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Episode #353 (Originally aired 5/8/15)

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Episode #353 (Originally aired 5/8/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time ill luck. Billy Crystal Lake further clippers gay we gotta get going to lose right quickly. Unemployment is Unemployment is deaf to its lowest level in seven years. Five point: four:
Ladies and gentlemen, of course, wait. There are still fields where there are hundreds of desperate people. After the same job like little, like a nominee for president, that yes, three new entrants in the week this week from the Republicans all gems. Clearly the arena is running for president, now cynics that may civics say she's in their biggest the Republicans in a woman in a z there, her or Lindsey. Graham I don't agree. Then there is a doktor Van Carson, Doktor Ben Carson after ban a pediatrician pediatric neurosurgeon. Its aim is unique. Insight into the child's brain makes them a perfect fit for the future.
NEWS ground so that and then our friendly Wazir recently right now, you're my coca, be my could be the former, a ban, Jellicoe preacher array in two thousand and eight, you quite well says you know not, This is not the old Huckabee, no a new Michael could be he's no handling snakes. Virtually like my I like my head, but like does believe that we are living in biblical in times. Take that hope. Open change me death and destruction that he believes and at Times TED crews proves it let's digging abandon times, what I thank you,
the power very little, but I appreciate it: did you see what happened in Texas this week? What could have been a horrible massacre was averted. Someone down there had the bright idea to have a draw, a Mohammed cartoon contest and pray. Dick to ISIS inspired. Gentlemen walked in with the sword bibles and we're going to kill everybody and a very smart cop with a good aim. Drop them and he's pretty big knows it's not every day a cop shoots, a black eye whose actually armed really alter. This was the first Texas gunfight ever to begin with the words don't draw, but I get out. I dared every touchy and religion about how Mohammed Dino can draw him. I know why he's not a bad looking guy, I think,
If any religion is gonna ban pictures of the founder, it should be Scientology. I mean how wrong outward looks like the manager of a red lobster. I don't see that is something that areas, but here something really interesting. One of the gunman in this incident grew up in Pakistan sexually from taxes born a group in Pakistan when he's in Pakistan. This is what so weird he was like: a hearth throb in haste, he was in the school plays, I'm not kidding. He did a production abide by birdie in Pakistan,
and another shows where he was in seven brides for one brother? How do you do with terrific and eight must be Heaven? You know that, but the The FBI said they were aware of him, but they had to let him go because he hadn't done anything really bad. You know like under inflate afoot, talk about dominating the news. We yes deflate gate footballs, nine, eleven, thank God, Tom Brady addressed the nation last night
from the oval office in an interview, and you know they kept asking immune about pounds per square inch of air in the football and the exact instructions you get, the equipment manager and at one point Tom looked right in the camera. He said you know, our team as a tight and killed the guy right. Your report from the commissioner's office on the lake. It was two hundred and forty three pages whose Jenner has given less brought to book.
And let em there's monologues. I was very good news in Baltimore this week: no riots, no one rests young people. There said they were inspired when they saw how may whether in pack you could get along without fighting a great Alex lagging like an air a little later hour and rock of actual Riad with first up is the commonly lead you now stars and Ethics Debbie's, the comedians Billy grassdale it. I know what a big business I know you ve gotta go. Thank you so much. The game, starch and fifty men- I know I've had it daddy, I said, and the thing about these days it ten ethics cannot everybody. The thing about. Lepers is a you been with them from the beginning. I mean I remember for years, Donald Sterling you on the team idea about India. We try to give me take. It sounds like well he's kind of a great big idea and the clippers sock. No, but you like done sterling
I gotta get what you read, Why was there when he sold his plantation and use that money to buy the took a long time are accommodate better go? No, I was bill. There was some nice. There was so few people understands. I could hear everybody's conversation, etc. You get it would. Everybody is talking about they'll, be promotional lights, like anyone can play night but why did you to put this to members or you could have gotten great Lakers each I appreciate your diction because they got a little scare there for second about no, I had I known I had like a seat for a while and then it got to be too much of a scene and it was less about the games teams and then I got invited to a game. I went and I was able to set up front.
