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Episode #346 (Originally aired 3/13/15)

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Episode #346 (Originally aired 3/13/15)
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Welcome to each year from each the only real time. Look. I am what a relief that you're in this gonna have a good mood. Thank you because this Friday, the thirteenth. Yes, If you're worried about black cats head over to the essay
returning at Opel Homo University was no black cats. There you hurt, you saw that story. Breaking news rat guys are huge assholes. I do miss this girl. I guess this return at each after the gloomy university. The S age happier pearly it's like this. You know in some other places, but I guess this is the I said they were chanting on a bus, something I guess that's been passed down this road for decades. I know I want discussed you with what the chant look, what the basic idea, but was they were congratulating themselves, what they would never be a black person at their fraternity at all the black people on,
We're like like any of us, would ever want to join your jockers wearing frisley, golfing, corny, corny and ass for to begin with now and other races news over in Ferguson, Missouri, the police chief. There did resign and and then they had a big protest see. This is what our is that you get what you want and then your protest. What do we want? just this one? Did we get it yesterday Because when you need to calm racial tensions in America who better to start talking, then Rudy, Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani was out there. Today I mean ice. I cannot make this shit up. He said that Obama is talking to black, people all wrong because of course, who would know better talk,
black people, Obama rooted Juliet. It can't make this really says about much of the black people more like the way bill cause. We thus only Rudy goods, he hates cereal, repressed and gulp. Yes, look one of the good ones, You can read all about. It embodies no book, the official creeps guide to other groups, but good news, ladies and gentlemen, the Republic party has a new star. He's Tom cotton. Thirty seven year old republican senator from Arkansas? Now, as you probably now the Obama administration than working for years on a nuclear deal with ran. We would lift the sanctions, they would not develop their nuclear programme while Tom. Wrote a letter to wear ran, signed by forty seven republican senators, which basically said
don't bother making a deal with our government and Obama, because one he's gone will just cancel real mature and on the second page it was just a picture. Obama, they drew Dixon, and, of course IRAN's reaction was rather swift. They said Republicans are behaving in a way that is only rude but condescending and stupid a move, welcome to our world. Speaking of stupid in gate has entered its second wake. Did you see how Aris Press conference that we owe it was she was defending her use of private them using a private email account and it was riveting television.
Considered someone in a bad mood, dogging about serving servers for an hour to be riveting television. You know it's not Really that complicated Hilary said yes, look. Looking back, I should have probably used to email accounts or do servers whatever one official and one for private. But I just wound up using one out of convenience. Same reason I stay, buried its executive metal, typical Clinton's Gay Rights day, one, they broke a rule, nobody ever heard of it exactly kosher, but it doesn't really affect anybody's like stage too a public and say that this rule was the keystone to our entire way of life? And if we let it go mad rush, more will explode at our guns will melt in our hands stage. Three, nothing happened
I want to ask: what do they think they are going to find in hill? Aris email choose the most boring person in the world do they really think you're gonna find one that says. I hate America and loves desiring and if they did, what would happen then Meanwhile, our state of California today announced that we have, as of today, one year of water left. So let's definite keep obsessing about emails, because it's only lock and water. Ladies and gentlemen, who cares about water apple? Is making a new? What are you gonna line up The I this the amazing technology lies, but you know the clock on your phone. They found a waiter strength, shrink it and put it on your wrist.
It is a wondrous time to be alive, This device is so amazing. I would remind you to make phone calls it will track. Your calories It will tell you when you need to exercise its like having a tight a jewish mother, strapped to your room. We get a great air time, rather than a little they rigging with my friends shown TAT is Baxter, I, firstly gas or civil rights activist featured in document or about sexual assault on campus called the hunting ground. Its invaders now from yours on CNN this war. Please welcome. Clark and Andrea Pino you know, I never have to will. Thank you very much.
