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Episode #351 (Originally aired 4/24/15)

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Episode #351 (Originally aired 4/24/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time. You should ask,
look- I I always said every week I Gazeta yet. I think I know where the liberals are happy denied. Finally, this
as confirmed President Obama's Joyce for Attorney General Loretta length Gaze installed. Why and history is made she is the first black woman attorney general in the United States and not a moment too soon. She's had our first priority in office will be to free banana like slaves, and I think silliest scandal I've ever heard, but. A lot of women in the news this week. I Hilary is now not the only woman running for president on the Republic inside Carly fear. Arena has thrown or had in the ring. She is running as the junior senator from California, which is unique because she was not elected to that. No, she comes from the visitation. Joy says it is true that she turned around Hewlett Packard, not only
right direction started directed at other, oh Bruce, Jenner, Bruce. The big injure me was that I think it's going on right now. Please knows boilers. I T voted, which is ironic. We guessed my Debo also cuts things are please what I meant to say is easy inspiration and inspiration. It's thought. People who EL genes, but where, genes. It's an inspiration. I kid that car dashings, you know they got political this week. Did you see that it's the hundredth anniversary of the armenian genocide? And there are
of course, there was a demonstration here today. I couldn't rarely get to work on like why ass the Armenians, but never there were as a genocide a hundred years ago there right about that and in other pissed off. I don't blame him that the United States will not use the word genocide because we're friends with Turkey who did it and sorry when I got up Turkey, but you know that it's a genocide. The paupers like forgets genocide. A pope has huge balls. You got to admit that you would,
two if you were seventy eight and never had sex, but of course the woman is really dominating the news again this week is how the reckless and because of another scandal the conservatives are saying this is the worst Hilary scandal since whatever the one last week was this one is money, apparently there's a new book out called Clinton Cash alleges that Clinton's were, you know using their charitable foundation. They got money from mad and then in the foreign interests would somehow we get Hillary Clinton to make decisions based on their needs. As secretary of state, she was
Whatever the fuck, I'm Hilary says she has not read the book, but it's on your computer and you can't waited deleted. A giant of a couple more months of boring, vague Hilary scandals. We are giving begging bill glutton get blown by then turning my prediction that I'm not saying: there's not a scandal there, but you know what the authors Guy named Peter Schweitzer he's a former policy adviser do Sarah Helen. He was the one who explained that the blue stuff on the maps. Water. Now, if the gluttons are hiding anything, but if I advised repellent on foreign policy, I would concentrate on burying It's like Erasmus saying I also do Donald Drums,
Donald Rumsfeld, Europe applauding majors. I got that word out, baggy very legit, but a low bore working with tonight. Well, what's going on me well in the presidential race I must say, is horrifying, amend it was bad enough when too small, it's like New Hampshire and I were we're making the decisions as king makers. Now it's like we're down to like two billion errors or we're doing as the coat brothers, and you see this this week ok first they said it was gonna, be Scott Walker and then whoops. Sorry, spoiler alert too soon. No no, what let's have a little more of it. Do you know about audition periods, and now they announced there five semifinalist who got roses Scott Walker, Jab Bush, TED crews ran poor Marco Rubio, those in the five and Bobby jingles agent called and said
meet with them and these thousand year old, billionaire Sheldon Apples, and he also has picked the candidate. He wants to shower money on market Rubio and people said to him children why marker Rubio and he said because animals myth is dead. Children is this weekend hosting is annual republican jewish coalition there and no Us Vegas at the hotel, yawns there. The Venetian and George W Bush is going is getting paid two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I guess I've been speaking
during a dj, set by the bull and on four, as has unfortunately, partiality Bay picked a bed. We get to do this because we wanted all the presidential hopefuls to come by, but they're all in Iowa, Because- and I wish this weekend, I got to tell you it's the eye with faith in freedom, coal. Spring dinner. I answered big that very prestigious. It's a brick. Perry was told that it was black tie only. He said what we all get cold A great many colleagues are here, is taking a celebrity shove. Adding one is bags day, but he is a lifelong champion of the environment who appears in the documentary trace amounts available now on line is the editor of the mirror saw let this science speak a book on the same issue,
