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Ep. #603: Dr. Cornel West, Kellyanne Conway, Josh Barro

2022-06-11 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Dr. Cornel West, Kellyanne Conway, and Josh Barro

(Originally aired 6/10/22)

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Welcome to each party from the hbo real time. I am very proud. We turn your wooden watching. The hearings, the january sixteen now just
ok well near to watch things rio anyway. This is kind of a big thing, gunnery, six member that where they divide the coup in the hunting. Ok, so let me just summoned up for you like this was a game of clue. It would be captain pumpkin in the white house with the remote. A lot of people thought I was gonna, be the same old news, actually there's a lot of new footage because there was a guy adoption. Andrews, homemaker was embedded with deprived boys will to the proud boys. If you're going to commit treason, don't bring a film group, and we know now that made everybody told trump that he lost. Should Hannity they have tax from braun hannity, saying too
Rob no more stolen election talk. Ok, that's proved that trump knew that The calls were coming from inside your ass. This pretty nice did laid out pretty well, I gotta say the trump was fully aware that he lost the election, but he still, to just go with the lie that it was a big fraud and many conspired to thwart the so angry about all this about Biden, getting elected body was really rightly elected. If only someone somewhere had been around to say the trump was We're gonna could see the election
I don't think I'm leaving under anything, I'm the guy leaving you gotta peoples is the eleven people have been saying, I'm an alarmist and I'm crazy. I keep thing he's not going to leave he's not going to leave even if we lose the election. there's a lot more work is done. Even among a bunker testified, nobody who did a bunker while the riot was going on begged him to do something, but of course donald trump went.
he's learn to turn out. It's a banker saying daddy, please stop this. We found out when they were there with the mob chanting. Hang my pants trump said: our supporters have the right idea. deserves it? He wanted a murder, his vice president, which is completely normal in north korea. This is what I would call a smoking news, and of course, republicans have now mounted a mounted a very, very aggressive defence to all this. Yes, so what
that's what they have only no reputations. Only distractions, you don't you think, would tromp was bad what he did with his number two puzzle. What about what amber heard did with number two blocks news, wouldn't even show it their regular programming, they put it on fox business network because I think we can all agree. This is a business story. The fox news website today had you know what that was. big thing was on it. Britain, spheres access to crashed or whether this is by give during watergate
the washington post, ran a story about share, pulling in the pool and yet democratic gonna get there s kitchen. This is, I believe we have an election. They realise that will make it right here than floated in seven days, and you know the Democrats or in big trouble, because I mean even turning on their own people, because of some time some of this far left staff. The insane francisco get get much more liberal than that they throw the de age, hassebu dean they didn't like campaigns, Logan man shooting at every part and, of course, in our inflation, and this is what people vote on them, a blind and every website. Today, gas now five dollars a gallon.
and everyone an ally when o. Finally, some good news and there's nothing shrink glacier. You know this is business. I want to raise the price too much there. Why me so they just I give you was much of everything they say if this continues for food portions and this country should be normal. We were really alarming. Is the people now spend all day free money from covered so like target? They have too much They announced their slashing their prices. Their new slogan is warm our prices without Walmart people shortages people do not like shortage is now they say. There's gonna be a tampax shortage.
you don't get raped in an abortion by a tampon He must year period just dark hole hoarding baby popular right now. We got a great crowd here. First appears, philosophy and christian practice that we are examining the illogical seminary doktor corner, where rights again reception like that from a man like you, I only regret alone to its own, you, my dear brother, we deleted
he'll, be a lot of good people, don't lot worse, now, writing being alive, everyone's old marian old man and nos twenty one grand yes, but yes, we are still here now did you think of the hearing? How does this mentioning the hearings? What is it the big story going on what your check no, but I'm not surprised, as my evil paralyzed by despair such a low moment in the history of the country that we have to be unflinching in our attempt to recognise levels of corruption, organised hatred, institutionalized fear and the hypocrisy and at the same time strengthen our backs, would be willing to bear witness the integrity, honesty and decency.
