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Episode #354 (Originally aired 5/15/15)

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Episode #354 (Originally aired 5/15/15)
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Welcome to each year podcast from the HBO late real time with bill,
as you say, I know why you're exactly. Does we gotta day why I'm excited Mitt, Romney denied is fighting abandon our policy making this up. You heard this roadmap. Yes, that Mitt Romney is fighting a boxing match. Well, it's a charity boxing match with the event or haulage a friendly exhibition, arrays money, just
like the May, whether fight last week and tell you that as the wiser doing this, he said I don't know. I guess I just like getting beaten by black guy. What everybody this week is talking about, one of the worst train Rex ever, but enough about the George Bush campaign, we learn something this week. There is actually no such thing as a smart bush. Saying this court, no, no, oh, I think only a bush could answer yes or no question two different ways and be wrong both times it wasn't that already than he was ass. Knowing what we know now, would you invaded Iraq?
and he had a different answer every day. First, it was damn right. I would absolutely fuck a great idea and the next day I was sorry what I'm sorry, I I miss her it or misinterpret, and then the next day was one outside pathetic alleged. When did a hundred APOLLO digit ever ads or I, but that existed and then finally was ok. My brother's a giant fuck up you happening every day for an answer, which is how we got his nickname. The undecided and all this was on Fox NEWS, where the anchors or ordered to pre, like you I think the Bush family has actually been in decline. Since the patriot, Patriarch Prescott Bush, he was job in Georgia's grandfather, the first.
Bushes father. He was a good guy. It was a senator from Connecticut a moderate one of the first big advice it's for planned parenthood evolve. He had practice what we preach and sped Djibouti is what does about again today. He said there's that it would be ok if we repealed Obamacare, because people will be able to manage their health using the new apple. I watch and I have one level sacred words Surrey. I think I think there's something wrong with my heart. I thought,
eight hours playing Paul blacked out not for large. Now, as for the M track derailment, we still don't know what caused the train crash or wine Mitch. Mcconnell always looks like he's just seen, one but has this for sensitivity? Hours hours after the Crash House Republicans voted to cut anthrax budget. Why do Republican hate trains, this is seriously. They love everything else from the good old days, swing music at root, sixty six and segregation, but So now would you get to work in anything other than a Buick you're, not a real American. I don't get too I love drains.
The only way to travel anymore or doesn't involve the t s age and slowly tracing the curve of my inner thigh, Why do Republicans aid trade where, of course, we know cause there's subsidized by taxes. As opposed to the interstate highway system, which is naturally occurring in geological formations. I hope I get to the bottom of why this drag train crash, but I don't know if that's gonna happen, because the engineer involved says he is. Actually no recollection of what happened. So I don't think he's gonna be driving trains in the future, but he has a very bright future as Tom Brady's ball handling this Charles Murray happen again, these breaking with the wrappers Wrapper Kellerman
it goes back were first entry is a beacon for freedom of expression is let his book is Heretic why Islam needs a reformation. Now my friend and one of my heroes, iron Hersey ali- I always said I guess when they're here, I'm glad to see you, but especially with you, I'm glad to see you this. I know a lot of people, don't want you to Thank you and I'm glad to see you. Yes, absolutely so eager for people who are not familiar with your story, you you were born in Somalia, I tell us a little bit about Europe, bringing in one it's like for a woman to grow up in Somalia, and let me tell you Disney version, which is I there was one
Born in Somalia to a Muslim House, At the age of five years I was subjected to generally it's like about thirty million women are and fast forward. I, my father, arranges in marriage or forces, to marry and then fast forward. I'm able to escape that by taking a train from Germany to the Netherlands in the sky, asking for asylum fast forward. I learn the language and I assimilate and I run for office, and I become a dutch member of parliament.
