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Ep. #568: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Rachel Bitecofer, Rob Reiner

2021-06-12 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Neil deGrasse Tyson, Rachel Bitecofer, and Rob Reiner. (Originally aired 6/11/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO late night real time.
Words are you Joe Biden first trip over Theseus at this hour in England. He embarked on his sorry about the last guy
or he's gonna leave the g. Seventy people. Do you like that It is rather the airport at Cicada, landed on him and can even Q, and on brings this is very significant. seriously I guess you know they're all about the letter q and it's the seventeenth letter of the alphabet and cicadas not every seventeen years and landed on. Even so The second is brought out a statement today.
They said that you're not drag us into this bullshit place Sunday, binders gonna go to Windsor Council to meet with the queen. The newly widow Green who's gonna expresses condolences for her losing Prince Philip and now she's gonna express our condolences for Joe loose. you mentioned this young man. I've been reading about him for a democratic is the most powerful Republican in the Senate. I tell you this guy, he be, has blocked every big thing that their Democrats want to do the voting rights legit patient January, six, commission, even infrastructure did that's fucking dead. Now they bid the talks broke down, they said I love this irreconcilable differences
we'd sounds to me like a marriage divorce which is appropriate considering next year they I get. The House Democrats did when one this week that the Keystone Pipeline familiar that's dead and you say tried it about that. I'm sorry, I'm really not good, but don't be too happy, because shutting down will close thousands of jobs, mostly of hackers in Moscow who were going.
the ransom for taking a word. We cannot this week that we didn't find out. We know this, but is worse than ever billionaires and I'm time at the top of the top of the richest of the bridge, dump any taxes, and this is a step that really business people off your face. Us this morning was working on his dry, any further! Somebody keyed is rocket. Yeah he's gonna rock and got the Emily gotta. Have you got that kind of money? A rocket slot than american companies got, one must develop its grey blue origin we're gonna make its first manned manned first spaceflight next month.
Their maiden voyage and Jeff basis is gonna, be on the rocket I'm telling you what What do you have that kind of money? Let someone else in the company go up. First wooden Bob unaware of its work to ride in space. You worked up man no what's gonna happen now, Amazon is gonna completely take up space and they get up put all the mom and pop astronaut. business, but we regard problems here on earth. He received a report. Gamala Biden dump the border problem in her lap. You know so she was getting testy with reporters, his wig because they're like you're, not fixing the border crisis. Well, a little perspective. My parents. This biggest accomplishment was not being hung by his own people. So
My comrade did go down to Guatemala this week that you see that and she said with a pretty out there. She said you know: don't come you done to these people under the border you will not get in, and this did not make any one happy. The left said it was their values, the right. They didn't go far enough. And everyone here in California said where we can get our nannies Yes, California were back. Maybe just maybe we can stop. This Billy did thing amazing, bullshit,
Tuesday, California lift its restrictions, and I think everyone applauding because that he drew a lot of people, are here: lotta people everywhere. I don't understand these people. They say there, continue to wear masks even after they sound. The all clear is like having sex with. on them and then saying you know just leave it on for the rest of the night. You're never gonna have a one hundred percent covered free, Agnes here virus is always day. There are various there's, always variance. I can't guarantee everything we just have to live again. Maneuver, This already left the name them now with weird names, this one's called delta. It's like the regular, come except there's, always a lay over in Atlanta
What's in the night with a big important news, a new royal baby is in the world as it this week. Megan Mortal deliberated. There's a duchess of Santa Barbara. Now her name is lower back Diana Mound, Bat Windsor, and she will now Joiner toddler, brother, Archie and Harry and Megan in their mention in Santa Barbara. Just with that household needs more.
