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Ep. #570: Quentin Tarantino, Max Brooks, Dan Carlin

2021-06-26 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Quentin Tarantino, Max Brooks, and Dan Carlin. (Originally aired 6/25/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO vacancies real time. I give my night before July, right now. I know I know it's a summer this week supper started.
It's not a popular here in the fire state, but I'm excited because you know you could tell examined the blockbuster there are fast and furious- is out Vesta, various nine, while, if you haven't seen it yet trust me, you have You know that is not the housing market don't try to buy off the itself. Had business people are putting their homes up at ridiculous. prices they didn't want to sell their just going to see what they can get. I'm serious they're doing. I saw a sign on a homeless ten. That said shown by appointment, only attitude, so here's the bedside of summer. It is for some reason bringing Donald Trump out of the woodwork
really he's pretty quiet. The last six months has shown his face. A lot that is ending next week. Births are going to go to the border in Texas, but town hall. We want to discuss a nation's, decimated sudden. Water if only he had for years to do something about. It is also going to do a town rallies, yeah, Magda, rallies and he's writing a book is in writing like crazy, exactly and he said, is going to be the book of all books The man He's got this bucket and goods is also going to be torn with bill. O Reilly in Belarus is one of the best selling authors of old time, because he wrote all those killing books in others.
telling candidate killing Lincoln Killing Patton, killing Jesus trumps, gonna top and he's got killing. It points out that there was a report this week. I knew this. I called it. Apparently Trump was a lot sicker than we thought and, and he got cold That was bad to tell you how I couldn't do that at the time. A lot of people certainly take NATO that he was playing it, but no you what's a good than we thought his blood oxygen levels were very low? One point is on the verge of being put on a ventilator doctors at one point we're in such a panic, because all the orange
rain from his face carries terms considerably. Airy, Rudy Giuliani had a bit his bed. We New York New York's day. Listen, this is, bandit rubies that personal for you, sir, very personal. This man Rudy cannot practise they are going to add to add insult to injury. From now on, all of his personal and financial decisions have to be made by Britain experience dad. I don't usually comments on these pop culture stories. Would Brittany Spears was
a lot of people would there was in court this week. Speaking for the first time, just thirty nine years old, she wants to be free of father, who controls every aspect of life. I mean going back to two thousand. I guess she did go. We bought member that, with the shape headed the umbrella, she did go a little about, but who hasn't shape their head and tat people with an umbrella a long time ago, are now thirty, nine years old in the father, everything she can't spend monies to decide when to go I'll decide who d c I mean fuck that someone completely unstable run the country from four years and then she could get a credit card is weeks all about freedom,
I Brittany and there was a shit? I love this story at the Supreme Court. No less a high school cheerleader name brandy levy, wrote on snap a couple years ago, fuck school fucks, off war, fuck, cheer, fuck em and for some reason, as is the free speech case, it reached the Supreme Court, they did a sigh and the Supreme Court did. The right thing in a case of the brain verses whatever I guess was the name of this trial they Yes, brandy can get out there and say fuck cheer, fucks school, like everybody, so brandy was thankful, she's going to court and then told the bitches at the girl scout sickening
the cookies up there s right here is here, is the more freedom the state of Connecticut became the nineteenth state now to legalise recreational marijuana. This guy gets any more popular, I'm gonna have to try it. I hear good things and not a freedom. We have the. Burst out gay nfl player. This is apple apropos of what I was saying a couple of weeks. I care about. You know we have we're not their anywhere. We still have work to do in things, but a lot of progress.
