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Episode #364 (Originally aired 9/18/15)

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Episode #364 (Originally aired 9/18/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time. Ill luck,
we shall, then I think I write her out. We got great crowds the best. Well, I they got is with the Good NEWS is that the blush may be off. The trump rose. Finally, he's he's nobbing above the bed wig.
You see what happened yesterday. A trump was taking questions at his clan rally in New Hampshire and he learned a very important lesson: never give the microphone to a man who thinks Donald Trump Mr President, because this guy got up there at ease that did not draw bay above There's a muslim birth certificate. Man he's, not even american. We know that in the Muslims have training camps ready to kill us what're, you gonna do about it. Now, there's been a pet can there is a very among the teabag has for a long time, Obama is setting up re education camps. I'd like to stay the night. I think he's
education rider resist embarrassing to Hitler, because there's only one Hitler, we wrote But you know what, if you're stirring up Zena phobic hate among an angry humiliated population in talking about rounding up minorities, it's a little Hitler, and I am also at this rally. Someone asked Donald Trump if he was going to meet the Pope when he comes next week and a drum goes well pop believe in global warming. I roll
that's what you know the Pope is crazy when it believes and things I can't see now I mean nobody at that really believe in global warming and less than half of american conservatives, less than half of american troops have a favourable opinion of the pope. Twenty nine percent think is a Muslim who was just coming here to have an anchor baby, so these are not well informed. You know, there's a republic in Arizona, Arizona, republican congressmen, ample Gostar. I believe who said he's not going to attend the Pope speech before Congress, because the Pope he said has adopted all the socialist talking points.
You mean like the new testament he has. Finally, and finally, in the third hour of the debate. Yes, the debate was three hours I saw at the end. I think I saw Chris Christie starting to eat it. But in the third, our CNN finally asked a question about climate change. Occurs they all blue at all like why even talk about that they didn't like about climate change it or didn't act by the economy, income, inequality. The whole thing was about how it's important that we have a strong asshole
president, who everybody AIDS, whose code name is hammer the gods, who wants to put his wife on the ten dollar bill and distributing the debate was held in the Reagan, library right in front of air force, one that Riggin used to fly and, of course the Reagan library is their church. It is and like a christian church, they worshipped under while ignoring everything he ever taught Reagan raise taxes, Reagan gay down this data actually get that matter. But the question that question about what woman would you put on the ten dollar bill so important? We had to find that out and, of course all these aspects That is my mother. My wife Trump said my daughter. The obvious answer was Nancy ragged these
its can't even pander on their features sitting right. It's like they said name, a big thing that flies and they couldn't come up with plain saw. The two leading contenders now are Donald Trump and Doktor Ben Carson. What an odd couple has dropped, manic, energy and doktor been Carson. While I mean some accuses job butchery of having low energy next to Ben Carson Easter. So why do you even go after Doktor Ben cars? It's like debating one of those relaxation tapes of ocean,
I kept saying the bill Cosby give him something for once. A republican debate has earns where they clear winner, and it is the woman Hilary.
And there's a lot of news and a great people on the panel. So tonight we're going to forego our first get right to the panel. Let's make em right now here they do. Is get me a fun sausage? Brodie? Let me tell you all know this: guy from sports and businesses and entrepreneurs, AIDS, Zeta least, one is meant a lot of money, even on almost ass, much Donald Trump and for its owner of the day.
Plus mavericks a great team, the best mark you guys they former governor of New York, to turn right. Three terms: you reach that impressive and republican presidential candidate. Please welcome George protecting this guy, the hosted MSNBC Spargo with Chris Matthew, someone who has never been accused of being low energy Kristen remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and said that your question tonight Special edition of overtime overseas. If we can answer them after the show on Youtube, okay, Chris. I was on your show us a couple of days ago, and I was tweaking you a little bit about how your network covers Trump much and Venus whole speech, and you said yes, but that's because we want to be there for the moment.