Being here: you're documentaries, fantastic. I hope everybody says it is an important issue. Let's just by asking: why did you call it the hunting ground? Yes, so we weren't the only ones to have an opinion on this, but I think a very clear theme, without without the whole within the whole documentary, is the fact that its not just a mistake. It's not just sex gone wrong. You know you have these patterns of sexual assault on exactly know. Rapers is definitely a premeditated crime and, in these rapists can rape with impunity on campus. Ok, so let's just go to the numbers first, because I think this is what social there's two things that are shocking is the first one. What percentage of women to the studies show have been raped
on campus. Yes, oh the best statistics we have from the Department of Justice between one in four and one in five. Women are sexually assaulted on campus and that number is very high and it has been disputed. However, if we were to even say that statistics wrong- and it was one in twenty or one in a hundred imagine if one in a hundred students were shot or one in a hundred students had their lappel laptop stolen on campus. What would we be saying about that? So it's it's not even the issue of the numbers, it's about the issue itself the other shocking thing is that the college are so complicit in it. It reminded me I have to say of the catholic church that it's a damn thing
the reaction is enough to protect the victim. The reaction is to protect the institution. Why do you think that is slightly? I think, is the same thing you have and the military have sexual sought in a military or in the catholic church was in college campuses. You have institutions with no oversight who have that incentive to protect their reputation to keeping and bringing in donor money and have no real reason to protect the survivor? That's a lot of it. There is nothing in America that cannot be touched and corrupted by money, and I mean if the college gets a reputation for rape They're gonna have a hard time raising money and that's it's a business colleges or a business private business that wants to make money right what's up hard to sell rape on a college pressure,
Well, this is America actually something I wish you. No more parents and students, understood as if you have a number of zero sexual assaults are either means your schools, obviously under reporting it or it means students aren't comfortable coming forward. So I think the euro sexual assault report. It should be a red flag, not something that they should rod cat and something like forty percent of girlish is relatively good bye. Right from the thumb report. Zero percent have a real problem. They don't have a rate. It reminds me of when the present ever ran says there are no gaze in IRAN. Apparently, aren't anyway courts we killed, but also What really was amazing to me and I feel bad about- I guess it shows how I know that I am as such. A lot of what I saw this movie, I would have thought, was coming from the nineteen fifties like when someone reports raped councillors. People who you think would be sympathetic ear in the twenty first century
still a lot of were well, we drink that night what we are wearing a lot of the blame me for the victims, and I think I have a lot to do with the fact that we have this culture expectation that rape doesn't happen and safe places like college campuses that you know the rapist can't have a Harvard law degree, but that's not the case at all when I was also amazed that so many of the women in your movie said as horrible is the rape was. What was worse was, however, was treated after absolutely. I think you hear that across the country- and you know that institutional betrayal- you go to your school- that the police whomever you go to, that is supposed to protect you, and then they betray you. After something has you know, as often as sexual assault has happened yeah it's worth three traumatized thing and for me it was worth well. Let's go to the happy part of this really is one, which is that you do basically because you
ignore it at your campus, when you reported this. Learn how to be lawyers, you turned herself into a lawyer and a new one based on title. Nine title line has been used for decades, usually about sports in schools. Right, it's basically says a woman. As a right, everybody has a right to equal education and you said well yeah, but if I've been raped on campus, I don't have that right because I'm afraid to work to a night class, I'm afraid to go out at night. I can concentrate because the This is right in my classroom and and your winning these cases right now we are, so we're we're, hoping citys across the country file table mine, complain to the Department of Education will were seeing, as you have seen, and Sir nineteen twenty years old, taking onto a NEO universities and it's really inspiring, and I think it also sends a very clear message that if your schools not on that list, has been investigated, their necks
and ass, big and just because they're not on that list doesn't mean they don't have a problem, it might mean they just haven't men called out yet in what we are seeing. You know we have this collective action problem of university president's not willing to step up and take ownership of this issue. Like you said, forty percent of schools have been investigated case sprayed end, and it was only six percent of presidents who sent this issue was prevalent on their campus. So nobody is willing to step up and say we ve done wrong in the past, but were willing to work with you in the future, and so in the thing is to like it's not hard to file a title, my complaint and that's what I hope any any.
I didn't know young person watching realises- is that they do. You have the right to receive education and they can do exactly what we then- and this is a week when I would just mention the monologue. We saw the essay fraternity obviously doing suddenly horribly racist, but there mention prominently in your movie to permanently. This is all expect them their notice, sexually assault expert. And it struck me watching these guys on the bus chanting this racist, in that they actually would have been better off sexually assaulting somebody, and they got into big trouble for a racist, chant but The statistics show they probably would have gotten away with sexual assault. I think it's something like eighty eight percent of women don't even report this crime is that at the right number will you, say why, but that's what has to change right, I mean that's part of your programme is to try to get them to took to report the crime we want
If we want to see responses like back from university president's, because why is anyone get a report if they're gonna get to graduate with a rapist if they even graduate nothing happens to them? in others, more of a deterrent for coming forward than there is for committing a sexual assault, and I wish in the university president, that Opel homer that response would be repeated and other instances of racism and actual sought, because we know that chapter is not only racist fraternity and this country,
the great work you ve done, keep doing it. We thank you for your efforts made. Our panel has finally the colonists with it ass. You are view in a panel us down the Mclaughlin Group, Tom Rogan, hey time want them, and Lord she's, an investigative journalist and other of Stone Walled, my fight for truth against the forces, obstruction, intimidation and harassment in bomb is Washington, general. In Asia. Are you doing, impose many group better and cheaper and author of thrive, the third metric? redefining success in granting a wife of obeying wisdom and wondered. Is anyone write a book with a short time?
