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Ep. #590: Brooke Jenkins, John Avlon, Katrina Vanden Heuvel

2022-02-19 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Brooke Jenkins, John Avlon, and Katrina Vanden Heuvel. (Originally aired 2/18/22)

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Welcome to each year passed from the HBO real time.
I give my ride. I feel like a pound. Roguish it'll be seated like you very much. I know it's a way where jab aids- we want this ever more here, no kind of brought the city together. Do you think of me
get a parade with dozens of people showed up, and the game itself is exciting to see that moment after the game and one of the Rams players, Taylor, Rapp, I think, is his name- is a safety he proposed to his girlfriend right there on the field and then the the owners find em for taking a knee. But hey. I read this today is a true California. The first stage now to declare that we are at the end demagogue state sure what that means as end in it
and then I get the endemic think is kind of like marriage. You live with it, but you ignore that kid speaking a mid life crisis. Where do you see what I'm go with that? There is a german freighter that is on fire in the South Atlantic and sinking that bit you known as onboard eleven hundred porsches that are going to fall to the bottom of the ocean. So, if you're out this way, Can you see a douche bag given the hub speak and the king a blend speaking a deuce brags Donald,
Donald Trump and his son and the they are all or ordered this week by a judge in Europe. sit for depositions, begins with their company trump. Had a habit of undervaluing is properties for tax Isn't that I don't think he's defence is gonna fly. He said just being humble the other republic, you knew what a diamond court this week, Sarah Palin she lost her. She had a defamation case against the New York Times that a trial she made some good points, but at the end of the day, the jury just couldn't be convinced
she had read newspaper and the rebel against the big diversity down in Florida. They have a bill there that they're trying to pass. They call it the don't say gay bill, don't say gay. That really is What they want to do in schools, I wanna make it verboten to talk to the kids about algae BT issues if they're, like not age, appropriate in their view, but come on. This is Florida Florida. We teach our kids about. The old fashioned way by fucking the teacher in the car. I can't live I'm going to let you know that I'm doing a new age. Rio special right here on this network is to end up special. It's in Miami we're taping it more.
Fourth and fifth- lay jackets Jackie Gleeson there anyway, it's gonna, be fuckin, amazing and then I'll get cancer, but it's gonna be while at last, but of course now the thing everybody is talking about. I don't know, maybe it's something I guess Ukraine are you upset about it? yeah me too, but they say it's really escalating- meant that the experts say it has gone from Conway Peat to me and will be like in the last fifty years, and I think we have had this much tension with Russia. Emulated point now run even speaking to my limo.
I don't have a lower level address bar. You know, I mean Joe Love Joe Sweet guy, but watching him try to out macho putin- I don't know, it's really gonna work, I'm important Ellipse Wade's, he does Judah. We wrestles bears its site. They gave a whole country to join. Rogan button bright a rally the world behind. You gotta know you couldn't rally Joe Mansion for child care.
You know why binds as this will not stand, but he was talking about his leg Biden in our democratic. Their politically they are in trouble, binds approval writing forty seven percent in California, It should be a warning to Democrats all the cars to country. One Biden can't get arrested in California, just like our shoplifters, Let us talk about that in a minute. That's one of the problems that hurting the Democrats, crime. I saw a headline in the New York posts, the dates, a break dancer stamped on the subway in unprovoked attack. Now it really raises the question,
if you're break dancing on the subway is it unprovoked denigrate shall we are John, concrete terms, easily corner sandwiches assistant district attorney Brook Jenkins. Well, I started up there in the model I would put or about crime, but especially Crimea in Samara discovered you're from an interesting, and this is an amazing story, something like forty percent your office right and I think that's fifty nine those who are in law office in San Francisco have resigned or left, because you don't like. What's going on here and you're, trying to recall this is, of course the recall state. Everything gets recall. What we do you're trying to recall the present day
in San Francisco? Tell me why? Because he's trying to couch lawlessness as reform? and we are watching as lives, are being lost and continue to remain endangered by his radical policies, and so almost sixty of us have said that's just not. I think that we can stand by what are what are the radical policies that he that gangs don't exist, that there are social construct that he's not going to use going charges, a greasy snowboard deserve, all regains don't exist were, but what is the point of it, but simply wants to find ways not to prosecute, and he tells it as being something that helps
blackened with Tino communities while ignoring that black and latino people suffer the most often times from you now street violence. Is this guy? Why, of course, Tell me why you say, of course, because it sounds like we probably agree on this, which, as you know, these white people think the in always say more offended than the victim. You know they there that I think it their heart is in the right place and they want to actually throwing in Ankara to the people that they think they're helping because, as you say, who's hurt by gang violence right. It's it's blackened latino people, my my husband's eighteen year old, causing a young black men, was gunned down in San Francisco in twenty twenty.