When it all in blood. My question tonight with that bad moment at the debate, were clearly the arena. Just slap labelling and this thing with the Muslims yesterday did we have that moment. He caught him as he Well, we caught up because we were doing an audible audible. Can I pair with a stick with a mini, said Q and I said, stay with it? Cuz we don't know, what's going to happen and then comes up with that thing. Phone back to the birther thing to press is not an american the whole routine. I said we're going to go with and then we would back and got hold of John Mccain, and we show what he said when the same exact they have right and we nailed him and were so glad we caught him, but every night, try decided what is really all about. You
right here is- and I know now it's about is about trying to figure when the stick. It means that he starts repeating himself, that eternal more, whereby we gotTa Audubon inside it so Mark Cuban Europe. Your trunk booster you're a suitable way that, but I like the fact that these changes politics. Oh I thought you were a trumpet. Quarter. What do you mean talks about? You like you are well he's allowed to do that, but I just like the fact that the political, the political game is no longer the same. You don't have to be a perfect candidate any longer, but he's a Bertha he's. A global warming denier and he's at least racist adjacent. I don't you're, not a global warming, denial and you're, not erase this new and you're, not a birth, their know. How can you like a guy who, who is all those think because I want to see the political system change period and a story he second Unwin he's got no chance.
But someone who was an answer is leaving you think he has no chance none, but as an imperfect candidate getting being the leader right now, he opens the door for other imperfect it's because up until now manage what we saw very bad news for the earth like that, will govern or no what do you think about somebody like Donald Trump, I mean doesn't that his popularity, does not explain why you're only getting one percent now. I think that Donald Trump quite simply is unfit to be president of the United States. I said that I said that from day one read his personality, his policies and yeah he's changing politics marked Brown. I think for the better when you demonize an entire nationality like Mexicans, that's me disqualifies you.
Unfit. You asked has a big, I sure, hope, but what I heard all the republican pundits cited day is what I've heard really them say all along, which is that Donald Trump doesn't really represent the main stream Republican sees ruining for us normal Republican. That's ok, but there were two poles that came out this week. They both came up with an interesting number. It was the same number. Forty three percent of Republicans think even still that Obama is a Muslim and here's the really scary one, forty three percent in Eu Gov pulse, but to answer the question: is there any situation in which you could imagine yourself supporting the? U S military, taking over another words, pro cool right, forty, three percent pro cool
of any situation. I'm guessing the situation is a muslim present Bilbil. Can I try to defend my party here? You know few didn't try that forty seven succeed. Forty three percent saying is a Muslim. If people asked if they thought he was a martian, they would say probably yes and it simply because there is so much anger towards Obama and his policy, and I understand that anger. We have a constitutional democracy. We ever president who doesn't talk to Congress and says I'm going. You used my pen two trains laws. You don't seem to agree with well. First of all, using my neither do you were not only about the timing statements. George Bush did that they all do not like this not like this can. I am for different alternative interpretation Natalie. They think he's a muslim six sixty percent believe you could well be illegal. In other words, these tat out axon die from another country by the way, your guy, your guy, trot oh my god, you're guy Trump, says
Nobody knew woman school now. What's the theory there, no Do you know omens go like this. You have made it clear that the whole thing, maybe Romano, about very why they believed this, because they want to believe their grand kids in their great grand kids going to open up history books that are not going to have his face among the president's, because he was We have an asterisk. He really wasn't present because he stuck into the dry up. He was a kind and that's what I think I know what he says about. It's a con. It's a con. The reason people think that, because they grow up, you ve got white. Typically wine growing up struggling income inequality having a hard time getting advancing where they think they should be. They look there's an african american president, This can't be true. There's something wrong here. I dont believe it had a billion areas like zillion air comes loans as ok. You guys here are the great education. I want the war,
the best school in Amerika you travelling to true. So all the guys that I allude forty, the boy at midnight or somebody like, I think, she's one of the things one other guy from Kenya. Can I ask- and I saw it I say more mask about the debate whence and how many did watch the debate. I thought you stay with all three hours, but I live chat. Ok, so it seemed to me there was this amazing conspiracy of delusion among the people on that stage, because they talked about the world as if it's on fire and America is in the toilet, and other countries are killing and the only debate with whether Obama has ruined America on purpose or by accident and trumps slogan make Amerika great again. They all have a version of that which is basically we have to restore things, the way they work wait. Let me read some statistics here, George Bush, here's a great one-
there's not a place in the world where we're better today, then six and a half years ago. Ok, you know what there are things called facts you can actually shit. I know I know. Facts are in the Bible, but can't we use them, but I mean just read the facts to these people, who think we have to restore to the time before or bomber. These are facts from bushes. Last year to now unemployment, seven point two now down to five point: one.