Of course you know, or as Mr Universe, nineteen anyone area Huffington number to follow. Me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and finish your overtime, proteins and again to the map of the show on HBO dad come on, We are once again this week. We are beckoned to talk about race in America and there is a bit of a fault line there, because on the rights. They have been saying for a long time that we are living in post racial America. Certainly this is what the Supreme Court, the conservatives and the Supreme Court said when
I thought it a couple of years ago that we do not need the Voting Rights ACT anymore. You hear it from the media people from legislators. Last week we had that report from Ferguson saying they were specifically targeting the black population this week, the S a chapter guys these are twenty year old, white, kids, chanting, horrible, racist things. What has to happen before the whole country gets gets it in their head that we are not living in post, racial America Shore and you can- and a place where there's a society where people don't have fought against other races or sexes or religions, and so on, so I'm not sure what it means to be purely post. Racial were definitely not in the place that we were in the nineteen fifties: priests of all rights era. Thoughts are one thing but tripling in shooting you remember true, but the unanimous reaction
this was the response was overwhelmingly. I didn't hear anybody defend the chanting and so on, which shows you that there is a unanimity. Well we're. Where does work and a lot of commentators? They blame it on rap music. But they didn't say, was right. They didn't say it was proper thing to do. They acknowledge this was something that should happen kind of a low board I'd also. Beyond that. I believe, if you look at the fact that, on the set fiftieth anniversary of the cell MA, am you bloody bridge horrible incident in which is part of american history? There wasn't a single republican presidential candidate who went there they chose to go to. I want and and neither John Ban are not rich Mcconnell went there suddenly an amazing moment to think that this body of Lincoln that claims to want to do outreach to minorities completely avoided
Selma and made us? I think I think one positive, though, is that as noted some settling and conservative media a lot of people doing articles but- said behind the scenes who actually with republican members of Congress and what the hell were. You thinking it's obvious at that level there is a perception deficit. Republican party suffers from. It is the body of law. And it has lost that with a lot of people. I think we have come a long way in the sense. If you compare, for example, number of minorities in senior levels of government, military intelligence services, private business even compared to Europe is positive, but yes, as we saw with the pretence. Despicable language, nobody, the despicable language other than the fact that there were people there sitting either quietly all kind of grinning.
I'm going to say is that these are the youth today, and I don't know this a long time ago that I went to college, but it was strange for me to come from a widely integrated world before I went to college and then to go to college and fine sororities and fraternities itself, segregate based on religion, sex and all these other things race as well aren't college camp. His work, the place where these things shouldn't be, how will you know we Greeks gave you fraternity censure already That's right. I think we have to take them back. I think you're basically get screwed it up After all, in an acronym intent on our current aid, we also gave you spoke nude Olympics. Remember that's how it started and really it was raised at the beginning of a new Delhi Big right now we kind of evolved, headed wedding clothes, which is particularly good during the winter Olympics
My point is that you're not fraternities? It's not just the races singing the sexual assault. Sixty people have died. Thirdly, the incidents in the last four years on we not one point, say. Why are we still justifying because there are also homophobic but they're, always putting things up their ass. It's always a hazing thing. Exhort alright well puts tragedy struck at as a Why is it so? This I thought I was gonna, be addressing that no one got fired in Ferguson for shooting a blanket. The people got five, wherefore the racist emails. It's always the emails in this country. Is that really worse than shooting the kid while, if, if even the p
we're looking the hardest. I think for evidence of racial wrongdoing couldn't find it. It would have been pretty hard to fire someone on that basis. I think they look very carefully and they found hard evidence in the emails that they apparently didn't find in the actual shooting incident. Ok, so there was two policemen were shot in the protest which don't think anyone thinks is a good thing, but I saw a conservative commentators blame Eric holder for this than the rhetoric the grid. Could I just say it's the fault of the shooter one would ever going to look deeper than that. I noticed I think it was the police chief in Saint Louis, who said these. These policemen were specifically targeted. Wasn't yeah, that's what was going on in the entire black community. It wasn't random, they were being specifically targeted, So if we again, no one is condoning this. We don't want to shoot policemen
what of the shooter, but underneath that, if we're gonna look for the second layer of blame, I gotta say it's the cops themselves. Look in the mirror, the courts in America, the justice system. This is the sergeant now, I'm just There were, I think there are two positive that come in a recent number. One is the fact that it is coming so much on more onto the radar, the media coverage. People are engaged with it. It's something people. Finally, I think come to terms with that. It's a major issue, but the second point which is just beginning to develop its police body cameras, and I think that will have a sea change in impact because frankly, the bad offices, the small minority, are gonna, be pushed out because they- Can I get either sued or there's gonna? Be a federal investigation brought against them by the Justice Department when they have that forensic evidence from a legal point of view, That's pretty undeniable. If you can bring that to the table so as weak. I think the next few years ago to be much more positive, that is not to say, though, where things have happened. They are clearly just there not just terrible that catastrophic, because they reflect a social.
