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Ep. #575: Craig Whitlock, Katty Kay, Ralph Reed

2021-08-28 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Craig Whitlock, Katty Kay, and Ralph Reed. (Originally aired 8/27/21)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO real time,
Thank you very much, for that is the only booster I mean I do well. I do
We all do it's terrible news that about Ganis dead right I mean we have the report. This is the frantically getting people out evacuating You know we got a lot out over a hundred thousand thirteen thousand people in one day, a tame erika not too good at winning wars, but the getting the fuck report getting a lot of practice. Of course, there was a suicide bombing which makes it a giant tragedy. Now am the only one who thinks we did this completely completely backwards? We we the troops out, and tried to evacuate the civilians. I feel that was a little backwards. You know corset it's all the road leading to the airport or gridlocked. Of course, the airport is complete mayhem, there's no sanitation, no power. Today, the promoters of the fire festival said that is some.
Or planning, and Robert O Neill. Here's the Navy seal of claims he the one who killed Bin Laden interest statement here today is that it's time to kill people this America, but bridge another quite happy. When is it not time here too Kelpie? Our motto should be it's time to kill people o clock somewhere but brightened at environs on the same page kind of because he said about the attackers. You said we will hunt you down and we will make you pay for Mercosur. the longer the world's policeman. We are the world's student loan off.
And, of course they talk with TAT was carried out by ices K, not a boy ban a variant dealt a variant of ICE Isis K who they, who don't think that our ban is hard line enough. Their motto is faced for an eye. Very very hard line. All these people to make women were to workers in case one ribs. just a little too bagger jokes, unless it is little local labour into the story like you, there are a group of students with some parents who are stranded from
Afghanistan. They are from the San Diego area, and these kids are fine. First, while they don't know they're in Afghanistan, they have not yet look. From their phones. So that's good, that's how bad things are in California. Families are vacation. My father took zones absolutely perfect reactors. This state is always on fire. Its fires there needs to be part of the year in California. Now it's The time like elections hard to stay governor of California Let's get elected, aren't you stay? California. Elections are like when your girlfriend says I don't care where we
I've been a night, you pick and then you do and she goes not- that further action is in a couple of weeks. The ballots around our recall election, one of forty six, faceless losers could be the next governor of the state with a fraction of vote and they run. Europe gets to host jeopardy black examine some good news. But you're a dissipating. I love that only fans staying in the poor business. They re. Basically, that's right last week, just in this by reporting they're getting out of the poor business now their staying in, because their fans. Would not their fans? What not
boy. There's one thing: millennials love more than cancelling the patriarchy, its women having sex for money, it's the interesting things are bad enough that America, nothing worse than when even your came girl put in the friends that cannot happen. Ok, Finally, Donald Trump has endorsed Herschel Walker. The great football player running is a Republican in the Senate, and this data for Senate in Georgia and partial worker admit he has multiple personality disorder claims to have a dozen personalities. While
Publican with a dozen personalities today, my pension, like Ben said, can you alone me one watching imposed investigative journalism, they Afghanistan papers, a secret history of the war. Craig Whitlock is here Craig well you're, here on the perfect. May we actually planned of Ghana stand was gonna shit you're, the guy who knows the most about it? It's just for a layman limit this question. I see the images on tv women there twenty years spent over two trillion dollars. I seek a ball. It looks the same. not even like a SAM's club, I mean I was think for two trillion dollars rebuilding a country. It looks exactly this day your thoughts, I think
I was change a ladder. There's people, I think forget in two thousand one cobble was just level just destroyed or mean no electricity. no plumbing, and we did that. No, this is actually also there's. No. We put in the electricity and the plumbing we did. We helped with that over the last twenty years and cobbles. Actually very. Different from the rest of Afghanistan, rural parts of Afghans and they look like the stone age, still, people living in mud huts and so forth. Cobble, I think, has changed quite a bit, but it still half of its modern half of its modern. They must not be filming this on tv. Maybe your definition, modern is different than mine. It anyway, I would argue but that you ve been there. Recently, it's been a few years back,
They use me. You know, phones, no cell phone, so nothing out everybody, there's gotta! Well, most people on under twenty five. Seventy percent of the town of the people do not remember the Taliban when there were their power. That, as anything taken root, is my question because, I imagine if the Taliban go back to their ways. The thought that it's going to be kind of a shock to seventy percent of the population could mean a very different outcome that were picture. I think it couldn't cobbler unit cobbles, very different from the rest of the country's cry, like New York compared to the great plains or something which again I dont see New York. I dont know what is your television? I do that but they ve television shows with hosts and right and things like this in Kabul, so it it's it's how long is arrogant alive, I mean well, this is nobody knows and with the town
and comes under very said, their banning music again right right in these are the people who ban kites. they told the women to go home already. So it's going to dwell. That's love this the Taliban says the women will have all their rights within the limits of Islam, which is a great way of saying. None, that's right, I never understand why the liberals spicy in this country are not that they're, not more apoplectic about the way women. The feminists are treated in much of the world, especially this part of the work. Well, this is the big question right. You know. Why did we go to Afghanistan? What was the Miz The mission was to stop them from planning which was a stupid idea. They planted and Hamburg Germany. You can planet anywhere. You don't need to be enough. Stan, and then they show the film on the news of the terrorists on the monkey bars.
