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Ep. #562: Sharon Osbourne, Ian Bremmer, Rosa Brooks

2021-04-17 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Sharon Osbourne, Ian Bremmer, and Rosa Brooks. (Originally aired 4/16/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO real time.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much so kind. I prefer that thank Europe. Can we do my classroom? I see the same faces, really love. You have been doing that words and I'm so excited because for twenty it is only for coming days left
so excited I would even started my making no it's gonna be a great holiday. If people of your squares at Home- and you don't know four hundred and twenty four hundred and twenty is the holiday stone if it's, where you stay home from work, get stoned all day any junk food. I previously known, as twenty twenty minutes. There was some good news. We are finally getting out of Afghanistan. That is the big political loud like America is not any more the world's policeman if we were widow shot them wow this all the news is shootings. Police citizens know horrible,
Ensuring today say people into the Annapolis: we ve had forty five mass shootings in the last month and in a related story are long term study on the effectiveness of thoughts and prayers is in Denmark we studied it, and then this latest atrocity did happen right in Minneapolis, while the trial is going on and it turns out the guy we wish I pulled over because he was had an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror, which apparently is actually an eagle illegal thing in five states and air fresher hanging from Europe, because apparently that's very dangerous
it can lead to getting pulled over and shot by the cops I mean I'm trying to be fair to the council, but come on Alex waiting, but the Good NEWS is Joe Biden is kicking S. Fifty nine percent approval writing. Seventy two percent approve of what he's doing with covert, including fifty five percent of Republicans, What a Republic Adjust Letter Republic, this ain't, a wig, led this guy's told the elect you put them in getting out of afghanistan- is a big fucking deal to quote Joe himself big right, I mean to residents, before him Obama Trump said they would do it promised to end the war didn't Biden just fuckin did it
he overruled the generals. Who is president, I'm too old for this shit? What I'm trying to getting Afghanistan is not going over well with everybody. Did you see Lindsey? Graham, he is taking a very hard Lindsey, Lindsey knows where our boy should be he's not happy about, is getting at, as I saw on the doctors, had that look on his face. He gets it looks like you got to church The lady was wearing the same hat made another come on Afghanistan. Twenty years, men, gates's, girlfriends, weren't, even
born when this worst, it's about time, more allegations that their mandates he's in trouble. Young women now of the brutal talking to see an end this week, and they were talking about the parties who used to have cocaine ecstasy pill. Popping lots of sex Republicans good party, like that it sounds like an orgy and you know, republican orgies are a little different. How so bill I'll. Tell you how, if you hear somebody saying your daddy they're trying to fi a ballot signature that you're a great man gates. He says he is innocent of any sexual and in propriety. He said it's all a big misunderstandings and yes, I pulled out my dick and seventeen year old,
thought. It was a taser he's just shamelessly sadness in great Britain today this is their burying Prince Philip. You saw he died last week at ninety nine and the queen is already dating under Biden. Well, it makes sense here, a thing for widows and she has a thing for bad teeth, and they're? Both openness acts with relatives anyway? Are you sitting down because big news this week the bachelor came out as gay you didn't say out, this is big stuff. I mean they were closed. Colton Underwood he's that they were closing cuz. He said on the show he hasn't dated many women. I said he could have called himself an accidental virgin
on the last episode when he proposed Eliza Mcnally, you got a great shout. We got in Bremen, Rosa works, but first has to carry out a. U eleven season. Did the last of the original cowboys delayed. Not tar. Please welcome Sharon as war. That's nice! Aren't you glad you came here Disney here. I know well obviously you're here to talk about bricks. It Do you believe now I've been hearing about how all the people around your little scandal have been doing? How are you is what I wanted to ask? Firstly, first of all it so many different things and angry hurt.