Do we doing now have the police sewers. Do we know the motives? I mean we can assume some motives and we can look at the bigger picture, but do we really now have they been interviewed and talk to last time I look, they haven't been captured. How would they know what the motive worse Having won in order. I point: let me take a wild guess people in the area who wanted issue. Let me let me I let me take a while agreeing all right. So does anyone? I think, one familiar with a republican strategies, name Rick Wealth and I never heard of him, but he wrote on politico about that. Mary email scandal he said stay out of the way of Hillary gluttons email fiasco, let's speak more and sorrow than anger he sang. Basically, this is a giant problem for her. I feel like they're in the bubble again that You know that in the bubble, Hillary Clinton is this lawless monster. Who was all
state out of jail by sheer luck. And yet the pole came out today, it said he's trouncing, all eleven republican people who they think might run the present? What do you think about it? The problem is not so much the maize. It's the way that he lady responds to the press. There is that sense that somehow the press is always out to get her and she could not stand it. I mean you could say that the press com, some issues so pissed at them, and I could not disagree more. You could not absolutely not looked like someone who just is used taken her beating like a man. And I thought when I watch- I thought this is going to serve her well, because that's what
Eric is all about it's not about issues is just. Can you take your beating over stupid, infantile, bullshit from our stupid, infantile, pray, and she said yes, I can. I can you up the show me where to look this way. She kept repeating convenience convenience convenience. The way she worked as though she would rather be and anywhere else, but a lot more money, but more than that is the fact that, She really needs to realise that's how the press is going to be of glory if I dont want to argue from my perspective as a journalist, not politically about who's gonna run and what it does to her. It is important to me in looking at the perspective of transparency and openness. I think that- you know, should have an available sooner. I dont think they were handled properly. I filed a freedom of Information ACT request for them that would have cover them back and twenty twelve and clearly they didn't do a proper search.
Then you can dismiss certain say who cares and not important, but just from the standpoint of openness and transparency in what the public's entitled to see. That's what concerns me- and I do think it's about that. You know, but there is kind of a whispered care baby brother, which I find very sleazy This idea put out there on the right that hey we're not saying that Hilary is part of our kind of We're just saying that if we don't reader emails will never really. I don't need it. When I was anxious when I spoke to a whit, we're just gets a little suspicious, you will let us don't go in the thing. I think we may have a New York Times breaking the story. On behalf, I guess I think they're too. The real issue here that there are a problem I mean number. One is not just that MRS Clinton used to personally email is the fact that the physical mainframe, the server, was in a private residence,
the foreign intelligence services that former secretary of state, if they knew that which they may well. If that's a gold mine you get in there, you gain access to it. The! U S. Government does it all the time abroad see I've foreign operations and potentially you can access and very import material, weathers relationship in Iraq. So this day she didn't handle it perfectly normal ass. There was no one good piece of news, which is that it pushed Benghazi down to the second threat. But don't you understand? That's what's emails when they finally get those emails, it's going to say I hate America Attack, Benghazi, would said something everything she said you know I want to simplify that's what her eggs use was convenient. I totally relate to that and I think secretary of state arrived with this. We did this this, I watched came out and I thought
Do I need another device that I have the plug it at night? Another thing that the Russians can hack- you know I mean I haven't apple- has been brilliant at marketing things that we never know we needed. We didn't know we needed the Ipad in the Ipod and the phone, and then we did. I think they ve gone one bridge to forward this. When I don't think I'm ever going to need this, the thing that they say the things it monitors your heart rate they monitor by growth rates. I get it on my heart's. Fine. When I feel like it, you know. Flowing out of my chest. I'll stop doing boiled now. I was naturally I agree with you about the I watch. But my reason for not wanting- and I watch is because the idea of having perpetual notifications from every time you get it next, I may mean doing, not arise. My concern is that the Eu Steve Jobs
actually had an I watch. Maybe he would never have invented apple because he honour. I said that his best ideas came after then meditation he's out. After you could put on his distractions, and really by himself we have become might acid and the difference is that that was great. I think I think apples difficulty is that the reaction to this is that it be. It hasn't been seen as that kind of pivotal moment, where its generated a huge amount of bars enormous, like I've gotta go on, get one right now than anybody out there trying to go in a circle, and we convince us that stuff that we got past and we ve invented better stuff about that. We need again there now selling bigger phones. I thought they were trying to get the phones, rural, tiny, and now they want big screens, and now they want us to weigh watches exactly what they do with clothes. Why blocked
