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Episode #360 (Originally aired 8/14/15)

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Episode #360 (Originally aired 8/14/15)
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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO late night, real time, Start the
now look here, I saw my wow. You must react. Towners. Is that what matters day? Please help yourself to some fire. We got. What are you going to remind you? Get maples year become here, take a mobile phone.
No always whether conscious here in California, they said today. This is a big news out. Here I mean is coming and they say it might end our four year: drought. Of course Jade Californians, when a great rain we are begging, L mean Yoda hit, as that is what it has come to. We are re for one, whether disaster to save us from the other, whether disease and we need it as if we have enough problems. You know we get some of our water that little that's leaped from the Colorado River and the EPA. Did you see this week spill the create use both Anthea spilled, three million gallons of acid minds luggage,
into the river turned the rubber, yellow and toxic? It's a huge grew. A black Donald Trump said. It gave him a great idea how to keep Mexicans from Cross the Rio grande? I mean what are we gonna start cherishing this planet a little bit. Did you see the explosions in China yesterday to mass of explosions and and giant hazardous chemical warehouse and its its course very sad, because those hazardous chemicals were destined to come here and make your kids, toys, shiny or your Doritos taste great, but they said the explorer you happened at night was so big. It made the night sky look like day, and I tell you in China
between the explosions, making the night look like day and the pollution making the day look like some under these people get to sleep at all. I have about some good far and news. Today we raise the american flag in Cuba, with a sixty year, after fabulous vivier diplomatic strategy of we're not talking to you, John carry went there in open and american Embassy in Cuba because he said, look for too long. Cuban people have been deprived of first of all,
urban tourists take Cubans that why people trying to dance has also music you're, gonna love us other than Marco Rubio. When a few old Cubans in Miami nobody gives a shit worrying about Castro. With this puts a boring about Bobby Jingles presidential campaign, he sits down there somewhere, but is a matter well. That brings me to the presidential campaign, and I am certainly glad something good, because today the Big Iowa stayed there. All the candidates Iowa
you're glad you're here with the fire. Now I love I, but all the candidates were there. This is true Donald Trump fluent on his private helicopter, unwanted offered to give three. Got your rides to the kid That's true, I mean as another cat. How do you compete with that? Chris Christie dried? He offered to be the bouncy out, I mean from said today he had a plan to defeat ices. I would laugh except his plan to defeat Fox NEWS, worked it's interesting every week, Donald Trump says something crazy. Outlandish, everybody goes up, that's that's it! That's his downfall.
Then these he's, like God, did everything you wrote a monster makes in stronger people last week that, after the debate, performance trump would go away. You're. So silly you're watching the debate with your brain to understand the Republican mine said you have to watch it with your balls. When Donald Trump says I will make China behave, the brain goes wet and the balls goddamn strewn about somebody's gotta, get you gotta give from private for this no teleprompter. He just pull it out of his whatever you saw that yes, this is the latest scandal period gate
He was mad at Megan, galley resting in rough questions. At the debate imply, the issue is being made to him because he was menstruating. That was, he said she had blood coming out of her eyes. She had blood becoming out of her whatever. What could he of men stigmata? Is that what he has just like our Lord in Savior, here, I myself running in old Fox who was trying to destroy Donald Trump, they said after they. They too is very important that we defend Megan Kelly. Take our principled stand, protect our beloved employee than they the rating from the debate with Donald Trump, and they were like. Maybe Hagen was on the red. You know I am struck recover. Drums said please but to having a female vice president, I mean minors
a few days when there a little crazy you're right cried where there are high and a little later, these begging, with pepper and better interlink, while easier to achieve the author, a dead man walking in the death of innocence, and I countless eyewitness accounts of wrongful executions. Please welcome. Sister embrasure. You know you move, it was not. Just like the nuns I had was a trial. You look out of random rapport with a rule or anything where they did. You know I was going to ask you about that, because I helped you. I went to category TIM Robber. Jail cell, obviously didn't really take
When I went to get It gives them every day and not every day by day was before church on Sunday, where we had catholic instruction. The nuns we're pretty mean I, very sorry to hear that promise show a double sided nuns YO we had Susan surrendered. You know. Do me dead. Man walk and we showed real nuns, we're in another day, another day, other work. What I was going to ask is that we have a new Pope notches new chronologically, but a new kind of Pope and you know they always say that organizations amount of what they are take. Their cue from the person Chop and, as we have such a more tolerant pope, do you think it makes the nuns less mean? Well, if you notice what Pope Frances says about nuns use their with,
