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Episode #350 (Originally aired 4/17/15)

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Episode #350 (Originally aired 4/17/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time. You should ask
look you're. So many somebody new candidates to get
It is like every week now, another week, another kindred this week. Everybody ready for Marco Rubio, yet are all saying you know he sprang. She's knew also looks like it could be Hilary. Poor boy, well nobody's got every step, you know he's got thing than his thing is I'm alone, I'm no impression on boys went and grew red, green eggs and have a lessons going now the other day I swear to God. He proclaimed yesterday's over. Spoken, deep man. Ok, you noise. Slogan is a new american century, but he's against abortion in all situations against gay marriage against immigration, reform against legalizing part against clean energy development, its
a lot like the old century. To me you know what I am not a big fan of Mr Chris Christie, but at least he is talking about real problems. He was in New Hampshire this week talking to a room full of all white people and he said we have to cut your social security benefits and raise the retirement age. I mean you gotta admit he has balls, yes and seen them in thirty years, but he chose this week as we had tax day. We all had to pay our taxes on Wednesday. I know, but something else really important happened on tax day in the labour movement you may not have heard. About it because Hilary ADA Burrito when Iowa
contacts a fast food workers went on strike in two hundred and thirty cities around the country? Yeah, it's a big deal trying to get a fifteen dollars an hour work fee, which is the least that you need to live on the right to form a union. Did they want better employee healthcare plan right now? Their health care plan is, don't you good. We make cars. The fast food chains are all saying it off. We raise wages, we're gonna have to charge more unused, cheaper, radiance. Could you really?
Have you tried the MC hamster? Don't worry? Congress felt the minimum wage workers pain, and this week they passed a bold new plan to completely eliminate the inheritance tax on the super rich. How did this happen? In a democracy? How does John Banner look at himself in the mirror when he is varnishing his face. I mean people working for eight dollars an hour and the other people who are supposed to represent everyone. The same people who never shut up about the deficit. Just voted a twenty billion dollar hole in the budget to go to five thousand club kid with a trust fund, but the guy who landed on the capital in the gyro cop through things which you get the money at a biologics, he's the knot
not in my book when you talk about this inheritance tax, which goes to like five thousand people. This is where conservatism, what about family farmers? Well, the last time they measure this in twenty thirteen of those five thousand millionaires and billionaires who pay the estate tax farmers, twenty twenty farmers paid twenty for Americans have been to the moon. More astronauts have been to the moon, then farmers who paid the inheritance tax there there are more people,
on the war tank white guys in the extended them all these trees. I'd tell you the american capacity, distract ourselves from the real issues like people starving with bull shit like this week, I see the I won't serve gay people. Movement gatherings The first was just I won't give them a wedding ethic and with pizza parlors this we get this car repair shop in Michigan Guy says now: I'm not gonna. Do it it's a christian, auto shop,
if you have a transmission, that's possessed by demons. This is the place to go well. There was a positive story on the flip side of that, a Jesuit priest that spoke Frank's order. The Jesuits in San Francisco came out as gay. That's happened before in the catholic church, but this is new unprecedented. He has to be full blessing of his superiors. This never happened before. They accepting of em the other fighting to see who gets to be his room, so it was another every week shall we say for the police we saw a new wrinkle in apprehending suspect. You see the cop who, just ran down a guy, you seek jumps,
the curb were those Garren runs and down. This was in Arizona where to be fair, it says right on the police, cars to protect and swerve. And in Oklahoma used so that one day seventy three year old, volunteer hobby sheriff thought he was teasing a guy but accidentally shot em. You might have thought
the remote in his hand, what we ve had resigned hands, don't shoot. We ve had back turned. Don't you know, we have a good idea to take grandpa right along. Don't this is the funds during the week. This is really true. Megan. This up scientists say they have a new treatment for a reptile dysfunction. It involves a drug that gives you would need. Your penis is exposed two blue white
Missing things could get pretty weird Kmart we get a great shout near at hand and a little and speaking with play ache. It is back stage when she was at Times investigative rapporteur for twenty eight years and new member about the Iraq war, Valerie, blame and much more is called the story report is journey. Please welcome. Do Miller? I call you Judy how you doing. I see you were a republican coat, I didn't realize they love the dog is dead. Now it's bank, I don't see colors very well so we're gonna course talk about Iraq because you are so involved in that. But first, let's talk about as politicians say so always about the future and the you're, worried about is around.
