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Episode #366 (Originally aired 10/2/15)

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Episode #366 (Originally aired 10/2/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time. You should ask.
I appreciate that when we're just gonna Brazil may I cannot believe that its already October, when we tell your books when you get to my age, life goes do first October. Turn on the tv the other day, I thought they advertising Jack lanterns already. It was just trump
Every time I beg you, gotta go down in the Baltic goes up the both this guy. I think really thinks he's gonna, be president. They could be and how I know this, because now the wife has started to do interviews and you see that the slovenian wife, Millennia, Tudor first interview. Could she might be the first lady, and you know when you're the first lady yours too, little first lady project. Ride like more abortion Bush had literacy and Michelle Obama has childhood obesity in Bologna said she wants to make sure that young girls,
work the pole, I met once the runway idleness, but then they as malaria, what you thought about her her husband, you know wanting to deport all the Mexicans and she said. Look I'm from the Balkans. I know ethnic cleansing he can do it when speaking about someone has started a pointless military operation in the Middle EAST and for once it wasn't us, that's right. Russia's bombings, Vladimir Putin would like to take Syria off of our hands, and I have one word for him
sold. So let's get a design the papers that worries up, I mean like selling a diesel volkswagen with blood. On the tires, I am worried. But of course will never do that because it would make too much sense instead from Turkey and Russia, a fighting over Syria like it's a girl, Meanwhile, neither one of US ones have ended with Afghanistan were like that. Bitch is crazy, but this is serious. I mean of Russia, shoot down one of our planes or vice versa. You know this could be world worth. Three could go nuclear and then we will never get to the bottom of what in Hilary emails. You say this week, russian hackers I've tried to hack into
lorries, emails five times now. You know what she is the most boring In the world and everyone wants to read emails, I don't understand this and here's the weird thing about you no running as she does the Clinton Foundation Global Initiative and also getting spam when a Nigerian Prince Emil's, you and says it says: he's never met you and wants to move millions in Zaire Bank account. He actually means it. Now, I'm sure you shall we had another horrific school shooting this week and, of course, as always happens, every Republican in Congress said this is awful but weak not politicized tragedy now for excuse us will have to get back to our Benghazi. Brings
the irony of getting back to the Benghazi restated over their case to this that went by and then Kevin Mccarthy you're familiar with this guy he's the one replaces from California he's going to replace John Vainer, as is bigger the house, and he was kind of pulled a boner, He was honour. It was on a hannity He was asking about. You know what are your accomplishments and he said the words he said: well, everybody thought Hilary was unbeatable and then we put together a Benghazi Committee and what are our numbers now dropping. And his fellow Republicans or a little upset that he left their true motives out of the bag. Fox news was furious that he broke with there.
Format and said something true: why here some good NEWS for liberals: they got the Pope back today. You know they thought they lost the pope this wig, because it would came out that he had a private meeting with Kim Dae this, and Frances must have gotten and earful from the gay community and when I say the gay community we in the guys back in the Vatican, but all is well today the Vatican totally walked back, they said. First of all, it was a very, very brief meeting. It was a wham. Damn bless you! MA am He doesn't endorse. The pope doesn't endorse. One Kim Davis stands for and most important, Nay said for a holy men like the Pope. It's important that he spend time with a woman like
Davis, to remind him that a lifetime of abstinence isn't so that ok, now three more women have come forward. Cupid clubs be resolving them, bringing the grand total Due North America. I dont know what I don't know. What to say any more about this guy, except he has tranquilize more women than scented candle. We got a great show Adam Angelo here, and a little later will be speaking with everyone's favorite astrophysicist. Neil digress. Thyssen is world famous evolutionary biologists, whose latest book is brief: candle in the dark, my life in science, what a perfect metaphor for a man has brought so much illumination to a dark world. My
friend Doktor Richard Dawkins right, you see it science night here we have Neil digress Thyssen, then you are you. The mistake Robert I held in Rio. Pleased have Neil coming yes well, I'm gonna grill both of you on science aim. If it's real after the show, what I love. Book as I love this is the second instalment Ebro Biography, because you know you talk about the wonder of science, probably better than anybody and, of course it's a little bit of a difficult mission, because the more you explain how wonderful and amazing sciences, the more the other side's. As my yak, as God, whatever you say, it just turn into gets deal. It's a god. What are you back here right?