It has been made where we ve come a long way, baby and other. You know he came out and even five years ago this wouldn't have happened. All the other players congratulated him. They said they were proud of him. The teams did, the coaches did the NFL did and this player courtesy. Teddy was living. Alai was just too difficult and it was hard enough having every week to appear with ten other guides in this. I think that I think the team did. Nobody was gay because time he went into the tent you know the concussion protocol that they do and the trainer asked him what day? Is it? How many you're my holding up and what year was the wizard of OZ made I think so. That's it. That's the blessed decided the freedom Ledger on the bedside to bed centre,
publicans had done it. They block the voting rights, though, that the Democrats for putting forward which Mcconnell said it was a thinly veiled ploy. for free and fair elections. Democracy dies in darkness, they say, No, it dies in the Senate. MAX works and then, when I first got, I would say to thirty years in the game the jury is in. He is one of the great american film makers of all time,
new novel as once upon a time in Hollywood based on his after winning film of the same name. Please welcome Quentin Terran Gina, Spain, too long so anyway. This really brought me back to my. You were the idea. Well, behold, mobile good will get to that, but it does look. I remember that when these kind of came up a booby, the idea about Book F the movie and well. Imagine me going to a publisher and say: look. I know the money is in hard backs about. Can we come out with a paper back first. Well, it's just first, while I just got to say this movie before we get to the book, I can
I were. There are no words there. How much this movie delighted may think of me, and I thought I heard that on the show yet ass. I did not hear you felt that's what I'm here, I'm not a movie Renault. I know I know is this: why don't I got the impression, even though we there was one thing you can't jangling car, but then you refer to it all the time. The next to be that way. Citizens parallels with the with this wouldn't jangle. It's kind of a buddy movie threatens the Dalton as a bounty hunter character. No, not at all. They are bounty hunter. Yet you know em, an jangle has to be an actor yeah feminism. I learned gee. I love all your. There is not one frame of your movies that I had not seen multiple times, but I have to say I'm getting sore point to me. This is your: do your life this: one is your peak. This is my favorite of all time. So what is this nonsense
about you're, only going to make one more Moby well come on. Yeah, ok, look! You're too young to quit any you're at the top of your Why that's why I want to question: how do you know why? Because I know filming history and from here on an directives, do not get better. That's terrible idea! First of all, yours judging yourself by other people. How do you fuckin know who your fifty eight fifty eight
fifty seven. No, no, I mean plenty of people haven't gone. I haven't retired. Yet I also have another wondering what why just one ok but the thing about, look what one thirty! I don't have a look out. I don't. I don't have a reason that that I would want to say out loud that that's gonna win any argument in a court of public opinion or a supreme court or anything like that. But it is just you at the same time, working for thirty years. Doing is many movies. Is I've downwards. and that of many other people. But I bet that's a long career, that's a really long career, but why did you have given and I'm givin it everything? I have every thing solitary he'll be bored, I wanna go, but I have to say, but I do look, but I look ok, but it's a way. This is. This is just a random example. This is a random example, but then you look at a director like Don Siegel who actually had wanted
best decades in early January, yeah, exactly what it is collaboration with eastward, oh, my god. If he had quit his career in nineteen, seventy nine when he did say from Alcatraz Wi Fi a film. I wonder what it might drop RNA guys like drilgoes away with two more otherwise doesn't go. They don't even know. Who is we I do, but there are other dirt. Clint Eastwood, you major political reality and that may be aiming at like two or three girls ran Torino when he was a hundred and ten and one of my he's just haven't you say one more thing to me: we start
around the same time. You have the lowest, ok and, of course, I'm at the top of monkeys Ba, yet so countries how she could talk about anyway, I put you accumulate skills as you go forward, you get better. That's why I'm telling you I think you're blast. One was the best one. Would you have me, in my view or making reservoir dogs tomorrow. Would you make the exam say movie now I'll call you think you could make even better you're, not it's kind of a captured time in a moment kind of thing, but I actually considered of, doing a remake. A reservoir dogs is my last Monday. I won't do it internet, but I consider that its, but I know understand your wife is changed a lot. You know I mean a real one. I mean I still if you're the guy you sitting in
nurse her hiding, lay moves by yourself. I kind of still think myself that way and at the rude awakening when it's not but but you're married, give a kid and you'll live in Israel. The area was, the one you did. You become a Jew, no corner It could be that guy merrily merrily and in my view, that it does the conversion with unreasonable question. Would southern Israel either your wifi? Why can become a Christian either, but I'm not a Christian. I'm an atheist run great major so I'm gonna can virtual another God. I don't believe so. What's it like over there. Dear Miss allay course, I myself, I mean that
oddly enough, actually elevators very, very similar to LOS Angeles. The weather is almost exactly the same, but what you mean if it's a very many wrong, you're sweating balls here, you're sweating balls, there are now, but the thing is, but you, but it's like a late, Ella was really really tiny, if LOS Angeles cow You could ride around in a bike like about four hours it would be like with TEL Aviv is like, but they had like magnificent restaurants and cool bars. cool climate has all that I mean the lot of the step that lot LOS Angeles, cadmium and I'm not talking about New York, LOS Angeles in particular, are right there. They have them, there's a very similar vibe. So tiny. We were you there during the recent unpleasant regime with the rocket really now with their through the whole time to go into bomb shelter in Vietnam.