Sing and wine. At present, this museum of Natural history hosted the Webby award. Winning bog can start talking over. The new book worry is busy cosmic queries. Please welcome Barbara Neil digress. Tasted. It must have always good to see just trying to keep the Universe Dana. I dont have so many great closed. I gotta do it you're the sheriff that you sure for the universe. I will call you but the book great book, because it's sort of like a companion, Vizier podcast, which is awesome, and it's about the big questions and I'm gonna get to the biggest one first jewish
this? How do the get them up their Jews are all powerful, apparently yes, but of course, ginger really asking other the ones? You know? I would say the ones that make your head her young, because there you know you can go to bang, we're gonna get into that, but like what happened? What what's before the Big Bang, that's it had hurt her. Why is there anything right? Why this only chapters in the book. I know bringing it up Why is there anything and if there was nothing, is nothing not something. the desert that your opening salver take it away. Why
I give you an answer. Just contemplate this. If Pinocchio said my nose is about to grow right, what would it do? I get it basically about that, while I know the answer to this prior notice, I hope that the book opens with just how did it all began, but it goes to these other questions that we ve all carried with us if you don't carry with you, you stumbled on it and then you took pause in your life. To reflect on it all began. What's it all Meda? are we alone in the universe? That's big news of recent months. and how little when I'm gonna get to that that let's get with how it all began first, because I want to ask you about the Big bang theory: look out the show
the actual affair, if you type preparing theory into Google first thing is this? Is the tv show that's good or bad? That's that's bad! So it's ok but you're, the guy who could answer this question. For me, how settled is because on a scale of evolution. Ok, when, when Dharmu Darwin, Origin of species is published in eighteen, fifty nine, it wasn't settled science in eighteen, sixty they debated for decades as science should people said. Well, let's try to proposing that they didn't now it's science I'd like to see this ending about global war being man made. I think it is in the scientific community, not so much in the political community. But what about the Big bang theory is. That's something were totally now everybody
your brain all of eight people their down with this. Yes, because it is that it satisfies all of Observational dated that needs accounting for art neatly contained within the understanding that comes to us from the Big Bang universes bigger today than it was yesterday. Universes hotter yesterday that it was today so you go back, foreigners fourteen billion years, all been known, universe was in the same place at the same time at his stupendously high temperature. I didn't How do you know we weren't? There were well if this matter and energy are the temperature becomes with consequences. So we say what would happen of matter and energy were at that temperature for this law You get about this much hydrogen in the universe, about that much helium. You get this condense guess, or this is amazing, because we're doing my trillions yes of stars which are based
a way more than trillions of all in one ok. Why do it that way? Why start the universe that way like boom let's get up, and then I went up why you got that right. That's what people within religion to account for why science, we will tell you how that had the road, but you want to know if there's purpose to it. That's a philosophical bordering on religious question that some people feel the need to reach war and possibly find and many questions on the frontier, of our knowledge, frontier of our ignorance, land squarely in the lap, the armchair philosopher or the religious wholly person on them out. So
Oh that's, neither of us neither that's correct, but on content saying I can explain this. I know I know I can account for how that happens. Ok, that's that's a profound place to be because most of the history of human civilization, we had no accounting of rings and made. It sounds crazy. you're a lot smaller than the preacher. So I'm gonna go with you. That's really! Why? Because its first reading, because because I personally can't get to that place right, Oh yeah sure all matter, one place got it. What has happened? my faith is a new ok, but I don't need your. I don't need your face
because it's gonna be nice. If you think you just need evidence, no word of the clean. Will you allow me to also say that the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you what I can think about the shit monsieur. I do. I actually did you say so. Did you ask me what was before the big bang? We have some idea, but I don't really know economically with their rank ass, a scientist. You need to learn to love the questions themselves right, lest you slowly answers and show you can go to bed at night and not lose sleep right. I have so many bigger.
the loosely affect the trumpet to single out there. Are you kidding giving a warning about the universe? The blue cosmic perspective too. That sentence? Yes, do you. Trust is the brunt of most of your jobs. So these like! Well, I know its not yet. I want to share a lot worse when he was president. Yes, yes, but if it, but I'm just saying, seventy six million people voted for him so your enemies knock him its fellow citizens wronger we're on the wrong side, the gear politics, but now you can hate trump. You can hate the people voted for. That's half the country, you they have the country? That's what I thought was a lot of Romany Entry for a lot of different room, an educator and sales. I care about the electorate yeah. I do too and that's not the way to win them back. I think so tell them the deplore
verbal and you know, that's not what I tell you. I just educated What's her alarmed at the field were here, for As you mentioned, you efforts, while there's a chapter in the book called well. I was alone in the universe. Right, let's you have those, whereas the governor calls it you re fees, that's there identified aerial phenomenon. That's not so transparent travellers. Have you ever married, your fighting everything? Ok, but, since changed radically in the last year, because in the past have you had said: the foes I would have said well, maybe that's it's certainly not unscientific to think that they could be out there or here, but in the last year or so now things have changed a lot.