that's my right, all the money and the troops, but we got. We got sixteen that that run a vision that mindset benign was in Afghanistan. We gotta go there and we they stay there. Until we can say it will never happen again, which of course, means will be there forever right and you're broke really is sort of the modern Pentagon papers. A minute is astounding and sad how similar this played out to Vietnam. It's like. We just did this shit, and then we did it again. We forget one generation, just completely forget which don't get me. We should each history and school. Maybe maybe that would help. But what you are you an account papers were really has the same thing, which is that they lied to us labour entered a rosy picture in public for all, his ears and behind the scenes they knew what was unwinnable and they just weren't telling us liar as in this went from the beginning really there.
most retain from Donald Rumsfeld, who is bushes defence secretary her and in public people? Ask you is this? the another Vietnam where we can get stuck in a quagmire in run so would make fun of journalists who had asked is then in private, just six months in the or he sends a memo to his his military chiefs, saying if we don't get a plan to stabilize Afghanistan, our troops are getting its there are any any Enzo. Member with one word says, help exclamation point, and you see this one year after year after year, in public, they say things are getting better we're making progress returning the corner and yet in private, in diplomatic cables, memos conferences internally you're saying things are a mess and they know that slowly, this war is slipping from their grasp in its gradually becoming
unwinnable, though, that mystifies me, though, is Obama. Obama ran and I loved it when he said I'm not against all wars against dumb wars. Like that's my guy, you know because I feel the same way: Campi against all wars, there's evil in the world. Sometimes you gotta be a bad ass, America has more than not step in life, but this was done more and he caught a double down on it. I mean how could a guy that bright think you could do what we were trying to do surge take over the country flooded with money in that would change things around when really it was just doing the opposite. What would you take on the well Obama if you remember when he ran for office of hers, I'm using Iraq, which the dumb were right and we're gonna get
out of Iraq, no question and he did eventually pull troops out of Iraq, but is it Afghanistan, Afghanistan? Well, nobody won't universe ran. He said Afghanistan was the just where this was the just cause that Americans this was the worst self defense originally because of September eleven, but that war was already over for many years by the time he got there. I mean if it was a just war, certainly after he got been lot. What was left to do a minute, morphed intonation, building morphed into this ridiculous idea. As envy
now that we could change hearts and minds when, by the things we were doing there, you only lose hearts and minds well and naturally, in each president, set both Bush Obama and tromp all promising american people public we're, not nation building in Afghanistan. We're not doing it, even though, at the very moment that's exactly what we were doing. United States spent more than a hundred billion dollars nation building in Afghanistan, that's more than we spent in Europe on the Marshall Plan after World war. Two, and now it's all gone up in smoke this via keep saying every week it because we wanted to, because that's where the money was in a Ross parole used to talk about the giant, sucking sound, which was jobs and is going to send South America and Mexico. The giant sucking sound is any place. You have a war with the money
disappears in giant case loads of cash, and, of course, you gonna have people defends contractors and everybody else who let's go to the place where the money is, where no one's keeping track of it. But I think in some ways it was even worse than you think No, I'm serious the documents we got for the Afghanistan papers, testimonials from people who were there in Afghanistan, army officers, aid workers think we were spending money so fast. We didn't know what to do with it. You were building schools when there is no need or it we build projects that we're ghosts, projects we're just throwing money at it to say we could do it even though the whole time they knew it wasn't going to do what I think I read in your book. Eighteen percent of the money went to the Taliban because it was kind of a giant protection racket. You couldn't move around unless you paid off the Taliban, so we're paying the people what it's like when you getting divorced, and you got to pay for the
Spouses attorney well again in some way that I would like this, but in some ways it is worse than you think there is one story: Army officer said in this one province. There was this racket going on where we would build a bridge. Taliban would come in and blow up the bread right and then the local afghan official, who was our friend, would say. Ok, I need money to build a bridge backup, but his brother with the Talibans with his brother, had this radical, where they get blown up the bridge, we're not going on in rebuilding this time and again in this that's kind of Afghanistan and did not show that sounds a good job.
