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Ep. #569: Nikki Glaser, Paul Begala, Jane Coaston

2021-06-19 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Nikki Glaser, Paul Begala, and Jane Coaston. (Originally aired 6/18/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO meeting in real time.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. This is the day three of California reopened reopened on Tuesday lots of other places around the country and once in the basketball everybody's out there in a whole, steady impact, no Mass dodgers, daddy meant that they do thousand people. No man
crime together why am I still working the open? MIKE at Cedars Sinai. That's what maybe we're one more issue after this before our July break. Ok, maybe when we get back, I think we're good up the full grown in the meantime. America is it's over. I now pandemics and one, but you gotta give it up at some point. People want to live again night clubs or open strip clubs rough. Bring bonuses to get women this pressing. I'm making people just want to catch, something that makes it burn when they pay that's boy, spigot burning. Half of this country is burning.
hundred and twenty five in places. This is like almost you're dead, weather. We are getting hot here, it's it's hot jump, This is where Europe even an appetite. You know that kind, I was a dinner with a bunch of liberal Democrats through the night. Nobody even touch their baby they were just on the blade. You know they deserve more lemonade. Well, Liberals were one in one at this bream court this week they want a big one. Bomber care was upheld. This is third. This is the third time it has survived and attempt to kill it. It's the fifty cent.
Of progressive legislation, but on the other side ledger. The court sided with the Catholic Church big surprise most of the court's gas, they sided with the church. believe it is their right not to work with gay parents to help adopt children church, as their position is I ve been very plain: children want to be around gay adults. They can become alter boys, temperature with love and, of course, the big, the big international. We finally had our summit with Putin and Biden they met in Geneva. Switzerland. Did you see?
this week, they Switzerland, I wanted it to be in Switzerland. They needed someplace that doesn't pick aside between the. U S in Russia and moral log was booked You know it was good to see the american President siding with America. That was a change, and also please don't you never know what really is said in the Rome as it should be, but the pictures like the tabloids the just tell the story bullshit. Whenever they want it. Look at the pictures you could tell this was tense. You saw that picture Putin Environment Married couple about a fight in the car on the way over and
Of course they all have a press conference after woods. Putin I mean imagine negotiating with this guy. This is what Putin said. I'm not making this happy said there is no happiness in life, only a mirage of it on the horizon. Which I was gonna jump all over, and then I remembered that it was the theme of this year's Oscars HORIZON lovely guy anyway. So anyway,. potent other Biden gets back. The Republicans, while it is overseas, were very respectful, I'm kidding. Of course they should all over everything, always forget their own rule about the present a big overseas he gets back. Thirteen out public and letter today demanding that Biden take a cognitive fitness test.
Y got. Yes, they all emergencies. President basic got the most votes. No one I know is I Q Iq Iq, which would march retailer Green says when you ask your who are you oh yeah, what about little rump? Don't you ever public authority upset this week goes tomorrow is June thirteenth, but by your by
You can applaud that no widow holiday by these binding signed a bill is what these Republicans remain at making June team, which is, of course, the celebration of the end of slavery, a federal holiday and, of course, being one better and rehersal. They were right under the door wrestle obviously, but being the very newest about holidays white people about they are very good views. Do we barbecue? Is there a mattress sale? What is the right time to start drinking to? Wouldn't it be for this. And here's my favorite story, the we came out that Deasey Comics Big fan love. The super Eurostar
When they wanted to kill me over this manly thing, is it comics cut a scene in a upcoming HBO Max animated Series with Batman in it were Batman, performs orally x on Catwoman don't get excited you're not going to see it. That's the whole point of this worry Dc. Comics told the producers get this. They told the bruise heroes. Don't do that? opponents of you do at my house, your Europe, but also my favorite part of this. They also said we can't have shown that because it would hurt toy sales.