I would have Kennedy juniors I'll catch, so I saw you a full page. Add that you printed in USA today about this issue, the marathon, which is the preserve of the mercury base preservative in vaccines, we'll get to that the second, but I want to put it in context. You are one of the greatest environmental crusaders. We her head, so I assume they gonna sell your history with mercury goes back a long way. I mean you're in Actually uniting now, but you ve got it out a river. I got I dragged into the vaccine. Is you kind of kicking and screaming, because I was going around the country in covering power plants and talking about the dangers,
mercury coming from those plans, and almost everywhere I stopped or ICE oak There were women, their very eloquent, articulate, grounded people who were saying look you have to look at the biggest vector of mercury in american children. Now is coming from the experience and we need to look at the science and I resisted for a long time. I started reading a science after a while, and I am very comfortable reading science I I've brought hundreds and hundreds of successful law suits. Almost all of them have involves island if it controversy. I love I'm
I'm comfortable reading science and ice acting and discerning the difference between junk science and real science, and when I started looking at it, what I saw is very alarming, which we are giving huge amounts of mercury large over a lot of it has been taken out of the exceptions, but there's an right ordinary still backs aims meticulously:
but why then? What? If that's true, why? Why is everyone lined up against you? Why are you so alone on this means? A lot of people say I mean the book is called, let disorient speak, and so many people say will the science has spoken. We have studied this over and over, not just in America other countries, and we say that it is not the mercury or the peat there's a difference between the bureaucratic regulatory establishment and scientists, and if you look at the scientific literature we were able to find for this book. We spent three years ago that scientific literature and the scientific literature is virtually unanimous, but about the dangers of fibres and the links between three mayors are and the an epidemic of narrow article disorders at our now afflicting american children. Eighty eighty hd speech to aid
hypertext Eddied, Sworder S and autism, all of which began in nineteen eighty nine, which was the year that they change the vaccine schedule and weeps in animal studies. Toxicological studies clinical studies could address is Also when you're not anti backs You you're a problem exit right. You running up the mercury. Are all my kid I had all my kids vaccinated. I want to seek common policies that promote full coverage, vaccines. The only way to do that is to have safe access and to have a credible regulatory process with regulators with integrity, and we don't have time. You know a lot of the movie that I saw is about how the CDC is corrupt, but even at the CDC is correct.
Why is the World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences in the american pediatrician society and science? some other country. Why are they lining up on the other side of the union? Is a really kind of controls. The field and say it is the other is a well. Let me explain: what's happening at cities aid because- and you can see how it out it is pervasive and ease up their bureaucratic institutions and all of them by the United States and the United States Congress. The inspector general h h as in the Office of research, integrity lash. States Congress, the inspector General H, H as in the Office of research, integrity lash, they paint a picture,
I'm serious as a cesspool of corruption as an organisation that's been completely taken over by the vaccine industry and there there's two divisions. It's easy to see where the corruption is a most important. The first is the division.
Chooses, which vaccines to add to the schedule. So when you and I were kids, we got three to five accent. My kids get got sixteen fifty seven inoculations from sixteen vaccines. Why did that happened? Why or new vaccines added to the schedule? And there are two hundred and seventy one new vaccines and the CDC pipeline that are due to be added to the scheduled in nineteen? Eighty nine. It suddenly became very, very lucrative to put of acting on the schedule, because the year before Congress made illegal for Americans to sue vaccine company is no matter how badly injured they were from the vaccines they gave a machine. Old against any liability, suddenly vaccines, we get very, very lucrative and the site you ve got the federal government ordering two hundred million people about your product. There is no advertise
on our getting any Campi suit, so those new vaccines with a billion dollars a year to some of these complex. We would hope that the people who add those vaccines to the schedule would be kind of geeky. Science types who are only concerned with human health, but that's not how it works. Most of them are vaccine and industry insiders and I'm gonna give you two eggs in ninety. Ninety nine doktor pull off it who's, the consummate backs Cinema TV and is the leading voice phase for the acts in industry. He sat on a on one of these committees that added that road of irish acts into the schedule and he owned a road of irish Pat, so six years later he was able and he voted. He didn't refuse himself. He voted add them to the schedule. Six years later, he sold his patent for a hundred eighty two in dollars.