the question realised at the end of that sentence. I think that the wonder of science, above all, is precisely that gaunt didn't do it. The wonder is that we do understand. Height came about, we do understand how life in particular came about with nothing but the laws of physics, nothing but atoms bumping into each other and then filtered through the curious process that Darwin discovered it gives rise to us, kangaroos and trees and war. Us is what truly wonderful is that it came about without being designed if it had been designed. Anybody could do that. To me it's is the fact that it came about just Through the laws of physics, naturalism is at what so wonderful about it, and there are things about us that are still not intelligent and the design right are. You can say that again? What are you thinking specifically of the prostate,
because as I moving, thereby my getting ready to be sixty in that letter, strange little organ, you really want to keep that when in good shape or else set sailor, I'm I'm ok do. But you know I printed Jesus every day about it. I mean you say we know how life began. We don't know how it all began, that that Is there a way that will leave that to kneel Thyssen? I think yes, but even he don't know, that's true. We don't know that, but but but but one thing we do know is that it won't help to postulated design, because you still got the probe right where he came from that's bullshit right. Ok, politically, correct smart for this ok, so
Nothing alone by your book is a you know. You go after the idea that atheists or humorless an item. How angry, which is? I hear that to analyse its so silly because it to me it's the religious pay the lower angry that angry and their humorless as well. I mean we yeah. We have. We have a lot to laugh at when you think about right, people say to me all the time you know bill you're such a meaning, it so easy to make fun of religion, and I was yes, because it's fuckin stupid that it's not a coincidence that it's a committee equally rich target. That's true! Also, if you think about them in the number of comedians atheist and be all pretty much a me right you think of any who aren't all there are many who aren't? Yes, your phone is dimension. Stephen fry, Hugh Laurie, the bill Mars, pretty good here,
wreckage your raise Wikipedia. They savvy Sarah Silberman Charlie Chaplin, while he's a silent, atheist, really I didn't know that about it's not a dream as the thinking man's pedophile, a hundred years after Charlie Chaplin was fucking fourteen year Old Europe going that the liberals I hate them. Let's talk about that because our friend the same Harris coined an interesting word this week, a phrase regressive leftists. You know that People who don't quite get it about being liberals in the world, I know you are championing somebody named marry him no mosaic
you and me are great friend. Salman Rushdie got her reinstated. She was going to speak as so many people have at universities, and then they get this invited because she's, an Ex muslim and was just speaking her mind, but Currently that's eight speech in this world. So what did you- and I am and rocked about the way at noon on university campuses, the principle of free speech, when I think that the only diversity I went to University of California at Berkeley, the free speech movement in the nineteen sixty is what a betrayal, where seeing now right with campuses all over the western model. America and Britain are denying people the right to come and speak at compasses. You can't speak your mind on a university campers. Where can you mean that's what universities are about its about free speech is about.
Being in its about being exposed to ideas that you you haven't met before. Perhaps your hostile to you only ever get exposed to ideas that you agree with what kind of a university with that, but also this. This notion that that somehow, Islam and Muslims are this protected species that if we talk about them at all or criticise at all it somehow hurting or humiliating Muslims, and if that's a ridiculous confused with racism as well, because right vegetable number people think Islam is a race right. Yes, oh I've heard that yeah right, and so they think that if you criticise his long you'll,
you'll be racist right or wrong, and you're absolutely right that the regressive Muslims give a free pass to Islam. Was they the kind of right about everything else having the right about Miss sergeant, end and all the other other good think about things that case from our repressive left this year, several serious, but in the case of Islam it just gets a free pass here and I think it's because of the terror of being thought. Racist right were ordered or at worst and Islamophobia. Homophobia. Yes, a silly word. That means nothing! Yes, I mean it's so dumb, because you know all the people who work accused of being Islamophobia like you and me and salmon. I am. We're liberals, we're liberals about everything. What I was absent from the time I was a child in my home I was seven years old when my parents told me were for Kennedy and him trying to let black people go to college in the south.
I am in a who black people were there weren't any in my town. I know we were on their side and then we are on the side of these issues as in the letters pickers, and then we were on the site on the side of the women's movement and poor and the minorities that whatever was gay people of the disabled, we lose the molested whenever Caitlin is up too, we were for it and they apply. And if you say something about a woman, is forced to wear a beekeepers suit. The hot sun all day. Oh that's their culture. You have to respect. That's right, that's what they say it just in Asia is, if the one exception liberal about everything else, but then list this one exception. It's their culture
Well, the hell with their culture, nay, you got your Richard Dawkins arrival on our time with her dressed like a guy I hear they are. He is the editor in chief of reason, magazine, met wild Shea Mandrake to have you here, she's, a democratic strategist and Theo of impact strategies. Angela awry welcome to our show uneasiness that writer, Ardor Adam got neck, reduce the time always enjoyed item remembered fallen on Facebook, twitter and instruments under your questions were tonight's over times who could answer map the show on Youtube? Ok, so I think the word of the week was politicize. I heard it alive. We certainly heard it yesterday from the president's talking about guns, but I think it was also relevant.