He was walking down the street innocent young guy killed in the midst of a gang feud going on in San Francisco and right, it's his family that has to suffer and watch. You know the day they are refuse to prosecute his murderers to the fullest extent, and maternal just go has a reputation as the most liberal, woke city in my country, but the people there I feel like their set up with is a monopoly. This does a divide, but the people in the mayor. I read some of the courts on the shore recently Mayor London brood. She shoes were really gotten religion on this issue the one I just read the other day with something like she said: it is time for the reign of criminals to end. In our city sounds like Batman and a lot
But we see on the news I mean, can you let me show you some footage this? We ve all seen what it's like this. This is people looting. I think it's a Walgreens, but it's one of those stores and the question. I want to because we lack is that there is a security guard watching taking a picture we tries to grab napped, I I didn't get it and goodbye. Why does that happen? Is that because of these policies, your tournament, because I've seen many like this, where the guard just watches you're a security guard? This is your job to stop this today. they will be prosecuted did or did not paid enough. They stone. Why is why? Are people just looks like shoplifting as a legitimate profession, now that you can get away with why it's no longer a crime in San Francisco it? Basically, they know that the days office isn't going to hold these criminals accountable there simply going to even if
Our rested be led out within hours back on back out onto the street to come back there and walk out with whatever they want again. So why risk their safety well, and there is a man you say back on the street. There is a woman IRA. Is this true who rob the same Walgreens? A hundred and twenty on your target rob the target. Hundred and twenty eight times. Yes, that is really taking the word target to answer your uprising. You wanna put the bad guys and Joe Comma Horace Prosecutor, Amy Claw we sure when they ran it's interesting, they should have. Defend themselves for what they do for a living. Both of them were stored, like
You know how dare you you will put people in jail, yet that's my job and peoples under need going to jail right. I think we are in a culture now where radical extremism is what's cool and they have found it appropriate to demonize anyone who wants order in society who wants to whole perpetrators of crime accountable in society. If you, if you believe that you not murderer, should go to prison, then somehow you are a beacon of white supremacy or your racist and so we found it acceptable that if somebody disagrees with these radical believes that they are the enemy of social justice, you are for form in there is reform needed right. I mean we. We would agree on that. Absolutely the system itself has been racist in the past and probably somewhat in the present.
And so what I mean, what reforms are we talking about? That you think would be sensible as opposed to the ones that they're doing. I think we have to take advantage of when the criminal justice system has jurisdiction over someone, who's committed a crime, and if there are drug addict or they have mental health issues, we have to use that jurisdiction to to sort of propelled them into treatment the appropriate treatment so that so that they put their lives on a better trajectory right. If it's a youthful offender that we help them get vocational training, reach forces to get their g d so that they don't simply use the courthouse as a revolving door, committing further of all the practical steps we could take ending the drug war.
It's not like. We haven't been through this a century ago with prohibition and liquor. When you make drugs illegal people like drugs, then it's going to make criminals rich and other people criminals you going to crowded. System. What's going on, I'm reading in San Francisco is the Tenderloin district, which has always been kind of bad neighborhood is wrongs their rough neighbour. I remember the clubs usually in the bed, they were that's why they're, but they have something called a linkage centre there, whether what is it, what is the policy they giving out drugs? I never know who to believe in the press anymore. Now. I think there have been Some attempts to characterize. What's going going on in the linkage? Thinner, unfortunately, most people haven't had the opportunity to go inside. I think the spirit behind trying to get resources to those addicted. To you know substances is noble.