the crimes and so forth. Criminality tend to go hand in hand with wood mendacity but we shouldn't be overwhelmed by that's it. That's the fear. I have my fellow citizens and fellow human beings, you no enemy, so we had our election hair and The personal got the most votes to democratic primary, but it's gonna be a democratic winter in the fall. Ok re, so it was this guy recruiter, white guy billionaire and karen I know them both like them. Both cheese like congress, version sure he bade her by thirty point with black men. What's up with that, It was hard to set a limit, thereby the mark really thomas about love like a brother who ve been mistreated in so many different ways that when I saw
caruso built in a day, and I had real critique of the sort. I have a certain suspicion of certain politicians. flying from the tat would be an air money somehow they gonna be met the arctic in terms of dealing with the mass that sometimes they actually help call. Now I'm not saying that in his case, but if I looked a little deeper mighty some connection, So in that event politics, nobody, nobody would you do that. You know me new organise greed. Has that impact on. I lead to political system that it makes this a truncated began. Choice between neil, she's, like by the trump milk told me alive,
like brother Biden. Why one so I'm happy to make a world shaking decision taken up so much is mediocre. Forget binding, but I see, Biden is down with. Is the blackboard can I get you re? I said I'm not looked into this. Just some the things he's done. She will point one of the most diverse cabinets in history. First, of course, black and female vice president during. Its federal agencies on the first day to address the impact of this deck systemic racism extended eviction retorted moratorium. That dispersed, how black roundly remain safe during covet executive. or improve educational opportunities for black people bar these The chokehold
jane to georgia over discrimination, discriminatory voting laws His casually programme cut black child, but he by forty percent and june tenth our federal holiday and first by women are the supreme court no not about all those a wonderful given. I call on another issue that I may have a meal pills because might feel is tied to wall street he's got crimes of foreign law. It is all about it, rabies, mystery. The yemen has opened suddenly crimes against a pilot, hear anything I don't say a word about and look it down. Right now had people someone had you know. I know right across from him right. We had this and whether they will lend america we're the cutting edge of human rights. We? U s a in latin america. A cutting edge human rights would want. Onto your. Why don't? I am russian again
Why do we always throw a democratic body? We really were dictated listed b then candid and, most importantly, let's be honest and handed as they were living in the real world. We re nobody gets everything, nobody gets Nothing it's like some kind of such an absolute one, not at all, but you are I'm ok, so no none but you're, like you mention he's talking to saudi Arabia. I greatly regret. The button, of course, are committing crimes against its tremendous hypocrisy. He's a politician that Part of the gig is wait, a second lemmings. Yes, he doesn't want to invite the people to the to the area of the americas.
you got me into the area of activity on the summit of the american go home and at no live and all of my little cause. He didn't invite cuba nicaraguan venezuela because they are led by dictators which I agree is so silly because he's about to meet with saudi arabia because day, the gas getting gangs rosea didn't waiting eating in private italy, but if you don't get get the people, gas and the people have a lot of gas already. Do you don't get that they gonna lose badly, but are going to lose, even worse is just going to elect a republican. So this is the world that we live in people do have to make compromises even good people, but now the difference between a you know based on new ones, I believe, training a corner rejecting food in the college's you doin here.
pro nieces, practical wisdom is not up judgment just like that, Mechanism is not opportunity. If you mean why judgment relative to constraints, princeton print Both can be compromised. the principles of steel retain once you have very little principles is all about power. All about population all about spectacle all about image that very much american politics is about these days in both parties. Will you stay here for a while, but not adult dusty? When you blew me like you- and I could, I know, you'll sensibility in terms of resolute we attach to me when you blew man are blue woman. What does that mean? You don't tell the truth. what style and smile, no matter what the consequences are in walk off and say. I hope to do try again fail again fail better
example beckett's. You would agree with me that dimension whipcord, Alan inner, you started a few colleges and you will get through desperate, ok, Abigail, imprinted pretty good when you seminary emigrate great vision, and I love what you wrote a couple. Maybe a year ago, when you use howard university had died, cut their classics department in an you condemn that, and I thought that was great because it didn't it was anti tribe. You know you were you were saying we we need the western cannon Something did arose. Shakespeare done, take regret with little rig figure, less funds fifty years ago of himself in a car, is a good thing to my russian these days, given a vicious attack on operated ukrainian buzzard right by check off
LEO does light at the hitler gangs that eddie was beethoven, leah? Rather, we have to be able to make two hundred grand boy massive failing in our schooling. You said we were schooling, we're not giving education at an ever ribbon schooling, but Some of that I mean antiracist dogma, teaches things like that. Math can be racist that things that they associate with whiteness and mature with that's exactly is, but like these on time. Do you agree with that stuff? You know by the heat- and you know me long enough to know that I am a fallible finite lehne, follower of Jesus of Nazareth and what that means is that spiritual and moral greatness have nothing to do with skin pigmentation gender sexual orientation.