I gotta get out you remember what we knew it happened for about a week or so in both the first one was like. Ok here There's a city white siren rare were going on and that's letting you know the Hamas missile. are on their way and then you go- and I take my fifteen month year old Son and my wife, and we go down into a bomb shelter. We were lucky enough to have something like that, would go down to a bomb, shelter and closed the door, and then can you hear this boom boom boom boom boom and that's the missiles being blown out of the sky the Iron Don Diego. So would you make a movie about what may Israel would be a mean, a lot easier movies, standing around the idea of revenge? One reason we love them so much I mean you, you have a great way of pulling the hour. back of her head down the fire it it's just so satisfied, and I mean this is
this is the system revenge capital of the world looks like it could be a great area you could make one of their yeah there do. You know I am very aware of but may I would make a movie about the political climate there I'm just now, but about, and that can I'm not connect to it. However, and having said all that, though, I mean, if you actually
due to a movie in Jerusalem. There's no place you can put the camera you're, not capturing, something fantastic amateur. You have a little a roof topsy, rooftop, restaurants, dean- and you just see this like it I'll see if domes and c of the magnificent architecture just going on four miles and miles and miles so one day I before we run out of time, I have to say to you: I am besides the great entertainment. I have always really appreciated the way you pushed back when anyone tried to stifle you shot, you up. Shame you bully you corral your artistic licence. They tried it with the last one with once upon a time in the Hollywood, some bullshit about Margo Robbie dozens of lines, and you do what I wish. Other people would do instead of apology.
Raising like a little pussy. You say I don't. I don't agree with your assessment, the idea what's so hard about that way. I know if it's even like, when logger pressure situation, where it's like, ok, you're movies, opening next Friday, so that's kind of a pressure situation in such you know in some things in whatever you dont want to make noise that noise you want to make the day your movie opens or something like that, but nevertheless, if somebody brings up something that actually is legitimate, I'll even have a conversation with them about it, because I'm actually into interesting thought- and I don't have to even agree with you. But that's an interesting point. That's an interesting point and I may be able to talk about that, but when it's just bs, when it's just bullshit and the world seems a criticism in recent years,
gone to displace of noxious ok, you can criticise, it will be, but they seem to be saying this is in the movie. I would have made oh no, no, that's what that's them sidekick cause you can't, but they can't make one and you didn't. I I had a situation like that. Were somebody asked me about something or why didn't you do this? Would you have done that? Yes, I would have done that. Ok well over the recent recently about the convent passable. Why don't you do this at the conference as well, while using you
Yes, I would have welcomed, but you never would have written that script and you never would have made the movie and ass. He would have to be at the conference of all right in the first place. So it's a new target. Are you about me begin, though there has become a thing. That's gone on seems like in this, especially this last year. Where was sort of look I'd. Ology is more important than art, where more certainly to the awards here, and it's just hear it. It's like your idea: ology trumps, art and the ideology trumped international effort, ideology, trumps, good idea, legit chums, attaining this two kinds of movies virtue signals, superhero movies
So I mean you're, always lauding or Bob. We both know the seventies as can't yea. I only have we, I grew up and we idolize it ensured that we lived through the new Hollywood right now, but that was a golden age. Whenever you catch seventies movie, you know where their expiry date of the conference, like only cover the godfather, and are you bullish on the future movies, because what well well We have always look at we're, gonna get it. I have that plum. This happened. So let us have this comes in waves. Its absolute comes, and waves are right. So is like ok, just looking at the forties, those during the war time, but that's also the time that you have shown no war where you actually, even though, with the haze code, you had these dark dark stories that were being told, but then after the war, was wine. Then you had the fifties, which was the first of the completely homogenized decades. We you couldn't chased, you can say shit if you had a mouthful,
and every every best seller every play there was turned into a movie. If there was anything if sexual about it or any then we'll go, that's all gonna be drained out of the movie is can be weaned out of the movie is just the way. It is just the way You just always knew that going in, and then there was to me is one of the worst decades in Hollywood. Is the fifties and then in the sixties, pretty much from like nineteen sixty two nineteen sixty six was the fifties part to read, then what we think of ass. This lay arts in about sixty seven and that our new Holly volumes and that's an absolute positive response to the homogenized fifties showed arena come back and then we go into goes into the seventies. But then we went in the eighties and that's why you came up with politically incorrect, because that was the first. This is the basic aid is part to what we're living through right now. Well, on just take one more go: but there's going to be no golden age, please be there and part of
You see you again. I can't wait to meet my son when he's our data made. Our area is a senior senior resident, never seen your baby. Look young buddies, older man he's a fellow at the Atlantic and a non resident. Fellow with a modern WAR Institute at West Point MAX, Brooks back with this house and hug has gained courage, hard core history, author of the New York Times bestseller. The end is always near love that broadband Carl and his hair. Ok, it's a Friday where we have great news and the breaking news is Derek drove and got twenty two years, some people,
some are applauding thousands of people and to be saying that wasn't enough and this should be a lesson to the extreme Woke There is on our side who want to do away with prisons right, because what do you give children art therapy? I've heard of a well. I've got heard of abolishing prisons, but I wouldn't put it pass me, but I have fifteen percent of democratic one or abolish the police, which is crazy. I mean look. I mean people from around the term systemic racism alot nowadays for everything, but the criminal justice system really
has been full of racism and it has been systemic, and then that is the way at the centre of the problem is the goal here is to have this be a deterrent, though, and to send a message to people who might do what what that police officer did at twenty two years in prison to police officer sounds like a pretty good deterrent. I was a p on the new station here during the Rodney King trial and see me valley, and that is pretty pretty much in open and shut case, and when those officers were acquitted and the cameramen turned me, so we can have a riot tonight. I mean that's more likely. Historically, what you get me education and officer getting twenty two years, and this is a pretty historic change. When you look at the french army- and I think we have to be careful because the cops aren't demoralized and they don't or want to be Derek. They are not all direct shovin and then also be.