But you always were a strong one outside a why we about selling your life. Let's do a quick, regardless of the tragic events of three June so on your ironically titled showed the talk. Yes, you were talking and and if there is one lesson from this is that's not allowed anymore I just want to say my view. Is nothing happened on the time we'll get others, but on your show, I dont think anything happened, because what happened was a few weeks before. Maybe the week before Our remember I watched it. Megan Marco imprints era gave their interview with Oprah. Ok, then, your friend pinprick Pierce Morgan either commentator in Britain. He said he didn't believe things that Megan Markel set, and then on your show. You said well he's a good friend of mine and I earnestly
with his opinion, but he is entitled to his opinion exactly so. He was called a racist and lost job and you were called a racist and lost your job. Do I haven't right? You got it right, that's exactly how it went right, who's, the racist and why this is what I'm trying to figure out. Have you meet me to ok me too. I've been called so many things in my life. I am so used to being cold. in spite of racist is one. I will not take your if you're, not what I don't understand. The other side of the argument there, in other words, like you, have to agree with everything Megan Marcos as or your races is, is this the standard now is this thing with the drawn? Is that unless you agree with every person of color than you are right, that seems insane they wait. I'm ok, I'm trying to go back and think of the words that somebody who is meant to be
an expert in woke language as is acceptable if a day right, it is along with VS saying that it took away her feelings and she's entitled to her feelings. Angie was stripped of those by peers and that she had was having mental problems. Could she was unhappy, and so he was stripping her of her feelings, which is entitled to Morgan. well is even aware. I mean, I think, she's, it's very difficult as, as you know now that you ve been through something like this and I'm sure when she got married to print. I read. You thought I was gonna, be like a Disney movie, I'm marrying the prince. Now she said she felt like a little mermaid right
right and then and then, of course, the reality sets in being that the princess is really cutting the ribbon at some waste management facility opening and showed her veil. You know I'm in its it's just not on It's not glamorous. I m sure the royal family was called to her. Now could not have been cause of racial, prompt, possibly the old bags. A hundred you know I mean I am using, I think, there's an element of that in their race, the commander from the empire that the old school, but so I think they're just cold. She to everyone's from a different generations, are called people and she took it probably some of whose raises events are virtually jokers raises, like no they're called to everybody, girl, I think they are saying they materially known. Hoagie
they not only whereby Eu Brazil people used to be no eye or so, and you know I didn t because of her age. You know she's a different, genuinely rage. Ok, so an peers, Amene, peers, Morgan, I've heard you say, read it somewhere. Is this an old friend of yours and you said that you slapped him out. We ve had terrible fighting drug together. He's senior tit. just one, but just a friend how he's just a minute and we ve worked together. How did you see it is because it's a reasonable request. Behold
so anyway, yes, I did slack pins, we had a fight and Mr Charles one night and it was brilliant and we make up the next day right. Let me look at you. mention this an on going to hide the exact quote: it's from a lane welter wrath, she's one of your co host or was ass. Yet Ok, I think when you deny a woman or a woman of color, their truth and their experience, you're, not just denying them you're denying every woman and women of color who sees themselves in this person story but deny a woman he's doubting her that's not the same as denying no it's your entitled year. Thing and I'm entitled to Jolly entitled to her opinion. Peers is entitled to his right,
and that's what it's all about? That's what it's! Your insides hardly agreement deals and that's the discussing in a normal way right all this drama. over. Somebody saying I don't agree with my friend but he's is entitled whose opinion, or even I do agree with them. You could have said would have been ok in my book right, sheep I mean, I agree with everything she said she said Harry. Had the the world on his shoulders really the line for a job that has no responsibility
no power Joe. It's it's! You know when they say, like white privilege right there with Harry. Why he's he's the poster boy? So it's like you know he sits there and says our daddy cut him off, so he's not on the wages anymore and he will boost about it. You can't feel empathy for that because you are a healthy, bright UK two young man, you can go, do whatever you want to do your life is your own and their living in a giant mentioned next door to opera, which is great well right. Lang ties, let's letter, usually do you think that's so she put a disagreeing with somebody. Does not make you a racist in me
I've, no, of course not so, let's get onto the other party, but which is that support of culture that I'm not loving, where everyone is a snitch. Now something comes out, and so your current hoses, what I've read you tell me the current hosts said they never heard use anything raises, but that some of the past Ladys they said you talk shit. You know you could say: ok, maybe asian slur lesbians learn biggest. Ok, that's ok, my my now we don't condone any bad language anywhere, but I'm just saying horse Wristwatch Retirement for Ladys can, I know, manner, job we always met a man. I know we're beaches.
That's the way it goes that's the way it goes well got chooses to grant you what she was just worried I mean you guys. I owe you look great with pictures and that's the way it is and this broadly so, you're you're rounding talking shit about them in a way been damage. They use the wrong turn because they provide added about you. I never said that remedy
yeah, I read many right was a whatever she said. I don't even used those words, then not in my but we're happy Larry and for Holly. You know, I think I said it all went. I'm printed the text that she sent me after she said. I got her fight in the Tec. She says I know it was duly. I know it was less I'm thinking of suing its disgruntled ladys. So ok. So what about the story that brooding about something with someone who's? Uranium? Yes, you you handle the Persian, no, no! No! They gain crashed, they gate. Karsh my husband's and mind train crash waiting anniversary, good, not invited, don't know who this woman from a hole in the wall. I was on chemo, so you are you're. I was raised, not invited. Not invite. They'll know this person, but I don't know I wouldn't know goes over the guest, don't Noah she gave crash.