I think we have to really make sure, though, that we are holding drug dealers accountable in some form or fashion again helping people even if it's not sending them to prison. That's not that's, not the solution, but helping them find a path towards legal employment so that they can take care of their families in illegal fashion. But right now we're not doing anything we're simply. We simply opened opener drug market in the tender. Annoying as though that's that's, fine people are dying. We ve had more drug overdose deaths than comin deaths. Lasher. Worse,
I'm glad you do what you're doing, because somebody needs to be done and to go to thing to leave your job. I've been fired before what I've honeys yearly wind up in a better place. I hope you do. Thank you very much and running the nation and a column is for the Washington Post Katrina. Then an oval is back with us and EVA stay or political analysts and accuracy, another author of the Noble Lincoln and the fight for peace, John of LAW. So as long as we were talking about Sarah Disco and as long as your book is about Lincoln and is this Monday is president's birthday present residence day presence?
we used to celebrate the actual birthdays. Now we lump together we're ok, but it's interesting because I read this week that happen in San Francisco was that they had an anti can recall. Fuck, you too stable ones to recall the recall, the ice cream. Look. There was board members semi just go. who board members who had cancelled Lincoln, who took his name and washing and lots of other people's names pull Revere? I don't know what he did. Lincoln and why should they took the name off the high school day this week were recalled by seventy percent, is what I'm saying there are people its efforts is: go or not crazy and and I feel like this is a harbinger. What is going on in the democratic for an hour ago, no? No! this is going on in the culture, but listen the name
and was founded by evolution, is committed to end in slavery and Lincoln was many things. He was a great emancipator who was the president of the commission was founded by evolution? Yeah able or sixty five that wasn't the founding of the nation. Yes, the magazine. The nation magazine I live in fact. Would I lie? I don't blame you velvet less, so you think the nation magazine is more important than the country, ok design. I do what I do think is much more important than urals. You know if you know what is important in lifetime, the magazine, not the what's important that people kids, have access to schools, have equal access, have good education and that's why it's in school we're getting recalled, because people are kind of fat open,
Also, there are better there are fed up because they were focusing on these symbolic social justice issues like rename forty four schools, including all the presidents on Mont Rushmore, and they work getting kids into a classroom and that that frustrates folks there is such a thing is to extreme and then, when you lose seven nine percent of their recall book in a city that job one basic percent yeah. It says unless there to caricature, sometimes they attempt to make. I mean this is this: is serious story and one that the nation magazines, correspondent who writes left coast just said this is a blocking. This is idiotic, what's happening in San Francisco, but there is an attempt to caricature for grassroots, but what having extreme views when I earlier radical extremism and demonization in the same sentence. I want to reach for my that's, that's, listen! Radical extremism is common sense in some ways
country. What health care for all. I don't know how, in their arguing that I made me who what we're talking about here is the fact that these folks got turned out in San Francisco, because they were two extremes and then look at me. They want what might have been making an income contribution, the currency, that's how crazy the forum does they end up creating the caricatures that bit in writing. I voted in favour of this, but it I don't think it is the majority of the democratic not at all. That is the problem, but let's not conflate health care for all with Lincoln was a bad guy, which is just We forget how stupid, sometimes the having imposed reviewed. Never it for being Lincoln. This Albert movie. I said they just one problem: it falls into the White Savior category of films?
heard that were Lincoln. That's why we have to cancel, and he was a white savior. Well, he kind of was and is who else in eighteen sixty was going to be the Saviour. I think to be saying that narrative decide were deal with with history here, and you can't just sort of recreate at it. From a contemporary perspective. Abraham Lincoln opens up people who really deserve the the, slavery, credit, isn't just Abraham Lincoln, it's the abolition as the Black Union soldiers, but he presided over a tie themselves, not worrying about. You know me straight comments with the imperfections of people in the past there. Don't know all under the same amount of drought yoke and was a great american wicked little yes inside, but living was emollient. Let me add to this. If I might- and I'm talking about that period, you like, I think Lincoln, was one of the great president's, but he became a great president because of the social movements the abolition of the black oceans, and you got to respect that.
Do you know what our wrangling with others have held and I think there's a grey president picking a fight with strong and he didn't show up. I thought you did not only did Lincoln prosecute the war which I don't know any other. Wouldn't emancipation under the pressure of abolitionist You know he was not committed, as Roosevelt was committed to ending the war, he was committed. What he was doing together, Lincoln was a single issue. Issued caters goes back to the set of campaign. I'm not gonna be linked lurking did more than anybody else to advance that issue and the fact that he wasn't, he was conscious of the fact that you could move too far too fast is not a strike against it because he got a gun. the feminine passing the Marquis De Amendment Milburgh movie is Eric Phone or the great historian of reconstruction, things to Buffy the. What is the vampire linking the vampire accept?