But that way also, I saw on the front page of the our time today was a story about a a gay police officer. I forget the city she was in quitting because tired of being spit on tired of being yelled at tired of being branded a racist assassin, you know I mean the people want to abolish the police. These must be fans of the purge. Movie serious right because you're not going to like it, and I see that the Democrats have finally caught onto this idea, because crime is going to be the big issue in that because its way up- and I see By now is saying to defend the police I said refund. Ray thought he's literally very doing that old bed refund the police, because you don't want to be on place on this issue. Will you look like a Johnny come lately, I'm time at all the Democrats and people? Don't trust you on this issue?
Oh now, now they get. The message now they're coming over to crime is an important issue. This cut across race, age, everybody, nobody, to get mugged now shot, and this is the onus is on us because we're in power now so it's put up or shut up. So when somewhere, like proceeded to leave tweets out no more police, no more incarceration system is on. Reforming. Ok will then come up with an alternative idea and try it out in you.
Or district and give us a network of Model Royal shut up before you lose us another election? That's where you got no abolishing prison. She said crises in nice enough to know what do we do with the area nation and those pieces of ship and kill that black guy who was jogging? What do you do with all of them right? Kumbaya gazelle, Congo, readers, there's some bad put defined. The police is the worst marketing political slogans. I've ever heard a horse, but I also know why can't you just to improve policing, better policing and there's a lot of ways. Reform. Guess, there's a lot of ways to sell this, that that make it sound like you're, actually gonna make the laws police officers better to defend the police, as it is a political from a marketing stand when others There is a reason for this. There is a reason for this, and we can admit this now that the Democratic Party has a department of self sabotage right and they
he always they do. They meet it, Oberlin over a cup of Cambodia and white guilt and make people. How do you gonna fuck everything up? Well, let's see defined Riley's how we gonna lose Florida, o a jewish communists, name Bernie Sanders whose Anti Israel, but pro Fidel Castro, programme we ve lost. Both parties have the sabotage wing Dante. I mean not with language like the Republicans or the opposite, their geniuses of languages. When they were losing on the estate tax. They changed into the deaths and nobody likes death.
right, so kind of death. Let's talk plague. I've been waiting for you to guys to really because Europe, historians and I was a history major myself, and I want your perspective by this I mean your book has a whole chapter plague. If spent ass dick- and you know, I don't think people first will have any perspective about the plague we just went through. It was a mean it was a bad thing, but you know it killed less than half a percentage point of the put less than One slash two percentage of the population, bad, I'm against death. I don't care who knows it it's sad when anyone dies and we don't want people to die and it's worse when it's people we know- or I sailed but
but earth is a timeshare. We can all be here at the same time, it's just the way it works so compared to the plague of Athens, a quarter of the population of all population, which would be like eighty five million people, the play just any in which we all remember these five, for I was in the sixth century, a d ass intrinsic worth ancient Athens. We know them that was half the population and the black death killed two thirds of England rent the population. I don't think recovered for three hundred years and kept coming back. That's the poor people forget Sal,
one really killed, you should go through it live through it and if you use their vile and then two or three years later it comes back and with a vengeance, and so that if we had books like plague bless her yes, and if it came back, we had this poor times in the next twenty years. Imagine how much more dramatic that would be just going through at once wrote well, how is it going up in the black death changed everything Barbara chuckling said it was really the father of modern man, because it created an immense labour shortage for the first time that the peasants had some leverage in the market and also change people's attitudes. They didn't believe in things anymore. The church took
big head. There was orgies because they were, despite Phuket, were probably gonna, be dead tomorrow, like a star trek episode right. So what about this plague light that we had? How is that going to permanently change things? I think there is a parallel with the with the peasants in the middle ages who had more leverage, because we see it right now. Nearly half of all small businesses can't find enough workers for the first time. Workers have some leverage, not because people died too much because they got money from the government. I think there's this going to advocates wrong to assume the entire population wheelbarrow in one direction. I think we are so divided. People will risk.