If he pilots have come forward and said there are things we see all the time and we cannot explain and they move in ways that we do not know how they move and we can't move that way and very serious people, like John Brennan and Harry read, have said the same thing we are looking into. They said we're not denying it anymore. So you great person answered this question. You efforts, I mean, what's the deal I was tired, overflow, it's it's, the leaders brims with mysteries. I think the way you should come out this is from another direction and ask if we are in fact being visited by intelligent aliens. Another planet. Why would they only reveal themselves to Navy pilot. why would they just sort of why none of them ever show up in these six billion or high resolution photos and videos, human beings are uploading to the internet,
We do not realise aren't up in space. Taking pictures where the Navy pilots are and is that, why is their best image of an alien the monochromatic to attack on under this way screen. I'm just saying what what what do you think? I know no and unhappy saying I don't know that's what the EU stands for in one identified. You can't say it's a u foe and is doing where things. Therefore I know what it is. We don't do this immediate, you don't know what it is ass. Well, but that's the beginning of the debate. I agree. We all agree on enzyme. Where's. Definitely ufos link, we don't know, but now people who never came forward before serious people, military people that doesn't matter argue human. You are equally susceptible to fusion to bias. Did you say Every pilot was witness uplifting that doesn't care the human. So what else could it be? I dont
Ok! Well, because we don't know what else, but it doesn't mean, is visiting really from outer space. Nobody dares not even one of the theory it sort loads. The gun Mcgowan, I dont really every piece of hardware I've ever seen, and software I've ever seen programme has witches We time everyone. So that's what you have just like. We're updates all the great. Let's go with that. So so so I'm saying that the the the imaging system that they're using could have glitches Adele? we checked it doesn't, I butchers ok so sure doesn't have, which is ok but you'd, rather believe it doesn't have glitches so that you I'll say. Would we be visited by intelligent ITALY from another planet earth unknown physics, huge leap if if they are areas- and they do come here- you think they might have the answers to these.
Since it we don't know merrily and they will not be greater, they came here and we said hey. What's what happened before the Big Bang, like this junior know her right right right am, I I lose sleep at night wondering whether we who we define as the first truly intelligent species on earth has sufficient intelligence to answer the questions we put. about the universe ran. I further worried whether we are intelligent enough to even know what questions to ask. Well, I'm not happy now thank you
I think it is right to say Rachel Bitter covers over here. This dynamic is, and so it was directed inserted in pretty much all of your favorite movies. Over the last decade rob writer is over. Why are we gonna get closer? One is: when we're not so far away. I want to ask you we're gonna get to that doesnt pissing me off. I watched them for my every yesterday soon I hear you're good cause. I wanna be closer to you
not for any other reason that we can communicate. I'd. Take that through our irish citizens. Fighting with me you wanna get closer to my click. Ok, so listen Leslie were since like every week, but did you know this is an issue that could have every week? Is that there are people in this country the want to stop them from being a democracy and there's just no bigger issue? Ok, so we were taught me about how do we get the damn? What what do the Democrats do to stop this monkeying behind the scenes with? What's going on with our relatives? I read this week: there are no death threats from Trump people on election employed. run elections I mean they just there are not nothing that they will not try and we're talking about replacing people who actually count the votes. It's one thing to stop people from voting, that's wrong, but replacing the
people who certify the votes of Burma. This week on tv said the report the conformity is willing to embrace a way of thinking about democracy that would be unrecognizable and even unacceptable. Even five years ago now I was told you are watching this last week and you said I know what the Democrats can do. So I am anxious to hear that, in fact, I would like the ghost of Christmas passing scourge yelling during Let's make a deal tat state. So, yes, I have a solution right, but it's not an easy piddle any. This is. This is a bold idea. We have this top sucking an electoral politics. If we want to take power and hold off as democratic coup, that's coming we're talking about the borders of russian right, and so you know its election rigging, writer, they're, closing the polling boots and the metro here and there and standing access in rural areas and then
that's not an idea! There pudding provisions in these laws that are below to allow you overcome that in Georgia or taxes for them to say you know what this doesn't seem right to us, so we're just not going to count. The, we're not getting through the network. So what we do so we need to do what we need to do now is we need to start fighting them fire with fire care, because there commanding in this electoral cycle, which begins already because we ve got off your election here in the recall, right mean that news to visit to news amusing, getting recall, he's getting recall as a strategic attack for them to consolidate power. So what we need to do is fortify that that path taken power, consolidation, and that means we have to be better at messaging.