And at some point three is into my tenure. You know why can't everyone do this? I tell you. This is the Disney version, but three years into my tenure, one of my colleagues decides that I had not told the truth, which is absolutely true, but everybody knew about it in two thousand and two and and she takes away my citizenship? I'm also at that point. Under so much security, and I decided to companies United States of America and I live happily ever after you're a critic of Islam and for them sums well, you're books called heritage, I'm talkin address go here and the other was called infidel. So,
We could go to jail glad you are, but why is it that so many liberals I mean liberals who actually aid blaming the victim as they should, as we all should when it comes to rape cases of what dare you blame the victim? So many blame, you turn. Finger on you you're, the bad guy. How is that happening? I think some of them scared. I think some of them are protective of the people who presented to them, as I am the victim of so many of the so called spokespeople for Muslims, emphasise the victimhood of almost people. They don't really speak for and they say look at how she's the awful when she's the one who's asking questions she's the heretics choose the infidels and I dont know why the works. We infidel with the liberals. I mean when I see a woman in the head to toe
I see someone who's oppressed concerning anyone really wants to live that way, especially in the hot sun. But I've heard many liberal say: well, that's that's their custom. That's there But I've heard many liberal say: well, that's that's their custom. That's there! That's their rum culture that they want it like that. They like it- and I say they like it Pimp, say has been said. It is not a blow guys in an alien give me the money they like it. As you for now I dont know how to far that is because, even in in every industry, in the industry of islamic extremism, there are women who like to cover themselves from head to turn who like to caught her to this area on which you have extra museum, but I'm totally abolishing. Would they really were if they like it, that they like it? My point
is there are millions who don't like it. Please don't who is it under? Those are the women on top right, ok, and now in your book. Of course, you say what I think lots of people have said is love needs a reformation, a manoeuvre. I was a specific plan for this reformation. Can you give us a thumbnail version. Ok number one. I think it's extremely important for Muslims to change their attitude toward the Koran and Mohammed. What the book- it's not a driver's manual, please to but the man give me a break. He can't be the most perfect model guide for all humanity at all times, that are part of that up number to stop investing in life after death
instead of life. Before death number three give up sharia, Do you know what you did not tell us that we hear that word a lot and there are people in this country, especially now in Texas, who thinks you think they're and intimate danger of Sharia law taking over Alan Western Florida twitted the other day he was in a Walmart it was trying to buy liquor and they would let him because it turned out the jails guy was under age. We couldn't ellador. Many said Sharia LAW has come to Walmart their crazy, but what is actually what is involved in Sharia law wasted in is the system of law that Saudi Arabia has that IRAN has that the islamic state Iraq and Syria is trying to implement. Sharia law basically decides absolutely everything about yourself:
decides how women and men should interact with one another adulterous, our flogged or stoned people who drink subjected to various harsh punishment death. I I'm somebody who left religion of Islam. The punishment under Sharia LAW for me would be to be killed. If you're gay, you are to be taken to the tall building in time and thrown down. If you're still alive, there's a mob waiting there to. Let you we seeing Love is carried out in in many place is formally and informally. When I say, formerly I mean by a government informally by people, doing, it themselves, and that takes me to the fourth point, which is the commanding right and forbidding, along with Indonesia citizens feel that they can tell you what is right and if you don't you're, not behaving the hard way, they can punish you and then. Finally, of course, Jihad holy war should be replaced
calling peace. So I heard- and we know the Sharia LAW is popular in many more countries than you either named. I mean when I have liberals on the show one of the big arguments as well. The painting with a broad brush, of course, Saudi Arabia's backward, but what about Indonesia and Turkey and Jordan? Well, I looked up, Indonesia and Turkey and Jordan, and well here- is some of the statistics here- you realize seventy two percent of indonesian favorite, Jordan. Seventy one percent stoning of adulterers, Indonesia or forty eight percent popular Jordan. Sixty seven percent death for leaving Islam Jordan. Eighty two percent: these are there: their bastions of freedom and democracy howdy. How do we get liberals and some of them were people? I really used to respect.
How do we get them to understand that we are the liberals in this debate here, the people who are facing shining a light on oppression and demanding tenable, and how can that not be the liberal cause? What do you say to Libya? I say to them that the cancer of islamic extremism is an assault on liberalism on liberal ideas? one the idea of the human being, as you know, protect the life of the human being the freedom of the human equality of human beings. That's what it is an assault on Islam extremists. Do five the one into us and them The ones they deem to be them, even if their pious Muslims, they kill them. They said to go to them. They seldom into slavery, the free, the women and they destroy arts. Civilization and we invest
on a daily basis. If you're a liberal, and you really truly believe in the principles of liberalising you, ve got to stand up to the challenge of the day, and that is Islam.