Our national identity, which human beings making. choices in the name of love and just does not eight units within these didn t until I get in trouble, but all the trouble brother. How come you call brother trouble brother he's may name of god. He chooses to be a gangster. I would again maybe there's the normal redeem centre. Would gangster proclivity, what meaning what we're humans, although weighed down right to be an atheist I'd, rather not lemme, lovey anywhere with your right or wrong, but at the same time, You sound it's a great sounds like you're, making an argument against identity. Politics will not be able to give any politics when its words from moral greatness and spiritual, greatness and integrity, honesty, decency, now somebody
john cold train he's at black if he can be in a most beautiful sense, but allows the premium in about just levin black people is level everybody, yours, a legal base, middle name. What joshua, when the greatest musical genius genius before he died, but as he did you can do with Jewishness followed. after him aside his mental. Where does the end up embracing all love lost? Listen to no more at two of into the woods. He touched the depths of your soul. In the same way, a report will touch them. We also would sheathing respect that's what quest for Malta but your great. This is about little to do with yet worley success
now, as then, the liquefied gas very serious and author of the very serious this letter on subsidies gosh bar one of these days and years of farmers in your games that are resident trump and author of the report eyes by selling. But here's the deal a memoir, Colleen Conway graver come here, don't wait right! I mean we didn't plan this right. You are both for a long time right. You know, to be here on the weak The january six hearings. like january fifteen last year, nine right after I note with this,
gotta, be time for you, because we're just we're having these hearings about the administration. Would you still kind of defend? I don't know why because you know I think we ve found out from these hearings is that nobody told him. He lost the elections they'll Bartha was bullshit his own door. I told them that Hannity other than that and you for a long time. You told them. I tell them, but now he says you're lying and is still kind of defend him? I know I dont understand: can pack a lotta we had first of january. Six is a terrible day in our nations history, nobler than argue with that I said it thou day. Where are you now get out? How how culpable trump themselves right. Well, they seem to hesitate on that issue. I think that gets my data, have the balls to call John? They didn't subpoena donald trump, and then I'm going to like innovative, showed a hold on subpoenas longbill. They
do it with mahler the breathless mala report. We went on for three years that big died as with the knowledge estimating the impatient white and do not convicted in the senate. There, like a loser entirely round with the football every time with him. Oh the fda, and why that'll be the time that investigation goes away. But look what january. I will say now what I said on January sex get out. What are you doing? Why did you reach the capital there? Obviously, with criminal activity that day, and that should be prosecuted the everyday life, how to say january because obey the because on that day, apparently, he asked for his vice president to be met, now? How do you spin that that's that that is very important? I have seen that people are saying that people were threatening the life of the vice president. I'm sure there are great federal walls against that, but use that term
that speech on the south long where he said all those awful things about my answer and urge that rock is crowd digital running and did not look anything like hell, yeah right, with entirely foreseeable that that that that crowd was going to behave in a violent. May I, like longings, that's why you having hobbled on members of congress and the guys you have taken the view that public and members of congress asking what we're going to do about these people who might come in and try to do something violent to us Debbie. Let's go a conservative congresswoman! from arizona, was very concerned about and that's part of that's part of what made the investigation feel little bit of absurd in certain places, because this happened right thus we saw trump do this on television on January sexton. So it's like yeah. Now we have these reports that he said that he wanted my pants that that it was cool with them if they hang my pants, but he took these actions that clearly put the as president in physical danger, prohibiting days regrets, but let me refer to break the law record, the worst that this is a little knew. Did he said ten deserves it. Maybe
whether in reports that I worked with them for five years straight, I really want we hope on and what their let us trust someone who were there that ok, Let's then we find what I said. This is marking gun tape like there is with the call to the secretary of state of georgia, where he said. I need to find eleven thousand more votes I need to find eleven thousand more votes. Is that something that should prevent this man from ever running again or saying he wants to hang? vice president zedillo, meaning as they should be able to run again prepared at seventeen times at last by minute, holdout, that's what this is about. At least you admit it me. She said the quiet part out loud that meeting They gave you don't mind I presided in quiet from ever running again, shouldn t they hold on. They should just admit that they should say we have
Actually, no man with a plan in the white house repaying five dollars a gallon or gasoline into formula is nowhere granting loans granted that, let's just happens every single day to americans, though bill it's a real concern. Ok, it is one that gets started this year. I would like to talk about what we are really talking about now, which is donald trump miles. That's out and shall be, has been present in a year and a shrug healy to run again, given that also was not ad hoc. This was a plan, this is something else that came out. This wasn't and active. passion a crime passion this week premeditated why they had this seven point plan I think That's why they focused so much in the hearing on trying to establish that he knew that he had lost the election, that all of these people had told him. What what you told him that he did not win this election, because the day