He told me this week that it was like winning lottery. So the inspector General Report said that sixty four percent of people should sit on those committees of the same kind of conflict. That doctor and at its many is ninety. Seven percent of them may have those conflicts because they didn't. I didn't fill out their conflict. Disclosure forms So you ve gotta, you ve got a the way that you ve got an american people oversight or wait a second of all these new vaccines that we're taking are they being added because they are concerned with human health or are being added, because these people are making money on number two knows just. Let me ask a broader question just why can't we have a kind of a grand bargain on this? It just seems like recalling each
the cooks and liars and it seems like common sense that vaccines and mean even their marriage will probably don't hurt most people, I mean if they did we'd all be dead, because there are a lot of vaccines that we all took. What some do Obviously, some minority get hurt by this stuff. I don't is why this is controversial. Why we have this emotional debate about some, that there is science there. It astounding that liberal, so we're always suspicious of corporations, and you just laid out that case and defending minorities. Some I want to come this minority. That heard it's like. You know what shut the fuck up and Let me take every vaccine network ones to shut down my throat. What, but you know, I'm focused on mercury, because mercury is a thousand times add there's no argument about that. Everybody, but look like
I would you put mercury and of Ex ain't that you're gonna give a pregnant woman? Why would you give it to children who are less than twenty four hours old? We note what you give lead, which is located, but in that movie it says that the fear of a trace amounts which is which everybody should say: okay, but but the movie says that the EPA allows two parts per million of mercury, but the average vaccine It has fifty thousand parts really it ok. If it was twenty five thousand times more dangerous than what's in water again, wouldn't we all be dead now, because the first while mercury impact certain mercury at that level is an impact in a lot of people and now, at this point c disease as at generation from not nineteen at that
vaccinated generation from nineteen eighty one out of every six of them have a neurological disorders. Eighty de ADHD, these these we all round it differently. To which we are diagnosed. When I didn't know people when we growing up with autism right, o or is the first we ever heard of it was unreal. What we do, but we do know gay people either because there are in any way I gotta go. I applaud you for jabbering this, because we do need to talk about it more, and I thank you for those ninety four having on the idea of a lot of data, the legs or out of courage that about as in the networks from anybody I know and as you know, there are attacks unbalanced, because the pharmaceutical companies are the ones this bunch of the nose right
I give my forever she's a who contributed to the daily. These then Bloomberg View ANA Maria Cox and where this hey are you doing here is a failure at the weekly standard, Christopher Caldwell, Aigrettes, Caesar Republican political consultant, Le Maire, back with a remedy, to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and send us your questions which unites overtime. If you watching from outside the EU, us we'd like to hear from you for next week's special edition of Overtime overseas, So, let's play a little game tonight and we have to liberals, rosin conservatives of whose worse tonight's biggest, who is worse when it comes to being a bad american,
first selling out to foreign interests. Now we can talk about two things. We could talk about the Clinton cash. You know maybe they're selling their access to foreign interests, that's what the allegation is and then let's talk about, you know, citizens, United and Shoulder Nelson and and why Republicans? Suddenly one a love is so much like they should marry it. I think, is that all just coming from someplace other than the fact that they get a lot of their money from a guy who also loves Israel. That much. But let's start with the Clinton situation, there are there there. There's always at least a visa hair there, I think there's these half of a bear their the thing about the clumsy so amazing to me is that you know you ve heard it's better to ask permission or is better to two to apologise and ask permission. They seem to not to want to ask permission
or apologize. I mean they want to just do what they do and if it looks shady they they raise their handling and can't believe that your accusing them of anything I mean this looks bad. There's a part of you to feel like it looks so bad. It can't possibly be true like they're, not that stupid, but then again the prestige. I hope I helped you know I mean I hope to God. It's not true. That's that's my general attitude towards this, but without being sad, I agree with you. I mean it's bad optics and there are some ethical problems here, regardless of whether you know anybody was buying access or Hilary did anything based on more donations are made. The Clinton foundation. It mean fundamentally show we really what they were doing, something they weren't supposed. Do they didn't disclose it and then, when it came out, they basically through their hands the downward, even given that he runs with giant, and it is a charity. Let's not forget that it does a lot of good work. The curtain foundation are not there to make money. Democrats generally dont get their jollies for making money.