In my view, is the icon. It any filmmaker hairspray and cereal mom, whose latest book car sick is now in paper bag John Waters. It stated John. She is the president of the brig S Palace public Policy organization de most other Magee, uneasy conservative intellectuals, letters book as by the people over and Charles Murray, back with his age. You ok remedy. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sundays. Your questions were tonight's overtime, so we can answer them after the show. You
all right? I want to talk about JEB Bush first, first thing the way, the Republicans into being floating week. By week, I had a little fun with him there in the monologue, but I want to go after some of the things that he said earlier in the week that I think we're not challenged by the media because first thing he said was: I would have invaded Iraq, given the the entire elegance. We had, as he said by the way, so would Hillary Clinton can, just point out that don't think Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat or even any other Republican might not have invaded Iraq because She was the only one who even thought to link nine eleven to rack Richard COD. In his book talks about the day after nine eleven worse going around saying? Can we do? Is there a link, any real? we convey Moroccan there like no no Is that what will look harder
My boy I hated, I hate it when he makes a mistake, because I want him to be the nominee because I think we can win and- and the real reason I want to witness a bill can be first lady. I want bill to be an old fashioned. Firstly, like mainly eyes in our like yeah, like big, make implies a range of flowers. Were the apron after gonna be great either a little bit like George Bush, never really thought of what he actually would say when this question came to him- and this is George W Bush we're talking about we're talking about someone who did a lot to this country? That is, brothers, gonna have to answer for whether it's the two trillion dollar war or the two trillion dollar tax cuts are there? fourteen trillion dollar, you know housing bubble, wealth lost at the bank credit card velvet. This guy's gonna have to answer for
I think it might be a moment that defines the Bush campaign. I think of TED Kennedy. We're both old enough to remember, went at Kennedy was asked back eighteen. Seventy nine. Why do you want to be president that he couldn't answer the question? and not being able to answer this question. This is the first one he was gonna be a splendid right. Is he had that Non Pat. Well, That's something you here and every campaign that the campaign is a great indication of how the guy would be. As present I've heard going back. As far as I can remember politics, they either say a member. I kinda what Republican said I'd. Maybe it was don't run near Mccain before him said. Well, you know, it is as good as it was in the campaign. We're gonna be ok, I've heard others say well. If you can't run his campaign, how can we run the wider? So that is a good question, but I noticed also that the Republicans this week all jumped
of course they smelled blood, he wounded animal, so they all jumped in their haste to say. Actually, the Iraq war was a mistake and correctly Never heard them say that before unanimity unanimity they wanted to attack bore, so they set because before that the answer was always know. World was better without Saddam and it was unprecedented black novel chamberlain. Locked up. I don't follow data, they politics close enough to really good if it no, I hate, day to day politics but general bigger. They are the ones that this should happen every couple of years. I have to follow the days politics before governments have ladder, but in fact, on the other, look inside there's been an awful lot of agonizing Henry thinking about Iraq for a long time really yeah. I have not heard that marker Rubio. I heard him just the other day say no
The world is better off without Saddam, which is a talking point from two thousand plainly. The world would be better if the dark was still in power, not for the soccer team world would be better off better than munitions have cost four thousand american lives and hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians to get that right, guided so shocking about the train wreck. First of all, it wouldn't be it that biggest story. It is a big story, but if this happened in Chad, nuclear believe me just happen on the eastern card, like when the snow anywhere between New York and Washington. This thing in the world, ok, let's talk about it. I'm on that drain always right on your back and for alms ultimate emigrant triangle, and you know the thing that I fear I
You have to worry about them. Speeding. You know, that's the last! I worry about pilot there was I buses going, but not like you not, but there is one point on the cell: a train that the suicide community knows about and they can't stop a curve and they jump out and its I ve been on. The train. Words happened a couple times. They know this. I can't stop, and so and it's a pain you not. I have a coroner, has to calm. It takes hours, but it's it's it's it's a common problem. Unless I'm I'm shocked, I'm shocked you haven't written a movie about this. I've been in the cell a whole lot. He has guys jumping off the train is never having a role. It is not a call for help, but why are the patriots, the ones who don't want to spend money on trains it drives me in? I know