electioneering right away like yesterday, because what we have been supporting- that's not me. I mean that I am very much stopping the actual, no merit garland attorney general, who should be on this. Finally, today made a speech about that: he said, he's gonna double the number of staff in the Justice Department, rights division dedicated to projecting voting rights. I gotta know what that will actually do, but it's a start said so far this year at least fourteen states pass new laws and make it harder to vote. We are scrutinising laws like that and where we see violations we will not hesitate to act, sounds vague to me but at least it seems like is aware of it. I still don't know rhetoric about the thing is that that that's what all well and good, but that all that means, as you can prosecute somebody who break those laws we have to get lost in place that you have attacked our right to vote.
A number of bills in front of Congress. There's HR one there s one is a John Louis for the Jean Louis ACT and not always have to get past if they dont get past, if we do not secure our right to vote, but they're not gonna get past, whereas the biggest they don't even have it, if they don't even have fifty roads well below fifty because of their, namely sixty. Now, if you get right now, I will mention and then print bodily Kristen Cinema was one response is the best one look at what you against women. So now you need. You need sixty right now so imagine is said. I'm gonna, I'm not gonna break the filibuster it's gonna. Take Jody Joe Joe Biden is gonna have to talk to your mansion and say we have a chance here To either preserve didn't areas already done
the way we had not the way it needs to be better with the wording is our own are not fighting, and right now admits this. Yes, you can sell So you know what happens to be. The city is about. Joe Biden has to be more precise in the room was unless you announce you'll, find measurable, quieting right, you put in front of the people and say this does not require the filibuster and remove the filibuster, just that there may be a way to save your mentioned. Either you choose democracy or or the Philip, That's exactly what we do in these are coming ass. Much but westward journey here is that the only cares about getting reelected in West Virginia S right, and that is for the union's right now are real
beyond belief, with what Biden has done, with covert relief and they'll be thrilled with what happens in interest that will balance, and we shall have a man who North Carolina now in our pocket, but we drop those raises. So you don't want to hear about a long term strategy, but let me tell you this: for a long time is too keel. Let's talk about. Let's talk about way because we're not winning this organ the Democrats, there an orchard. She seems at their doing three parties and that your own during an early like this, about the twenty twenty about to see why they didn't do better. They should have done better, obviously Biden one, but they didn't. When the Senate, they lost the State House, it's ok! We did when the sun it only after
I read a rough or a second electric. We came in and finally got the democratic shit together, so they ran on covert relieved chinese directly. Your pop right now is the time for us to get me is not women, you know and they lost twelve housing, and I haven't really nice tell me that they thought we polluting is when we have more, we could do seats. In this sense, we picked up. Ok, not as men rage. Things are going around fifty votes, here's the frontiers, the autopsy findings, three things: the voters of color need to be convinced, polling, huge problem people don't tell pollsters what they really think anymore. They fuck with them and republican attempts to brand Democrats. As radicals worked democratic, lost were centrists, who nevertheless couldn't shake the radical label? So you know. talk a lot about workers on the show. I'm not a fan. I think it's an albatross James,
however, was here the other week saying the same thing. You think it's an Amber trust and, if so, how big an arbitrary around their necks. I think that it's not something we should focus on. This is a fool s errand. To go down that road. We have to sell the fact that we have policies that have been asked and will be passed, but then are gonna win eight with personal unhappy that they're gonna have jobs and their money in their pockets. That's why we're busy I'll do pay attention, because it's on your phone every day while the drip, drip the Sunni? Why really works, though bill is because our aims of a GEO p is doing the workers branding and then we're like Alice talk about wilderness, all the fuckin topic and bright. What we should do, I mean think about it. The complaint is: oh there to pc the other I'd is turning into a fascist authoritarian party that is literally rigging or elections. It'll kill you that brand back. That's hasn't happened in our message it so you know the fascist thing I could Magruder more. There is fascism afoot and you know even from
