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Episode #368 (Originally aired 10/16/15)

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Episode #368 (Originally aired 10/16/15)
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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time in earlier. No luck
look, I know you're out of your system, keep it in your system alone layers. Thank you very much. I love the love every week in love and I know why liberals are gross happy this week because the democratic debate we finally got to hear the adults such a conference to the republican debates. First of all, most of it was nonfiction
Are we going to see all five democratic candidates and you see Bernie and Hilary have stiff competition and when I say stiff competition, I mean three stiffs. What? Oh? Yes, Americans learned a lot from this debate like Lincoln, J P is not a car and not a candidate either I mean really you know what he's raised for this campaign so for thirty thought,
I was in these raised. Thirty thousand dollars is what cheerleaders raise with a car was. So the word is now after the debate he may drop out, which would be devastating to his supporter. Now, on the other ended the stage was Jim web, who spent most of his time bitching about not getting enough time. There's a selling point what web, because nobody talks to me the candidates at one point were asked who is the enemy? Your most proudest of me. And Jim website it's the calling for a grenade. It may but he's not around anymore, because I killed it Jim. This is the kind of thing that gets applause at a republican debate here and a democratic debate,
then he said we should be actually more warlike to China than even trump once and if gotta chanted kill that rather stole his teacher, so golly Hilary and Bernie we're all substance, and by that point the evening so was I refer. They were great. Hilary was on message. Bernie was on message. I don't know what your web was on, but it was something- and everyone is saying now that you know this revived hilarious campaign Democrats haven't seen her for a while. Now talking about emails, they were like oh yeah, we like, in fact Oh Clinton's Eddie was this close to accepting or as a facebook friends version or did not do well, because the debate they say was Joe Biden, because
I was thinking about getting in the re still might, but you know people looked at them. They were like well becoming gotta covered in If you want someone who says they were progressive, you have Hilary one an unabashed, liberal, M, Bernie and if we want someone who will bite the pin off a grenade and throated Chinamen, you have Jim web. Oh, he was not the only one this week who was a little bit testy the next republican debate. CNBC and they read talking about what the format would be an they might get rid of. The opening and closing statements did not sit well with ran Paul Paul pulling a two point: seven percent said this is a quality said if they get rid of the opening and closing statement, CNBC can go fuck themselves, random on age, be! Oh, I
you blow your donors with that man. What magazine Brazil is going to have this debate be three hours long and then old Trump said he wouldn't show up. It was three: long. So that's too long to one three hours. I tell you how fantastic I am. I call my opponents ugly and stupid. We go and see and visa you're right down. That's right. There, I'm afraid of him two hours it is and if we want to fire the candidates at the end of the debate, go ahead and do that now Donald drop this week after the democratic debate he went on a tear, he called my first guest, a communist which is ridiculous. One on a rant about how horrible socialism is. But you know what is in trumps hair
you listen. It's the richer hair, covering the poorer hair for the good guy, Frida vandals, Johann hurried and a little I be speaking whether president another presidential candidate Lawrence Lessing, but first up now but you're, all of you, mostly illiberal audience here, either for Hilary or Bernie whose for accelerated learning, but it Bernie doesn't get the nomination. Who will stay home and not vote for him. I mean Audrey Hilary,
good, I'm glad say exactly: we have two good candidates, it's like on the airlines and arms. You don't get the visually. Had the jacket I'll eat the jack, and am I am solo? Major is the man who, in my view, is jack and fish and the culture male Bernie Sanders is the last man your age to call. This kind of excitement I gotta think, is Mick Jagger and also you know. After the debate, Google, reported that you were the most clicked on name
people more people were searching for you than just in vapours penis, so you must be ratified about all this. Going on my question, do you, I guess, is the word socialist I wanna get right this, because I want to help your campaign. I want to say you get that I want to say we have to not do we have to teach him can you about this as we do, and I dont know if we're doing that, yet I don't think most Americans realized there already socialists in certain respects. Ok, let's start off with what it is, not what we want to change We want to deal with the grotesque level of income and wealth and equality in America. Very few people think it is acceptable or moral that the top one tenth of one percent owns almost was much wealth as the bottom. Ninety percent that we have seen in a proliferate legacy
you always say that, and I think even or even the Republicans or not for income inequality. They that, but it doesn't compute that that's gonna be sorry. By socialism! Socialism is the programmes they already like. They like Social Security. Socialists here they like Medicare, they like the Ba their language, military lots of actually right. It's already a socialist government. We have to know it's on a socialist communist cause. I was there are some socialist programmes, but what we have got to do, is remind fellow Americans that every major country on earth guarantees healthcare, all people as a rights and Do it more closely, we have got to inform the american people, but we are the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee paid. Family and medical leave. We,
got to wine, the american people that there's something a little bit crazy. When in the work we have more people in jail, disproportionately full of color than any other major country on earth, but I dont have deal Undine icing. This word socialism. This As my big things and I d get you to Andy Many's this where it because you know they do poles on who people would vote for like? What people voted for a woman, a Jew, a black. Those are unlikely the low nine these like ninety two, ninety one percent of the people, of course, the other eight percent at the great over those believe you you won't be getting there about. Then, like seventy five percent of Americans would now vote for a gay person. That's a big change of ten years ago. Sixty percent would vote for a muslim the eight percent, would vote for an atheist socialist.