in court filings? That committee has already suggested that they have sufficient evidence that the trunk committed a crime that he tried to obstruct unofficial, proceeding by trying to get my pants too outside of his constitutional duties and authorities and declined to count the electoral votes that would have given Joe Biden. When in the election based, they say that the department of justice could charge him for that, and so that you know that that case I don't know that its most important thing for the public, whether trump knew that he had lost or not, but that's important for establishing the crime. In order to show that the reacted, corruptly ass to have known that he was not entitled to the wind that he was seeking to obtain through the vice president, failing to count all the electoral vote. So that would be the thing the deal jake large around if there are going to bring criminal charges ain't that only if he believes that he lost well there. It is about ensuring we're coming up short before the December fort. the deadline and other people I am by the way I wrote it in my book along kind of guy said a year and a half ago and not under oath. I said it on page whatever and it's in there. But on this,
matter tell me why bill, even just today, bite in harrisburg big fund, raising letter to try raise money off the january ethics committee hearings. Why? Why are the demos in the new york times and elsewhere saying we hope this will energize our base because they know that the the more or less able to deal with all these things happen you try to gain a better link. Bidding gets how democracy works. Regional airlines often Jana that, although this is what you are good at this the side issue. That's not really what we're talking about money now that lets focus just for now on what the the issue is short donald trump, a man who did these crimes being to run again for president yes or no unless you prosecuting with heavy rhine hold, you're saying he do this- should be prosecuted as either not that guy with the hearings are. The hearings are not a court room if they went across the king with a crime they have.
Then I'd even calling him as a witness, but are they going to change the eager? Doesn't want you don't wanna be imagined Joe Biden attitude cannot uphold. This trumpet beat him because Joe Biden a terror, but this is a free again. Different issue will get to it. This is a precursor to what is apparently coming, hopefully from the justice department, which is to charge him with these crimes. This is what the committee He is doing, there's let their laying out this case. Am I wrong about that? That's what the committees is doing its clear that they would like the justice form of the charge it now. I don't. I don't know what the justice farmer is going to do. They're not supposed to talk about what their thinking about doing when they bring an indictment. We sought with James call me breaking that role. So I don't. I don't know whether their prosecute him or not. I mean the difficulty as kelly and points out is that you have to you have to convince the jury that he knew that he was not entitled to the thing that he was looking for and it's always difficult with donald trump to demonstrate. What Mental state was, he could believe anything basically, but it also its core.
For a jury they could knowing they could bring. The indictment would be up for italy when we legislate. Rotating hearings are not about that. They hired a hollywood, for they hide a news producer to make it a production, but there in that. Ok, but that pretend it certainly. No it wasn't valid that that's the footage is the footage written about it. You have paddling. I said that for a year- and I note with every day or my camera january, sick people are trying to pay their mortgages by guy o koyo immigrants. We were there. We go back to the gas prices, which has nothing to do with. It is every time I tell you what we'll just talking about gas price. We genuinely committees here in a court. Just I don't want to mislead people who are watching thing, that somehow you're saying he committed crimes Crimes in some able hydrogen execute that, but that's all
these hearings are well. They are there waiting, told yes, supine precursor to the to the accused by the justice department. He also met September with, it was flynn and giuliani and said they and talk to you martial law and seizing the voting machines and re running in the election. Again I mean come on you my weight about this and I in my book that they let charlatan after looking after showman in front of the resolute desk at a time when the president should have been focused on
Peaceful transfer power and bragging about his warriors are really. Why should I way, but why you're not sure? Why are you afraid of him beating bided cordially he's blind by american partners, see? I think there are three things he won the election. I did to read you completely I'd. Neither one of us knows what's eating the election that is incorrect, heaping be won the election. I feel that this matter again Is he still butter crazy, we're condition cracking here if they condition practice? Is that everybody with telling you came up shore or that you lost And- and he doesn't gave that, but but then why why
You want someone that delusional to be president slide to get all these people all these institutions to overturn the election. He went to the justice department. He went to sleep, rich areas estate, he went to state legislatures, he went to the court was laughed out of like fifty of them. He tried to get. I can t do it. He talked about more the law, the army. He tried every possible way you why the runway on their hatred, yet uniform thenardier was don't you believe in a country that this is averting. Honest, that's, ok, everything's, ok and I wrote a whole by nobody. Yet how can it be only to run again? I didn't we for people put me under oath to say it. I said it you didn't again against. I do not know what you mean to say with.