There were going there now but say it's two years from now. President dead crews is in office and their bit
the drums for work, as I hear it already there talking about IRAN's nuclear weapons programme. Even though no one has ever said, they actually have a nuclear weapons programme. What would your advice be to a young reporter who was covering this and who might have suspected the administration was trying to sell this war, try and find out whether or not IRAN has nuclear weapons programme and try and find out what the arguments against that I and be skeptical of everything you hear from all sides. Did you do that? Yes, I do. I am gap. Salute ok! Well, I read politicians lie, you know the hash. Of course they do. But reporters you know we're supposed to tell us when their loyalty intelligence community is what politicians depend on to tell them the truth, and the real problem with this bill was that they got very, very bad information from their intelligence community and these people work very hard and
they are not by and large any illogical and just got it wrong. Ok, but I mean, if I could quote from your Wall Street Journal article that erode blogging your book. You should know this was being you're being sarcastic. You said I took american war in Iraq. It was all me ass, Obviously, a lot of people didn't know that was heart seriously seriously. I got a lot of people saying. Thank you for finding a final, acknowledging and an eye, and I said well tell our foes. Do you really mean what we say just stupid gut? but they never. He shouted. I didn't want to harm the credit I wanted to create a little to the present in the United States. I mean well ok, but here's what you also said, and this is also your being Sarka. Well, ok.
I had some help from a pushes. Vice President Dick Cheney, there was George W Bush a gullible president who wanted to avenge his father, then say, and don't forget the NEO conservatives who cherry picked intelligence about a rat, Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and set it to reporters me, and then you say, none of these assertions happens to be true. The reason I might have some trouble, Their credibility is that I think all these assertions are true, I think Dick Cheney is to Phillycious George Bush's gullible. I think he was trying to avenge his father. I think neocons comes. Did Jerry, pick intelligence? Why
I believe you have? I don't believe any of these assertions because the information I got from the intelligence community as opposed to those who wanted to go to war, every administration has hawks and doves hawks and pragmatists, but the information they got was with high confidence that Saddam Hussein had biological and chemical weapons and moderate conference confidence that he did not yet have a nuclear weapon. Now, if you're, the president or the vice president in charge of securing the country after nine eleven and you ve had an anthrax attack that has killed people and shut down post office boy- oh no! No! No! But if you ve had all that and you are responsible for the country and the intelligence community says hey,
this guy really bad seventeen new and resolutions complaining about his lack of candour in his lack of complying with the problems, and we are going to believe that we all know is a big, but the world is full of good. Goes right, may not all with WMD which, of course he didn't have you made that point I think I soldiers I was covering made that point. Of course, and look I take your point when you say you were singled out, that's true there you're, thirdly, the only want. First of all, you had editors who printed your stories there. At the final say, you had by lines that you shared with other people and somehow you're the only one in the picture, so I am sympathetic to that when I'm not a sympathetic to is the idea that nobody else was saying we shouldn't go to war people
many people were sang and there were many many articles about the people who didn't want to go to war and why they didn't want to go to war, but that wasn't what I was responsible for come covering. I. I really believe that there were a lot of people who felt even if Saddam Hussein had WMD, we shouldn't go to war and there were debates about and homes would you have been more sceptical about my couldn't have been more sceptic rule. I was more sceptical. I every time I got information. And the contradicted something we had reported. I went back and did it a second story or sometimes, but those articles in the New York Times did scare alot of people while for good rate limit limit. Let me quote one thing you you should: I wreck could try to disperse the biological agents by using aircraft or unmanned drones. The germs could be dropped in a bar, were spread in the air. Finally, biological agents could,
he delivered against civilian targets by iraqi age. You all that could happen. Mommy's could fly out my bought, but to say that at that moment it scared people and, of course, is a special place where the New York Times has in this, which, as you know for liberals, the New York Times This is the place that was Nixon's nemesis printed, the Pentagon papers. So when they say something like this, it carries a different wait. You under you appreciate that's absolutely, but first of all the New York Times was not alone, almost every paper in the great railways reporting this and network. But beyond that, this information was coming from the men and women who had gotten Osama Bin Laden right who understood that the country was vulnerable to a biological weapons attack. I was relying on those same sources. They had never lied to me. They were usually right.