and it was the Vatican I came after us and said we were radical feminists or something now we're trying to do is to social justice, and I live the gospel sorrowing. Pope phrases has been, no one's redemption. Yes, yes, I mean he's talking about divorced people now being able to take conversion again. He of course said those nice things about. We shouldn't judge gazing at eight, these he'd get into Heaven. We don't care, but with a nice guy. Do you think some day, maybe he would say nuns could do with the priest. Do. Would you like to hear confessions? Well, I maintain that can. Russians that go on in the confessional they're, not too many, those going on now I mean truly its ordain priesthood and you go into the confessional, but that's just part of
I find it all where people can well, I mean it happens with people. You're sorry for what they do. We help each other acknowledge our wrong. You know what you're doing only an hour. I guess what I forgive. I know, but oh you're saying the conversion not have one no compassion but see Vatican to define the churches, the people and with us like, for example, when I'm with people on death row up heard a lot of confession, but not just with people on there. Throw you do here. Conversion in you do too probably- I don't know. Maybe I don't know shit, we're. Ok, ok! For this I admit I had not been the Georgian awhile since I made religious but
But when I was going, you walked into a little box with a man on the other side and he was the only one who could absolve you of your assent. Yes, you're telling me that's changed. Well, there's not much. Does this and sin and you're gonna go to Hell. If you commit one mortal sin, I you learned in your catechise I too, and now, when you have someone like Pope France, this a gospel, its joy, let's get out there and being a church. That's what it's really inside. We can have this conversation. I gotta get able to try again level saga by yours. You guys you mention yams around and she did play when the movie. This has been your life work, really about about. I was forty and woke up to the gospel. The way put right about
but the road, a man on death row, reality row aggregations and I know you on a case now, Richard Aisha, it's too complicated until we know, but we do well developed because he cannot just it mirrors exactly what's wrong. With the death penalty supposed to be for the worst of the worse right wrote, the scream cord turns it over to states could say they know how to punish the criminals Richard Glossop is sitting on death row, I'm facing death on September, six solely on the word of a man who admitted murdered the guy but claimed Richard Glossop in this fourth version of his confession plain and he paid him today, with its pay for higher Medea Murray. Ask about the other case, some who we know really did it. Likes are nay of the Boston bomber, he's as he did it. We have the video there's. No doubt now. I've always said much kill the right people,
I know, that's all right, thank you, will know we are. We would both agree that we do the death penalty horribly in this country. I would agree with you unless we absolutely habit right, we were for sure like with But what about a guy like that? He has it better to keep him inside military for eighty years. Well, let's just say that the one it's really about. Is somebody like him who does an unspeakable crime? Let's just say in a book of justice, they deserve to die at the it. The death penalty is about us and when this cream court. That's been the theory. We only got a reserve for the worse right. Let's get the right people, let's reserved for people like TAT, but they make they, let's rich reserved for people who, but not Terry Nicholls, so
my big out the death penalty, Terry Nicholls head good defence, and that brings us rich Glossop. He had like no defence sure, and so it's the store two of its wrong abroad, brought my book death of innocent. I have been with seventy seven people on death row, I'm with the seventh one now Manuel or teases, two to three of the seven had been innocent. It's broken and you have a state like Louisiana. He ever state like Oklahoma Way had Bob Macy who cut notches in his bounty, got fifty four death penalty. Share of these pockets were people they go for it and others it out when they ask Europe from Rio. We killed Bin Laden. Now, when we went when we got Bin Laden, when the president got Bin Laden, I said I'm totally down with that, because I'm not a Christian, but if you
our Christian and I read all these quotes from Jesus. I mean famous ones that everybody knows like turn the other cheek, but other worms like dont repay evil, with able don't take revenge on your enemies? I mean it's on every other page Jesus says basic everything, but specifically how kill been laden There was no, no, I'm out of here It's what we say about been Lawton. You can't make any exceptions to anybody, because it's about us we kill reader last June or you're not right either. Follow later in rights is people whether not to ever step in a church, whether not to believe in religion, we believe in human rights right and that's the trail with following now that spring. And ass to a new day and it is happening across the world and we are gonna, get there to and fro We really are on our way, because you can see that the death penalty first in practice is gone away.