a comedy and had a look like you could directed. It seems, like you know, Reagan and Bush burst the first. There were the two President Reagan, the bright, Beirut bombing. You know Republicans love to say we can never cotton run, he cut and ran. He went. You know what these people are fucking, nuts, let's get out of here, and he did it and Bush the first did not go all the way to Baghdad other that we never seem to be able to resist. Well, you know you talk about Vietnam, just after the war star,
George W Bush was that star we going to get stuck in another Vietnam me. He was very confident national tv says. Oh no, we learned our lessons from Vietnam. We're not going to get stuck we're not going to get special in Afghanistan. We saw what happened to the Soviets right. I can let that happen to us. We ended up being there twice as long as the Russians were, and even then there's some people in Washington who won the war to keep going. We wanted to keep troops here and Biden finally said okay time to pull out alright. Thank you for your book is great
when prizes- and we hope for better days in afghanistan- ok, thank you very much regrets here is our fears at sea. They journalist, thus showing author and wash and under four on media catty k is back where this paragraph strategist and founder in Germany, the faith in Freedom coalition, my old job, Ralph, reading round. Again how? But we like each other, we can open, we try, but we get by well, it's a mistake. I guess I m right will see what happens at the end of what sort of politics about this for a minute, because
I see two dozen house and centre Republicans are calling for Biden to resign or be removed, and I just mentioned the Beirut they didn't do that when Reagan lost all the troops in Beirut, they didn't do over the bay of pigs, new with Jimmy Carter's fiasco and ran tough job. President, sometimes people die on your watch anyway, Marcia Blackburn, I was just in Tennessee, she says abide also camel hair at all is rotten. He's gotta go what a couple hours to do with this large region. A green is starting in Impeachment Committee Josh Holly. I love this mother Fucker in May and may he said. I think we should have left Afghanistan a long time ago, better late than never. I think present Biden has made the right decision now. He has
the capacity nor the will to lead. He must resign. I feel, like Democrats do difficult things and then they get shit for it like like they. They, the Republicans, run up the debt and then a Democrat comes investor clean that up there, for things like Obamacare is currently paid for, or they get out of wars that both sides say we should get out of, and then use that as a cudgel against them, when really are the ones you were doing. The clean up work and the dirty work and the responsible adult things, and then they only have
It's taken Republicans and nanosecond since the actual atrocity in the bombing and the killing of these people to bring politics into the conversation. The families are just be informed and already the politics is raised its ugly head in this particular way. It's very half the Republicans to make a case on this one because they stood by Donald Trump Media got chemicals. They who the even in the course of this week, seems to be saying. Well, we should have all the troops out, but actually we should secure background, which would take several thousand troops, because you couldn't socio background without several thousand troops there he doesn't seem to know himself whether once the troops in or whether he wants the troops out, he went along with Donald Trump Donald Trump signed. This deal back in February, twenty twenty, which included by the way the release of five thousand Taliban prisoner.