The party she won arrival, one or raffle, which was a diamond necklace right and she took it well, she wanted not right. You did when the rough or use as you on that too, anyone. Aggressor party would cheat on arrival, with a very personal thing, because we had twenty fifth wedding anniversary. I was still had to that. She took the night place and I said I tell you what I know what I said to her, but it wasn't very nice and I told you to bring them back and Nicholas back now. You bitch base, whatever Because I had a hanging like you ruined my party, you ruin everything. I don't even know you ok, so maybe this wasn't your finest hour. My point would be. We can judge everybody by them.
worse moment, maybe lost your lot. Just I shouldn't do that. I wonder what a guy towns are. Only you didn't issued an apology for this and it was like I don't I already at the words like I've- been to educate myself know we could all do better of courts or we all do band totally idea tat. This idea and culture know that People need to re educate themselves, indoctrinate them, I'm sorry, I'm six! Five back years, sixty eight, I know who I am I don't need re education, education. Since I've been around the world, your marriage to a rock star, you been with the eight listers and rock and roll it out. We have been fuck like you need to raise. Tell me all about it
it's just. It's crazy people are who, like this this word, that they throw out about the cancelled culture, and it is in fact, what what are you doing? I'm gonna be fine, I'm fine! I say I'm a fighter, I'm doing just fine, but can I read this is in the chair. but which I dont rate. I do every week I it's when it might help, but everyone is lining up to get Sharon. Osbornes first interview. Wait! I'm right here! I did it wait, wait, wait! Don't worry about sharing she's, not looking for work, it's looking for her Durban efforts are showing to host your own solo, show and even talk of her working with peers on a late night quote politically incorrect show. wait. I did or show actually called politically incorrect. I you now none of this. That is not true, but, however, I'm a fighter, I'm fine, I'm doing just fine right. What about the people there
cut right on the knees down and they can afford to go, get lessons on, watch politically correct and how to talk to people. It's not what happens to then wrote that Turkey will it's not fair, able, not fair, because it is about being a racist. It's about, maybe not knowing what is correct and woke the language that day, because it changes from day to day what is correct and what is your red white credulity right, you're, someone gave you that that woman gave you the book widely in writing and I read it, and some of it is very informative and the other on light. I don't agree with you Exactly I don't have to agree with everything I mean that we had. The right did the idea there is that you have two choices: you if you're white you're, either a racist or a racist, and you don't know it
now with the now I'm not down with China who raised me I'd try. I knew my friends, I know who you have treated people, that's right right. This disengage, you cannot blanket anyway, you kind not theirs. And bad in- and we raise don't see? Why not, I believe, enquire after nice warrant, everybody gets me as the president of your age group mile job, an geezer, Romania opposed baby essence G zero world within Bremmer. grammar, not surprising, ok, Cecily, former Zaire planning on official, my other all job under President Obama and author of the noble tangled up in blue policing, the american city.
Rosa Brooks is over here. Okay! Well, you know with all the policing that was in the news last week, or so I said to myself. I said: can you book me a brilliant journalist who quit her job in her forties to actually become a cop? Just give me a list and you're the only one on the list. I shouldn't even a ban on a less fell. I didn't actually went, might what you actually became a car I did, and what did you learn that promote experience that would help us through this difficult moment. In doing so, I learned here's a dirty little secret about cops, that they don't really get much training and how to use their weapon. When I went through the police academy, we had two weeks of firearms training first week was just in the classrooms were make about three hours a day on the range, and then you qualify you're done twice a year. You requalify you,
a few powerpoint slides as a refresher and you're done issues, but the about what I put idea. So you got a lot of wandering around with lethal weapons who don't really know what they're doing interesting and it seemed to me the theme. A lot of it was the sinners yeah, really the overarching problem a mean racism is part of it. A lot of things are part of it, but they're just beaten down. We asked cops to be social workers and medics and warriors and mediators, and any one of those jobs is really hard and most people can do any one of those jobs really. Well. You ask some twenty five year old to do all of them in the same town hour shift they're gonna. Do I'm really badly and you know suicide kills more cops every single year, then every other cause combined.