I'm Catwoman had a great response. She said you know. If you'd let Batman eat me, I would need to have a great regard for Bulgaria, but first I fear the committee, whose Good Nicky, Glaser plod gas and the aged Rio MAX Reality series out this summer s boy, island, Nicky, Glaser. Sometimes I get so worst bill distance and change. Because you know you look healthy. I had the vaccine and the disease liberty. If I wondered how was I did you get, it is now yes we're couple days alone. I've already got here an hour later have for the homeless issue. Its good of you, for it
listen. I wanted to have a comedian here right now in Europe, one of my favorites, because tonight is the eve of when I go back on tour I haven't been out there. This is a time marked. It was February. Twenty twenty is the last time. I've done stand up Trump as president. I have to write a whole new like a minimum god. I love. I love it. I can't wait I mean I'm nervous like I haven't been since I was twenty three I know: well, that's exciting rain! So exciting! Oh you have you been doing show I mean I was doing them during the pandemic when it once when I convince myself, it was safe enough to do whether all of these clubs that, where you have capacity corn, I would form with a mask which is so are to do all. I would have fans on the sage blowing the covert back at the audience like. I really did I had them in, but then I quit doing them because I just felt like the crowd
that we're coming out for those shows were anti mass who art my like the people that enjoy me I feel as comparable performing in front of so now. to go back on the road and never one feels more comfortable. That said that there is an ideological component even to the that you. So that was not your crowed. I just felt it. You know like it. The people that we're like rearing and ready to go and laughed like ready to laugh in September of last year were not people like we have seen a lot of common. That's why I love the that's, why I love doing the red states because they are more ready to go. That's not political, correct and you are not politically, then you're, the roast lady, yet may not why I first saw you and cover with you, because you are so hysterical on those rare. I mean yes going back out. There is so I'm so happy about it, but also it carry stress because of this age. We live in right yeah. So
I asked you about that biggest. Are you afraid of that stress about? Well, I wanna riff and be the funniest I can be, but I don't want to get cancelled. I was really scared of even cancelled for a while and then covert head, and I moved back home with my parents for ten months and I realize like if I guess I've been cancelled, like that's getting cancel. So I, if you cancel me it's I lived the life that I would have lived had. Suddenly anyone not that bad, it was kind of great Britain, but you know who's gonna end. It was for the rest of your life back into line with the STAR Trek wallpaper. I got out of there eventually and yes, I did I serbian, cancelling work as I can't live in that state of fear, because It just what my core I'm a good person and I'm not racist, or are you trying to be races? I try my best, not people, but I just know that so if I get cancel elderly I'll, be at peace with myself, you know I'm accountable
don't mind apologize, but if the real doing arose true, I don't have a problem being like. If I see someone get up during my shoulders right now, I'm doing I'm doing like I'm working on, like most molestation chunk, which is the war, but if I can die can do those jokes, because I wasn't losses soil, I don't care, but, like I I'd like to talk about them more freely, because I don't have a lot of August Rama around that. I remember rightly like I'd. Who knows it could have happened. I've been therapy now to dig it out. Let's find it would explain a lot when serious, but babies we're going because ISIS, people sometimes I see, people get up and go. You don't want to hear this because obviously something I'm saying is triggering them in a way that making them have a package act, and I I I think about the lingo. Ok, that I'm person is uncomfortable. What the information that I'm putting out there by talk,
about. It is more important, I think, even though I am joking about it is still addressing it and its talking about how it's never been more than make more equality. I will die said a person if they rightly and they got listen. I want your show when you have a good time and end up in the bathroom, to prevent and crying, I would say, listen I'm Are you feel that when the sorry you feel that way? But I deeply answer I don't want to cause- I don't like to offend people. It's really not like everybody I don't want to get eaten by shark, but I go in the ocean right now you're gonna want watch your unknown commodity. Now, if what, if it's shark bit me, I'm not kidding you built like if I got attacked by shark and I put it in the face and lately they killed.
Dark in retelling, I would feel bad. I would want to find that shark million we know you're. Just being you listen like even just do it, I'm sorry concept, but I feel that it felt that word. We brought this up as your other. What a perfect like we're here on my Hawaiian towards New Year's eve together in most of our greatest get away an amazing, so you're gonna be in the ocean. Dont punched ashore. Ok, it doesn't work out you're not going to kill the shark with a punch to the no that's. An old wives, of course, is going to fucking each. You know it bites and then it will be this you're not was we a sparkling jewelry? Ok, you have your period, but that might be wives tales I dont know Well you grow pontoon. I'm gonna run my sergeant short selling so I forget what we
what would it take? Mugging cancel out. Don't fear, I just don't care, I care, I can't or our lawyer, please, during a poet No, because this too much apologizing in America we're going to tell the public I gotta go now. I apologize. I don't feel so good when you mean it, I dont mean the apologies. I mean when someone really is like we consider that someone could feel that way like having empathy of like that Then I made you feel that way, but there's always going to be somebody we we are, organizing this country around what the most offended people yeah the easily most easily offended people will react to yeah. So May I be able to say it just don't go to my show is that if you are someone who allowed but like a vine, don't watch me coming around so doo doo, Doo, Doo colleges, I do.