bond to oppose plague America differently. I think there's a portion, that's going to stay in the cave, no matter what you tell them, I think there's going to be apportioned like me, that is slowly incautiously coming out and ready to run right back in when things get bad, then there's going to be another portion, that's gonna make sure the next pandemic pandemic is a civil. Yeah I took to be a little bit of the devil's advocate a chance. I mean if we have to do this again in a couple years, there's a chance that we know better what to do You know if you get another, I mean bill. Gates was talking about variants and all these kinds of things hitting us in the future. I have a feeling. It's not gonna seem so weird if we have to put our masks again and go through this all again, I don't know that we're going to not be traumatized, but I have a feeling it's maybe hardened us a little bit and may be given us a little taste of what human life throughout most of the areas in
filling. A large part of the developed world is like a mean pandemics and those are a reality for them that we were able to vote only very recently that people are able to feel as safe as they do, and the further pandemic of nineteen eighteen. Nineteen nineteen was a disaster in Spanish and from yes mother killed about five percent of the Good no we're we're were generally living in good times, but you know that's not it, also that it is at its worst time, because we ve also lost so much of the limb living memory of pre vaccine America. Write the last generation that grew up before vaccines, they're mostly gone, and so there isn't a gut fear of microbes. The way there used to be twenty years ago, if you'd, have told your grandparents you're not going to Baxter Your kid they smack you in the back of the head, because they know what it was like to grow up without polio,
back, then the only medical insurance was a big family, and that was it so now we take this all for granted and maybe it will bring respect back to the end the bologna and what about turn, but about the fact that a lot of people don't want to leave home? Now I mean, I think they probably didn't before They didn't really. It turns out. They don't really like the office. Ten percent of now Forty four percent are willing to take a ten percent pay cut to never have to go back to the office. They really didn't like, Break room or the canoe, but they are the community, but they never did ever cross their minded. They could get away with not going now. Of course that has become the norm and they don't want to go back Some of that good will save on polluting the air with some mothers commute. I don't know if it I later. Another will be terrible. I,
I happen to like coming to a communal place. I don't have a family. This is my I never do not deserve to be too soon get lucky with it. Are they really it's? It's a warm unless them of the next and we're going to come back to the office, and I am all for that. I think that's terrific, but you know everybody likes it that way and with would not having to commute people can live in different places. The cities are gonna, be probably not emptied out. But people can move far away. They don't have to live in the city centre anymore or or any are, you can live in the middle of nowhere as long as you have zoom.
Is it, the technology has made it possible right. I mean if what you can do this in the seventies. So ok, one with less thing about the plague. It took a lot of the belief people had in the catholic Church away because the church was there to protect you. People saw nothing good, protect you, and this is probably why the one reason why the protestant reformation started this is, would Barbara talk. We meant by the getting a modern man. I noticed that aren't church will this week they said they are going to deny Biden. Communion this I mean the american church is going in a completely opposite direction of the Vatican itself. The american churches, like Miss Gibson,
dad territory and the Vatican is much more modern and the court is not going in the same direction as the people in this country. They voted against. Gay parents cannot adopt. This is the recent court that we have now with six and a half Catholics on it covered restrictions on churches. They would not put into effect. Employees. Employers can deny contraception the countries getting much more atheistic, much more anti religious and the court is getting more religious. What's the upshot of this going to be, I can tell you, I'm half Catholic, my father is jewish. My mother was Catholics and I know that church pretty one. I can tell you certainly when it comes to bind stance on abortion, children in general. When it comes to children in general, I think
The catholic church has about as much moral authority right as bill cause bees, marriage books, yes, Mary Father, right again, so anyway, it's the it is our July break. Coming up now we're going to be off for a month. We do this every year, don't panic! We know that people depend on us to know what's going on in the news, so what we do before we take a break every time if we do future, Otherwise, we will, even though we're not on for the next month, you're going to know going to happen future headlines? Ladies
when this is all summer break example, Trump Presidential Library to be first containing KFC, frantic, Texas, GEO P, passes bill, making voting booths and black communities invisible. That will happen readily, MR admits Bay, shrimp, cicadas same thing:
current Cameron, s theory for directions to Christian Cinema and debt, but a homo cursed may not gates and rounded scholarship programme. Preteen girls ages, fifteen to seventeen Dems to counter Giovanni voter restrictions with series of angry tweets. Russian, or attack cripples porn hub war, begin Monday, and the poorest Hasbro reverses position will give MR potato head master.
