake here? What's at stake as every single persons choice? We can't leave anything on the table. We have to conduct every year from Orange County which, until very recently, like two years ago, was all like a like straight Reagan: county adult still today represent Brazil, but proud represent a majority of republican right and those are Republicans, who have good sense, but all the boys jerks criminal didn't all the Orange County distressed go blue cracked. Ok, so you have to be- I would guess a little more to appeal to your constituents Elizabeth Warrant,
I mean I love her, but I hear a lot of analysed say things like we'll lose forty states. That's a forty state loser election. What do you think about it? I think that we should let the candidates run in wind and in some cases, like the last couple days, running wins and what is running in the primary, which is not the general election on away you're practising against the team that resembles nothing like the team. You gonna fight in the game that counts fair point, but we also have an Opportunity we also have an opportunity to add more players to our team to churn out younger voters to turn out people who don't but consistent joy team is not a fixed and by the way the game is not a fix thing either. So, when you like a lazy, this is someone like the thing that bonds, the freshmen class together, everybody from Abigail Span for her to a lesser Alexandria, because you're a cartel for MAX rose to recede to leave is that we don't take corporate pack money and we understand that corporate abuse
is harming our capitals to kind of me got something in republican districts in Trump districts in districts of a never had a Democrat before, because we understood that what Americans want is an economy that works for everyone, and here I am surprised to find myself putting Jimmie Dale but shocked. Really, but Americans don't think that because of the works, M is called socialism now, I know Elizabeth says she's a capitalist cheer fewer, but I know, but that's not the way she's gonna be painted in some of our programmes. Let's be honest, sound pretty socialist I just to one another. George Mcgovern I was born. I was well you're, smarter than those kids. You say it doesn't matter wasn't alive, urinal eye for the civil war. You know about that right, ok, but I feel like things more time in the civil war than they did for Georgia. We govern.
Yeah, I'm we don't want any renegades Nixon, who, I think people don't realize was the tanks were the TED crews of his day, a product of Orange County, just not a popular guy, not a likeable attractive man a sweaty loser as far as popular, and he one forty nine states. I'm just saying. I think you think so they like Amy Closure, is actually Electable, I know Elizabeth born has all them. You know them in energy right now, but I can answer that. I'm just going to tell you this. I think energy matters, and we saw that in twenty eighty, so we had wreck. I would not be in Congress if it were not for trot being terrible right. It was a big help and my opponent making some critical mistakes right like buildings tromp was terrible, but also because we turn me in better turn out in twenty teens,
car university from two percent voting to thirty percent voting. That's how I want. I wish you guided the reason I cannot react on this one. Is it's not so much about Elizabeth per SE? It's that I have only had every single person tell me I couldn't win run and when, as a progressive and orange county- and here I sit ran, I want a working hard for the american people in Congress. I'm asking again, for proposing twenty twenty and I think, that's a model that people to look to recover. My dear you again how gaze professor Socio injured headway, YO, Northrop Palaces or the people? How social infrastructure can help fight inequality, polarization and the decline of civic life? That's the whole
about Eric quite emerges over here and how you doing serious, axemen CNN hosted author of clowns. The left me jokers the right Michael's Mercato backward she's, the former democratic senator from North Dakota was the founder of the one country project and issued a party hide camp greatly to get the sun question tonight: overtime, chagrined them after the show on Youtube. What about my data by the Amazon? Why can't that basis has a hunter. Thirty billion dollars. I read today, Dave Gilmore of Pink Floyd, so his guitars: did you see this race? Twenty one, five million dollars for the environment.