Yet now we'll tire yourselves gas price, three, twenty four down to two thirty one percentage of the uninsured health, uninsured, fifteen percent, down to nine point: two: energy independence. We used one port, eleven million barrels of oil a day. Now it's down to four point: five team pregnancy, forty four in two births per thousand twenty six point: five now ran centrifuges nineteen thousand now they can have under six thousand and then GDP growth went up from minus point three percent to three point: seven percent, the DOW Jones: on the ten thousand three sixty five to sixteen thousand three. Eighty four. So my question is: we want to restore the old numbers
I might add cycle, never exist, exceeds the snap chapping. Just this progress just disappeared. Now, if I, if I can again try to jump in and take the other side here, if you ask the average American today, they think the best of America's behind this country is all about, but these are facts now. Let me tell you that the Americans are wrong. I'm not surprised that you think that the Authority of America's on the job Americans today, dont think their kids will have as good a life as they did and that's Americans, what there's always about the few? What is more important facts or what people think facts, of course, matter. But these are the facts. They are the facts today, but let me
today let me go, let me go. Let me go through growth. We have had the slowest recovery from a recession since world war, two they shake. We let s talk, is not without the Lebanon, with a volume of August the longest period of time, but as we know it s, never unemployment unemployment. You talked about five point one there over six million Americans working less than thirty hours, because their employer can hire them. Obama care for over six north Amerika is its will have dropped out of the workforce, but because they have given up try alignment with the premise: wasn't: did America make the world perfect that wasn't the broadband gap that would be hard to prove,
harder than what you're saying. I send my facts. They, wouldn't you know anybody who will ever left this country to get a job in another country has left, emigrate utter poverty leads noted, opening, really not many, but Peter it. There is no better way they stay here. The jobs for young people come here. No leave because I can't get a job in here. You know, is doing better republicans and this is the great irony that you guys are we doing cartwheel these numbers the down six when Bush left it sixteen now everybody's about two and a half times the wealthiest where, because this guy's present loud yes, so well, though, our well ass an hour of the one and by and by the way off the minutes, you'll see the other night did the job was. She seems, like a nice guy suppose you know my brother, my brother kept this country, safe. If we had Rhine Eleven Democrats is present at that meeting,
The blame on ice like you'd, never forget it ever forget about four days then over the summer in Libya, but imagine if the Democrats had cut three thousand killed under Watch. The Democrats Watch had been dead right, couldn't agree with you more and not challenge the audience all applauded when he said my brother kept our century safe, I remember one day when he didn't you gonna jump in other than that. I had a jumping. I don't think that's fair and on occasion own president about eight months and to say that somehow he is culpable four September. Eleventh is wrong. You knows culpable radical Islam now tell her about Hilary Benn, Suleiman someone or blame or something to happen, and I mean it probably night and in it out
most and somehow she killed over Stevens Ogata, Governor YU, saying that if Al Gore had been president unknown eleven, you Republicans would be saying what, the blame that on Al Gore, No, I wouldn't mind saying what am I saying it blame and on ok to their people. The blame on America because of our support, lay Israel. How, because of our freedoms of all happy blinders, to go out to work as a bill? Forgive me, but Americans came together, they have their words. We did we put aside. Partners The ship was that, as with demographics, it wasn't a question appointing a finger. It was this persons called about saying, avoided, figured it was coming together to get us through that crisis, and this
together. Is Americans? That's what we need to? Yes, let me ask you very kindly: ratio in August pointed the finger she's there Al Qaeda to attack in the United States and gave a member to the present handed you guys are. Obviously this is obvious and erosion you didn't even know who Al Qaeda was well that's true to, but also a Bush S, Job Bush and the debate after you said that my brother kept America say, then he said, don't you remember the rubble be said that number Bush standing on the rubble. I mean really. What about the bubble forget the? What a bubble you have to be in just see the president's standing on rubble and going there is our fight just our that when president who was in office when this happened on our watch any standing on rubble, I mean now horrible phraseology, but I happen to have been
earlier. Today I was gonna. Yes, you Earl of and the President did rallies did bring altogether. He gave a great speeds holding a joint session of Congress. I don't know who couldn't, but I know who you there will be ratified in our country by going into Iraq, with the support of Hillary Clinton, with the support of my boy and John Kerry after was against this war, but if I get so early exactly him, we're all Americans and we have a common future and let's try to put this nonsense apart aside and figure out solutions to the problems facing our Look I'm just a magazine. No more email discussions, that's great division! First, if she's not that, I don't think we have to discuss it anymore. Look I'm on your side! I want there to be good more well. Not
to that degree. You're a thing about it, you know I grew up in New Jersey. I lived in New York and I don't know I've IRA irony amber when there were EAST Coast Republicans when there were moderate Republicans, I'm telling you if there, if the party was different, you would be doing better in it. You can do better in it because of the guys who stand up for those town halls and think that a bomb is a muslim nuts. I this great there right now it's hard for anybody to get attention, because Donald Trump is sucking all the oxygen out of the room, but as we end plus, what people are forgetting is he's a tv show.