I see Pat Robertson is speaking out against the cops I mean he came across as woke in that interview that the only time at whatever use, thereby writers I'd. Rather it is literally work. I mean come on. I mean it's not you also said: do you think most cops or decent? passion and PETE. You know my I do too. When I wake up in the morning, say I go fuck, some people's lives up today. People do people did undue round, but their working in a system that, even if you are a good cop, you're gonna screw people's lives up well. I was gratified to see in your book that there was like a number of things that I've been saying here for years. I said last week on the show about you know it's not in the top ten of risky jobs, we get it. There is danger, and certainly a lot of stress, but it's the right in your book. It's not in the top.
And my thing with them is at some point. They got it in their head that if they were in any danger at all just empty the club into which making you nervous. That is more than anything on this. What kind of punishment lesson jittery a new sites because they it's gonna put in their head. You watch these videos overrun over of cops, getting killed and obviously cups do get killed and they're all sorts of her issuers perhaps get killed, but not that many of them actually get killed because most people aren't trying to kill them. But if all you here over and over is there's no such thing as a routine call any situation,
could turn lethal and a millisecond. Then you go and all your interactions primed to think that everybody that threat somebody reaches into their pocket. You don't think further reaching for tissue or their phone. You think I'm gonna kill me and then you get panicky cops without much weapons training and they shoot and people end up dead. This guy, you got taste did even we're supposed to be totally got shot did even need to be taken. Did we Armenia was resisting arrest? You know was driving away, but it wasn't that important to stop him now. Take some in their living sack raised looking at a worse accident about yes- and I just asked myself- there are lots of countries around the world democracies, wealthy democracies that have police forces. We don't see this problem we don't this country is so incredibly divide. Wives matter lives matter has become a political litmus test for which country in the United States Europe, part of- and if you remember that,
please force your automatically on one side of that and that that makes it so much harder to do the right in order to interfere when someone has their neon someone's neck and is taking their life, Your point we're not really allowed to have two thoughts and are headed at the same time, and now this cancer here would be like. There is absolutely no excuse for what happened to any of these people when they got shot not we cannot, but it's also good advice. Don't resist arrest. That's not an excuse for the cop shooting the person, but that just never ends well. That is not the place to make your stand. The one thing that I think people lose sight of, although less and less, because I think the debate about placing has really changed in some really healthy ways in this country is that we cops. Don't make the laws than force where the Bozos, who both for the both those who make the stupid laws that lead.
ups to arrest people for stupid stuff. Like the air fruition like they are freshener right. The areas broken legislatures sit around all day, trying to justify their job right, dumb laws, and then somebody has to enforce the law right now. Don't actually, though, but my hang on a second there, I mean there are laws that we really dont need to enforce. But if we pass them and save the cops you do it there You go do terms and- and you know I was thinking about this right- I knew all may remember. I did not remember that a proactive tenth was when Iris estimated taxes for do. If you forget well, we get by money. If you forget it just burning it, but if you, if you put that deadline right, the Irish doesn't send a guy with a gun to your front door than road day. They send you a nasty letter and then they send you another nasty letter and then they send you another nasty letter in that goes on. For about six a year and eventually, you might get is a all that good work Well, that is we d
as a country that we want to have armed uniformed people enforce civil regulations ran. Inevitably that means more traffic stops. It means more people die because those those interactions are really fraught. It's crazy. We don't need to do that. We don't need to do that at all. We, there is absolutely no reason to be pulling people over four stupid stuff. Like that, we could have speed cameras. We could have civilians who write tickets base, The licence play number. We could just decide that the air fresheners is one of those things that we're just gonna have to live with, but we do know that raises an issue right. I mean I'm kind of aware of the fact that we're three white folks are to talk about this right now, but that it ok. I know it's why people are allowed where allowed were allowed
but we are re. Every showed can't be abandoned to an add on non citizens. I, but you get creative, are it's always like? Well, we will yes now it's more just that is the structural racism that is in the system, which is far deeper than just policing, is something that, if you're a black person being pulled over resisting arrest is a hell of a lot more dangerous, and if your white personal, though that's the only man I mean it's, so be it so deep in the system that, in the pretty gray tragedy atrocity the entire Ashleigh higher echelon was black. The mayor was black, was blind, cheap and a place for black some of the officers who carried out you know. So that's how deep in the system it goes Rashid to leave. Who is the congresswoman from? I see you rolling your eyes here from
Detroit did say that your tell yeah. It is my task. It is vital that the vote riot police is well. Let me say one lady did he's calling for no more policing or incarceration the criminals will be on the honor system. I mean I thought diesel, namely years it was a terrible slogan, but no police. This is always a map done many editorials or on this the Democrats, Achilles heel common sense you strike people as not having any common sense. When you say things, I'm sorry it's going on. I just wish that we weren't spending so much time broadly in the country, treating where sheet its way, and you know Marjorie Taylor Green as some sort of icons of where the parties are trying to become of the base train.