They are, do they really. I think I don't really coming. You think that you think the Democrats are in it to make money. I think your policy wonks who get their job from our God. Like English, there republicanism Ellen just wants to be loved. More than money. I agree more than money, they like the danish government and then they like power would be less charitable, were putting that if you want it did if you wanted money, You gonna work in Wall Street. If you wanted power, you gotta work in politics and in this case I think that whether or not anything can be proved wrong. Whether it can with another can be proved that that the curtains were offering anything, the people who gave the money in these foreign companies they were getting getting, obviously we're hoping for, and she should. I think fundamentally, whether or not anything was
being bought she should have refused herself. In the case of this unit, lemon juice is just as there is something wrong here, even if it's not what a lot of local, but I just want to push back on one point, which is this idea that the pollutants are constantly involved in the scandal of one sort or the other this is what Wayne Lapierre Array said last week at the american men, Jenny said calories. History If scandal is almost endless white Watergate cattle gate, I don't remember one Jennifer flowers, gay, that's her husband's mistress nanny gay Lincoln Bed, room, travel, gate, troop brigade, Biogas, Azerbaijan's gate, Foster Gate helicopter. Forget that our member that, when coffee hate web huddle, Hubble hush money, gave Monica again somebody not her, and I just want to say that can star who
was. The special prosecutor was assigned to look into all these and certainly wanted to find something in his report can stars report. He said I got nothing, the blood job, so why it's kind of a bull shit mean that the media keeps perpetuating because they like a scandal which is also she keeps perpetuating, It was illegal and I move. I support Hillary Clinton, but part of the problem is that they get wrapped up in these in the in their own around their actual on these things, I mean they beat. I agree with you, those art, those aren't actually many of them are actually scandal. There is no there there, but somehow the Clinton seem to behave as though there were no. It's not me. I wish that they were so. It is good that the structural thing it's a letter part of the EU in this region is going up. The generally is what you get while or where they should have stuck to the agreement that
secretary of state and a husband who off a charge of this giant, I'm perhaps that's part of the EU and therefore you shouldn't go up. The generally is what you get well or or where they should have stuck to the agreement that they had when she entered the inauguration of not taking. For my ipod just too quickly add, I think, looking at this from a political operatives perspective, it's amazing just how badly the Clinton's routinely handle this and say that that perpetuates this to honestly consummating times are hard to, of whose worth the Sunlight foundation says this about citizens, United Citizens, United created an environment in which is perfectly legal. Four shell nonprofit corporations and I would put quotes and non profit because we Now there really not to engage in election related spending on behalf of a hidden interest, and there is
thing to ensure that bad hidden interest is not a foreign national of foreign company or a foreign government again is the over the top love that the Republican suddenly have for Israel not relate the fact that Sheldon Apples and a man who wants to drop and nuke. He said that there is good lookin guy wants tonight. Shells and and want to drop a nuke in the iranian desert. Just to show that we mean business. This is something a drunkard hullo says he loves him. Some Israel, I mean I'm a supporter of Israel, but you know what ears Bloomberg: pull on GEO piece of work, Frazier thirty percent say Israel is an ally, but we should pursue America's interest when we disagree. Sixty six ten percent, Israel is an import,
now lie the only democracy in the region, and we should support it. Even if our interests diverge, that's unconditional love, we not supposed to do but without the country he asked what he thinks. That is that we barely haven't marriages. Not, I don't think it's that I don't think. That's the only explanation for the conservative convergence between Republicans and and and it was in on Israel. Is this a shared. They see them as a beleaguered. Israel is beleaguered country fighting. The war is around by always result in an energy Angelika Borys, there's an overlap in believes just the way. There is just the way. Democrats can a lot of money for from labour unions, and you would never say that it's just that Where do them one morning to two to two paid to do to support labour when they get that Liebermann? I remember when Jim Baker so
for the Jews they don't anyway and justifies and job or so that's it. That's an interesting one right. I think I think if I mean you ve made this point previously. I think that a lot of republican sentiment with regard to Israel is unnecessarily established by somebody like eighty percent. It's a lot to do with Evangelism your base of the party, because young Angelica State of earliest regionally strongly, and so I think when we look at you know, what's really driving sort of foreign policy stances when it comes to Israel, I mean some of that is legitimately what people think some of that is catering to the base in the other. Maybe a few people who you sort of see anything they can give her medicine is gravy, as it were willing. I think, fundamentally, this is about you know. A lot of the volunteer base that you're gonna be dealing with, particularly in a state like Iowa. Probably is more actually conservative, more evangelical inclined, and so that's gonna, give people a reason to say, but I also Chauvelin Anderson was a Hindu
What do you think the issue would be? We have got to stop killing. Can I believe, I just wanted to ask that in reality. Now I kind of like to see presidential candidate stand up and like make a big deal about no killing of cows. But I do want to slay think until you see the base of the party also agree that we must not killed cows. Probably that's going to be a rather french, vision that I mean I don't know where they are, is nobody's gonna get an incredibly powerful he's. The only person that Christmas is ever apologize to ever I mean increased disease, offend a lot of people as crazy, as I believe it is Bruce Britain soon ever ask you apologize, decide bedding apologize, I buried. Apologies do guys still defend citizens united the system we have not only by the different part of which is that,
there's a lot of people who know a lot about Hillary Clinton that they wouldn't have known other than the without the movie that would have been banned by citizens that would be managed by a factor of the unlimited money, so that mobility and errors can give. I mean I'm member in two thousand and eight you could give what twenty three hundred ok, two thousand and twelve a member. I gave a million dollars, ok, because I was trying to make the point eight them that this is where the It has moved the million dollar. Well, that's quaint. Now,
a million dollars is now worth billions dollar whereby this, yes, is not free speech. This is not what the founders intended is that this is not fair live each night. It fundamentally deal has united fundamentally deals with the issue of broadcast and within certain time periods of the election. It's a very specific thing. I think generally people now here, citizens, United and they use that is sort of a short hand for money and power. The tax will hear about it. That's what I'm talking about rights. The decision that allowed unlimited money and power divided allowed. Something very specific. My point is that if you weren't doing like broadcast based particular electioneering, there was still, unless I mean you had lots of soft money in politics, you had lots of advocacy in all of these things could influence it ass. It went about that. I actually dont know very
many people have seen. I actually adults that not every year but should idea it's about. Seeing a move to decide at the other way would have meant meant saying you can show this movie, which would have been in and out for it is not about the movie. The eight hundred and eighty nine million dollars at the coat brothers are gonna put into the election, which makes them the equivalent of a third party that such already I personally, but that what's really really amazing Madonna. When people put this in context, that is less than one percent of what the cope brothers but but just to get up in the back. They are just label. There lay my Irian Jaya bill you as a libertarian. I order. I like there's no forty seven. If they were willing to sort of exert their influence more to actually drive the Republican Party anymore, expressly libertarians erection, I would feel much more comfortable.