A tv personality like some of the other, soon maybe around here tonight and the public, so that public saw as that as a reality star. As a tv. I would rather have Hillary Clinton president by far than Carly fear Rina, but Bela's curly, fearing a better candidate. Look better! I speaks a better crisper. I could see why people who don't follow things closely would go. That is better how wrong about African AC she's boardroom she's, a boardroom politician, it's obvious in because that she's used to fighting a bunch of guys and trying to convince him to do something, but no one people said she won, but no one talks about her being presidential. No one say this as someone we would vote
so she looked very president I'll think, except with what came out of her mouth well, yeah we're gonna, go hand in hand care about that. They don't care about that it just the presentation anyway, so Donald Trump limit, which is really running and I M back I again: it's always Donald three hundred and twenty million people in the sky, but as a comedian, you gotta go that's fair! If you're and ask loud I'd be talking about, you might have higher pole understood you, that's what you were so a couple, so go. He said the ordered. The deal is one of the greatest books of all time. Second of the Bible really it's the second greatest bought them all the time, not great expectations or huckleberry thin writer may all be all right. The roman empire Moby Dick of huge. So then,
himself ended this pick a worry us to defend his knowledge of the Bible. They asked him a couple of weeks ago, but his favorite passage was. He was I'd like to say to pursue, They asked him again this week and he got caught. He set his favorite was from proverbs. Never then to envy and they looked it up- exit belongs to it. Bobby General. Had a great lady said. The reason we know he's never read the Bible he's not in the Bible, well, let's hear something Bobby gentle police he keeps down and the king James version he's got his own version is the worst ever thing. It's the king Trump.
Would you like to hear some passages from the gang drunk in the beginning? The earth wasn't bad form and voice like job bushes campaign, the earth- is very low energy on a way out of Solomon, Gomorrah lots. Wife looked back, gives it turned into a pillar of salt, but let's face it, you like a turn anymore, Joe brought out to God MIKE Why has not forsake me in the Lord said, because you're a loser in your crops are terrible. It is easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven. I will
build a needle, so world glass heard of cameras to get through it, and I will make God paid for at least another me, because they're really terrific people and they love me
make it go on ahead. So much that you can get tired of inheriting every eye fugitives America, where Jorge Roma issues recently removed from a Donald Trump you're right, everything's bogged down from Britain or are about to join our sausage party. And yes, it is too bad. It is always about Donald Trump, but I mean this guy published your cell phone number. You must have some bitterness about him. Why, taking very seriously there very seriously, I think he's ideas are very dangerous to our democracy wrote to the freedom of the press in to minorities. What happened he sat up there. He said that some mexican immigrants were criminals in rapists and we know all the Saudis guess all the studies.
Just to get an interview with him as everybody else. So he gave interviews to most networks, and I wrote that was a mistake. I brought him a hundred and know that with my cell phone- and I expect that him just to Answer- Walkie publish my cell phone, no shadow alarm and he did with Linsey Graham too well so the lesson, while he published my cell phone no shadow alarm and he did with Lindsey Graham too well, so the lesson is never ever ever. Give your cell phone number. Two.
So Donald run after after a few weeks, I needed to ask some questions: how is he going to deport eleven million? How is he going to build a nineteen hundred mile war between Mexico and United States in why's? He going to deny citizenship to children born here. What you are citizens, just as he is so we saw that he was gonna. Give a press conference in Dubuque. Are your one? Not allowed people go to rebuke Iowa, and then I went to hours before I sat down and then I waited and then on the record. I waited for my turn to reporters asked questions. Then I said I have a question on immigration. Nobody said anything he didn't object and then, when ice Expressing the premise of my question, which is that he's immigration proposal is worth empty promises. He didn't like the question and instead of allowing me to continue, he called a bodyguard and
put out of the other Prescott saw the owner Lebanese. You cannot really ask a question with a bodyguard infra red, and you also pointed out that most illegals come here by plane and it would have called him illegals theirs. Sorry not along transgender well is illegally occupying Nogueira, always saying, then I didn't words Mater Gordon words modern. Well I mean People are illegal. Well, we know it a bad word it well, because I think it's it's a double standard. You don't call illegals the the companies, thousands of companies who hire your uncle illegals, the military invasion of including all of you and aroused you're right their land. If it from there, I was so it's a double standard. That is right. We should call them all illegal.
