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Episode #355 (Originally aired 6/5/15)

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Episode #355 (Originally aired 6/5/15)
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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time looks like I know. I know why are excited excited because there are now dead, Republicans rugged reprisals. Cloud girl is really good.
You know got into this legal rectory member Rick vary from twenty draw, the we all remember to Monday twelve Roy Perry, but says I am not that guy at all any more. In fact, he says, call me Caitlin, really how why even birds and we're even going to talk about anything else. S with America's obsessed with this week is Caitlin General coming out on the cover of vanities. There, You know what a he she You know why pronoun police it began to climb up. My ass, why Europe there you can kiss it, okay, cuz! It's going to take a minute to get used to all of us and see, makes people who were different great then she's done a great thing, but let's also remember Does a has been from reality tv. You got breast implants,
is someone who used to be calm, Gardez. She instead Father, it is now Kim Kardashian Step mother she's, not Rosa parks. But the boy it's working about. You already has a dearth Medea with MAC cosmetics. Did you see for she looks pretty also. Maybe they use the MECCA medics, and I think this is very good for MAC cosmetics on than a bite Aachen. Mac cosmic. I cannot conceal my crows feet. Lady. This ship, mainly sixty five year old,
the five year old former. Do would look like Brook shields also, this is the oldest woman, sixty five to appear so well on the cover of vanity, fair, which I think send a very powerful message that you can be assessed the glamorous senior woman and all you need is strength, determination and dick keeps you keeping the dick. Is God boobs? by keeping the penis should have changed your name to spoiler alert with she's, not lopping. Love is adding or try to get them. Pyramids out errands it anyway. This is,
this is not going over well with everybody on the right. You know rush lumber. He says you know their redefining normalcy. I say great yeah for the better, but you know what says that you want to make your penis disappear but the old way like. I did have your belief that covered up like say it seems like everything in the news this week was about sex this week. The FDA has endorsed female by Agro. Did you see that I have appeal? That's not Reno sugar quotas that makes women horny and the experts Ernie, calling it a huge step forward for lazy, unattractive husbands, and a big league for child molesters
Don't look. I am thirty. Eight, the audience is enthusiasm, but we were just say it's a big week. Will it is a main things got worse for Dennis has to even reading about Dennis Astrid former speaker of the house who It's also a wrestling coach in the seventies and apparently was doing a little more than wrestling with the boys and a woman came forward today and said to her brother was one of the victims, and you know, of course, Dennis Astrid a Republican and a bit of a hypocrite A hundred percent approval Redding from the christian coalition huge upon gay rights, which is something I have always said if, if antigay gay stuff is always coming out of your mouth
something very gay is probably going it was, I must say, wrestling as gay as the Greeks who invented it and anyone who wants to be doing it with children? We should keep an eye on. I mean the first tent. The dentist Hasta was the something a little weird is one he would pin you he'd, say say uncle when they did that he'd say now, call me daddy see their right. There, I think, is a red black and Are you familiar with the Duggar family right, their reality shown nineteen and groping. You sing how many of you watch that show. Don't tell me who gets molested on taping, but apparently when, when Josh,
there was a teenager inappropriately touched, four of his younger sisters and the baby sitter, who we apologise to. I'm sorry. I thought you were one of my sister. Let me very canned tuna, rather that thousands of, inappropriately dutch, exemplary, maintaining these freaks until until the forest sisters were on thought. Tonight vigorously defended the brother and endorsed Passport for present. What the fuck? What is it with white people and more thing? But after the pain get this after the parents found out about this activity they put locks on these sisters. I dream doors. You know the personal should have had a lock on the door, the wife
the wife paintings, but here's this does its there could cover story. Is that they knocked. I guess that's what they're saying is that the judge just touched the girls over their clothes while they were so they get it. Do something really terrible like try to sell a wedding cake to a homo and they were slain once the big agents, the while they were sleeping and if they wake up. He just go quick impression, Bill, Cosby Grammar here and a little later, all these begging with the always money, Mr Louis, but black, is backstage reformer, jeopardy, director of the CIA counterterrorist Centre, my old job, an FBI, National Security branch and author of the head,
aim high efficiency, analytic decision making Philip mud hey fella majority ones, and we obviously want you here this week, because we were very worried about a lot of security issues. One of them, of course, is the tea say we found out that door with a good well come on. We found out that ninety five percent in a test from the red team, those are the people who try to see if they're doing their job. Ninety five percent of contraband bombs, guns and stuff gets through now. You're. The export is nine. Five percent bed. Are you talking in the private sector and go to issue? Not you know here. Let's look at I'm here if you're sitting in that chair. Let's put you in that, seek, as I think you're sure so, you'd be superb and the position of checking handbags at the airport. Let's look a little