We have lots of qualifiers in the story. But how can we not tell the american people the information that would president world getting that's the information he was making? What I was afraid of this is that one of the one to me, one of them most fundamental flaws of this great country. Great. Oh yes, I'm saying it's a great country, but it has this military industrial, Complex Eisenhower talked about it. He was so right, they always want to go to war. Its one reason why we ve been to work for a vast majority of our history were always in it with somebody and we kind of depend on the fourth estate to call bullshit on the military industrial complex, because they are always trying to do, but there are also people who are not warmongering, like Hillary Clinton. And
The people who read your whole elegance, although there were there, was an overwhelming vote in the Congress for those and Democrats believe this intelligence to including John Kerry, whose now trying to negotiate the IRAN deal. There was a consensus and if that consensus was wrong, I think you can't blame either reporters for reporting what the consensus was or the intelligent soundless who got it wrong. Though I wanted to go back and say: how did this happen? That's why I wrote the book. How did this happen? How did they get it? So wrong, but you have an obligation as rapporteur to do that. That's what we ve stopped doing pretty much. We have a narrative. Now people lied, they lied. People died, but that's not what happened. It was worse than that, the intelligence community that is paid billions of dollars a year, sixteen different
Johnson is totally got it wrong and I don't know why people are more comforted by the fact that, with the notion that we rely too then that they got it wrong and they could get it wrong again. All we can do as reporters is high and have your out when they're getting it wrong. I have to leave it there, but I really hope they don't get it wrong. Mr Rehn would be even worse so far, have an interim agreement which I support and I have supported and let's just wait and senior resident produced, Is there a priest tranche is vibratory about George H, W Bush George, the first comes out November and his letters book, Thomas Jefferson, the art of power. Now out and paper back, our friend John me
come back when there's a resident of the centre for american progress near attend and also a returning she's CNBC, these international correspondent Michel guerrillas,
Rarer is also backwardness. Returnees tonight remember to finally on Facebook, twitter and instruments and there's your questions for tonight's over time, so we can answer them after the show on Youtube. Ok, so we're often running in the campaign already. I must think that other countries around the world- I think we are in saying that there are four declared candidates a year and a half before the election. There's no other country. That does that right. Can I grant so I'm already passed over the media because I feel like they. They just are so lazy, like a hear so much about the Bush versus Clinton, dynasties. First of all, dynasties the Clinton's built their own right, the bushes job in George inherited there's their father wish. The president, their grandfather was a senator. Ok, that's one difference the other differences, don't results matter.
The Clinton results were pretty good. They left us with the surplus. The three Bush administration's left us with four point: three trillion dollars in debt and wars, the Catholic and show a label on. I know I'm giving played the one with. No one here lay all share my well anyone it all started so full disclosure I went to Wellesley always wanted. First woman president to grant Wellesley Hilary went to elsewhere. Thought would be her. I'm gonna have a tough time this time round with the ruling out situation. Yes for sure, but you didn't billion and we say dynasty Amy. I think people will look at her as if she's somebody will look at her. If she is writing your husband's coattails in which Europe was her husband
you'd be crazy, not to vote for a third Clinton term. You know everything Republicans always promised the people he ended. Welfare is we. Nobody left us with a surplus. There was the biggest economic expansion amateur NAFTA right there, not liberals she's much more of the left. Now, shipping push born of the left Gunnar has been ever what happened? You know, I think it's odd to say one and he's been sectoral state. Senator New York. First, lady is writing her husband's coattails alone knows experience president, but in our hands he sang she would be in her present. We presidency will be just like you write a third Clinton term. As hi, lasting for understanding of your basic every year. Over saying there dynasties and we should never Dinah
although their anger and let's look at a little more closely and and judging by the results of what those dynasties wrought before right, I don't think dynasties the right word. I think their brands. Right, I think they die and withdrew daily worse to some extent, because this is cope. Forces Pepsi to some extent dynasty presupposes that its inherited privilege. I disagree with you. Well, it would be coke if they left us with the four trillion dollar dead and Pepsi surplus is really the great thing of a year and a half campaign, as will be able, as De Witt Hilary wants to do. Is President Energy Centre the race and if we could actually take a few minutes and judge her on which she says she wants to do and her vision for the future, but I do think that there is a difference between the Clinton ears in the Bush here and she shares of value
does President Clinton and they shall have an opportunity say which wants to do- will enjoy let's go to the Republicans because they all have to run on some notion of this is how I beat Hilary Marco. We got in the race this week. Obviously he's running on she's, an old lady I was in Menudo, but what's so weird- and I hear people make this analogy to him and Obama because they were both young senators accepted in the fresh new thing- matched Obama's ideas, the fresh new thing doesn't match Marco Rubio Thy busy is still old, should be ideal, like a majority there above a party of the young members of their apartment by malaria, Republicans matter, villains of them but
does that are their road support same sex marriage marker review mediately this first weeks as he opposes same sex marriage? So it's hard to say that year, the Canada, the future, when you can't even have the guts to support something like same sex where the younger voters in your party or majority. So what does he do it? I don't. I don't really understand how politicians thing Hitler? is against medical marijuana. Your first mistaken thinking. No I do these are. These are based plays right. Now, right I mean they're theirs.