doing something like colluding with. Ukraine was terrible and wasn. pitiable offence, but people don't care green is very far away, but you're telling me my three rolled coming here. saying he's a girl now and I have to go along with that. If that's right in my have why you have done that, some of them are afraid of other shit when we don't do any of the fierce joking right something tell me. I'm gonna make money they're coming for your kids. They're gonna kill your daughter with teenage abortion. Stop right, because that's the shit that the other side has been fed and we're going to be looking at turn out that mean in this California recall coming up new sums, o his pulling so well double the number of republican voters. Tell pull the pole, hey! I'm super excited devoted the recall right so, like we have a massive tuned out. Complacency issue on their side and we have to match
We have to match their messaging occurred, but I think you're here this allowed from democratic. You know we lost because we didn't get our message out. No, I think the problem as you did, they heard you just don't like it will not hurt you loud noise. Nowhere in the data says about any of the stupid policy that the Democrats, worn out with their Brean focused, adds those policies all pull in the sixties. Ok assumes you yes, but but if you're talking policy and the other parties hitting you want a brand and identity, I mean it doesn't matter of your Jamie Harrison or you know one of these radical swan members right, you're gonna get called a socialist. I tell people, I could make a sea and sanders disappear tomorrow and guess what the GNP would run the same. Damn message: why? Because they are trying to bring brand us the whole
I'm thing as a socialist party because they understand where the electorate is. The electorate is the opposite of the. Where democratic Libyans great going do not engage in each started. We ll be good, as the Democrats understood where the electorate is, I don't know, I don't think that pay attention to policy challenges. You think that no, no that's all they fucking around, like you can see an analysis like this, I'm saying the people, it's now another carry ass. You are using this egg. Let's pin our hopes on the thing that the people don't care about. I'm TED, I'm saying that the people care about is the commission right can keep older people care about Gimme. She did not mean rats talked earlier about sitting. Electorate like it cares. That's my that's. What I'm trying to tell you! They make an assumption. The whole system is built on a flawed assumption, GB understands who american public is in terms of civic and they're, not civically, smart or not.
Don't wait these rights not just about being busy energy or peace, building, feds that shit right unto them every day into their. They get the example of the league, of example, of this in issue crime, big issue, no forty, nine percent of the people, and I think it's a big problem. This was on some feed. I read in The annual there somebody on there to see how the council propose literally decriminalizing crime. The proposed changes in the city- it's like you're living at an onion headline, proposed changes in the cities, criminal code that people would not be liable if the offence they committed was linked to poverty. This, but the council person. Actually
In a situation where you took the sandwich because you were hungry and you were trying to meet your basic needs, we have We know that we should not punish that. That conduct is excused. You see, it looks like the Democrats have no common sense. Now this didn't pass. It's done going to pass, but people read this they read it every day, right, nothing about their fuckin, crazy right, so, like their crazy, is ok, ok, bring older in get rid visually inspected to make sure they have of the giant now if they want to God. I can't do anything about their crazy. If only because we can talk about it and still are crazy. If we keep toppled over here,
because we're here to learn their own silos. You're not listening to me are you can break those silos. You have to be realistic, aided about it, and I repeat that I am never large fox sure, as hell doesnt have that strategy right? Really you can people, listen! Here's the thing the only place where the people debate as this I'll tell you this psychologically people don't wanna, see shared that makes them. People feel guilty European polar hurt. Nobody should they don't you realize that shot, ready? Try. You have two major german railroads mega they'll right so listen, John Fifteenth, we are opening back up Tuesday, if you want to miss unfriended night, were very excited and there's a lot of pent up sexual energy.