Only I realise is that they are having as individuals giving all this money. That's what? Yes that's. It is their individual whims thither that that will that's the thing Arctic running automatically to rub, because I'm glad we got into disorder good income inequality because I noticed Republican for using a phrase now, but I also notice that they will not use the other two phrases that democratic, usually say along with that one of them is class warfare and the other one is to America. Yes, but we saw more evidence of to America's this week. There was a third grade. Yes, third grade teacher and a very poor neighborhood in Denver who gave her class an assignment and it was called. I wish my teacher new right, an essay. I wish my teacher new and some of the responses were heartbreaking because it's a poor area like I wish my teacher new, I didn't have pencils and home to do my homework. I wish my teacher new. I mean how much I miss my dad because you get deported to Mexico
so sad, and then we thought well what about the other America? What if we gave out assignment in Beverly Hills, so we asked a teacher in Beverly Hills. Would you like to hear some of the response? I wish my change. Your new, the lady who comes to my parent teacher conferences, is actually my nanny. I teach you knew the more. I learned the less generous I have of lending a reality shows how much more do. I can never tell when Mommy's angry, because our forehead doesn't move. I wish my ginger knew. How bore it is it like Como sends Clooney got married, so different where's, my
did your new daddy, helps the maid vacuum from behind kid say the darkest hours did you know that my sex tat drops hunt? May I wish my danger knew that my family came to this country with nothing but thirty. In dollars and iranian currents where's my danger. No, she hasn't taught me anything because all knowledge comes from Scientology and is the pressure off the boat, a memoir anyone you do, I'm good. We have you on. We don't have nearly as many asian Americans as we should have on your mean. What have you
When was it was an american her I can see. You start David Value Tiger mom you ever had David Carotene, David Career conclude, Legend continues its Asia, so your ears set com is, is doing very well fresher off the boat, but before we get the urgency backward, I want to know about the sitcom, because you must be happy is doing well. Yet I know you are a little pissed off at the sitcom itself for not fulfilling the dream, as you saw it so should we watch it or should we ve boycott it? No, I think the thing is. Is
you know the sex at the success of the show doesn't make me happy were unhappy. I don't care, I dont care of people, watch it or not. Watch, I think people should make their own decision what they feel about this show and that's why I've been speaking out because I go to college, is I talk to kids go on twitter and I see their responses and there's a lotta Asians other than your pressure to like the show, and they have issues with it. They see issues with it, but they don't want to say anything because there are we. Finally, had invited to the party were finally having reflections and representations and what I feel like you wanted to break the stereotype. And then you got Gordon the Hollywood mill and you found out. No, the Hollywood feels no it better to use the stairs types. Is that what he did? I mean they want to tell universal white stories with yellow face. Is black faces brown faces, but they tell the same universal story and you go watch how these sitcoms are made writers rooms there like labs dude.