And then you can see that now majority of people say I believe and kill him. You killed right. They were, but then, when you ask people here, you have the choice with life over there most people now and America are choosing life. They see all. Things wrong with it and they also see the great cost it made me sad at first when I said don't tell me we're gonna, do it on the money, but more lucid king said a budget is immoral, I commend the report. A morality just put all our money to kill in a few people or let's get more police man on the street lets you know the rest record of people who commit crimes. We have a lot of work to do in this country more.
I'm glad you're hoping to do it? Thank you for your nose and you re right here. They are easily former chief of staff to column PAL. It is now a distinguished joint professor at the College of William and very large workers in the arts, Governor Michigan, who is now the director of the american jobs project. You see, Berkeley Jennifer Grand Home is the former chief of Staff House Majority, literary Catherine, former Orange Communications, director of Red Doug eyes over here. I dug I order you are. I don't follow me on Facebook, twitter instruments than this. Your questions were tonight's overtime. Is we can answer them after the show on Youtube
I want to start off with around the Randall. We ve never really talked about it in detail on the show, but it's gonna be coming up Drouet for a boat in about a month for those people who, kind of tuned out because it seems very technical. Let me break it down. It's no brainer, The only aren't machnik. They are. The only argument not to do the deal is pretty much. The argument Mitch Mcconnell put forward the week before Obama took office, say no to ever Then he does matter what it. If I'll give you a few of the facts, it calls for a ran to get of men, the eight per cent of their enriched uranium they now have to, thousand centrifuges. After this, they have to get rid of all, but six thousand on those of the oldest ones that are useless to making a bomb there. Big reactors, those will be constantly monitored. One of them is in a mountain so way airstrike probably wouldn't wipe it out. Anyway. Twenty,
four days. That's what you're here from the other side, the bare there are It is being given twenty four days yeah. But on the sides with the nuclear stuff is that's the entire country. If we can't look into everybody's broom closet, but no expert thinks you can start up a nuclear the programme and somebody's house in twenty four days, so that's bullshit and and the kicker is that if we don't do this, the sanctions go away anyway, because the other countries aren't going to keep them up. So either do the deal and get all this or we get nothing. So that's what I mean by no brain last fifteen years, and mean that any of the other tools that we have in our diplomatic arsenal to prevent IRAN from funding. As below our were, or you know, messing in the Middle EAST aren't available. We can still do those other thing so to me,
What is the alternative if they say no to this, eleven involve with IRAN. Since nineteen eighty four these unruly bizarre things out, that's all roaring and try to trade weapons to for us, it is remember eyes, always take IRAN side in the IRAN, Iraq WAR, one most brutal wars in the world. That time I saw us, take a rat. Ultimately, in operation, Eldorado Canyon, I saw shoot down in Iranian Airbus with two hundred. Seventy innocent. Iranian civilians are saying we can't be try I'm Tellin, you I've seen reason so both bizarre things, but the opposition in this deal. Unless I walk into the political world. As you just did. I can explain the opposition is ill, is bizarre? It eliminates none of the other alternatives. Therefore, do nothing. The deal mom or invade. If you
the deal the other three years still available? So what could possibly be the opposition? I don't know what the opposition is by partisan. Your lot of the attacks that come on Republicans. Obviously they ve been very vocal on this, but it's not just Republicans. Seeing the brothers and tell us what the opposition will put. The president is the President's castigated this in two ways, one if you're, if you are This deal you're for war, and if you are against this deal than you're standing in common cause with those who chant death I feel- and I don't think that's hardly shocks. Rumour standing you're still am avoiding the issue itself. What is that argument for not doing the deal. The argument that we're here from so many people from capital have Republicans end Democrats, bipartisan majority, and we got that is. Is it no deal is better than than this deal real nuts?
that's! What's that it was not saying that, while we ran back- and you will argue meant- is no want their actual air is why you have to bear just isn't one and by the way, the arrogance that we could just knocked down any door in their house and can I ran be trusted, as you just pointed out, can we be drastic? Not I'd, be drafted, says the country that fermented a coup in IRAN in nineteen? Thirty, three no, I saw we were at good mention opening the embassy in Cuba, and I noticed the Republicans are very upset. The cuban dissidents were not allowed well, it is a embassy opening. Areas meeting with them right after, but one of the Cuban said well, you know the people. The word torturing on the island of Cuba are us at Guantanamo Bay, and we don't have raised oh prejudice here and Cuba, so in America,
is not blameless. We cannot always operate from the beginning of where the good people everybody else, just do what we say our union on December. The seventeenth when Raoul gave your speech Obama gave his speech the reform four people in the room with me roughly fifty fifty cuban in america- There is not a dry in that room, diplomats and others. People, working for years for better relations between about in Washington, knowing The cold war was over knowing Cuba was spreading doctors around the world, not revolution, knowing Cuba had won the most incredible public diplomacy operations in the world with those medical technicians and doctors and knowing that we needed better relations when they may that, Speech about on seventeen December those two speeches there were people, that room who were cry. It was overdue way overdue.