this is no way to run a country. We are literally squabbling about whether or not we should repair are crumbling roads and bridges. Bridges from a hundred years ago or put in these safety that we know that we had that were available, whether we can afford them. Like meanwhile across the pond. Our competitors are just handing us launch right there. Creating bra band. That is incredibly fast, wind farms and they're doing actually exactly what we taught them to do in the Post war period, which one, a mixed economy which, as you know, it's gonna, take some government- is actually going to take some government because are something that we can do. I found that no individual company can afford to do other actually with you by the government, should build roads are a good thing. Here is a problem there's a bridge in Bayonne that is being rehab. Ok, they wanted to start behaving about seven years ago. It's not even a new bridge. Its existing bridge, they're gonna fix
Therefore they ve gone through forty seven permits from nineteen environmental agencies its dealers and approve the average. Out of time it takes to approve a new road project. I mean roads are simple, is eight years we have a school erotic system at this point where We can't do anything. There are no shovel ready jobs, but our President Obama talk about getting rid of regulations like that: not all regulations, but just common sense approach. I cannot but feel The reason why this train crash is because, while Obama is president any victor before him. Yeah. We can have a victory for America, because Obama is the president. No come on is a statement of fact if we appropriated a trillion dollars tomorrow for infrastructure reform
Nothing would happen for four Matter of years, when I say now that I've been basically nothing that central, because we had the stimulus package and waste and they never driving around the projects here at work. Here and now I did these people were out working and they did nothing less than a lively debate. They made roads and bridges. I hope the rain real other country back from the brink. I think You know, I know that you're you're new book is about regulations in and all of that, and I think that there is something to be said for that, but you cannot say that the real reason that Republicans are r these reckless cuts is because they are afraid that if there We did something and be held up by regulations that just doesn't make. It is ok, I agree with you, I actually heard in Baltimore somebody say they were against the wind.
Farms, you know because they were satanist that's what you want. You can also watch the birds getting killed right around like that. Ok, so build the plaza, put out a contract for a man, I remember Nude Gingrich's contract will. This is the liberals version that and I'm sure Someone like you when you hear about some of the things are in raising the minimum wage to fifty bucks waiter citizenship, but then National paid six lay sick leave national paid family leave, Universal Pre K, Stew, loan debt relief. These are all things that cost a lot of money and I'm sure that conservative say we don't have that kind of money and then Look at things like the F twenty two
course sixty seven billion dollars we barely ever used. It did not factor in Iraq or Afghanistan it's now scrapped, then we to the EP thirty, five, the Thirty five costs who's, gonna cost thirty seven billion dollars. It's now up to one point: five trillion. Also doesn't seem to work. Cannot take a lightning hit, so they have to stay twenty five miles away from lightning, so we we can get into a war unless it rain. That's one point: five billion dollars in the people who wanted to want to cut the Amtrak funding by how many millions a few back, then it would be. Funny if it weren't so sad, so I actually were. I was there,
to sign the contract that the progressive agenda build applause. You called me a couple of months ago and said: organize and progressive leaders too. Try to make income inequality. The defining issue of the twenty sixteen presidential campaign- and I said absolutely- I think that has to happen. But if you look at that agenda, it's it's Actually such a left agenda whereat sort of like this juggernaut moment for what is programme where the centre is on economic issues right and if we won basically down all of those they get majority support from republican voters obvious. They not from republican members of Congress, but you ve got this range thing where it's not really left and right issue, but more like a donor class and everybody else. Well. Actually we now the political science research shows that, because the donor classes the sort of gatekeeper right now for who gets to run, whose you know
phone calls are answered that comes out in public policy decisions. That's cute the wealthy or try all, I can say, Heather, The Republicans. I now think that having a Canada to his blood to the delors. Your programme is a wet dream. I mean it is such an attractive. It's it's as if the Democrats could run against my cock of these social agenda. They like Mama, though there is no international paid. Fabulously here we got got a whole bunch of independence and moderate Democrats who usually about democratic, because I really don't like the republican social agenda at all and that just completely turns them off from it. On the other hand, these are the people who go to the polls and high numbers they that Danes whites
greater numbers and most minorities, the more money I have more like you are to vote, so the electorate, the lux people as much different from the profile of the country. Can I give you the numbers on the staff because they have polling, and I know what you're going to say and you may be right. Yes, when you give p we'll goodies when the gun, does that its popular, but the minimum wage. Sixty three percent support going up to fifteen dollars an hour pathway, citizenship, sixty two percent paid six leave. Eighty eight percent fat leave, eighty six prick a seventy percent student Mon debt relief? Seventy three percent, then they keep saying Hilary is gone left here is where she always has been in the centre. For gay marriage. Fifty eight percent approve of that overturning citizens, United Sixty one percent of proving that The cameras on cops. Ninety one percent approve of that