It's not going to get the job? It's kind of a sign of how we ve come to a crazy place where we're begging for american billionaires to save the world scene. I mean it would be amazing if someone on purchased it I mean who would objected, George Soros buying the Amazon me. I can't imagine anyone not liking that I love any objective one out of five of every breath. We take dependent upon the Amazon, yet these are the things we look to government to do here comes the Gmos, but they're not and they're, not in the leadership, normally would be provided by our guy or our female president and unfortunately is a denial, a minute they give Tom's dire, took all the money he's got banned promoting himself and actually only got the Amazon. This right, I could raise it. I think I think I'll have to think about whether Brazil is letting this happens so that they can t forest they Amazon and therefore about develop
it's this land by land foreigners. Do it in this country all the time the problems created by now Right now that you want it's Brazil and then it's in its Brazil and then its Indonesia, and that its China than its next place the world is on fire, You know we ve just had virtually aboard. This is a bit there's a big one, no doubt about it are with this, but what ordinary? What if we start with electing someone who doesn't think climate changes? paper that may not have this week. It actually does. We don't have to worry depend upon the electorate, which I don't have any faith in what you do not know why. I think that when you look at what trumped seeing right now, honestly, he gave a speech on the environment and on energy member this it was like. I know he did. He went out your speech. People didn't even notice, and the reason why he did it using arising was grill because he knows that he needs to changes, tune to get suburban women and to get those swing, borders back and theirs.
He never changes to. While ninety doesn't know anything he doesn't change, he doesn't. It doesn't change these seriously stupid, but that was not politically savvy. I've never seen him go for. Oh I'm gonna get a bigger base, four amid a double down a database of mouth, remembering ever
This presidency has been predicated on getting the same forty six percent, who came out and elected him to do, as I say, twenty twenty, but here's what I think you should have a net. He knows he's in trouble, but he always wins something. You don't wear that today. Ok, so there's a lot of talk that there is actually going to be a republican challenger. I think this is another good idea to some of the people. I re Hogan governor of Maryland talks about bill. Well, dirty doing it right. This is what I call Republican Classic the old Republicans before Drum Joe Walsh, not the Iraq, God guitars the crazy congressmen. Extremism Mark Sandford, the Appalachian trail dude
So that's what he's known for, but who cares Jeff leg John K, sick. I always had Mitt Romney could do it run in the primary at least this way. Republic republicans are good at winning. We're, not data, how to win. Ok, they're, not gonna, be trump in the primary, but at least Republicans will listen to other Republicans, they'll hear Republican Classic and then whoever comes in second tromp out of this field. Runs as an independent and the general he could take. The must be five percent, a republic disguise all the horrible things. Trump does. I know there are and they want to vote Republic and classic there, but they will vote for a Democrat, your state very hard to get you one. There is hard to believe you must have done a great job.
The idea of doing a great job. It didn't get. We re elected the problem that you have as any credible Republican like Mitt Romney, who seriously knows that this guy is going to lead the country to a place that, while we might not ever recover from, I mean there are serious republicans. They think. Ok, if he loses, then I got a chance and for years they wake up and they look in the mirror and they see a president and it's not geared towards saving the country is geared towards their political opportunity and is going to be really hard to find someone who will put themselves out there like that to help the country look. I've been waiting for years for some republican of stature to stand up to this man and instead to promote their careers, their sacrificing their country and potentially their party as well. Maybe we're heading for disaster again. Were we don't have to do the work? Let's not used the things that keep not working. Let's do the things that maybe they can work because
control. You can run a thirty third party, candidate and third party candidates, siphoned off even a small amount of the vote. We ve seen this Al Gore in two thousand right. I mean very little Trump one by how many votes seventy seven thousand in those three states, a guy. Just somebody republicans from can't vote for a democratic as their evil, but I can vote for John K sick as I think that would this isn't a solution that you're looking for. I share your desire for there to be a third choice on that stage, not to siphon votes but to win the whole damn for that sort of an app. I'm convinced that so many of these people get nominated or so out of touch, and then it's the choice of a less of two two evils. Well, it's always a choice of the lesser of two evils: authority.