The planned parenthood meetings that were hearings that we're going on in Congress and also, I think, the Benghazi Hearings- might be a little political, but let's start with the guns and then throw it all on the table. Together, I heard the president say two things: I've never heard of residence at first. He said we should politicize this issue. We said this is a political choice. We make to allow this to happen every couple of months and then he said, prayers are not enough. While a president, a brave and its he's been awhile getting there. I think the reason that the present said that bill is exactly because this is one of those problems. Will we know the solution? We see those parents gravely see those kids, dying. We read about cell phones ringing still in the pockets of dead kids, because their parents is still trying to reach them because they ve heard about the shooting, and we know what to do.
Without it we know was huge body of social science and research that gun control works on gun violence as effectively as antibiotics. On bacterial infections. If we had done was like a guy, you know about that, which is to say not perfectly but overwhelmingly and almost all of the overwhelming that yet the news on the notary where this matter yesterday didn't have sought weapons. You didn't have any weapon that the Democrats want to outlaw. He has any hidden seventeen ass, any background check that you can imagine he like most mash shooters would be. They pass background checks because they generally haven't committed crimes The path is not exactly like saying you see, we give we give sick kids aspirin and they don't get better. That proves medicine doesnt work. What we do now from the experience of Canada? What we know from the experience of Australia, where they had a horrific mass shooting and then make down. They brought in really stringent and effective gun control lost in there hasn't been a year ago.
But that is an opportunity. That is not what even the liberals are talking about in this country doing what they did correct valiant. That's the differences that there still not getting at the root of the problem, the set, Second, amendment wealth The second amendment- I don't think this is a real problem. You have your member really, yes, yes, maybe build that the interpretation, the radical misreading of the second amendment that we live under now, which says the second amendment guarantees rights to individuals to own guns. Is extremely reason that only took up up seven years ago in Scully is Heller Decision before that for almost two hundred years. The consensus, the consensus of constitutional scholars on all sides and of the Supreme Court was that the second amendment which have begins talking about a well regulated militia reference. A well regulated push that it only protected the rights of the states to four militias. Now you may disagree with that, but that was the consensus view until seven short years.
And all we need to do is to have the Saturday or that you know that's dying of gun violence. No one was dying with the same regularity of gun massacres as they are today. Let me just time in here. I think the first thing we have to acknowledge that there have been almost a thousand en masse shooting debt since sandy hook and that's December twenty twelve. We have a major problem on our hands, and so what we need to think about is what the president means by politicizing this this. Is it a partisan exercise to politicized something in the terms that he's using it? It is to ensure that we are using the public policy veins of Congress of executive orders to make something happened. We cannot afford to do that anymore. People are dying. He even challenge the press yesterday to compare what happened in terms of
terrorist attacks in deaths by terrorist attacks, verses, gun violence in this country, gun violence as owner welcoming leave them equal? That's what I often hear a politician in America say: hey it's back on you! People politician saved the people a pervert. If only we could live up to their stone, blah blah yadda yadda, bullshit bullshit- he was like you know- I can Do this all allow right? He actually said you have to be a one issue: candidate on gun control. That's even too far from me, Michael. Burke tried that this past election cycle, he created a group. It was going to fund single issue candidates on this and they pretty much failed across the board. Michael Bloomberg, big gun control remember what what applied gun control looks like stop and frisk was an anti gun programme. It was that was that the goal of Edison to disarm
people in poor communities and in the federal system you are, if you are in the federal system for gun crime, forty seven percent of them are black. These are things that you have to think about when you giving policeman power to your point about sort of what magic wand we can wave to make this better than the actual policy on the table. Is usually in that, in the wake of the shootings, let's expand background checks have that's the making it ok, but let's talk about, they can't even get that. Let's talk about that policy of background checks, there are two problems quit. It would say this to problems with the one is that the measures will pass the background checks. If you talk about before the second problem is a bill, more problem, which is to say If we suddenly our problems. If we suddenly must donor and ever shot any because every single federal background check says you can have a gun. If you have used to controlled substance,