I don't know if that was going to happen, and I just want you to know we bragged about this once before, but I'm going to show it again once in awhile when we do these, we actually do get it and predict it, and it happens like we did this before Tromp declares end the corona buyers, as these hospitalized work corona virus drought, as I mentioned in my lab. We found this week that he actually was very very sick,
I read all the things I gave my member this at the time there was like three major things and anti club. When is it, you would know and time micro something that it was something heavy and then rim discover that one and then something else- and it just made me think because he was not at home At that time is not now he just overweight, he paid no concessions to health. I mean Eads, you know steak with catch up on it. is this really I mean? Ok it says to me that they do know how to cure this, that, if they throw the fuckin kitchen sink at it, they could even save him and made it. so it's really just a matter of our will, and I guess money you know if this.
If they have these drugs, not an why everybody they couldn't get an inevitable, but what I really want to ask what was the web league very because you guys would be great to ask about this. I've been saying about this reiterate what I have said. the beginning. This should never have had a political dimension, how this disease there is nothing political about it, nothing whether it came from somebody eating a bad or whether it came from lab that was studying bats. Not in the various plot just hard to keep things in a lab. Where are you on this we will. We will never know where it came from in China, because we will never get answers from them and they will get away with it, and it will happen again because it is indicative of our toxic pouring relationship to the People's Republic of China,
and the tragedy is that ordering, because we, because we initially invested in them, thinking that our money would make them more like us ran the tragedy. Is the reverse happened right? Their money has made us more like them. We now kowtow to them. We apologise, power them and to them did you see John Siena's apology? Yes, the biggest toughest guy in the world. Old who kill us all with his thumb, had the most gravelling right heartbreaking apology for what for calling Taiwan a country that was it instead of a rebel province that one day the pr see hopes to crush and absorb right? No, China does bad things. I mean they just closed the newspaper. The last stand newspaper in Hong Kong. I mean I remember when they hung kung passed over ninety seven. Oh no
you can't get to be its own on way, we're not going to interfere and now there's pretty much no democracy. In Hong Kong, I mean just what they do with the Wiggers gathering up this minority and putting them in right hams right. We will end liberals, don't want to say anything because their asian and they don't think very clearly about this, and we conflated with with an asian hate crimes. Here it has nothing to do. One has nothing to do with the other, and I want to defend shining here, but I could think about twenty countries, and maybe us under the present, in Trump leadership. Also, that would have been very careful or maybe even obfuscate, weird things came from disease. Well, yes, I mean you think the Russians are going to say. Oh yeah came from here sorry going and theirs abilities are all kinds of that was long overdue of anthrax. Well, remember this. Seventy hawks and ninety nine aims in eighteen: seventy nine there was a leak from Russia. They cover it up for years. Yeltsin finally admitted minorities, a leak of anthrax, spared law. So there's a commune
country, that's denying a link from a lab. It's happened before right and the Soviets made the unpardonable mistake of not making cheap crap that we need did right if they do not have forgiven Chernobyl right, if somehow are crap was made there by their slave labour. We would have said elbows we're not, but what I need my sneakers and that would have been it. But that's how do you know? How do you know what the Russians don't tell you? If the soviets don't tell you it doesn't matter what you owe them you right now and that will be in and that's the problem is that we thought that we were attaching human rights to commerce, but the Chinese have an alternative model. which is commerce without human rights and we are giving that to them wait. Wait till Disney makes the next movie where MILAN fights the Dalai Lama.
back. Under what circumstances do you think the Chinese would have released this information concerning one which would have been very simple? It would have with we have legislation over our own corporations where we say you're an american. You will not build your factories in a country that will not release data on viruses that will kill a man Hence there was a wonderful movie guaranteed. I'm sure you see knows it was called destination Tokyo. What were to move vigour where a bomb It's an american sub, it doesn't go off and they pulled the bomb out and it says made in America because as we were, selling scrap iron and oil to the Japanese before and that oil and scrap iron came back as weapons to kill us. So they go back to plague just for a second. They have smallpox in Russia, and here yes, we keep a each country.