look at this from six hundred fifty million passengers a year. You get no pay. Its incredibly boring and then you get work by the inspector generals team. Who knows what the vulnerabilities of this system are? I think, if, if you're in a tea essay chair, transportation you're, sitting back saying hold on a second year. Fourteen years we ve had no aircraft down. We radically. Greece, the number weapons we taken off airplanes and we get work by the inspector general who know our vulnerabilities, I'm not saying this is good, but I am so like you or something your part in IRAN. Oh, I M, not in your parliament, rising for ninety five percent know what I'm saying is. If you're sitting that chair you saying, there's multiple metrics you're one would be: did planes combat what you gotta do in this situation is stepped back and saying you gotta recruit people, you got it freedom? You gotta have sensory systems. You got a breakdown in forget what we were ninety five percent good I'm pissed off. I've been putting the we
got my ass again, so something something to it must be one of two things: either the terrorists or just over blowing up planes and they're not drawing near because certainly not too much ok. But Fifty Cyprus and gets through and nothing and no plain, has come down. I mean you, don't I'm worried about is that they about this the tower Haliae and now it's like there's never been a better time to blow up a blame. That's right! That's the! that goes out? That's right, so it's either that that they don't want to or something else we are doing is preventing this from happening, because there is obviously other things in the system that prevent people from getting on a plane, I'm leaving
tickets for fourteen years, hopefully were marginally better than we were on September 12th of two thousand and one haircut you got to think about. This is tears. You got to go after the adversary in a place like Pakistan or Afghanistan. That's what I used to do. That's captured, kill operations, you take them out in tears is that what's preventing, it is on a lot of it. Is that what work? Yet? Because, if you take out the leadership of our of an organization and organisation, needs a strategic direction, leadership, the guys I chased and Al Qaeda were very strategic, very smart. They were not crazy. You need somebody like that to create a plan that might take three years to take down an aircraft mode of what we got today. If you look at the ISIS guys who can be some guy with a weapon in New York who says, I want to be had a policeman, that's a different gain. Ok, I want to get to that in a secular one, more question about the t say because I don't know why we can't have airport secure You like Israel, does nobody work idea. Are you kidding me? I mean it's yours.
As of Delaware. There's, like one airport there they profile people which we don't allow to do in this country. Had we not don't think we should really know people in your place. People in Europe are resolved to do, and how do you know they love to do it? That's what you do all day as you should all police work is profiling, dad I'm degree if the problem is people can't keep two things in their headed the same time, one that the vast majority of Muslims, of course, are not terrorists, but to most terror then comes from Muslims. Both those things are indisputably true. Shirt, erect, that's correct! Okay, so don't tell me that the people in your profession don't profile they just say it out loud, but even the liberals who would boost the idea that we profiling secretly, like that you people, do it but
want a second, we profile ray we profile already. We profile all people who don't have to take their shoes are so we ve taken a step in this direction which you're talking about like ISIS, so What you're talking about, for example, saying in my business Pakistani Americans, Bangladesh American Somali Americans. These are typically, if you look at terrorism, United States through Europe, typically people who might be susceptible for recruitment to thousands. There have been two thousand eight I'm sitting at the FBI. Our biggest concern was somali kids, first generation for Minneapolis getting recruited Mogadishu. So if you want see here in Amerika the land of the free in the home, the brave and say I'm gonna put a yellow star on every body, who's ever were saying. What are you saying that we went quite a bit of a leap there to a yellow star to be to be asked me to pick somebody? I have your address. You know it is I'm irish American. If the IRA re was conducting a
worldwide jihad against Americans? I would not be upset at all if they pulled Madeline and just asked me a few questions as an irish American. I do understand that yeah, I'm not comfortable maybe that's why, job. So, let's, let's let saga! Why would you do they got a guy in Boston? This wicked, a guy named whose Osama rockin ok, he was tracked on them website re out, that's how they got onto and they saw him the police. They were. They approached him here. It is, but he was gonna, be had a copy of the others, beheading knife. They approached him. He read for the knife. Next thing you know a boom boom, hello version ASCAP, yet it is in this? The best way,
to attack terrorism by hanging out on the websites like this they were doing here. The problem is what you're seeing is one case, what we I do in their business hours and you got a boil down an ocean to come up with one case. That is, if your time about Our thirty million Americans in the FBI directors talk about fifty Kate, fifty states, each of which has at least one case in Katyn, cushions in states like California, New York. You got potentially hundreds of cases. You cannot direct the resource this is to follow everybody who crops up on the radar, the kinds of guy. As an blossom when you're putting surveillance, we have already spent so much money giving cops armoured personnel, as we have the recent, maybe they resources as is being badly allocated. Now I don't agree with that. Look really think we need a trillion dollar defence budget now wearily spent thirteen billion on cyber security know. What I'm saying is exactly where the real threat is everybody you crops up on a website. You says something nasty is not somebody