I got, my gun up exactly know. That's the thing which are going to do is you're. Going to this franchise people on purpose from second amendment rights of owning a gun if you have begged of arm worker if they have committed, if nonviolent family felony and if you ve smoke pot, I mean so low that one more thing before we move on from guns, which is that I hear all the time when these things happened. It's a mental health issue and, of course they talking there talking about individuals and, of course, any individual who does this is mentally ill. They don't seem to ever talk about the collective mental aberration that every country, every nation has some poor irrationality that it seems unable to escape and what you're saying that is. Basically it's a council Their these kids are going to continue to die. We're going to continue to see these regular massacres because well, what are we going to do about? The overriding reality is that we have this irrational fixation on guns. We have,
then a love of God, love, and I want to show you this this street sign. I saw a couple years ago whose, in the news, I grew up not far from Way New Jersey, its has warning. If you hit one of these kids because you're a speeding. You will not need a lawyer picture of a gun, that's the problem! Right there that's. The american mindset. Guns are awesome. They fix all problems just like in moving guns are this credibly potent symbol of autonomy, for a lot of Americans and I understand that the problem is it. Not an effective form of autonomy, because the one thing we know is that possession of a gun makes it much more likely you're going to kill. Someone in your I'm leaving you ever going to confront an intruder, a bad guy. It's all exist rather than I can get back to the polarization said a word and I say for them to talk about don't politicize guns the same week. Yes,
We found out that the Benghazi this is the ninth by the way, Benghazi. The other eight turned up, nothing, it's the longest is the longest investigative committee ever to surpass. Watergate has weak seventy two weeks so and then, of course, we had the cabin Mccarthy moment that I just mentioned in the monologue. I mean this is the most politicize thing ever so it that the thing that is very interesting to me is that people were surprised that it was political. Of course, as political. They never wanted to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi. They wanted to figure out a way to make Hillary Clinton look like a horrible terrible person, so once they couldn't find anything squarely in her lap forming, he then it was like. Will, let's get to the bottom of these Emil's move can release tarnished image for the election. This has always been political and
Are they don't want to have a speaker anymore, because he told the truth. At my active mind, you he's clean it up today, right from the beginning, been Gaza has always been a tragedy in search of a scandal again that's as tragedy, and they ve been searching for scandal to attached to it and they failed in every attempts. Are they gonna do one more? The only thing I add to it should say: Angela is the Mccarthy. Was it committing a gap in the sense of unintentionally saying something true, he was making a campaign Rama. He was talking to show inheriting entered on entities, read him. What are you gonna do? four outright that will look. What we ve already done would thank Darcy in driving on her knees, Maggie's Rollin, that's actually against the law and he's forming in informing their money in each and every doing it wasn't sorry they deserve our shoes. Scandals associated with Benghazi Darkness, civil most they bring up. One is that why did we propose a dictator in Libya with
congressional authority without any kind of approval like that and the left, a God awful mess in its place. That is scandalous behaviour. You might not put pin it on Hillary Clinton above everyone else. Although she data, then why thou standards Iraq is going with. Iraq has told me scant and worse because as long as rigorous rights, but what's entered the means that it was not really even the worst politicized scandal of the week, which was the hearings on plan. Bear they Cecile Richard ahead of plan parenthood and they called it a hearing. It was just a yelling. They were just dreaming at her, and I want to know what was it for, because abortion is legal in America. Ok, plan parenthood already prohibits any federal funding for abortion. So you one that, when the sting that got all this brouhaha going has been discredited, it wasn't real
and seven states have investigated the selling of body parts they find it doesn't happen and yet Carly fear Rina. The Baghdad Bob of abortion still repeats this but you said a debate. I dare Hillary Clinton to watch these tapes watch a phoney form foetus on the table, its heart beating its lead. Is kicking all someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. Ok, that wasn't an abortion she's talking about it. Wasn't that plan parenthood. It probably wasn't enough, and that baby wasn't via other than that. It's completely trouble The thing that I find interesting, not only about the hearings, but in what she's kind of sea unfolding is the fact that this is a complete disaster for them. It's perfect
example of learning in shape and not how the politicizing something this is partisanship and action. I think again, when you go back to what the president was referencing. This is about how to make the political process to effect change that helps people. This with this is just a which, on its yet another example of what the Republican Party, especially in the houses up too, they are all about trying to make to create lies, tell stories with, I fear Rina telling that God awful SOB story on the debate stage and then they're trying to act that out in a rational hearing, but actually also Angela. This there's something else is taking to people who are passionately against abortion should be the people who are most passionately. Four contraception right, because contraception working on charges should then aboard.