He liked better perfect for this discussion. Some new things buffy the vampire slayer, is a better move, even Lincoln Backward thing. It has any yell didn't lingo areas. Our letter movie, them's, Billboards Lincoln, but here is you know I am always in the same, but this is so. I propose thirty house Democrats now have are not running next time. How these are people who have the steed now that's an exodus because they know they're going to get. There asked in the middle
democratic nine percentage point advantage. This is only the first quarter of this. A year ago, nine percentage for an advantage in party for infants preference. Now the Republicans of five point, two fourteen point swing. In a year, fifty seven percent of suburban respondents said they're going to vote for a Republican. In the mid terms, this is suburbs. This is where Trump got beat this, what you have to win now the democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, while I guess this. Is the committee responsible for the US getting Democrats elected to the Congress? They ve there are sounding the alarm about the kind of stuff. Maybe that's come up here tonight, So why limit so they wrote a report. I think it's only internal, but we know
the things that were said, they said that the voters find the Democrats preachy judgmental and focused on culture wars. Here's one Jamak, Jim Cooper, he's retiring and Democrat he said were addicted. To telling other people what to think you can't really when many elections, if you're that self righteous? What do you think? What do I think I am a member of the democratic will of the Democratic Party. You had someone, I think, lest we ve broken a representative rocard sure to look on Vallejo he's a member that Progressive caucus, which is the largest caucus in the house. This is, of course, that spends a lot of time and what we call bread and butter issues on the issue.
that are really popular with Americans: cheaper drugs, not Dick, I mean I says drug crisis. All I'm saying is not your chief trees negotiating process not only think they do. You know they really want. Organs are models that are and they also focused on reaching out to rural voters. I mean you got rope. on a totally doing our job it because it's also in the numerous. What can they said? The democratic party is becoming extinct in rural districts. I just want to give you this. Obama saying it's doing well, I'm sorry out ridge there's the Bernie Sanders was shifted, the trajectories more politics. I believe. Ok, I really
for the rest talking but pay. I sent you to John tests to see their Democrats desperately need more rural and lead state democratically need to do by reaching out beyond the base and you're not going to do it if you're always put never through the Prism of Berkeley in Brooklyn. Super who represented area outside gash reason he's resigning is because Republicans and state have cracked and pact that district into dividing natural to three districts of Republicans can win for you and that's the kind of told them Democritus going on right now and that's why, however much we Democrats are in trouble, there pendulum swings in mid term, but don't underestimate the impact, the rigorous we're redistricting and remembering that gonna wait a little thing like an insurrection a couple months ago and maybe to want to give those folks the keys to the car Maybe you don't want to the keys to the car, so those who are supporting really popular programmes in a we got it the most think how many we have for lobbyists for every member of com
there's a reason that things don't get power. You pop you're. Not listening republic and you're, no democratic, listening to what your own democratic Committee is saying just now, my committee, that democratic wing democratic? I think that there is a difference in this country between top and burn But you said you'd acknowledgement and outside of what one see what you're doing you're talking about like policies and I'm saying, That's not what the voters a hearing with their hearing is preachy, judge Mental and focus don't EVA Joly? Goes a media. Could blame everything on the media, media malpractice and sundry? Ok, but at the moment and kids have reform that media before the electorate and media is not taking us to work, lattimer pollutants and they have taken as the war. So I will get to the outer checked out, but but but to your point, I'm part of the problem and are Politics reason folks are so confused. The far right and conservative and the far left isn't liberal, and if we, if we can actually
start applying more consistent, liberal principles. Maybe these folks it actually have a shot, but the vacuum public, democratic, their aspect and rural communities and red States means they need to reach out more and in that and not have this totally to join them. Human also not have this attitude of this is the one true opinion, and if you disagree with me, you're a horrible personally, your criticism I could show bill. Where was the correct journalism character? I were. I said it's supposed to be the left publication, what we do agree that whatever is it's really supporting popular programmes in this and its non self righteous, and I agree with you: we have to listen to people listening to people key and listening to me levels: Lindsey ICE, I'm listening to you, but I'm just saying I do think there could well let s go back to what the statute