I mean still do them, even though I know there when comics I wanted to apologize. I kind of call bullshit on that, because I don't think it's about the fact that their all woke and they're gonna be groaning. they're always like that, they just don't wanna react that coming shows the kids. They don't know how to like, laugh out loud and beat. Economists are bad crowds, I also I dont want to Duke it's easy to go. I don't wanna. Do colleges anymore when you're like Jerry, simple, because I wouldn't want to fly into Syracusan, then drive for hours through cornfields to go to a student activities centre and wait backstage good Applebee's. It's like clutches works for the worse with so many other Dutch. How Jerry does them? It's not gesture Armenia's Jerry Increase Rock and a lot of people said, but a pit David he's. In thirty now he said he won't do that mission you're, just setting yourself up
what for someone to be upset and there s an evoking again at a school that won't boggley for four years anyway, because that you know, like I feel like when I bought because I've done colleges where they ve written into the paper and said: oh, my god, one of the headlines. After perform was Nicky, Glaser leaves leaves gate, mouths gaping or like people. Gay purse- and I was like I talked about gaping but like I was keeping like. I did discuss that, but it was a whole. That's what's great about comedy of Matthew Day. Yes, that's what we don't want to lose a mean. Do I was worried that roasts will go away in the jar of protected space. I did fear that when I think that that is just so, We know the rules. Everyone knows ahead of time, but this is gonna be bugs good. I will say that rose talks, sometimes they ve taken my folks they ve made like an instagram like labour it out and I come across it. On my end, like the written version of that looks,
like what it says. They grew up and looks like a black eye that was made by a prince, are running out of ink that in Britain learn how setting out of context looks levelling likes you and you're gonna casual. Just from this appear like enough to worry about what good I'm blows, that people have a way to get away with it, and I think you do what I do hope you leading into the thank you. I can and I mean come on I saw you how's the MTV reality. Germania Adsum, really on the edge if there were gas relate as Nokia heckled. May you you know, yeah right, they caught it, but she heckled me and I could go no sucking, no, not I was milky. Is the mutual
you dont want to punch. You show which is on each peel MAX is access to the network or whatever war, yeah fuck my island. Well, I guess it's called F where outbidding Island Bucca. So I first well, you know. the big fan temptation? I? What I'm talking about? I'm so glad you so I can't wait to see, but but the premises fuck, why? Ireland is that? There's three women and twelve: of guys who are nice, guys and dwelt, guys we're fucked boys, yes, eggs, and no one knows even if you like, whose hell I am. I am offended at this because you know a nice guy I mean a fat boy can become a nice guy at a nice guy, you're, lucky grubbing up, a fuck. What yeah I agree and gravy we see that take place. I agree. I fall for fuck ass boys,
distantly, and I and it's because I believe that I can change them and I go there's your record of doing. Ever it's never lose hope. Sunday, I mind a man and his mother no fall in love with me. Well
had already fallen and I'll see you in Hawaii thirty I arrived I gonna give us made. Our planet is a democratic strategist, unseen, unbelievable commentator. One of my favorites of each Bob Scholars over here is the house of the New York Times podcast. The argument Jane Coastline is over here for the first time. Thank you for coming. Ok, so you guys does in this new republican jogging boy, you're gonna love it. In all the little attack they had on the capital one January, six. Ok, now it's the FBI, you did it I mean I was here a couple of weeks ago, make confronted the back. Today. There were set
just a few weeks ago it was liberals dressed up as now. I guess that's out Tucker Carlson's push this the FBI, and I now there's goes. You know he talks about it. For a day now my pillow guys gonna, like traded out and then before the month is our Danish De Sousa we'll have a documentary, vitamins, FBI and the death of liberty and no trample be like people are saying it's the FBI, so I guess we're back to being at war with our own security forces. You know I see that the capital police were given voted gold medals for doing that, that day for defending the capital and twenty one, publicans yeah, would not vote for that for what the police What what is happening? Where were one Republican caught freshman caution from Georgia? Republican we refuse to shake the hand of art.