Forty, seven, it's if there are varying bottom, although we have play here socialist, they think Herpes Bernie, you we have two presented. What we do is we have to make the movement. If you like to correlate what we're talking about because on every one of the major issues I am told about the american people agree to the american people, agree that public colleges and universities should be tuition, free as they are in many other countries to the american people, believe that the large corporations and the wealthiest people who today doing phenomenally. Well, while the middle class shrinks the people leave, they should be asked to pay more in taxes. The american people say yes, but this has been studied the amount of tax revenue that we would get just from taxing the people who, I think your fan,
think you're talking about the people who own a yacht does not come close to covering what you want to pay for natural natural you're saying by only taxing the top know. What I'm saying is there have been pickles out there that I've been really on fair and wrong, for example, they are suggesting if we move towards a medic, have for all single pay, a programme which Gower he's healthcare or people in a lot of money, that's true, but what they forget to tell is, it would be much more cost effective than dysfunctional system. We have right now, which is most expensive per capita on earth, but it couldn't even work in your homes, data Vermont. They were going to instituted, and the governor said it's gonna cost too much money we just can't? Do it? It would be the entire budget now. Well that, but that's true! Well, that's not about, the governor of the state a remark on the senator from the state of a month, but hey look employers, then the question is built. You told me: why is
that every other major country- and I will tell you what I'll tell you why, because they can, Oh both ends of it if you are saying that the government is going to pick up the tab but not make the insurance companies, the hospitals and the doctors gouge pay right, then we are going to break the budget. We have to work. Well ok, so here s an example: are here's an insect, so you gonna make the hospitals do that you're gonna do is that the United States is the only major country on earth that allows private insurance companies to make huge profits in the health care system, rent function of healthcare should be to provide quality care to all people, not to make huge profits for the drug companies and insurance so here is my point. Here is my point: we, spending more per capita healthcare than any other major countries, Our healthcare outcomes are not particularly good. And I believe that health care should be a right of all people. Ok, but you want you want
to increase social security guests and we know how we do that we pay for it We say that somebody who is making ten million should not paying the same amount as somebody making a hundred and eighteen thousand limit the cap are we extend that expands social security. Ok, you also I'm free College, Europe, right. What about what we do not frequently public college, Pre tuition, Public college is universally July. We pay for that through attacks on wall, street speculation, Childcare Jaap Childcare, yes and single bear no legal payer is more cost effective and what we have right now in terms of child care in terms rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and creating millions of decent paying jobs. We do away with these huge tax loopholes that the creation of jobs in Europe today we can pay for all this without raising taxes on anybody, but the one percent may have to go down.
But lower than that, but not much law. That's you and what people have to understand those right. Now people can't afford to send their kids, the college and people a graduate school deeply in that I think we should join Germany and many other countries, and you know it. Encourage young people to get the education they need making our country stronger. I should do ok. I should do so when you first started coming here tabled by your campaign, was a fantasy. Now s right now you could be the candidate. I met a list of states now, what yeah? I bet it looks just like some that even a socialist could win. Some of those are qualities or she was like yourself and most of New England, California, New York, Washington DC. Then there's a made a list of twenty three. I call him the Crow states cuz it's where crows live,
there's not a lot of North Dakota. South Dakota, Idaho Arizona may need no Democrat, you Hilary nobody. Ok, here's what we have to do I get my own state over money, which is a very rural state. We got about. Twenty five percent of the republic but you ve got a lot of working class Republicans who are not happy with the trade policy which What's down plants that american moves to China, they are not happy with it. The question which we cannot afford to send their kids. The college. I think, if we can bring them into the movement which has now is the time to stand up. The billionaire class and create a government, the works for all of us. We know a lot about what happens if you get Republic, even in states that were toss upstage that bomb a barely one, you think bill business. What we right now, I don't mean to be boasting here. Well, maybe a
but you are right. We are up to now have received six hundred and fifty thousand individual contributions. I don't have a super back. Ok, the only one I know we have received widening as great as I want to get your money, and now I can only give you fifty four hundred m so off the hook this year. So six hundred and fifty thousand people come to Bernie Sanders dot com, that's an advertising, which is more than any candidate. Up to this point in a man, history, but my worry is that, where we are preaching among the converted, I mean I see you get these giant rallies have thirty thousand people, but can you let them in Alabama, can you at the Minnesota. Can you get them in Idaho? I mean I'm one of
the swing states. Can you get two things? Democrats win and we are gonna win win. The voter turnout is high. Republicans Rayam, when the voter turnout is low, I think we are general reading a lot of excitement among working class people and young people who often turn their backs on the political process?