Is Colin Powell said to me many times. All you got to do is open up in the dictatorship will be gone in two years. That's all you got to do we're an expert on this type. I've been wanting their an expert to answer me this question because I ran is fighting ISIS. I don't think a lot of the republican and it is. I know that this is happening, but we have to cut up. Do we have the kind of who's the enemy, because you can help them both. When you help one, you don't help the other. You hurt you you are an ally of the other, ok whose side are we on whose worse or ran or ISIS because, if its ISIS, if they are the really bad people we should perhaps be, picking enemies of IRAN and the time, I say that the local should handle them this themselves, the locals being the other. Sunni Arab countries. I won't even bring around entered the
experts say to me oh bill. It would be great if that could happen, but I'm afraid they just can't do it. So let me ask the deeper question of an expert: why, our muslim armies in the Middle EAST, so useless so accepts, except for ISIS vulgar hurrah. The Taliban. For the ones that believe in islamic fundamentalism. Those those are really good armies. We in fact we can defeat them The other armies show. That short, did. I showed this a few months ago in this Europe. These are the the forces under arms, Egypt, one point four million people under arms Iraq, as eight hundred thousand Turkey has almost a million. The Saudis and the Kurds have two hundred. Fifty thousand Jordan has a hundred and eighty thousand serious six hundred thousand this. This four million soldiers? Ices has about twenty? Two. Thirty thousand,
don't know exactly there like Scientology. You can get outta this isis, I'm the rest of the Sunnis in the Middle EAST. I may can't take them so tell me the expert, why are they so useless? Well, one Let me give you a little history on this and say that you're, absolutely right! U s policy? U S, policy for almost half a century regional or not. Standing our overthrow of most deck and fifty three and the shawls collapse, and seventy nine and so forth, which were perturbations. U S. Policy was to be offshore. Invariable group's chairman, amphibious groups and a move ashore only as it was necessary to protect our interests in bright peace. That was it. Boots on the ground was out of the question because everyone understood the abolition from the princess bride. You know
start a lamb or in Asia, arise Asia, it's not something should be doing. I agree with you a hundred percent, it's not something we should be do something, but but until the quest. Why there so useless? Why there so useless life for measuring gland defeat? Twenty thousand a bigger question, a bigger one. Is the United States always side with the weak government, the lack of courage, the lack of faith? of anything you want to talk about in terms of stamina, Vietnam. Look at it government then re evermore didn't have a country. It had a relationship with the United States rights and with a real government came along from annoy, beat them right. Look interact, look at Afghanistan! Why?