because things are saying or thought really senseless, but they get. A lot of that committee is gonna cover, but here we are at war, and can you know I'm going to tell her leave, but let me defend resolutely by actually think I mean she's got a point. it all back again, the bad Slipknot knows about slogan, defend the police, terrible slogan, anxious, hopefully even they abolish the police. Bad slogan really bad slowly We bear that how Abbe, but, but I think, if we get behind that rhetoric, the guardian beyond the rhetoric not getting behind it like I love it, but get beyond that. Rather to say the sort of re. Imagine public safety ask ourselves what we need armed people for some things, sure sure for sure
but other things not actually within dont, say what you dont me and there's. Let me out of four and there's a lot a cop. Then you mean do differently, they don't say about you know it's not gonna start again. Ever when I talk to my friends, were red line outlined here's what I'm sorry began. Nowhere the I'm only kidding about the actual abolished part pretty quickly, but I cannot help so, let's go to Afghanistan. This is depressing in this one is well, it's gonna be depressing another announcing its all depressing depressing, but I'm sorry the fact the Biden did this. I gotta say this is our longest war. If you don't count the war on drugs. you know I've heard we wanted to get out for the longest time. We tried everything a member run. Paul is say about Iraq when they would say we can't leave we got
Then he would say we marched in. We can march right out and by God he was right if we can just click our heels and find out. We could always go home and and weak and finally, we had a present with the balls to say: look. I know this cited. This is not going to look good, it is gonna, be a bloodbath. They are gonna, be playing soccer with people's heads two minutes after were gone. And the women as the labelling. What he's what what he's seems to be saying is for twenty years it didn't change, we could be there another five or ten, the second. We leave it's going to go back to that. What can we do as the as the now then said you have the watches we have at the time. I will I'm I'm with you, but let's keep in mind, we can give him credit. Yet he's made the statement there. Still there, ok let's go well if he said we're out by nine eleven made that big announcement the headlines and then didn't do it. Oh, I think you at ease
there are easily gonna. Let J will be gone by Nanda happened. I mean, but Biden had said for when he was vice president that they would be out before the envy of administration. It did not happen. He's president. Now it's much mind him. I get it and Trump of course said he wanted a mountain that got kicked the kit, the Canada to twenty. here's a trillion dollars and twenty five hundred american servicemen and women dead. I mean there's no question. This is not a popular policy to continue for this president. Seventy percent Americans say they want out. So it's it's not, all that hard provide the say. Let's get out, why didn't you say something you don't get hit by terror will certainly hard for the last two guys. So I am giving him credit because seemed to be do you seem to be doing what they couldn't do it, because it's that its that's sunken cost fallacy. You know I really gave a gypsy a hundred thousand dollars. I better keep going without now
I actually think ready in its own audio, very unfair to Joe Biden. Nobody, no people always quote that forward. Ben Secretary Bob Gate, saying Biden was wrong about every issue for decades, and actually it turns out. Button was right about quite a lot of them. We were of the rest of us were wrong and- and I give him a huge amount of credit, for I think he will be remember- mean I'm saying this after like less than a hundred days, but he looks to me like that. The president who, in the future, we will compare Truman. He seems Truman ass again on rows of I'm too old for this shit you're. Just like you know what what are they? do I get to do but he's gonna be? Were members of one charmer he's gonna be remembered, borrowing any unforeseen crises of which there can be many he's gonna, be remembered for having the largest government expansion programme since the new deal and that yeah there's two Americans, as it should but I will tell you that saying you're gonna get out on nine eleven, where I'm No, I don't. I don't think so. I will just say that if nine eleven is going to be
a big deal around this announcement. I mean the Taliban love that because they come on clarity, he's just acknowledging the fact they already one and they did and they know it. You know we ve, This is that we do the thing one term issue about the zombie lies. We point that term. I've seen in other places sense, but ok but I am one of those omby lies in. These are wise that you know are proven wrong a long time ago, but live on one of them with this is that we needed to be there to stop the plodding for the next nine eleven. Ok, they don't need a country to plot they plotted the last one in Hamburg, Germany. they just data room and by the way they have most of Afghanistan anyway, they make any
in the world can block the next nine eleven for many, what we don't have to be in Afghanistan and which we have drawn itself, we have the ability to send in a special forces. We have intelligence. If right trying to stop terrorism, you don't need to be on the ground. What you're trying to improve the lives of afghan people, we're gonna, be the world's leading vaccine exporter within a few months. We can help them There are things we can do, but fighting twenty years I mean if this was a bad relationship. The kids would be in college by now The kid the kids would be and are in the army by now. Sometimes one a foreigner gives the Kyoto vaccine. You know what the Taliban does the color of the arm. You know I'm getting that from.