Back the republic, and I have a very narrow path to the White House and a general election which makes the three millennia Republicans of very important and trying to get to fifty one percent. So right now I wouldn't take it hugely seriously. I do think that one thing that the Centre Clinton has to worry about is the Clinton's prove that elections are about the future. It's about what what are you gonna do next and I think the more we talk of the past, which is dangerous for me to say to some extent because it help if you're a good story. I know I know it's against interests here at length. I should talk about the past. That's how we determine the future, who member saying the famous saying those who forget the past pastor condemned repeated effort that
I want that my report is not going to do. I gotta do I got their fortune. Could you know? I think I think that button elections are often about what people think you're gonna dessert are not about what has been done. These are new times. New challenges area have to have new solutions for them, but I think that she has a track record on some issues, but she will have to any new I'd, nor will it sort about the other one who's in the race ran Paul, so disappointing. To me, I desire
for years. I certainly when this father I liked half of them, then that half went away. I think there's gotta be the only guy who wasn't the hawk. There's one hawk is deliveries a hawk so now we're gonna have no debate p. He spoke yesterday in front of an aircraft. Carry you know it. If his father spoke in front of an aircraft carrier, you wouldn't when we start to stop buying me. If he's not gonna be the hawk. I meet and it's like Ross Pearl when in the phone booth and Mitt Romney came, he D have to win amongst conservative voters. I think that one of the challenges
let's get out and want to be a father loser right right once civilised we want you make these compromises, but the problem is: is that may be such an essential compromise that if you under cut your initial appealed wrecked with the compromise that I don't see how that's a winner, because this fifteen other guys in the party who were more genuine on that issue, then he hates being asked about it. And cuts people, often bright yells again, my colleagues when Yandah try as women and women reporters who ask em. It gets a slightly uppity about even folly. All reporters E relegates up
out- and he wouldn't it- wouldn't be a better chance to the least stick to its principles and be the real guy and get because this father was popular with younger people. He could be, he can get new voters. This thing Hampshire, I it's interesting in New Hampshire. He could be the maverick Bennett ride. Antichrist Christie is trying to get some maverick credibility that instead of things like please, is worried about the base and conservatives just the base or don't you think, the american public as a result of ISIS, even Democrats have moved more toward a central position in terms of defence and military make American should their pants, rather than I can't run on the economy, because it's the best it's been since pilloried husband was in office, so they have to
on where the american sniper here that the differences Democratic Congress, our kind for massive expansion and the Pentagon budget ran upon other Republicans have, and there are differences on vegetation. Democrats have been willing, but he was the one guy who was always saying we should cut the differ, and now we are doing we should raise it a hundred ninety billion dollars in oh, it's it's crazy here, I'm not gonna, be the wind and rain power I know, but I don't know I was all I said on the air he's the one republican years that I would consider voting? I would consider that maybe yeah, up there at any time if they want to accord Dealer- and so do you know all your cursor automatics, I want to drive the stick and the guys that I got one stick it'll be here to Morrow and I come back and he's like, Oh now, now it's an automatic. What? What,
The fact that one thing I want to do so to holidays coming up Earth Day Earth Day paper on Wednesday and the other holiday is for twenty. Now. Do you panels moment for twenty years and the little let me explain it to you now. Our men up here no really gets zombie. To go. There was a bunch of donors at some high school. I think it was in California who got high every day at four and twenty in the afternoon. Much like the way the English drink tea. For my my people, bourbon. Ok, so then for Twitter
April twentieth became kind of a stone or holiday? and we are trying to get this to be a real holiday. If go on HBO, HBO website, HBO, dot com, there's no link there to change dot org, and you can try to do that and you know twenty four states now have marijuana. Being legal in some form I think it should be a real holiday. You can get a hallmark card for it for sure more worthy, then come on day. Why should we celebrate that racist psychopath nuns donors may not realised that we still put on four