You always pick the places where there is no one to defend where the lunatics. On our side, I mean it's, please middle eastern countries. They don't get involved in the Middle EAST, to join Why are we doing? It's like Wanna dad says he's gonna babysit, baby sitting there, your kids, do there I bring up another subject: I'm gonna get to Donald Trump in the second half of the show, but there's so mad at him for what he said about Megan Kelly, but I was at some of the comments from other republican candidates. In response, the Donald Drums Megan Kelly common curly for your there there is no excuse. I stand with Megan Kelly, but she doesn't stand with. Equal pay for women. Maternity leave, abortion rights contrast,
option as part of health care Job Bush. What Donald Trump Set is wrong. Euro apologize but George Bush bragged the debate about Florida being the first data to fund plan parenthood and he's not only what I mean, there's one thing, what they say and what they actually down. I mean job worse. Just as the example when he was governor, not only did the fund plan parenthood, but he actually, as governor intervened in two cases, to prevent a thirteen year old girl land. Mentally challenged. Woman who was raped varies from being able to have no from being able to get an abortion, so it is, these are to abortion cases, he intervene as governor and he allowed this bill. To become lie, which was called the Scarlet letter bill which require Women who want who are single moms, who wanted to put their children up for adoption to publish their sexual histories in the newspaper, so that
Father would know, even if they were raped and and then he writes in his book that he published called profiles in character that he thinks that you think I'm getting public public meaning of single mothers or promiscuous. Teenagers is a good thing to prevent them from Miss behaving. So I'm just saying that is one example. I mean all these other guys. You know about the folks on the federal side, anti violence against women act. They voted against that they voted against equal pay. They vote They all want to shut down the government to define plan parenthood. I mean really sixty percent all women Republicans to favour plan parenthood. This is not a good strategy. Summer. I spent a lot of time a lot of time working on the violence against women that we can't reach common ground with Senator Patty Murray, who kept moving
farther and farther away from us whenever we try to get an agreement, but we move the violence of women act forward, but I find it insulting absolutely insulting, not that you are being insulting, of course, What that, when we talk about women and women's issues, we have to talk about contraceptive an abortion and lily were better. I don't care about american aromatic care about it. You wouldn't care about job here about schools, they care about their health care costs. It is insulting saying you know what it hispanic motors care about. Immigration and integration chose, match ruined my way, how many times in the republic and how many times did the abortion plan. Parenthood come up and how many times the words middle class come up. You know they overwhelmingly. It was all about the funding plan, parenthood and anti choice. You know what even Republicans sixty one per cent of Republicans favour an exception to the
on abortion, for rape and incest, even sixty one percent of Republicans paralyze up of a fine but sixty one percent say there should be accepted, but you got candid Sat there who don't favour any exceptions, life span, Walker who doesn't even favour an exception for the life of the mother. What, again to my emotions, you don't want to talk about amounts and wouldn't care about jobs, apparently the care about living here where wages increase they care arrive. But here again we are against the minimum wage and most do that's. That's not true, and what is going on when we were we ve got advancing, albeit first to admit that we had a lot of bad Senate candidates. Who said a lot of stupid things?
If you talk to Republicans, you usually grateful than we do, because that's why we didn't we. Let me read more than we re you're one more stupid thing, because my cock, a bee candidate condemned on Donald Trump, should I would never do anything like that. I hope we apologise above, but my culture also said this. He said about beyond, say he said she is a terrific dancer without the explicit moves that would best be left for the privacy of the bedroom what Here's getting to my point that they just don't get women. He said, Jay a very shrewd business man, but I wondered if it occurred to him that he is arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp.
Why exploiting his wife as sex object, as if beyond say, does not run her career on her? I think that we all say had J C. I can t return. So I like that. I bring this up because they do have a problem with women made. You seem to have a major problem with single women. We do very well with married woman, Mitt Romney. We talk about binders by the way, a bomb a b b one women. Fifty five to forty five, all women. He one single woman, sixty seven, a thirty one. Our problem, but the Orange Sea has come out with a picture book
help explain some super politicians to this commitment. I was working for me. You may know that it's called the Mister people are July there. As regards its explaining the republican politicians, ok you're, out in the polls, and you dont know why it seems like your popular with all of the guys, but the reason the report looking parties. T's in trouble is all you all. White men live in a bubble
a job and Trump Santorum and worker, all of them somewhere between creepy in stalker, but I'll, tell you a secret. If you keep it between us, they were voters out there who don't ever being women there called, and they think it may feel why it's almost as if their actually real your mom, your sister, your niece in your wife. There are lots of nice women all over your life we're, mostly alike, although there are often much kinder they live in our house is not Romney's binder before the first step, of course, is admitting work, lawless and our vision for women is pregnant and jewels. Of course, there's so mad that they're trying to unseat us what
The issue of someone made you carry a Venus would give them respect and Wilson, Looking corny, admit bags, just even one we're not horny support, equal pay and they'll come George Doris. Take it for me, that's the political will.
Arrests of money for free online and fully dog candle employee is up before we get you smell like we overcame off the targeted, come remedy came from your short me. No invitation to date has not too sure to do a very good news for money and odious Mean California, congratulations they revealed today. You know the president is on vacation and he said he brought to play was with him on his vacation one.