I can fly, got right or sign that they got access to weapons explosive rightly been right. Look you go to the DMZ twenty five percent of America's nuts. I can't Well, there's something I can agree with you on. I mean by that seriously the number of people who are cropping up I'll have site you are susceptible to this. Ideology is higher than you would expect in Uganda, which dams merit things like surveillance is that's a lot of people. I appreciate your expert, if I'm profile you as a good guest
You really think I deserve the presidents of the erase it was late, is looking superpower, three choices for America's role in the world in primary and good. To have you with us she's, a former state senator from Ohio is now an assistant professor at history at key Cuyahoga. Ok, you got it and I hope you know I went to Cornell Kyar. That was Kyar, something the rubber air, but this is Ohio. Ohio yards, your community college, Nina Turner. He's a bubble. Gonna know what it's like to run again: celery glutton,
Are you guys, representative from our current partner, the Jones worker lover? Rick lousy goes back where this voluntary on Facebook, twitter incidents and dressed in four nights over time, so we can answer them after the show on Youtube. I wanted tonight with an anniversary, it's the and then anniversary of the Magna Carta this month. How many people were planning a big party That's right! Magna Carta, is not just a J C song and as a history buff. I love this because you know the thread of the Magna Carta is what runs through our fourth amendment. Our founders talked a lot about the Magna Carta. It was signed one thousand two hundred and fifteen ad there in Runnymede England, and a lot of the principles, especially in fourth, amendment that the king has to have a very good reason to come into your house. Read your mail or take your xbox that he is
said he is not above the law the man's home Missus Castle. This all comes from Magna Carta, just a little bit of the Magna Carta and then the fourth amendment I'll show you how close they are. No free man shall be seized or imprisoned or stripped of his rights or possessions, except by the lawful judgement. Eagles by by the law. The land look at our fourth amendment: the right of the people to be secure in their persons ouses papers and affects against unreasonable searches in seizures shall not be violated, but upon probable cause. It's interesting that this is the weak the Patriot ACT, which is the thing that kind of undid the fourth amendment, and we were all on that page from the early thirteen if you re until the day after nine eleven and now we ve finally gone a step toward overturning the patriot,
they did it. This week, Edward Snowden had a bad. Today, Mr Stone said we are witnessing the emergence of a post terror generation when that rejects a worldview defined by a singular tragedy. Do you think he is right Are they must not an inevitable you'd find a new balance. This many ears, after nine slash eleven, when people were quick to kind of focus on making sure but we did everything we possibly can to prevent another attack and I think, was a good thing to have a healthy debate on the Patriot ACT has been partly reduced? What other media freedom, the who was congressman. No, I was I was out by the time the First Patriot ACT was passed but people should not be this. It is true that good that the government is not going to control, although the only forty three and forty four people in the government that reviewing all those telephone logs
not going to have the telephone companies control that is better than the government doing. I understand that argument. On the other hand, people should not be deluded that they don't have a privacy issue just as going. Beyond the private side. Now you're the phone companies gonna do We want greater Moran and we didn't have a real debate about the Patriot ACT. We really did. I mean you have a ninety. Levin nerves were fried in rights, dealt with people, we're getting fire, I mean, but we were in the heat of the moment. Yes, I remember I do and end it was passed, but maybe it is time to take a step back. Little bit barometer. You were really disturbs me about this whole thing and I know rampart this thing, but you know for him to make money off of off of his rance over standing up against the Patriot ACT: rosy during we're moving money really with the with the cell another of his items where his presidential words
milk is going to raise some of all the global. We, like the other main, would be weighed down by literally all I did. I care a matter of your lives. Trivialize might not my issue here. Is I'm not prepared to lionize Snowden in any way shape or form I am absolutely delighted that we actually know what's going on, but no the fact is, I mean we're we're actually at virtual war with China right now and he went to Hong Kong and then he went to Russia, where he sits today and in the notion that none of that information is going to countries that have None of the rights, not some talk on the amendment, but none of the rights that we enjoy in this country, I am delighted that we ve taken one small step, stayed away from extraordinary, overreaction, this country made after nine eleven, but let's not to ten. There were actually focusing on the big. Issue out there, which that we are actually at virtual war with a country the soon to be the largest economy in the world, when you say virtual