bring them and we create the excitement to boot. We commemorate you, you have my support right. Here's the author of the New York Times best seller on the failure of the drug war, a chasing the scream. The Han hurry is back. What has changed? The editor, unpublished, resignation magazine now celebrating a hundred and fifty years in Print Katrina abandoned hobo. Hey you back here and returning to the lions, get a column, Miss Hale and chief blogger for their fury theory, Dotcom John Fairy, John. Are you doin remedy file me on Facebook, twitter and insecure and send us your questions were tonight's overtime, so we can answer them after the show on Youtube.
I start talking about the democratic debate. Fifteen million people about five times what they predicted, which is an interesting story it itself, but what what amazed me I mentioned at the model. I was I didn't realize such buffoons on the democratic real idiots. I mean the two guys on the end. I was ashamed to be a Democrat. Really they just were awful, but France is in the Democratic party. They run the end there. There marginalize near the crazy neighbor who pops in for a liner to their, not believe like in the republic in car. So. Let's just take a measurement, they were on the ends. They were marginalized right. I do sort marginalized in this today, right dears, we're marginalize, you heard Bernie Sanders ideas which have been marginalized pine too much of the meat for too long. This was a debate about ideas.
Insults, and it wasn't like this star wars that they, the public art debates, remind me of the star wars, Buzzer's list. We have lost a good game, it's nothing! It's about time and the Republican this groundwater, the only one- and we appreciate you, go out there, so they have to ten or eleven group. Begins and they all got the sound bites. Are they gonna get him? Because I don't have much time, there's plenty of good candidates and the republican field, but they get away, they went out and they will win. I went out and it is part of the process less different. There really are starting to feel we had even you supposedly saying candidates like jet Bush, Mocha Rubio, what to repeal the financial regulation has been introduced in two thousand and eight. That will lead to one thing we will have. Another crashed will devastate requesting that we can work. That's actually, but hardly can debate was out of touch with this country. I think in fundamental ways: let's take a moment to take a measure of the democratic debate bill. You said there were buffoons, but what you saw in that debate,
we talk about winning, who one I don't like that, could not a spectator blood sport, but it was progressive idea. Winning anyone that make our design, but here I think that the crucial thing is that activism works. If you think about this, because we talk about Keystone, excel Black lives matter, gay marriage, we always told with powerless nothing's ever gonna changes nothing. We can do those it would not be on the table of ordinary american citizens, hasn't banded together and what must perish. I think everyone wearily overstating it. No, I don't think so much more powerful than mainly those zones around this country. This is a movement. This is a populist recent. If that were true emphasis on what you have been like going. Are you say that well bill setting the opening Bernie Sanders or forty percent of the american people said they vote for socialist they're, not everybody centres, because a nomination with America
that will dappled audio my not more regional origin, educating like a get. What what I'm glad you brought that up. The EU against Social Security, because That's a socialist program. You guys hate soldier s what you are, if you weren't socialism, why didn't you campaign on repealing soldiers took you already here? Medicare, the and cutting back on the Pentagon, which is the biggest social, is now seriously govern sources. Curative repository line is prosperity is actually not. Socialism is actually a policies, game,
The fact that matter is this: a very popular programme motionless priority programme end and we're going broke because with the country's going abroad, because now I better get nowhere. Now we were seventy that yes, but if seventeen pushed out because of social security age is the most effective anti poverty them in its health and still so, they went out and we're not going to get rid of it. When I went to get rid of the soldiers, I got up. Ok. That being said, I do think that we were right to have a strong. We do. We do need to have some private accounts to get people get a one percent return on their origin, arrive at a lid on Wall Street, but wait who else they look at the most popular programmes are Socialists programmes, but on? How can you square the circle? U h, socialism, but the programmes. People love, including your voters, are socialist building there's a concise like there's a complexity? Georgie it's easy to Europe is very tempting to be other publication and fun, but I think complexity to this, that we need to look at this a bit deeper. Think about what The debate has been happening. Las Vegas right spent some time in Vegas
so the suburbs around beggars is the absolute Ground zero. The hopeful closure crisis, seventy percent of people with mortgages underwater summoned people who was this a significant number of people living in the drainage tunnels beneath LAS Vegas. I went down there with a guy called o Brien who runs parity underneath the win where they had backed There are people living in those tunnels and it's very easy to talk about how the Republicans a terrible- and they are so about why this happens. I Reagan knives issues. I eventually everyone about both Cyprus and understand. Why why those people in Vegas or in that position? Actually the legacy? the Clinton. Yours is the single biggest factor. It was Bill Clinton,
welfare reform, abolish the sector that thing, regulators, tunnels, deregulate likely ideals, but living like is painful delivery. Are you blaming asking really a continuation of Berkeley? No, no wait. Wait. Wait! Wait, wait to get credit for the twenty two million jobs created over recent weeks pictures. I only hear her every known. My boy could I think, because when we talk about dynastic politics, that's the Bush family. That's the pole! When Paul family Clinton's or a political marriage there not to die Mr she's earned the right to be in this race and I think, but I think I think they say she's husbands policies is unfair, but majesty what you did with Bernie, I think, is so important. Love burning but he's always going to Denmark. I love Denmark, but this She has a greater streak of socialist tradition.