how small lapel skinny ties fact eyes, because they want to sell your new shit. People fall for it is much more problematic because we have reached the point where this power is the only place where a kind of what can be alone without that's. Why that for some of the best ideas, the shower with my back any minute now the I watch is going to be shower prove to be the end of that. Do you know that twenty four kind of young people actually use a smartphone during sex
for some survey that I thought only believe in and get married refugee. What are you doing you, meaning that they are checking tax, a name names during sex because you know go on sex right? Sellers do boring, but now imagine with I want you will be so much easier. You know you can just look like that. Nobody, you can't fool for everything the hopping imposed tries to get anyway. I mentioned in my view that the Republican Party has a new Start Tom Cotton, because he wrote this letter, disk selecting Obama very is thirty: seven years old and you know nothing works for the Republicans, like disrespecting Obama and, of course, like two days after he did. This Fox news is all about This guy should be run for president yesterday, but he has come
a petition in the Republican Party. Apparently there's a guy, cleanest, Mechlin Talk was running and in Iowa and we got a hold of his campaign? Would you like to see it? But please because some people think disrespect and Is it an Obama means wagon your finger into space or screen You lie in one speech of that right now. Hitherto the mullahs in IRAN but of entities, people ever moon. The presidential motorcade play this game Atlanta not to want to break down more barriers. This administration, Joe bad, but a flaming bag, appear on the White Ass tat. I want
the sun on the president's back. That said, aunt outcries aspect in this matter not apologise. Whenever I sent an e mail about that in racist and at the receiving line of reasoning, state dinner kicked Obama right in and out among for me, please dynamic, Linda, because when the White House phone rings agree, I am well they probably the crank call in Obama greatest the by play.
My generation has correctly stars in the new film, the gunman opening on March. Twenty of John plan- now I forgot to I- should imagine there you were asked her. What are you have to ask you? Where do you keep them? I like to ask actor too about the Oscars where it. Where do you keep your asker shown? I knew what they were in a few days ago, some showing the house. So I m you're selling your. How am I showed nosey the offer But where did you used to keep them is a closet, dining room, so your ear Oscars or in a closet, unlike some of the actors in this down? So I was reading your resume may issue on. You are amazing,
probably done more than any other human being for Haiti and the situation there. We all remember you and the rubber Katrina. When people were drowning marry you are helping them. He went to Pakistan after the floods. There you got there. Job Jacob, ah striker, the guy wooden shut up that night at your house. Single have they got him out of prison in Bolivia, wouldn't say single handedly well, but you gotta mount we're happiest income and here also an actor now shown you do realise that there is no Heaven. So all these we're? Gonna have to be their own reward, Eliza! That's why I'm collecting them now? Will you ready wrote something it arose entered something interesting in the Uk Esquire this week when you're talking about going to all these places. These unfortunate laces- and you said I have expired the very strong ego,
those worlds and it doesn't play which is a great feeling. What is that what you mean by that? Well, I think that you know I. I think there is a level of truth and self effacement to it on a personal side, but the that that which we carry. If we come from a country of relative comfort and go into circumstances where most of the people have never seen or experienced comfort on any less, that one one learns to carry themselves in a way that starts to feel very liberating from the white noise we create for ourselves here and I don't care who you are right, that happened. It's also like that also I ate them. You do yeah. I think there's this this thing and I in it and it certainly impacts policy decisions which is a lack of perspective, a lack of context, and so the way
That we would typically assume our call a culture to most benefit those things we would even assume create happiness and so on. We do it with you know, with the expectation of the of the West and of America and when you travel, and you see the diversity of need or the diversity of the way people experience those needs and the kinds of what actually creates what politics should be defining, which is quality of life. There there it it kind of clarifies for you what to be looking for in your own life here. I think that that's been probably the greatest benefit of How do I know that thing written Backtalk about gives Yo Yo and that's what the things you know, President Bush from principle having been one of the great poster children of lack of curiosity, who
virtually the muses Passport, and we have only about. I think there are only about thirty percent of Americans who carry who have passed right. They don't need em. Why should you charge agree it is a country in the world Why would I want to go anywhere else here with some of its economic and court or number one whenever they looked it up, but it feels right. I hope. That's not true. I'm pledges Mcluhan shocked by the way, so right now I want to relate this little bit to something we both care. But before I do, I should not forget to plug your move because I watch it does we get it's really great, the gunman? It's either what room we have like a seven these movie, and I say I hope you consider that a compliment I do it is a compliment because it's like a thriller action, thriller, but its intelligent. You know it's not like so many of these movies that are just people and you do get a lot of paper, which is great I've, never seen you shall take for its clip.