populist now, but I kind of its kind to be bad, but it's going to be bad with us or without us, and I think it would be buying. You say: that's why it's got see decision youngest, there's gonna be a head to see them all right. So for those people who think the California is just a bunch of hippies hipsters have to tell you there's a lot of right. Wingers in this state show this picture from Huntington Beach. This is right, Huntington, Beach, threatening to her most beats the great comedy club, company and magic club and look at they had a white lives matter rally in Huntington Beach, and we sent one of our reporters and get some pictures of the signs are holding up, would you like to see them colonel white lines? That brings there was no mayonnaise? No peace. this week,
their fired out, but in the wrong direction I sunburn easily and I would be free. Lorry lawful, the whole world is binge watching were the ones we ve been waiting for, and they will see us until we're all here: marriage of the same woman's rubber. Thirty four speakers, blue balls matter, stab hating me for hating, and if Q is it,
but who is the guy? I've been blowing and they say another place where they Biden doing great is environment because he's not talking loudly about it, but everything really is funneled toward that. That's a lot of what the infrastructure, builders and he's there's a virtual climate summit coming up that China is participating in John carriers are representative, which is great and first what just so great to have smart people back doing important jobs? You know it's nice to know. The head of homeland Security is an avant, gives wedding planner this little signs of normal. Ok, so basically, where we have to find a way to go, but we have a lot of problems with China these days. We have to find a
they were saying to cooperate just on this one issue, even if we can come to an agreement and everything else, you know it's like a speck, my mom turn. Divorce may hate each other, but they make it throws to go to the daughter's wedding. We got to do that with China. Problem is in Fox news. Crazyland Biden is completely soft on China he's China's friend, the courses is their bullshit that their selling. Now it's at the point where there even saying maybe we should boycott the Olympics, which is in China. I think one anew and coming up the delayed ones. You don't think we should boycott the olympic winter. No, no, I shouldn't boycott the Olympics, but but they are vulnerable on the Olympics. You know back in two thousand: eight Chinese. They hosted with Beijing Olympics the last time to big deal with coming out party for China. She's ping was in charge of that personally, like
It was a guy figuring out what he knew where the bathrooms will go, and he was this very personal and e was the Mitt Romney is here he is, and he is deeply concerned that that he's going to take a lot of political flak. So behind the scenes you ve got chinese leaders that are saying what what can we do to make sure that this doesn't go arrive for us, and that does give us. An opportunity- and I think the fact that by and is talking to american ally seriously, not about boycotting everything, because our allies won't go along with us, and we don't want to be by our selves, but about diplomatic boycott about protests that some of the athletes can have
about making sure that when we go in what we do, we don't do alone, and I think that matters one final thing went. One Biden was talking fusion pit the way he put this year. The first call as president it was work. This is not going to be a cooperative relationship, it is a competitive relationship, but if you want this to be a healthy competition or an healthy competition, it's up to you and we need to see from the Chinese how they want to play that. So far, this the marks have not been good because their winning In order to fight and words, I know I mean I did a thing about this picked up a lot and then I know you disagreed with a bit by bit. Here's just today in the paper China reported on Friday, its economy grew by eighteen point: three percent in the first three months of the year.
it came to the big number. Guts lay very big number. That's compared to first quarter live here when it was shut down. I know our number is next quarter will be incredibly gaudy. If you look at second quarter to second quarter same thing, its unique it's a pandemic. I understand it's ok, but There are big numbers relative bingo, but I mean my point when I was did the whole thing about how worthily people is that we can't seem to do anything anymore. Mama we're talking for ten minutes before about reforming the police. Can we actually do it now? We ve had some good NEWS with Biden in office. We seem to be able to do something, but will we be able to build rail lines for less than this extortionate graph price, as opposed to other countries return, but that last week will we be able to even just fixed upon the mail. You know I used to defend the post office. Now, I'm sorry
hey guys, it's just. I can't trust you nothing gets there. You know I mean we will be able to reopen schools, I mean tat, they had never let ass it even now that we don't seem like we are the country that has the eye at the time said ain't you said by that is true. In fact, you I'd say by this Truman. At the same time that we can't do, I said I have a little time to give just a little bit of just tell me which side the arguing you want to be on. We can player reducing and even if he was one man can't change the nature of the whole country. We ve got around other somebody, others other nice, smart people hanging around in Washington. Now I know I'm not getting, though just repeating you're not getting. No, I think there are two things are doubly better.