As you see the social security, public utilities and frying also something that I find no road. We have done a lot for Europe. Nobody Franklin, Delano, Roosevelt nineteen. Forty four deliver a speech on the floor of the Congress called the economic bill of rights, a writer health care a right to housing, a writer, you know I am. He would have been driven off Riyadh House that no longer because we have more rise out of popular sovereignty than any other forces history. What the free markets is, which kind of free market offering market system pets are. That's that's. Why we're a quasi socialist country like every other matter, and I would say, because you need both we're, not saying we're, not capital, we're just saying, but that's what they are saying that nobody is always know you want to get rid of the capitals to get it he's a socialist. If it really is an amateur attic, I read it is wise to tax you by about eighty percent tax, whom I never said. I think you know it's interesting. Millions of people are looking beyond the label. Millions
people are meeting Bernie Sanders for the first time. A younger generation, what with socialism capitalize on my way, someone who tax people at eighty percent and he the interstate highway system under Eisenhower little bit a socialist so it is important to look at this, structural things going on beneath this debate is tempted to get into the shadow play between Hilary. Burning, but we want to send the real difference. Hillary Clinton campaigns, tempting scorns the raw Hilary great Hillary Clinton come to be funded by city Group- Goldman Sachs Morgan,
Stanley reason. You know it was. It was Bill Clinton who created the shadow banking system that caused the crush. The reason you know by these different is no cases personalities better, although I think it is it's it's that structurally different was is not listening. I suppose you green cars outside hernia, they offer more, but the chances that he will win. Those will stage I was about to introduce the are or are not as good as Hilary winning those states. That's just a fact. I mean in places like Pennsylvania, which James Carbon once described is Alabama with Philadelphia in Pittsburgh on the there's a lot of red next to no matter how much we explained socialism with there's not going to get one for anything like a hell of a lot more. Let look what happened this debate. All in that room, guys also their Bernie wanted, and that would have New Hampshire Hilary. Just beat is now beating Hilary Hilary is not being burnt in New Hampshire, because People have rational understand that breast centres, not someone who can be
good presidential getting. How do you know what you speaking for voters? Voters haven't even voted gettin with all due respect to build more let's, who plays out humility right, wasn't, I will join you. Probably presidential candidate will be George W Bush. I'm not sure. We should only why I M a Bernie supporter, but I'm just saying don't be babies, liberals they can't get the fish eight, the chicken. Let me ask you ask about Joe Biden. They say I didn't. I heard on Tuesday night. Even debate were finished it now today. You're no is bigger by getting back in it. This idea that is gonna run for president, because his dying son, it's a tragedy. We feel bad for him said Daddy I want you to do and, let's be honest, it was Joe who leak that I know
just seems very unseemly, divested interviews and death in children June up your presidential casual binds defence, and I think you might get him because I think you looked at the rest, the fields and wealth. It's me versus burning Miller. I might have a transatlantic. Where I didn't say. I do think that he has used under his defence used more does a friend of his and other key leak. Did they get a conversation I got out? So I don't know, I don't think there's no porters you got a friend of is. I want to know. I think that we have to be careful and marine. I still working for the New York Times, because it matter if you know what I've gotta. You know you know us even more and was even more unseemly Joe Biden within the democratic parties, the major architect of the war on drugs. There are huge numbers of prison in that people in prison in its country, because Joe Biden champion really brutal engineer a reason bad on top of holding atrocious, something that was an authority was great on it all, along with what is going on it and that's the usual, that's important, I always do you when you say I will eat the chicken, but do you know my lesson with Ralph, but I asked John when we sat down, I asked I astronomy sector. Can you agree with burning on anything? What interests me, as we were too critical? Turning point in the
country there is a transport, is an alliance to reform of failed war on drugs and a criminal justice system. I think there's a hence partisan moment to reform this crazy. The outer control and surveillance system, gotta tea party or John Congress Bernie Sanders said something quite radical on the debate. He was in no one snow nicety, helped educators when he said. Let us abolish that an essay mass surveillance programme that is a You'll have a stout, something really thought about it. Pillory said, and I agree that visitors republican Hilary she's marginally better Henrietta really false thing. She said that it was noted, could have through the whistleblowers like the West above act does not cover the security agencies. That's true episode should be welcomed. Back as a hero to my bank, there ass, making Bernie Sanders he's the one that makes their heads explode when he too, and to prove that I want to show you Donald Trump. I mention this in the monologue talking about Bernie the next day. Because this maniac