They publish them one for four daytime and one for a night time let's get warriors made the daytime play? Oh, that's right right and what is its memories? Memories? Lately my man hijack from Cincinnati higher. We did a record corridor with the great lacquered abomination with when they were running. She said to give by was owner playlist, so I'm just all up and on the speakers and it's it's is where it's a great regulators will remove your recalling your your youth and how you gotten a game. I relate to it because at one point you said: writing rhymes on napkins. Yes, that's what comedian Do our young life was guiding jokes on that before we give what was observed. Yes, now send a note to vote yes or napkins, and no to Self using
but now Euro grown up you're an activist you're in Ferguson, for the anniversary of the murder of like a brown. What was it like? A last week, I know there was some trouble again. It was in trouble, can fill in West floor sent actually a young man, I shot one. I was on a stage the officials or- and you know you can ever believed the official story, but the officious story as you know that he had nothing to do with the protest. I don't know. I can't speak on what happened on the weapon in my show, organise too free concerts to raise the first night was to raise money for protesters and actions on the ground. We had Tom, irrelevant rage against monsieur boots, Riley Jessica care more night was myself come in. Oral technique tat Paul just SIRI came together. We did a show in Saint Louis what people we gave the proceeds free show, but donations family, my brain.
So you know since I spent a year, but forty laws on the positive side have been passed in twenty four states about cameras I have cameras, racial, biased training limits on the militarization of the police. There has been some positive that has come out of it. Yes, I mean you know is our. Is our duty to stand up and not A unjust laws are doing a standard form rife with interesting about Ferguson is TAT. These are young people, these women, these black people. Why people queer p a jar community? They came together working class students, worn activists. So am I right? body lane industries for six hours. They sort of system
racism, the Department of Justice came down because of what happened in Ferguson and and and let mainstream american. No look. These people wait a bug out. This is a real problem. The people been seen it. They stood up in the thing about the people of Ferguson, as they did not go home winning when the tanks came out. There they state industries math back, they still ministries. Now I got friends of mine who got arrested corner with two Syriac got arrested on Monday, so they changed the conversation along with the young women who started black last matter. If the tree by more was murdered by neighbor who watch. Let me ask you about the because there were some controversy this week. Bernie Sanders a candidate for president to activists interrupted his speech and grabbed the MIKE.
Didn't even do a conduit gonna, let you think I'm alleged finished, but yeah. Hillary Clinton is right and a lot of people said. You know why Bernie Sanders, I mean if you're going to interrupt son, I mean this guy is a hundred percent approval, running from the end of a lazy b and am Lacy P, like Donno stolen to what Mr Heartening, I did me a so I mean you know, Bernie remain a place called the National Association mood banishment of colored people is out of date. I mean you know no real pillar and lazy and history Sanders plainly is a racist cronies. Anders is not the problem. Well, you know, Bernie Sanders is somebody who you know he's, and he somebody who just because someone has a record of civil rights, doesn't mean they or automatically entitled to the black vote. But then I see the first guy we should be attacking. Oh I you know He might willingly wonderingly work up our way, simply balloon. He might
Easy is because somebody who is dealing with the people more directly than a job, Bush or Hillary Clinton might be the easiest to get too. But I mean, I think the thing is it that you gotta look what happened after these activists me personally, I'm friends with somebody. People start black last matter, my sensibilities without first a weapon Bernie in Seattle, Well, maybe you know that's not right, but I was correct. I had to stand corrected because the job of act- tourism is not to be light or not to be. Polite is about making sure these issues black. When vote more than anybody in this country of young black women who started black lives matter and therefore are forcing discussion. Is that you're not gonna, be a progressive and say that just because your progressive that you you are, I have a good. You were right, you ever grass racial issues is very possible to be progressive as to have understand interracial issues then? I think I was happened since then. Is that says they use protests which you no more the king did and Nelson Mandela didn't Gandhi, and all these political figures do. Historical figures. Did
they ve changed dialogue. They forced or Mally, is his name to come up with a platform they force. I've been our Bernie Sanders to deal with it and that's a positive. A beautiful mythologies democratic had now have a platform on asking. Are ass, incarceration, making road or body can and black lives matter did confront a bush. This they continue to confront republic does not just happen. Let me show you a little video. This is some people in Ferguson showed up. They were the militia called the oath keepers, This is something that we ve seen elsewhere in America, a bunch of white guys with automatic machine guns and body armor showing our humanity has not allowed to tell him go. I just want to know why I just want to ask the question: what do you think would happen if a bunch of black people?
automatic weapons exercising their constitutional rights. That is a white privileges that you can show. Why should stay home? Did you say home and it's not construct? I've already. Thank you, but you would admit theirs to America's on that. I dont absolute Republicans have been talking about this as well, and I think you're republican. If we have a would say, robust scepticism of government that includes our justice system to ranks to what sister Helen Saint as well right. Let me ask before we went about about Donald Trump and I were biggest. I think this is a giant store at in the aid, but he told me about it today that Donald Trump is ahead and I were bigots. It's the one place that people Donald Trump was not going to do well. Cause he's in the york. Yorker member Giuliani wouldn't even participate. I've had so many people sitting on the show telling me Chris, Christy, even when he was riding high knock.