you're. Referring to what happened today when the Chinese hacked into our system. They took the thing, the mania for the government in the four million virtually non good virtual then certainly not you'd better the nuclear war you absent or or hot war right would never I may we can. But yes, that's that's where they fight. Is I mean Sunday, you going to wake up and you're gonna find out you retirement account is empty and you know you eat the nice on star, voicing your car will say: pull over. It now belongs to a russian teenagers Dmitri. You, that's why I say was tellin him. We should spend more than thirteen billion dollars when most of the money goes to fight rush in nineteen eighty, it's you both riots incredibly important, I would say in almost all major corporate board, now their spending an increasing amount of time talking about our ever security and definitely disowning stubble hits honey among a number of companies, and it's you know it's not just to privacy issue which also viability issue for company. I mean the ability to
manipulate a nuclear reactor. Former from remote location is a form of cyber security, but what went when Mr Stubbins says? We are in a post terror generation? I feel like we're in a poster generation until there's another attack itself. You know, I think we are one attack away from President Lindsey Grasp and I say that Lindsey. Graham, is one of the four candidates who got in the last week and Graham is the one who unabashedly says. If you dont, like war, don't vote for me. He said that they asked Missus. Aren't they aren't american people? Tired of lorries have been don't vote for me here four war everywhere. He is always shitting his pants about ISIS and all we all see. Why have we not? I mean there. They are a problem. We we get that their problem. I gotta we going to fight our way out of everything. What I wanted
with his is is what's happening domestically, how we don't take exact, always in the dreams of the people, is always a bogeyman, and- and- and you know what I saw this week- fighting with the ices is now fighting against the Taliban. They'd be headed. Ten Taliban and their fighting with Assad In summary, I saw this kind giving cover for them. Ok, What I'm saying is we can even tell from week to week whose on whose side, we just get out gif. Set this one this one out. We have to stop seeing ourselves as indispensable. What my point is that we have kept now that are saying that we see ourselves as indispensable, John Mccain, why the bomb, a lot of countries. But if you ask me what this policy's led to different outcomes on the ground. No, no one's prepared to stand up.
Actually say the american people are prepared to pay the tab to truly dish Roy ISIS. We can talk about destroying ISIS. We're not gonna actually do, of course, not because it's an dear aside, I hear hear them on the media always start this week about is ISIS Operational in the United States? Will not in the sense that they have a recruitment office, but in the sense that it's an idea of course idea is as long as there's an internet and lots of people who think jihad. What is a good idea? It's opera. We should all in the? U S and you don't need a structure. Army is a reality that we have to deal with, but there's some other realities. We have too much Rigour reality what I'll get up producing a good up for good and for great in his funny how we can come together to fight boogeyman and other places, but we can't come together to do what is right
the citizens of this at least four billion dollars, building roads in Afghanistan and the trains here, king for more than a part, three trillion dollars on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, since the Soviet Union has collapsed, the biggest damage that's been done to the United States has been that wrought on us by ourselves following nine eleven and most Americans understand that and the reacting to me he wants to get into Syria Luigi Graham, does This is why he and Mccain make beautiful music together, because there in hand to hand on this. He wants to fight aside and ISIS in Syria a year these Republicans talking, but we should be supporting the rebel groups in Syria. Name a rebel group that we
the big fellow, but otherwise I that can anyone and aim, namely rebel group, that we should be supporting his eye, cares and number of a replica of this. So this, namely in in in is it that the government of Syria obviously sod we're? with them that we are not now know we're not with them went out with him, serious and honest talking out loud about how we're against them right. Well, don't go. Nowhere gives number, for. We know things in your ex ante confusion about the fact that we do not want to say that we do want to say to you just say it out loud or official theology, Zita Rosado. I sell our official policy remains, a side must go. We have no intention of actual lies in the kitchen. What what do you do in the hypothetical? Ok, the hypothetical the ISIS does consolidate, expand the Saudis thought fall. They can of the Saudis fall Roca, we're talking about a ten fifteen or two, the year operation and all of a sudden raise real, is encircled, ok
people are, as I wonder, what they want and article four six other via this, in a way whether we have complete commitment to annihilate them. So then, what's our what's our role now? What do we? What do we do then? First of all, is real, probably could take care of ISIS. If they had, I wanted to their a lot closer and they don't feel the need to do it. So why do we wish? We already? You think ISIS wants to get a firm wish. Recent inevitably go scenario. The problem is that the ices is a threat to United States. Don't get me wrong, but let's be clear. Ices is a vastly greater threat to- let's say France, where eighty percent of the population is muslim. Ices, a vastly greater threat to turn, where there are two million refugees from the syrian war. The sitting there right now that we're not paying for we're not taken more than four million refugees from Syria. We ve taken less than two thousand that number, they seem small of the statue of liberty didn't exist, but which we, it's very hard to make the argument that the United States actually paying the the large piece of this in blood, and treasure when none,