sing reform for non violent drug offenders to reach this idea that this is far less than half. This sounds rail bill? Ok! Well, we can have the show a couple years from now, I'm saying at the demo granted, candidate embraces universal pre k and pay. Family leave and, secondly, that all that all of which are expensive programmes leave the fighter. Planes you have a whole lot. I will. I will have you ignore fighter planes that we show firewater about whose voting and why they're going to address the only way to get to your programme is to distort our democracy, to keep most of Americans out of the ballot box. That'll, exactly what you Heather, I haven't. The people vote want acts that people who donate want acts, and so we can have more work to be done. If the Democrats adopt
this agenda. They will get wiped out next year, if you and if if the right gets to define the electorate. That is absolutely right and I look like my actually ban on your right to manage matters on the liberals, because they act as these prove we have the numbers. We just don't turn up. You're right, We let all white people run. The country I gotta move on is another issue that, what's goin dear dear to my conceding take is religion was in the nose, is big pupil? Does a big survey every seven years of what the Pew the Pew
you have heard about pupil has like a fortnight ago. You, probably you, never hurt you and we had a whole panels and I do never reach the new anyway. They they do a big survey of religion every seven years and the results are written and they're pretty amazing. The number Christians has gone down from two thousand seven to fourteen from seven, eight percent to seventy percent. Now rub nuns with that's people who none none of the above. These are atheists, agnostics, pay, billet just want to sleep and on Sunday we're now second set
It's a Van gelatin one in five percent on twenty three percent, and mostly this is because no one of your shot Mallette, because it, the millennials, are mostly thirty five percent of the millennials or nuns and they are leaving and draw up so they tried to get them back there. The key to stopping is bleeding to death. They put out this. This Bible, to try to get the millennials back. It's it's the king, James.
Franco slightly different majority here. It's very similar hears from the old testament, Adam and Eve saw that they were naked and they were a shame because they were not toned, so they sewed fig leaves together together to cover their problem areas slightly different, the Lord's anger burned against Israel, and he made them wander in the wilderness. Forty years where they had no signal say how this set that Libya and the commandments are slightly different under thy Father and a mother, so that
they live long and their basement. Thou shalt not steal, except by music online, are now let's go to the new testament. There are also some some differ against slightly different. Oh Jesus is take this need of it, for it is gluten free lesson very thy food of thy womb. It is locally grown Jesus. I remember this when said to Peter this very night before the cock, crows you will deny me three times because the hay
there's gonna hate, so verily just shake it off. We know not on what our thy Lord will return, but by goober will be their informal Jane to Michael render a gay killer MIKE Charles is not enough people against. Do we want to bring out one outcome of writing a book. You roll back in my before made a lot of Maltese with you guys you I go prudence. Why may right so? What? Oh? Yes year, we like genetically black reborn smart and I was like you motherfuckers run in this country, their brilliant it's over. For us who knows, genetics got as far so MIKE. I wanted to have you here because has certainly been a lot of news lately about things that are of interest to you, because I know that you
your father was a cop, and you know I've wanted to ask somebody about this. Who would know the the issue of black policemen, because there must be a hot in a terrible vice while they are in a lot of ammonia, wrong, sat right now. I just want to I want to acknowledge that policeman is difficult and it's hard areas, a few that'll. Do it and if I didn't have em here, it would be tough in what I am. I do not believe in humanity. I think. I really would they made me bad, but you take away that it's the per year urge everyone prospect of amendment. Five would be against that, even when my wife actually taught me that if you get too drunk, you can call the police know how to take you home. So that was a new one. I don't even see. The latter are clear that I am knobs wouldn't arrest hour, but I think I will
Atlanta Georgia, a man as a black city top to bottom, has been for the last forty fifty years or so the last hundred years by population, but for them seventy eighty years there's no black lease worth policing came along in the fifties. After a long, hard fight for black cops want even allowed to change clothes with regular cause. He had to do it at a why, but the community fault for these black costs to be because they wanted to be policed, fair and they want to be policed by people who looked like them, who understood community were from the community and the fact that we have black coffee today that cops like the people, their policing, but I don't live near the community. They don't live in the community. They are active in the community, that's the cancer and police. Another policeman, policemen, north little rotten, Tommy Norman White Guy talks, gonna blackmail, but equally, he polices How can you re in a started following him secretly cause every day he was pulsing him in kids and poor white kids like it's just he was actually out of his squad car and I believe that debt,