A GMO rider making Europe? I gotta another more important issues in this, but you mentioned this. I never got the yellow thing. I dont see asian people his yellow I've never seen yellow when I dont see colors that great, but you was a yellow pages gold is well, then I guess lame the emerges as my people, I'm glad we got that quota so who did the Asians chewed off of when they take it jewish people just because you said the way to understand Asians is true. The jewish will be said. There's a lot of parallel does does a ton of parallel megawatt, eagles bows rate
beggars, won't angles and bows breakfast breakfast items and re. What does laundromats were both excellent with the laundromat game was both excellent with the accounting game businesses? We love cash businesses right. Depends what doctors, lawyers, accountants, that's
Will they not allows its that he still such an interesting thing? Riddle me this. What ok! So when we, when we think of the stereotype of Asia we think well, western man is proactive. Eastern man is more fatal listing, and yet, when they come to America, there so super ambitious to the point where they drive their kids hard. I think you know your memory said your father was gonna grew conduct an comes from. I want you, people to succeed, that's the Tiger mom thing not fatalists to get all the know. We have a lot of pressure to succeed to be successful. Guess it's in a very defined, the way. It's not success to the individual, its success to the greater society, to the family, to the five thousand years of history like if I could count how many times you my mom like. If didn't do well and algebra she's, like your letting down five thousand years of history. Yeah and she's. Like you
disappointed me eight lifetimes. Unlike why she's like I feel, like I've been reincarnated eight times and you ve, let me down or later that's it. I always carry the weight of everybody with you. Do do impressions of your family, what a poor people dude who took on not the bear not very good at impressions, especially like not on the spot, but now I'm not my brother's better at it. He likes imitate viennese, vietnamese people, first spots, but I also finally don't want him to do it on the shoulder. No person show it's interesting that you know you found sort of your Savior in in a couple of things: food. You know where you were when you were a kid you move to our land. Oh your picked on. You were different. Your lunch smelled funny right, yeah, I still small funny, but my man
smells better right. Well now that your rage, nobody cares. What using nobody cares MIKE Yellow nobody cares that's right, but yet I mean an Hiphop, you know, This was something you related to, because you will. You felt like, oh I'm an outsider and their speaking is outsiders. Right yeah, I mean like asian men have been emasculated so much in America that were basically treated like black women. So, I related a lot to part to pluck ellipse me against the world and like when I sit on Okcupid, I'm just like no one wants to talk to me either I think it's great that you make them on.
But I mean I just seconds: right is right. If you keep telling jokes, people have already heard and ran like you, you write these sick coms and then they go in the test them with people and they have dials their literally watching the show. Turning the dials and what happens as you say, oh, that joke didn't land dials turn left, oh, that job window right and they go back to the riders woman like right to the test, and it's very strange: it's a strange, way to make artwork? You write a book, you probably do it in your home. I I write a book. I don't even have pants one right. One more asian question observatory. I love representing the other night I just want to know what: why did the word oriental, become I'm no bigger
I mean I I am. I understand why the inward is horrible but understand why what one day it was like. Well, that's an insult. I dont know I you don't know. People have told me it is an insult right. I claim it say, I'm Oreo like rugs and five spice but what about China bitten down, prefer nomenclature right, there's don't piss on my rug. I know you know a lot about criminal justice. You went to school. Yes, I did. I worked on this project Here, while I was there but yeah laws, and then this is pretty for you and the panel. This was a big storing the news this week visits from the Washington Post, the Justice Department. The f b I have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence for two decades before the year, two thousand, including thirty two.
People who were put to death this is astounding. They reviewed two hundred and sixty eight trials. Ninety five percent of them. They said they overstated forensic matches in a way that favoured prosecutors. Wow. You know I gotta say this country. Tough on the innocent, tough on the guilty, but tough on the innocent too. Pretty light on the guilty I mean well. Yeah returns is to be done. My eyes. I mean about drew you you're like I know, not people not if there are guilty and light taxes are Florida. Actually what I know she's they all. This is just think of anything. I won't say, first and foremost, a really great example of why we should not
the death penalty for their stories adversary? The mapping of this project has done. It has a lot of great work. Recently there is a man who was let out an entry portly Anna, the prosecutor round of writing an editorial himself saying he knew he was presenting flawed evidence. I think there is something of a mentality, a go, get him bad, guys, mentality that we have that bit. It waits us on the side that somehow waits everyone on the side of guilty. We really we have this tenant in our system that you're supposed to be innocent, till proven guilty. We find again and again that people are presumed to be guilty. This is what happened in them. Fbi, thieves is that they are justice system, believes in an adversarial system that
comes out of adversarial conflict and contention, and so the better lawyer is gonna win. That's exactly this also asked Robert Durst science. Science advances to and in any sort of in part of our shock is that we now I will have the ability to do too. This is mostly hair evidence. I think this this discredited evidence up to the year two thousand. I think so it's not reason. These are not very recent cases ready, but that was the fact that we can now do chemical analyses of this. Leads us to look at this sitting of tat. No one is, and they said it was looking at it that way that hair is bullshit. I hope the people who are making the decisions and jury rooms based on watching CSI for fifteen years