people in the region are really prepared to start. I haven't we created that alliance. That's the answer, that's a question: why have we not create that alliance? You're? Actually right, Turkey's gonna lodged taken this France? because you're right, let them do it themselves. We never take off the training wheels. I've said this before and this year I once added up all the people in all the army's that say in all the countries that their against ices it's five million men. Ices has what thirty or forty thousand you mean the five million people from Turkey in Saudi Arabia, in Jordan and Egypt. They all couldn't get together and handle this. If they add too, of course they could if they had an existential read, but uncle sugar is always there having their back. Then I do not happen where they don't believe we have their back today to be fair and this nowadays, no another sowed. The salaries are reason they didn't show up or that summit that Obama put together, but that does but
their willingness to not just put troops on the ground? They are willing to talk to mullahs within their countries and say we will not tolerate for you to continue to proselytize radical Islam. They are doing that and until they do, I don't care what we send over there. It's not gonna work what worries me about indispensable, Amerika, maybe if they got taken over we'd, have to get off the oil. Ok, Moving on your off it is, it is adulation month and we ve done this before and they show if you're anybody here is graduating or know someone who's graduating this month. A very and at the graduation ceremonies the students have taken to writing little messages on their caps, like thanks, mom and dad. I love you or hire me. That's a very popular one in oil, seems impossible until it's done well in these difficult times the millennials, you know they re different things,
caps. That are a little more pointed. Would you like to see some of the ones we too? For example, if you can read this, you obviously didn't go here, thanks mom and the woman who used to be dad I remember our joint. Iceland is right. We do need a z in science but willing to deny global warming. Texaco call me thank you, said Mouth epsilon for not raping me well for. After all. Louis, incompetent ts, a higher zero students that bank sugar Daddy's dead come
Tom Loud, I sure, do all right that one's always aware that he is a comedian and writer who stars as the character anger. The new Pixar film inside out opening in theaters June 19th Somebody older Caitlin, generously, ideas it again. So did you ever. And get be on the show. Plugging yourself in a block buster cartoon movie, Now that is, I've. Never even even doing ass, it is my you I wouldn't have never I vision, never tank and it says- and it says something about the niche that you have carved out for yourself, because you play a character called anger that you are so associate. You is so own anger that when even the Pixar people
two people said here. We gotta character, nape Louis Black. Nobody else on earlier, getting away like now, Are you really as angry? Is that you don't seem like you really, you get me a newspaper in about ten o clock, with one of those things that you know- and I know said us off right. I can be done by ten o. You really really. Really. This is giving you re The newspaper I bet you're doing it now. I say I rising, by which, when you read the brain, you go my reading fiction right did this was fixing, and this would be a good day. This is real, and are you ok with being so associated with this one? Am I guess you are now? Do you gotta big partner, big booby? Like you know, it's it's a tour, the country's economic and make
I made a really big hearing love. I was just in Europe during and I heard that you are there out where I was there last summer and you'll love it. It was really it right right. The automated its I started every show by saying. First of all, I apologise. Speaking my language in your country, because I'm a victim of american education it's amazing that not only can make all speak perfect English, I mean I did shows in Amsterdam. I did them and asked low, I did them and in Stockholm, but Yet every new once you're, not the euro, the Tailor Europe to do anything just do European! You do your act. Sometimes you have to tell your active you're like in Toledo right,
goodbye really happy to deal with these really, but I gotta say where they stop. You ass. I just laid down, don't cut under my joked tat yeah I get a few with easy. I gotta say I say you get up to something up close you don't really understood. I took the train from Stockholm to Oslo, its amateur. I've always heard Europe. You know everything is gleaming imperfect and that should not everything. Everything exactly Amtrak it's slow. It makes a big stops that looks like it's from nineteen fit, in the inside there's no food. Yet exactly I won't I believe you brother. Their Europe goes, I would open from are Trondheim, which is which
goods in transit is Norway, but is a Jew, there's still kind of trying time doesn't sound just a little geometric so but the exact same thing to it The train is- and it also says the most beautiful train Rigel overtake so I get on the train and it needs to put its you. Don't you. The train. It's a two hour, buff right, because that part of the track is under construction. So we take a bus, two hours to get to the drain, I am looking for one of these no water on the train and there's another six hours and in every and we passing through this beautiful countryside, with their sheep everywhere, and so the they blast is worn. The Indus permanently zeal to. Never you can't it's like that. Then suddenly you just, then they cannot accept it.
