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Episode #362 (Originally aired 8/28/15)

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Episode #362 (Originally aired 8/28/15)
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Welcome to each year pipe from each piece of real you killed. My luck
Ask your previous avoided. You view blotted like there will be a very important news for people who live in this, that the reason why you should be happy starting Monday, the LAPD will be where
body cameras for the first time. I already got a nose orange being Hollywood. The cops will be like. Did you get my good side on that tonight? Please take that again, cuz. I do light and blacker. Man, I'm not a teenage running more. I could use a little back laddie So that's good news and I would just say to all my black friends before leaving the house for now on, look in the mirror here. So yourself, is this really the, but I want to go viral and that's something. That's not today is a very important baby. Pence anniversary of Hurricane Katrina George W Bush went down there today to New Orleans.
I told you he'd, make it eventually. Also, this is important craft times the food company, recalling tumult pounds of Turkey bacon, yet nothing wrong. Let me just realized turkey beckons now have you detected what's going on here tonight? I am trying to avoid talking about Donald Drop, that's really would suffer, and yet it's impossible, I mean he's everywhere. I never I mean the media. Can people CNN could not be any more obsessed with Donald Trump if that missing plain turned up in his hair always have his hair. They cover a yesterday Donald Trump brought a woman on stage to pull his heir to
prove that it was real to cover this and by the way it is real that Israel hair, I mean it is asked care, ass, hair up over his head, what it is Israel, so do I, feel like Donald Trump is such a perfect example of how people who are rich- and famous- can get away with doing in saying things that other people would never be able to get away with it. Like the way. Michael,
Action was able to get kids to sleep over in his bed. Is rich and famous Josie mother say well. Why not? Where I might go and is monkey reliving a van? I don't think that would be happy, but but Donald Trump. What can I tell you he's pulling away like crazy from the field? Of course, if we ever met crews. You would pull away too, but he seems to be expanding. His appeal from here core races to the casual weekend it's got ugly. This week you see in Iowa with Jorge Ramos I mean, oh, my God, Norway rumours that the lead anger on innovation and he was at the press conference. Donald Trump was giving any started to talk and trumps.
Don't go back to you in a vision he had him physically thrown out of the room course Troms audiences, like he doesn't have a government a Mexican. So now, of course, all the republic into scrambling to outrun Trump with aiding foreigners. Listen to this were expecting a state visit visit from the chinese President marker Rubio today we should downgrade the upcoming chinese state visit visit. Don't treat them He says to us? They dinner. Yes, what a good
sure way to get the Chinese. Have them come here and then they have to undertake. Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, I must say, Hillary Clinton is email. Problems are only getting worse. No, I happen to think this is the biggest nothing burger scandal non scandal address. I gotta give it to the Fox NEWS propaganda machine. They do know how to change opinion. The canopy act Paul came out. They elsner this. They asked voters the first word They came to their mind when they heard Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly. That word was liar sex and was dishonest third was untrustworthy other words that came up crooked criminal, deceitful, phony bitch.
Murder and then the pollsters said Mister Biden. I really have to make and my favorite story of the weak actually Madison near familiar. That was the big story. Last week, the the online dating site for spouses, who want to cheat a great God, they release all the data. Now they ve crunch the numbers. Listen, this Ashley Madison cite the act. Of users, thirty seven million men, twelve
thousand women. There were twelve thousand women for thirty seven million men. So when you see an exhaustive looking housewife and it turns out horny housewives looking for anonymous, stranger sex are like moderate Republicans. They exist only in theory, be speaking with the daily these Michael waste about ISIS, but first he is a former you Let us, then, I must say the terms that who is very conservative on one in a blue state, also came in second people. Forget that last time and he's running again, please work.
I can't believe easier than an erection term without biggest people have a short memories. They forget. You know the last time. Twenty two with the clown car there were so many different people. They ve You are the guy who actually came and second emit wrong and, and four years ago was sitting pretty much where I am today at the robust one percent level, an era and at that percent level. Two week before I won the IRA carcasses, so we if you like everybody else in the field, nobody else has been able to do what I've done, which is start the back of the back in Finnish. First, let me ask that commends me I commend your spirit so, but if you were not at one percent honestly. Would you be here? Would you be
I've been on your show before, as you recall, on politically incorrect years ago, member it like it was ever it's right. There at Ozma talked a lot about, let's not trust each other on memory. Ok! Well, I pay but you know how I said something you said you were out of town Hall and I would ask you about coming on here and you said all bill Maher is going to drag me through the mud first of all, you're in California. It hasn't rained in for you if it was no and you said you wanted to come here because you know the people who watch this show never see. People like you, that's what you said my cock. A b has been here just a season, so his aunt dear colleagues, the uranium haven't heard many people like me, in a roar backer is right. There, you, like me
a hundred years. What he's got a hundred percent approval rating from the national right to Life Congress? We do have people like you get one. I'm glad. Thank you. I hope you have me back right. You don't want to show you what I'm getting, because you don't want a lotta tv should watch, it would have sent you and your mom I swung it gets because I made one of your rivals but- and I know I look at you- you're a guy who known for social issues- But you know you have a range of issues: you're real politician, you serve in the Senate. I want to get to some of those, and so do I. But let's start with that, only because I'll tell you, where you cross the line for me because I do have a lot of end. Culture is my friend and I get shit about it from oak. Sorry, I get guff about it.