yet the guardian said on Herod. L has virtually worthless as a means of identifying what they had to. I don't know I mean I know it's what they had was wrong to me. I, this is obviously a horrible horrible situation in the stories awful, but I also feel like now for any libertarian, including myself reading this. We sort of look at that and we're like out. While you know I mean that's horrible, but it's also not surprising, the government I mean, do you like? We don't instincts really address that? Will I pay and instinctively trust them with a great deal anyways. I knew I win this war, I should be shocking. My whole gets, I think, it's horrible depressing Ladys would be rectified and I agree with you. I don't know it doesn't have to be that way. I thought we were America, the greatest most exceptional country in the world. You know I mean between the abuse of racist cops and between the plea bargaining. Ninety seven percent of federal and ninety four percent of state gauges, our plea, bargained
which is very easy to cooperate as a lot of power than in the money is not on the side of the government, and all of this I mean that's where the network expert testimony people get paid by the there's not a lot of it. There's not a lot of like money, unlike aviary, further red there's. There's there's Robert Durst in wiping out across it and then there's every one, and even if that were the case, it is justice is just a structural issue. I mean that got. The government has a great deal of power. This is a prime example of where you see that and at the end of the day, we can do better than this, and I hope- and I do not remember that right, but I don't think you're gonna get rid of the hunting, but nobody wanted. There was a certain point in the seventies and eighties dirty how we wanted to bring down the court in the crime rate. This is how we did it with bogus evidence in bed cops and we
We are four percent of the world's population lives that twenty two percent of the people in jail believes that you have that. Apparently we didn't, because we ve got a bunch of innocent people sitting in jail and a bunch of people who have been put there for doing very minimal nonviolent things. I mean you look at Lincoln hot. Fiction, I do right now. I know what I mean you know so when's he will leave out Eagle eye elbow being tough on time in this kind of thing is specifically how we brought the crime rate down- that's actually just not substantiated by evident in any way, shape or form. This is what makes people feel that we're doing a good job about being one time, because they look at the I think there is a very opportune moment. It's no! I worry I'll answer you no relation, doesn't causation, I mean I know it's not, but the fact is on murder rate now always down to about a quarter of what it was before the start of the war on drugs. And you can you can call it abusive, you can call it an excessive but the to have
something to do with when I dont think that early to various drugs brought down the murder and there's a lot of people from the street they removed a gas will bear that in mind. I am not an innocent. I agree that in some cases prosecutors had been right yet via log. You want to really going down that road, or rather than moron. We re at least a broad broad sweeps like like gang. The gang indictments that we have here and in the use of we go against gangs and things those too pull in more people than it, and then a more judicious system would would pull in by Highmore the correlation inclination between a good economy and
rising market, that we are to learn. Murder rate, it's like when there's a good economy, people want to kill each other, their sad there's, our nations hackers a whole range of societal factors. I used to fight people on board all the time. I have Montana one fight anywhere on the faint year. What one or another there was the anniversary of Columbine Member Columbine. It was sixteen years ago. Well, I feel that was the last time we actually thought we could do something about gun, control and to show you where we are on gun control. Now TIM Mcgraw, the country Music star, got in trouble with the NRA and assorted gun, I would say not because a friend of his fiddle player in his band, had a kid who was killed at sandy hook, so demographic did a benefit for sandy hook. Promise.
Nonprofit charity, whose quote mission of protecting children from gun violence. Ok, so right wing websites got item for that. His opening act quit calling him a gun- grabber, I think and so timid, had to release a statement. He said I support gun ownership. Of course, he's a country, music, start I also believe that with gun, ownership comes the responsibility of education in safety, most certainly when it relates to what we value most or children. I can't imagine anyone who disagrees with that TIM. You gotta, imagined
harder interrelated, and this is where we are with guns. No good, if you say you're, sad about dead kids, your anti gun now, but but but but but but sandy hook was. It was the turning point. I think you're right. If you looked forward from Columbine and ask yourself what would it take to totally changed the attitude towards gun regulation in the country. You would imagine a sort of massacre of the type that happened at sandy hook at a time and when the the White House was held by a democratic, and that would that was your rhetoric and it didn't do it. So it's a sign that people are are very serious about twenty six hundred people very serious about keeping the second then minimal, and it's also a sign that politicians, people or largely er monotony in people pay,
reality works because there are people in voters who care about it in the way you can in no way. You can tell certainly not how I got a nose democrats with it, with a very few exceptions like Rosa Loro and ran all Schuman in the last ten years, have set a peep against because I know how people getting the image money and our aim, though, when was the last time you met somebody that things would himself like seriously. I could count on more than one large, although only their horizons, us here now, actually Commissioner Elysium, though, like people don't have a chance to speak up, it's like yes or no. I mean I want to or land of but I do want to show for vice in these guys hobbyists had MAC tens, twelve gauge shot guns. Forty five are fifteen and thereby yard and they like, we practise guns safety. We want to show you what's going on, they were throwing grenades and they almost shot or cameraman. We have footage a bullet, go six inches pastoral cameramen and almost shoot him in the land