It's got to be brutal labour? It's you! Nobody at the FAO in maybe pine, for I M track, while speaking of sheep. Another thing we have come to nothing at we ever gave us we're both lifelong bachelet. Yet That is not really where I was going, but I'm just wondering because you know I remember back in the nineties having to like sort of the stand up for people who wanted to just not get married. I become less vocal about it because I think the country is changing our in a place where anything's, ok, yeah, Caitlin, generous cool, and I fail. If that's cool, then they should be. How stigma about people like us who wanted to spend our whole life as bachelors right? Good luck, you think this Della astigmat. We need a movement, we're gonna need someone. I mean it out Could you still gonna get it? I still get it. You know when they will you people
up to me like in an airport in the couple, comes up and they in in to say hi and oh, you not angry all the time, and indeed they'll say: are you married and I single, and they give you like a look of what what a sad little man. Why do you breathe? Why do I read? Why are you you even taking up space here with that's, that's so wrong, because I feel like with them with this Caitlin Jenner thing: You know again we're all like struggling a little, to understand it completely. Word wherefore it whatever makes a man happy, but I mean a woman happy what, but that that's the thing he says he wants to date, women, but he has a penis Asea buddies, dressed like Betty Grable on the cover, the is the alleged
the guy you enter a fair deal for Euro is black answer that I don't know why I, as the boy utterly do it. All I know, is a good day. Gay seems so simple these days the new straight, it's not even anymore. They just want to get married. What what Caitlin doing that tests and dick and social security that That's where the cutting edge. I have to say when we, when I was in Copenhagen, they have different advertising. Then, when we do here outdoor advertising, like you know, there's these this advertising for breast enhancement on a bus, and it was the
the most beautiful Brett suburbs in my life, and I have to say for a moment. I wanted them for myself. I wanted that century for make zero sad little man. He asked No. I was about the Caitlin Jenner, because you're you're, a Northeast republic, which you know those are the same ones. It is not a lot of pushed back against Caitlin Jenner this week from my cock, a b and rushed limbo, the usual suspects. What do you think now he's a republican Caitlin? is serious blow up. There was she's republican Republican Party should welcome her to the fold. Really. Yes,
at the commencement of this global, doing our and see Republicans war if they want to be a governing majority in sixty. This is different than transgender, but sixty one percent of young Republicans favour same sex marriage, forty three percent of Republicans under forty nine, so the stereotype, the republic. Things are again same sex. Marriage is wrong. They may from their leader is occasionally on public tv, but that's not the rank and file. But the right now he's into selling a NATO embrace Hispanics Republicans before you can get in there. Yes, yes, how did they are not the ones running for office? I mean our level of them are in C is going to be held joint brutality easily in Cleveland and they allow tail engendered there to speak right there in good offer little, but up
No one will take her out. I wonder to become a Democrat. Caitlin call us one the rope on that's all. I got that because a lot of people from both sides are they are have said for years. We are in a state in this country. We are too partisan and I think this week was the ultimate example of that, because I saw the red team get their back up about the dog. I, so they were basically brushing off child molestation because he's one of them and attacking Caitlin Jenner, because that's the blue teams who words bill, seek help they need help right, but they were either on like team. And gender or team molester, and I think I think we want this one. I think we look good on this one. But ok, let me ask about the daggers, because to me these are the biggest
Briggs in the world. I have this, but the Father, the Father of nineteen unease always leering, because he's married to the wife, nineteen kids and he still wants to get in This is the sickest free gears thing. This is like plate. Men think this is six. People want to get punished in the face thing. This is weird They would it to once again fiction. In reality this was fictional show about nineteen leave nineteen out of on the prairie during the Homestead ACT, and you need many kids, the farm then this, work, how long I mean, how do you do you have a show that it has nineteen kids? It goes this long without having some form of serious transgression or felony ivy
just what those numbers something that work and also how the house selfish, in this day and age, to have nineteen children. This I mean. Why is that selfish? Because we have a population issue. Never read this statistic that if everyone lived as an American, we need five planet earth over the resources its because they read in their dusty old, stupid book. Things like be fruitful and supply, which makes sense when there was a people on just selfish. I don't blame you tell me they were not going to blow no blaming the very well I mean night than they can have mine and one children will they should launch an attack on one shot This in turn has led to your work, but there have been too