Obama won one eight hundred and seventy five counties when he won the less time Biden: five, twenty seven eight hundred and twenty eight seventy five, two thousand five hundred and thirty seven and counties. That's a tremendous fall off now the caricature! Is it the people in those counties, mostly rural counties? their racist, but they voted a lot more for Obama. Then they didn't for Biden so that what kind of cut against that theory right jump in first secular, using state your estate counties in Wisconsin, Ohio in Pennsylvania, flipped Trump or one went for trump because of endless war,
What a big issue, because days, whether counties where they had the most maimed, crippled and wounded and endless wars, and I think that's over his wings and I think that's a big issue right now, as we face the possibility of another war, I'm not allocating who starting it but which desperately needed as a diplomatic, clear, persistent diplomatic resolution, and I think that, country needs to rebuild itself yank. This country needs thirty, two to come home when I say not be isolationist but rebuild this country, and we have crises which, what are we doing in Ukraine? Three presidents Obama, and from said it was not a national security interests are made. I hope it remains: free, independent and sovereign. Through diplomacy, we don't can afford, This time we are treating the publisher of a liberal public about the liberal international order. That's basically secure those eastern Europe Do we not engender guidance? I forgot to say a word about the post war order was actually developed by people too,
try to secure liberal democracy has done pretty damn good job of waste and if you wanna see wanted to cover under those working on it, really I love you and when they talk about Ukraine, but we kind of Buckingham yeah, but we do know that certain things are going to do. I just take a major break, will do our little comedy bees and mental jog about Ukraine? Is that ok? However, what we can all agree on did we all watched Superbowl? Yes, Ok, we watch the road. I love you. I love this robust. There, we might say, were brought together by the Superbowl. My donors, boyfriend played football and Envy team Oklahoma, we're not talking about
right. We're all united around I notice in the Superbowl. No notice has for years been whatever network has the game they get to pimped. The big show that they think this is the greatest platform it. You never have like. A hundred and thirteen people white. So whatever show that you want to promote for the next season. This is the place to so NBC had the game this year, so they promoted their big show, which is called Bella. which is a reboot of the Prince of Wales, I remember that show was so tat there was this cute little carbonate. Now it's been rebooted, no laughs. It was not a comedy anymore. Now it's Bel air. It's about gangs and guns and social injustice. It raises a fucking heart attack, so we noticed. I guess this is a big trends. Reboot your normally
white ordered shows is very serious ones, so here that one coming up. For example, if you love different strokes, you'll like this dark reboot, a tiny a child's not from the only home. We ever knew by a strange, wifeless, white millionaire what does he want find out on strokes, ships Craig very funny, but there's nothing funny about ex millionaires running a motel into town that one's them dead on shit just got
the Big Bang theory was hilarious, but Asperger Syndrome is no joke. When the show comes back, as I can't feel love a facebook red head in a cuban bandleader plaintive collapse in the fifties now see the reboot with cargoes scenes from a marriage. Bravo takes its housewives, franchising, shocking new direction on the real housewives at the or what three way under the beloved characters from finding Nemo our backing to disturb me in battle for survival on fish game.
Everybody loved the homespun humor abandoned Gryphus, Deputy Barney, five Howard, Sprigs, Lloyd, the barber Gomer and Goober, but now this town inhabited almost exclusively by single men, gets a second look in mayberry I'll be beat, and in this I throw or aliens are real, and this
it comes alive with an arm up its ass, our resurrection. But I got that out of my sister. How can you create so we take this show now at four o clock Friday afternoon, and I just came out as Biden was finishing. His new speech did change the tone a little. He said he thinks for short, Putin is going to invade Ukraine and he also said something about going right after the capital give. Now I don't know, I thought: if Putin dated it was just going to be the port that he's been trying to bite off for quite a while, the eastern part of which is more russian than ukrainian or at least part russian What do you think now is this to me for up until now? It's like I'm. Maybe after now it looks like CNN needs ratings, and
I mean why we always. I wish you every success in battle our site. You know, diet, all you'll, never having one Wednesday doesn't say there was war than yes. Every area was like say that to date- and this, if this is about, determines how zero starts on Wednesday hell it's like this. This is if, if Joe Biden, President Biden saying this is how you do diplomacy, this is nuts because you could in announcing I really think our media to a large extent, is frenzied and eager for there are more jobs and many of the people on it as it were. I also think I was watching CNN as well, and they we played the tape of our inflation in two thousand and one saying to you bill more watch what you say in what you do and they are bringing that Spirit back when Saki or NED Price Defence and White House teller journalist. If you raised questions about intelligence,