well, it's just like any other holiday. We have rituals, we have family over, we exchange gifts, we have declaration, we sing song, you just don't do anything that when we read towards the night before Would you like to hear the night before for twenty and all through the crib? Not a creature was stirring. Not even did you hear something the door locked. I was wearing a t shirt insured from the German just settle down to watch adult swim. We're were all packed in the vague with great care in the house, Willie Nelson soon one from the yard came a crash Bella, whatever it was, it was my mellow
and what to my mind, wandering I should appear it was a tall circus. Clown molesting dear no, no wait judge the tree, I made a mistake. I guess I should mention. I was thoroughly big. Matter the shadows, I saw myself, it was really Nelson and Snoop is jolly old L and a man who is burning and wearing a hoodie. I know in an instant was good old, save woody. I by their manner and the lovely aroma that that all brought me something to cure my glaucoma and I heard them exclaim as the light bathed them dimly bill you
stoner. Let us send you, don't have a chimney. We lit up with joint and eighty pod browning and sooner as high as a young, rubber, downy out. On the lawn I heard such a crash. I ran to the toilet to flush all our stairs. I looked at the people and what did I spot? The chief of police at eight on Greek and then, in a twinkling I heard overhead a fully armed Swat team. I thought we were dead then, and they all flu These too are far. They worked out, commands and shot. My poor dog, but he'll be ok They were, after all, hot headed matched my description, but I reached in my pocket and pulled out.
My prescriptive? They looked at it closely. They began to wine into grouse, but they knew they had nothing. So I said get out of my house I said you don't have a war and you don't have a writ happy for twenty two war and to also gunships american. I only know stars in the Squire network Documentary Series, the runner up about his race for Congress in North Carolina last year. Please welcome why I guess I'm so glad you're here, and I appreciate your being here because I know we made some joke.
About tat now. I know why you got in the political arena. I know it's fair David's, fair game, but I appreciate that we don't want to have beef, no, no be not to gangsters. Like I know you don't know, I don't want it, but I have my own you getting into politics. I mean, I think, a lot of people thought because american Idol was so huge when you run that that first year, especially that lived in Hollywood. You were in show business, but actually what I learned is that you're just went right back to North Carolina, pretty much love that you're home. What what was your upbringing? Like you know, I don't think two different than most people's. I had. I did have a single mom, the early part of my life. But but you know a Mamma, my step brothers and
stirs and you know what I like North Carolina. Think it's you know. It's a good place to to grow up and its now, unfortunately, being taken over by a bad man at several yes, but especially this guy ART Pope S. Kind of the cope brothers of this is worse than the current right he's a bees, a billionaire who basically bought the legislature- and I know this is one of your big issues, which is gerrymandering the fact that they have thirteen representatives in North Carolina Tell them a Republicans that fifty two percent vote for Democrats. That's that's the something very wrong with that, while our popular we can do about Bart Pope is a problem in large part, not only because he does what the coat brothers do refunds, these political campaigns, but then he endeavored buying himself positions as well and he got appointed right. Budget director started cutting money from education, and now he set himself up in a way to take over the university system. They fired the universe in North Carolina president for
because what so ever and even admit that there is no cause and people believe, and I believe ART Pope is one of those folks who wants to get in there. Take that position. Ok, so now to our beef, not that it's really a b. I re looked at the bit and you are right. There were some pretty rough jokes in their listen, I'm used to rough jokes. I think I think the thing that thing that people miss Miss Construe sometimes is that you know on all places in this country are purple and lot of the districts have been Jappy state. Is there or beyond all want a north. Carolina is purple, but ass we talked about. Some of these districts have been gerrymander to hell to a place where it is incredibly read, and I think I start I mean first world this thing we did was four days before the election, and I was very frustrated at the fact that it was not about just you who's about all the Democrats, who were not standing with Obama.