that. We're standing on a right is giving everything away so she's following that's what Putting this socialist slurs communist he's gonna tax, you people, ninety percent. Gotta take everything I say I said I was a boy that what happens is Bernie says something there here is something completely different, so what we did is we put up their there a little video package for you. These are you'll, hear what Bernie actually said, and then you will hear what the Republicans on the use of force, Bernie said, I supported President Clinton's effort to deal with cleansing in Kosovo and the report chickens heard. I will refocus our military on gardening interpretive debts. We must aspire to the fighting style of the iraqi army, tear off your uniforms and run on american exceptionalism Bernie said Anne.
I think we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway and there and what they have accomplished and they heard I will not rest until every single American is driving a faggot little car with maritime soccer, and you will like it is this when Bernie actually sent on guns, but begin Anderson by understanding. The Bernie Sanders has a d minus voting radically from the right, and this is where the bird.
Let's begin Anderson by understanding that rifles, awful men was small. Every single drawn in this country should be confiscated and melted down to make Tony award on the military. Bernie said when I was a young man, I strongly oppose the war in Vietnam. And this is where the Republicans heard I would have loved to fight in Vietnam. But for the other side, not only do I hate, but sometimes I walked on became in his office, vietnamese access in life and finally, on the war on drugs. Bernie said, I think we have to think through this war on drugs, which has done in a normal amount of damage and the river a book and heard,
our major in family law- and I know this is a moral catastrophe that we the only major country in the world that doesnt so marijuana. Likewise, not only matter, they are all that matters die. Why did die emanation rights, analyze, you're running for president you're, not on the stage that we thought we would give you the bloody Bordeaux grateful for now. I have no problem and you're a harbor.
Professor, a new or a one issue candidate, which is getting the money out of politics. I think I agree with that. Probably most of our body- and my question is: isn't that we already have a guy like that in the ratio is doing well. The guy who was just sitting over there is in Bernie Sanders pretty good on that issue. Look I mean what just happened here in your interview with Bernie Sanders, whom I've loved forever and still continue to love. Is you ask the wrong question Sorry so here is that use the frame of the earlier and we afford, but Bernie is talking about. Any answer to that question is, of course, we can afford with burning talking about it would Bernie is talking about, is absolutely the things were going too. We need to do but here's the problem. It did aspect where. No, no, you did us our questions. The wrong question here is the question that I was the wrong: what is their own cousin? Here's a question ass: theirs institution like I teach constitutional right, there's this institution, it's called Congress and the question is: is it plausible that that Congress that career
did crippled institution that is bending over backwards to raise money spending. Thirty two, seventy percent of its time, raising money to get back to cars. Even if the party back into power is that institution capable of ever acting any of these changes that they're talking about because my point, the whole reason I wanted to be in that debate stage was to say you guys are talking about. What we're going to do when we get to Atlantic City? Should we go to the beach? We go to the boardwalk, the guy you worse on Wall Street. Should we go to the casino? That's the whole frame hack, your conversation, but the car has forfeited tyres and somebody stole the battery until we find a way until we find a way to actually broke out democracy. We can't get these. Ok, that's got over a year. That is your one issue and they know that
the fundamental issue? Where is democracy? One issue? This is of a unified. You say you're running on this one issue and that when you gotta lected and fixed at you, wouldn't we would quit yeah, that's stupid. So look so you're they're stupid when I think when I, as nobody gives our only stupid, ok so get so we set out. The pledges made is what we are politicians in the way of a straw to your campaign. With the slogan I was stupid, I wish I was starting its midway through right. So here's to point You know what you're talking about what you're here about politics is that you know you come in and you say, and I went the power. You took your little bit, humble about what you want your like. What's wrong with you you're crazy, you know You know one all the power in the world. You want to do one thing: they don't trust you and I didn't quite get that that was my stupidity and everything Am I going to show you get four minutes to talk about something. The whole focus would be cheese, you're, gonna, resign, you're gonna resigned in a battle. I know what I want to do is