You are apparently in Russia talking like that. As far as any state out was an absolute smear against journalists doing their job, but that's not what were actually talking about we're talking about is actually trying to defend a liberal international order against Lattimer Putin Set of failure diplomacy. It's not NATO's problem, its wider Mobutu's problem. If you doubt that go talk to the folks who live in Crimea, we have a real problem, the mist he's trying to actually do something interesting about getting information ahead of false flag operation that we as a pretext to do invasion. But if you actually care about people, then you can and you care about liberal democracy. Then you can't sorts We say we were not favour of worse we're gonna, let people invade other countries, but we were not that I know it favoured about work today. I am in favour of democracy. I'm not sure when there are just not providing for
now when the well. I have worked a great what we're or me asked the quite away, John. Well, I don't know look at lowering just as one groceries unimaginable in this situation. Yes, he's a nuclear armed countries to miscalculation. Had you didn't go to war cold war with nukes we're not going to do to NATO's I'm not worried about that, but wait. A second biting says has said we are not sending true. Yes, you agree with that. We did not ok, so part of NATO what, but then we are short of what we need to do. What we need are demanding there in Ukraine U S arises and three billion or more weapons systems. The dangerous myths, council but we're not sending troops are not an inch or so no one is fooled invited it's not so we're not we're, not act. What else Ukraine is not a NATO countries. Therefore, article five does not apply, but still NATO has a responsibility to try to rein in aggression by Russia, which you can do through
mass regime of sanctions is doing and an end and Putin has, I think, dramatically, miscalculate. It's not just parliament needs the interpreter. Russia has a blob to know what you think, there's always a region where the defence contractors are joining us, two more money into their part is upset about some new arguments made. I guys I love the Eisenhower Defence Military Contra, complex speech to really important and each into really media content. It should, but, but this is about we right now. If you want take a big step back the we do have a challenge of our time. Unfortunately, defending liberal democracy and the rise of autocracy, and so you have to create lines by you, bye, bye, bye democracies are uniting together to stop authoritarian aggression that would destroy the rule of law like China, free people and that's controversy is not kinds of our fellow who is against whose against democracy. I just feel we who better to rebuild it at home. President, went out to the world to stay where democracy or not
We gotta get to spill Patsy. I grew I'm saying we need global, we're too. We build you, a democracy in our country which is fragile. Would I would do it now is rebuild security architecture from Russia to Europe, that is, based on NATO, which is a military institution which mandates that countries have compatible weapons. the United States for a lot of money. You think it's a coffee clutch. So little John. Let me ask you this country we ve had since eight dreams were now hurry. The Monroe Dark Gas, which says Missis Thornton years old. When we said look anybody within a thousand goddamn miles of us that are the correct in all of Latin America that someone do not fuck with us anywhere near us, but Putin you brain is the ancestral home of Russia Kiev there? What that's, where the russian state started, they have a duty, everyday mistress, the first era of russian history. Now I'm just saying I cannot say he's asian he's a good guy.
The EU should innovating you crowing ledges side, whether they want to be taken on Wednesday and TAT. Some of them were not deeply nearby centre, your or Europe. We cannot you're absolutely muddying. The point and echoing russian talking, I'm just saying that you are But do you know where the debate in this country has room now, don't say to someone who is speaking for. years of knowledge about NATO, Russia with a good mood and wants to new way, harrowing Rugen talking point when poop? What do I speak when I speak of where nuclear issues is now to Russia, Georgia, when Putin took when put em so private, I'll give it to you that it was his argument. Was you know what these are all native russian? So let's not worry about about about structures like we know people being able to decide own destiny and national sovereignty. This is not the ito. Nato's military institution