which is where you get the kind of atrocity that we got in the attack this week. That was Donald Trump Steel and they signed onto its a bit much now syndromes glad we're all gonna Griffith urge your viewers to go online and actually read the agreement. Ok read the agreement that the Trump Administration negotiate. It was conditions based. It required the Taliban to break all ties with Al Qaeda with ISIS with the Al Qaeda network and other terrorist infrastructures. They failed to do so. It also said that they could launch any attacks. They failed to do that. It also made clear that Bostrom from earth. Air base was gonna, be evacuated. Last that we can be the last facility we left why? Because that facility was where we provide
counter intelligence drone air support, it was necessary to keep the afghan forces alive and win win Joe by not downwards when Joe Biden cut, run out of that facility and left three hundred and fifty million dollars and M wraps and armor personnel carriers in sit in night vision, God and other sensitive expensive equipment there. He not only handed the death certificate for Afghanistan to the Taliban. He sent a clear message to the afghan forces were done, we're finished, he owns the whole thing. trying to blame his predecessor. No rap only makes is designed to deal with such a bad deal that the Taliban, when there was never going to work on the ground, because the Taliban were never going to totally cut their ties with Al Qaeda, the five thousand so prisoners that were released as part of that deal with the kinds of people it we're gonna, come round and attack the Americans. If they could do as we were leaving, you seem to be suggesting that Donald Trump signed a terrible d,
and perhaps Joe Biden shouldn't have stuff that deal and we could have said yeah you're right. There were clauses in this deal at the Taliban haven't start to, and maybe he should know stuck to the deal at all and no would be the argument. I think one thing that was not the only Haitian stuck to the deal. What I said was that in what I said, what I said was the deal was conditions based and it was sequential. So we did certain things: Arabic kept their word here, not obligate it's the talent above we would is and incompetent no when they fail, did not dare their end of the day. cigarette should argue about the deal who gives a fuck about the deal could deal with seven million Afghans care about the Doyle Arneil care about is living in a peaceful country which, unfortunately, they can't get for themselves, which I feel bad about, but that's not all our fault, but there's no deal. We have a new administration. The elder administration was a crazy man.
We met in married, he made a deal with people who we're never gonna go by any deal, though, the Taliban lacking a deal so Joe Biden you're right, I'm not argue with your main point. I said last week: I don't know how it could have gone worse under Trump. Why did we pull out the security guard before we got the p A lot of the disco. You know it's gone, horribly edges depresses me a lot like. I said that the adults take over and then they can do better than what the children are doing so execution f. Absolutely my question is: how long does this stick to Joe Biden? What is the political ramifications? What is it, how does affect people in the election. Coming up in a year then went up until it's gonna be albatross around every Democrats neck because I'm sure they're going to
ray it's an area. That is, I don't guess, I'm not we'll have to see whether the events of the last couple of days have the kind of ramifications for Joe Biden that would pull down other Democrats in the mid term elections, because up until that moment, all the polling suggested that the american people were with the principle of withdrawing and accepted the idea that was going to be messy. Now american soldiers leaving their lives, and the question is: do Americans after twenty years bill that we were so desperate to get out when Isaac was going to be complicated, I think it was a lot more sympathy in my american public to the complexities of this mission and getting people out and in a year's time, the awfulness of the last few days.
They are prepared to tolerate because they wanted to get out of it. The truth is fourteen months as an attorney in politics or ass. How far we are vehemently opposed to mid term people's member conservative pastures prologue. When you having national security fiasco of this magnitude, it can become defining Presidency win when North Korea very icy was forty people that we're not hilarious fault and that lived on forever yeah. It did, and this is there no Benghazi and on shore, and it will be then got this act and the fact that during that investigation, we found out that she had a home brood server with classified.
Else on it on her all the way? Now I mean it s a way to the general election. Yes, it did not in any way not just of where I believe, but whether it is justifiable and I get to stick to sell em what they're gonna be investigation, yes, Sera, going to be sick, there's gonna be testimony and it's gonna be ugly and- and I think, if you, if you can, We have to make an ugly see here's. My question concerns the beginning. We can help inference. You don't like it. We just do you. You keep going to initial like Ebay, Anyone, even though we have so little in common an American America, has to get back to the reader whip, and this is my question I mean I see depressing things on the news all the time with like hard to watch. You know mobs of people like surrounding a car because they don't like the mask policy of the school board member or the health official, and we know where you live, we know where you live, and this happened on the left to