We should call them simply what they are diagram. I agree with and also with encore babies and why there is a better word for that, which is? U S, citizens right? Ok, and I agree with you- I mean this- is you have the facts, but this is only anecdotal about about immigrants being lesson Bob and crime. I notice in my neighborhood the way the Mexicans DR perfectly. Really close. They don't wanna, be learning what a mile of feed in Mexico City and there was no big because they cannot afford to fuck with law enforcement, so they drive perfectly, whereas the white people will do anything
You don't want to get in trouble us an immigrant. Of course you don't want to get in trouble and as part of the reason why it is true that we are less likely to be criminals that those born here in the United States. Those are the facts, are so you're very tough on a bummer about immigration, but don't you think that lieutenant spare some responsibility because they did not come out to vote in very big numbers and twenty fourteen they let the tea party take over and it's the tea party, whose primarily responsible for why oh bomber couldn't get his immigration bill past. He can't do it as a king. There is a congress that the fact is that Barack Obama had the opportunity to do it in the first year when he was precedent and he didn't do it, that's what he promise and he didn't deliver, and he has the port it more than any other precedent in the history of United States turbulent formula. But excuse me excuse me, sir, but
there are priorities. I know this is important. I agree at supporting. It was not more important than stopping a depression. It was not more important than giving people can promise that right. So, if flow, he cannot do everything at once, but he could. Then he shouldn't a promising, but he promise to fascinate in Denver. Colorado in the fridge Union owes its Alan they have a beans. In this world s journal, we are forced to challenge rest from work alongside emphatical interracial marriage we're its development into the house. They won't take up the Senate by parties, bill rights. Could Spain or won't let it come to a vote? Let's be honest here: it's not the Democrats. They want this bill that. We're going to college, where is built into the house, they won't take up the Senate bipartisan Bill rights campaigner. Won't let it come to a vote. Let's be honest here: it's not the Democrats. They want this bill that I had the opportunity in a long line of republican suppose they are there to gain by aren't you blame there are holding up the bill,
how they agree as you Billy Cristo yell at my guess, is not an immigration before dawn data about it in a waiver lemme give you bought. It needs a sorry, I presume, beginning and reporting of Nokia and Republicans always say yet. You know the Latinos our natural constituency, because their very conservative socially, but actually the poll showed not so much, thereby growth programme, marriage married
but even on projects, and also for Emma immigrant. A great immigration is not even their biggest issue. Health care, education. These are big issues with the latino population ranks second, except when it comes to abortion. Only about forty four percent, according to Pew Research Centre might say that they, while they simply run a group, that I know that the fact is that immigration is the prerequisite for many Latinos to see beyond. It is personal for us, it is personal. Half of all the latina population over eighteen years of age is a foreigner so
when, when Donald Trump criticise Latinos, when he criticised immigrants he's talking about us when he's talking about reporting, eleven million people he's talking about people, we know people. I talk to every single day. How is he then turned to deport eleven million people right? It's great one hundred fifty eight thousand three hundred thirty three every single month of how you gonna do them mean that he's proposing horror and we gotta challenging. Ok, I want to ask another question similar, but not about the same ethnic group. There was a big story this week about a fourteen year old muslim American teenager in Texas, who built a clock, he's a science kid it's great. Can we show the clock? Ok and the people at the school thought it might be a bomb, perhaps because it looks exactly like a fuckin bomb. Nothing- and I noticed you know you were at the debate earlier. A jig tapir was asking you
ISIS, an important questions about terrorism and cut you often to excuse me governor. I have to talk about a fourteen year old who built a clock and they did and look this kid deserves an apology, No doubt about it, they were wrong, but could we have a little perspective about this? Did the teacher really do the wrong Europe cannot eliminate. I can go ahead. I talked to the give rise from Dallas and I've talked to the people in the school district. The kid is super smart, kid, science gig. We talked about science, but one talking to him on the phone. As I asked Mcchrystal tell me what happened. Some curious write his sister over the over his shoulder. You could hear listening to the question, giving him the answer, so I dont know all the details of what happened. But what I do know when I talked about science right talked about magnates right talked about creating thinks he was very. Very engaged is greater. Great care is ignoring kid. No ones
noting that what were at I'm just asking about perspective? First of all the teacher did she do she got? No? No, no, no! You know, but the power to do all this. So I talk to this is once removed right. So I talked of people in Irving, Texas that work with people, Mccarthy, the school, and I said what happened? What did you hear? This is again secondhand. He said the kid took the clock. Put it in a first class. Teach us a great looks great looks great kid picks it up, takes it to the second class. She just said: ok, whatever its greatest great, on legitimately comments from what I heard takes us to the third class same thing, then he got to appoint again second hand where one of the teachers in english teacher apparently said. Look you gotta put it in your backpack, because he's gonna make some people nervous and it's making me nervous and