From where it all dark. But here's where you cross the line you said about the automatic contraception was one of the things I will talk about. The no prison has in its it. It's not ok, because it's a licence to do things in this True realm. That is count how things are supposed to be an that's. What bothers me up what shouldn't say what what sex should supposed to be. It should be everybody decides for themselves either his eye, so I gave one interview one time on that and I wish I had not given that interview. Obviously it's been quoted to be a million times, but like bill I mean, if you look at my political career, it's got a pretty good body of work that has talked about providing freedom and opportunity on a variety of France. Never once that I say that we should ban contraception or stop contraception. I was talking to
with a blogger at a restaurant and talking about my catholic faith with a lot of that before that kind of Europe became broke out and you would not impose reviews on my lifestyle. In the eye and what I look there's a lot of look there's a lot of. I mean arborous. Now you lot of things that that that art immoral, like, for example, actually Madison, that shouldn't be elite and- and there is a role for the garden using lady marital sexism, or I do- and I bet I joined it, but I don't believe it should be illegal, I'm a guy. We disagree and we're gravity and where we shouldn't worry that it's not that illegal immigrants in the past so now is a little bit issues. I think that led the two most important issue, the two questions. If I just to question for any politician, what're, you gonna, do about climate change and how you money out of politics
and we're gonna run into problems, because I don't you think climate change is a real problem and I am not alone I mean the most recent sort in Ottawa, the most recent survey climate as antibiotics set about fifty seven percent. I agree with the idea that ninety five percent of the change in the climate is more aware because it s identity at issue. There is a survey down of eighteen hundred scientists and fifty seven percent said they don't buy off on the idea that Co2, as this is the knob, that's turning the current there's hundred wriggling. I don't know I'm it's. I don't know what s your Poland outside Union out of the survey. Ok, it's alien under climate scientists number one number to the ninety seven percent figure that thrown around head of the. U N Ipc said that number was pulled out of thin air. It was he's done us on a survey of seventy seven saw not even ninety. Seven scientist responded to that survey. So, let's just get worse about sex and the fact is lots.
Things cause climate change, and then that was talk about another and another point: what are you gonna do about it, and and how do we want? let's is what are you going to do that, and the answer is: if you look at what the president is proposed, an eighty percent reduction in aid percent reduction in emissions and the consequence of that two folks and I'm running my campaign on which your folks, their blue collar Americans, who losing jobs to China and losing jobs to Mexico, because we are twice as many jobs in solar as the whirlwind com you, you are living in the past year country when you talk about it, so it's not just call its manufacturing and in its view, that the presence about to propose a regulation or on ozone that a court,
into the national associations. Library factor me has only the manufacturing economy in this country with its already sorted destroyed. What it is we have. We have a regulation that is throwing rehearse because rich people send jobs overseas or limit loving within our overseas, giving effect awaited them because, because of climate of other types of policy, the pudding climb, the Pope a very strong statement, very strong statement in support of my position on climate change, not yours and our position. When you heard that was paid let's leave the science, the scientists, ok, first of all, you're not doing that. But second I am you're not is ninety. Seven percent of all scientists believe a bogus non. It's so not a bogus self. Ok, yours, my zero is what I want to ask you is I mean I'm not a Catholic. I met a man, I'm an atheist, but I like the pulpit
the new you and I'll. Give you your thing to what he knows and as we decided that we speak this. What I always say so much of religion is arrogance. Masquerading as humility should ease the vicar of Bryce, your God, should You have the humility to say: will if the pulp things got climate changes a problem, maybe I should he's not another. Guy, look at all the things the Pope said, which, which I hope you do, he put it in the car. Acts of trying to reach out to people. Who may not agree with them on a whole lot of other issues in order to try to hope not some doors and open up a conversation which is obviously done. I mean Al Gore's now saying these could become a Catholic because of this present I mean because this pope in this is he did. He said you know, I'm I'm considering becoming catholic because of appraisal. I think trying to do something. Do
down some berries, because if you look at what happened previous popes, they pretty much in a consistent on on on all these things and what would be seen in the world's conservative positions and he's trying to reach out and bring some other people in two years. A look at those that I know that a pope every time he speaks he's not infallible, is very rare, wants what if he said this thing about climate change, that he said in the in the car. Here it is infallible with what, if he did he what if he did, it would not because they are the people, this makes about infallible things ranked it. Yeah when the programme, if we did this European, even speak about the availability of protecting human life and abortion in the end they and the to end the sanctity of marriage before he would dare walk into this item. I hope when you rise in the polls you when you will win
when we were given a budget after disappearance. It am I gonna get along with conservative party. Are you all right? He is a national political rapporteur for the Washington Post, our friend Robert Cost, free, the former executive gubernatorial candidate and state senator famous for her eleven, our filibuster, defending women's rights, Wendy Davis and ease the fourteen term. U S congressmen from California is forty. Eight district itself describes Surfer Republic in one of our oldest friends on the show report.