a very long time and we can't, even whenever we said we're gonna, do something big. It's like well by twenty thirty five zero for fuck's sake, I do want to say, will be known as twenty three endemic has been the worst crisis of our lifetimes, not just in the U S but globally, and we ve done a lot of things wrong, but the economic response domestically of the United States, this crisis, first by partisan under tromp and now under Biden, even bigger by far the most effective economic, responsive, any major economy in the world. Scenes weren't by far the best and most effective response of any country around the world, while the guarantees have back scenes that they had of the city see in China says: oh, they dont really work very well, ok, but they were back to partying like when we were still locked down. We will not be distracted,
other parties and will win. You know where people wonder what it s like. You know what I mean like you ass. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine came out this week out of seven million people. Six, there are women that significant or just a coincidence, but it's only six out of seven million had blood clots. I mean all vaccine their drugs. All drugs have side effects six out of seven million. I mean six there's this more deaths, people doing Tik Tok stunts every week. I worry about our population not being a sophisticated popular. That is what I worry about. What's going on in our colleges, are we preparing the best in the brightest instead of the wine highest and the weakest? That's the future of who's, going to rule and run
This world and may we still kick ass in some areas: right, don't computing, don't we smartphones? Obviously things like that now that the Chinese are very good at that too, but I mean trillions of dollars being spent on the average American over ten years is going to matter and the level of corruption in the level of poverty in China, even the buildings and the rails. You talk about the average building the chinese spilt glanced last for twenty twenty five years, the United States. Last for forty to fifty, there's a reason why we are still the world's most powerful country, and I'm not saying we are a big structural problems. I'm distinction I'm our lot shuttle and the kids. Help Europe and as a law professor, the kids are all right, gets really are all right. I mean I like their smart they're, not it's. The same thing is like receded to and Marjorie Taylor retailer. They don't represent the United States and the broadest than wine is kids, don't represent
I agree that they gonna be ok, but they do dominate the German. Maybe they dominate the media get well, but ok, but that dominates what people think that you know that.
I do I do they go I'll, tell you! What worries me about China and India is an expert on the economic issues here, but, but I am concerned that we are in danger of falling behind from a military readiness perspective and I'm a little bit. That's the one area where I worry that the Bush administration is not maybe pudding as much energy as it needs to we have either we do. We have enormous land forces, they cost a lot of money, I'm a military spouse. I will die before. I give it my home depot ten percent discount, but we waste a huge amount of money when it comes to defence department that we should be spending on a whole different amount of just, as you know this a few days before the budget from a two percent increase in defence booming. This, no matter who the Persians, whether its demands, Donald Trump or Kickass, Joe Biden,
does it whether it Joe Bomber or bush. This is the constant we just Eisenhower was so right. We cannot take this beast the military industrial complex and not stop it just said we are spent the Chinese massively and we spend it almost all on legacy systems and build infrastructure that won't be the future. In writing. Forty years we ve got a Spaniard on new technology. Thank you very enlightening appreciate it. For no earls, you're old culture, Underwood the virgin Christian bachelor, didn't have to come out and tell us he was gay. We got back from virgin can bachelor next up a real His wife with for restaurants, comes clean, I'm not really much of a cook
Harold dominoes is going to start delivering with a fleet of autonomous pizza delivery robots. They had to prepare for the possibility that every big, due to what The page is going to try to write it trust me, meters, donors, that's done a robot, it's a mechanical bullet. comes with snags in a free lunch. You won't even we notice dominoes anymore. You we known as free Ober, neural downloading, but if you're not allude pick a better store than dollar tree, why gophers expired to age than did the morbid
still when you collude whole foods and enjoyed some vague in sprouted, injured, maize, Blake's on second thought: you're right, stick with a dollar trick. Gotta go of foods laid Neuro, stop, calling everything a complete game. Changer. You know razor is not a complete game. Changer your Palatine biogas, a complete game. Changer ultra realistic sex robots are coming on the market. Ok, those you're a complete, their old billboards against distracted driving, have to be less distracting just
tender Byerly every time I leave the road just to redesign that says my. I should stay on the road. Look. If you really want to curb distracted, driving, send a message from already looking text me. and finally neural dont. Spin me when it comes to my health. Over the past year, the covered pandemic has prompted the medical establishment, the media and the government to take a scared straight approach to getting the public to comply with the recommendations, while I'm from indifference. Cool, give it to me straight doc, because in the long run that always works better than you can't handle the truth.