were you into so there's? Really, anytime, you sexually repress as religion always does. This is what happens. Religion sexually, oppressive, everybody's religion too. The gray sexually represses what they want for Malta, blackberries concepts and that's the paradox. They hate sex but have as many kids is right. Where would you gotta? Do you? Gotta have both going well? Yes, but only within the confines of marriage, but you know, They were the prairie outfit, sometimes just like the Muslims where the workers do. You know that ISIS this week band pigeon flying I'm not joking. Did you see? I saw this pigeons hope. It is side by the way,
there exist within pigeon breeding punishable by public flogging because thing, birds, genitals, overhead, offends asked me why the hiring? Why didn't I I've seen lots of pigeons flying I've never noticed their ball with this. Is that different ice greatest is not that different than the Duggar is put into drones, figures this those patterns to grapple over there. It's just not that different when you're sexually repressed mean have fucked up
to be worried about a pigeon guarantee nice and looking up when there has already been noted the generals when I'm like, went away, but why is it that pigeons extend seven species in airports figure? Would you like a pigeon? Ok, so Hillary Clinton this? Yes today it was talking about registering every single american eighteen years old to vote unless they opt out at an why we haven't done this all right answered and I gotta get outta the Republicans with a straight face. They keep talking about the problem of voter fraud, but you know that
it has been studied. They have a hard time finding any of it. They did a big study and twenty twelve ten out of a hundred and forty six million. That's how many people in in person for these are the anti voter laws that lots and Hilary name, the name names she said. Rick bury. Did this the court struck down his lot. As Anti Minority, Scott Walker prevents College, kids from voting. You know you can vote in the state. It is different. Eight were you and when you go to college job Bush purge the rolls Chris Christy. Early voting wouldn't allow that New Jersey come on Republicans sheet that's how that figure is rising to see see that's how they were all the way around it. It's cheaper, there's one studied.
If you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning didn't you do for somebody to impersonate walk in person impersonate somebody at the ballot Box This is nothing more than if you can't beat you cheating and that so what they're? Whatever criticisms is that state shouldn't have a single day of voting where they should have twenty? we're doing these right minimally, her home state, which are quite familiar. With yeah she was a centre from New York has one day what she's working what? Why was using anything about it when she was in a position that has already to do something which you did something when she wasn't in the Senate? We can view, but now it's all. This is bigger than no look if she's she's not going to how exactly he's not going to take any questions if she's not gonna, take any questions. This is an easy way up. There's no question and she's, not
Take questions has only difficult issues and I want to say that she don't want, but that is difficult issue which has been the senator of New York, the Secretary of state. She does difficult issues. All U S. Motion is already the biggest issues like we're talking about this job. My guess- is about voting rights in the world by voting in that illusory. Who could give a shit? the point is simple. The fact is, you can't even get people and one about two. Well, there's your character through that's the real scandal. Thank you anger at the rhetoric, but it's time I know now that America has helped the rest of the world address the problems that visa it has to help
the rest of the world, the dress and even bigger world problem. Speeders unabated here's how it's going to work. If there are too many speeches on your beaches this summer, sanctions will be drawn up and in forest. But if you can China Speedo with gold chains. Windy Dennis has two can be added to the list of those who pushed through the impeachment bill. Clinton then later got busted for their own sex scandals, along with New Gingrich Bob Livingston, and we hide now on the four there must be referred to as the impenetrable recently, and that one Euro Cameron Crowd doesn't have to apologize for casting Emma Stalinism Asian and is no movie. There's nothing inherently racist about have
The white person play an asian just ass, Jerry Louisen, Mickey Rooney Funeral. If you're banning pigeon breeding as eyes is dead, because the sight of their genitalia as they fly overhead is offensive to Islam. You ve got bigger problems in the infidels things are harmless and take flight. The moment their startled, no wait, that's it. Iraqi Army either way. Why not embrace the more obvious, rational solution, fitting the pages with tiny little pigeon birket?