Did you enjoy killing people? I did someone help because we all have restoration, but it it's really of entertaining movie. Are you happy adds choir as the this director, Pierre Morel, has a very deaf tend in this territory? Is from making tear it right? He did the Lamb nation that taken tiger franchise, so you know there's going to be some bad ass, that's right! Ok, all so. I really want to relate this this. What you would just saying back to something that is very dear to my heart, which is political correctness, because you said at the Oscars texted you. I love this when you gave out the best director whispered there. What's his name, our hundreds analysing elite, yes, ok and use the son of a bitch agree. Guard. And, of course you got worlds of shit and I just feel like we're.
Living in this country now, where no one can make a joke, no one Don't have any new ones that what they say that we are just constantly hounded by the politically correct assholes out there who want to turn this country into a a place that I don't want to live in yeah. I think I think what it is we ve got. The town hall has been expanded with the internet with twitter and all of the social media A lot of that is good, it's as good as those who listen and bring compromise and bring solutions to town halls. But, as we know, most town halls are dominated by those that want I hear the sound of their own voice, and so it gives them something to do. I don't think it's worse than religion, it's about still another year
maybe, but I see here's where I'm trying to related. When I read those things that you did you you'd want to Katrina you into Pakistan, you went to Haiti, you actually are somebody who does something I think most of these people on the internet. They ve never done anything good in their life and they want to. Like there, the good people and the way they feel like there. The good people is, they find somebody who's, the bad people, I'm a good person. I got rid of Donald Sterling. What a great victory Are you mad at? I think there's also become a kind of common sense connection with that which will find a support group. So people when there were twins I would just used and whether or not it's in an ironic context. If it's the latch, honourable, in terms that criticism there. They will go there because they know they are joining a family and a gang rape and they'll have approval for a moment and feel right. So you, you ve been do Iraq and IRAN. Rent
talk about a ran. Let's all talk about IRAN. There there's a question. That's been asked since the Republicans took over, which is, can they govern? I would say no and this letter to the iranian leadership that was sent by the forty seven Republicans. This week I mean was called by not just liberals. The Daily NEWS called it to traders, The university, the Senate Historians Office looked into trying to fight another example where one party was trying to deal with the phone policy against the policy of the present they could not. If this was a democratic press Congress doing this to a republican president. Can you guys honestly tell me I can not overnight,
I think that what I was mistaken, I tell you not see Pelosi as speaker of the house. Two thousand seven would Bashar Al Assad and Syrian Damascus said the Damascus is the road to peace, as the syrian regime, was providing essentially safe haven. Talk Guide in Iraq, sells it were killing American. So do you think that's it equivalent? I guess. Because the house I do yes, I do. I do don't defend the letter, but I do think you're speaker the house, your third, in line to the presidency, and you go in Charlotte AL who was killed, hundreds of thousands of innocent donations What stage on our ally of better known? What years two thousand seven in a situation where even John my game has acknowledged. This was a mistake. This is a situation John, my game said that there were hurry there's a snowstorm there were, trying to get home so there's a kind of sign, just love it. So it's not even the people who signed it
finding it anymore businesses out of a nightmare situation, which I think absolutely proves that Republicans are not ready to go I think, you're going to disagree with me. Go ahead and say, I feel, like you could argue with both ways and I can see arguments on both sides, but I feel like what they did as a co. Equal branch of government is equivalent to what the president did in deciding he a moral imperative to go it alone on things that are important to hand. The Congress may not agree with you either the president is rife in doing that, and that Congress did the same thing that they have an equal right or you think that Congress is wrong and that the President, as a co, equal branch of government also should be wrong to take that and I live in this case there, not a quick word branch of government a clear that they got it wrong, that ours is a coverlet ransoms admin executives. The Senate does not ratify treat this. You know they said that they got rid of training there just getting, thereby adding their lobby, which was wrong
William giving Clinton. Was at Oxford and projecting the Vietnam WAR and then later ran for presenting the United States, they said that he was a trader for protesting from foreign chores and the mobile that letter arrived in Tehran. They were protesting from foreign shores and in fact, under their there. I think that where we should be looking at. This is not in terms of treason but mutiny, and, I think, put perhaps this person I mean I sell Lindsey. Graham, I think I made the press one of those chosen. They asked him if he feared ran more than ISIS and he clutched his pearls, as he always had said. Absolutely it's not even close, and this idea that ran is not just an adversary but the incarnation of evil at an enemy nodded and an enemy forever