ass, the most important democracy legislation that we ve seen in fifty years. That's what I want to do that and they were so. People are obsessed without so here's the thing democratic parties that we can take. It seriously cause you're gonna reside, so here's the thing might like might, my daughter would say: fine you win. I would that promise? I'm not gonna resign. I'm running for president I'm running for president with the commitment that we're gonna ass, the legislation that gets us, accuracy back and then once we would ask that legislation than theirs we issues the wonderful things a Bernie is talking about everybody on that stage. Well, three to maybe on had stage in their democratic vapour talking about. We would have a chance to get that done if we, actually had a representative democracy again and that's what I'm fighting for, but it must may I think they are, but here I mean, but it must be a bad that the democratic decided that you were sillier than a cheap web Jake you anyway, ok
Let me ask about this: you want to have a constitutional convention which are they the great idea, Thomas Jeff, Instead, let us provide in our constitution for its revision. Doing this every nineteen or twenty years should be provided in the constitution so that maybe handed on with periodic repairs as opposed to what its become this document. Was handed directly from Jesus into the. Addison and I think about off the top of my head. We could get rid of the Electoral College of Active Gibbeted. The second amendment, electric, your British, Jerry Man, I'd like to get rid of corporate persons. I'd like to get rid of money in politics. We desperately need to rewrite the constitution. Clearly, careful people get terrified menus the constitutional convention because technically a constitutional you can do whatever the hell it wants, and that's not what we're talking about
The constitution gives us the ability to have a convention for one purpose, to propose amendments, and I If we have a whole bunch of things, we should be thinking about how to fix, and my core fix would be to get us a democracy back, but those changes, start to be ratified by thirty eight states which mean One house in thirteen states could block any reform. So what that means is people should not be terrified that this event would the Deuce constitutional change that either stood scare, the writer scare, the left. The only thing that come through would be something strong bipartisan support and the things that have strong bipartisan support. I think of the most important like changing this corrupt for funding elections there gerrymandered way in which weeks, like the house that produces this radically polarize how's the Kennedy function right now, because it is so by the polarization about. Let me ask you: one question only turned to the panel to about Europe few about money in politics as running about
Mark Rubio is, as campaign has been largely funded by this, surfeited solutions project. Apparently there solution is hiding their donors, they ve spent were eight million dollars advertising for Markka Rubio. We no idea who the dough where's are and could be, Miami drug dealers. They could be ISIS, they could be built cause It's what I do not know and like rats have brought up anytime, something called the disclose act that would make you just close. It Republicans keep voting this down. Isn't this a much bigger scandal than Hitler? these emails. Why? When did when I went to school? Wended disclosure become a partisan issue, went in voting rights, become armor, lavish winded money in politics hundred and fifty eight families or funding have funded half with a campaign. So far
that is a plutocracy. That is not a democracy. So on offer lorries, ideas and he should have been in the debates and should be, but there are more events in this country lorry who are pushing- and arriving much of what you're talking about I mean- and so I think it's a little bit elite to say- let's get some men, maybe average eliminated constitutional convention challenge to Rome resident. I mean this is a man who spoke elbowed out, but I think we should read his excellent Book Republic lost regional approach. I think we know one of the major back as a marker Rubia we shoulda NATO's than nothing. That's a really important social medicine is rich because it cannot. Yet I know we know that mockery business sucking up to massively and begging with this strong suspicion. These part, this package that we don't have to show the big really important, symbolically important, right gambling. Just nothing productive. It's like so much of Wall Street. It's just speculation, is just playing with money, and those people have hijacked the entirely because they can thirst and warlords who sang has implications not just for us, but for the whole world. We can't do it.
Global warming? If we don't do I get in these possible EU companies can deal with the quality of power. However, you know the idea of public financing which make people's eyes closed. What it does is: allow there's a woman who was a convenience store in Maine she's, now a state senator it allows ordinary people too Powers voices. I would like an absolutely that's what I would really than one leading the poles and the republican side is down from who has not raise any money from anybody, and these are not allowed to use the paper today. Our ports, national, the lawyer, huge amount of public money. That's where his way homes he's a liar. I says: I'm fighters myself put into a million people are put in for entry into the refugee. Has hedge funds areas as much money they would you put areas as much as we like that occurs? No, damn looking debate and he said I only one of you and now is helpful. This extra. What's your point by point is: is that you can leave it to the top. The poles, in the guise of the two biggest super backs. Skywalker.