now I get it. Doctors tell people lies because they don't trust you to finish the antibiotics after your dick starts feeling better and media. Well, I think we all know believes bleeds. It leads the more they can earn more. They can get you to stay inside and watch their panic poor in the higher the ratings researchers and Dartmouth built a database recently monitoring the covered coverage of the major news outlets across the world and found that, while other countries mix the good those in with the bad, the? U S. National media reported almost ninety percent bad news, and even Things were getting better. The reporting remained negative and politicians. They lie because it's their nature to cover their ass. They don't get blamed. Things go badly
it also to keep in practice, but when all of our sources for medical, information have an agenda to spin us yeah, you wind up with a badly misinformed population, including on the left liberals, often mock the republican misinformation bubble, which of course, is very real. Ask anyone who works at pilloried pizza parlour we do know. Conservatives have some lupi ideas about covert like these third of Republican, to believe it couldn't be spread by some and showing no symptoms. But what about liberals? You know the high information by the science people in a recent gallop, sir. A democratic, did much worse than Republicans in getting the right answer to the fundamental question. What are the chair? does that someone who gets covered will need to be hospitalized. The answer is
one in five percent. Forty, one percent and Democrats thought it was over fifty percent another twenty eight percent put the chances of twenty to forty. Nine Almost seventy percent of Democrats are wildly off on this key question and So, have I greatly exaggerated view of the danger of over two and the mortality rate among children, all of which it lanes. Why today, the states with the highest sharers schools that are still closed around loose dates, so, if the right way idiot bubble has to own things like climate change, denial, shouldn't, liberal media to answer for how did your audience why believing such a bunch of crap about covered.
a new report in the Atlantic says the media won't stop putting two pictures of the beach stories about covered, even though its looking increasing like the beach is the best place. to avoid it sunlight The best disinfected and vitamin d is the key to a robust immune system. Texas lifted its covered risks. genes regionally and their infection rates when down in part. Because of people getting outside So let the sun and wind do their thing. But too many liberals that can't be right because Texas beach, loving Florida have republican governors, but life is complicated. I've read that the governor of floor,
Reed's I know we like to think of Florida is only middle school teachers on bath salt having sex with their students in front of an alligator, but apparently the governor, is also a voracious consumer of the scientific literature, and maybe that's why he protected his most vulnerable population, the elderly way better. did the governor of New York Those are just facts. I know its irresponsible of me to say them. Look! Here's! What I'm saying I dont want checks mixed in with my medical decisions
and now that everything is politics, that's all we do is their sides is covered, think our side has to say it's everything trumps. It would go. We look a miracle and we said it was world war. Z Trump said we should ingest household disinfectants, and we laughed as we should, of course, and then it turned out Nineteen percent of Amerika was literally drenching the fruit in Clorox and now, of course, we find out all that paranoia about services would bull shit anyway, even though we spent hours and hours wiping our knobs with lysol, if you ve ever, wipe your knob with lies
I beg you, go home and watched the mail If you lie to people even for a very good cause, you lose their trust. I think a lot of people. Thank you. I think a lot of people died because of trumps incompetence, and I think a lot of people died because talking about obesity had become a third rail enemy I know you heard me pound this bride drumstick before But since I last mentioned it, a stunning statistic was reported. Seventy eight percent of those hospitalized, ventilated or dead from covert have been overweight. It is the key
piece of the puzzle by far the most pertinent factor, but you dare not speak its name. Imagine how many lives could have been saved if there had been some national campaign allow machine, Obama's? Let's move programme with the urgency of the pandemic behind it, if the media and the doctors had made a point to keep saying but there's something you can do but will never know because they never did because Last thing you want to do is say something insensitive. We literally rather die? Instead, we were told to lockdown, unfortunately, the killer, was already in the house and her name Little Debbie
all right, that's not sure we'll be back next week. I want to thank you and Grandma Rosa Brooks and Sharon Osbourne and you thank you very much. I appreciate it on demand for more information, log on to HBO dot com,
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