Candidates, don't when they just ruin it for one of them. Let's make their place in this house, I will show you did you'd know anyway. Member of the star by now, and I actually result so. The point is not always like in what he's not a democratic either right. So so, if he, if bill, if this more possible, then he would be doing much better than what he's doing you were to state in this and actually figured it out. I mean he's: got billions of dollars led him by the Amazon. Let Mitt Romney run against drugs or case EC, ok, the other thing I think that could change things and is so this were while Michael more saying it. Now to I love this. We need a ballot sweetener. Two years ago, we said put part on the ballot. Its are liberal version of guns, its issue, that people feel
If you can get single issue, voters to come out of the house turned potheads into single if democratic party tomorrow would come forth, notably for full legalization, you could win this election because it's a personal issue well partner, we're on the ballot. At the same time, in North Dakota, we both lost but that's north, I'm speaking America gave me. I know I know you good. I've said this, but I was so far South Dakota Saturday night Lovely place loved it and I go there is I want you out of court, they love me and I love them because their so enthusiastic, they don't think I'm gonna come to a place like that. It's fantastic
but this should not be to decode. It should not be and by the way, Rhode, island, you're part of Massachusetts, really Delaware is Maryland and while many in Montana could be ones they I mean there are. There are states with one district, one district, your state, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware, Montana. One dispute can we do with? Can we have lifted three? Can you do me? A favor? Can you put South Dakota, and why only together can state weakens merger. Boys always does, but it goes down bernardino rigour if we could blow up the electoral college while we're doing all that work. I am all in well, that's another thing
to do that because I think nationally popular vote. Yes, fifteen states voted that whoever wins the popular vote gets all Europe. Actual about really need, like six more states for that to happen, and we would sort of do a reach around electoral one. One reason why our democracies and crisis in so many people see it as illegitimate is because we keep on voting for someone who doesn't when the president's, how many times in this country can we vote. Yes on one give them the majority of the votes. Urgency and have them lose because of this in Akron, but is also because the Senate is where The Senate is where legislation goes to die. The house passes all sorts of good stuff and Mitch Mcconnell says forget: it picks up a rope and that's partly I'm sorry, because states like the decode, it
there were torn, have senators and we have forty million people and we have to live with fifty one times the voice, a person in your statement that we do that kid. There's no justification. I feel real obligation here. They defend might stay. I not to defend the constitution, I mean when you look at when we were created the great compromises, why we ended up when the two senators before every every I stayed in an and it's it's, but but here's an argument were born with a good content limit here that our shame, Snuggery that way or even arguments, horror did argument, for it is that we are one country which is the name of the project that I started, that we all have to start working together and redefine what that American Spirit is and when you simply say the coasts half of the population and we can just fly over the middle and them
I can just get on its own, but none fly over them and beyond their own, but don't get more of a voice than other people if the current people take one for this is what is ruining America is that nothing happens because the Senate blocks everything and the sentence lacks everything, because it's not fair. I think in twenty years like so, I will tell you for two years that I was in this and that we were in the majority and the house, was in a republic in Cairo, and you know what the house said: the Senate won't take our bills. They passed all this patchett crazy stuff. That was not appropriate, and that was not good for the country and we were able to stop it because it came to the Senate and the Democrats have control so things change, poetic
and you have to be very careful when you change the rules, so there is a high turnover rate at the White House. I don't have to tell you about the turnover it's ridiculous. You could be forgiven for not knowing a lot it like, if you said to me, know who's the Secretary of defense. I can remember this: don't you know who is the National security advisor? Who was it yesterday? I don't fault, but Ok he's crazy, but one guy who's. Always there is Stephen Miller. Thirty three Stephen Miller from Santa the guy's a great looking guy, and he has been profile this week, he's now he's the immigration hardliner to the major papers, the post in the New York Times, both profile them on the front page this week. So we thought it was time to do twenty five things
you, don't know about state and regional raised, we british US magazine, but through them they never. Thank me for its on this thing. Worse daily it now it's ours, I'm never going to mention you again. Twenty five things bill Mars. Twenty five things you don't know about Stephen Miller, I'm currently dating unless nor Germanicus in high school hours noted most likely to call my mummified mothers hair. I think tacos are stealing jobs from here. Rigorous. I will kill them hair. Like Donald Trump correction. I have killed airline, I'm a cancer. I dont know my astronauts
because if I need time alone, I go anywhere the worst part about my car smelling like what dogs is. I don't own spray hair, but not on my head in college. My style was dubbed Nazi geek, which explains my neck:
MP, we Germans and I can't get automatic sinks to turn on, because I don't have a soul. This minority, independent thinking in the age of la politics, cabin Williamson, okay, so we're gonna get to some of your history with the Atlantic. I know they fired you after,
If everything to tolerate well, you had a rather outlier opinion there about abortion we'll get to that later. Let's talk about more first. What I think we are more some particle on your book and I think the theme of it I would agree with it, sort of a call to arms against mob rule right. This is why you should like the electoral college by the way so you're wrong about this, because, like me, you dont trust big man. People because they tend to be stupid and easy to scare and our best things about our constitution are the anti democratic things like the bill of rights, which is America's great big list of stuff. You idiots don't get to vote on, it puts slavery up to a vote in writing sixty to one hundred and seventy two thirty. If we put free speech up to a vote today, it would probably loose ok, I don't see what those to do with the electoral college, but
throw college is how we ensure the states actually mean sign up, but that's it that's a stretch. That's that sort of like that logic. That says you know. Free speech is money is very speech which is bullshit. I don't think so Free speech is money is not free speech that that's the art. I would like the remaining and freedom of the press, but if you want to buy a presence, a hundred million dollars, will you can't do that that big money in journalism? Ok? But what let's talk about? What we like them
but each other because its historic list- and I really want to get too- but I feel like you and I both feel like the individual thinker- is being driven to extinction by tribal politics and political correctness. I feel that way to Iceland, I feel like a man without a country- and you know this is country you'd over these words country founded on individualism. What's happened is that we taken the normal sort of team sport aspects of politics and we ve elevated back to the exclusion of everything else, because our politics is no longer really about the boring questions like whether our talk tax rates can be thirty, nine percent or thirty, four and no one's having sobbing fits in public over that our politics has become about what kind of person my what kind of person or you and this weird social media ritual of hating people together in public. So it
where the good guys here, the bad guys here, the off the awful things about them has all the level of the great things about us. Where the awful things about us, I mean I'm an anti trump conservative, so you know I feel a lot of awful things about myself and then people around you know that conflicted time for people like us horizon our Republicans and Jordan is our horror and you couldn't a weird worldwide twitter. For this reason, oh I quit twitter. Is it wasn't really very good use it I'm here, I'm a writer and like a lotta writers, I tend to procrastinate, and so when I was first to be doing real work, it's tempting to get on twitter and say like whose being stupid today than they go, find them, and I end up smacking around some undergo from the high college, or something which is not really the use of my time around expensive. You know you're gonna pay me to spend my time doing that, but I mean you do right your book about social media, which I think is a generational thing. Would you say that
sure yeah, there's a generation of people who have grown up sort of his digital native scene. I wasn't right. I was in college before I sent an email, but their people have grown up only in that world, and so they used to this instantaneous feedback, and that's really that sort of devious underlying structural social media that we're all naturally insecure about our status, and so they ve taken this question of status and put number on it. You get this number friends, you got this mini followers. You got this many likes that sort of thing, and so people go to her for a quick little. You know dopamine hit to make them feel better. It's not really about politics. Now. Please pay attention to realise that recently that a lot of times things people arriving there. I believe they just now it'll get likes, and I had a poster once when we have a vacation and we come back. We need a poster out there, a billboard- and I was showing me all these different ones and women on a long time, and so
Our defines. I'm no, and I could tell they were kind of scared. Assure me that, unlike anything, it's it was me, and it said he's not in it for the likes, and I thought I am so proud stand back their addicted to likes and its for what is a catch is particularly bad for journalists. They think because journalists have recast themselves as being a species, a politician, so you no longer someone who writes throw up you're someone just there to represent a constituency and try to win elections, and things like that. I have people sometimes asked me what what is it you're trying to do to help get Republicans
This year I tell nothin job. I mean the NATO aiming to do that. I like the way you say it's very rare- to find anybody any more. Who surprises you with an opinion, but you did, and this is what God you fired at the Atlantic, because Europe is a main you're, a Catholic. Your opinion on abortion is pretty out there. I mean you said I, is that the law should treat abortion like any other homicide, and then you yourself introduced the word hanging. That's pretty out there, don't you think it's not exactly where Ireland Ex Ante capital punishment, but I have argued in the past that, if we're going to have capital punishment, it should be some forthrightly violent means of capital punishment, one of the things that really creepy about the way we do it. Now it's this pseudo medical thing we ve got someone on a journey.