again secondary, didn't he wasn't responsive to it I'll call. So we all it took six classes. Great or anything happened. Volcano not happen. If you, if he wasn't muslim, but I've got it all wrong. Pass dollop controversies precisely because of the color of his team. Not the color of his skin. Yes, of course it's not the color of his hands. Religion. Excuse me, somebody look me in the eye right here and tell me over the last thirty years. So many muslim young, muslim men and he's young fourteen, but that's not not, for I ve never happened before right, hasn't blown a lot of shit up around the world and it if this guy this kid deserves an apology, because he wasn't one of them Let me read what somebody said on the daily bees Dean Obadiah said: why would a homemade clock get him arrested? You may ask a second.
I just answered that question because for the last thirty years it's been one culture that has been blowing shit up over and over again, I could spend the rest of this year or I could spend excess well. Excuse me, but, alas, of teenagers around the world have go to join ices just a couple in Mississippi a few weeks ago, we're doing it and every time somebody to join ISIS, everybody around their says, I can believe it. We didn't see it coming, we did. We cannot blame young Muslims around the world, no one but when we had to do was engaged with the teacher, and he did that's the part that was missing. It's not. I grew with you right we're.
Encouraging because there's a lot like his actuating likening responsible. When will that not only was wrong, you got arrested, but he didn't know either. Do is talk to the teacher, but you didn't ok. So that's what he weight limit. I mean I mean real arrest of what this person such he said, is talking about the fact that he was from Irving Texas. He said Irving is only twenty five minutes from Garland, where they draw the prophet Mohammed Contest, member that a few months was attacked as it were. As by ices, sympathizing gunman in May? The message is clear: if you are a muslim anything you might my do. Might anything you do might be a plot to destroy America The message is you can see why they would err on the side of caution absolution only twenty five miles away. Somebody didn't try to kill people. I can't believe I agree with. Save a day to day reality than by way. We have zero tolerance in school for things that are suspicious and
Maybe that doesn't look like a bomb, but it doesn't look like a clock. Teach what have been hardliners arm exact when they so that You're supposed to see something. Tat looks like a bomb and go away. This just might be my white privileged talking Third, I wanna be politically incorrect, so I'll just let it go. You know what the problem is currently one of the problems we got is its willingness to take sides in a fight like this, without knowing what the hell happened. It is amazing, everybody go right in our battle stations. But the minority parties right. Those teaches a right. How do you know that, isn't there you weren't there the problem that announced as now. It's all part time he's a fucking car to know the liberals can't live you're on your own fourteen year old was arrested, but we're doing a living rules. What I've project right could not have been arrested, but he should opened his mouth and handwriting decision about
This is not happening, was arrested and, and they took him, often curves and then put him in a cage and burned. And oh no, that's ISIS. No! What we were arrested, we put a kid after school for a couple of hours. This is not the end of the world, but you know what the end of the world does happen all over the world in general and of Muslims who are the victims of other Muslims of their religion. Where the liberal, on this. You know what this is. This is howdy. Who is right now he was arrested Ali Mohammed, our name are in, and I am aren't you pronounce that he was arrested for an anti being an anti government rally. If years ago. Today he lost his final legal appeal to not be crucified so they're going to crucify him versify him and then be had him in case the crucifixion didn't work. So if you haven't used up all your heroism hash tagging for the clock,
kid, maybe do it for this guy areas, the lash out everything back to have on this is, as you know now he's going to say, one teacher said was something good sense credible. They said he wasn't forthcoming. They cannot choose to explain himself. All you have to do is explain yourself and, for whatever reason, just shyness. We do know what it was. He wasn't used to that kind of tension, but he didn't splendid? Who would have been there to explain this thing? I don't know ok, but you know what the Brits Roquat you know. The big winner is amid because when I talk to I'm sure you got all the attention right of his two hours were taken, but he told me: look I've been getting all these offers, I'm not going back to Macarthur Omelette Pickwick School I want to go to knock. Is everybody's offer me scholarships. The kid came out way, but I would love it if one of the adults who has talked to him would also say to him, you know what would happen. You was wrong, but maybe one of the reasons why it happened to you is because in our religion we were responsible for,
nine. Eleven, the Madrid bombings, the London bombings, the Bali discotheque bombings, the Kenya, Moore, but he's not responsible for the he's, not, of course not we're, not saying. Ok, its that's. Let's move on to another religion, the Pope was coming here. We have two practising Catholics and two x Catholics right yeah, you and I are both Ex Gov agnostic. You are, I think, agnostic enabling us to this demand. Our semantics Bolivia. I don't know what you are. You is not black sea, jewish, jewish Joyce, jewish children. Our cuban job in his pocket. So I read is astounding statistic: half the people who are catholic were born Catholic in this country.