Data are backer, how you doing so. We have some heavy topics to talk about. Let's get right to it. First of all, there was another horrific shooting this week and it happened on camera, which of course, is why the media covered it, because it's not actually, weird to have a mass shooting, which is for people and more that's, including the girl, himself apparently want to day in America. Shooting and whenever we have a shooting, it seems like these goes to their corner repeats the same things we heard over and over again. I guess one question is: why is it news if nothing is going to ever change, but I would say, one thing that does changes at least on the right: they do change there. Talking points, with global warming of the with Rick. You know used to be hey, I'm not a scientist. Now it's! Oh! It's not settled science. You have come up with new bullshit
so for the girl issue. I noticed the new bullshit is well it's a mental health issue, so if it demanded, health issue. Why is, in the end? Our re, like marching on Congress to good some laws, passed about mental health and getting good, so they always go their bill. They always go to the mental health issues being the problem, as opposed to the person who has a mental problems with a gun. That's the real problem I haven't seen any Republican Congress person are senator introducing any kind of a bill to try to strengthen the connection between mental health issues, the inability to buy a gun. This person clearly had diamond. Training, but how abilities? But how could you I mean until I'm an actually commits the act there others are a little crazy. Well, I've had disgruntled worker and jealous husband aiming at years. Nobody gets this to scramble worker threatened in a very severe way the people that he was working with. They had to call the police to remove him from the workplace,
and the fact of the matter is if there were stronger reporting requirements between people that showed that kind of behaviour and into the background checks system so that it would show up What help. But the further problem is that, even if it were in the background checks system without universal background checks, that very same person could work. Into a gun show anywhere in America and by a gun. But do you really think that Burma Let's have any balls on this issue with a well designed for Currently there are some who certainly did not in the vote that took place about this, not very and what about you know, what's really interesting about it, the political arena, why cover Congress in campaigns? There's Europe? a book in Congress does not could be any movement against the Un Array and GEO be house with a GEO presented by checking with these presidential campaign. When a crisis like this happens, a tragedy happens. They talk about mental health because they know
background checks have no chance, you don't see the leadership in either chamber pushing for it. So is this the political reality that there's no movement and no political capital to try to make this, because both sides love gums. Democrats just love them slightly less. Well, there's a lot of people who are very honest. Working Americans, who would deeply resent of you, would deny them the right to keep and bear arms, which is it institutional privilege. Now there are people who are unstable. Talk about They would set a right, ok, I wouldn't want to I'm trying to save you from getting into draw. No, it is a rise in our own backyards. There's not a privilege that its economic potential privilege witches were right. The bottom line is that, if I want to take people who have committed violent, felonies and say here's the most of the people in this country committed by felonies they can't buy guns here, who are maybe on
meds or all psycho graphic men's. What do they call them well from the Getting the job, Madeleine stability, you can make a less like that. You can't sell to those people, the honest people, America wouldn't be upset with that, but if you start there's something so that an honest person loses his rights to defend himself and his family. Then you have encroached on their rights. Ok! Well, another issue that came up this week that also gonna hard to talk about Well, let's go to what Hillary Clinton said. Because she ran up the usual suspects when she said extreme is about women? We expect that from some of the terrorist groups we expect that's when people do not want to live in the modern world, but little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States. Now, obviously, this upset a lot of people because they said she was comparing republic into the tent it's not really, but considering that republican
What, though, that's something's up it sounds like well, I mean considering that once see she said we expect this from people who don't want to live in the modern world and terrorist group, considering that there are- three and by the way the Republicans are threatening to shut down the government over plan parenthood clinics? There are three Republicans now worker, Huckabee and Rubio, who have taken the abortion debate to a place from. I think extremism to absolutism where they saying, even in the case of the life of the mother We do not committed. We not perform an abortion. That is a little I'm sorry, but terrorists. Well, I don't think it's. I don't have to tell you that I don't, I don't think, that's unnerving as when we see a picture. That are coming out about from plant parenthood and people talking.