and I just think that wrong- I mean I don't I not naive about around. They do some crazy, almost always muslim shit. Vice, has a great episode coming up about gaze and ran. I mentioned there their illegal, they hang them and therefore, what's a gay people what's the solution, they have a sex change operation. There's there's a solution being gay cut your dick off, ok, but lots of muslim countries do shit like that. It's not a deal breaker for American Saudi Arabia. Lots of other blatant. This idea that around which also unlike many Muslim, countries has a sophisticated population that we could bring over to a more reasonable place this to treat them the way we treat them just seen, terribly wrong and stupid. My hiding, Why is anybody still listening to Lindsey Ground Island
It is they who like. Why is there? No studies of limitations on stupidity right, I'm going back. There isn't going back to two thousand and three I went back and so what you are saying on meat, the press then, and here so we're leaving their war? He kept saying of bars. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, always aims. Bastard. He saying now by the IRAN without any reservation human saying about Iraq and she doesn't see the connection between what we did in rock and how that strengthened, IRAN, and how far is the way that I say it was worth? was created was because of the complete failure of having a political solution in new. As we come to this country, I am sceptical about the nuclear deal, but the military option. I think it's real. I think it has to be considered. I know a lot of people don't, but it's a bad option. Ultimately, if we can get diplomacy what we should try that, because they are
one thing when he was a boss, but that doesn't mean- and I know you're saying it as well- that unit be astute to IRAN's relationship, but that the iranian political strategy, as much as we should actually be trying to empower there's people under thirty the educated connected with the West population of IRAN. We also have to be astute to the hardline Emmy Customs Alimony, who is the leader of the goods force iranian revolutionary guards, external action in Iraq. At the moment, they essentially have displaced the government in Iraq that they are attempting to expand their frontiers. You see what they do in Beirut, for example car bombing politicians. You don't agree with the problem that that causes and white relates back to us and is not just a Muslim on muslim issue. Is that it feeds into the narrative that empowers groups?
the islamic State, Al Qaeda, because you feed soon a sense of sunni disenfranchisement, so they go to war and there's the nuclear. That's that's already happened. I mean that the line in the letter that got the Iranians very angry was you may not fully understand our constitutional system very condescending. They do. People who don't are the Republicans in our own market will be spent a whole day before I saw him it doesn't understand ISIS, he doesn't get it that the people, who were fighting now basically honours I got the Iranians we're both fighting ices, the people who are trying to take over too it's mostly uranium soldiers, the general is right there they are trying to take it over the like of infinite. Exactly but to see us invading, I know, but IRAN, but they won't stop there. That's the problem that is They have a really out of Saddam Hussein and then you,
I would remind you that, but that is a line of argument that do you unleash. The bottom of the problem is that the implication of this letter is that, if those in public and in the White House next they're going to go to war, we re and there is absolutely no accountability for how they want to pay for it or what man, it's like it's- who spend about four trillion dollars on the two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention what we are spending on defence. So now we like it or not, we want to ask them. How are you going to pay for war with Iraq now that there is not North Korea? They have more with Nike stores, you. Ve been there right. Maybe it onto the Nike Store North Korea, now not North Korea, but our ran. I know people have been it's not in fact gates account. That, during the time of the Iraq war, where they live, a million a rare, principally men and they can
and out of a population of about fifty fifty five million at that time that an enormous number and it's really where the division line is in the generations. So now The Israelis and some of these members of Congress will often say these are the least trustworthy that the press, there, because the generation of incredible a progressive thinking, some of the most progressive thinking terms of separation of church and state? You will ever find is in the young people on Turann University and the latter, and and enable us to alienate that right and military option. Of course a military. Option is always proceed very dangerously perceived. As a a winnable military option, but in this case course we also talking about something that is much bigger than the conversation. The ices verses it lasted. Finally has to do with regional dynamics and nuclear proliferation issues. If there was
There is, then boys decide to do it again in Mumbai about soup nuclear countries against each other. So when you have an executive branch, much more worrying go shading on that highest level. For forty seven senators to do this is to risk our children's lives. It is time for a stable euro. You don't have to ask me if I want to skip this ad, hello, I'm at work comes bending all morning watching porn russian car crash videos in a turtle fucking issue, and you expect me to take time out of my busy data watch. Your add you see the irony.