where proper policing happens when you're out of a car and another cop engaging sulphur kids who out there, maybe in military, may, become an album, maybe gradually hospital college. We need black. Please, can we need you policing, but we need Europe, leaving a living in the community policing. No, I mean we hear a lot of people say you know. Most cops are good God tonight. I would agree with that. I do not always agree with my country. If there is any, they seem to be. A dynamic is obscure exactly but here's here's. My question: no I've seen a lot of budget about jobs and I think they know it we'll shoot, but actually over Nokia, but here's my thingabob good cuts. We know what a bad cop a good cop is one who isn't racist. Who doesn't you know, abuse people kill people for no reason just get his jollies. We are now doing I've got a shit, but
it seems like we do not have any cops who on the ones you do that now. That's me, can you be a good cop? If you see a bad cop, doing bad should an you and you still back him up, because you know member that movie Serpico one guy one upset you know? What I am going to fuck you guys, I just want to take the money and they tried to kill him exact. Can you be a good cop, exactly Adam? I think that the nature of good like when we say good, can't we just me he has killed anyone this week, but
I think I think there are means of bar that I think that a good cop means have to uphold the letter of the law beyond the Fraternity of Brotherhood Lizzy. I have to hold up to uphold the lawful and may involve telling our backs, and it needs to be something that we as a public celebrate. I'm glad that a lot of police are giving body cameras, but I think, was really needed godless did my mentor was appointed. Her name was ass, not to shoot out a few months ago, great from Chicago taught me how to organise George Turner who's out please. Chief in Atlanta appointed hurt the community liaison between the community and between the police force. Now actually was an organizer. So what did she? Do? She organised community to speak to the police force directly in dramatically four year, so changed away Atlanta policing happen. Now we have body Aramis. I don't know about that. If that office is gonna, stay but pray, it does because I saw the difference
DA mayor Cassim read for TAT. George tart afford and I pray that we find another Alice Johnson to be the community liaison in Atlanta. So we won't have another murder of liking
to your grandmother was killed, that illegal drugs rabbit hammered. Now all the black kids are where, in their own cameras on their high added value, has not bigoted great, is great that, but not the begins at adding, would know what you were that jacket and look for my size. I am certain that, in our view that Brazil, China matches the year this argument, you want a bay and run a jewel target. You do that. You ve never heard of you study. I've never seen that color. Now I've seen it twice. Now we have to go to my baby. I can't do the black handshakes MIKE a white guy with intellectually but domain so Bela Riley what
you Bela, like a light, will always coherence. I hate all white people. Take him so seriously. The care for he's always island after rap as a reason for every girl or full of shit, that our house in a black club and see billow rather with a strip, is our guarantee that is now I don't know it looks rights as what patent would have done and we know what we know it and I think that now you're wrong. I know bill that is not an ideal, is full of shit maybe, but is in sea or she really of poorer Spiegel Ray. I think that way. What are you all right? I've never catch up my my aunt you're, the one that the net me. I'm gonna fight him one day. What but able this thing I was just talking about the down. The religion, like Christians, losing Christians,
the claims on rap music right because, like the least that the people who are least likely to leave Christianity are black folks, Are you not what signal by women they not leave out my mama and sisters, and right now I know visas to the users was like the others. What browser you use a arguing, black guy or at least dark home with a pie, your home is. One of them was strapped with a knife, went to war with the government last month, and I got a lot of black eyes. Do Adam everybody loved the more if bat like Tupac and he may not have, because that at all? Oh, you re to link you. Why did I not? Radar rights are also Michelle Obama. The MIA
the panel. This question was speaking this weekend. She did invoke racism. She said, among other things, that does she was followed in stores. I imagine you remember that right, you ve had that experience. She said we all know the experiences of going to a party and people assume you're the help. Ok, this got the usual suspects very angry rush. Limbo said she was playing the race curried, Laura Ingram, said a litany of victimization. They act like very existence is kind of a deliberate provocation, but one I'd heard to go down to this. Just Tuskegee right this, where these war can class Alabama, kids, an actual just like, given the opium right to say, okay, because Barack and I are in the White House like Ding Dong, racism is dead, that's what they wanted her to stay and the fact is we don't do that with each other.