I'm selling body parts and how to get a foetus out of a woman's body that, with with, if so, be whole body, but that's how they can sell the parts? That's a little underlying do well well, well, first of all its legal now, what does not legal to sell body parts, were they this need, is ever anything else there not selling the part. First, what words about hundreds of dollars there covering the costs of shipping and handling, because, yes, fetal tissue has been very valuable in in solving a lot of medical problems fatal to the nineteen. Fifty four Nobel prize. Went to someone who worked in fatal tissue, they work with AIDS. They work
darkness in disease. They work muscular dystrophy. This is not you make it sound like you're killing, maybe like trying to tell me that that's what these body parts are being so, of course you don't with there being sold and they're, not body parts there fatal. Did you Bobby points magazine like Frank in a dialogue on air quality under not body heart? Listen, if you can, if you can a dental, fine work the body that is a body part and they and poor people or go anointed, but emperor reigns in animals. Conversation at all is because it has become the popular way of trying to attract a certain basic voters to a republican candidates election. And it is truly political demagoguery of been very fires- that demagoguery are real women.
Who are losing their access to vital and important reproductive health care in this country. It happened in the state of Texas. Texas has defended plan parenthood, and we saw the outfall of that approximately two hundred and eighty thousand women laws the only healthcare that they had in our state and we're not talking about abortion clinics. We're talking about family planning reproductive health care cancer, screenings women who are now can't nine thousand dynamics in the arts, it's a provide those services for women well and about oil, and let us learn some lessons on one's wily, big one point, and that is when you say that all of those who believe we're against abortion or doing in Verona for only political reasons that
It was while people can. Somebody doesn't really simple, can honestly disagree with each ok and then ok, let's get recently an agreement for Israel to your point about you mention all the things they do your bullshit yesterday I for one, don't think the environment or get a penny because they are not actually doing women's health. If this is the fight hounds, like they might ninety five percent of what they do, ninety seven percent is in the arena of reproductive contraceptive and well health care. Only three percent of their work is in the import and use the smart Bush. I think we ve been experiencing this summer of tromp. If you think that's a big story, just wait till Capitol Hill. This ball TED crews, all of his allies in Congress there angling to have a shut down. You nailed it because these so real. They want them at the four of the twenty sixteen raised. Is the party that's been trying to avoid the social issues for you, to move toward the center in a general election, now Huckabee struggling in Iowa, Carson crews,
please, conservatism feel suffocated by trunks rise. They want to have a shut down according to their associates because they think this fight help revive their campaign and just to be clear. The three I mention say that if a woman is raped, she has to carry the baby to term so a woman is rape that something that was obviously not her consent. Then she gets pregnant, something else. She didn't ask for The government is going to step in and force one more thing. She doesn't want upon her That seems outrageous even for the pro life people. Do you agree with that if someone believes that what we're talking about because it s a little baby. If some believes that that is what, Moral position is going to be that, whatever reason you don't kill a baby if a baby is born. Because there's been a rape
killed the baby even if it's two days old well of its three? We before that. You don't kill it either, but it The people honestly can disagree. I am crushingly buddies morals on the other side of this issue, but I'm sure you're somewhat forcing a woman to do so much you doesn't and they want a connection between that and removing the funding from plan parenthood that does ninety seven percent of the other work that they get no funding. That's that's federally prohibited, especially since most of what plainly there and who does is countries corruption, which prevents abortion is no more than anything else before. Nine thousand community clinics that provide that same service, but dont provide the five hundred thousand abortions. That plan parenthood is provided in the last two years, so request
is whether its abortion, because these other things can be taken here of what was done to aggregate unex. It's gotta doctors, opinion Doktor Ben Carson. Second, now in the past, two Donald Trump, he says there is no war on women. There may be a war on what's inside, of women I would not and did not make that up number two- and I were right now- behind Europe right he's got back from my or South Carolina Alabama this issue as Anna, the republican base, and but I don't understand the overall strategy, because Obama bummer one women by a comfortable large and he one single woman sixty seven to thirty one, and they said to be in a battle with each other to write off that vote in the hope of winning Kirk Cameron. I I I don't think do I don't think the poles will indicate that the majority last vast majority people agree with what you're saying I dont know