A play in Iowa there to avenge Jellicoe. To New York. Are you this says so much about the electorate. Given the event jackals wanna be called on their shit, they are desperate to have somebody led them. Somebody say you know what I just don't been to your bullshit, Donald Trump I gotta say. I agree with him on a lot, but I can't get We can't I've been doing the same, the same politically incorrect stuff right. There was a lot of dismissal. Americans wanna, hear too, for example. Today in New Hampshire is marks about the Iraq war is almost total condemnation of the Iraq war. Georgia does George W Bush policy, my administrations policy, whatever Republican has said that oh then ran Paul yeah.
Let me to say I do not think he saying what people want to hear when he calls Mexicans rapists and murderous as they go out a lot of them. Do these people into old keepers and Donald Trump and all their races, their sex is their white men for like the country be taken away from them, is no coincidence that when Obama got into office oldest of changed over and there he staying what Fox NEWS has been saying, but he's not playing a political getting. Even if we talk about how to turn over the past three months, all day every day is Donald Trump. Marker Rubio gives a policy speech. Nobody pays attention to repair it the speech on race. Nobody pays attention to it. All we do is talk about So it shouldn't be surprising that six months out the person than has one percent name. I do not away, and I will, but I would ask that when today is that people learn wonders leading ok, son just coincidence, twins four million people watch the debate, I looked it up. You know what the first GEO P debate
in twenty two. I've got three point two. While, no one. Would I want you to hear my cock of these tax policy? Absolutely we were going to watch we're going to watch. The Donald Trump show. What we saw actually running again to mine foxes when, when you ask him specific questions on specific issues and What I'm just change the conversational everyone's he starts This is a guy with free wives. Latest one is a model who has said that he doesn't look to God for forgiveness. That he doesn't really even bother God.
Ok, tell me why he's not finished in this dated everybody always said was run by locals you good, because we didn't having because over there I didn't. We all share data. That's why I went pilot, because what we did was we heard about Lindsey grim sulphur. We heard about a meme calling on the kind of name calling me my name calling so tired of hearing politician saying to them. If we only had a government is good is the people they know they are not good, they know they're not bright, and they know they dont know anything. I think what they want is they appreciate the possess right? They peace appreciate the show, but I think I'm tired of the same old, same old policies, anti immigrant anti woman anti climb
I say that as time goes on hours? That's what I'm saying. I don't think I think they're all the same. I think they're all the same. Don't let the possess fool you, but at least it gives them something to look at, but in ITALY, Look he's a reality, show guy right in reality, so in survivor they keep the villain on as long as though the villain does it win will end say what is the most exposed oil is exposing. Glaringly so is the paucity of ideas and real issue discussion in my political party, I would say that I would say that we got plenty of ideas that we're talking rather, candidates are talking about, but all the oxygen has been taken by Donald Trump. Again, Parker Rubio gave it gave me
I thought a very good education speech, no one in this audience or repair it gave us actually talk to raise in more and more blunt terms and Republicans ever really gone. No one in this audience thought why? Because we're talking about Lindsey, Graham cell phone number, that Donald Trump up, if your life to the press, the pin him on specific issues, not let em up and then you'll start to wither Audrey's all over the place and immigration during the press is that everyone, Greater Donald Trump, was the original birth or guy right, ten crews. What happened at the birth are issued? Crow came out and said my mother was born in America? Nobody ever contested that Obama's mother was born in America. Why was but an issue with Obama, but not ten crew. What we're doing we already tawny republican starts. Talking about a woman. Can you they're hurting the republican Party anytime, a Republican sent a candidate start, but legitimate rape, whatever? That is the hurting.