And three of them, three, the senators it wouldn't even say they voted for a bomb democrats, rightful wouldn't say they voted for a bottom up. How do you expect other people to vote for you if you can't even be with the guy? Who is on your team and by the way, the biggest star in the party who was still popular among them? a, and you said about Obama, I have nothing to do with him and I can in several areas where I disagree with him, and I was just saying I don't think this is how Democrats should act for a country that actually identifies more is Democrat. I think this is essentially why Democrat but I think at the same time, one of the reasons that I ran was because I think too many times people line up directly behind the party itself and I have said many times there are lots of things there. Many things that I agree with the President in office said that during the campaign- but there are things that I don't agree with him on, and I think that my a job. What I wanted to do, what I wanted to do was get into Congress, so that I can support a lot of things. I agree with him on, and you said here yourself on the show within a few weeks ago that I'd rather have a representative
who agrees with me on eighty five and ninety percent of things than someone who recently unnoticed Do then why? Don't you stand up there and say you know, I'm very proud of this present an idea. Why did it because it wasn't that hard, a record to run on it? For Democrats I mean he did turn the economy around. We would open ended oppression with, I believe the auto industry killed. The lobby gave Americans health care. I mean I was just agree with that, but you have to read. The reality is in a district where you know a lot about the Republican Party does a great job of demonizing someone, and I was. An opposition position as as a first time Congress can't congressional candidate and a former american Idol contestant too necessarily change and necessarily that our people's minds, so I had to get them to stay at the table with me. I gotta tell you claim you should have one the large one I raise lay back, but also american Idol, some idle.
People New York come in on this others make so many sent me because I never watched America lumps and watched then singing countries like I want somebody sent me a video abuse, singing the beeches immortal to love somebody and my god you're. Good saying. Oh thank you. I mean that is a sorrowful rendition without any of that stinging contest bullshit that they put in the well. I appreciate you, so I am using my voice a different way. No really I mean I'm trying- and I wanted to say, I'm telling you tat if you went back to singing Are you ready to give up politics, I'm just saying in this country that we live in where it would be a neighbour, definitely say nobody could then have a bigger blood for well just
a couple, a number one records and you can you can imagine I helped it. That's on our I've had a couple, a number one records and still didn't waning Congress. So, but it gave me enough of a platform to talk about things like money in politics and you talk about money in politics. Let's all talk about money. Takes I mentioned in the model like this guy who flew under the White House, lawn with the gyro, what it was like a bicycle where the propeller right and all I saw in the media, was like. Let's talk about the gyroscope, the gyro chapter and let's talk about no secured and nobody talks about why he did it, which was to bring attention to a very important issue. Maybe the most important issue is that elections are bought and sold. Now,
billion there's. This guy is a hero to me. I'm not gonna make fun of ivory again. The media, covering bullshit this week, barely mentioned that Hillary Clinton actually did make news. When she said we should have a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics, I think the big change in politics are reliable years, has been the citizens United Decision, which, in my view, wrongfully decided that money is witches were dick which, as you know, trivial ages crap I mean money is not the same as and its creative this arms race to see who can win an election through their pocketbooks instead of their voice now censuses, and it's too bad, it would take an ostrich amendment, which would really happen is room port should change. The decision is made. We went through years decades without that decision in place. That's a decision that
That's the way in which the court has really perverted the democracy. The only way you win is with money. I mean the person who raised them money always wins and ice me. No, I I tried to run. Are these folks who couldn't give me five dollars? I mean those are the people who people politicians should be listening to road. I had people pressuring me every day spent forty hours a week on the phone calling people outside your state outside EU, desperate ask them for money, and you know what have you never talk to the people in your district that so just raise more money and run more ads? And that's bullshit that that's but our citizens are telemarketers minutes what, if it s it and all their time on the phone begging for money it. I think that's really important point that the psychic toll it takes to just do that and do those cold calls and and and The other thing is more insidious because it's not as obvious the actual influenced by you. You know this. It's never are going to give you five thousand dollars and you're gonna vote on this in its much more in ambient scandal, and you,
but you want to please these people mean even I who didn't get into over this purpose, found with all the pressure for asking. These money raise money that I found that when I get on the phone with someone- and they say what, how do you feel about this issue? I would start research into my internet to find out makes right and defend them. You know I mean in that, and that's from someone who I think I have a core- and I know a lot of these politicians sure as hell don't and if, if I find myself falling into that trap, you know some of these screw ups are definitely fallen into policy. A politician of commerce right is pleasing the first of course. So you you put money into it and is an explosive combination, but the reason and attract so much money is bigger. Government gets the bigger. The stakes get right: the morn government there is the more money it's going to attract. If you want me less money going, government officials. You need smaller government invent problem. You ain t of small states right taxes may states where the government a smaller small, the budget, the amount of money spent in the elections are bigger and bigger.