on how it is a structure that was put together to stop soviet expansionism, savage and the second on rail, and there is no more sensibly and it wasn't broken promises eyes. Do innovation aggravating. I appreciate there is one more soviet union. What why was form are without doubt the sellers disorder. It is already years against yeah yeah. I think you both acknowledge what I do know that do not it's. What is the point anymore, because we like it looks like we're just against you, Russia and Russia does need to be changing the river. Russia is not a power other than its nuclear war, that's right army, the reason NATO exists in the reason democracy should be actually igniting instead, structures way beyond NATO is because, wake of the Second World war. Soviets works. And the European nations, and you know what we need to get night together. In order to stop that that aggression, whether you know happening under Vladimir Putin or the formulation still seems to be in place and democratic nations have a right
nice try to stop that kind of aggression going otherwise you're enabling autocracy rise. I disagree. I think I think he rebuilding rebuild democracy, not by going out in search of demons, and I think there's a transport is an element in this country which understands we do better by rebuilding at home and then working with, other countries, the United States is no longer by the way. Comma. Hers vice president, is that this Munich security conference in two thousand and seven that were Putin staked, that we are no longer in a unipolar world after Iraq, the debacle of Iraq and other wars. I just feel like did easy talk to say their autocracy and they are many of your concerns. If it prudent invades. Ukraine do think the? U s that your preference would be just let him take it
Oh, no, not saying that we're not sing. Let him take it. Seeing we already said it was not going to send troops. So we can't stop in front of you begin by sending american men and women, and then you don't have self as not national security interests and again, what was able to tell people in the country that their defending NATO their standing up. For me, You know that their views are standing up for democracies. It goes like oxygen, using financial mechanisms to punish and restrain aggression on board. This nine, you know just go back to the democratic character. Go back to the Democrats. You know something. Did you know computer? You talk about the media, yes, more democratic watch fox than the watch MSNBC. I was shocked, desist from our friends at noon, What do the writings? I love them in time time. Thirty. Nine percent of Democrats Watch Fox only thirty one percent Watch MSNBC and thirty percent, once in a while
denying that you know you're, not gonna come on out of me on that one, because I I mean, I think I think that you go on and broken, and I have talked about this. You go on fox if you invited sound token Carlsson and you dont check your integrity to do. You speak your line, cause you're, reaching people you might not, otherwise there is sure to go on Fox. There is a debate and I'm being honest about people who won't go on. If you think about the fact I mean I can't reach people, but you know what you want your definition. Ok, I'm a good we do from the beginning. I implore Democratic go on Fox. You can't just preach to the choir. I'm saying this was shocking, knows to be an that's primetime all day and twenty five to fifty four forty, two percent of Democrats interests first is there or regional break envy MSNBC twenty five percent there killing them. I so the Democrats are watching Fox what what does that mean? What I tell you, I think, they'd be wiser if they read more and watch tv,
that's a good thoughts is not a news organization. Most of the journalists have been drummed out there. They re right wing talk tv and a lot of folks outlined entertaining some people try to figure out what the opposition is saying its own echo chamber, so we're gonna do the news. We actually get it we're going to try to do the news and and bring people actual information, because freedom of the press is under attack and the other two and that's perfectly noble, cause ethical. Do another to cable networks, gotten more like fox. Not that not did their politics is the same, but in this sense that can't trust when you watch, I just can't it's like you're, going to present the things that your audience already believes there can be. No. I did not like this show. No, that is not going to know some there's no debate. We were talking in the green room or whatever room it is about how their physical dies
This showed you, I don't think that's a good shot at the greedy show has gives a breadth of space for conversation run. The very few shows up today from say: we have civil. You know civil intelligent. Conversely, But what am I? Never legendary Briggs, unlike I read it from a try to rid of from both sides, is like ever I read from one side or watch from one channel. It's like. I can't trust you you're telling me half the store you're, not telling me the f, you don't want me to know, and then I read the other half them like. Ok, I see what this is. That's the problem, I gotta go renewal Euro rather Tanya West has worn, is full body invisibility costs into the super bowl
He has to sell home version for men who have to go places with their wife. I want does off without being detected parent teacher day, Thanksgiving movies for older actors, is get their group back she'll. Never now are you awake, isn't even knew the Congo S cloak of invisibility where one and you'll never again hear the words stop making them face Euro rather Johnson and Johnson Migs Baby Cologne. They have to tell me, who is this form. Jewish Bang toddlers who didn't have time to shower before they hit the club. Just two minutes left over a vaccine.