I wish I was reading about this dick with calling up we going this, it's gonna, be they say the horrid twin, There was a headline in the near pose area near singles. Really, sweaty summer of casual sex is covered vaccinations rights in other. Am I doing in the bathroom again, so we thought creatures healing GPS people probably a little rusty with their pick up lines than we thought as a service is the public's
Airbus, we would help you out because you need icebreakers was but a Miladi changes. That would you like to hear some of the things were suggested? For example, joy, no yo, the upper having your face himself, familiar Despiser mega vaccines. Are that ask as it's killing me I've been waiting to brush my teeth? Were a woman like you, nobody wants
and as for the last time I hooked up with two ventilated. I've learned a lot from poring over the last year. This is this is one for a woman to say the expiration date in my edible pennies is June, twenty twenty. If we're lucky upon you know, what's that third jab, that's the charm but it is like the asked Rosanna get shot. I'd never take one, but I have no problems giving it to other people are. Georgia
state lines or the Florida congressmen. How that always work and, of course hello, I'm bill gates. I would ask you guys you mention is, I think, how we re, you're coming out of this is looking like a big liability to the Democrats. I think somehow, sometimes their whole attitude towards this was a liability amid depends on how you think about it. But there was a pole recently which is gallop the serious polling service, which is better advice right now. They asked for people who do not have symptoms and are otherwise healthy, stay home as much as possible to avoid contracting are spread. The virus or lead their normal lives as much as possible, eighties,
members into Republicans said people should strive to lead normal lives. Seventy one percent of Democrats stay home, keep cowering you're talking about people who have had their. Vaccination correct seventy one blue of people who have had their valuable jamak, What do the people, stay home as much as possible. Even if you and I see people on the street walking side with a mask. I like you, fucking more on I just wanna, shouted them outside the court. You're a moron. You never could get it out. Really and you're alone, walking on the street with a mask. So you, the mask! Shame them! Now, your man these shaming, right, buddy, you stupid, and it's a rejection of science right, because you can't say on one end: we have the size of the data and then once
the old Sciences. Ok, you can't get cold outside and you never good and you don't need a mask anymore, be like I'm, just not a new right, so you're right, it could be. It could be a liability, but my organization strike that is going to hammer those GEO, p. People who murdered mean there's murder through incompetence and misinformation, hundreds of thousands of citizens right. So it's about ok, they're gonna do their thing. Are we gonna come back with us with an alternative for aim that is aggressive and its offensive? It's not debating on their terms. They want to talk about.
ask wearing going too long. Now we're going to talk about your bullshit management of this coded panda. Ok, because the past now we're over the it's all. I know it was great fun to have a pandemic order every year about alarmingly. Last time I was here was a year and I got literally ok, it's over. You, like you, said at the beginning of the show we should be closer together. I watch the basketball players now most of the people are in the stands, not wearing masks and apparently there's no super spread. Revenge is coming out of that, and yet I see the players are playing without mass may go on the bench the coach mask on. Why unequal just stupid, inconsistent ass, covering it just they never had masks view vaccinations. You been vaccinated, that's it! That's that's that. All idea if you haven't been vaccinated, then then that's not right. Ok,
don't you walking around again been MAC what you ve been vaccinated? Yes- and I am happy to do that- so the only relate to the person who isn't I'm not afraid of that person I'm worried that that person is gonna spread, something to somebody. I you know somebody is always going to spread. Some life is a risk everything in life ass, a vaccine, that's totally fine, because you know I mean, but I do think it is worth asking them when it's my view is that these brand or time magazine early on that score, do you happen to know if you ve killed anybody You are. I think it would also be people yes or no body a healthy ass. I agree its hiring well know you know what else go people. Nobody in the health hierarchy ever suggested even suggested to the american people that the best way to stay away from the bed outcome from this virus was
get yourself in better physical shape. They never so much ass, a whole shape thing in the midst of a pandemic. That's book about somebody getting we. How am I gonna lose fifty by what we have now guy? Would anyone could not ignore in three four months? will it lasted over a year ass, I lost forty pounds, I'm proud to say that only eight percent of the people who died where I'll be yes and exactly what. Why hid in my house? Until I got vaccine and now I'm vaccine- and I am out I'm like willing to kiss you bill legitimate with you now, I'm I'm totally good.