My point. Only of the Washington Dc Police Department, who had help save the capital refused even shake his and it's weird how this is becoming. This has been wrecked, conned Malta Times and urban, not of all versions, it's kind of like it's like a week. Complicated musical, where there are three different versions of the same story and everyone just keeps running through them like first, it wasn't that bad there. It was well, it was Antigua, but now it's like, oh it's FBI, and then you see this weird Martin Bailey argument: will there well? The FBI has infiltrated these, and then another across and went with, like the F B, I did it which it would be bad So, but in a we know that these capital police, these very brave people, were only about a minute ahead of the mob, and this is a mob with blood lust. We know this. They smeared feces philosophies, office walls when you're. When you can
getting an feces that rule. You are at a level where you're not really rationally thinking. So we know that we're talking about hang my parents. Would they stopped my question to you what, if they were a minute ahead of the police and other behind what if they got to my pants, what if they actually had hanged him Where would we be today? What would report Can this be saying today somehow, some way. Democrats would be worse in some way. yeah how you're right they would have found where they did it or yet they do. It or it wasn't that bad or there was whatever was needed, because it's interesting also how this is somehow becoming Joe Biden fall despite the fact that January sixteen January twentieth are two different days: This is the Republican Party exist? as an oppositional force. Clearly there would be a need to make this a story about. Actually this is the x
making society, and this really wasn't that bad and my pants kind of irritating anyway, so we're putting out the Bible restriction, unveil this national strategy for counting domestic. Terrorism, we are finally acknowledging this shift from. I would say back to nine eleven, certainly where we were most worried about him, for rightly good reasons for a long time, foreign terrorist that is really not the case anymore, since twenty fifteen right wing extremists of men, of the two hundred and sixty seven plots. Ninety one fatalities from the they count sixty. six incidents and only nineteen death, so we're losing this battle badly, but It's not foreigners its pistol, Americans, that are the problem Now and so Merrick Garland made a statement. He said we are
focused on violence, not an ideology which do not prosecute crossing you people their beliefs. There is a switch, a welcomes which we do not prosecuted for their beliefs, because the last guy sure you remember, after after nine eleven water right, wingers missing, we should do racial profiling. We should target Muslims. We should target as well. the any defamation weak says two years ago, ninety percent, strings related murders were committed by America by right. Wingers last year. Ninety four percent two years, zero committed by Islamist. so I got internet on my right wing friends. It's no longer are no longer worry about Al Qaeda. I'm worried about Ya'Ll Cato
ok is still out there. They are. I would regret about them complete, we spent a trillion dollars and twenty are young. After an end, we did it wrong and overreacted right, but but that that is now a much more diminish threat but because the work we better take that that's in some ways curious, because I think that one of the things that channel things that under federal law, domestic terror is not a federal crime, but the crimes you result in committing are so, for example, thirty four states in DC have laws against terrorism. Both state laws but like a building its illegal to blow up a building. It doesn't make like terrorism how we think about this. A lot of times is determined by what the federal government decides to Peter and historically the federal government has been like. We heard you to go after domestic extremism, so we went after these people who are animal rights activists and stay or like YO. You saw the FBI
when people like we're going after the real extremists black, identity extremists, and so I think this is a moment I mean we were just talking about the FBI. Getting involved in these in a lot of these plots breakdown, because everybody talks about their plots on the internet, which is why you shouldn't talk about your plots on the internet, but leg range allotted for private because, like it's not fortunate it is not illegal to think terrible the sentinel even be a member of a white nationalist or white separatists or separatist organization than that shouldn't it shouldn't. We cannot have cancelled chrome. You can't police, I get concerned occasionally that liberals are like hell, yeah, let's believe exists, and only now, if you can't do this, rightly you don't know that's playing with fire on the other side and when these people are definitely playing with fire, because that them in the Republicans or embracing a sort of a protocol Paramilitary group in America,
the people who kidnapped or one the kidnap, Gretchen Whitman I mean they went on there in court now. This was a real plot to kid. A governor because Tromp had tweet out, liberate Michigan, and this is what happens with borderline they take it seriously. The Wolverine Watchmen, that's the name of their group very clever and they said they were seeking to storm the Michigan Capital and they sought a civil war. May they seek this? You know that their right there, pretend that anti virus black lives matter are the equivalent of these kind of militia groups who wish to make fun of what I mean. I used to do the jokes about them. They were at plan and the words they were in camera was a big IRA they're, not an IRA Lenny more. There are real threat and black lives matter and anti. Yes, they pretend there there equivalent. But they know that when the civil war comes, that there really looking forward to end