Hell that lie right. We actually tell the true american story of black people in this country, which is one of resilience and reason the into two parts it has struggle and it has overcoming, and so Often the right wing just doesn't want once again either one of those part tried either black people never struggle or they never over time, but sometimes I so nightly because on racism, because it used to be a group that George walls and dumb races that was easy to make from right. But but now there like sensors, you know like stupid. Sensors are easier to work with, but real ray.
Today they don't say it out loud bear the scariest one. You know they're, like liberal centre stage, the scariest. What were you in Baltimore when the riot yeah, but I feel you know the night Baltimore was burning. I was filming cameo and the new album Chipmunk movie in Atlanta, so I may not be racquetball about, but he's your via looking irish resident in Baltimore in my life, and I was in a Patty wagon maiden break my back. So I guess you know, but at the same time, there's a cop or I hang out and in their very nice to make up all well just depends, but I know he'll tell you solve two ways you want to sell. But what I think in Baltimore is is one like jury duty once a year every family has to move to the exact economic opposite neighbourhood and lived there, they have to get our air dont have to send their kids, they gotta go to store there, and then you move back right in the other. One is
we'll make it a racing, make it a class thing, there's just as many poor white people in Baltimore, poor white people don't write red white people do so average. My people- and I urge you- I mean who winning. If there are any rioters involved, where there were white, they were a player Brian in March or April right, they call it celebrating. Ok, yeah well shaken barricade toilet paper. I mean really I'd right. I'm for that total paper is expensive. When you go anyway, why did they burn down the severe? That is why I urge you to think Gopher, bounty, Hunter Club and people always say that. Well, well, they burned out, they burn down to see vs, they stole stuff, they need it. You know you yet medicine in the option. You might need a blood pressure regulated like so when people say why do you have our down CBS Y Y, you burning now you're on community. Well, because of
to people being denied loans because of black people be snooker out of their homes in general, fires coming or not coming it because as having to live in a community, you dont all your winner, you just occupied escape the police or their occupy. You would you say, burn em up our most CBS did not how you people who work within ten miles of there, so they are afraid of day after them, letting their friends take something. So what did destroy, but sadly, economic, economic ass. What that won't hire me anyway, overcharging me for drugs, and I got away to the next one of them. I do we say no small got burned out. That's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is. There were litany of black men there who had tee shirts on standing in front of stores, protecting stores, giving that's not what the media showed you, Albania will show and found children. I say: hey: let show these kids louder now and make that route with the rebels and take the Baltimore, and that was a lie, but they need to get the poor white people to hook up with them to address their Santana government, make town, as you know, they team up together, and I think that if I hadn't five there's a couple mss be light. Neuron question, which is a came over the wire today, the news that
Dzhokhar, Sir Knight is going to get the death penalty. I was actually surprised. You know me, I wasn't no now and the route for the death penalty. No, I am against the death of very much and I campaigned in Maryland against it and it is I get the pic why the people Missouri, who said there were not against the death penalty, would give it to him. I understand that he's the poster boy for it is the Wall Street grave, but we have to put up I'm instant for him, because, like freedom of speech, we have to pick up with the work we have to put up with Gang Bank born. We have to put about Nazis margin. We have to put up with the extremes of it to have the basic freedom of it, for everybody So I guess Joe kill people and tell him that's how you do it and he was twenty one he'd I get weather also didn't. They sentence the people to have lived through this for years and years, because the appeal we're going out. I got rid of deepening armor, pretty quickly
here s a punishment, its failure. I was a little different. Well, maybe with equally hideous, they got rid of him now month seem like, but there also giving a muddy once he wants to be a martyr to do. It would have been worse fate. I think people can do things that forfeit the right to live. I think that there are acts of area. On the other hand, if you're asking about punishment, solitary confinement, twenty three hours array and armies supermax is that that is what I have to tell you. That is cruel and unusual, but that is a duty clark. The lawyer she's, the only person I want to meet in the whole country. I why well because she did Susan's met the Unabomber dialogue. She's, never talk to the press. She has never let her clients talk of breath, and this is the first time she lost and if she wins she gets them like uproar, not the death penalty, she's Clarence Darrow! Isn't you re all right? Thank you. Panel