Rick Perry dropped out because they couldn't raising I'm not superannuated version. Is the point here, general cylinders, I'm going on to a new topic. I want whether I wanna go he's too. That's why you're gonna has that's why you didn't listen? Why you later because doesn't stop talking like you, you were in the debate either. Here's your! I worry about that. I'm not asking the right Katrina public, financing. This is the one thing we could do to Morrow. They went out to radically change, and that is the one word that was not mentioned once in their democratic debate and thus an oak know there's a lot of entire lives. Right always say this shows to educate the people who don't have termed overload the news every week about what happened. There was a lot of foreign affairs this week in the I admire that. Never ends troops. Afghanistan will be staying amene gosh, we have almost ten
Thousand there now Obama said it was gonna, be down to a thousand by the end of the year, but apparently Afghanistan. We just can't quit you the headlines today and the allied times was. Obama gives up on goal to end the war. Is he inherited? maybe so sad and then Publicans or using the wars as a kind of a campaign which is so so dangerous. Here's Chris Christy and how he would handle Syria, he says no fly zone in Syria right away, my first phone call bit of and I'd say: listen more enforcing, there's no fly zone. I mean we're enforcing it against anyone to don't try me. Don't try me because I'll do I guess I can feel my dick getting harder right, and this is also a kind of an important issue to say to the voters. You know what do you but more of this or less of it,
you know, what strength is Woodstock strength is not Rambo strength is not these bully boys like Mccain and christian strength, is about diplomacy. It's about political solutions. And you don't you were on the verge. It's a cuban missile crisis time. We aren't a proxy war and if you shoot down a russian plainly, You want to do a no fly zone. It you're, not resolving the refugee greatly going on resolving the syrian crisis is worse than the start of our continent and worse now, if you look at why there is this catastrophe going on in Syria, they have impressed. And to drought, leading up to two thousand and eleven are the water dried up? If you don't have water, people will do terrible things to each other to get it right. This is it same thing happened in Darfur. Global warming, is sympathetic, terrible comparable. If we really want to deal with these palms, we gotta start getting serious about global warming, and that will require the second account. I thought that was something so interesting about watching the democratic debate versus vs republican debate is like in the debate in the democratic
big guns and climb change or issues. In the report we can debate. We can't even agree on what the appropriate question is. We can even agree on what that. What are the issues? in their world its immigration, but this approach is not relevant in this. I think I think the Republicans wouldn't have been happy to have a lot of bates and allow good questions, but those of the moderate. So we think that aim the requested by climate change, and they all said and done. I dont. What are you talking about? Well, they ever disagreement. Let me sanch, I'm cute keeping campaign promises. The president kept this campaign promised by pulling the troops out of Iraq and now We have always openly- and this is a huge problem of large scale- review of our W resources. It will all them out, because the Addison forces we haven't you rest selected at present. One of the things I was part of his intervene bill could actually one problem at the nation that comes what are we posted ashore piece about how their oars Seventeen intelligence agencies and fifteen thousand contractors who
fail to understand, tell us that we were confronting this catastrophe in Afghanistan. The Taliban. I mean. What are we doing? I think what are we doing this endless wars? Not serving this country we gonna wait. We took all the time about the conflict in Syria. Rightly it's terrible. I came from Mexico almost as many people have died in Mexico, this frankly Nothing we can do about was happening. Syria very little. I'd worry. Mexico is caused by a little do imposed the war on drugs. Little where there are no Mexicans trying to get a nuke. How can you others motor for headed out? There's more Mexicans? You ve been beheaded. That is very sad, but its efforts in trying to get a journey of homage outward our lawns. Each agree: how can a medical men can be done in sooner that there's something to be done, but this and we can do a lot more in Mexico to stop violence that we could in Syria. But when you have very bishop and not yours, what's going on this week, Russia, Russia, IRAN and Syria are now fighting ISIS. This is bad, yet
What what do we need as a cue that this is a part problem that solves itself ices is our big enemy. All these other people are going too. Nice is don't we want that, don't we win when we get the other guys into a quagmire, Afghanistan Russia was in the quagmire and then they lost than we got in it and we lost hears There's you know, like is wait a second next week October. Twenty There are thirty second anniversary of the suicide bombing in Beirut that killed. Forty one marine? Yes, George Bush, the first who was Reagan. Vice president, the time went over there and he said the: U S will not be cowed by terrorists and then what
Reagan? Do he caught out? Thank you ragged and bless you, cotton run cowards. That's why the terrorist follow this home now I've joking, that was the right thing to do is Reagan. Did the right thing he caught and ran, and we could do the same thing we really could is the perfect time to do. It all the vapours or fighting each other. I don't. I don't think we cut and run away, say forge a coalition of all parties. Energy industry has betrayed of recycling university. I think We cannot think. Ok, we cannot allow just pure chaos to break out. In that region was already broken out and if we don't take a leadership role in this- and we don't have to put our troops in- and I don't know much about- the no fly zone is a measure of this right they, but we can't just turn it back and we can't leave from behind. I think that's misleading behind now, don't wait, we need, we need to intensify, condemn