there's no match for them. What their better armed there an Ex military. They you're gonna, win that one. If it comes down to a shooting again, they do have a habit of doing all of their planning on the internet, how can the boat through our space on the whole? I believe there are some of the far reaching document if you go through somebody's charging documents. I live in these. He and I was there in January. Sixteen. It was very weird and very strange, see people who are alike taking this, of the after, like breaking, I know in the capital and then there like. How could you possibly know it was me? Like my colleague, I also read about it on a dating, so guessed right, governor of dealing with most supreme white people, stupid and dangerous. Often over here. It's true and that's like obvious and that's the challenge here- is that like
We know that this can go terribly wrong and we ve seen it happen before we sought with Oklahoma City which before then you saw that with the Ruby Ridge and Waco and a host of other events and the can here. Is that how the FBI Hounds security agencies do basically everything which is to spend a lot of money, overemphasize invasion of privacy and bumble along is going to get us into a disaster. So limited about the other crime issue, which is street crime, which has gone on in A big way right now. Forty nine percent of the people say it's a very big problem: it'll homicides, their largest single year, increase since one thousand nine hundred and sixty and the marrow race, which the primary is Tuesday, whoever that's gonna be the mayor of New York, that is, the issue and the leading candidate. This is fairly new. Eric Adams. I'm just learning about him. African american Ex COP Ex Republican. And I love this strapped all the time
This guy goes to church with a gun and he's got the issue crime. You know It may be big blue New York, but their worried about it He is the one who was when there rose again. He was egging he's like that. On the police know and he's ready talks about our opposition to funding the police opposition to it. Winds across everything grace ideology age, so my question As for the Democrats, who were pandering to that, who is it for? Who are you getting its for fifteen percent of the party? Who are the Were educated over Cathy over opinionated ass night liberals on twitter I guess we gotta have em, but I connected with the pollsters democratic pollsters at gear and Heart Yang. They say in democratic. nominated cities. Crime has past education and how housing affordability is the number one issue so smart them? Threats are listening that val demagogues of former police chief,
Just one from Florida, she's announced that she's running for Senate in her announced, which it talks about having been a police chief you're, seeing that more around the country here now I just post Kyoto is former cop running for mayor. I don't know how he's going to do more more you're, seeing that Democratic gotta get on office on this because its real you know Jeff basis, is not going to get mugged. It's the people were in my party who suffer the most from criminals, but I think that's something in some ways. What you heard from people and what you heard from outside middle class african american communities for years is that you have simultaneous over policing and under policing. If you look at say, homicide clearance rates and a lot of major cities, Honolulu there's a twenty five. homicide clearance rate. That means in one out of four cases a homicide case is closed. That doesn't necessarily mean solved. It just means closed like what exactly are homicide police, Honolulu doing? Who knows
Who could say, but I think that that is that when you heard what I heard people talking about defending the police, I heard it in the way of like while this, trot stocks. We do not want this. Restaurant keep being like this restaurant anymore road and so was a poor choice of words. I feel that there is also a sensibility like reforming would arrive, and I think that there is also a sense that leg look among the people who, during the biggest funding of police and twenty nineteen and twenty twenty with Donald Trump, by trying to pour money from so called sanctuary cities, and so I think that there is the real issue. I think that Eric atoms anything that there are a lot of people on the left. You work less of him that are really Sorry about this, but if you can further love like right. When I call the police someone should com and the police did not sit outside my apartment waiting for something to happen so that they can best be on something and then know that they can violate my rights and receive qualified immunity in court, because the Supreme Court made it up. I think that's a needle that
we're gonna be into their sleep on the pollution does not just unfortunate. It's like all world issues, the Nobel Prize for stupidity, for whoever came up with that because you're writing the only political It is defined at the police recent Congress of the Republicans, not only Mr Trump Every single Republican in Congress voted against Joe Biden, three hundred and fifty billion dollar aid to citizens states great portion of that goes to the police, so Democrat running, I would say no, you won't defined the police and you won't defend the police when those rioters attack them by way You need to de escalate the violence. One summit democratic talk about this Washington there's all these great programmes is a burn grant. Cop grant cities get make the funds contingent on new training, your crops and de escalation. So they don't.