I know the poles in the last two decades, my on from being very much in favour of permitting ripe, overwarm against gotten back now. Maybe the majority of people do believe they gotta, knowing where single way when they got a win, win unlucky. Hailed by Obama needs especially young rather women. I don't have to public and party they look at them. So difficult for them to put together the coalition to get the White House again. Start losing women. I want your trunk focus group this past week. Even try supporters worry about commentary and women. They worry about the party on when well, let's move, we only at the latino who was somebody. I was talking about the latino vote. Abortion is a very important issue row as users. These are issues that are important goes beyond. They are, but good people people can disagree on this issue and we have to take. Incineration and treat other with respect, rather than saying, there's a bunch of political battle. Financing So as long as there are a good brought this up about the people who live in the modern world and terrorists
I say to her: you Islamophobia Hilary, that's what stupid people say to me. Ices is in the news again. I don't know if they inspired the attack on the french train that I think we can all agree provided us with. A true american heroism, USA, but there's always a story in the news. It seems about somebody trying to join ISIS here last week or two weeks ago. It was a couple, a young couple in Mississippi. Did you see this these two? I think they're about twenty years old. They were getting married and pretending to go on their honeymoon, but really they were going to join ices and people are there. Concern widest ISIS. Have this hold over young people all around the world going to join their graded propaganda. They started with Al Qaeda are kind of has a magazine, I'm not kidding about this. It's called inspire air. It is that's a real magazine and then I
This came out with a big, I hope and pray.
I think that rights- they don't kill me and- and these have done so on- that that is where the joke parts coming it now. Ices, coming out with a woman's magazine, it's called unconscionable quality like Germany articles that it applies to their articles like how to drive your man. While you are allowed to drive, I was mistaken. Voting booth five signed your burka is due boxing day. I felt the sun on my face. One woman's amazing. Seven sexy outbids guarantee they get you beaten with his moves. That will make him forget those seventy do virgin forests. What movements magazine wouldn't have who or at best getting into trouble back when you ve caught him raping salmonella and your most seaport confessions. I parked the car and I like Michael. Why am I here right now, Michael, what a perfect reduction for you a bit about exists in you wrote the book about AIDS is pursuing
I have to ask you. Ices like it when you write books about them. It's funny. I should mention that one guy either way rolling. I actually kind of blurb does on Twitter. He said you know this, isn't a bad narrative, I'm not sure you put that on the eve of the next issue. To be honest with you, what the mafia love the godfather this true, they also stole our book and published in pirated, for I think their learning a thing or two about themselves. So what was the was, the train of thing in France was inspired by by ices. Adding too soon. To tell me look the problem we have with these acts of terror in Europe. Al Qaeda is now competing with ISIS Isis was used to be part of Al Qaeda and they saw two years ago. The way they compete is for with by doing the spectacular results right. This is the way they drama recruitment. This is the way that they show. We are the vanguard. Jihadi party in the world,
this is how they improved upon writer right outside. I wasn't good at media like that. Right now, I will not allowed, and in a cave in, Iceland has value exactly totally total airily the guy. Who founded ISIS, uppermost symbols or car with a joy in, remember him, because we all watch these videos they Ass, their hostages in the Guantanamo Bay Style Orange jumpers he's the guy who specialised in this Nicholas Burg, the american contractor beheaded on camera right, but it very it was. It was very amateur film compared to what now high production value like a twisted. Michael man film that they're they're putting so this guy on the train, I mean he he's first, they say he said he was robbing it right and I know he wasn't around I mean he had with him cans gasoline. What had huge arsenal? Not it's not a robbery, Why would you need to do that to Robert Webpage, a robber train, that's moving and read in eighteen, forty, three hundred big right, but I know that if I said
something of her I tweeted something about you know he's not rob the, albeit more you they get. Muslims can just rob that are not always be terrorism. We always have to play this game right, The other thing I would ask is that so many times we see these attacks. There's the terrorists are so bad terrorism I mean. Obviously, all it takes is once we're not being cavalier about it, but we had the our bomber locked himself in Times Square Burma locked himself out of his car bomb right. The underwear bomber couldn't light is under rules on fire, Are you they so bad at it? A lot of these guys. I mean they look Al Qaeda rays on first time and their cannon fodder they don't go. They don't come over. Here will put you through jihadi training. Campos teach right of a rifle or machine gun or how to build a bomb. You showed up DR inspire, the Al Qaeda propaganda Wreck, most famous article they republish was called how to build a bomb in the of your mom, now
here: Guy live right like an that's real you're gonna, get it I'm not making this up right in your guy living in Minnesota. You try to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom you're gonna blow. You got them face likely than actually struck at a lie about that right, so yeah, there's that they should have a keystone cops aspect to a lot of this, but look as you mentioned, it only takes one right. There are of brothers, they got lucky in Bosnia. We ve been credibly lucky. A lot of this is to do with frankly, very good police work, FBI Counter terrorism, taskforce. You mention these two, this couple from Mississippi the girl they were caught because They were talking to under cover FBI agents, thinking they were ISIS jihadis and one of the girls actually, the female of the pair said: oh gee. I think the F B, I probably stop us before we bore the plane, Turkey saying this to an FBI agent, so she was right.