And we know it must be endorsed and reduce liar exist, and they also then span. I dont think enough time talking about what fetal tissue research been pallid off, it's so much just for example, I just last my grandmother, Alzheimer's in June, that is, the type of things are coming out of tissue research as Alzheimer's research, a less research partisan, these all the vaccination that we ve ever had come from that type of research. I don't understand anyone like probably the arena whose against and should take a pledge to say I am so against, I will not benefit myself. I pledge from any further medical advances that come. They always say one more thing to remember: when politicians donated it's always done with the consent of the mother. In other words, a woman is facing about his job aerodynamic. Clearly, you something horrible, a tragedy they could says, there's one good thing that could come out of this tragedy, as I can see that this this tragedy will help somebody else,
to use that very positive step in in a tragic context to make it a horrific is really well ok, So it was the annual meeting of the world leaders this week at the. U win not all week of Vladimir Putin was in a very lecturing mood, I love the way they talk about each other in these speeches at the? U, and without ever mentioning the name of the country, potent said after the end of the cold war, those who found themselves at the top of the pyramid- we're tempted to think that we are so strong and exceptional saying any name that we know better than anyone. What to do. He said, and they talked about thus in the Middle EAST. I cannot help those who have caused the situation on names, Do you realize now what you ve done with your policies based on self conceit and belief in your accept reality, so he was really giving us some hard. True
and we found more of the speech, and I don't you know this about me, but I speak fluent Russian. And he was giving America some other hard truce and I'm going to translate for you now. Ok here any machine. You ok call the russian dressing is just catch. The nay, nay you used to put men on alone. Now you just remix spider man, every two years, you're a nation of that people in work, got glows. Irony in american women are so hot. Why does trompe bordering brides from Slovenia just to make sure I didn't hear wrong? You pay for
fortune for health care, but porn is free. You can sell devasted. Prominent, just tell me: Katy bury the dancing girl. Will you now don't be so broad Kalen. General rush, invented transsexual athletes. They food here is poison and trust me here. No pour over the fish and irregular behaviour, planetarium my old job, the rock star of science nail the grass ties it very exciting view and Doktor Dasa near the same Hawkins darkens. You that's right on overtime
it didn't rubber times. Mangled media gonna be a science here new on wherever one new one that needs to be torn and also on happening, because I read this week that Matt Damon discovered water on mine. He did you mix a couple of storylines, their advantage. Rodya mildly mixed anybody, but there is water on might well. We ve always known that was once water, given all the record of dried river beds in me, entering pathways of waterways and in river deltas in all this, I guess I thought there was ice on others. There is ice at the polls yeah, but returning water, that is shaping, so they might have rooms or thoughts That's so so they found direct evidence of liquid water in it now, and so that's that's important and, as you know, I must say in the past I would have said this is exciting I rough, but I saw you I can't where what are your PA gas is some
I guess you're ubiquitous in the media, and you know what I have to say. If you convince me really asked because you did your spiel about like how things that when they earth were being discovered, electricity, Adams. We were like, what's the use of that right so diverse, feel about that and we welcome your home. You do your hung. What you want. You want me to go there. I want a girl so and I'm admitting you know, I don't know- I just do evident in flatter that I agree to a new place, intellectually, but now that you at best I'm worried, rethinking. Why is this so So here is a good example in nineteen nineteen, seventeen Albert Einstein Right publishes a paper called on stimulated emission of radiation in obscure paper, with the odd complex derivation at the time,
He is not thinking, nobody is thinking lasers, but that is the intellectual foundation of the laser he's, not thinking bar codes or anything else, but Lord leaves surgery. Nobody is thinking that it is an intellectual frontier on the on how matter behave on its small scale, if you around back there's a while you're wasting your time writing see. Adams do something productive, like you know, to stop the First World war crime unfolding, and so you can't get in the way of research that is going to new places. Could you ever know how that will come back with us. What do you do when you made your speech? This is hidden but relating to these people. Work further probing the atom and they discovered Quantum Physics Tags
five decades. What in the Sixtys and Seventys quantum physics would become the foundation for the information technology? revolution and by some measures the IP revolution is responsible for a third of the gdp of the world and so put back then I say: what do you care about and then what would we take? Pictures are rough. With regard to Iraq. So one more thing about Mars, which I thought was very fascinating- that may be life on earth- is because it was seated for more. Europe is like an ass the yet so all evidence tells us that Mars, wizard of wet and fertile
when you talk like that with adverse charm, the Ladys it I went and fertile before earth was, and computer simulations tell us that in the early solar system, there is heavy bombardment because assault planets, whistle forming rule of debris that was left over from when the largest bodies had taken shape, and so If you have a large impact or on a surface it can fling surrounding rocks into space and if they ve, nukes and crannies. On that those rocks that contain microbes, then you have interplanetary microbes. Not all of them will survive, most will die, but those that do survive will be the ones that have resistance to radiation high temperature, low temperature.