no part in the green disabilities, getting better than against moulding are you are you gonna use any of those line? I think I was speaking about. Why wasn't there a baby boom during this pandemic? I mean you would think people walked. For a year. Usually when this is it just a night Ghana, Whether the baby boom from again, why wasn't there a baby boy good, because there was a dead you're worried about a disease now think about this for second, in nineteen, sixty two we have the cuban missile crisis. Keep were frightened the death that we're all gonna go up in smoke. There was a huge baby boom after that, but if you didn't get killed by the
by the missile you ve started fuckin, that's which ass you get close to somebody you might give get you MIKE, it might be the death fuck warm and I'm gonna tell you that God, honest truth here, because I always do that for freedom for the deeds. When I hang out with them, we us married women of America might and pretended to be a little bit more afraid of kissing and touching our husband so that we could take a whole year off of dealing with their shit rats. That's probably think that's a closer you wanna tell me it's not, I think that's it doesn't get better,
serious issued this. We can, I think, a lot. A liberal principles are being I'm sorry to be killed by liberals I mean we talk, but Israel on the show a couple of weeks ago, that used to be a pretty staunch liberal thing to defend the only democracy in the Middle EAST. Free reach the acl you The icy! Oh! You is to free speech, but the array of two guns right now. It's it's the last night, the fence and the first and dominated by ideological purity. Right, I mean we're as ideologically rigid on the last two. The first amendment I myself included- as I think about this as they are to the second amendment, is an absolutist, mean commitment. Ok, but it's not anymore. That's the problem is that the ACL you now is woke David Goldberger, whose one of their icons,
guy who defended the Nazis marching in skulking. He said I get the sense it was important by I get this sense. It was empty. For a c o you staff to identify with progressive causes more than to stand on liberal principles? Liberals are leaving the first amendment behind and I think this is a generation of thing. I think the younger generations are fragile and they think being insulted or having your feelings hurt by words is more important than free speech. Well, you you have to find that that meet line between free speech, and speech that leads to violence, and if you can we'll know you defend free speech. Well, you d better worded as long as it doesn't leave doesn't work. You could say led to I mean about that Ray slippery slope battle has not been the definition before hate speech. I mean hate speech, we all hate it, but that was the whole point.
the first amendment in the zone are to be allowed? You should be allowed to utter aids of each right. What are you go to work out a euro assemble and every speech and also carry weapons with now. not weapons. Well, now, where's defending me we're getting out of their self far away, they march they march, but they're. So far away from that rob I mean this younger generation literally will say that It is a form of violence, physical violence is like what no it's the opposite of violence. It's not violence. Reach. It can lead to buyers, but it is not the changes definition of words. Violence is when it hurts right. You just have to define. When is what is fire in the crowded right. One is fire in the crowded theatre witches free to say that, but that directly leads to something that could be very via. Let me ask you something on seriously interested right. Second amendment: do you would you
perfect world, maybe like change the wording around in that a little absolute saw. The first amendment is the exact same thing right. We, I am a huge scale a friend of yours, I grew up cutting my teeth on Eddie Murphy stand up, which is why I am so weird and profane right, but you know if you can find a way if we could, if we could, which we can't Amanda constitution. Just like what the second amendment, you can have a about society with robust free speech and still disallow you one morning when the first amendment of saying what I'm saying the measures announced by the way it is the second amendment me laughed and ideologically Zopyrus, it's already our memory speech, as they are only liability. If you look at the second amendment, carefully is actually pretty good the way it is because
It's all right. It says an alleged, well regulated militia right up people right, I answered by a well regulated militia. I gotta go to know you guys Joe Biden visits the queen this weekend. He asked to be a friend and tell her. Spending is out of control whether you like the royal family, I hate them. You have to admit the queen's lifestyle is rather lavish before you say you don't think so. Sorry using the bathroom with words, you guys never knew tat. His love is normal. Don't have sex in front of your dog, its cruel and confusing.
the dog is thinking where the bog up there. It is worth about this couple in South Africa who just gave birth to ten babies Thursday. One question: why are you smiling No, let's go winding country roads, what they really are redneck population, because every time I drive down one, I see a whole made on the side of the road with like Skater Dale and Betty Loop. Winding country roads great for country, music, songs, not great for a country music,
now that the idea is extended, the expiration date on Johnson and Johnson vaccines by six weeks there to take a look at the cottage jeez in my report. It says. May thirty first, but it's not ok to me, nor not suggesting all expiration date or bogus the condom in your while it expired in twenty thirteen throw that out, but gives that's how this happened. Firstly, new rules an hour when Joe Biden there's Olaf into one of his long winded stories that seem to be off topic. Everyone.