Now the people when they got a couple in Mississippi everybody around them said I can't believe they seem like such nice people. They didn't betrayed their ideas at all right this, our native brothers, sending most the terrorist. This is the reaction. This is what is so scary to me. What is that slums in our society they live in the society, they seemed to enjoy western society and there we something in their brain? That is saying, oh, but you really should feel kind of guilty about that. Well, we were talking before. But how do you know when the person is going to snap? How do you know the surname? Have kid was popular use, good? Looking he had girlfriends in money and the most interesting thing is it's usually it's up people who come over from foreign countries right their parents come over. They want to make good living they want to live the american Dream or the british stream of such a thing exists and their children become radicalized and then things off so jihadi John Mohammed, noisy his dad was a black taxi driver in London, middle middle class, kind of background
happened. You got a degree in engineering immense. The underpants bomber Abdul Metallic rise. There was a minister in the nigerian government to actually blew the whistle said. I think my son's becoming a terrorist. This guy actually was The islamic society is University in London and put videos that were celebrating the nine eleven attacks and actually property the servants of Anwar Al Lucky and Al Qaeda cleric. He may actually gone to a mosque in London where all kinds but we're lucky we're being broadcast. So this is all happening. We all say How did this happen? We didn't see it coming. Actually we do They are coming in a lot of instances you can tell when your children are I'm going down this way. Word path. In the lot of case you everybody rebelled when their young, when there are now two lessons road. But if you start watching the Youtube videos praising jihad start making? excuses for what ISIS is doing the moral equivalency argument. These are all telltale signs. How do we encourage the moderate
Muslims to step forward, I mean Nina burly. The excellent writer wrote an article. Why not more Muslim is denounce their co, religionists barbarism subject old talking to you Reza Ass, I read about the for bloggers in Bangladesh who have been killed just this year. Just because they were writing things that were somewhat critical. Well, that's why it's here! for moderate Muslims doesn't have fun. I get it. Why? What can we do to change that I know you know it's amazing. A lot of modern, moderate Muslim deduce that forty mentioned the Bangladesh outlier our brain wandering when one of them was a promise them back when he was nay feast there petitions sent to the Bangladeshi government accusing them of being accomplices to these crimes by not investigating them not going after the perpetrators of the signatories. Those petitions. A lot of them are or practicing muslim scientists writers. Some of them even live in Bangladesh, so imagine the kind of balls it takes to do that right. Now: child How do you talk to lay out this on the show in Beirut,
Lebanon the day after the attack. Nobody! This wasn't on the front page of the New York Times. There was a rally over five hundred people in attendance. Christians, Sunni Sugar. Standing in solidarity with its slain journalism in Paris, while western intellectuals were making excuses for the terrorism and saying well, the cartoonist brought in on themselves. They offended Islam, These were Muslims, doing this and risking their life in a country that largely controlled by a terrorist organisation. No less well said, Let me bring this back to our immigration problem, because you know the year of the right wing. Parties in Europe are getting stronger and it's a lot of it is because the liberals had their eyes shut about this issue for a long time, not my fault. But it's so interesting that you know Europe has a really nasty immigration problem that can be violent. We have just friendly people south of our border, who want it come here and exploited by picking our fruit.