we should never be you and you guys want that guarantee be. Given that the current president thinks and don't tell me, is not the issue. If you aren't you about trump and a majority in america agree with you when they will be present and get down to your worried me, I am worried, designs, russia, majority, by lots of baggage patrol. There is otherwise a violating behind healers on the continent. Gastro hours ago we had energy independence. We a keystone pipeline recently in you when you totally against the ash, goes up and down a marker genes dollars a gallon its way out. I know you don't even know that is a more general issue than the mcnally, not we're, murdering, maybe not too rich people, but recently two words for paying. You only put only words people care about two miles. Why do men- and I use that? Maybe gas doesn't really matter matter- didn't say that I did it goes up and down with democracy, that's different. I mean her got into one forgotten: shouted, always my jam. They are hurting.
Right now under this economy, have a white house that won't even acknowledge the problem won't say We know, you're hurting, ok, give us a little at a time. Of course, if you insist on talking about only this desperate, getting guys you're only going to buy it. I guess, anyway, I added I hear questions about ethics and I wrote about in my book Well, isn't one summer travels these ms upon us to believe that the latter decided in expenditure should be. We will look into it.
I'm not going anywhere. As always as I do at this time of year. I look up on a wiki travel because it is a sorry, it's very revealing because they have travelled jobs for people going to every country, including people coming to this country. I think it says a lot about. What's going on in amerika, these some real ones from wiki travel. Don't don't offer bribes to police officers, Romania, is on countries that they regard being area. Ok merit coins, but not just the numerical value on the point again.
You know I can probably another everyone from wiki: don't wear a t shirt with confronting a decline in some places. It actually would be popular, but they just got here. Thank god, ok so, which, like yours them others that life is a great europe and america considered road to stare at people when their masturbating on the subway don't be offended. If they spell your name wrong on your coffee cup, they can't spell the american names, in LOS angeles, that parking lot were everyone leave. Their engine running is called a free. English is not the official language, but if you speak anything else, a white lady is going to get. You. Americans only use the metric system by drugs. That's a glass of years, a great housekeeping, upscale hotels, will often leave a chocolate on your pillar. It has nothing to do with member state or inappropriate in america to strike other people's children and believe me you're, going to want to re tipp best western, invest western plus the same thing and in amerika we call our fake housewives real house. The studies are filled with homeless tens. The government is broken, everyone hate each other, but americans will punch you have you don't agree? Is the greatest country in the world? Are there other issues?