Working party here we need people knew. Sometimes we need less dialogue. We need some people do stop talking. I know now that Kim Jong on has executed some seventy officials. Yes to explain why barber, is still alive, isn't possible. He surrounded by sick events, so many sick events that nobody has the nerve to tell him. His hair works ridiculous. Yes, I suppose that is possible. New Colombia how's. The thirteen albums were a dollar people, most
don't be allowed to file for bankruptcy as they did this week. They must we charged with crimes against humanity, hoboes page for the millions who were forced to buy spanned our ballet men at work, Laura Bran get out books. They did not want or that rules will as Bruno Album and who will hold your company that invented the long term contract you can never get out of before variety than Comcast perfected. It neural gonna Paltrow has to answer this question. You're trying to make us hate you this week when I spoke about Gm O labeling on Capitol Hill, but that was senator, lay he's turn to speak, she started texting. You know
keeps up you're going to ruin the ended, the movie seven, because when the audience finds out it's your head in the box there just gonna go good fairy spoiler alert Euro. Now that the thing we used to use the phone each other is being used for everything but phoning each other. We must stop calling it a phone it's time to call these things. What they really are: food cameras, douche bag. Look Peters and related new role, just work where, if you will directly at me and speak and then My reply, you point to your head: said to indicate your actually talking to someone else on the phone you're the
and finally new role, since it was my million dollar check to a bomb in twenty two of that turned around his lagging campaign and put America back on the path to also exceptionalism tonight. I would like to announce that the time has come for me to step forward and save Hillary Clinton. Lagging camp and by digging down deep and forking over.
One million dollars worth of advice, very welcome, maggots, not back. I live in California. I need the money to pay my water bill now. I know many liberal democrats. These days are expecting Bernie Sanders to be their standard bearer, now many ease ahead in New Hampshire, but I wouldn't have the count using the oval office fitted for plastics looked covers just I mean I love Bernie, but we must assume Hilary is going to be the nominee and, after witnessing after witnessing the gruesome hundred car pile up, that is the republic
feel I for one, am not going to stand idly by and lead Hilary blow this thing. And yes, this Croatia is dire. Her positives are in freefall, with only thirty seven percent of Americans. Now viewing Hilary favourably and fifty seven percent say she's, not trustworthy, election were held today. She'd lose key battle, Ground states to Scott Walker a man who looked like a drunk in silent movie, whose just been punch by mistake perhaps the worst of all one poles as she's now viewed negatively by white women with college degrees, like Obama, losing John Legend
Hilary Onawandah sound like Trump, but you're campaigns, things in your numbers, venerable and speaking of from the Hilary, usually the one can do its than blowhard is art is its say, something like Mr Drone You accuse Megan Kelly of being on the rag. What what's going on with your home when you whining every time a woman ass. You are tough question, your little bitch, that's my first bit of advice. You gotta make the can pay more fun This week, you introduced a detailed plan to make college more affordable, as you release detailed plans on immigration, climate change, taxes, ever honey. That stuff that's actually relevant to the job of being president of the United States,
but this is America. Campaigns are for a policy just say I will be the best college affordability and enjoy it more. A prominent supporter recently called your campaign joyless, and it's kind of is I know this presents a conundrum. How do you Peer, more joyful, but without that land the one that makes people think you're the wicked witch of the West Wing you gotta get rid of that and you gotta find a way to look like you respond a spontaneous fun lover so
Taylor. Swift has room and our girl gang, Jorge ragged Inflatable papers with Miley Cyrus condone not with our reality. Grundy pay in a bucket would justify Jeez girl. You invented bad blood, started toward a war with Katy Perry and then delete your tweets next thing you have to do. I want you to announce your VP pick and I wanted to be Baltimore Slabman remember the woman during the Baltimore Riots, this year's laughter son, because they re throwing bricks at the cops she's your ticket to the wife.
Rose lover because she's, a strong single, mom and conservative lover because she beats the crew but of unarmed black dream it. Finally, Hilary your ass in the hall to get America back on your side. Is your husband Bill Clinton, he has to happen affair, or at least you have to find a way to publicize one of the ones he's probably already have. I say this because the years when you more and more stood mired. Woman at America with the years
when he was doing with anything that had shoulder Lang, fair and move slower than he did, you can get the magic back bill has to humiliate you if at all possible, with Rebel Wilson the jumble drawn Atta Cubs game, while you're throwing out the first, but we can also make us work, Jonah, Hell Sensory and went to Kansas damage, while the Washington is literally it until all the dumper,
urging that at the embassy in four weight in the areas of labour night, I want to thank my guess. Orange workers in our regime join is now over time on your driven brightly on you episodes in real time, almost every Friday night or watching anytime. You want me to more the Oda com.
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