it's time to go to your own, don't fall asleep and random Kim Jong on the matter. Defence, deep executed for the crime of nodding off at some event, possibly a performance of the children's orchestra. So if you're in Kim's inner circle just to be on the safe side, you might want to pick up a bear. These One Courtney love is accused of not paying our bills. You can't reported as news
Courtney psychiatry says she owes him forty, a grand and there's just resting cleaning. The couch neural summit asked explained this Kentucky man who accidentally shot his own mother during a church wedding where the minister says forever hold your piece: America Euro. If someone catches you having sex with detail pipe of a car, stop it when they said you needed in emissions check, they meant that car than I thought I was getting screwed at the pump. Neural, don't be like Louise Lang. These South Carolina Republican, who refuse to Bio Bomber care,
started going line, and now we want to bomb again. Don't worry, Mr Lange, President Obama is aware of the situation and he has something for you. And finally neural someone s zombie, oh, that we should that someone has to tell me why Americans won't take anything seriously unless it's livered with a british accent. Why, in movies, even ones where the actors are Americans playing people who are not british, they still but not a british exit is Brad Pitt as Achilles mom and brothers, and the sword
these from the mid west- and we know the ancient Greeks we're not, but neither where they from Notting Hill. So why does he have to say fool why you saw more serious than sword? Here's Morland Brando Superman's, dad old and I have all. Did I ve everything? I feel really the greatest actor ever you mean. Even he can talk. America did biblical people have british accidents like general. Connally here Noah, I can't
think of her six hundred year, old husband is putting three million animals on a houseboat. What she's, using a british acts and biggest she doesn't want to sound silly in world war, two movies, even the Nazis. British acts. Game of thrones takes place in a world completely made up by a dude from bail, New Jersey and they all british elections last phase and ended with the king dying on the toilet. John, with an english accent classy. When Elvis did it just grow,
only one can nobody lived in another millennium in a galaxy far far away, so naturally he had a british acts, as did the bad guy in the movie. Yet even the robot have you, cracked openly other robot that only made beeping noises then be a guy in there with a british acts in right now stop. But before I do, did you know that among the many items that are sold as part of the merchant icing for fifty shades of grey There is a but blog advertised online, Fifty shades of growing something forbidden silicon using something forbidden is deliciously today
that's right. If you have an english accent, you can literally tell us to stick it up already. Yes, that's her real or that our dick doesn't work. You've seen the Viagra ads. Plenty of guys have this issue not just getting into action, but keeping it she disliked sexy Mary pop in just a spoonful of showed that makes the Dingle in Papa. You were a lasted loser now you're the Dick of Windsor. So what is going on here? Oh, I think we know what scope the Americans. We talk big game about where the greatest country in the world and american exceptionalism in the indispensable nation you know. Whenever I hear someone bragging on themselves like that, I always think
their covering up a massive insecurity. And our reliance on the british access to convey grab a tough kind of our way of admitting that we know we're not real you're, serious paper. I mean come on. We drink wine out of a box We invented Mormonism. Our best selling author is Bill, O Reilly, most Americans dont know that the Big bang theory is also theory, I mean look at all the childish stuff that defines America superhero movies, climate change, denial payments.
Farewells hat pajama genes for people who want to wear pans, but dont want to feel overdressed involvement. We know what we know where the folks who gave the world can car dashings giant ass. I, when I say, can gardez sheaves, giant ass courts, I mean God yea, wet and therein lies are a special relationship with England. They have the gravity us we have the swag it's how we act
what we do it, who we are we at the aircraft carriers, but they have the guy who knows a sentence needs a subject that an object, oh yeah, that more sounded a whole lot better come in at a Tony Blair's now, which is why the british accident is dangerous and it should come with a warning:
This movie isn't really that profound. This reality show judge. Isn't really that smart, this war isn't really that good, an idea and this product still goes in your but right towards it anyway, I will be quite Smith in London on May twenty, thirty, second, that actually John Waters Gauge Murray Geller MIKE, and I in the early nineties now on average arm on you, you, you happy sense in real time with your mom every Friday, night or watch him any time. No one demand for more money to be out. I come.
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