That which maintain a sick. I played twice that was a bonus and then I just sort of states like the rain. It's like a restaurant. I gave you three dessert yeah, but it's like you're, the Brooklyn Dodgers heads of aid wait till next year right we were like wait till I gotta Kate rate about an underdog. You know I like really I mean my men are doing good this year and its rights and the police or the IRA's on a diamond. We used to be minority owners and I don't mean jewish of the of the Arizona diamond backs. That because they have. But I know you bleed Yankee Blue yeah. That must have been unbelievably hard view when they play world Series in the world. It was impossible. Member, seeing you there was impossible. The first game. Joe Toy, invited us, so we sit behind the Yankee dug out, which was like fantastic, but I look across the field and all my partners, the diamond backs, are sitting they're going to fuck what
And then they put me on a diamond started, I started booming and throwing stuff. Amene was Arizona, was Dino hostile but dry the forecast there, and then they beat us twice terribly and my wife turned visit, honey, we're beating us, So now you now we go to Yankee Stadium for game. Three, which was the crucial game, would down to love and clematis pitching and Bush is coming to throw out the first. Bridge and nobody wanted income, it wasn't just politics, we would terrify This is right after right, after nine eleven months after nine eleven and he was popular, yeah and and Tom Ridge Soda, like big boy on bad drugs, homeland, secure and unless it was terrifying us every day on television
a biological attack is eminent. If you want to survive. The biological attack get duct tape, duct tape, every window, every crevice every year, ass, your balls, whatever it is just a target date. Everything and then this piece of advice it around. The street look out for anybody look suspicious right. This is New York City. We all look just now we get to the stadium. The security is intense, this german shepherds, not dogs. Actual german trap. It was then, that is decades ago then coming over the Harlem River or three helicopters. One of which has the present em right, but this spinning around and doing maneuvers so was like three card Monti. You know where the present aware that rather easier now you see about where they went, arms, our anxiety, wanna bet against any lands, and we get it
the stadium through three mental detectors, there a gunman on the roof which a gunman under rule sounds crazy. No like what, then we get into the stadium got. It is this reflecting in your eye that nowadays I saw that read before I came in I personally do so now everyone is really tense. There gunman on a roof and introduce the president and he walks out like John Wayne. I have to give him credit what That's the mound amateur. Remember that any holes up that ball and terrorist run a world where freaked out These are very small. And then he threw a strike. Place went crazy. It was a great moment for him and for the city, mobile sign burnt guest. Now I admit the president twice, but a month before he screen
sixty one will be directed fridge. We all about marriage email, and he love the movie, and he was thank you. Thank you. Thank you right here, and so he knew me a little bit and he walked. Until the sun but his box, and he sees me. I just want a strike any was merely see Huh my fastball, I'm thinkin about funding Bin Laden and then, while so they they sit me down he's sitting behind me and they sent me with three: will you go to Borg actually want to sit with people who know the gay real nature creatures and that's one with
we just Feldman Henry Kissinger and Donald Trump, its windy trumpets, flippin out. What am I gonna? Do I'm sitting excellent Kissinger? Have you interviewed Henry Kissinger? No there, is a fascinating man. So I said I dead men before what do? I call you Henry locally mystic, we said Hank. That's what I like to be called at the Ball Park, Hank pretty sweet. So now the fourth in incomes. An IP run, diamond vision on the scoreboard. I'd done a public service announcement during that time and I'm lookin at bill, and I'm telling you know I grew up going to that place. You know My first get was nineteen. Fifty six and I couldn't help. But Let me now, I'm sitting here with the owner of the team. I looked down on the seats where we sat All those years ago- and I am a little bit of reverie, which was in
corrupted by the President, who Milly seize on a big sky, so I'm gonna leave again early meeting. So he has a meeting here. So I turned to kiss adjourn. I said Hank mitya- never have meetings now he had martinis and call me something anti semitic. So then the president Congolese arise with their MRS Bush. They all leave and now three guys jumpsuits with drills. Come down the isles of the box and they unscrew the bolts on the wall and remove the front. What were the box, which we did not know, was three quarter inch bullet proof, feel they removed it as soon as the president left. Several rageous stands up and if
you're going and then sign, but it had to be a role of duct tape. It was the winner is really my second, yes, but I don't wanna, be always play there. I haven't seen you since the Emmys and you did such an amazing job, making the tribute to Robin Williams. I just had to tell you that I have you here and it's been nine months. You know what you can score a bit more, I'm gay yeah now that this is so terribly odd and my closest friend at a huge void, but we had such aim. Wonderful relationship that I looked back and makes me laugh and smile. We had phone calls bill that went on for hours, sometimes that which is absolutely hilarious.