An unduly racism added the Trump camp is getting really kind of nasty get out of my country is what his bodyguard said to or heroic Ramos Tromp said: go back to you in a vision. He said the man was very emotional. These are not that coded code word those two guys in Boston last week who kicked? shut out of an immigrant and then said, Trump was right here Donald Trump was in Alabama last week, here's, what one of his supporters said after the rally he said. Hopefully, if trumps elected president he'll make the border a vacant spot. It's going to cost you twenty five dollars for a permanent, and then you get fifty dollars for every confirm, kill. I was there, you were there for that. Really there with the cover a drop in Alabama, though the fascinating about that ground, alot of white working class people, a lot of white collar people, from all around Alabama the floor to Panhandle Insurance salesman teachers, their clicking with tromp. Can you
the way we're talking about black people like this in America. At this point, I don't think you can kick Mexicans still, but but this is about this is pretty, This is pretty out there and you know I would, if that was my party minnow I'd, be a little ashamed. I think you are absolutely right. Trumpet one basic and is arrogant and is doing this on a very personal way with the especially with Mexicans and Mexican Americans. But what he is why he is catching on which, by the way, Disagree with him. I half the time on this issue, is. He is addressing the illegal immigration issue which is affecting middle Class, Americans working people and a very deep
We were also able to the reason why everybody says: no, you I don't know if you live in a gate in community or if you have guards or whenever I have it, aren't you we have guards guards and ok well, but about the buying of dogs. Pa very ago ordinary american and drones significant just try, it rises. Amazon phenomenon number of Americans have had a very negative impact on their life. Controlling illegal immigration and or country now
This is wrong and I give you sound like we're. I am several other solutions. Authority is wrong and several of its illusions, but he is right in addressing an issue he's very that people fading he's re stating, and he knows that twenty five back essentially a page on the George. I think this guy's, a european style, demagogic politician in the american context, This is our Berlusconi, like you know, totally most ideology? Doesnt even matter far left far right. It's whatever appeals to achieving illegal immigration was not an issue that the american people were concerned about on a very personal level. They'd never put up. This negative attitude is that it has learned about. It doesn't mean that its real they there.
Public inside especially, is great at fantasy issues. The truth is that net immigration from Mexico is been zero for the last step in the right years. That's bait! That's what your experts against tell you the bottom line. Is it's not just Mexico that were talking about? If I shouldn't mexican issue. This is an issue about massive flow of illegals that had just been down the wages of our peril, consume, a vision that healthcare birds directive all along to the american people. They got me and then I have only one second about the media and Donald Trump, because they keep complaining that please, at the top of the poles. We have to cover maybe he's at the top of the balls, because you classroom endlessly- and I was watching CNN we're gonna do especially on Katrina. They blew it off for this. Fifty five minute, Bragger Thun Donald Trump speech. Just let me some arise. What Donald Trump said. Pretty brags about how he didn't do the apprentice give up a lot of money. Then he brought
eggs about in business week? They name me a while ago, the best and of people's pole of negotiators, people says most people don't know I on the Bank of America Building in San Francisco. I got it from the Chinese. I did great then he goes to China. They ve taken our money and our jobs. It's one of the greatest deaths in the history of the world. That's the way get low used to talk about the Jews. Ok, they didn't steal anything. We gave the more jobs. Rich people like that box, tenth above, receive less highly disagree. Trump needs more coverage. He's the front run on the Republican Party, look into his business dealings. How did we make the real estate money? What is poor go here. Any of that we're looking into it the posts I nor the newspapers are being that the level of cover just maybe saturated but Trump he's the front runner
public and poverty, and if he wins that those deep south primaries in early March, he could well be. The nominee deserves work over. As a Democrat I says, keep it up just because tromp has all of these drawbacks, which they do, and I agree with what your criticisms, what you're saying about him? That doesn't mean The issue that is driving does is something by the it is China. Please harm average Americans. You got You said that and I disagree back to which you are buying the garden gate. But what about which they deal with with the fact that, if If the? If we didn't do these jobs, they wouldn't get, don't let it illegal. John Mccain said this years ago, he said Americans,
in all its goal, which the phrase Trump always use: the silent majority. This is Richard Nixon style politics running, I'm still leads to a person says he's worth: ten billion dollars is run and against the political system, the elites using language, the garden gate. That's why trumps connecting the congressmen exactly. Why trumpets can I think, as people of buying guarded gates, dont say the security of their neighborhood going down because of a mass? Let's go out, they learn how many of us in this audience don't behind the garden gate having this problem with immigrants, more known crime crime,
committed by illegal immigrants out something like this morning at the thirty two years. I think that what he knows that the only people who work hard out you know they ve knows it's always regulatory solution. This is it the Mexicans. This is exciting about work. If you take a look right now, would you ve got in this coming from Mexico? This we, whose memory immigration a big city safer they have done to study. This is the biggest myth going then work of immigrants in it like trumps, comes out and says whose doing the raping, whose committing all the current its action, not that the immigrants coming to this country, lovelier unload. But that's the scary thing about the Republicans. They don't care about facts Jorge Room Remo said: do him, sir?