negotiations without any preconditions between Russia. This IRAN, whose regional Trina United in Asia, that the horses to ally of the United States and Britain in that region is Saudi Arabia. They have beheaded more people than ISIS. There are bound to be had a seventeen year old boy for the crime of peacefully, particularly high level. If we don't, I always area, the refugee crisis is gonna, get worse. Android where's refugees by Levin receded. Calling me worsens. Figures are doing those all syrian but you're, sending me. What are you sure you can come from the guy and there's another union piglets liard lie the way things. Are you say that we allowed in two point five million Syrians? No one has seen any of them. That's a lot of Syria, I you know, and they have to stop thinking very much panel. I appreciate a panel of good job, guys means and get it through their head that the only thing sadder than you going on about football. Is you going on about fantasy football and by the way, if you July, in imagining having a bunch of young athletes and what would be like if they played for your to it
pretty clear what you're real fantasy is normal tat, some slack to the Alabama Walmart that was selling gun oil, which is a personal lubricant used by gay men selling it in their actual gun department. Its Alabama you'll find their cheese nipped in the asian food sexual neural. Somebody has to tell Walmart who just announced are going to try to appeal to middle class shoppers that there is no more middle class, and even if there was the single biggest advantage to make it into the middle class
is never ever ethic to set foot in Walmart. Neural Playboy has diverse up about the real reason they decided to stop, showing pubic care in the magazine, its twenty five deem nobody has any neural. Someone at cost go has to tell me how I'm supposed to sample this toilet paper. It's creepy enough when you serve me, the key lime in that little plastic up. That makes it look like Shreck left, sperms, ample and finally, neural Americans have to make a list of all the reasons we ve heard over the years. Why young men with guns you to them in mass shootings things like that, video games, poor mental health care ban parents,
Marylin, Manson, lack of prayer prozac bullying, and that time the president got blown. It didn't go to jail, then we have to get real about what it really is based and get laid. Yes, they may have been on Prozac because they were feeling blue, but you know this was failing below their ball. Now, as the details emerge about our latest american massacre this month in Oregon College, the least surprising thing was at the shooter, wrote a manner I still and said he was going to die girl friendless and a virgin on a dating site called spiritual singles. He was on. He described himself as a conservative Republican who lives with his parents and swipe left you sure, they use Ie Santa Barbara tragedy last year left us with these words. I've been for
still endure, and existence of unfulfilled desires. All day, girls have never been attracted to be I've, never even just a girl, and I will punish you all for it, which is either a cry for help or the worst. Eharmony profile. I've ever heard Lee check shooter was accused, the following and harassing female students. Timothy Mcveigh famously never had, indeed, in almost certainly died, a virgin. The sandy killer left a document on his computer. Explaining quote why female Those are inherently selfish. Yes, plain, the big they won't give it up to a real catch like that, this is a pattern. No one is talking about. Mass killers are almost Always mail always women repellent and what must make it even worse, for them is America
yeah cause. If you live in America, it just looks like everyone is getting laid all the time. Every corner of social media is full of bragging studs and sexy selfies. Every the line in every city com is sexual innuendo, every billboard pop up movie car. Junior ads are practically soft. Core poured a model deep, throwing a hamburger ride like models Ede. How can you not be thinking of sex all the time when advert I looks like this in America, burger king ran this add with a woman who looks just like inflatable doll, opening her mouth to
culminate in new menu item, called the super seven ensure with a big letters. It'll blow your mind away. I know I don't know for a fact. That no man in history has ever said sex sex? That's all amber. Do where's my gun, I'm mad at the world. I just know it's true unrealized adolescent sexuality. The very dangerous just ask my hand, We need to wake up and smell the testosterone. The reason behind so many of these tragedies has been right in Europe. Ace throbbing, angrily,
and if you think young men in America or throbbing angrily, what would you estimate the sexual frustration level to be for a young man who grows up only ever seeing women who look like this or this
How do you even masturbate too, that I know masturbation requires imagination, but that's ridiculous. That's where we're going back on the thirty five hour week, Janshah Eleanor them right mind. You know your trip to Hawaii this special gas David Spade and jump across the boys gale and on a low layers aimed at Maui aren't centre new year's nine. I want to thank my guess: Johann hurry Katrina, then another very large was again Bernie Sanders overtime on you, too bad you, since we have been fighting, I want to make a move from each other and each be oh dot. Com.
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