Am I, on my one big regret. Was we plan to make an album together, of these one calls there was little. Derek Clive Canada, where we could go blue and darkened and strange. So one day this be quick, I'm watching run awakens funeral on television phone rings, It's a foreign five at San Francisco attempt so hello. Mrs Wanna hear her bill This is wrong Reagan. I just wanted to tell you that everything is ok and have as a boy what why what is surprising and watching your funeral and do in the box or no that's not me, that's my stunt man, but he does everything for me did all the football and that, in addition, that give her movie that I did what way. Sir, let me ask you this: what is what's happened like people want to know. What's it like well
It's a lot harder than I thought it was gonna sizeable hotter. So you may not be in Heaven o seldom Burgos, I am, is enough, sir. Listen to me if you're passed on, You think you're in Heaven, but its hotter I'll be in the other place. This is all that would explain. I Nixon's balls were resting on the bridge of my nose. Obey don't ever, but we have you to channel. That's great, you gotta go good luck with the clippers. I'm really really be. You have me on place too funny. You're show Rio heads that when we blug Ineffectual, I understand, but I have to say I want you to every we get its gilan.
You're really going to Afghan I've had a great time right. Cast your good friend Larry. Charles all. I know the ep. Is I watch it? It's you know you're, the older guy he's the younger guy. When I watch it, I think man just go he's the asshole, and then I think I wonder of people his age you're going? No, you were the
yeah. But that's what's funny about that. It is a wonderful awkward rice about it as we try to make our show together and then people watch it really Crystal veil. Thank you. Everybody. Our ideas and nationality are analysed, turned ESPN commentator. Will Kane hey well great to have you back? I dont is the former governor of Rhode, island wow. We just might run for president as a Democrat, Lincoln Jeffrey, Hey Lincoln. She has an assembly fees now without likes Wagner. Who else Alex Wagner murmur to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, finish your questions, four nights overtime, Sudan edge them after the show you two ok
a political panel. Here, I'm going to ask a political question the monologue. Three New Republic, an entrance into the race added to TED Grooves, ran Paul marker Rubio. That six, that the people who absolutely. We know gonna get him, but having declared Jab Bush Scott Walker, Santorum said it today, I think, he's going to make an announcement. Two weeks. Linsey Graham said something very similar to it's gonna happen. Then there's Rick Perry, Kay sick of Ohio Bobby the even Chris Christie could still do it. They saying this is not the clown car member that that became a meme from two thousand terror than at this point. But if you have this many isn't it always a clown car it dont. Many numbers make it cloudy I think you ve got your clown now, just slightly off. It's not the clown car, last time it was a cast of clowns. Perhaps it wasn't a very impressive feed.
Doktor on debate stage. This time it's gonna be much different: Scott Walker, Job Bush, Margo really are. These are serious guys, a serious ideas, only four votes. Very interesting choices. Are they going to be in the bleachers, because how are you gonna get them all on? One debates looks, but I dont understand I'm not into debate logistics. Drugs have too few and the report. Well, unless you are going to track that where we expecting something tonight now always said that election should be about choices and, yes, we're wishes on the democratic side, an avalanche on the inside and at the appropriate time, you're going getting over time. We're going to give the democratic voters choices, how ball. Ok awaiting ok, so you say it's not a club Ben Carson got in today been Carson. I have said today he said, Obama reminds you of a psychopath
no one knew used when a guy uses the word psychopath about. Interests, President when, in Euro surgeon uses that less well, a nurse urging believes the earth is six thousand years. Oh well he's what weak they show called a smart stupid per year is incredibly, how can you please incredibly hard to figure out on that front? Look on one hand. It is accompanied by a smart guy one, the top neurosurgeons world. On the second hand, he says these admittedly very stupid things I tend to think of He just goes for the applause lines. A lot of politicians
Do you have any comes out against guns and for minimum in unfair Herman wage, which would not played a republican sues, tough to figure? I really want someone elected president about whom you can see the phrase, admittedly stupid things. I mean that just probably shouldn't be no honest even make. I leave then Carson. Please say in the race curly fearing a please say in the race as long as possible, barely arson and now his candidacy with a gospel choir, singing Eminem song visions are really no work again and lose yourself that, with the announcement of my moving, why I left the Republican Party really have a children's aware because all the grounds of yours, yodeling else, been Carson. So the couple of weeks ago we did work this back, but there s going about the gay issue and he said
Well, when you turn gay in prison, he said so did something happened while they were in their ask yourself that question, yeah. I got it in the ass. It went up in my eye. I dont know if we are pass the clown stage yet and my cock a b. You know a guy who believes in end times, and I saw this Wall Street Journal and Miss Emmett at not Emma's NBC Pole today more Americans. Now, while this blow my mind more Americans are comfortable with a gay candidate for president, then that a jellicoe? So what?