Can be for real, dried tardy grade exactly that. Well, you know I like the way I learned about it on cosmos on you. Don't like you do have a picture of the charter. Greater video, though there you go up and an odious thing is the ugliest thing I mean, and this is not microscopist. You can actually see its its tiny is to get the detail. You need the microbes right, but it's not it's. It's all the ones Goldwater Bare and lives every everywhere. You can't kill the thing right with any normal way, that you would kill every other life form, and so there is knowing what super cold superheroes like no ox here's the best when you can drop you could try it out. It would go into like I'd, suspended animation a border later, it'll come back to life, and so so that These are the kind of roaches have nothing on. Expect so there's no known reed
then why any life form on earth should have that kind of resistance right, because there's no drivers of natural selection. That would give you that, but we do know something that does, and that is that is an interplanetary stole away trip of microbes from Mars to earth. So it may be that all life on earth, with seated by martian life unbelievable. Our pants vermeer we're gonna have to convince Doktor Ben Carson of this, bringing our political, Doktor Van Carson keeps rising in the bulls now somebody said this is only because conservatives can win the battle of Thanksgiving by saying to the liberal relatives, I'm for a black man for Breton and as soon as they win Thanksgiving it's over. It's been unfair. I mean, I think, he's have you seen him speak is actually a great inspirational speaker. Hires ended that type of thing. Listen to me. Listen actually worse. They forget
racial life speech is not about politics here, I'm talking about his life. As someone who came in this very self, NATO can and will contain a neurosurgeon peace, separated, conjoined, twins. Nine, and this is the question I ran anything hands. I don't know what happened since the exact but give hands. I use this whole Joggerfys separate conjoined twins, but he can't separate fact from very raise your opinion on this, especially this is identified. This phenomenon, I believe ago, on the show, as these smart stupid person person who somehow it can do something like Doktor Ben Carson, be a brilliant neurosurgeon, but he took on the Big bang theory, now. He said the ridiculous, our solar system, not to mention the universe outside of this, is extraordinarily well organised, separate asteroids, come in and render life
extinct, but others are exporting settling scores, explode now, that's generating ability, or by other than that, its organised. That type of organization suggest combative, an explosion, talk about fairytales and also evolution. You said, I personally believe that this theory that Darwin came up with something that was encouraged by the adversary. They didn't I never heard that better seventh avenues. I mean that that's what those on how we might be so brilliant and so stupid. Maybe he's smarter than you think, because he's rising in the polls working so so Youtube you as a politician as those facts matter to what
fishing capacity and you not like so what a roomy areas to sit here and in an attack. Politicians were trying to be our leaders when, if you have a better idea, you run for president and if you're not going to do it, then do something. So I don't I don't. I don't believe it politicians on ahead United, I'm an educator, so my task is not to be people. Try to lead us is to educate the Elect good. So there you at the end of the rest of us are ass, also not ready, but we're not running for president, but you you're, you're attacking I'm a tackling arising in the polls, and why so, maybe you should be attacking the people who are Rio, but by the same means as a classic case of a false equivalence. There's no shortage of politicians who accept the truths,
I ain't. We have plenty of them. The present the United States is a good example of way does honour to scientists in Congress, but I say to scientists in Congress, but there are plenty. People who understand and often have respect for size. The problem is that if you standing up and republican presidential debate- and someone says to you, do you accept the truth of biological evolution and you raise your hand you're off the island of his right? That's that's that's the problem. I wish it were widespread, but it's actually highly particularised in one political movement and one political party, and this exists a test for your religiosity that good constitution prevents precludes where when and where do you keep your test No. If at every debate somebody asked who is your savior? Who knows Jesus, it's right where they find a way to talk about God, so? You know that boxcar checked by the end of the debate. Ok, so so, but get in the car. If I remember my constitution, isn't their place in there. That says no to ask no test for