With your medical records on the banks were to say this is now a different issue. You why I've already wanted cattle PETE? I love abortions or dialogue could only be treated like any other homicide and hang in the context of a different arguments. So to think so as well, We don't think you take our abortion seriously if you're not wanting to treat it like a homicide, and I think that, if we're going to prohibit abortion, that's the category of things that should be prohibited under because if abortion isn't a homicide, there's no reason to prohibit it at all. The man who gets the girl pregnant an accessory to murder. She's talking about sheep stupid, applaud lines that people give when there were the likes because question of getting so it is an entirely different thing, so we're talking about if you believe by thy part of irresponsible.
What is right and you should be made responsible for- and you certainly have responsibility for the good of the course of his life, but it's not as they were. Man can stop. Want our having abortion demanded, performs an abortion sure I do in radical, crazy right wing places like France, where abortion is illegal act of the twelve with pregnancy and if your dark, I don't When you lose your medical licensing go to prison, they gotta present aspects. Tenure, says french people in prison performing abortion. Now because in our performance illegally ok. Let's there, maybe, let's not get sadder Let's move onto something ideally more agree with does it make sense that thought that working if it's not homicide it ain't tax evasion littering if it's not homicide, there's no reason to prohibit it all the more reason to worry about it, just contraception, but if it is almost than that's so, then we start during my hanging. Ok, so strong spacer is going to be on
Oh I, like me, let out he's gonna be dancing with the stars, and so there has been a boycott called for dancing with the stars, and I am not going to watch dancing with the stars just like the other twenty seven seasons, but this this boycott culture, no Congress fundamentally suggested that they boycott my show. Because last week I was talking about their dismay. We should boycott is when Israel boycotted her. So she said, boycotts a terrible and then one of the boycott me because I was expressed no, we have invited or on the show I hope she comes. But you know if you come on the show, then you have actually defend your point as opposed to this one. Go to that, so many people seem to have today, which is just go away. Gesine, you don't have to argue you'd have to defend your point of view. Just
go away boycott your bad to evil. To talk to, and I'm too good to talk to you I have this is just the beginning. At less, conservatives want to boycott Ben and Jerry Gillette, curing Macy's Nike, as our colleague covering ignored, dreamt, because then member that also bonkers Hauser. Whatever liberals want a boycott, Equinox soul cycle, chick filet in and out hobby lobby NASCAR. Both list may I'm on both sides. But here we are, but isn't this ridiculous is ridiculous. I think the answer is whether its use on Spacer Tucker Karlsson. I've had to address all of these on radio. The solution is changed. The channel, if you don't like it market, decide,
the problem today is this relates to what you are talking about, which, with cabin and looking for likes in the social media world, you know to quote the president a three hundred person sitting in New Jersey and their basement can create an astroturf non organic movement that creates the impression to advertisers that there's something going on out there and they run for cover. Let the market govern this road. I hope Well, what about the market for this issue? It's kind of a good way to talk about this. It's me to redemption issue because Mark Halpern Amber him. Hey look Irish AIDS a case by case, and we don't know he denied the worst of it, which was and accusations at Easter, Rubus part on against women at the office. He admitted to like inappropriately asking them out denied the worse, but of course, he's going to and then there's our Franklin.