like my conquered, we might do very well in southern states and- and I were but the rest of the gun reduces them as a kind of a charming Jesus rig. It's not gonna fly a giant, lovable beyond, say hating Teddy Bear. Yes, I hate to start the shot agreeing with you so much bill, but this is not the gems of the class. I mean call if you're in They claim to fame. She ran real impact right. She reduced employment, reduce devalue, the company grew, the size of the company grew the debt of the company, which might just call five her to run the country is what theory and also her political claims of aim is running the demon sheep. Add in twenty twelve twenty. TAT, I believe, which is when she had a bunch of humans dress up in sheep.
Clothing with glowing red eyes and very worthy emissaries for her message. This is not someone who's put political strategically, and I use that word because I think it best scarlet arena jury is like a plus level. All these candidates, though my car could be at least he's run for something in one. An election of curly fear, and Doktor Carson. Yes, it is possible But? What about its he's? A good bye for you wanna, be present ocean to run for state Senator Governor Mayor or some or winds, and so there are two trials going on in America. The Joker Surnames trial up in Boston and James Egon Homes- he is the shooter. The Aurora Movie Theater, who, ironically, dressed up as the Joker, ok. My question as why do they inspire such different reactions
when its terrorism, a people, absolutely freak out, but one it's just a lunatic with the gun without any religious islamic dimension to it? It's just not going to stay here. Above the blood? Can it politicians would even addressed the issue, so it all Obama keep saying we shouldn't even say the praises Lama. Terrorism is just all violent extremism. If not something different islamic terrorism. Why is the one thing that makes people should their pants? The first of all, I would say a lunatic with a gun is a form of terrorism. Craig started in public, but we didn't rub their constitutional or terrorism too much and it's coming down to too much g I too much crusade. We should talk about them as criminals. And ever since nine eleven terrorism fused, especially any to do the muslim primary.
Rampage. I think I think, there's a clear distinction: watermelon and women all terrorist in terrorism and ends That's why we treat these differently bill on by the way. I reject your promise that we don't do anything after James HOMES or after sandy hook. There's an attempt, that gun legislation in all of these states following the kind of things and they inevitably fail. These gun control laws in Colorado were miserable failure. New York Connecticut miserable failures, but the answer is this is because terrorism, at least those who profess to be acting, omby of Islam represent some larger ideology. James homes represent his own crazy, so full, but isn't mental health, something we should talk about. I mean I've been to impart to blame here. You know a young man professing to be a sort of radical jihadist. Is media catnip in a way that it really disturbed guy with, it's a funny or in or maybe he's insane as his defence would like to have him prosecuted mean that's just not is called
interesting to us, even though I should be. I mean obvious issues about why one crime is treated differently, really important for a country where we're going in the world than what's happening, with Muslims around the world and the danger presents to us here in Amerika and all this. She hence now it's coming from within. These are Americans. Well, but there came from Phoenix and we just have to calm down. Come all this hatred in Differences in these crimes are terrorism, throwing point we're going a country. Well, take this terrorism word in what start treating them as criminals. Our interests are long term interest. I think, as a country well I agree that we should treat terrorism as a police matter and its spy matter, not not a matter for for the army and I Then saying against the arguments of all my conservative friends that we should probably not be engaging ISIS
it was in the news, Greece, it is in the news recently. I don't think this gets out there very much, but ices, probably their leader, is either dead or incapacitating Baghdad. They lost most of their territory they ve lost a lot of them, money and they Probably very few hostages left, so there the bogeyman, but they, but the Republicans want to make it that, because they have nothing else to run on the unemployment rate is five point four percent. I know I am no hawk with the way you to adjust painted this would deny the entire existence of terror. As an external threat to this country. A weird to me that on one hand we have argued that reducing police presence is in Baltimore New York verging on the next you're talkin about who has into Pakistan does not at all easy to military issue terrorism. I'm saying this is the best way to temper damn we're only creating more terrorists by
bombing ices over there, let the other muslim countries take out their own tran. Also let them deal with this shit. I like you. I wish to work as you just spoke, but it doesn't. The answer The question is because they, because we never given wire outcomes, they dont, handle it to Europeans. This doesn't know how to run shit. I mean if you actually wrote what happens when ices takes over towns. They'll run water and utilities. Sure their mass outbreaks of disease mean that as much as anything else is why their dude, I mean ices will not survive as the Islamic Caliphate. They can't run a scan It really bears record and require a major up here to say I am not going to Europe later this month, as is very exciting. For me, I've never played european cities from the twentieth of the twenty seven that this month I will be playing London, Amsterdam, Oslo and stuff.