here's, why babies don't need Cologne, they already smell lecture zero for the next Olympics, get the performance enhancing drugs out of figure skating and get them into curl that more sport would just make so much more sense if they knew they were high on something your now, under this catholic priest in Phoenix, has resigned after an investigation found. He had been performing baptisms wrong for twenty. first because he used the words we baptized instead of I baptize, thereby invalidating thousands of baptism. Someone has to tell the church
Nobody gives a third of all the areas for the church to investigate. This is the one you follow through on. Besides, God is a conservative. He doesn't care for use the wrong Verona their or rather we have replica the EIA companion. But who was always here to listen and talk. it also introduce doktor replica ads The psychiatrist, who also return to listen to your problems, but doesn't charge private or dollars an hour to say, and how does that make you
and finally neural someone has to tell China, you can steal our trades grids, our software and our intellectual property, but we draw the line at our hot freestyle scares. If you been like me over the past few weeks, blue dear TB, watching the Olympics, that makes exactly two of us We knew there were shed whole countries, but who knew there was a shithole superpower, but I'm sure you ve heard about american citizen Eileen Goo Lee Beautiful model influence here and now gold medal. Winning Skeer, who was born in
here in Amerika, but who chose to scale and the Olympic for China. Cool huh as it is, is that She was to represent a totalitarian police state over America. The Olympics pretend only be about sports, but of course the games have always been a bit of a proxy war for which country has the best system and by choosing in China. I lean became a living symbol of China's triumph over the west, which wouldn't buy me so much if I thought China had triumphed over us in the ways that really matter with they haven't now, We do have human rights issues right here at home. We do but we're still at least for another three years
democracy based on freedom, and they are an authoritarian surveillance state based on how'd. You like to disappear for a few months like that tennis player, who recently vanished for a while when she said she had been raped by a government official. We do still throw too many black people in jail, but perspective matters. China has basically jailed an entire ethnic minority. The wiggers a situation that both the Trump and Biden Administrations has called a genocide. America is not clear to that end. It is cynical dodge to pretend China's sins should be overlooked because we all do it now.
in nineteen. Ninety seven Britain returned Hong Kong to China with an agreement that Beijing that probation that Hong Kong could retain its free press, honest courts and democratic government. Well, they lied democracy, and freedom are being crushed there and China doesn't want anyone to talk about it and because so much money is involved. No one does to you, to go when the general manager, the Houston Rockets, Darrow, Morey, tweeted fight for freedom stand with Hong Kong. Hey. Was forced to apologise in America this post a route for democratic government, not apologise for it. but the NBA has a television deal with China Worth a billion and a half dollars, so Lebron James said more needed to be educated on the situation, the situation being. I got some shoes,
cow kowtow is a chinese word. The toy Americans have gotten good at it, four year is Google probably refused to kowtow to chinese censors. Adopting the slogan don't be evil, but the chinese market proves so lucrative that one thousand two hundred okay little level. That's the deal! China offers american companies and celebrities will give you access to our billion plus consumers. As long as you shut up about the whole police state genocide thing John Scene, it took that deal well come on. China accounts for thirty four percent of Global Box office and he's a movie star now so like the Wiggers last year he learned he needed to get some re. Education
Do you see John referred to Taiwan. As a country, as if it was a separate country from China, which is but China would like to do to Taiwan what it did to Tibet and what is now doing to Hong Kong. So we were treated to this. Video we'll be situations I just. I don't know why twin John John Gore GUM John Worryin were hung abolishing the and I thought steroids?
shrunk. Your balls, I wait when a country can make your big, mostly macho man. Action starts gravel in their language. You know you're somebody's bitch in the original top Gun Tom Cruise wore a bomber jacket with the flags of several asian countries that are our allies sewn on the back. Well, the flag for Taiwan has now magically disappeared for the upcoming top gun. Maverick well aims to be a member
now he does. Whenever John. Is it something you really blame? Eighteen year old Eileen go whose already made over thirty one million dollars as the face of twenty three brand products in China for Follow in the footsteps of other american celebrities sum of goods defenders, say it's races to ask if she's still an american citizen- and you yourself say why is that racist. Why was it races to think that covert might have originated from a lab league as opposed to from eating bats? Besides the fact that the idea that covered came from eating gross weird food seems wayward, since then the idea that a Cape Roma, high tech lab,
Besides, the definition of woke was supposed to be being alert to injustice in society, but because the Oak now see raised first and everything else, never fear of being a key whose of racism has given a free pass on human rights abuses to China and India places that are perceived as non white. If China was in Europe, would they get away with having concentration camps without more of an outcry from America? if men were forcing women to wear this insane Massachusetts with that go unremarked on as it does, the chinese class fight transgender as a mental illness. They just ended in friend Episodes that Ross his wife is definitely not. A lesbian I would echo over here didn't Martin
Luther King, say and injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. and is not well known and importing sweaty NBA players, war, jerseys. That said, freedom speak up on justice. I guess those things only matter for home games. Sorry, leaguers. Someone has to tell me where we got this rule that you can't criticise China, because I suspect we got it from China.
After all, it's where we get everything else, that's our cell. They arise in Vegas tomorrow, so now tonight and again to the large financial centre. In short, our lands access April life at the tells the data and chosen glow maple turned. I want to thank you for that. An oval John Outline Brook Jenkins, another Eames over your design, overtime, Joam, you everything we have been watching the movie, the nation not mind each be oh dont com
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