finding better to ask what is meant by this january states began. I every danger. Ok, ok! But how goes up and down does not always weigh up. I asked why, yes, it is undermining embrasures poured out of your high people are learning. I argued greek language. We have in fact keepers effort when it we are protecting first supreme court is: why did chucks humor say cavanaugh? You will pay for this, look. I know we're relied on one. I weren't very concerned about that. They should all be predicted that I will be more of a case of media bias. Yes,
haven't seen the story. Somebody came to assassinate bread cabinet kidding, I'm ok, I'm even with me on this one. Ok and they start Ok, but he was for galifron you he could an inspired. My truck tumor said some very inflammatory words, the kind of thing that people on the right say and then there's a horrible shooting and they blame, and it is rather comparable and germany walking back nobody on the right ever doesn't he did. I saw this. He did. He said. Look we from Brooklyn, we speak too strongly each of them about how, oh you know, britain that they were talking about break in the com, is upset. The bread cabin is going to overturn rovers way, ok and his interesting upsetting then he wasn't doing enough or gun control and then shows up at guns to kill again local people to cook who thinks ok, the point is, I think your point about the
I would agree with is the new york I was buried. This yeah we're getting kind of being able to hold. This had been a liberal supreme court of justice that someone came to kill It would have been on the front page. That's what's a disappointing, because that is where the bias on their slaves and, if its not part at something, it leads our narrative fuck. It our task in front of aimee twenty berytus. Wherever there are seven children inside their protests in front of all that, kinda readjusted all the constitutional adjusted his home. Listen protesting is a part of them. it's our right. But when I turned deadly when people are threatening justices lies. I want to have tat protection. Every single senator voted in favour of the actual protection and its stock in the house. This is the kind of thing that Dr America, crazy, when washington can't is something as simple as pass, the law all that we should all agree with jackson bethought their security. This is, this is the right on the moon. its. They should pass this law I think in play,
there's another one think people are focused on. I don't think this is a huge, not january heck, know I'd, know I'd, I think generous ex important. I agree it is not going to be a dominant issuing the elections. I agree that there are still important doesn't mean it should ready, but I think it s her We all sensitive to police. The republican majority have for your leisure, ought week, four years ago to baseball practice by and by a politically. Man. Yes, I do worry about this and I think it's related to the perception that a lot of americans have where they they, they dont, think these institutions the legitimate anymore, and that creates the willingness that certain knotty people have to go and try to take but take matters into their own hands and to people, and I think, I think it's a really worrying trend in our in our politics- and I agree is not it's not
that's only limited to one side of the town and offended there that they say Ruth fantastic. They they hated doing this on behalf of the late shouted protest retreat, Vader Ginsburg the protesters are part of quote. We spent as she would never would have kinda awkward silence, gruner best friends with china's antonyms galicia. What are they? The protesters condone the violence either I mean I'm not, which is not to say that the protests in front a people's homes are wise, but I wouldn't I wouldn't inflate the protesters with this one guy who is trying to corporate cap or adult learning and interesting when you shot or would not complete them with him either maybe people defensive democrats little bit here, but it looks like there is a backlash to this kind of finished off Ebay. It's bad! Yes, I think it's going on and we saw this week some of these elections? I mentioned the monologue. De in san francisco. You know they taught
about, and they had tossed out the school board in temperatures for about a year ago. Ok, that's san Francisco, taken along behind it waiting a squeak hours together. One percent voted ok, but that's a good thing that a corrective from the left there saying this stuff is gone too far because again, I think january sex is very, very important and I think democracy is very important. But yes, it's not the stuff that close to home republicans appealed, on the sub closer to home, yours shipping in it Human face these on the street. You are stepping in it. Yes, that's going to get people to vote and the fact that gas, very high taxes, galloping recently right it's drugs and ended food in well. I read mobile park homes or the prices. I mean every when your price out of trailer living, it's not just gas. I mean an end to the president.
The blame this on the war in ukraine, the worn ukraine is part of what is driving the guys in reality. It is not it it's not the bulk of it. If not all of it, you have the you have the huge Fiscal response that we had to cover the government that is basically sent out too much money it gave consumers so much money they go out and try to spend beyond what the actual productive capacity the economy is in. The only thing that can happen, then, is the prices go up. I think the federal reserve didn't act quite quickly enough to realise that they take their foot off the gas start putting on the brake. They ve correct that on that nets. You know it's gotta be ex, but expensive. mortgage for some time because of asking to be little painful. That will push inflation. That public health is really important. I think that's a classic case fell josh of politics telling you don't believe what you see believe what we say and people will always go with what they say they like taken plainly about what a handsome, but they vote according to what affects them, and they see here in los angeles amethyst, go homelessness. arsenius up, I think here for
Karen vast very well respected african american congresswoman of many years, who also servants gate legislature to be kept under forty percent by richard. A billion years? Hang hundreds gonna go around. The city council declare homelessness in emergency and tackled the way business. I would I also think he's gonna higher eleven thousand more police officers and I think, to shore ears lesson to short years after the defined the policeman it didn't exactly pan out the way some people had planned. There's something do people rising off, even in these more quote liberal to these, while and saying enough, let's talk about a group lord on safety will mean we sought after nine eleven, that was the safety issue terrorism. Then it was covered whenever people feel channeling nature, I mean what's monkey box. Now that's bullshit, that they will get people joined up about that. Ok requests. It exists, But you're not gonna get it, I mean
if anyone's innovative, throwing meet. Why spreading among many website whose bucking a monkey human transitional? Ok, but it is not a whit level problem, but it is a real problem. People shouldn't dismiss it, especially if they have particular risks or ok. start hoarding bananas. Tomorrow, I can't I can't you monkey again. I mean this is too much else going on. I get the lock I just can't get into my device, but that the sixty one must have that's because you like, I feel, like the police, you know, I mean we let the police. We gather that the police shouldn't, the police are. We might want to move around funds, but the police, but I feel like since twenty twenty and the riots the george floored protest, they had a case of what we call it long blue lou.