Quit this, isn't a bucket dotcom among all Catholics. United States were raised Catholic. Fifty two percent have stopped identifying themselves as Catholic Eleven percent in return, but a mean any business would see numbers like this as a disaster. If, if Mcdonald's lost half their market share the approach, it would be a budget year abyss and benefit from a giant problem. Something interesting about this pope is that he'd be finds himself ass, a sinner
You can relate to the right with every country that can relate to that. But what's interesting issue is a pope who gives interviews. No other book has done that he drives around the Vatican and roaming as more car afford. He doesn't where those ridiculous Matthews that other ports, where ran- and he have the decency of saying in a tree from coming from Brussels saying what am I to judge so in terms of style, I think he's that is a different bob. However, when it comes to substance, he's against gay marriage, sure he's against abortion can rise, contraceptive he's against women becoming priests and even though he has Cyril taller, for child abuse in the in the catholic church. She hasn't done anything against bishops and cardinals who cover up those fronts. Baby steps are a baby
but we're moving in the right direction that I never thought I'd see the day when the that mail, Gibson and the conservatives hate my like you I need to, and I think they dug you're right he's not going to change the doctrine in one papacy, but a lot of big things have changed. I looked thing you just this week about abortions in a lot of women have had abortions, have mixed feelings about it, and maybe it's, I guess, maybe all kinds of feelings in and he said, just go to confession. Put it behind you, move on and active, not to a lot of people mean something you're not, and I think the same way we were married spoke first cousin was a bitter were drunk or whatever, and they got all that marriage. They found themselves in a happy marriage. They just want to feel like deplore the timidity again. This is Europe going to fund. When you get your bag. Mabel expert idea. No one thing, and I think these things are our compassion he's looking out for people. That's his job is to change all the worse. I don't care, I just your jewish Ontario. Everybody knows why people work with a jewish. They all like this guy. They really I come because he's opened the door to
everybody's, not say we're in Europe, but then I just a totally different papacy he's back to China, twenty third in other guy, like there. What about this cognitive dissonance that he was identified, that Americans loved the Pope like they love the grandpa? They just don't listen You know like us. Not I mean there's pulling on this. I mean everyone says. Don't answer is listening to the right wing. They don't like its position on the iranian Nuclear deal. I didn't like his visits on climate he's taken the liberal position. I mean Catholics, don't obey him. I mean Catholics in overwhelming numbers, get divorced They masturbate they have premarital said they have anal sex, sometimes all in one night. You know what I mean that as long as I will well said, there's no applause.
There is no applause, but he's gonna be within, because when that, when the Balkans remember he's seventy eight in for a reason, he has decided not to come to the United States, all his life so bright and though he supports that give is gonna, be like, and very humble he's, not like Donald Trump. The fact the fact is that Winkie criticizes the United States because of the capitalism system and because of the inequality that we're living in this country, and when you start speaking american-
That's ever balance as open and says in front of the Congress. Some people are gonna precept. Thank you guys, time for your all. The korean craze milk bomb or broadcast eating. Where fans watch internet celebrities been eating huge meals. To come to America, because I think we can beat them After all, what Koreans call been eating? We call you're. All somebody needs to tell the auto correct in my phone that I often do use the word either and don't want to to whether in fact, the only time I want to type the word whither is to write, I hope, the guy who invented order, correct, live to see his.