Must realize he usually does have a point. But those you are over fifty Did you ever see how often jealousy various was on television, black and white couples, not a job. I challenge you find today in return, stations Ciller one station for two hours and how many commercial policy my eighty five. Two to three out of five experts: couples. I'm gonna tell you, I know it sounds
this kind about love field, but actually Uncle Joe, is pointing liberals towards something they need to be more aware of. They have a bad case of progressive phobia. That's the phrase coined by Steven Pinker to describe a brain disorder that strikes liberals and makes them incapable of recognising progress. It's like situational blindness. Only what you can't see is that your dorm in twenty twenty one is better than the south before the civil war. And you think America is more racist. Now than ever more sexist than before, women could vote and more homophobic than when blowjobs were a felony. You have progressive phobia and should adjust your mask because its covering eyes before before twenty twelve everyone gay marriage was put before estates voters, it lost thirty five times in a row
Now is the law of the land in every state, even half of Republicans or for it. The other half refer closeted Asia. The chant from gay protesters used to be were here were queer, get used to it. Well, we did. This is pride month. It's not even a big deal anymore. Thirty days of parades and festivals celebrating a cause that was once so device Ellen had to pretend to be straight. State houses fly pride. Disney celebrated federal law, every single tv show must include a storyline about lesbians having a baby. If someone announces their day on tv, its met with thunderous applause, my accountant says yeah, Queen
You literally can't sign a major american cooperation that doesn't do something for pride month NASCAR. Does it Raytheon maker of high tech lethal weaponry that kills people from the sky. Does it and I hear next year, they're going pay You got a girl on the side of their missile. It's not just algae BT issues, not that long ago, people who went to prison for growing part, you can legally smoke a profound and forty three percent of the country, and I will even something like bullying. It still happens, but being outwardly crew people who are different is no longer acceptable. That's progress and acknowledging per
Aggress isn't saying we're done what we don't need. More and being gloomier, doesn't make you a better person in eighteen, fifty eight only four percent of Americans approved of interracial marriage now gallop and even bother asking the last time they did and twenty thirteen eighty seven percent. with an overwhelming majority of Americans, now say they want to live in a multi I shall neighbourhood that is a sea change from when I was a kid and a country that fourteen percent black eighteen percent of the incoming class of Harvard is blue and since twenty seventeen white students or not a majority in our public colleges. Employees of color make up forty, seven percent of Microsoft. Fifty percent of target fifty five percent of the gap as companies become desperate to look like
the debate: commercial, the friends reunion. We just look weird he's a view even suggested a show today about six people, all of whom were straight and white, the network would laugh, you The room, cancel you want and yet there is a recurrent theme on the far left that things have never been worse: cabin hardest breast a view, many hold when he told the New York Times your witnessing white power and white privilege at an all time high. This is one of the big problems with locus, but what you say doesn't have to make sense or job, but the facts rubber be challenged. Lest the challenge itself be conflated,
racism but say white power and privilege is at an all time. High is just ridiculous, higher than a century ago the year of the Tulsa race, Massacre than the years when the K K, K, road, unchecked and Jim Crow went unchallenged higher than the night. Six days when the Supreme and Willie Mays still couldn't stay in the same hotel was the white people. They were working with than during slavery, and I mean We'll slavery, not prince, doesn't like his record contracts. Labour Racism is still, unfortunately, still with us. We have the footage, then policing, housing, job discrimination, segregated schools, wealth inequality Like a sea of injustice, sadly lives on in demands remedial action. I understand as best they can. How racism
since as a person soul, so much that they might see it everywhere, but in clearly is necessary for actually fixing problems and clear. Racism is simply no longer everywhere. It's not my home. It probably isn't in yours. If I read my audience right, and I think I do for most of the country, the most unhappy thing could ever be today is a racist. Even Derek Shovin was not backed up by his fellow officers and that never used to happen. The low point of race relations wasn't Kim cards wearing corn rose, even though it happened on snapshot and George Wallace standing in the doorway. Didn't because here's the thing kids, are actually was a world before you got here.
We did human events a d b c, but we need a third marker for millennials emergency, be why, before you, it's telling that, in a recent Harvard Youth Pool of Americans between eighteen and twenty nine, seventy two percent of blacks said they were hopeful about the future of America as compared to only forty six percent of whites. Surprise. There are, however, a lot of Americans trying really hard these days to embrace a new spirit of inclusion and self reflection, and this progressive allergy to ignore A lodging societal advances is self defeating because progress and hope that we can achieve it is the product were selling.
And having a work view of reality leaves the policies that are warped, black, only dorms and situation ceremonies, a growing belief in whiteness as a malady and white people was irredeemable. Thing up on a color blind society only I believe we have made. No progress. Does any of that makes sense. I can name some things. Actually are worse than they have ever been before, like the environment and homeless this in our way and the prospects for maintaining an actual d, Creasy in America, but where progress has been made, its assent It is certainly not an accurate to say come a long way. Baby, not mission accomplished just a long way.
alright. Thank you. That's every Friday night at ten or watching anytime, on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Dot, com
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