especially on line and mean more than one celebrities gun to trouble for, like you should die. Who talks like this? Who thinks like this? You die. We know where you live. How do we get back to just I don't get you. We're devilish, go out to the duty border American, I'm an American. We don't have to hate each other. How do we used to be there? How do we get back there because the road or on now's not go in that direction? There's no american tragedy! Joy is just a democrat or republican tragedy so that you were there when you had somebody else to hate and that the whole period of the cold war, it was gonna, be easier to be friendly with people who disagreed with, because there was an outside enemy and then the outside enemy went to waiting. For very brief, often nine hundred and eleven everyone loved each other again that didn't last very long, but without that
outside enemy? There? Is this weird urge to hate somebody, because if you look at the policies, even on controversial policies like abortion and gun rights, an immigration people that far apart on them, then the right in many cases there are majorities on regional emotion, it solution take the emotion out of it may mean, show people look. You know there are business leaders who support more immigration and that there are union people, look, don't sport, more immigration, and it's not a left right. Democrat republican issue there in the room for new ones, its emotional, it's all about the most high they migrate. Weird fervour of, I think your definitely onto something we're about external adversary drives us closer together. We certainly felt that for not as long as maybe we would have
after September eleventh, but there was a period of national unity and coming together, I think those even the french livening. I think right. I think social social media tends to exacerbate these differ. Yes, yes, I beg intends to exaggerate them and I think we need to move away from the you know, I'm not saying get off those forums, but I think we need to find fora outside. and if you don't know where you can have a real constructive, we have, as I will stop talking politics. People didn't used to. Talk politics all the time. I really think that's the problem. We had no idea how much we hated the other guy and it worked a lot better. we didn't talk was not. If you were just talking politics and talking policy, I don't think we would hate each other. I think it's the
the tribe I'm in my tribe and nothing that you say, I'm ever going to accept because you're not in my tribe, so I have to hate you. Even if you know what kind of agree with your little originally did. I say what did you see the newborn Mowbray, the sequel but I'm sure rather well, there's these two guys in it that he lives with for a week. They don't. They are obviously never had seen. The first born they didn't know he was in care, they didn't know he was in character because he is so great that ok so- and these are, to which I will call rednecks, but they weren't bad people and I'm watching these guys and outside of the politics I could talk to them. I could go to a baseball game with them. They're, not stupid, you're, not crazy, they're using computers. but they believe in the ivory Cuban. On crazy thing, there is no mean Ralph, you don't think the Democrats eat babies, do you,
oh good! Ok, ok! Do you? Ok! What I'm sayin is you take away the politics? These are just your regular guys. How do we get into their head so we get him out of the idea that the development of a couple of things I'd I'd like to, if I can just say I think, the glasses, maybe more half full, then you're willing to acknowledge that stairs. I just finished reading RON Turnovers Biography of George Washington, which is what he wrote before he did the Hamilton but and it it's amazing. I mean it's easy to forget how much they fought. It's easy forget how pits the battles were, and you know in our own time, you know we ve had a tremulous citizens. Are you just talking about the founding fathers themselves? Everybody now mean that were there were paradigms organs. They were party news
papers, most Jefferson was subsidizing, a newspaper attacking washing and while he was in Washington's cabinet, Washington was accused of being a british agent, sound familiar president being accused of being an agent of a foreign power. Most yeah but went on. There was on the side of the british standing there. My point is this: it's ok to have these kind of fights. It's ok! As long as our media, but they're, not as long as they're mediated by attainments evaluate gets. We, u should die, will Here Ehrenberg killed Alexander Hamilton and Adieu.
Well, that's that's, not regular citizens. I think I guess you're just like a point. We don't do when its anonymously, like brands, lunch blows, that's what he's going to hang beds and not just the right when its anonymous. I don't know if you guys have found this on your twitter feed, but when things are not, as people suddenly feel they can be really really mean in a way that they never would if they had to play at last. Why resign phone is able to your right really April? I write so there is a new king of late night and his name is Gregg got felt according to variety. Look at that. Our knows. We I don't understand this. I tried to read this sample the show funny.