Long covered. I feel like they had that blue. flew for quite a while. Then quit We are limiting everywhere. He did but also of police or doing a thankless job, and they really Actually thank for it. They really do and tell somebody- and I have a feeling- I know who this guy police through our greatest friends at the greatest people do whatever they want to do that. Guy is going to come along and I always nesting in your brains and he's gonna run again, not the presidency that the mayor of body not ably new go. But what look? Let me Let me say this about the police. I think folks want you. That's why Joe Biden has even saying I'm not for defending the police. We have to defend and fund our police. Let people do on our law enforcement to be more deeply respected and more generously resource that includes the military, veterans police and I'm not here to despair, and I think that they run toward.
the violence than the rest of us run away from it they run into yet I appraisement newbury burning buildings to save us, so I will always reach well. They didn't involved that I shouldn't get that's. Why did they always do they get with other public employees but like they often might not do their jobs? Well, like I mean even profitable like. A lot of people are kind, a lazy they do what were the easy thing: it is that they can do at work, and so I think not only was. It was an extreme example of this, but you know that a lot of the police, I think you're right have been- have been sort of slacking off now. It's it's a bad interaction with some of these Letty DA's, because what the police say as well. Why would I arrest this person for this when the dialogue in the charge that right, which is not a crazy thing to say out, intend in San francisco its last year? We have all this retail theft, california change the laws, only grand larceny, if it's over nine hundred, fifty dollars, you get these organised gangs, doing retail up in san francisco, and you have all these cod,
break ins and then what the police say is basically well. You know that does not get me a prosecution, and so there, it's a stable budget provided by abandoning idea, is coded he's really to empty the jails up to forty percent after covert and last year in San francisco, six hundred and forty people died of drug overdose is more than people died, of covert, adding people's people to balance eighty looked sentinels the number one killer. Eighteen, forty foiled in this country. What are you the d, a ruddy, the police, doing about but I think in San francisco, they're gonna need to deal with the mayors and appointed mediator, who will presumably be more aggressive and social. Basically, ok, ideas can charge more now there s a pity as to go out and actually, the force and arrests and that's on the mayor to make sure that happens. You'll see that works out there, but that's no goes to I gotta go. Thank you.
thank you very much, you too, I was our deeds posing online is moving photograph of a port ranger rescuing a baby elephant from drowning has to stop. Already we ve all seen it and, quite frankly, not so sure. That's what's going on here. Neural summers, explain why the rules for being around the royals are the same. The rules were running into dangerous wildlife. don't approach them, don't let them in the eye
right, don't turn your back on them, but if you make the mistake of bringing went home and never ends well, stop saying the saddest thing about this picture of a russian soldiers that make you think of the war in ukraine. thing is he's twenty two, That is why, while they walk right, one letting their freaked leg blights the people by this children, sex toy with a vague vagina in the heel must be monitored by the state.