Oh god, oh man, I gotta garner for some loose cigarettes. For God's sake. Also this allowing citizens they try to that's. The problem is just a loose droids. I did our rights, Democrats are very frustrated with this guy Joe Mansion. You ve heard this name a lot this year, because there are fifty fifty this. The Senate is fifty fifty two areas and he's from West Virginia and he's a Democrat, but he's in a state that is the trumpets estate, the nation, sixty nine percent of voters and, worse with German for Donald Trump. So we This would be a great way to do twenty four things you didn't know about your mention, because this is one of our signal: ok, for example, your mansion, I'm undemocratic supped on matters of policy. When liberals call me a cocksucker, I say its prey,
Coke, to avoid being granted an elitist. I black out two of my teeth. I always route for the over dog
Lindsey grab once accuse me of being a closeted republican. I once actually to heed the parade before stopping a coyote from attacking a child. I like to hear the coyotes out, and I wish people would stop saying I really want to be a Republican. I don't, but I wouldn't mind being invited to want a mat, gaiters parties, so that is the area that is the standard liberal way to look at your men, but there is another way. I know you of all people, I gotta have something to say about that and my right, Joseph Parties, a friend of mine, he's real democratic and liberal, love him cause he's an endangered species
they should, like Belgium, a safe nest, my party hasn't because he has. He represents a state with thirty five counties because he's one of which has voted for a Democrat in twelve years, right presidential, legitimate grow to one and a state for rural white voters right which they don't have any more democratic much. He hasn't. He was secretary of state before that. He has a real commitment to voting. Rights. Has a good record secretary of state and he's trying to put forward a proposal that can actually pass, and think he's onto something I think he's. I don't think he's ever gonna get sixty nine, you get ten Republicans, but he's gonna die trying, and and there will be, I think, an irrefutable case for reforming the filibuster and passing real voting rights without the Republicans I think that's approaches. The Democrats have a guy who votes with them half the time and if he wasn't there, they have. I who were like percent, not against by embraced by this winds against replacement war right. How
your team do with the average second basin, rather than you have just mentioned, has the high wins against replacement of anybody in american politics lying. I said, he's a great guy, not about it. So let me ask about Iraq from Texas we're an from text access right, I know you're from Jersey, Texas, its excess going a little nuts. The governor is going to build its own border wall a passing an abortion lost six weeks. Six. We before most women even know that their pregnant you have an abortion. As long as you don't know, you need one. There The government is gonna arrest, people who come to the border. You know trying to trying to get and he's going to do this and yet there losing latino voters in Texas. Macau in check
this is eighty five percent latino and it just want voted for republican Mayor Biden, underperformed hugely in those border counties. When you twenty election. What do you make of? What's going on there? I am from there. I talk to our people down there at the electoral Republicans and Democrats in in that bore area, the most democratic area in Texas we lost like fifty points. Counties, Hilary one by fifty or sixty Joe one by one or two and what they told me with this, poorest place in America. The only way out is to work in fracturing Workin the border patrol organ. Police- and you guys seem to be against all of that- I think. ok, so should get on the office. This governor of Texas, Gregg Abbot, can't keep the lights on, I'm afraid, and froze to death during that storm in February he kicked the power going but we cannot have a smart grid, but we're gonna be stupid wall, that's going to save anybody's life from the power goes out, and I think Democrats are put him on trial for that,
politically, we see a lot of like stupid, positional signalling you see that with the Ohio Republican primarily to replace report mean you see that in Texas of you have a lieutenant governor who is in the midst of legal problems that seem to go back a long, attorney general, not lieutenant. Turning off the attorney General Thunder indictment for fraud, that's much better than you are very generals under indictment. That feels good sites like you see that this is that this is a positioning fight. It's the kind of thing that's like this is going to do so well on twitter, and you see that across the Republican Party of having moments and places where it's like this is going, what great am I going to deal with the fact that the power grid can't handle it when it's cold and can't handle it when it's hot, absolutely not, but I'm gonna pay.