Hu I have defended many times- is that I don't think he did that shit. Ok, so it depends what what what we need like a court like a redemption gourd, because, like Mark Halpert, he's been done two years. He did lose everything at the time, but now he's got a book out, so he'd interviewed allotted democratic strategists, another all having a backpedal thing. People say: why are you in his book Mark Halpern? I'm asking what who decides? What is the point? Does he never get to come back when there is better than redemption court? What court corps
get your things that are illegal, even charged with crimes, for there are several cases you know. Norman mailer was really hard on women. He stabbed his wife in the chest. Yes, in public, almost killed at a party with a penknife Grier went to jail for it spent some years on probation. It was due to carry through the courts. Would we be better off if they had cancel all this book contracts after nineteen sixty and no one ever read executioner song? I don't think so, there's a reason, we take these things is a good book tuna. I know, but you can't join, defy stabbing with a good book now you can't I'm not trying to get his life and he didn't go to court and say: hey, I'm a good writer. You can't make me this crime against knowing why they got into it, because we as if he was a big operating more help and secure doing your crimes anything so you can be sold for right, so taken to court issued a kid at their. Don't try to do to get it through. My we'll show or through each hour? I will own this because
We had a man he he reemerged on my programme, my calculus as as one who is privilege to have this platform, and am I going to extend the invitation to him was this? Has he owned it and has he been punished you know the road game, change and double down your off the deal for what he would have written about. The last one lost the HBO movie that would have been adopted by a lost all of his gigs sat out for five hundred days, and I thought had been punished enough and if not, then I asked the question: are we advocating a professional death sentence for someone like him because I'm not comfortable? that right and a new EU regretted helping push out you light. So so we turned into group think which is what you're talking about. I said there is a huge litmus test out there in Europe,
There are pure you're, not here, and you can't do any critical thinking any kind of new wants discussion, and I knew at the time that I did not proud to say this that it was wrong. I mean my parents taught me doing that kind of group think was wrong, but we did it because we are in the panic of the moment, and I told them that and an l said well. Would you tell that to anyone who asked you, I said absolutely alone at night, but only even if I were in the Senate, because at some point we as the accusers we as the judges, have to make a decision on. When is enough enough and I think help and I don't think he's particularly gonna.
Like me with any great political ideas. I'm not gonna readers book. I don't care if he comes back. L, Frank and I think still has something wrong in this country and I think very beautiful and I'm not saying I am not criticising Michael, but for me I I made my decision on what part of this I owned that I needed to own up to, and I think we all have to judge, because if you look at the whole discussion there, but for the grace of God go all of us and if you're perfect than you control the stone, if you're not perfect, then maybe you Otto allow some amount of compassion and forgiveness. The one channel jet we have in this is we don't forgiven, but access
I still think, would be easier if we would rely on the process is where we have things like due process and standards of evidence when these things actually are, in many cases, legal questions. A lot of this stuff is things: will you have people come out and say this happened to me ten years ago or fifteen years ago, and the reasons for that and we should make it easier for people to file charge, and we should make it easier for women to pursue these things when they have been victimized in that way, but when it comes up twenty years after the fact, because someone's been named Supreme Court or something else, then your way past the place where you ve got useful standards of evidence and useful process loud ass, our findings. If we give the criminal justice system and the civil justice system were equally accessible to everybody and all our position, I think one of the things tat we ve been reckoning with is that is important for organisations where people work to take these things more seriously as well, and one thing that come out of this meeting movement is that we're seeing employers managers start to listen to women's concerns.
The violence in the workplace and as long as long overdue and there's one other thing that this conversation reminds me of, which is that one problem with today, is that we try to resolve these issues in the worst possible place, which is twitter social media. Well, I mean how much more right meaningful is the conversation of a group of people sitting around the table who disagree with each other, but can be their face to face and real social infrastructure you having in Iraq? I mercies doing it in this place that takes us from zero lives that's swell sliver of people and it doesnt represent the vast majority. Even of liberals, I don't understand. There's that charity stand up to cancer. I want to start
and up to twitter right people started. This does not represent any. If you think about these two conversations, we have a political system where the officials are not representing us and we have a social media world that we spend all right. I'm in that doesn't represent us and I think we are seeing is a real world. The people who are spending their time data day in this country actually engaged each other and figuring out how to do a lot of things that you wouldn't quite understand. If all you do is look at the catastrophe in the new, can I just say that that also social media brings out the beer muscles in everyone. I pay close attention to the reaction to help we're on my programme. The collars are overwhelmingly supportive of hearing what he has to say about the twenty twenty cycle, but and go look at social media. Look at social media tonight right or I say what I've said: yes, it'll- be how ugly, though, coming just for having you on our right glad it's anyway, all right! Thank you, panel, evolving,
what form, but time you're. Someone must tell me why all the overpriced restaurants have names with two words and an Amber sand: faith in flower, pine and grain church and state and the most pretentious of all Armand Leg, starter joke at the build up to the new neurons to combat the skyrocketing rate of package. That's from porches online retailers must open locations where customers can safely picked up their orders. While the rather they must store other products at these locations that people might also need. In fact they could call these locations.