No actually it's an interesting discussion we're going to have, but but if it's Fox NEWS found a good thing they've they can make fun of liberals and they are doing it to great success. We will that's why, in a minute, but in the meantime I just want to tell you a Fox news, smells good thing, so they are coming up with a green that a whole new slate of conservative television,
Would you like to see some of the things you would like? Third, rock from the sun, according to science, honour their new ones, comedians in cars? Getting jerky? It's gonna, be I love, do see. Myths thrusters met your hand me mad about Jews, with Stephen Hughes, the boss
I dream of gerrymander Herbert Environmentalism, and this this gas so like this, I bananas. Nobody is many times. Why isn't there a conservative, Germany and I always would give the answer- which I think was the true answer. There's does not good fodder for it. You know the liberals are crazy. This was my answer. For many years I cited Dennis Miller, who is a great committee, India period as a committee is great, but when he became a concern
He was tasked with like doing ten minutes on Nancy Pelosi she's. In the same way, we would talk about Sarah Palin, but Nancy Bush isn't funny like that. Cash is not crazy or stupid. Sarah what is more on its easy, easy easy to make fun of? we're still living math lab whatever Sarah Pale at Babylon saying she works in a math web, but I'm sure we did subjects about where the family, so there was this this there was nothing to make fun of that. Was that crazy? Now I don't think it's the same situation. Keep saying to the liberals, you know what if what you're doing sounds like an onion headline star
and that's why. This is why there is an opening for conservative comedy, because you know when you, when you tear down statues of Abraham Lincoln in the land of Lincoln Land of Lincoln, cancels link it's an onion headline. You know three year olds pick their own gender is an onion headline. You know a lot of this stuff that goes on the left. Now it's you know. Seattle vote to decriminalize crime. Now the problem is that they dont know how to do comedy, but if they found someone who did they could, because I do it more here that I used to because Kommeni goes where the money is- and there is funny on the left now as well as the right
you don't have many trump rallies. What did you those many trump rallies? I would maybe in many ways. Of course, why would I get trouble? Get public budget trunk back? There was a show right. I mean it was the same blue emotion. I watched got feel before I came. This is kind of the same thing as a Trump Riley. It's done with a little bit more somebody's written a bit more succinctly, because Trump went on and on and on he'd have been thrown off after two hours he still going, but it was a sort of funny show an it and the lines that trunk used to talk about the used to make fun of liberals. The weakness is exactly what got fail. This is insane you just take these lines from trompe stolen the lives and work with the other thing is when comedy becomes totally predictable. It's just not funny and what's happened to the traditional legacy broadcast
it shows. Is their democratic talking points right and when it becomes unpredictable, predictable, amene half of comedy, is you say something? I don't expect you to say right. Ok, the matter whether its left right or centre, and I think in addition to that and you you know this. The cameras are very penetrating medium. There's no word a high either got the talent or you don't, and I know Gregg he's funny, he's smart, he's quick and particularly when you put him more than on sample as they have done where he gets to play off other people they know works. I watched it is predictable is not suitable for their example. You know exactly what he would say about climate. You know what he's gonna say about what man I like to say something about. The other shows absolute
No, it is the one true opinion out there. If you don't have the wonder, opinion, don't go in front of the audience, it comes because they don't like, get them that made there more more to gradually. They already believe in then to laugh and that's what chain. back to your earlier question, why did winded everything become about politics? Right wing comedy become about politics. Because well get has always been that wasn't the way Carson was it wasn't the way Leno was it wasn't worth the way? The early Letterman was it wasn't the way, Jack PAR. What will they certainly did pop politics in the model, but they did a middle of the road, you didn't even know who Johnny voted for that they were equal opportunity tormentors, they re doing Both sides on genetic engineering is winded comedy become redundant, everything right be when everything became partisan when it became more important to cheer for your team
the drugs we haven't. Why were you started with partisanship, we're in this position where things are so partisan and you can never criticise your own tribe and we ve seen that happened during the course of this week, where reporters and have been slammed by the administration by some Democrats, for pointing out that the withdrawal from Vienna Stand was a massive display of incompetence which it was. It was, though, you know when people are clinging to the wheels were plain. That's incompetent shouldn't be happening, but it's almost more vicious within your own tribe. I think that we ve got so try to your point about will replace them everything with politics. You notice. We were to religion. Religion is weighed down Ralph. I hate to tell you and I think it's because politics is the new religion. You know eating babies, there's nothing more religious than that, now, that's what you well is it is: U S? Church membership. The Gallup poll this for eighty years polling people about their religion