and then cars that as someone who has said that he doesn't want to Muslim to resident, he would apply that that's not as a constitutional question, but he thinks it there should not be will one because they might be engaging intact actually went when he has asked to clarify what is what he said is I just want someone who will put the constitution above religiosity. He was saying even a Christian. He said that explicitly and he's a super My question is that I would not even want to Christian now liberals, like our taxpayers, to tie the damages. I'm a you got you basically saying I want you to pay. Ten percent had so he's no tax. It plan for everyone to pay ten percent, because that's what you do it's our time off, work where it unites books me a little bit about that he's using religious language in reference to our tax system, which would imply that we pay our ten percent of the government. It's like the government is God
that I think that was the best tax money can come up with a will. We wouldn't want Kim I'm glad you like about tax where most of the Republicans or I'll bring their taxpayers. Donald Trump, I never thought I would say this, but has disappointed me knows no, because for a while we thought he was going to a pretty good on this issue. We talked about taxing hedge fund, manage with all this guy is thwarted. Nixon to China on this issue is not one of them is a rich guy. Ok, now he's running for president well now that might be president. He wants to cut the bottom percent zero, real brave since member disportes, I've ever listen. I don't pay. Taxes anyway already wants to cut the top rate, which is now about forty percent to twenty five percent cut the estate tax altogether cut the corporate rate down to fifteen percent. Ok, this is the same old bullshit. Grover Norquist likes plans. Are you know it's insane?
This is what they ve all been feeding like. You would think they would be political room that the smart political thing to do would be to with these bring forward attacks plan which too, which is absolutely no obligation if he ever were to be elected to do at least with because, though it would address issues of inequality and would set the rich, but you keep Can't even do that. You can't even do that. The holder, the plutocratic class, is so well. Well me they gather the another another planet, radio, not his memory stores fertile, both economic report- I didn't I I couldn't miss that are community right, I could go on, but knows I was not applied its not. It was demoted yes, but we in. We use, leaving the marriage of euro. Meritocratic last finish in right now, early we're talking about the plutocratic class, even when you think that would be political advantages in it. It can't be done one of those taboos I was talking to Before my problem with it is just that no one, about on the republican side, about cutting government they're, pretty the size of government, is the size of taxation and the revolution. That is not true the size
is what you spend money on and if you get rid of all TAT does and continue spending even more money than you are actually to be spending much more money on servicing the deficit and servicing the at long term, which is stacking up like crazy right now. So, unless you're gonna talk about what you're gonna cut, cutting taxes is point that's an audience, expand actually spend for me, isn't exactly that's a problem, a text that is banned and tax and spend are both spending and Republicans, but doing for too long injured is one more bullshit thing. They all say like job Bush and his plan, which would cut his own taxes by eight hundred thousand dollars a year, and he said well, I'm simplifying. Everybody goes a great I'm. I'm I'm gonna just cut to three three tax, ragged, rackets and- and you know what we actually need more tax brackets. Somebody pace two hundred and makes two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year pays the top right.
So. Does somebody who makes two hundred and fifty million soldiers Warren Buffett, who last year made thirteen billion dollars now he's one of the good Knight billionaires we're not attacking him, but if he paid fifty instead of forty, It still eat right. Should there be another bracket for not just the rich but the absurdly rich, but then there not trying to say for the Tec town. What we know is, in fact, simplifying attacks. Boat. Appease is maybe going down from because he's running his own campaign is made that abundantly clear before the others. It helps to ensure that their doing exactly what their donors want. The larger problem is, as the Republican Party continues to shrink, they still have not figured out how to reach out to low income communities to black and brown folks
should be talking about the wage crisis in this country and not the tax code. The fault that can get around the fact for here everybody else does it need them. So that's not really an issue under Nixon was the top. I was just look what I have just what I was about to underwrite our eyes and how I nine lies: Edinburgh, you're here, oh at age, seven J, F K said we would actually do better if we cut the highest marginal tackled. We all mean Francis, you know well know, and a millionaire tax three years ago of seventy five percent didn't work out so well for France, they had to retreat people leave You know of Maryland. Guy up. We all remember that. We all remember that how America suffered during the Eisenhower years, since we still think about the poverty and suffering and they decimate using American. I know I've, never you you mark, but back in the seventies, alot of people were talking. I mean when I grew up with Europe.