Bill that assay, it's gonna, retreat and then TED Curse is gonna, retweet that and then everyone's gonna have a dumb fighting the internet. Absolutely right and I'm running this survey of Le Tino voters and battleground stage eighty percent of the public schools or failing sixty three percent agree. Free market capitalism is the best former government. Sixty seven percent think organs are losing traditional values. Sixty six percent agreed cancel culture has got too far out of hand- and I was Reading- also about Lynn Manual Miranda? This week he of Hamilton Fame and when a Pulitzer prize for it He'S- got a new musical, the heights, which is about wife in heights neighborhood my father parked in everyday life going any are coming over from New Jersey, even taking the subway down the midtown and he wrote them. second lyrics, he's whose parents are Puerto rican with this kind of rapporteur Rico, the book as
someone is half border region, it got nine. Six percent rotten tomatoes, people loved it great reviews for She has apologised profusely. Why? Well there is latina ex performers, one black, lead, but no afro, latina exe. The committee that makes note of everyone skin tone discover this and then Le Mount Manual Miranda had to say I am truly sorry, I'm learning from the feedback. I thank you for raising it and I'm listening. I promise better in my future projects. This is what I was. about with Nicky, please stop the apologizing you're, the guy, who made the founding fathers black and is panic
I don't think you have to apologize to whether for fuck's sake. This is why people hate Democrats, its clingy, will they take can't seem to distinguish between an oversight and an outrage. Ok, let me help them As is a white boy, I had to look this sucker, that's not my lived experience, but if you're a black woman giving birth, there are four times more die in childbirth than a white woman. If you're a black kid you're too, half times more likely to be shot by cup. Then a white kid If you happen to survive all that, you make less money, you have less wealth, o n, you die sooner. Those are outrages and liberals oughta be focused on that. Not the casting choices of, I think, a heroic guys, A film about a minority community right
I mean nothing is ever. I also know that this is one of those moments at which I kind of want to be like wait whose mad like do. We need to have a haven't dark board that identifies like who is mad at who, like maybe but the chart or something like that, because I do think that these are those moments of kind of individual less tax. There appeared a dsm where it's like well we're not going to deal with black maternal mortality, but if we get an apology from let men, Lynn Manual Miranda we might feel better, but you won't feel better, because nothing will change, will do this all again forever We ve been doing this all again forever. Like I, in the early nineties, people were mad about spiky movies and we ve been at about things forever, because being mad is a we can it be replaced. Resource. We will never stop being mad about things, but I think that this time to recognise like
sometimes when people are mad on the internet. You need to identify who is mad. Do that vote do they have power? Do they have the power to vote on things that could change these real lived experiences of immunities of color and if they don't Let us call it may but which different words differences. Yes, people used to get mad. People didn't used to grovel and apologize like this for it, I think that's different with social media. I mean I didn't, read the criticisms of this because I don't think they're worthy to read. I just read that was his reaction. Obviously he felt it was important. For him to make this apology do I think he really thinks he should apologise. I don't hear wants to avoid the new cycle and I'm blind You know I understand this, but at some point people are gonna have to stand up to these bullies. Could that's what it is? It's just bullying fats. I can make you crawl, like a dog and I enjoy it, I mean he's
with Tino making Latino movie with a latino cast, not good enough. Nothing is a good enough for these people. They, like children, we don't raise our children right and it's reflected in the media, no one we're tells their children shut. The fuck up sit down. Listen to your elders, stop ditching, there's a simple answer for linen everyone else go on twitter and, to paraphrase George, W Bush turn on the off button. Joe Biden. president because he never got on Twitter is life and most advisers we're not on Twitter. They didnt pay. tension. Those people talk to almost every candidate when they were running in the Democratic Party, and I can tell you when they thought of their target voter in a primary they were thinking of. an assistant professor of aroma therapy, candle making. I would state- and I would say them: no, it's a church, lady in Orange, Burke, South Carolina, that's the heart of your party Biden knew that you didn't need me to tell him we're that's why he
one. Can you didn't? Listen to those people, goods to you didn't have a twitter button right Thank you. Your great now everybody guy okay, new someone has to tell the far right Anti government militia group who call themselves the three three percenters used like a low fat milk, its confusing when people say you're intolerant. I can't tell if they mean your racist or the human because, while disappear, bloating and cramps new rule, now that the European Union has recommended letting american tourists come back after themselves. Why
Wasn't it nicer without us waddling around your cathedrals and our crocs, your streets or narrow, and we're not it's not a good FED. You want of noxious Torres with money who complain that everything is too small. Try, the Chinese they're all of your doing a concert and your ban has another hid since the eighties- and you say this next song is from our new album. You can't look When we go to the bathroom one. Your fans are older. Now up to go to the bathroom Joe. Until what an album