the war, won't help because over forty percent of illegals come by plane and just day from says, I dont believe it was a big is applying rule or not coming from their not coming from Mexico made up this figure that an called you just took out of her ass that it's not eleven million illegals, its thirty million is list, or I will thank you panel. We have to decide for another day when it was lively. We have to go to new rules. Stop telling me this photo of a Trump rally with the sign. Thank you, Laura Jews. Were president rub: it's not the sign that worries me. It's the baby,
look on this basis. I have seen the future and I want back in the womb hero, don't judge how poorly the stock market is doing. Based on the reaction of the traders on the floor, they flipped out over everything. These guys Richard here I just ordering coffee girl, Fox NEWS, must capitalize on the current mood of their viewers and create the very first children show
baby laugh and learn along with a those Wang and Mohammed as they steal your hearts. The way they stole their citizenship therein durable and their deported ball garb double neural. Someone must explain the Missouri woman who saw an image of Donald Trump in a tub of margarine that that's not an image. That's actually Donald try through every night at midnight. He must return to his plastic tub and assume his glance rules data, this gas, oil, legal, because Donald Trump is actually a vampire made a vegetable oil condemned to an eternity of anger tweeting. Until somebody spreads him over porn euro, you can get mad at this bad kid for dripping at the museum in punching a hole in a three hundred and fifty year old, painting worth a million and a half dollars, but you gotta
granted. He doesn't up and soda you. I say you and finally neural seminars to break it to the world's religions that they have something in common with Addy the new female sex bill. Yes, that's right. There is now a pill that makes women we want more sex, can also lower blood pressure and put you to sleep. It was invented by bill cause. I know what you're asking bill: what could have female sex bill possibly have in common with religion? Well, both try to tell you that your sexual urges, as you feel them, are just not right and need adjustment people have been calling Addy the female Viagra, but no added is a mood drug, whereas VI
agreed for men who still have the desire for sex, but physically can their penis used to go up the light Sabre and now it goes on like hanging Christmas lights. Viagra simply addresses blood flow, which is why so many first time, Viagra users never refill the prescription. They think it's going to make them only for their wives again, but they end up watching sport. Centres- aim, is always accept with a raging hard on which sounds bad, but it actually creates the perfect place to stack your onion ring but Annie isn't a drug for making women able to have sex it's to make them want to, and that's why it
so wrong? It's medical lies in a woman's natural mental state you're not not in the mood the drug companies. But you have sexual desire disorder it's, not a disorder, it's the perfectly normal result of having to wash your husband's dirty draws every day for that, but wait now that we have this pill for women who don't wanna, have sex but want to want it. Maybe we need a pill. We need a pilgrim. People don't want to take the pill, but need to be made to take it introducing pillar by five, the pill that makes you take the pill that makes you want to watch what you don't really want asked here: Doktor televise right for you,
ask him to ask us and will tell you yeah, yeah yeah. We checked and he said fuck yet right for you, but look. Why should pay? who aren't that into sex we made to feel like. They need medication and convey So why should people who want a lot of sex we made? I feel like they need a cold shower, which brings me to religion and Josh. Duggar Josh, of course, is one of the nineteen Duggar children from that horrific reality show and as a professional career, he'd been getting paid to preach, God only using his penis to procreate with his God, sanction spousal vessel
and yet Josh it turns out had not one but two accounts on Ashley, Madison and honest profile under turn on he basic listed all of the above, he was seeking tall women short women, long hair, short hair girl, extorted, naughty girl type. Basically, anyone who wasn't breastfeeding in in a prayer redress any blamed his infidel infidelity on a porn addiction Josh do you're, just corny I'd, say the Genie is out of the bottle, but I'm afraid you'd, bang, the Genie or the bottle. Josh jogger, like lots of people just wasn't cut out to be married
a bit we're that in a country which now celebrates every alternative, gender and sexual Joyce, we're still judging and micromanaging straight sex, Caitlin Jenner gets up with es bees and address with tips and dick under it, and there's not a dry and the house. Somehow gay and transgender people we celebrate, as we should the concept I am who I am. I was born this where this is my truth, will great book we get the same deal for the other. Ninety five percent of us, if you don't want to fuck your husband, fine, and if you want to a lot of people find to whatever you want should be fine. There's one MR sexual freedom,
which is having a show will be all comers well but the wiser, and so that the embassy import arrangements over ninety that one of the groundwork caused or when he gave us data Backer, Michael Wise and rugs interim learners. You episodes in real time almost every Friday night or watching each one demand for more modern age, be Oda com.
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