A com. So I've been boning up on european check your local listings there, because Europe is a greater anybody's ever been. There knows that, but one thing I found studying is that they are worried about their birth rates. Their birth rates are decline I think this is great news anywhere, because I'm for less population what countries tend to get nervous and anxious when they have less people than the other countries, so they actually are campaigns to get people to fuck. Look it I'll, do it for Denmark that
The campaign posted that's going on over there look at what it says. Has your bed net than romantic story to tell you what that means, and we found its going on in some other countries. Would you like to see the posters and stay here at home in bed every afternoon anyway? Look at that get bigger. France return, your wife is your mistress. Iceland forget your put on some very white Russia. You know how the space station Ducks HOLLAND. There are better things in your finger and better places than a dyke angle in mind. The gap- Germany, benign Vienna, Ireland tonight get just drunken
To do my teeth, like Greece tried around the frankness and Madigan Seti pretend Jason Altar boy arrive not even trying to increase the population in that it gives any change. The only american consumers had begun to be bladed Moby by Julia Roberts. Take that route later, please welcome Aaron Rock of it. Aren't you lucky? I have a list of horrible things: earth gas better, urging our that you get on and it just gets a little depressing. You know cause fifty years ago. There just words.
This many assaults on our health that we don't even know about Dorothy many chemicals right aren't. There are many many times more chemicals in there used to be There are in theres many salts and in certain things that are going to create greater problem. For us, I've been busy working on two bills and a lot of people don't know. What's going on with these one of them is the toxic substance control act it has worked Congress. And there has been who builds dropped. One is a very bad bill and must be well not realise. We have eighty four thousand chemicals. That's what I'm on our market where that way, we have no idea, what they really do to our health. Two hundred of them have been studied that, it in this new toxic substance control, lack reform bill, the EPA estimated there's one thousand high priority chemicals that need to be studied
there's going to take them over a century to do so then, Mason that we're going to find out is going to come way too late. But what is most concerning to us in this bill and the new G m O bill is thing that people are very unaware of and it's called pre emption. Preemption began in nineteen seventy six, as we were, putting new devices onto the market that could actually be experimental was giving them some reprieve from any litigation this The is now across the board and in this new toxic substance, Control ACT, Angie, Immobile Bayer, do to pre empt states rights which blows my modest, because the chemical companies are just too powerful their lobbies. Everything is bought off at this point absolutely and pre preemption is it is it
the old changer it every consumer will have no rights and every state will have no right. I was reading about this new one and you know I think a lot of people have poison fatigue. It's like everything is poisoning may at some point, related monster, listen, but there is a new one. We got used. To be. Remember: member, that's the plastic right! I know people are even touch a receipt. Like receipts, have the men like you know what it is going to tell me. I know people like at the store they like your receipt, know that should away from me that reimbursement yeah. So this is p s, Dense were flora per flora, algal substances there early in, like pizza boxes, they re ever but treatment. Shoes, electronics duped and says there safe. Of course. Of course it is
that's going to even safer once they can prevent everybody and states rights, and you can't do anything in any way and statements on by two hundred international scientists, health experts, textiles pity me I'll just said no they're, not we should get rid of these things, and I just you know again like whether it the Mulder them antibiotic resistant bugs, or rather this plastic every. Where do you go? How do you get people to, because when I could think about this right, we're not just Google. When and worried about nothin right this only now it really is happening with GM. I was right now and Pompey a forget how you pronounces name, Pompey Congress from Kansas, introduced a safe thereupon, pay a thank you safe food act, but we ve dubbed the dark act, which is denying Americans the right to know must be ruled. And the GM of the urban I'd, say you're becoming resistant, and so now there is a