in nineteen thirty seven, seventy three percent went to church in nineteen. Ninety nine, it was still seventy percent twenty ten sixty two twenty thousand and fifty now it is for the first time drop below fifty percent. Twenty twenty forties nice, yes, and I take it out of the ground now in twenty two I was forty. Seven percent Democrat showed a twenty five point decline since two thousand, even Republicans a twelve point, Rob Catholics was the most audience share. Shall we say eighteen points, even Protestants or down nine points. Jesus is having trouble, pudding, asses and pews. Why
why do you think? Why is it? Why is dropping so my I think its part and parcel of a sinking tied lowers all boats and there's a general line, there's a general lack of trust and affiliation with all organised institutions, whether it business or the media. Almost every in this religion has suffered sets itself as an institution above organised. Religion has been no exception to that. But let me point out a couple of other things from the pole. The headline is about that one number, but let me tell you what else the poll showed it showed that eighty three percent of the american people still say they believe in God it said that fifty nine percent of them people say they re too God regularly in their daily lives, which is nine percent higher than it was in nineteen. Ninety, and do you know what the number one reason that people gave in that pull for why they were no longer attending religious services. The number one reason was because they preferred to pray and worship God in the privacy of
her own home, so they're, not turning away from God, they're, not turning away from its Jesus they're, turning away from it in order to have this, but I believe they'll come back the same cyclical. The same polling also shows that trust in religious leaders has fallen to an all time low with thirty seven percent. You are less trusted than doctors just even the police, you all more trusted and journalists. I give you hard to get. You know you look it. We had a smooth of catholic sex scandals and then I think you had it. You know big immense Jellicoe churches, putting their weight behind a guy. Who was not the most wounded of presidents and you wonder why there has been a decline in trouble and religious leaders carry. I know
I know that I know that's your opinion and it's be okay and you're, not the only one who holds it. All I'm saying is that's not supported by the data when people were asked why they had lost for why they weren't attending church or why they weren't members? They didn't say politics. They said I prefer to worship on my own. But there is no question that some of these candles and some of these down falls have affected the way the church is viewed, but remember that the ultimate objective here isn't get to get them to have faith in an institution or in a leader David. active is to lead them to God through his son Jesus Christ. Ok, I'm! What I'm saying is that spiritual hunger is innate to the human spirit. Every person has what Pascal called the God shaped vacuum in their sole that
Nothing else can sail around his long Sunday morning reaches on Friday, the whole world. they that we have been talking about. The old the drop in people going to church and feeding the need your point about religion and politics being linked because part of the reason people go to church is and solve community and tribe, yes as spiritual side, but there's also this fervour witches and faith which, if you ve got political polarisation and politics or April Group becomes your new church and through facebooking array it became a new. That was your new owns a nice raw, what's happening that guy, I'm just too. when you, this is the world that I did. I swimmin. Well, that's not what what's happening in the church right but, Because you are the evangelical churches and do you know what you hear from the pulpit you here right now
Herbert Reul, Christians and refugees. Get out of Afghanistan is because those you hear about helping the homeless she's preached the gospel they're, not talk about politics and the churches. But, rather than all among the people are still swimming Yeah we're talking about the people who are saying because politics there's not politics going on nothing. They replace did there still religious politics is religious, that isn't it's not rational. That is, that is a serious problem and reject one more possibility why this pole reflects what it does. Google. Google people can go Mitt Romney used to come to your house with a pamphlet. That's all the new about Mauritania. Now he is on the up and go wow. You people are
I also pay. I also think that it was impacted by covert. Remember a lot of churches, plus what declining over they were declining by. What I'm getting at is even as attendance at physical places of worship has declined in the west. Several years online worship, experiences, skyrocket, young churches out there that have hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.
Worshipping online, and so you know, the churches jogging religions go in a way that the church is not going away now. I know, and it still gonna be they may I urge its immigrant or how I make my living right. Thank you very much for granted its normal. Somebody has to tell the thirty year old man who, as a baby, was on the cover of nor bond, is I connect, never mind man is now suing because he says that that cover with sexual exploitation that hurt him emotionally for the rest of his life?