Keep the small amount alive. We could wipe out smallpox forever. Smallpox is one of the bad. What yeah, They found the virus by the way several times they found vials, where they just don't, even though they were now. We do this I assume, because we don't trust each other, because we have to just like they're like they're, like Jura nukes, rightly don't trust and its much less than we used to. We used to have in the cold war massive biological weapons, factories and stockpiles, and we talk about how the Nazis scientists help get us to the moon. We actually did that with the Japanese. They had a huge biological weapons programme. We don't know how many Chinese they kill in its seven thirty one, yes, and after that we took their scientists here to help us design our biological weapons and after the cold war ended, we have reduced the stockpile, but
still need to know how it operates. We cannot start from scratch of God forbid. We get hit with a biological weapons. But let me ask you about the media aspect of this, because I find this outrageous facebook band any post for four months about Coburg, coming from a lack of course. Now even the bite administration is looking into Google. The Wall Street Journal reporter ask the head of Google's health division notice that they don't do auto, feel searches for Corona Violet LAB led the way they do it for any other question, and the guy said where we want to make sure there the search isn't leading people down pathways that we would find to be not authoritative, information You were wrong: Google and Facebook. We don't know the reason why we want. You is because we're checking on this shit We want to ensure the first thing. Users C is intervention from the CDC. The who that's the one,
checking on the who has been, very corrupt, oh about a lot of shit, and this see these he's been wrong about a lot of shit. This is outrageous that I can't look this information up another doing it with this drug Iver Mexican through Right wins winding off you two were almost they he's one strike away, you tube shouldn't. are you telling me what I can see about Iver, Mechlin, Iver method? Isn't unregistered Republican, it's a drug if it works, are not in a lot of other doctors ghonim. This dovetails into the monopoly thing now, if you didn't have such control over over over, I mean searches, for example. This can be as much of an issue because it didn't go to Google. You could go somewhere else and you can go somewhere else, but when you have a market, what would a ninety percent? Google controls another just at that point. This is a function of them not when it becomes the word for doing it. You have a monopoly rents. And this like a boat owners, I'm gonna bring something now We had one newspaper right immediately,
and then that newspaper has all sorts of responsibilities if there that the law of the land with or the official word so yeah, it's a function of the monopoly right. We're gonna have time but wanted to talk about cyber hacking. Yes, I know that's a big thing with you yeah, that's this! This goes to something much deeper and it affects all our lives and it started with one historical moment: Dad's gonna do wonderful. Seventy two hour podcast about I really gonna do, but I'm going to give you the quick and dirty one good, nineteen, nineteen, and we thought were called desert storm and it was about Kuwait and oil, but it was also about deterring future aggression with massive overwhelming force, which is why we put it on twenty four hour: cable news. We wanted to show future aggressors. If you mess with America on the battlefield, we will atomizer you, but that's not the lesson. The enemy took. The lesson they took was if you're gonna mess with America, don't go anywhere near a battlefield, and so they of being alternative asymmetric ways to kill us cyber amid it would happen
They were right, but they are doing cyber information. an economic or for and doctrine to, hurt us without firing a shot and there a generation ahead of us by knows this generation they are generation. Have you thought Sputnik was something try what we used to call the garage, em off doctrine or read a book called unrestricted warfare by choose to chinese colonels which you can buy an Amazon in which they call the heroes of desert storm dinosaurs. They know this if the british Navy rules the waves- guess what the creeks marine does go, underneath them in EU boats. That's what they're do I don't think there's what have I think it is. One of the Sharia run overcharge guys we're great, but it's time for me
Now that the Olympic says added skateboarding as an official Olympics Board, they must change their drug policies so that athletes are banned if they dont has positive for drug euro. Louise Fisher, the danish radio journalists to broadcast a story about a Swingers club by your viewing a man while she was having sex with them, must be nominated for the Pulitzer Prize lots of reporters come across a great story, but how many let the story come across them neural is not called a break up with someone by text taking the cowards. Where leaves your partner with no sense of closure
super road. If you dont wireline next to them, that's real, Nora, High school yearbook. Photos need to go back to the way the highest yearbook? Vartos used to love. Look at your age, get worse! Looking here, Only consolation is that in high school it looked like this Euro Zone Members W? Why robots in science fiction movies are always those her candlestick realized? raising the robots like life going Magellan robot.