Cooper, we'd you're, familiar with a super by I gotta. Let me I don't care where there is no that's another. You worry about what they spray on your. We you worried about what there sprang on your weakness is coming here. I'm worried about is branded doubly scram, also worried about like where I'm sitting Bruce. I heard that, like your couch in get you because the ferment no seriously. There should in the five ensuring like that's very China, gets rid of formaldehyde and we have it in China giant, it's true. I was the only thing we don't even monitor. Half that stuff coming in here. I'm sure you saw that peace. That was on sixty minutes about lumber liquidators,
and we won't have any protection of many other. It's really important than Americans know what is actually have putting in these bills, and they are taking away our right now, I'm very confused when republican when want to take away states rights, because if that's done, you're doing nothing but creating bigger government, and you are now making the EPA whose basically defunct anyway even more effective and nobody will be setting any regulations will oversee all these chemicals. What is our conservative to say about the states roads question she brings thereby to obey Lubs Data. Buzz word, I'm always for right. Honestly, you drive biggest challenges when you start this gives me tired hit. I mean everything is badly honestly, you worry about what you said bill. Does that mean you thought about it once you ve, really worried about your couch? Well but you know what my mattress my mom
but Europe has now made it. That's the worst thing that matters yeah. That's my choice by choice there more kindly authors, you know what it's that sure! That's gonna get your you may laugh. You know you don't think so boy biggest things that you can't use a deputy evil. Man, that's right, because you are getting you have a list, a litany they could go across his table. Things could kill me after I dislike. Take me home, at the moment, I feel it with whip if you would advise meaning you're inviting people on where to start with advocacy or litigation. Where is it and what works? Well. Absolutely I mean there is a little things out there, that can kill you, but it is their job,
oh, absolutely but be very happy to be worried about this. I'm sure there's some shit, man, you're old, some shit. You know why and least I'm honest, I gotta pull over and said to me what your hurry, blinding soiling. Nor am I going to get out of this, and I just look there and, unlike its bleed Has anyone and admit that get out on a very good point? I want to make absolutely there's a lot of things out there. They gonna harmless, but as a consumer, we have a right to
So we can make a different choice. To be honest, think are you let them know able to soothe important. This preemption is important, invariably walking the very important companies, honest the fearful. We have now a private company they gonna blogs. Are you for Hilary? You must be right If a Hilary Nano women's sectors is a candidates in the early, it's early said be getting. This is our complaint about this. What happens when you only walls, Iraq, war? I voted against the Bush tax because I voted against a lead over the Supreme Court. That's balls
yeah then, and what are we doing in six months for programmes? But my veins lords arise. Ok, well,. What, but Hilary seems to be that way left of where we thought she would be. I think all the people like us who are whole hoping that Elizabeth one would get in, and maybe still are or Lincoln Safety. I think Hilary has really a. Maybe this is her plan. You know is to make sure that These people have no room to her, laugh because she's pretty good. First,
said she wanted a constitutional amendment against campaign finance limit that while we gotta get incarceration and our prison industrial complex this week, she immigration hard. She went way beyond Obama's Egypt. We gotta have a path of citizenship and the dreamers and their parents. I urge equality. Talk about marriage equality, now, finally, she's, also higher than to say whatever I did when I was president on mass incarceration. Before my wife on winding bettering in fact well, things are driven by thanking the point. Is the coalition, the sort of interest, white democratic coalition. That was very much part of the Clinton era that has given way the Obama coalition, which is the national coalition, which is a coalition that wants to see a more humane and just criminals,
system that wants to see equity in society in terms of gay rights and gay marriage, that wants to see fair treatment in the workplace, and these are not impair progressive issues. There also national issues that will play well on the national stage ochre when we ask about What happened in Texas? I mention it. In the monologue d, there was a coup and done enough to things that sort of related happened this week. Ten, that's the writers. Gave him a war to Charlie Ed for courage, because their very courageous A lot of absolute, unfortunately, over two hundred writers in ten objected to that, which is, I think, pretty great. But ok, then down in Texas, this woman, PAMELA Geller, who is herself kind of alone. I'm not fellow traveller with her but she's the one who sponsored this draw Mohammed Cartoon contest. Okay. Now it obviously was a provocation.