There's no correlation and all those eighty will eventually ending up in the national. What ongoing The problem is whether it, whether its health care, whether its any of these issues, the he's an we don't have anything done on them. The we reason we can't improve, you know we can improve. The environment is because peace. We are paying to make sure nothing gets done, sailor make sure their site and what, if only out of harm s way my boy? Another reason is because the blue collar voters, who should be voting for your party, somehow got fooled into not voting well. He's adds a luxury for no one knew nobody running right money, but money wouldn't work. If people couldn't be full ain't well- and we don't know, what's gonna fix thing, we can always just many aiming like in in the twenty five election President Obama campaign for tax increase and wealthy Americans and a lot of wealthy people supported
in this sense, not like everyone. Votes are interests in every site here that nobody is getting anything done. Washington President Obama, under his first turner, did for massive pieces of legislation. You'd have to go back over the large again all that done so, don't tell me nothing. God daughter, I didn't like so far done, but you know it's. Hillary Clinton ones too, In the White House, she's got to win those blue collar white voters, the old Reagan Democrats, they call them well. I have a way she can do it. There is a bill. There is a bill in Kansas, and I understand that this bill is partly evil. It's it's basically just stop people on welfare from spending their money and they list places where, if you get welfare in Kansas, you cannot spend money. The spa, the liquor store, a psychic accrues, the casino the jewelry store, the tent,
two parlor piercings, massage parlors lingerie stores, strip clubs, now understandings it'll by guns Or is this is America, and I noticed they can feel get away, but I understand that this is. This is just baked get tea party you guys whore,
and I also understand that most welfare goes to corporations, but is it also reasonable for the state to say if we're going to give you free money, don't spend it in the Strip club that virtually can't be good for the strippers? But when you press this question, you're gonna think I'm taking a crazy sank way. But this question is a perfect example of, for example, why social security should be privatized because the minute you connect taxpayer dollars to people, people think they other taxpayers, think they have the right to say. You can't do this. You can't you that member in the early part of the programme, marriage movement, some people commands and women- are they gonna get social security, but
it's as a spouse, etc, and if you'd privatized, social security, hey you got nothing to say about that, because that's out individuals, money and they can do what they want with it. Whenever I would rather have, how would that have worked out in the towards two thousand and eight meltdown of the economy and social security is provided for by the time they worked as it had been in the study that it would have been in the light of last of their retirement likely they waiting, We must have an environment completely, absolutely not only they deliver day in February the streets. No, but that is not here. I had well that by two fundamental disagreement is hardly the state to be doing in Kansas is screwed right money. This is why they need monies are clearly early on our have Hillary Clinton as a democratic, like her husband did with the sisters old. You think if she would just make a point of saying you know what Democrats have too often in the past not paid attention to where taxpayers money goes, and if you get free money from the government, we expect you to use it responsibly and not go.
Don't do boiler, I think, should win Pennsylvania, no higher and the election there you go to reduce all, but in my view, thankfully or another policy director, but you know, look hurting the hurt him. I have things like. This is a lot more money actually does go to corporate tax breaks and we never lily. You know that corporate tax rates and all the money you get no more or less vague, and just how to bring about what works with the holder, the borders in the borders in the grocery store these kind of voters there, not the people live in wash you don't see the com, and people. There were riding lying in the grocery store and they see somebody ahead of them. Buying food who doesn't work, that's what they vote on
so our words about ways about her, get bad guys, guys, America, one one on bananas, were evident in a millions. But when you get so eager and one other bigotry that happened this week also not covered that much because they're watching the horse raise. The president took Cuba off the terrorist list,
This unbecoming snip said that we back with Cuba, since you know nineteen sixty Joe, where something is finally coming to an end, and of course we were doing something smarter, the Republicans hated. What isn't this a great thing to take you off the terror list, an inferior in good faith and in passing that ran power. He support an taking bath and in supporting the press its policies on Cuba, the opening the Cubans on drugs through an accurate, but if I don't mean whose good on here I mean this is a fair policy is hard to imagine. We, we had an embargo for a very long time. It has.
Worked does seem now. The golden organ Castro's mean. That was exactly only there's, though there were you're, so our other three decades visitors come on, I'm so impatient. Cherub. Thank you personally. It's time to go to Neuro? Now, that's the Cleveland woman who dropped a two year old in the cheetah paid at the zoo has been punished when they leave of absence from her job at the daycare centers Someone has to tell me what you gotta do over there to get fired. What twins in the Jennifer I get presumed innocent, but with that kind of job security you should be a cop.