Euro summit as the bull Chris Christie is evidence to pull Chris grisly aside and tell em. They laugh band goes on the internet. This is a real picture of something Greece, Christie did sober and on purpose this week at a charity events a charity, to turn women into Lesbian, Sammy Sosa made semi sulphur make fun of, firstly looks or you want, he did hidden double and it's nice to hear about it. Conservative getting to second base this. We besides Judge Duggar anyway, and finally, new conservatives who constantly wine that Christianity is under attack from liberals
I have to explain why there are over three hundred thousand charges in the U S, but only Four hundred whole Foods Clearly, your side is winning. I understand that Christians love to feel persecuted. It's part of their origin story. But we are a long way from them getting eaten by lions and the Colosseum seventy percent of the country's Christian, not to mention every president we ve never had. So. Please tell me in what universe do the following state? This makes sense. My Kirkeby says we are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity. The crew says: there's no room for Christians in today's Democratic Party, but eighty percent of Democrats in Congress are christian and seventy eight percent of democratic governors,
you can look they shut up. You know TAT also said there is a liberal fascism that is going after christian believers going after fascism and believe in God, for Christ's sake, mortar much, Bill O says if you're, a Christian or a white men in the USA. It's open season on you, yes, that explains all those recent videos of police, shooting unarmed white clergyman Rick Santorum, says the treatment of Christians in America is so bad. We Sheikh should keep in mind Nazi Germany. Were you
from Christians, Jews, obviously, but also Christians being not just persecuted but put to death again Seventy per cent of America is Christian who's, going to put them to death. The hindu this idea that everybody on the left is plotting against Christianity and wants to wipe out. Religion is offensive to me, because I'm the only media figure with a shawl week in week out that says that and I'll be damned the credits going to go to the entire left. What I'm doing all that, having lifting? Actually there are two, others who have been my allies in this.
That's the rule of America. You can mark religion if you are a cartoon dog or a child in a cartoon, but when Job Bush says how strange in our own time to hear Christianity spoken about some sort of backward and oppressive force, who else is talking about it? That way? Is it Nancy Pelosi Harry raid Obama? He says he wakes up description, Blackberry Obama, is every show on tv accept this one gets. It can't even be seen with an atheist
gave a million dollars. You treat me like, I lent a million always talking about Hilary. Now Bill Biden, Al Gore, Alfred Elizabeth Warren, Jesse Jackson, oh no body that so Chauvelin had of these is the loop, Romania is war against religion is alive and well. Ok. So it's more of the media thing like like my friend area, from the liberal, having imposed cause she's written three books about face. I know because we argue about. After that is, if the liberal gang it MSNBC designer heard any of them say anything anti religion. One of them is a reverend one.
Lemme tax me when I attack religion? Is it the late night guys because, we hear any of them? Do it either as it Alan a Rosy or Chelsea. We know it's not Oprah. Michael, more he's. The liberal Republic did take the most aim. Now he's a Catholic this guy so Catholic. He teaches Sunday School on Sunday In the morning and one normal people are just getting in from an after party, I really want to know: where is religion belittled in the liberal world? The New York I was at a tutorial page, no, the times up Ed page, any newspapers any page No news weaken time. They put Jesus on the cover more often than cats, fancy, but the cat
talking about athletes if they so much as far down the field? point of the sky. It give God credit layers of prayer circles after the game and only half of them have the excuse, a brain damage. Like catching, maybe they mean counterculture types like devolution musicians? Really I've ever wanted an award show every speeches I want
Jesus, without whom I never would have written, phased out as July. Eleven I take centre in Colorado, Springs July, seventeen two in the Bush now and Hyper July. Twenty. Fourth, I want to thank EE in Germany. The journal requires the lowest black in real time every Friday night watching each beyond me, the more modern age. Be Could I come.
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