But this is America. Do we not have the right to draw whatever we want Yes, absolutely right, Lincoln, yes, yes, I'm a civil, libertarian all the way and talk about the rights of the people, a pen not to attend that dinner to award. Rarely have no that's their right and that's what we have. Stand up for, but, as I said earlier in the show, this chasm between Muslims and the rest of the world just we need to address it. It's and tap down, but her mother, but an unusual in the moral equivalent Concannon. I mean we can't control these people from doing you. Can I read what Gary doubtless he was opportunities on the side of the writers who are protesting, giving jolly at Bobo Courage word. He said there's a couple of weeks ago. He said Charlie. The was punching downward by attacking a powerless distant friend minority with crude,
ogre drawings, Charlie wandered into the realm of hate speech, which in France, is only illegal if it directly its violence wait well, voila the seven million copies that were published following the kid things did exactly that triggering violent protests across the muzzle world, so This assumes that we just have to accept Muslims, are unable to control themselves. The way we would ask everyone else in the world to me: that's bigotry, that's the soft big three of low expectations. We don't ask anybody else in the world. Gary Trudeau is a coward and the other in writers. True who protested that award are cowards. That is the best thing you can say about them. At this point, amongst have It's a Mason sojourn in Nigeria needs to not judge people based on well, that's definitely not the role of free speech and judge you just don't sensor that
But this you don't just have a right to free speech when someone's position is, if you will find me, I will kill you becomes virtuous for you to offended at person, you need to have been that person. You need to shock them out of their. Therefore, what position I hastened to your language, you're, talking about hatred, you're talking about all the harsh language here but what is more, they can you guys, like an arrow going anyway, that people who went into killed inversely world of new, reorganising yours, I went to different and blacker than has nuclear weapons are, firstly, the champ down the language. You were ok, the first thing about the pen. A word is, I am, I think, I'm an agreement here. You test your moral, convictions by using the most repugnant examples, the Westboro Baptist Church as every
to be doing with a Westboro Baptist church. The godhead spreads exactly they always protest. My shows that it never ends in a gun babble. Society can ever engine again that's receipts and that's why shyly adieu should continue to do whatever they mean. This is how we, their true convictions, but I dont think its error to say that all Muslims, warmongering. Oh no, I didn't say that no one, so I said that's what you're returned, always assuming when he's and his statement, that we cannot allow these combustible people to be given in writing to so many in them. Women have had position CNN has said this people in New York Times. Someone Fox have said this: they for the argument of what if you were a short skirt, don't be surprised when you're right, they have laid this on the victim. They have said you are provoking it Dombes
when you go out- and the truth is that there are a lot of Muslims in that area- that's where they pick that town and none of them even came out to protest silently because they didn't want to give it oxygen. So Ashley? Why don't we get on the side of those Muslim, the ones who want to live in the twenty first century instead of making excuses for the ones who want to live in the seven I mean this is another thing that was said pen is. This is from the protesters. Pen is not some conveying support for freedom of expression, but Val arising selectively affair of material material that in identifying. The Anti Islamic and timing. Anti Arabs sentiments already prevalent in the western world. That's the timing. That's that's that. Basically that they had was in holding everyone. Everyone is equally insulted when, when Charlie Abdo insulted Catholics. It is not the same as when Charlie Abdo insulted Muslim, amended, aren't because in the can
and world and french society Muslims are more marginalized and penalized. Then Catholics are so it's the same thing: that's the plunging down peace right now! You then, maybe I don't want you well, but that was their convention. The other was. Do you really need to give this award right now I mean that's basically what? Yes, they were just killed, but What then read them their bodies are still one. They just killed indefensible speech. I learned, and today I am not defending the writers, where I think we have to be clear about why they had objections, and there are a lot of journalism out there in the world who are practising courageous acts who have been jailed in Tehran who have been killed in the field, and I think pen, writers, I've, hey, that's courage! That's courage in terms of freedom of speech are non negotiable, western values. When you have to u need to die, we all need to die on this hill free speeches. The core, not just a western civilization, but these countries identity. It should be for the June, be for liberals, the first amendment. What the second amendment is we're conservatives are right.