the very last thing on the list that should be sarcastic, and I hope that extends to sex robots. Who wants to finish here. That's ninety seconds, I'll, never get back, robot and finally, neural Americans needs a reward, can burns great documentary on prohibition because people are starting to notice. America has a drinking problem. Now I can't believe we would be ever so stupid as to outlaw booze again, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take notice when they nation goes through one of its periodic binge drinking faces like are now since the turn of the millennium alcohol consumption. this country has risen steadily and alcohol related deaths have doubled even millennials, who use
made. The more sober generation are now dying of cirrhosis of the liver at record rates, and that was before covert hit when locked down nation really hit the bottle. The pandemic was an excuse for people to drink more during the day and drink alone. a condition. Psychologists call Maloney it. We lost all sense of time and the rules went out the window, restaurants, where delivering cocktails with horrid liquor. I know this because they were delivered To my out, because as long as I had liquor, I didn't care there was no toilet paper but just as a historical trend, this can't be good. There is a word for when everyone in society gets drunk just to get through the day, and that word is Russia
and I do mean through the day because even fork open, we started putting liquor everywhere. Every month you could see Some viral video of an all out grow Chuckie jeez, because even though, children's restaurant serves beer now united Southwest An american airlines have all either cut back or stop serving alcohol, because there have been some a recent incidents where the passengers act, like no Gibson at a trap. Stop the flight crew has to treat us like children. Now I will turn this plain around and no one will go to Dallas Fort Worth. Grocery stores now serve beer on tap the first time ever: husbands,
honey. You ve made a pick up and running at the market. Supermarkets also invite farmers to shop in sip from open wine bars belly up, mom leader, rebels in the broadest department and your baby in the car. But hey get drunk at home would blaze, remember vomit a reusable bad movie. Theater is now also serve beer and wine, and sometimes hard liquor, sodas, taco, Bell and Disneyland and Starbucks. You thought they had trouble, spelling your name on it
cup of four and, of course, what's the point of living large, if you can't get offered a drink when you shop and get your hair done book, We have long been just an excuse to guzzle wine. The way fishing is really just drinking on a boat and Hunting is drinking in the woods and bowling is drinking with rent and choose aquariums serve alcohol now and zoos, zoos, we'll get shit faced there's two hundred people, start saying you know. If I'm going to stay or the polar Bear, taking a nap, I'm going to need a couple of stuff when Zion Alcohol is everywhere on tv now, host of the today show have it on their desk, I've seen guest on watch what
friends live, have it in their hands and, of course, stars of the housewives have it on their now. Maybe you recognize yourself in summer this asked you ask yourself: do I drink in the morning? Don't drink alone? Do I was mystery packages from Amazon that make me ask? What did I snowshoe. This is oh airily familiar in the prohibition doc, the first episode is called a nation of drunkards and it describes how on farms. In the nineteenth century, there was a barrel of hard cited by the door which dipped into every time they came and went. burns rights. Americans routinely drank it every meal, including breakfast in many too, and a bell rang twice a day to signal, but was gold grog time so that men could stand?
whatever they were doing in factories and offices, mills and farm fields and drink well, in the now times we to be heading back in that direction, and I think the reason is this: the covert epidemic, maybe subsiding, but the epidemic that procedure. Is it the anxiety epidemic is not an usually when people drink to alleviate some form of anxiety as we re in, our society, half of american say Covert, has been so stressful. They worry, they'll, never fully recover we're. Using looker is a crutch for our pandemic, exacerbated problem of being socially impaired. We call it social media, but really it's the opposite of Social and are increasingly parchment from one another in real life and dependence on screen an online relationships makes us ever.
More vulnerable to the lure of liquid courage when it comes to really interacting with Paypal but drinking. My friends is not the answer. okay, if part of the yet I'm not going to lie part of it, taking it taking the edge off a bit. Yes, I myself have a long history of using liquor to take the edge off, usually off some other drug, but not a tool in the afternoon, not at the Piggly Wiggly and definitely not at the zoo. We have got to get a hint. go on our anxiety and it can't be through the bottle. Everybody needs to just get a grip now, if you'll excuse me by my vacation just started in there's a coup
one waiting for me in the dressing room. That's how they have. This item is exactly in Irving, Texas, to elaborate the body how they set of Romano Prodi version Incapacitated Milwaukee. On this point, I want to thank much worse than Ireland importance. I mean, do you know about how we want to make a move from each other and each bio dot com-
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