I would have barely research council on this one. If you're trying to stick your dick into a flood you're, doing it wrong and think about the risks, they hurt basis to be rid of dry telephone, No well before you judge Courtney incarnations, brutality doctor who told her the best way to get prejudice to swallow drivers, barker seamen four times a week, I ve been mine. This is, her fertility doktor looks like
and finally neuro about? We live in an age of ober corporate responsibility where every large company in america bend over backwards to get on the politically correct side of every issue. Hollywood to tell us, why does not include gun violence? when liberals scream do something after a mass shooting. Why are we also dealing with the fact that the average american kids these two hundred thousand acts of violence on screens before the age of eighteen and that accordingly,
The fbi, one of the warning signs of a potential school shooter, is a fascination with violence filled, entertainment. It's hollywood is the weakest place on earth in every other area of social responsibility they intimate The coordinators on said, the chaperone. Sexy means a higher sensitivity. Readers to go through and edit scripts disney stood up to the door say gay law, another studio, when ten million dollars digitally remove cabin spacey burma movie. But when it comes to the unbridled, romantic, zation of gun, violence. Crickets way, the only thing we don't call a trigger is the one that actually has a trigger if you make a movie today, you can and show bullying fat, chimings lodge aiming girl, jason, gay baiting, ethnic stereotypes or underage hookups, where drinking is involved in what we used to call comedy
but but those things are bad and everyone knows you can't platform bad things. You know what you can still platform, one guy who's hero. Getting over a grudge by bowing down a multitude of human beings. because no impressionable young male, whatever imitate bad now the usual suspects on the far left will say that I'm delivering some sort of conservative rant here or than I'm undermining gun control. No, it's me there. It's just what's real,
pie chart of why mass shootings happened. It we don't know exactly how much of each of the pieces is responsible, but the major ones are don't help. That is broken young man who feel like losers and want the world to hurt like they do easy acts. Two guns, cancer, smart phones, which makes loser its failure, even worse, bullying and all the fake lives look better than theirs. And yes, yes Crazy amounts of gun, violence and movies and debate. We don't you, moving characters, smoking anymore because it might look cool and influence children, but. You're telling me these cool dude don't influence them, They said
the success of top gun maverick will be a great boost to navy pilot recruitment great, but there can't say it's just a movie went into this that was cool, it's not you and it's not. The idea presented over and over and over again that guns are the best solution, the life's problems. It's why Here I was using a gun, they call them action movies. They should call revenge. Will these, because that's what every one of them and theirs six similarity in the revenge fantasies, hollywood turns out and those of schools, sugars,
How long I wanted now coming nothing stopping heres a list of just the action that have vengeance in the title blindly engines bitter inscribe engine swayed vengeance, dark vengeance, fast, vengeance, blue vengeance, forced vengeance, hated vengeance, naked vengeance, acts of vengeance, deadly vengeance interventions, bounded vengeance, Pistola vengeance, straighter vengeance, angel of vengeance, menaced revenges women, vengeance, code, name, vengeance, board, vengeance, check box or vengeance, ninja, vengeance and taste
vengeance. My least favoured chinese restaurant vengeance has been more more ways than pets in sunglasses there's even more because I am vengeance, retaliation, even though retaliation means vengeance. Calling your movie, I'm pregnant, expecting getting revenge on them. That wrong is what happened. It's all that happens in movies that are made bore and loved by young man. It's the male version of getting your group back or middle street, getting it catch him,
like? Like every school shooter, our movie heroes, are grievance collectors and when it comes to action movies, there's one story: he's a nice guy, but they pushed him too far and now it's on they took my daughter. They killed my father. They killed my the answer they killed my family, my family. Again, they killed my party all of which doesn't just create a culture of violence, but a culture of justified violence. Liberals hated it when kalkerlate kyle written out, they hated him, but somehow the liberal capital of the world is ok with making five hundred movies about vigilantes one gun. People say it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. But then endlessly produce movies with that exact plot. Now
Thanks one guy now am I saying: don't make these movies? No, not at all. Ever for censorship or organizing society around what crazy people might do, but don't We in the eye and tell me this, isn't a big part of the problem. Every bad idea kid can get about how to handle feeling abused and disrespected is in all these these, including never did Phyllis cliche review are the good guy, the avenging angel, whose doing all the killing unit get shot and if you do it's nothing, how bad guys get shot movies. no,
this- is our heroes get shot it's nothing we must put a little gaza birthday plan. That's the message from the people of haiti guns, the loudest. Don't worry about them. If you get shot the worst that'll happen, as you might have been beside the ambulance with a blanket,
all right, that's our shall be at the soaring eagle, casino and unpleasant measure you and I think that the way to advertise Josh well, doktor could join us not over time. Thank you not only makes sense if we really want to make a move, venetian, mother and each bio dot com.
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