You battle five euro. Whatever you think of my talk of these politics, we have to admit that he's a brave man, because he knew that the Wiki announced he was running, I'd be showing this photo of his family. And you know why they look so happy. They just eight Mitt Romney family Euro, the chinese zoo keeper, who had left a constipated leave monkeys anus for a full hour, so the monkey good, passive penal. It had swallowed hall has to show
what's the clean up, I'm not saying you blotted your whole career as a cover story, so you could like a monkeys ass. I am only saying we all feel a hell of a lot better. If we saw the fiend neural, a boxing match has to have more punches landed in an episode of real housewives, God I wouldn't horse revealing Hannah manner, and that was just when Justin Bieber walked in Europe. The three California we're just arrested for running a fake masonic police force which take I miss their ride based on their nights. Templar bloodlines dating back to Eleven hundred BC must answer what one question
No, I don't know what's happening here, but whatever it is, knock it off. This is a six year old child in China, for the love of God. Let him get back to doing what six year old chinese children are supposed to be doing, making my Iphone finally know. Oh, you can't have any more republican candidates for president until you tell me what you did with ran ball: I was last seen standing in front of an aircraft carrier setting fire to everything he used to believe and this just two days into his campaign that may weather It was boring, but at least it lasted twelve round these
push made ran Paul, it's bitch away and well. You know, I know its primary season but ran Paul was supposed to be my republican option. The guy, who It stand on a debate stage with a dozen pandering cookie gutter creeps and tell a crowd what they do, wanna hear so I got it. He's a feeling. A couple of weeks ago, when Senator Paul spoke at a prayer, breakfast red flag, and totally jumped the shark on gay marriage he had always been libertarian guy on personal issues live and let live just don't get any on me. Now he says now. He says we need another great awakening with tent revived. Those of thousands of people praying former see, what's going to happen, if we don't you
Clearly, this is how we steer America toward the future with antigay tent revivals. Behold, the satellite hurling our prayers at him before he be released to the children of the corn and then came the aircraft carrier. The next infants was wrong because if we want to say I may new kind of Republican dont, do it all the rest of them do and stand. Front of the Yorktown as if to say ship strong, be strong. Ship, Gill, foreigners may kill foreigners and then suggest, adding a hundred ninety billion dollars to the defence budget, the one you I still want to cut. It's all, just proof that to be competitive report I can candidates must say to their base. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, I feel your car
And that's no matter how crazy it is. Have you heard of jade helm? Fifteen? I know it sounds like a legacy also the porn video jade? How fourteen? but it's actually the code name for a routine training exercise, the? U S. Military is planning to conduct in the southwest which. The tea baggers and taxes are convinced, is actually in Obama, plot to invade Texas, take their guns and a new world order. Because we hate Lubbock for its freedom, Here's the thing in today's republican Party. You can't call out nutty people for being nutty because they're, not a small group, in the republican Party. Crazy, is a constituency
so so what happens is the governor of Texas indulges them and says he will be ordering the Texas Stay guard to keep an eye on the union. It states military You know our former ally and Rams paw. Former sane person says J down, live Dania than a look into that to look into what whether a bomb is planning to invade taxes. Great. Why erratic could you please? The of the Supreme Court is run by lizard people. One last point: you, rural white people, who are always saying things like don't mess with taxes. We terrorism, You are among the most left alone least messed with people,
you can carry an assault rifle into Chile's. What more do you want the right to do a short lived here, practically your own independent country. Now you ve got, abortion, you ve gotta government regulation, your armed to the teeth, you're, the White Somalia, stop worrying about getting sucked into the new world order, your barely in the current world order and the only reason we conduct military exercises in your area is there's no chance of acts.
We damage. If anything, anybody games about the fox another year in California in June. Twenty one plagues Greek in Colorado Springs. Other joys ever do that I want to thank, will gain Lincoln J P, our agenda regretful joiners, now on overtime on you to guide you all new episodes in real time is the almost every Friday night or watching anytime on each one demand for more info on each be Oda com.
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