and that's actually the kind of value so justifying this good terrorism. But your daddy is good. However, human rights- and this is actually kind of violence- should be talking about people don't realize this. They think that problem is bad guys with guns in there were eleven thousand people who died of gun homicides. Last year there were twenty thousand people committed. Suicide right. Well, the problem is not bad guys with guns. The problem is good guys with guns who use them on themselves. I'd shifted to saying the problem is actually to do with Mental often, it is not their business people and not to do as access to guns as the problem. The problem is that third country, that's a bunch of
red backs are right. There is no girl. If she wants to attract young voters. Hillary Clinton needs a campaign. Logo looks less like hospital park it as being of logos. The designers of the logo for Sarah Palin pack should talk to the guys who draw goofy. They can explain that when you see stars, it doesn't really mean you're. Looking to the future, it means you just walk into a stop side neural. If you make your living stalking and killing innocent animals as provisional game Hunter, Ian Gibson did and your leading
Safari, to kill elephants, as in Gibson was, and during that Safari elephant tramples you to death. Good money? Why we know the elephant is the nobler of the two, because when the Hunter winds it's the greatest moment of his life and when the elephant wins it,
What did I step it know all you could buy a seventy five dollar toaster than burns. A picture of your face entered the bread, but if you just want women who stay over it and never come back, so what kind of maybe loader says hey look at that bring your reading. It's really may hear all the woman you gotta tat, two of her favorite ban, the lost profits and then found out the lead singer is a child molesters to tell the woman with because we tattoo
It could be worse by the way. The worst thing about getting a clause be tattoo on your thigh. What happens when your leg falls? Asleep neural Once your dad, you have to shut up about politics North Carolina. As Larry up right. Yes, Larry up right with such a stone for public and that in his obituary you it said the family respectfully ask that you not vote for him and then to honour Lowery. They held a moment of Fox NEWS on Mute
Larry View can think it's funny to campaign against Hillary Clinton in Euro budgetary than I did think it's funny that you're dead and your name is upright and finally neural with mother's day and fathers day coming up. We all must agree that the best gift and american kid can give his parents is to sit them down and say mom dad. We need some space now it's true. I never had kids, but maybe that gives me some objectivity and what I see in the generation coming up is. These kids are more anxious than a squirrel
crystal meth slap because the kids have changed it's because the parents have their called helicopter parents because they're always hovering to protective to always on the case. To always just there. Now if we go and get them to work for the secret service, so this topic has been much in the news lately because there are now families going against the grain who want to raise their children guided by the radical concept of occasionally letting them out of their sight, a movement that has been dubbed. Three range errands or, as we used to call it parenting, actually wouldn't even call it that, because parenting wasn't a word because being a parent was in a job description in the seventies parenting that you woke up. When do your kids were
If there were alive, you are done for the day, crib monitors. Why are they gonna? Do a werewolves in the middle of the night, but that's not how most Erin. I see it these days and there have been cases of free range parents running up against the law, a couple and Silver Spring Maryland has twice had their kids tenant. Six picked up by the cops for walking home alone from the park, which is all of two blocks away. She's. I worked farther than that to school every day, when I was a kid that age and nobody cared My mother always looked a little disappointed when I came back. What kind of countries we live and where the sight of a kid working alone in his own neighborhood requires a call to nine one one with these kids being chased
by a clown with his dick out then shut up and go back to watching, judge Judy we're talking about Silver Spring Maryland is not that perilous, most dangerous thing out and the fresh air is probably the fresh air. When did we get this idea that children should never and door even the slightest risk or experience any disappointment? If the ice cream drug doesn't come the parents, panic and double strap the kids in the car and Russia with a basket? problems with a disinfected table and test the columns were gluten fund and for what a new study confirms that all this excess time with kids is not having a positive effect. Kids free,
to engage the world on their own. A bit wind up, coming out happier and more creative than the ones who have to put on a helmet I got the garlic let the little Stearns breed a little Do you know that american kids now spend ninety percent of their leisure time at home, plopped on the couch watching tv playing video games? We're not raising citizen we're fattening veal cab and all because we think outside is where the baby snatchers are an inside is where it safe right inside with the panel graffiti. Is that their fingertips? Twenty four seven. I have news for you, that's the thing that's going to really fuck them up, but the rest of their lives. When I was a kid who was a thrill defined in old playboy in the neighbors garage, but now every
then you're old can wipe out is born in seconds. We looking at a team of japanese bids, US man, a Jackie, letting on a square, but that doesn't seem parents, nothing well all right. That's why we're here to increase the mayor against our first call. Well, is very long and Robert Kennedy Junior episodes in real time your mom every Friday, night or watch him any time. No one demand for more imposed by the EU to be overcome.
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