girl. You can honour your husband for being a good father on fathers Day and get him a tie, but you can't make the job that you didn't know what he really wanted. He wanted a blow job What are you? God was a brightly coloured, so garral pointing to wear. It didn't happen, Euro. Someone must tell Hong Kong and that there are new anti drug campaign that features the phrase. Yolo is stupid. shortly hung caught them. You must know that yellow stands for you only live ones
what people say when they want to do drugs, people don't say cocaine. No thanks, yellow! They say: cocaine forget your love and finally, new rule. You can call it a drought if it happens all the time in a star I'm getting tired of reporting, California is running out of water and this time, just when we started showering again Nineteen thousand acres of forest have already burn this year and seventy two percent of the entire west is in severe. Drought. Turns out
a girl summer is for reels. The Bay area was just place under a water shortage emergency with mandatory restrictions except here's. The thing there isn't then what the drought really a water shortage problem. More aid where the water is going problem. California, agriculture accounts for eighty percent of our water use. Even though California agriculture is less than two percent of our economy. We actually have enough water. We just give way too much of it to farmers who, their water subsidized by the government, because we still act like it's one thousand, eight hundred and ninety and farmers are small and independent. When they're really mostly part of big AG,
all Mcdonald is no E. I owe incorporated and corporations get what they want in Amerika. We have spent the last two decades in perpetual drought here, yet almond farmers, income, before you have doubled in that time, despite the fact that when production alone, uses more water than all the humans and businesses in San Francisco and LOS Angeles combined. even on days when your teenage son spend two hours showering, look at this charge of how much water it takes to grow. Different crops oranges to me, strawberries all take about Levin gallons to make one pound almonds. Ninety.
Hundred gallons. That wasn't it problem back when it rained, but in others please isn't enough water to go around and we have to make a painful choice, getting it to the people getting it man, nuts listen. I dont have some personal vendetta against onwards there, just not more important than the entire ecosystem of California. so, when I hear that our state grows, eighty One per cent of the whole world's almonds: the worlds Kirsty is crap, while our reservoirs run dry and giant fires, Brunetta control- I have a few questions, starting with what the fuck
This is this is life and death and almonds are just not crucial. No one is a team, It says, don't talk to me until I had my arm and their fine and salad sore and give basket for someone. You really care about An almond joy is nice to have, but it's really just a mounds bore with TED's. There will still be almonds in the world, even if they're not grown in places that never get rain. If we can
erect coal minors in West Virginia to another line of work, because coal is killing, as we should be able to tell almond farmers. You can't grow almonds where they don't grow anymore. You're bow guarding the water is that's like AL of one year doesn't know how to regulate. oh, oh they now that we are the most regulated state in the nation by more than three hundred and ninety five thousand regulatory restrictions. It is a constant nightmare of inspectors and permits and fees in this state. Did you get your car ten seconds after the parking meter expires. It's already gone and you'll never see again. California has rules about every nit. Picking thing you can imagine
believe me, try parking in Santa Monica or starting a business we're getting your solar power hooked up. You can't fly a kite in a pork, Beverly Hills or write a book circle or climb a tree, but Thirty years nestling took water out of the San Bernardino National Forest under a permanent that expired in nineteen, eighty eight and coke. Coal is somehow allowed to take water for municipal water supply? Stick it bottles and sell it back to the taxpayers, who owned the water to begin with Three. Ninety five thousand regulations would somehow that slip through the cracks
for a state that just loves to be up everybody's ass. All the term water management might be a better place to direct their instinct. I mean is the heavy hand of government. When you need it Californians, can live without not just ass Caitlin JANET what not water? California just stop thinking about how to get water on almonds and start thinking about how to get it on fires, its basic law, You get the more. What are we not waste by giving it to nationally or using to grow trail mix? the more we will have the important stuff China would prefer
We figured out how to install a sprinkler system in the fire prone areas and they do it. In ten days, wish we lived still in an era where the water flowed like water I like green lawns and big fountains, and while I don't play golf, I always liked golf courses because they can do she white people off the street, but global warming, in the future, it happened, and now I one government to deal with it. comes to regulations, it'll go bigger, go home or I'm gonna find a new home, because my houses. One gender reveal party away from burning down long sleep, California, I love you. Here a long time, I was
who's for you when it wasn't fashionable. I don't want to go. I'm not going to breathe ash for the rest of my life. Make me very happy California, but I can be happy without you. Thank you very much. That's our share of the tac alive at the movie theater and asked in August furnished have stated in the lobby August Authority and arrive at a Nashville August things. I want to thank our Joan coasted Mickey Glaser. Thank you very much simply back next week you seem to be having Friday night watchman, remove venetian nonaligned each be oh dont. Com
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