Nor or north korean textbooks can claim Kim Jong on rights, musicals one or Yod raising grade school and learn to drive when it was three, but they can claim. This is his picture. I mean I don't like kids and I hate dictators but this is not even starving in North Korea and I want to eat him up and having at three that's a very young age, to learn to not signal Neuro. If you spend any time at all this week, arguing whether the cat in this virus photo is coming up. The steps are going down the steps you miss the bigger question: how come
TAT gets nine lives and you don't even have one narrow. The Fox news hosts to said Hillary Clinton aid at your partly to appeal to hispanic voters I must answer me this, where issues of post, if she goes to chick fillet, that the claims he's love and gay marriage panic. Expressed use not being tough enough in China. Dont good, don't not sympathising with violent got, Derek weighing them so much like welfare acquainted thanks to her husband, forget about going in and out neural. Somebody needs to sell this Karim guy thinking about how much he loves a big booty.
Then he's in the wrong country. You call that a booty we have hardly with more junk. You want to see a booty go to all war war on Saturday, won't look here and finally, neural and honour of Earth Day this Wednesday America must go all out to save a creature. It's on the verge of extinction. I'm talking, of course, about the republican politician who believes in science. And with that in mind tonight we present zombie lies environmental addition. Now how many remember the zombie lie that I introduced last year? If the label I gave to political statements that are definitively proven wrong and yet refuse to die,
The most zombie lies about the environment or preface by the phrase, I'm not a scientist. George Bush says that total marker Rubia John Vainer says I'm not qualified to debate signs and work Paris's. Oh my god My hands are gone. Why either in my pockets? Oh of all the things you have to worry about. People mistaking you for a scientist should be very far down. No you're a legislature with legislator, which means you have to vote on things like building new highways, even though you are not a dumb drop,
it also says I dont believe man made global warming is settled in science. Well, they all have some variation on that one job bushes, twist is to say it is not unanimous among scientists. Is that feeds the needs more steady myth that was pioneered by a long. Accredited half wit or his job calls on my brother. How poor scientific fact is never unanimous. They will always be some mountain man somewhere with a phd in bird calls who says a temperature spikes are caused by God, farts
However, in twenty thirteen at MIT professor studied almost eleven thousand peer reviewed articles about climate change and there were only two dissenters. So, yes, there is a scientific community that doubts climate change, but it could fit on a motorcycle, or how about this? What? Let's not panic about the earth? Warming in the seventies? Everyone was told. Global cooling was a really big problem. No, not everyone. Just one article in news week that for the deniers, is the doing defeats. True,
men of science, but one time a newspaper in nineteen, forty eight Chicago got an election result wrong and prove that journalism is a hoax in Chicago is just a theory. But here's the thing about that news, weak story, it didn't say an overwhelming consensus of scientists, thought the earth was cooling, etc. You were floating that theory or, as my cock, a bee remembers it. When I was in college all the literature at that time from the scientific community said we're going to freeze to death and again by all the literature, he means that one news we garden as if Newsweek is Nostrand Damas. Here they are predicting that emanates from alone will be the next evens billboard. He wasn't even the next Murray Spielberg
there are so many echoes zombie lies like carbon is good for you. The climate is always changing. I just made a snowball and of course Al Gore has a big house trump card. My favorite is the one that says, even though there may be a scientific consensus consensus is I've been wrong before tat grew, says just look at Galileo, oh tat, I worked with Galileo, Galileo is a friend of mine. You, sir, are no gap, but as long as you want to look at Galileo, the consensus disproved was that the sun orbits the earth which wasn't a scientific consensus. It was a bible myth from Caveman,
where's, the scientist, and you know what I am I getting excited and bothering this was never about facts to begin with. But what is new is that it's not even about pandering to voters anymore. Even half of Republicans now want this issue dealt with. Will good luck because the zombie lies are in for the voters there for the donors who make their money killing the planet question is not why today's politician, suck more than ever it, who their sucking more than half the kite brothers, are mainly oil business and their pledging almost a billion dollars in this election for that kind of money, crews and Bush and the russian them will say anything it's what their fellow prostitutes in the sex industry goal
girlfriend experience all right. That's our Shelby and writers, hey man performing origin for Myers during work on the carpet, a centre in Richmond, Virginia July TAT. I want to thank John major Mirror, dented showgirls writers now overtime on you to. Thank you, hope you episodes in real time almost every Friday night or watch him any time. No one to me modern HBO dot com
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