Door here. All this greek farmers trying to save his goat from a wildfire has to explain why the goats so hesitant to go. I'm not suggesting anything, I'm just saying it is fire. You think the gold would be glad to but instead the goat is like you know what I'll take my chances with its that your lunch Neural horses need to stop having better hair. Then people are, you are heard or a boy ban.
Isn't that enough that your hung like a horse here, all the recipients of the hair loss tat to the tattoo that makes a bald head. Look like a shave did need to tell me exactly who they think, therefore, about this, instead of a tattoo of nubs on your head tattoo a face up there that way when you looked down at your phone people, think you're still paying attention. Finally, new role and Donald Trump is looking for a legacy: don't buy Greenland save Greenland. That should be your legacy. Mister Preston and I'll. Tell you something else: did you get religion on global warming and become the greatest echo worry we ve ever had in politics? I will vote
for you, I tweeted that last week I guess some people thought I was kidding. I'm not. I don't know if you are following the news about the environment, but it is definitely at the last chance. Whatever it takes moment- and I know the president's hearing me because last week, each week did this saying he saw the show by accident. He said the same thing: a couple years ago. How do you watch an hp, a show for an hour by acts. What when it was over, did you say hey that wasn't brawlers that bill moral, it's just like the rock, but but look I'm glad we're talking, sir, at one of your recent rallies, you called me a serious person, and I appreciate that you also called me third rate and a so called comedian and then a risk.
In committee- and I guess I'm complicate you also said I was wacky- which isn't really that big an insult for a comedian sides, flooding comedian bill law, but look I'm not here to fight I'm here to offer my vote, and so, Mr President, Your excellency. Least racist person in the world. Let me address you directly, try to win you over with logic, because I know flattery simply will not work you're impervious to it off you like bullets from Superman's. Just so I am not even going to try that not on a man is good
You are not that wacky I'd, look foolish trying and you would see through it right away because you're a stable genius, and did I mention Handsome- When I see you and melodic together, I always think which one was the model, but Sir Picture, this headline Trump saves earth feels right, doesn't it and all it would take- is for you to undergo a sudden profound change like the Grinch when he saved Christmas? How befitting a man of such power of such great intellect and large?
lately on mushroom, like penis someone who has the most beautiful words and a slavish devotion to the truth. I bet, if you do this, the people will put your face on the hundred dollar bill. Combining your two great love. Money any you and then I think they will put you on Mount. Rushmore that'd be a sweater, someone chiseling, way. I was kidding. I'm sorry please, Mr President, before you change the channel and go back to your chest game I know I know we, tangled in the
ask me You, u suit me once and we both of said some things. You called me stupid, not considered smart, a dummy, not a smart guy. The and this man on television fired like a dog, very sad, pathetic bloated and going on in dumb ass, a rather dumb guy, a low life dummy dopey dogmas, Iraq, moron, stupid guy, a very dumb guy, failing Canadian and most hurtful of all rosier smell.
And I called you are one little bitch, but I'm just going to admit it right now I was jealous I was always happen. I mean who's getting who we are No, you have the best brain and everything you take it. Is an incredible success. You won the trade war, you built the wall. You effortlessly saw the Middle EAST and Stormy Daniels is still basking in the afterglow of urine. Women want to be with you and men want to be like you. I know I do in fact, as a tribute to you, I've taken to wearing I'll show you toilet
we're on myself, and I am sure many would follow if you embrace the environment to think about the a listers who overnight would become your biggest fans. Brad Matt Gloomy the White House, if you like oceans. Eleven Taylor, Swift, we begging to follow you on Twitter, Dicaprio will love. You just sell, will love you a we'll get invited to parties again, you'll be a big hero in her eyes, and we know you love her in a completely appropriate. Look sir you're already the greatest president ever that's a fact, because
people are saying it. So I can see why you might be thinking. Why do I need to gild the lily? I've already saved mankind from extinction once after Obama do I have to Do it twice? Yes, sir, I'm afraid you do, please, sir, lend your giant brain to work with the other lesser brain. In the scientific community and if you save the planet, billions of children will be grateful and one of them could be your next week. Please remember my pledge become a pit bull for planet earth and you won't need Russia to hack my polling place. I will vote for you. I will take my paper ballot and put my prick.
Your fake medicines, if we really want to make a more information, not on aren't hbo dot com,
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