but if someone can recognize you today from that picture, you ve got bigger problems. This argue for the rest of your life. Try grown up catholic you're, all its I do admit that candy man has the worst premise of any horror movie ever that premise: as you say his name five times, candy man appears and kills you solution guns his name five. What everyone does why to all the lead. Even candy man is going I'm way busier than I thought. I'd neurons,
Long Island couple whose wedding was derailed by hurricane on re must not be so devastated? Maybe it's a sign that this was not meant to be because marriages a lot like a hurricane at the beginning, blown allowed by the annual lose your house. I do it because I know you can hear it anywhere else. So I know you really love the dirty job, so I do it when you re ever you neurons, ass their help in Germany, help me out here. Is this cheer Muslims in Iraq taking part in a religious ritual in the run up to the Islamic wholly day of a brochure or a club on
our over fourth of July, weaken, don't make your hurricane projection map. Look like a vagina. I know you I know you ve got whether the report, but when you do it this way, men have finding Boston and finally know rule blind hatred of America is just as blinkered is blind, love and wit, and we Americans should really get some perspective about where we live, watching the shit go down and Afghanistan, I was reminded lately of every conversation I've ever had with an immigrant, almost all of which, if we got to really talking included
the notion. Oh you, people have no idea. All you do is bitch about and bad mouth your own country, but if you knew about the country I came from you'd stop shitting on your I have never been a raw America type and, in fact, have often made fun of Republicans in the past were being overly sentimental because they're, the ones who to up at military fly version, get a boner when the governor of South Dakota rides into a biker, rarely dressed like a painting. A Teddy Roosevelt, John Vainer, used to cry fry like fucking,
week at the drop of a hat. If anything reminded him of what a star spangled miracle this country is, if there was a little flag in his club sandwich, he'd lose it it's just in the conservative dna to have this Dewey I'd sloppy, drunk love for their country, but often renders them incapable of acknowledging its problems. That's how we got the twenty third train Supreme Court ruling getting the Voting Rights ACT, but because jobs, Roberts is a monster, but because people like him tend to over, romanticize America, he thought the south was ready for the honor system. They weren't. but liberals as usual in this era have now gone
too far in the other direction they under romanticize America. They have no perspective. Last week the Taliban murdered Adrian. His name is bizarre Mohammed and they made up funny songs on Tik Tok. They forced them into a car, tortured and then executed a comedian. A thing like that, it's a little closer to home. For me, I've had to President's up my ass. This one warned me just stop speaking my mind. They need to do what they say watch what they do, and this is not a time for like others, never is, and this one suit me over a joke
and, as President called me, every name in the book for the crime of predicting he'd do exactly what he did. This crazy bill, more there's any a comedian these people are sick. Integration is a white job. He is a total net job. I mean neither experience was pleasant, but I did have to worry about being dragged till I'm dead behind a Toyota. Tacoma have a little perspective about the stuff we. How about here, I'm sorry, your professor said something you didn't like. That won't be a problem with the task
ban, because you're not allowed to go to school, and so Arabia, Rowan women me for doing the kind of things we think about routine without the permission of a male guardian China rounds you up. If you are the wrong religion and put you in camps more children in Burkina Faso work, then our in School Only five percent of Burundians have electricity, the homicide, in Honduras is eight times what it is here. The inflation rate in Venezuela is two thousand seven hundred and nineteen percent. The Philippines As five years has put to death twenty seven thousand low level drug dealers, my old job, in North Korea, people starve to death the only people to starve. Here. Doing it for a role. and the only it will have no water live in California,
If you think America is irredeemable, turn on the news or get a passport in a ticket, I'm one of those sketchy airlines that puts its web address on the plane. As a reason afghan mothers are handing their babies to us And we should take the Americans right now, you take in afghan refugees into their homes and into their neighbourhoods, and I'm sure everyone who just clapped is thinking the same thing. Yes, someone who is it may should definitely do that without does it make us the bad guys we're not the bad guys. Oppression is what
we were trying to stop in Afghanistan. We failed, but any emigrant will tell you we largely succeeded here. The overriding thrust of current woke ideology She is that America is rotten to the core eroded. We races from the moment it was founded and so oppressive, sexist and homophobic. We can't find it for the Oscars or jeopardy Oh yeah, I'm sure you heard the new jeopardy guys out because he said boobies in twenty fourteen. This is where your new afghani roommates, that huge again will will prove so valuable because built
Do you and say have you people lost your fucking mind? Have you have you ever heard of honour killings, public beheld? throwing gay men off of roofs array. engine marriages to minors, state sanctioned wife beating theme. Genital mutilation, marriage by capture, because we have. what's the lesson of Afghanistan. Maybe, everyone from the giant dorm room bitch session, that is the internet, should take a good look at what real oppression looks like ask. Your maid ask your the driver asked the asian woman giving you a massage she'll, tell you this places, Shangri LA and not just figure. She works. Is called Shangri La America may not be the country of your
faculty lounge and twitter dreams, but no one here tries to escape by hanging on to an airplane. No, We wait till we're inside the plane to fight and then only because they cut off the beverage service right. That's our shower waken back tat, marriage, better and better, and that is where a garden in New York under thirteen. I want to add a gay Ralph raid. Craig Whitlock, I knew I told me when he said that we are having a watch him any more evenly lover and each be oh dot. Com
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