Liberalism that spend all day long mocking the fifties and the organization, man and all that kind of culture, and suddenly this is, I think they were making it because it wasn't a prosperous time. They were mocking it, because the prosperity was overwhelming, that it produced conformity, a very different thing: well. I definitely definitely produced a middle class of thriving middle class, which we no longer have any way we gotta rap things up. Thank you panel overtime, come out my first neurosis. Somebody has to explain to the man on a flight from Scotland to Amsterdam who tried to open the planes exit door at thirty thousand feet, because these it was the higher the restroom that that's the kind I'm stoner move you make on the way back from an neural darling,
your brother, hang neural, Goebbels, Nels new self driving car has to emasculate us a little less
I mean I want to do now getting there's ably do, but not like a little bed. This thing it's like a Volkswagen beetle at a mentor had a baby. I'm the only way this scar makes sense as if I'm chasing jewel thieves through Paris and ninety ninety two. While it makes this noise neural the man at a Michigan gas station who led his car on fire when he tried to kill a spider on his gas Tang cigarette lighter,
so we're sure she's, not the same guy, who thought the exit during the plane was the red squirrel coming out of a black out with no memory of getting a tattoo isn't really appointment? Television, it's one The holocaust do, but if you like, watching blind spot you'll love once about getting up and for em in prison in the hamper and finally neural catholic conservatives who don't like the Pope, have to lying about his record and robbed all that about my record. It talk about the pub he's gone rogue of the reservation, inventing his own brand of socialist Christianity now he's just quoting Jesus
sell everything you own and give it to the poor beyond your guard against all kinds of greed? When you give a bank would invite the or even though they cannot repay you and, of course, here have a fish. I made enough because, let's face it Republicans this is not really the face. The best reflects your parties values. This is yes, my by now most of you have probably heard the story of Martin greatly these thirty two year old, financial, wonder shit and mass. Amassing Gill spokesman who
the rights to a life, saving drug called Daraprim, which is used by aids, sufferers, cancer, patients and infants, and then jacked up the price of a single pill from one thousand three hundred and fifty to seven hundred and fifty dollars. Even the master was like oh come. I say how seriously, but I guess you just hang upside down in your case and now that really is not. That greatly is unusual for the pharmaceutical industry. Fifteen years ago, cancer drugs caused an average of ten thousand dollars a year. Now it's ten thousand dollars a month, because this cartel owns the: U S: government
every bit as much as mexican drug large on theirs and to all the conservatives who still parrot the line that Obamacare is a government take over please in unexplained, why guys like Martin squarely, are still calling the shots. He's not a bureaucratic works for the government he's a hedge fund manager who works for the devil, and here's his rationale of there's a company that was selling and astern Martin at the price of bicycle, and we by that company, and we check we asked as to chart till Yoda prices. I don't think that there should be a crime you, except that owning it asked and Martin is not a matter of life
death, at least until its board by Volkswagen, and the fact that this story played out last week during a Paypal visit, exposed just how little these so called Christians of the far right believe in what Jesus actually said. How could they? There is not a tent in the world big enough to fit under it, both Jesus and an rand. In order to be both republican and Christian, they had to create an entirely new Jesus. We only have to America's. We have two Jesus is now it's true. Liberals have the traditional Jesus who hated rich, assholes and wooden shut up about how they should give away all their money.
And conservatives made up a completely new Jesus, a small business man from Galilee, whose main gripe is big government who wants to make Nazareth great again I call on the supply side. You have to help the less fortunate, but he's got investors too big about like them I'm supply side, Jesus performed a miracle and created a bounty of lobes and fishes and then gave them all. The top one percent, so they could trickled down the takers or the tiny supplies. Jesus came upon a leper who asked to be healed, so supplies by Jesus bought the company that makes leprosy medication.
Jacked up the broad Jesus lay upset it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle in a rich man to enter Heaven when it was supply, side. Jesus who said Debray J about that I'm shot a camera. In conclusion, I would just like to say that Donald Trump is actually be perfect candidate for today's Republicans, because he says he does that his two favorite books are the Bible and the art of the deal. Tromp says one is about a perfect God who teaches you, man, humanity, the right way to live and the other is the
by way of energy and not as if we are to avoid environs, Rhode Island. Please. I want to thank my Welsh Angela right, I'm gonna nail the grass Thyssen Richard Dawkins onwards. I want you to give you any sense in real time, every Friday night or watching time, no one to me for my boma hbo dot com,
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