Balls in Palo Euro. Racist can't complain that white people aren't reproducing enough until white hipsters get rid of the man you want to know why Anglo Saxons, I'm procreating me patient zero euro. Now that Bmw, CEO, Harold Krueger, has fainted while introducing their new line of cars that are Frankfurt, auto show I've gotta. Try me some of those car They made a german guy faint I even though they could feel either these green double use are incredible, or someone just told this guy is daughter, was marrying. A syrian refugee
There are many by doktor nipple, the pasty. And designed to give their nipples from birth, showing, through their shared, have to admit they. Just like sticking thing not because it is really a problem. In my entire life, as a man with Nepal's I've, never once had to say my eyes were up and finally, neural of authorities in New York are going to continue their crackdown on Times square psychics, an industry that sucks millions of dollars out of gullible people with a vague promise of a better life. They have to answer one question: how is real?
indifferent I'd worry, I'm gonna. Let you answer that ones, and I because tonight's folks is not about religion, it's about political, religious and about how gullible people can be psychics. You know, are not really clairvoyance their con artists who know how to read some behavioral clues. Like my correctly guess but you're single and lonely. If they go to read your palm and your dick is another, although for selling is actually protected by the first amendment. It does raise a moral question best expressed by a New York detective who who was on the case and who asked? Is it ok to rob stupid people
send your answers to Glenn Beck. Tell me your pin number com know what happened in New York. Is the psychics got so greedy? It became impossible to ignore. One psychic took this guy for over seven hundred thousand dollars by telling him that she could deliver to him the woman he loved, even though that woman did not love him. Why didn't you love him? because of evil spirits. The kind psychics know how to get rid of Oh and also one other thing at one point. She died, but not a problem said the psychic who told the guy he could still be with her she's. Just be an indifferent body at this point that guy
went to the police and said he was suspicious, but he kept giving the psychic more money. This is what experts call these sunk cost fallacy, which means the more you sink money into something the more you have to believe it, even in spite of No evidence that you know she's dead, Jim even after the psychic was proven completely wrong. The sucker still had faith in her, which was made of the Republican Party. Now, I'm not saying that Republicans are like psych excuse. Psychics are right, some, whereas trickle down economics has never been right and yet republican voters keep buying into it. Even though that girlfriend has
dead since the eighty and speaking of dead. Since the eighties, you may have noticed a Dick Cheney was back in the news did Channing was back, The news, that's why you saw the sky turn gray and all those crows gathering on yes, Dick was also making predictions about Obama's Randal, even though about Iraq he had said there is no doubt Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and we will be treated as liberators. You have to give it your republicans they big balls they're. Just not crystal ball. You think at some point meet the press would say: let's stop booking Dick Cheney and get someone more credible, like a bag of fortune.
Cookie is invading Iraq a good idea better to press shirt than do breast Look I just four trillion. I mean it goes out and during the last election Mitt Romney said. If President Obama is re elected, you will not be able to get a job, but unemployment is now lower than it ever was under Reagan. It's running. You can't get a job mid. Also said: if we bailed out the car companies, you can kiss the american Automotive Industry Goodbye, but we did down the mountain. It's doing better than ever. Donald Trump said: Obama. Care would be a job killer, but it didn't kill jobs. It didn't result in death panels, it didn't bankrupt states, it didn't bankrupt the nation.
It didn't bankrupt Medicare, it didn't bankrupt the insurance industry. Here's what actually happened. The insurance companies got richer, some black kids got inhalers and John Vainer had to pay more access on his tan or how about new gang rich and twenty twelve saying if you want ten dollar a gallon gasoline, Barrack Obama should be your candidate or the inner rape resident saying a re elected Obama would erase the second amendment from the bill of Rights or Rick's interim warning. That of gay marriage became the law of the land. Our country will fall in over. A party
It's so antigay, they sure pull a lot of stuff out of their way to the average amount of German. I fear that the word released land for you gonna turn my gun via their medicines, where a gardener before day, but I want to thank my guess- mark you been george- regret values, overtime overseas. You did, I knew episodes in real time, be almost every Friday night or watch him any time on each one demand for more empowerment and each be Oda. Come
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