New role, secret service agents are going to get drunk and crash their car into the White House at least have to try to one of the nuts jumping the fence. I don't know, what's more embarrassing, the accident itself or the fact that they were so drunk, they accidently, like their hookers in the car, nor name your baby Gary last year, the more than four hundred and fifty boys in America, and only twenty eight in England, where Gary, it's almost extinct, Gary, carries the guy and enterprise evaporated due to a Chevy, Malibu the road you check the my eggs at the White snake reunion for and who fled to South EAST Asia. We could continue having sex with under age girls Gary Glitter,
Mary, it's a great name. Do a thing about it. No role in order to advance the cause of racial progress in America, the police have to shoot an arm white plan. Doesn't matter how just pull up to a pizza coffee being asked. First guy, using coming out the daughter, Roby bade for that dry de LA day I money reaches in his pocket. Further received, kill him. I mean it's not like you had a choice. It could have been going for a gun, now that apple is selling a seventeen thousand dollar version of their new? I want they have to start making cocoa
they can call it I blow I blow you'll, wonder how you ever got anything done without it. And finally neural someone asked to explain to me why Republicans believed that not working and getting free money, you know like the takers, is the worst most corrupting thing that ever happened to a person except if you're, rich, The very first thing our new Republican Congress tried to do is get rid of any tax on inherited wealth, which they call the death tax, although really what better time is there to pay its then, when you're dead, we have to understand that and the estate tax used to be pretty high, but then President
George W Bush came along and worked tirelessly to make sure that rich, I don't trust. Fund brats got every country that was going to them. I wonder where he got the idea to reward dumb ass, easily drop their dad success. It is true that there is one thing that really chaps the conservative ass. It's the idea of peace, getting money for nothing and checks for free, Paul Ryan says we have a culture of men, not working generations of men, not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work. Yes, so true, like, for example, this douche bag. This is the youngest heir to the Hilton hotel Fortune, piracy Milton's brother Conrad hues
face built, who who last year It was on a flight from London when he get this tried to small part and cigarettes up to twenty times in the bathroom disabled. The smoke detector physically fought with the flight crew and then told them. I can get you all fired and fight minutes. I know your boss and when told he was upsetting, the other passengers said I will own fucking anyone on this flight. They are fucking peasants and when the crew finally physically restrain him, he said my father will pay this out, he's done it before. Can I make you think why can't we book this kid
Malaysia Airline and with what you say, but Bell every kid who inherits money doesn't become and entitled jerk. Let me give you two names Don Trot, who once said what I found morally offensive about welfare dependency. Is it robs people of the Jed's? They will prove again. So true, Republicans are right not having to work and getting free money does mess people up. That's why they loved each other might work the virtue of work. The right to work work there the dignity that comes with work. In fact, there's only one thing, conservatives believe in more than work and that's the God given right of rich people to leave all their money to their kids, so they
We have to work and they and their life, I think about it. Republicans are on board with taxing people's income, their investments, property, food, gas, buzek, cigarette everything, by even your retirement. Those are all ok, but the one thing that must remain tax free is money fall from the sky and lands in the lap of FUCK face Hilton, but you if the tough love of cut nah free money for the poor is the right thing to do. How can we stand by and do any less for the Conrad Hilton of the world? they ve, never known the dignity of work either shouldn't we be helping them by taxing inheritance at one,
precisely what about poor Kiley Jenner when she turned sixteen, she got a hundred and twenty five thousand dollar Mercedes and crashed There's some other motorists who didn't understand you was in a hurry, and here she is this week, a month after her fathers deadly accident texting while driving theirs. Got to be some way to get her off the road and into a minimum wage job at hot dog. On a stick. There is little Ethan cow Cheese, the Texas teenager, who killed for pedestrians while driving, drunk and pled. I'm not kidding about this a condition called affluence, yes affluence, which basically says he didn't know boundaries, because his rich parents didn't give him any and at work
He got off so ask your doctor. If being rich is right for you, you folks, that's our shouted. The also reforming our sex sand centre at the age of seven Dreyfus, the performing arts and less Maidstone guaranteed. I wanna thank time. Rogan Chirac is in that area to hydrogen dryness overtime. Pay you episodes in real time, almost every Friday night or watching. No one to me the more modern age, but I come.
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